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90 Minute Affiliate Challenge Review: What Brian Brewer Did

90 Minute Affiliate Challenge by Brian Brewer Review

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The 90 Minute Affiliate Challenge is the brand new free course presented by Brian Brewer, a super affiliate in the internet marketing space since 2012.

If you’re new to affiliate marketing, the best thing I can say is that it’s a legit business and also the best way to start earning an income online.

Every business, whether online or not, needs to deal with the following issues:

  • Product creation.
  • Sales.
  • Fulfillment (shipping, coaching, etc.).
  • Customer service (handling complaints, refunds, technical aspects, etc.).
  • Marketing.

With the affiliate marketing business model, the only thing you have to deal with is marketing.

And because most people who enter the online world hoping to make some money are total beginners, it’s really easy to see why affiliate marketing is the best choice by far.

And the 90 Minute Affiliate Challenge by Brian Brewer will show you exactly the best way to get started in this multi-billion dollar industry.

Since 2020, roughly, I’ve been keeping up with Brian Brewer.

When I first saw him, he started a brand new YouTube channel all about Legendary Marketer. And that’s how I got started in this high-ticket affiliate marketing business.

But first, who is Brian Brewer?

Who Is Brian Brewer?

Brian Brewer in his studio

Brian Brewer is a 7-figure affiliate marketer with so much knowledge to share.

Some years ago, he made over $200,000 a year with the Shopify affiliate program. And now, he’s crushing it again with the Legendary Marketer affiliate program, ranking Platinum for the fourth time.

Brian Brewer 4x platinum

If you don’t know, ranking Platinum as a Legendary Marketer affiliate means you’ve hit 6 figures. In Brian’s case, he’s done over $400,000 now.

Every time an affiliate is credited for a high-ticket sale, David Sharpe, Legendary Marketer’s CEO, posts a message like those in the Legendary Marketer Affiliates Facebook group.

It’s inspiring to see all those sales being credited to people like Brian, but most of all, to people who are totally beginners in affiliate marketing. That’s why Legendary Marketer is such a great partner to have if you want to learn the skills you need to thrive in the online marketing world.

But how did Brian Brewer start being so successful?

Believe it or not, Brian worked as a waiter before making a full-time income online. But in 2016, he finally quit his job thanks to affiliate marketing.

Although he started with blog reviews and SEO promoting Amazon products, he achieved tremendous success with high-ticket affiliate marketing.

What I like most about Brian Brewer is that he’s totally transparent with what he’s doing, unlike many Facebook affiliate marketing “gurus” who sell directly to their online “friends” inside their groups.

Brian is a humble, relatable, and straightforward guy who actually cares about your success. Besides, he loves teaching what he does, which comes across in all his YouTube videos and trainings.

I’ve never seen anyone explain so clearly the methods, processes, techniques, approaches, and mechanisms that he uses in his own business for others to follow. Everything is out in the open for whoever wants to learn and put it into practice.

Because Brian is such a knowledgeable person in all things related to online marketing, you’ll get the most out of everything he puts out there. And that includes this free 90 Minute Affiliate Challenge course.

What is the 90 Minute Affiliate Challenge?

The 90 Minute Affiliate Challenge is a 9-lesson free course dedicated to teaching you online marketing skills that have the potential to transform your life.

According to Brian, affiliate marketing is easier today than it has ever been before. Yet, most affiliate marketers struggle to get their first commission.

Thanks to what Brian calls the “success principles” of affiliate marketing, he was able to quit his job and generate multiple 6 figures in a few years. And by sharing these affiliate marketing secrets, countless men and women followed the same path.

With this free course, you will learn more about affiliate marketing than you probably have anywhere else online. And by a legit person who actually puts his money where his mouth is.

What’s Inside the 90 Minute Affiliate Challenge?

90 Minute Affiliate Challenge free course by Brian Brewer

In this section, I’m going to break down the 90 Minute Affiliate Challenge, so you can have a look at this fantastic free course.

Before starting the course, Brian gives you a welcome video to warm you up to what’s coming.

He explains why affiliate marketing is the best side hustle for beginners and why high-ticket affiliate marketing will help you make more money more rapidly so you can scale and eventually quit your job (if that’s your goal).

Lesson 1: The Fastest & Easiest Way to Become a Successful Affiliate

In this first lesson, Brian dives deeper into what affiliate marketing is and discusses the three most common ways people find success with affiliate marketing:

  1. Rank for search terms.
  2. Become an influencer.
  3. Grow a tribe and help them.

He also mentions that one of his habits is “think win-win,” which aligns with one of “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”, a famous book by Stephen R. Covey. This “think win-win” habit is why Brian has been so successful with his online business. And that’s what he’s going to show you throughout this free course.

Lesson 2: Choosing Your Profitable Niche & How to Find Winning Affiliate Products

In this lesson, he starts by showing the three evergreen niches that have the most potential for affiliate revenue:

  • Health.
  • Love/Relationships.
  • Wealth.

These niches or arenas are evergreen because they stand the test of time. There will be health problems, relationship problems, and money problems wherever there are people. That’s a fact.

When there’s enough interest, there’s enough money involved. And to scale an affiliate marketing business, you have to go where the money is.

He then shares the ultimate hack to win: solve your problems and help others like you solve the same problem the same way.

LEARN-DO-TEACH — that’s the secret to succeeding twice as fast in this business.

That’s why Brian’s teachings are so transparent and why many people enjoy his mentorship.

Throughout this free course, Brian also gets your attention to his premium course Affiliate Escape Plan (AEP 2.0), in case you’re ready to go all-in.

Lesson 3: The 3-Step “PSP” Framework

Here, Brian talks about how to get people to buy. He shows you the actionable steps to build a business in the affiliate marketing game.

The “PSP” framework is divided into three parts:

  1. Problem: traffic (content or ads).
  2. Solution: your bridge page funnel.
  3. Product: product’s sales process.

By starting with a good product optimized for conversions and where people are already making money, we don’t have to guess. We just have to choose the product and extract the proven messaging into our own marketing campaigns.

That’s how we maintain congruence in the whole process and build trust.

The “PSP” framework is all about taking people on a journey:

  1. Make them aware of a problem they might have.
  2. Offer the solution.
  3. Let the product creator sell the product (this is not your job).

Lesson 4: Simple 2-Page Funnel Framework for Affiliate Offers

90 Minute Affiliate Challenge Lesson 4 - simple 2 page funnel

In this lesson, Brian breaks down the science behind a simple 2-page funnel responsible for generating more than $200k for himself and nearly 7 figures across multiple affiliates who have copied the exact funnel outlined in this lesson.

He gives you specific strategies and tactics that will help you learn how to be a successful marketer. He will also teach you how to build funnels the right way so you can make money for years to come.

90 Minute Affiliate Challenge Lesson 4 why this funnel works so well

And the best part is, you can 1-click clone his funnel for free.

He’s giving away his funnels, pre-written email follow-up swipes, bridge page funnel script, and a bonus that shows you how to also give this away to earn more passive income.

Remember that we’re talking about a free course! So this is an opportunity of a lifetime. If you want to clone the funnel responsible for Brian’s 6-figure business, click the button below to join this challenge.

Lesson 5: Get Unlimited Free & Targeted Traffic

In this lesson, Brian discusses the #1 opportunity right now to get free traffic to your offers, in other words, short-form content:

  • Instagram Reels.
  • YouTube Shorts.
  • TikTok Videos.

In the meantime, Facebook Reels also joined the game.

If you think about it, it’s so easy to create 10 or 15-second videos, compared to growing a YouTube channel. Besides, the platforms’ algorithm pushes this short-form content, meaning you have a mind-blowing reach even if you have no following and no subscribers.

He continues by sharing and breaking down the #1 principle of creating content that demands attention and drives qualified leads: a simple 3-word template that can be applied to any piece of content:


Lesson 6: Increase Conversions with Email Automation

Here, Brian shows you the importance of having an email list and what you should do with it.

Instead of pitching the product to your email list (to those who haven’t bought it yet), you should apply the “PSP” framework and address those three steps in your emails.

Brian also mentions that you must be relatable with your audience by sharing your story and how the product you’re promoting helped you solve your problem.

Remember that people who opted in to your email list raised their hands to what you had to say in your content. It resonated with them.

So, suppose they haven’t bought yet. In that case, you just have to keep reminding them of the problems they might have (or their objections) and offer the solution (the product) and how that worked for you (or for someone you know, i.e., testimonials).

This way, you legitimize the product and build trust with your audience.

Affiliate marketing is a game of trust. And you build trust by solving people’s problems.

Lesson 7: Make Your Offer So Valuable People Are Compelled to Buy

In this lesson, Brian will teach you how to dramatically increase the perceived value of your affiliate offer. When the perceived value is appropriately crafted and communicated, the product’s price becomes irrelevant.

He created what he calls the “value formula,” which will increase the perceived value of your offer.

Lesson 8: Creating Omnipresence

Here, Brian talks about how to create omnipresence. In other words, how do you keep showing up in front of the leads you’re generating?

He gives you a sneak peek inside a training he did recently. This training was a $4,500 per person mastermind where he shared his 15 principles of marketing. Basically, if his business keeps focusing on those 15 principles, the money will take care of itself, and he never has to worry about the next payday.

As a bonus, if you enroll in AEP 2.0, you’ll automatically gain access to the full recording of Brian’s presentation.

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In this lesson, Brian shares principle #2, which is the definition of marketing by Frank Kern. He abides to: marketing is getting the right message about an excellent product in front of the right people at the right time.

Lesson 9: Multiple Streams of Income (Linear Affiliate Marketing)

In a nutshell, this lesson is about generating more income from your leads while helping them simultaneously.

When you solve a problem, other problems arise and must be solved.

For example, affiliate marketing solved your problem, but now you need tools to implement it. If affiliate marketing also solves your leads’ problems, you can recommend those tools at the right time because you know they’ll need them.

And if those tools have affiliate programs, you start multiplying your income streams and capitalizing on this.

Here’s how this applies to Brian:

  1. He promotes Legendary Marketer for people interested in online marketing education to quit their 9 to 5, for example.
  2. He introduces them to ClickFunnels, a funnel builder that hosts their funnels when they start learning about affiliate marketing.
  3. Then, to follow up with their leads, people will need an email autoresponder, which Brian also recommends.
  4. They might be struggling with traffic, so he goes on recommending Russell Brunson’s free book Traffic Secrets.
  5. Far down the road, people may want coaching with him, which increases his income.

At this point, those people who really want his coaching already love him! He’s been building trust over time by solving people’s problems.

And guess what? If you join AEP 2.0, you’ll get free live weekly coaching sessions from Brian himself. This is a bonus he’s generously offering to all AEP 2.0 members. This is unheard of in the affiliate marketing space.

The Course Is Free, So What’s The Catch?

I know you’d be asking.

Brian created this 100% free course so you can get good information about affiliate marketing. He loves the affiliate marketing industry because it completely changed his life. It allowed him to quit his job and live a life he wouldn’t think possible for him and his family to live.

In this free course, he shares the repeatable process that allows him to succeed in any affiliate marketing venture he starts.

Brian plainly admits that his main transparent goal is to give you so much value and to blow your mind with the amount of information he gives you, helping you that much so that if someday you decide you want to go all-in with affiliate marketing and you’re looking for a course to promote, you’ll consider Affiliate Escape Plan 2.0.

His premium course, AEP 2.0, is there for you if you want:

  • More support.
  • More step-by-step tutorials.
  • More guidance.
  • More frameworks.
  • More back-end conversion process stuff.
  • And have the potential to earn $1,000 in commissions.

Brian says that his goal is to use the oldest trick in the book, showing you that he can help you by actually helping you.

90 Minute Affiliate Challenge Review: Conclusion

If you’re still unsure about affiliate marketing and are not willing to spend money on education, then a free course is your only solution.

I can’t remember a free course I’ve taken with such value as the 90 Minute Affiliate Challenge.

The legitimacy of Brian Brewer and the way he explains every topic and the whole affiliate marketing process make this free course an enjoyable experience.

You’ll learn a ton of valuable information, and you’ll be able to clone the framework he’s been refining throughout all these years that allowed him to hit multiple 6 figures.

It’s a free course, so you have nothing to lose.

If you go through the course, let me know what you think about it in the comments below.

Vaslou is a passionate digital creator and blogger who loves to explore unique paths to generate online income. He’s also a musician, always looking for exciting paths to articulate his inventive spirit in the musical realm. When he’s not at work on his online endeavors, Vasco loves to delve into spiritual realms to become a better version of himself.

3 thoughts on “90 Minute Affiliate Challenge Review: What Brian Brewer Did”

  1. Hi Vasco!

    You have a great blog. It’s well written and helpful. I am interested in joining the 90 minute affiliate challenge. When I click the link to sign up, I noticed that you repeat the same sentence twice when you introduce yourself. I wanted to give you a heads up because I would want to know if it were me. Things like like grab my attention, it’s how I’m wired I suppose.

    I’m looking forward to the challenge to see if affiliate marketing is right for me. I would like to make $4-5,000 a month to help pay my family’s monthly expense. In your opinion do I need funnels and an email list in order that achieve side income like that? I’m an introvert and feel nervous about getting started.


    • Hi Trisha,

      Thank you so much for letting me know! I totally missed it and I appreciate you giving me the heads up.

      I totally get you, I’m also a bit introvert and don’t feel comfortable being on camera (as English is not my first language). That’s why I started a blog.

      So, I have actually tried out Brian’s method before and I must say, like with anything, consistency is key! Providing value to your audience is also super important. To answer your question, if you’re interested in trying out Brian’s way of doing things (he’s a 7-figure affiliate marketer, by the way), you’ll need a funnel and an email list to properly nurture your leads. He also recommends creating short-form content on TikTok or Facebook Reels to really engage with people and get those leads flowing in. Personally, I gave this a go for a little while and saw some pretty good results.

      The true value from Brian’s premium course are the weekly or bi-weekly live coaching calls via Zoom, where you can ask questions, learn from fellow affiliates, and most importantly, be inspired and motivated. Brian also shares what he’s doing at the moment in his own business, so you have a clear indication of what’s working right now.

      However, I found that blogging is still the best method for me. Ultimately, you need to figure out what works best for you. But most importantly, have fun while doing it!


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