About Me

Vasco Lourenço, founder of vaslou.com

I’ve been messing around with computers since the early ’90s, mostly copying games through 1.44 MB floppy disks in a time when MS-DOS ruled (no Windows). 

A few years later, as soon as I started playing piano, I had fun connecting my keyboard to a piece of software that could write the notes I was playing. How awesome was that!

Fast forward to today, I’m publishing content on this blog about software and business tools most online businesses need to thrive.

And do you think I write everything by myself? I don’t! That’s the secret and beauty of blogging, but more on that later.

So, why did I start this blog? 

At first, I thought it was money…

Q: Why do I need money?
A: To relax my financial situation.

Q: Why am I seeking financial abundance?
A: So I'm free to do whatever I want.

Q: Why do I want freedom?
A: So I can also help others.

Q: Why do I want to help others?
A: So I can contribute to their lives.

Q: Why do I need to contribute to other people’s lives?
A: To enrich my existence.

As you can see, this is endless. I still need to ask myself my true end goalit’ll come with time…

I had a good job at one of the major Portuguese dubbing studios and worked with teams from DreamWorks, Sony, Universal Studios, and others. My studio team was amazing, and I had a lot of fun recording actors for animated featured films.

But something wasn’t right.

I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life at a studio with no windows (no pun intended, I’m a Mac guy 😀), coming home at around 8 pm almost every day of the week. 

So, after nine years, I quit!

My Beginning Steps

Since music plays a significant role in my life, I started composing royalty-free music for stock music libraries. Eventually, I lived off of it for some time (but I couldn’t afford anything else). However, I couldn’t increase my earnings as I wanted.

Money always comes from people. I realized that if I wanted to boost my online earnings, I needed to be where people are looking for answers online: Google.

That’s how this blog came about.

But it was a challenging task!

I quit blogging several times because I didn’t see immediate results. That was frustrating! I even did things I regret because I was desperate and wanted to increase my income (having an income that basically just covers expenses and leaves you with nothing else is stressful, don’t you agree?).

But thanks to my perseverance, in December 2021, I decided to go “all-in” with blogging, applying a new strategy this time (while my passive income from stock music was paying rent and food).

In less than a year, my blog earned more than my old joband it keeps increasing.

I explain everything I did in my email series, so feel free to join me!

To not leave you empty-handed, here are the main concepts I had to learn:

  • Affiliate marketing.
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
  • Building links strategically.

You may see that most of my blog posts have ads. However, new blogs barely profit from advertising. Ads only work when you have lots of traffic—and that comes from SEO and link-building.

In the end, the rule of thumb to rank on Google is to learn SEO and link-building and monetize your blog posts with affiliate marketing. After that, rinse and repeat!

Join my email series to get exclusive access to my step-by-step guide on how I was able to grow my blog into a full-time business in less than a year.

All the best,