Who is Vaslou?

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Vaslou is simply a name that I came up with by using the first three letters from my first and last name, Vasco Lourenço. There’s nothing special about it! 😀

Here’s a short chapter of my life story:

I’ve been messing around with computers since the early ’90s, mostly copying games through 1.44 MB floppy disks in a time when MS-DOS ruled (no Windows). 

A few years later, as soon as I started playing piano, I had fun connecting my keyboard to a piece of software that could write the notes I was playing in real time. That got me excited!

Many years later, I had a great job at one of the major Portuguese dubbing studios and worked with teams from DreamWorks, Sony, Universal Studios, and others. My studio team was amazing, and I had a lot of fun recording actors for animated featured films.

But something wasn’t right.

The first seeds of this blog

I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life at a studio with no windows (no pun intended, I’m a Mac guy 😀), coming home at around 8 pm almost every day of the week.

So, after nine years, I quit!

During my time as an audio engineer, I found that tools and software were part of my everyday routine. To me, technology was a blessing, but I didn’t fancy spending all my hours glued to a screen. Yet, I also knew that I couldn’t escape tech—it would be by my side for the long haul.

So, I decided to rethink things: why not use technology to enrich my life instead of having it control my time? And that’s when the seed was planted for this blog.

Why blogging?

vaslou with a laptop in the garden

So, why did I start this blog? 

Like most of us, the idea of having a stream of passive income delighted my mind. However, I later learned that you must give some love to your blog, or else others will beat you up. And that may happen in different ways:

  • Competitors steal your ideas up to the point where you can clearly see your own content in theirs.
  • Writing about super competitive keywords where others may easily outrank you over time.
  • Being too analytical and focusing too much on numbers.

From my experience, passive income is much more reliable from a YouTube channel, and it’s not so overwhelming either. However, reaching that point with YouTube where growth is inevitable is definitely harder.

With blogging, affiliate marketing, and the right strategy, growth is possible faster, but it can quickly turn into a nightmare of stress. Here’s why:

  • Your competitors are updating all their articles and rising on search engines’ ranks while your most profitable articles go down. Instead of creating new content, you must always be on the lookout for fluctuations in traffic and update your older content.
  • And not to mention Google updating its algorithms while your entire site plummets 📉 and you wonder why some sites got a boost in traffic even though they have similar content.

All these things boggle your mind, and instead of continuing to create valuable content, you only look at numbers, charts, and analytics. Yes, I’ve been there, and I got consumed by it. 😣

So again, why did I start this blog?

At first, I thought it was money…

Q: Why do I need money?
A: To relax my financial situation.

Q: Why am I seeking financial abundance?
A: So I'm free to do whatever I want.

Q: Why do I want freedom?
A: So I can also help others.

Q: Why do I want to help others?
A: So I can contribute to their lives.

Q: Why do I need to contribute to other people’s lives?
A: To enrich my existence.

As you can see, this is endless. I still need to ask myself my true end goalit’ll come with time…

Why do I write?

Unlike others, I don’t portray myself as an expert in what I do. I’m still learning like most of us are. And what does it mean to be an expert, anyway? Just try to change your perspective, and the expertise is gone. And life is but a myriad of perspectives, each yearning to be the right one.

Although I make recommendations, I do it solely based on my angle and experience, so keep that in mind. Besides, writing is a great way to learn as you have to carefully analyze how others will interpret your words. (analyzing again 🧐—it seems I can’t get away with it.)

So, whether you take my recommendations or plainly ignore them, I’m okay with that. Hey, we can’t please everyone. 😉

Want something out of the box? Type “Musical Wanderings” on YouTube, and you’ll see a different version of me.

All the best, 🙏