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7 Best AI SEO Tools To Help Your Website Rank Higher on Google

the best AI SEO tools

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is the future of SEO, and businesses can now use the best AI SEO tools to help them achieve their goals.

If you’re in a hurry, here are my top three choices.

Best for Rankings

NeuronWriter logo


Rank higher on Google and generate AI-written content to help you increase your traffic.

Best for Site Audits

Surfer SEO logo

Surfer SEO

Optimize your content for rankings and get actionable insights on your website.

Best for Content Writing

Scalenut logo


All-in-one SEO tool with an AI writer and content optimization and strategy tools.

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO for short, is a strategy businesses and websites use to rank higher on search engines. And today, AI is quickly becoming a go-to tool for SEO professionals.

The process of SEO is not limited to just optimizing your website for search engines. It also involves analyzing your content and assessing its relevancy to the audience. However, this is a time-consuming process, and sometimes it can be difficult to perform it manually.

This is where AI SEO tools come into play. They automate the content analysis process and give you an idea of how well your content is performing. It allows you to make adjustments accordingly and improve your search rankings.

Alongside with the best AI SEO writers, these top AI SEO software tools speed up your workflow, giving you a sense of certainty that your content might rank on Google.

List Of The Best AI SEO Tools

  1. NeuronWriter
  2. Surfer SEO
  3. Scalenut
  4. Outranking
  5. INK Suite
  6. Frase
  7. MarketMuse

What Are The Best AI SEO Tools?

Below, I give a brief rundown of the best AI SEO software, including features and pricing.

1. NeuronWriter


NeuronWriter is one of the best content optimization tools for content writers that lets you optimize your blog content or articles for search engines. One of its high points is its ability to generate AI-written content.

Within its dashboard, you can get data on Google SERPs, natural language processing (NLP), and competition insights related to your target keyword.

You can use it to find articles that are relevant to your topic and get simple instructions on how to create the content you desire. Additionally, it examines highly ranked material or Google SERP from competitors, which improves your ability to respond to user queries.

NeuronWriter dashboard

You can create priorities based on group, tag, and market trend analyses using the software’s content repository, and you can quickly share the information with other copywriters. When you are done editing your information, you may designate it as finished using custom columns and filters and perform export analyses for simple reporting.

Key Features

  • AI Writer – It features an easy-to-use AI writing tool that helps you in the content creation process.
  • Competitor Analyses – The software analyzes the successful content of the competition to identify what drives rankings and how many hits each piece of content receives. Because it gathers information from the top search engine optimization websites, you can improve understanding and respond to user queries.
  • Document Management – A content repository makes it simple to plan and create priorities.
  • Custom Columns – This enables export analytics for straightforward reporting.
  • Internal Linking – With the help of NeuronWriter’s recommendations for related sites in a certain domain, you can set up internal linking to maximize the potential of new articles.
  • Content Planner – You can use the function to draft a preliminary outline of your writing.
  • Document Drafts – Using the software, you can create a document draft that incorporates common subjects and inquiries.
  • Integrations – Google Search Console is integrated with NeuronWriter, enabling you to track the effectiveness of your content.
  • Multi-language Support – NeuronWriter supports over 170 languages.


NeuronWriter offers many pricing plans, depending on your needs.

NeuronWriter pricing
  • Bronze Plan (€19/month) – 25 content analyses, 15,000 AI credits.
  • Silver Plan (€37/month) – 50 content analyses, 30,000 AI credits.
  • Gold Plan (€57/month) – 75 content analyses, 45,000 AI credits.
  • Platinum Plan (€77/month) – 100 content analyses, 60,000 AI credits.
  • Diamond Plan (€97/month) – 150 content analyses, 75,000 AI credits.

Besides being a great Surfer SEO alternative for SEO content creation, it is also a great option for generating AI content.

2. Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO was established in 2017 to assist content teams in increasing brands, organic traffic, and revenue. It is a content intelligence platform that combines content strategy, creation, and optimization into one simple process.

Surfer’s goal is to assist everyone in producing the greatest, most pertinent content possible and improve the standard of the Internet. They believe user enjoyment and marketing results go hand in hand, and neither should ever be compromised.

Thousands of content, SEO, and marketing specialists use Surfer to speed up their digital marketing. You can quickly identify the best content opportunities with Surfer’s sophisticated algorithms, plan your content strategy for the upcoming months, and create compelling pages with data-driven information.

With Surfer AI, you can now automatically generate a highly SEO-optimized article in about 20 minutes from your input keyword alone, just like some of the best Surfer AI alternatives.

You can quickly see how well your content will perform thanks to a visual indicator that displays a score between 1 and 100, with a greater number suggesting a higher likelihood of ranking above your competitors’ websites.

Surfer SEO Content Editor

Surfer SEO analyzes your competition and offers suggestions on how to boost your SEO after you submit a few informational facts about your website and target keywords.

The Surfer SEO software may then monitor your progress and ensure you’re on track to accomplish your objectives.

Learn more about this AI-powered tool in my Surfer SEO review.

Key Features

  • Content Planner – Take control of your niche with relevant and high-quality content. Using Content Planner, you can aggregate thousands of search terms into categories that you can simply target with a single piece of content.
  • Article Outline Generator – Get AI-optimized content with original paragraphs that are properly grouped under the correct headers and that you can customize to fit your tone and voice. Then copy and paste it into your article to save time and effort.
  • Content Editor – The AI technology in Surfer’s SEO text editor analyzes each word’s importance on the pages of your competitors. Following that, it provides you with the most precise and competitive guidelines to help you optimize content for Google. You may also perform a multi-keyword analysis to increase your chances of receiving more organic traffic.
  • Audit Tool – Surfer’s SEO Audit feature gives you feedback on your website, so you know what to change and tweak to get more search traffic. Performing an SEO Audit gives you information on content length, page speed, missing backlinks, meta tags structure, keyword density, natural language processing (NLP) coverage, and more.
  • Grow Flow – Get tailored advice and personalized tasks on how to make the most of your SEO efforts using content, keywords, and internal links. You only have to connect your Google Search Console account, and Surfer SEO will deliver tasks and insights to help you increase your Google rankings.
  • Surfer AI – With a click of a button, you can generate entire articles and blog posts already optimized for higher rankings.
  • Powerful Integrations – Surfer SEO integrates seamlessly with third-party tools like the Jasper AI assistant, Google Docs, WordPress, and Chrome.


Surfer SEO pricing plans

Surfer SEO offers different pricing plans:

  • Lite ($19/mo) – It lets you optimize 3 monthly articles.
  • Essential ($69/mo) – Write and optimize 7 articles monthly.
  • Advanced ($149/mo) – Optimize 25 articles and access NLP guidelines.
  • Max ($249/mo) – Optimize 50 articles and access white labeling and Surfer SEO API for developers.

These prices reflect a yearly billing cycle, including a lot of savings. For a complete list of features included in each package, please check the official Surfer SEO pricing page.

3. Scalenut

Scalenut AI editor key terms

Scalenut is an AI-powered content creation tool that helps writers create better-quality content faster. By using natural language processing and machine learning, Scalenut AI can understand your articles’ context and make suggestions for where you can improve them. This means you will spend less time editing and more time creating quality content.

The platform offers copywriting solutions backed by artificial intelligence, whether you want to write articles from scratch or SEO-optimize new and existing ones for better rankings.

With over 40 AI templates, you can quickly generate content for websites, social media posts, advertising, blogs, and video descriptions and leverage powerful marketing frameworks like AIDA.

Scalenut also gives you free access to Semrush Keyword Researcher and Cluster Booster to help you find the best keywords and create a more effective content plan.

To learn more about this fantastic tool, read my Scalenut review.

Key Features

  • AI Copywriter – Generate short-form and long-form content for various types of media.
  • SEO Hub – Optimize your blog posts and articles for higher rankings by improving your SEO strategy.
  • Content Brief – View the top 30 competitors and analyze their content using several metrics, including word counts, readability ratings, images used, and other significant data.
  • Cruise Mode – Streamline your entire content creation process with the help of Scalenut’s blog post generator. It helps you with everything from picking a title to writing the whole content.
  • Topic Clusters – You can use Scalenut to identify the keyword pillars to serve as the foundation of your content strategy and the AI writing tool to craft each piece carefully.
  • Chrome Extension – Leverage the power of Scalenut while you browse the web or any social media platform, and let the AI tool write your social posts.


Scalenut comes with three pricing plans:

  • Individual ($23/mo) – Write 100,000 AI words and use 5 SEO reports.
  • Growth ($47/mo) – Get unlimited AI words with 30 SEO reports and leverage Topic Clusters and Cruise Mode.
  • Pro ($89/mo) – Get unlimited SEO reports, add more users, and access a dedicated customer success manager.

You can try all plans for free with Scalenut’s 7-day free trial.

4. Outranking


Outranking is an all-in-one AI SEO tool that helps your content writing workflow, providing SEO writing, optimization, and strategy features to increase your chances of ranking on the top of the search engine results pages (SERPs).

With many professional features, such as data analysis, content writing, on-page SEO optimization, tracking tools, and powerful integrations, Outranking offers everything you need to create high-ROI content.

The AI SEO tool provides easy-to-follow guided directions for producing long-form content for various web writing use cases. Some of these long-form content include blog posts, articles, press releases, webinar pages, restaurant menus, eCommerce pages, and more.

Outranking SEO optimization

Its innovative content engine assists you in creating a factually correct first draft content for any keyword, topic, or niche. Outranking also includes hundreds of automatic content generating and upgrading SEO software tools for creating copy that keeps users hooked for hours.

After identifying your keywords, you can use AI to help determine the type of content you should produce.

Key Features

  • SEO Content Briefs – Use SERP analysis and AI-driven content writing assistance to build content briefs instantly. Quickly create templates for any complex layout or formatting of a brief.
  • SEO Content Strategy – With NLP and prioritization automation, you can create topic clusters with AI predictions based on data-driven information from specific domains. Clustering keywords results in a more effective silo structure and internal linking approach.
  • Blog Post Generator – By providing Outranking with a title or an outline sourced from ranking pages, you can AI-generate a blog post almost finished that mimics human writing.
  • Content Strategy Prioritization – To save your ad budget and increase qualified traffic, automatically prioritize your efforts and the keywords you should target.
  • Rank Optimization Briefs – Improve existing pages’ SEO without modifying their content and make separate briefs for the content and web teams. You can also use anchors, internal links, and simple optimization ideas.
  • SEO Score – You can outrank the competition by using more than 40 on-page SEO optimization elements. It’s the most precise method of grading your content’s relevance to all crucial on-page technical SEO factors, from content depth to title.
  • Integrations – Outranking integrates with Google Docs, Grammarly, Google Search Console, and WordPress via a WordPress plugin.


Outranking pricing

Outranking comes in four price ranges:

  • Solo ($79/mo) – Write + optimize 10 articles monthly with unlimited words.
  • Pro ($149/mo) – Write + optimize 20 articles monthly with unlimited words.
  • Company ($219/mo) – Write + optimize 30 articles monthly with unlimited words.

All plans come with a 30% discount if you stick to a yearly billing cycle.

5. INK Suite

INK Suite

INK Suite is one of the best all-in-one AI SEO tools that combine an AI writing assistant with AI-powered SEO tools to help you create highly optimized content for search engines.

The distraction-free text editor also allows you to simplify, expand, or reword any sentence you write. Thanks to GPT-3, INK’ co-writing capability can produce text that is on par with that of a human writer. Furthermore, it generates text undetectable by AI content detection tools.

The INK Suite includes all of INK’s core products:

  • AI Writer
  • SEO Optimizer
  • Copy Assistant
  • Content Planner

While you can purchase them individually, the Suite version is a massive saver, as it’s an all-inclusive word processor designed to improve your SEO.

Just type in your keyword of choice, and INK will optimize it as you go. It will also suggest related search terms for you to use in your post and give you a score based on how likely it is to appear in Google’s top ten results. It checks for proper usage of your target keyword and is aware of any related terms you must include to rank higher on search engines.

INK AI Writer is the only AI writing tool with Natural Language Optimization (NLO) leveraged by its patented AI technology (INK_AI). This SEO optimization feature is based on user intent, competitive analysis, the search engine algorithm, and the user’s real-time input.

Key Features

  • AI Writer – In a distraction-free environment, you can increase your writing speed by 10x for short and lengthy content forms. It also includes over 120 tools to help you create better copy to grow your business, email list, blog, landing pages, and more.
  • SEO Optimizer – This feature includes the INK SEO score that rates your content for ranking potential in Google’s SERPs. It also provides semantic keywords related to your target keywords to help you SEO-optimize your article. INK uses Emotional Intelligence to generate suggestions that improve CTR.
  • Copy Assistant – This tool is an all-in-one AI copy assistant that corrects grammar and punctuation, lets you rewrite text an unlimited number of times, generates suggestions, expands and shortens your content, checks for plagiarism, and enables you to choose the right tone of voice for your content.
  • Content Planner – By analyzing search intent, the Content Planner enables you to group keywords into clusters to help create a high-performing content plan. It will reduce the amount of duplicate material published on your site and assist you in organizing relevant keywords to write about.
  • AI Content Shield – Its AI-generated content passes AI content detectors.
  • Integrations – INK integrates with WordPress and offers a Google Chrome extension to help you with your workflow.

There will undoubtedly be more tools introduced to greatly simplify SEO processes and increase the precision of recommendations.


INK Suite pricing
  • Professional ($39/mo) – Generate unlimited text, SEO articles, and images.
  • Enterprise ($99/mo) – Best for teams.

As you can see, if you want to get the most value for your money, the INK Suite is definitely worth it, as it allows you to generate unlimited words monthly, making it one of the top unlimited AI writers.

Get started with INK’s 5-day trial with 10k words.

6. Frase

Frase io AI SEO tool

Frase AI tool lets you research, write, and optimize your content all in one place.

While similar to Surfer SEO, Frase focuses more on writing than editing. Besides covering many short-form templates, it includes an AI writing assistant more complete and sophisticated than Surfer SEO’s AI writer.

Inside Frase’s document editor, the software processes the top 20 Google results for the search query you provided, giving you a content score from 0% to 100%. It also fetches relevant and similar keywords your competitors are targeting in their articles so that you can include them in your own article.

Frase io text editor optimize

A cool feature is that Frase displays the outline and headings of the top 20 Google results for the keyword you’re targeting. This way, you leave no stone unturned because you are aware of your competitors’ topics.

Also, Frase’s text editor grades you on how well your content covers a topic. It tells you exactly which topics and keywords are missing and provides real-time feedback as you fill in the gaps.

Frase’s fully automatic AI article generator can assist you in creating entire blog posts, article summaries, and outlines.

Here’s how Frase AI SEO tool works:

  1. Analyze your search competitors.
  2. Check at a glance what your competitors are writing about.
  3. Browse through outlines or dive deeper by focusing on details like headings, questions, and external links.
  4. Add research to a content brief or outline it with a single click.
  5. Use Frase’s AI content writer to help you finish a draft 8x faster.
  6. Choose from dozens of AI-powered tools that will generate unique, long-form content at the click of a button or automatically expand upon, or rewrite, what you already have.
  7. Optimize your draft to rank well right out of the gate.

Key Features

  • Content Editor -The SEO text editor in Frase uses AI to evaluate each word’s weight on the pages of your competitors. Then, it offers you the most detailed, competitive recommendations to make your content stand out.
  • SEO Tools – Frase’s SEO tools include Google Search Console integration to help you identify weaknesses in your content, an outline builder sourced from Google’s People Also Ask and Quora, a Wikipedia Concept Map, and a Topic Planner that generates a list of long-tail keywords by analyzing the SERPs.
  • 40+ Short-form Templates – Frase lets you AI-generate over 40 types of short-form content, including SEO meta descriptions, title ideas, outlines, bullet point to answers, product descriptions, pros and cons, AIDA and PAS marketing frameworks, slogans, and many more.
  • Rewrite and Shorten Tools – With Frase’s AI software, you can rewrite paragraphs or sentences and summarize long documents into succinct phrases.
  • Custom Templates – Frase offers the possibility to create custom templates. You can access dozens of AI tools developed by the Frase community.
  • Multi-language Support – Frase content optimization is supported in English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Italian, and Danish.
  • Integrations – For better content planning and to speed up your workflow, Frase integrates with Google Search Console and Google Docs while offering a WordPress plugin to help you optimize your content within the WordPress Gutenberg editor.


Frase io pricing offers three straightforward plans for its customers.

  • Solo ($14.99/mo) – Includes 4 documents per month and one user seating.
  • Basic ($44.99/mo) – Includes 30 monthly documents and one user.
  • Team ($114.99/mo) – Write and optimize unlimited articles, and have up to three users ($25/mo per extra user).

If you go for a yearly subscription, you’ll get 15% off the monthly price.

Unfortunately, these plans only let you generate AI content up to 20k characters each month. However, Frase offers a paid add-on ($35/mo) to let you generate unlimited AI-written content. Frase SEO add-on provides:

  • Unlimited AI-generated content.
  • Keyword search volume.
  • Backlink and domain authority data for search results to optimize your content planning better.

You can try Frase with a 5-day free trial for only $1. And if you sign up for Frase, you automatically get a 60% discount off your first month.

7. MarketMuse


MarketMuse is an AI platform that revolutionizes how you plan, research, and create content.

The MarketMuse tool analyzes your website’s content to find problems with its quality, then creates blueprints that outline exactly how you should write to cover a subject fully.

This AI SEO tool enables publishers, content producers, and eCommerce marketers to achieve 5X+ increases in search performance.

MarketMuse is an AI-powered assistant that identifies the keywords you should focus on to compete in particular topic categories. Additionally, if you wish to cover particular topics, it will highlight those you may need to focus on.

Besides showing you what keywords you should focus on, it also displays keyword research metrics, such as search volume, how it is trending, CPC, and variants.

MarketMuse optimize text editor

While being one of the most expensive AI SEO tools on the market, it’s clearly one of the best.

Key Features

  • Research Tool – With MarketMuse’s Research tool, you can insert a keyword of your choice. The software will pull relevant variants and related keywords based on its assessment of thousands of articles. You can also insert your URL page to compare it with the software’s suggestions.
  • Optimize Tool – Your writing will improve thanks to the real-time AI-powered advice from MarketMuse. It has a text editor that provides immediate feedback on how effectively your content addresses a topic. The Optimize tool displays a content score and a competitive analysis with the top 20 ranking pages.
  • Compete Tool – This tool provides a map of the top 20 ranking pages on Google for a particular keyword and displays each page’s score, including all the related keywords’ distribution on each page. With this feature, you can monitor how well your content sits on the top-ranking pages.
  • Questions Tool – This tool enables you to identify the key questions that your audience is raising so that you are aware of their demands and the precise questions that your content must address.
  • Connect – The Connect tool chooses the internal and external links that will benefit readers and raise your website’s search rankings. For those links, it also recommends the best anchor text.


MarketMuse pricing

MarketMuse is not for everyone. This AI SEO tool is best for agencies and big brands with a supporting budget, as the cheapest plan is $7,200 per year.

  • Free – MarketMuse’s free-forever plan allows one user to use 15 queries per month and access the basic features.
  • Standard ($7,200/yr) – The only difference between the Free and Standard plans is that the latter includes data export, 100 queries per month, and unlimited projects.
  • Premium (starts at $12,000/yr) – The most expensive plan offers unlimited queries, a dedicated account management team, training for teams, and much more.

You can sign up for a Free plan at any time (no credit card required). However, for the Standard and Premium plans, you must book your personalized content analysis with MarketMuse.

What Is An AI SEO Tool?

An AI SEO tool is a software program that helps you to optimize your website content for search engines. It’s an automated SEO tool that lets you focus on other aspects of your business instead of spending time optimizing your content.

An AI SEO platform can help you with things such as keyword research, SEO optimization for search engines, internal linking, and content creation through artificial intelligence.

The best AI SEO tools can analyze the content on your website and determine what it needs to do to rank better on Google. They also provide suggestions for how you can improve your rankings based on their analysis.

Discovering untapped hidden ranking chances is one of the most crucial aspects of SEO automation.

For instance, if one of the keywords in your niche has a high search volume and low competition, then an AI SEO tool will tell you how many times you should use it on each page of your site or even suggest phrases or sentences where it would fit well into the text.

Suppose an AI algorithm identifies that certain pages are not performing well in Google but contain valuable information. In that case, it can suggest ways to SEO-optimize those pages to get more traffic from search engines and convert visitors into customers more often.

Best AI SEO Software & Optimization Features

There are various methods that AI can be utilized to improve SEO efforts, which have the goal of assisting a website rank better on SERPs. Artificial intelligence powers your favorite search engine, so it makes sense to use AI for SEO.

Here are seven of the most relevant AI SEO features these tools offer to help your business grow.

1. Content Analytics

This tool helps you analyze all aspects of your content, such as the number of words used, topics covered, etc., to improve user engagement and drive traffic to your website.

Additionally, it provides suggestions on improving your content to get better rankings in search engines like Google, Bing, etc.

Many AI SEO tools recommend content based on what’s performing well right now in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). This feature helps businesses create better content by learning from their competitors’ successes.

They can also monitor your online reputation and ensure that your brand is seen as positively as possible on social media.

2. Analyze Google’s Ranking Signals

AI SEO tools can analyze the ranking signals from Google to find out which ones are important and which ones aren’t so that you know how to optimize your site for those signals to rank higher in search results.

3. Write Content

Some AI SEO tools can write long-form content by analyzing the top web pages on Google and creating new text around them.

This can be very helpful when it comes to creating new content that is engaging and might perform well on search engines.

You can also use this feature to find popular topics within your industry or area of expertise.

4. Keyword Research

Keywords are crucial for any online business because they determine how many people will visit your website through search engines like Google, Bing, etc., which means more traffic for your business. An AI SEO tool like SE Ranking makes keyword research easy by providing detailed reports about the keywords being searched for by customers across different countries.

5. Keyword Rank Tracking

Tracking keyword rankings across multiple search engines is a time-consuming task.

AI SEO tools allow you to track your rankings in real time without checking each search engine individually. Some of these tools rely on Google Analytics data or Search Console to help you monitor your rankings.

You can also set alerts when specific keywords start ranking in the top 10, so you know when to invest more effort into improving your organic presence for those terms.

6. Site Audit

An AI SEO tool can check your website for broken links, duplicate content, and other issues that prevent Google from indexing it properly. It will also check whether all images have alt texts so that they appear in Google image search results.

To understand the power of AI and how it can help improve your SEO campaign, we must look at what AI is all about.

7. Search Engine Optimization Data

It might be challenging to know what steps to take to increase your SEO, especially if you lack a lot of experience in the field.

However, AI SEO software solutions can assist you in making sense of all the data and provide you with information and insights you can use to raise the ranking of your website. By using the software’s SEO recommendations, you can take a step forward in outranking your competitors.

Additionally, connecting to data sources like Google Search Console data can add another layer of potential insights.


What tools are used for artificial intelligence?

In general, AI is built on top of three main tools:

Machine learning (ML) is a type of artificial intelligence that gives computers the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed. Machine learning algorithms can be used in many different applications, including robotics, voice recognition, and computer vision.

Deep learning (DL) refers to a set of algorithms that are designed specifically for artificial neural networks (ANNs). ANNs are loosely inspired by the structure and function of the brain; they consist of multiple layers of nodes that are connected by weighted links. Deep learning algorithms use these ANNs to perform complex tasks such as image recognition and natural language processing.

Reinforcement learning (RL) is another type of machine learning technique that allows computers to automatically learn how to perform tasks through trial-and-error instead of being explicitly programmed like traditional software. Reinforcement learning works by rewarding or punishing an agent based on its performance during each iteration of training; it then uses this feedback information to adjust its behavior accordingly so it can improve its performance in future iterations.

Why are SEO tools so expensive?

SEO tools are expensive because they’re worth it. They help you do your job better. If you’re a consultant, then you’ll make more money with the right SEO tools in your arsenal. If you’re an agency, then you’ll see more clients come through the door, thanks to the increased visibility generated by effective SEO campaigns.

SEO tools can help automate some of these processes, but they require human input as well. You must know what keywords are popular at any given time so that you can choose those keywords when creating content or building links back to your website (the two most important factors in ranking highly on Google). Without this knowledge, it’s just trial and error until something sticks.

Will AI replace SEO?

Depending on your viewpoint, the answer to this issue varies. If you’re an SEO specialist who is accustomed to working manually, the idea of a machine learning algorithm taking over your role can be intimidating. And if you’re a business owner seeking a cost-effective approach to rank your website, you could be drawn to the concept of transferring all the complex tasks to an algorithm. In both cases, it’s important to understand what AI can do and what it can’t do.

SEO experts have been in business for a while. They’ve built up experience in their field through years of trial and error — that’s how we learn in life as well — so they know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to search engine optimization. The issue with this is that it requires time, which many companies lack if they want to stay competitive in their industry or market niche.

AI isn’t going to replace SEO experts any time soon because it simply doesn’t have enough experience yet. The good thing about AI is that it learns very quickly and has access to massive amounts of data at an impressive speed.

The short answer is that AI and SEO are both tools. Neither can replace the other. They’re complimentary, not mutually exclusive.

How does AI work in SEO Content Optimization?

The role of artificial intelligence in SEO content optimization is to recommend the best keywords for your website. It also helps you determine which words or phrases are used most frequently in search engines. From there, you can determine what your target audience is looking for and make it easier for them to find your site.

AI can also assist with content development by recommending relevant topics based on information from other websites that do well for your desired keyword terms. This is a time-saving feature because it allows you to focus on writing interesting and engaging content rather than spending hours trying to figure out what people want to read about.

AI’s ability to analyze the user experience has made it extremely popular in eCommerce applications like product recommendations and personalized sales pitches.

Best AI SEO Tools In 2022: Conclusion

As you can see, there are many great tools on the market for improving your SEO with artificial intelligence. With AI being incorporated into most marketing platforms, it’s good to know which ones will support you. Artificial intelligence for SEO is still in its infancy, but all future SEO tools will surely rely heavily on AI for their predictions.

Remember, there are many different variables you can work with that will improve your website rankings and the quality of traffic you receive through the search engines. While “content is king,” page speed and link building (getting backlinks) are also crucial ranking factors.

Additionally, implementing the best SEO copywriting tips will also help you boost your rankings.

Fortunately, you don’t need to spend weeks learning about the best optimization techniques because you can just use these top AI SEO tools. Although it won’t be able to complete all of the work for you, the software will handle the majority of it.

Other artificial intelligence SEO tools not mentioned in this article that can help your website’s SEO performance are Pave AI, Diib and Alli AI.

In conclusion, the best AI SEO tools make it easier to keep up with your digital marketing efforts. They offer convenience and efficiency, so you have more time to focus on taking care of other aspects of your business.

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