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Can You Make Money With the Augusta Precious Metals Affiliate Program?

Augusta Precious Metals affiliate program review

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If you want to earn money online, promoting the Augusta Precious Metals affiliate program can make you significant sums! This high-ticket affiliate program boasts high conversion rates and a competitive commission structure.

Unlike many other gold affiliate programs, this gold IRA’s affiliate cookie lasts a lifetime—meaning you could earn a commission even if someone purchases from your referral link months after initially following it.

If you want to promote gold and silver and join a gold program that offers high commissions, Augusta offers the best program I know. 

What is Augusta Precious Metals?

Augusta Precious Metals

Augusta Precious Metals is a company that provides gold IRA services and helps individuals diversify their investment portfolios with physical gold and silver. It was founded in 2012 by CEO Isaac Nuriani and has since become a trusted company in the precious metals industry for investing in gold and silver IRAs.

It offers secure storage solutions to its customers, including the renowned Delaware Depository and other reputable storage facilities in several US cities, making it one of the best gold IRA companies to buy gold and silver for retirement savings.

IRA stands for Individual Retirement Account, and as most know, retirement savings can escalate to the thousands of dollars—which can earn thousands for affiliates. This is what makes Augusta gold affiliate program so enticing.

Augusta Precious Metals reviews Better Business Bureau

One of Augusta’s high selling points is that it’s the only top gold and silver IRA company that hasn’t received any complaints whatsoever, as reported in the Better Business Bureau—setting them apart from other precious metals dealers. Additionally, their exceptional customer service ensures that their clients feel comfortable and secure.

Augusta Precious Metals ratings

How Much Can I Earn From the Augusta Precious Metals Affiliate Program?

The Augusta Precious Metals affiliate program boasts one of the highest commission rates among gold affiliate programs. Affiliates can earn up to 10% commission per trade plus an extra $200 bonus for qualified leads—making for potential earnings of $20k, $30k, or even $70k from just one transaction! This is only possible because their customers typically invest hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Augusta Precious Metals affiliate program commissions example

The truth is there’s no limit to the amount you can earn. Once your leads are ready to buy, the sky is the limit.

The affiliate program is designed to enable you to earn money by referring potential customers to their website. Once registered, you’ll have access to various tracking and reporting tools that allow you to keep tabs on both performance and earnings.

The Augusta Precious Metals affiliate program offers more than just generous commission rates; it also offers marketing materials designed to boost company promotion, such as banners, landing pages, and email templates optimized for conversion that can help bring in new prospects and boost sales.

Augusta affiliate program assets

Additionally, the company provides affiliate managers who offer advice and guidance to help increase conversion rates and offer mentoring support for new affiliates just starting out.

How This Top Gold Affiliate Program Works

If you want to earn commissions with the leading gold IRA company, here are some things to consider. 

Joining the Augusta Precious Metals affiliate network requires having a website or blog with content focused on precious metals or investment topics and drawing in substantial traffic with high-quality content creation. While experience in internet marketing may be necessary to join, attracting visitors should not be an issue.

Once accepted into the Augusta Precious Metals affiliate program, you can start marketing the company via your website and social media. Whether you’re a seasoned affiliate or a beginner with an already established website, you have a high chance of being accepted into the program.

Augusta competitive gold IRA affiliate compensation

The Augusta Precious Metals affiliate team is extremely dedicated to building real credibility with customers, offering you outstanding assets to promote them across various channels. Furthermore, no negative competitor reviews were found when audited for affiliate compliance, making them an excellent partner for any professional affiliate marketer looking to maximize performance.

The Augusta Precious Metals’ affiliate network is designed to help online marketers earn more money. With competitive commission rates and exceptional conversion rates, corporate transparency, a dedicated affiliate manager via email and phone, and a stringent approval process with strict anti-spam policies in place, you are sure to maximize profits as an affiliate marketer with Augusta Precious Metals.

Augusta Precious Metals Affiliate Program’s Commission Structure

Augusta Precious Metals’ affiliate program features an attractive commission structure that can create significant earnings for affiliates who promote their products. Their range of marketing materials, such as banners and landing pages, provides ample opportunity for affiliates to attract more customers while increasing conversion rates.

This top gold IRA company provides a dedicated compliance department and affiliate portal, making the transition easy for new affiliates. Furthermore, their impressive list of assets allows you to promote Augusta to your audience.

Here is Augusta Precious Metals’ commission structure:

  • $165-$200 per qualified lead.
  • 10% revenue share on any gold sales.
  • 90-day cookie duration.
  • The lead is yours for life! Almost one-third of Augusta’s customers make repeat purchases.

That means if you refer someone who invests $100k worth of gold, you will earn $10,200 in commissions! This presents an incredible opportunity for any affiliate marketer looking to generate substantial income.

As a matter of fact, in 2022 Q1, their affiliates averaged close to $200K per trade, which, when factoring in their standard commission rate of 10%, means about $20K in commission per trade ($200K x .10 = $20K). And, with several affiliates landing multiple trades per month, it’s not difficult for a single affiliate to generate over $100K per month in commission.

Augusta Precious Metals affiliate program commission structure

The Augusta Precious Metals affiliate program can be easily joined by filling out an application form and providing your credentials. Once approved, they will invite you to an intro call with their affiliate manager to get to know you better (optional) before providing access to their dashboard that allows you to track commissions and earnings.

If you have experience in finance or gold trading, why not become an Augusta affiliate and promote them on your website or blog? This could be an ideal opportunity to make some extra income while helping people save for retirement.

Once you enroll in Augusta Precious Metals’ affiliate marketing program, you’ll receive a customized link that contains special tracking codes to promote the company. These links come with unique tracking codes that help track which ones your affiliate referrals purchase.

Augusta Precious Metals offers one of the premier affiliate sales programs available today, featuring market-beating commissions, fully transparent tracking, and an abundance of marketing materials you can use to promote them.

What Does an Augusta Gold IRA Affiliate Get?

Here’s what you get when you are approved to be an affiliate of one of the best precious metals dealers.

  • Exceptional service to maintain your credibility with clients in this unregulated sector—devoid of deception, gimmicks, or aggressive strategies (unlike some other gold IRA firms).
  • State-of-the-art gold IRA affiliate platform for your ease, innovation, and productivity, featuring automatic calculation of outcomes—leverage these resources to enhance efficiency.
  • Elevated sales conversion rates bolster your success as an Augusta gold IRA affiliate, thanks to the company’s well-documented transparency and authentic dedication to its clients.
  • Strong compliance program and exceptional transparency (unlike other gold IRA dealers)—jointly, you and Augusta can attract retirement savers through the proper approach.

Augusta Precious Metals Affiliate Marketing Materials

Once approved as an Augusta affiliate, here’s what you can use to promote them:


  • Banner Ads – Include banners for blog sidebars, in-content, and social media posts.
  • Native Ads – Use them for advertising.
  • Email Creatives – High-converting email swipes.
  • Videos – They offer evergreen educational videos and market news videos.
  • Inflation and Retirement Calculator – Use the provided links to direct potential clients to valuable resources on Augusta’s website. These links contain your tracking codes, guaranteeing that any future opt-ins will be attributed to you. Here’s an example.

Blog posts, videos, and other forms of content creation will further help draw potential customers while keeping existing ones engaged with what is happening with their business.

Landing Pages

  • Buyer Beware – An educational webpage cautioning customers about possible deceptions they might encounter while dealing with various precious metals companies. Provides a complimentary guide and two insightful reports: “10 Gold IRA Dealer Lies” and “15 Bad Reasons to Buy Gold & Silver.”
  • Joe Montana Gold IRA – Features a quote by Joe Montana, inspiring customers to seize control of their retirement and safeguard their assets. Presents Augusta’s complimentary guide outlining an easy-to-follow procedure.
  • Mark Levin – Incorporates a picture and a quote by Mark Levin, connecting with customers’ concerns about the economy and the security of their finances. Provides Augusta’s free manual.
  • Zero Fees Gold IRA – Comparable to the Joe Montana gold IRA landing page, this new design features an alternative layout and incorporates additional key points such as zero fees and being recognized by Money magazine as the “Best Overall Gold IRA Company.”
  • Silver IRA – Echoing the Joe Montana gold IRA landing page, this version showcases a distinct design and incorporates supplementary highlights such as no fees and being chosen by Money magazine as the “Best Overall Gold IRA Company.”

Web Conference

Augusta Precious Metals web conference covers the following topics:

  • Understanding the gold IRA procedure and associated costs.
  • Examining the economy, inflation, and motivations for purchasing gold.
  • Strategies for consumers to sidestep deceptive scams, lies, frauds, and forceful tactics employed by certain gold IRA firms to persuade individuals to initiate gold IRAs with them.

Augusta’s in-house, Harvard-trained economic analyst has crafted the web conference, making it a compelling reason for people to trust the company even more.

How Do I Join the Augusta Precious Metals Affiliate Program?

Here’s a step-by-step guide to joining the Augusta Precious Metals affiliate program:

  1. Go to the Augusta affiliate program landing page.
  2. Click the button to sign up.
  3. Fill out the form to apply for the Augusta affiliate program.
  4. Click “Apply Now.”
  5. Wait for the approval.
Augusta Precious Metals affiliate portal apply now

Ensure all your details are correct, and don’t forget to select your payment information. The Augusta gold IRA affiliate program offers payouts via direct deposit or PayPal.

When you receive your approval by email, you’ll get access to your affiliate link and are ready to go. You might consider reading my guide on the best places to share your affiliate link and make the most revenue.

Augusta Precious Metals Affiliate Program Benefits

Augusta Precious Metals offers an affiliate program with many benefits.

Additionally, this company provides you with a dedicated affiliate manager to assist with your efforts and assist in optimizing marketing campaigns and increasing conversion rates. They also have an affiliate dashboard that features tracking and reporting tools.

  • High Commission Rates – Augusta Precious Metals’ affiliate program stands out among the best affiliate programs. Offering high commission rates and long cookies with an easy-to-use dashboard and in-house resources, your affiliate success is just around the corner.
  • Marketing Tools – You can access various resources, including marketing materials like banner ads, emails, videos, landing pages, and more—essential tools for anyone promoting precious metals products. In addition, you can benefit from an exclusive mentorship program offering advice and guidance from fellow team members at Augusta Precious Metals.
  • Lifetime Customer Commissions – Affiliates receive lifetime commissions on all customers they refer to Augusta Precious Metals, meaning they can continue to earn commissions on sales made by those customers for as long as they remain active.
  • Detailed Tracking and Reporting – Augusta Precious Metals provides cutting-edge tracking and reporting systems to guarantee that affiliates receive precise and current data on their sales and earnings.
  • Trusted Brand – Augusta Precious Metals is a trusted brand in the precious metals industry, with a reputation for providing high-quality physical precious metals and excellent customer service.
  • No Fees or Minimum Sales Requirements – There are no fees or minimum sales requirements to join the program, making it accessible to affiliates of all levels of experience and expertise.
  • Dedicated Support – They provide dedicated support to their affiliates, with a team of experienced affiliate managers available to answer any doubts and provide assistance whenever needed.
  • Supportive Services to Its Customers – This company boasts a team of specialists with deep knowledge of precious metals and silver markets who can assist customers in diversifying their retirement savings. They can answer all their queries as well as guide them through any possible transactions that might arise during this process. With a team like this, being an affiliate raises no worries.

Augusta Precious Metals Affiliate Program FAQs

What is the Augusta Precious Metals Affiliate Program?

It’s a partnership opportunity that allows you to earn commissions on each lead you send Augusta through your affiliate link. 

How do I become an affiliate?

Taking part in this money-making opportunity is just a matter of filling out an online application form on Augusta’s website and waiting for their approval.

How much can I earn as an affiliate?

The earning potential as an affiliate is entirely up to you, and the sky’s the limit. Your commission earnings are based on successful referrals you bring to Augusta Precious Metals, who invest in a gold IRA. 

What is a qualified lead?

A “qualified lead” refers to a lead not previously present in their records, containing a legitimate US phone number and email address for an individual who possesses an eligible IRA or 401(k) account worth a minimum of $100,000, which can be transferred into a new account.

How often are commissions paid?

You may request a payout 15 days following the completion of a transaction and 1 day after verifying a qualified lead. There’s no limit to the number of payment requests you can make.

Is it hard to join the Augusta Precious Metals affiliate program?

To participate in Augusta’s affiliate program, simply visit the Augusta Precious Metals website and submit the application form. After your submission has been reviewed by Augusta Precious Metals, they will determine if your qualifications meet their requirements and reply with details regarding participation. It’s vital to note that you must have an established blog or website driving consistent traffic.

Can I trust Augusta?

Augusta Precious Metals is the leading precious metals and silver investment firm offering an enticing affiliate program to promote. Besides having a selection of IRS-approved precious metals products suitable for retirement accounts, Augusta Precious Metals has long been a trusted partner to many US investors. Furthermore, there are zero complaints on BBB and BCA at this time of writing.

Become an Augusta Affiliate by Joining the Best Gold IRA Affiliate Program

Want to join a gold affiliate program and get a commission for every qualified lead and lifetime earnings while they invest in precious metals? Then Augusta is your best bet.

The Augusta Precious Metals affiliate program is free to join, offers many tools for affiliate marketing, enables you to target a wide range of customers, and best of all—it’s a great way to make money online and increase your revenue.

Being a successful affiliate doesn’t happen overnight. The most crucial thing to do is partner with a solid and trusted gold company to be able to generate leads with high potential to become customers.

Investing in a gold IRA is not for everyone. However, those who buy gold and silver bullion, whether in coins or gold bars, do have the money to invest—lots of it.

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