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7 Best AI Voice Generators To Help You Expand Your Creativity

best AI voice generator tools

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Creating a natural-sounding, human-like speech has been made easy with the best AI voice generator tools.

Businesses across the globe are increasingly using these AI tools to create more personalized interactions with customers through various applications. These include virtual assistants, automated customer service systems, chatbots, and voice-enabled devices.

The global AI voice generator market continues to experience healthy growth, and a CAGR growth rate of over 15% is expected in a decade. You can attribute this growth to the rising demand for speech synthesis technologies, personalized digital experiences, and advanced natural language processing.

Heck! You can even impersonate famous people with celebrity AI voice generators!

Take advantage of this by investing in the most suitable AI voice generation and text-to-speech tools to produce engaging and personalized audio content in only a fraction of the time you would take with traditional methods.

Well, let’s plunge into these enigmatic waters and unveil the best AI voice generators for your personal and business needs.

What is the Best AI Voice Generator?

Here is a selection of the top AI voice generator tools. I will provide an overview of each alongside each platform’s main capabilities and features.


Best AI voice generator for deep-controlling audio files.

LOVO AI voice generator and text to speech

LOVO is one of the best AI text-to-speech generator tools with voice synthesis technology that can generate AI voices indistinguishable from real human voices. It blends the features of an AI-based voice generator and text-to-speech tool to deliver an unparalleled AI voiceover production experience.

The tool’s advanced Voice AI and Text-to-Speech engine let you breathe new life into your content, choosing from 400+ AI voices and expressing over 25 emotions. Additionally, you can generate your content in over 100 languages to give it the wider, global audience it deserves.

LOVO’s intuitive yet full-featured user interface empowers you to create video content from scratch without prior experience. Besides, the platform allows you to be part of a robust community of more than 500,000 creators, where you learn more, share, and seek help from one another.

Video dubbing has been made easy with its recently introduced Genny feature, a next-generation AI voice generator with robust video editing and text-to-speech capabilities. The feature also allows you to create eye-catching art and photos alongside compelling video scripts for your videos.

You can use LOVO’s natural-sounding voices to create any type of content, from education and corporate training videos to marketing, explainer, and social media video content. While at it, you gain access to tools to help you highlight key points in your content, control speed, add pauses, and incorporate sound effects for added color.

Key Features 

  • Real Human Voices – LOVO’s AI voices are natural-sounding, quality, and human-like. You can not differentiate them from the real human voices.
  • Extensive Voices Library – The platform has over 400 AI voices with various styles for producing perfect content for various use cases.
  • A Variety of Emotional Voices – You can create AI voices expressing over 25 emotions, including crying, hesitating, shouting, and more.
  • Well-equipped Resource Database – Features sound effects, non-verbal interjections, stock photos, royalty-free music, and videos.
  • Granular controls comprise emphasis control, speed adjustment, pronunciation editor, and pitch control.
  • AI Art Generator – LOVO’s Genny feature lets you create realistic images, photographs, animations, and paintings for professional content.


  • Free – Access 20 minutes of voice generation every month.
  • Basic ($19/mo) – 2h of voice generation, plus premium voices, including global voices in over 100 languages, 500+ AI voices, and commercial rights.
  • Pro ($24/mo) – 5h of voice generation, plus priority support.
  • Pro + ($75/mo) – 20h of voice generation.

The Free plan offers a 14-day free trial of the Pro plan, so you can get a feeling of more advanced features.

2. PlayHT

Best-in-class AI voice generator tool for creating conversation-like voiceovers.

PlayHT AI text to voice generator

PlayHT relies on user feedback to customize its online AI voice generator tools and synthetic voices to suit diverse needs. The platform leverages machine learning technology to power its steadily growing library of 829+ realistic AI voices, coupled with humanlike intonation in over 142 accents and languages. 

What I like about this AI text-to-voice generator is that you can preview and listen to your text as many times as you want for free without using your word credit.

Besides, its powerful text-to-audio online editor enhances your audio with pronunciations, speech styles, and SSML tags. All you do is type, import, or paste text and leave PlayHT to instantly turn it into captivating audio.

Another good feature is that the PlayHT speech generator lets you scale your audio creation workflows by empowering you with team collaboration tools. You can invite your teammates to collaborate online, create, and share engaging audio files. 

PlayHT securely stores speech-synthesized audio files in the cloud. It also allows you to convert your text into downloadable MP3 and WAV audio files to use elsewhere for personal and commercial purposes with full rights.

Key Features

  • Expressive Emotional Speaking Styles – They help create more natural and engaging voices.
  • An Expanding Library of 829+ AI-powered Voices and 142 Languages – This gives you an extensive range of choices to match your needs.
  • Multi-voice Feature – It lets you leverage different voices for various sentences in the audio to produce conversation-like voiceovers.
  • Preview Mode – You can preview and listen to your text before converting it to speech.
  • Voice Reflections – PlayHT allows you to fine-tune pitch, pauses, emphasis, and rate to generate the ideal voice tone.
  • Custom Pronunciations – You can define how this tool can pronounce specific words, save the customized pronunciations, and reuse them during speech synthesis.
  • Thousands of Integrations – PlayHT connects to thousands of applications like Zapier.


  • Free – The free version allows 2.5k words per month with all premium features and 1 voice clone.
  • Personal ($7.2/mo) – 120k words per year with 5 voice clones. 
  • Creator ($31.2/mo) – 600k words per year with 15 voice clones.
  • Pro ($49.50/mo) – 2,4M words per year with 50 voice clones, including avatars.

3. WellSaid Labs

A top-rated AI voice generator for producing voice avatars.

WellSaid Labs create voiceovers

Trusted by thousands of companies across the globe, WellSaid Labs has all the tools you need to improve your digital and content experiences using natural voiceovers and voice avatars.

Just like with the best AI video avatar tools, you can build your WellSaid voice avatars using a real human voice and customize them to speak your audience’s language to regionalize experiences and content. The platform further guides you on scripting, recording, and audio specifications to receive superior-quality output.

WellSaid is built with collaboration at a global scale in mind. This enables your business to tell stories in a more unified way. Every member of your team can access the WellSaid Studio to create an AI voiceover, make changes, and update content based on the same voices.

Thanks to its enterprise-grade data protection, you can ensure the safety of your text or scripts and AI-generated voiceovers. On top of deploying its infrastructure on HIPAA, FINRA, and ISO-compliant services, WellSaid conducts Penetration Tests at least once yearly to ensure all data is protected in transit and at rest.

Key Features

  • Highest Quality Lifelike AI Voices – The AI voices are as realistic as the real human recordings.
  • Fast Renderings – You only enter the script into the WellSaid studio and choose a voice avatar to get your MP3 stream rendered 10x faster than in real time.
  • Enterprise Scalability – The feature aims to meet your team and business’s growing voiceover needs.
  • Multi-language and accent Support – WellSaid allows you to create voice avatars in any accent or language.
  • Production-ready MP3 Audio File Downloads – Seamlessly download your clips in MP3 files. Team and Creative accounts have readily available OGG, WAV, and Text file formats.
  • SOC2 Compliant – WellSaid gets its processes and systems independently audited and certified to guarantee the safety of your mission-critical content.
  • Bespoke Onboarding – This AI tool assigns you a dedicated Customer Success Manager who ensures that your team is set up for success.


  • Free – Try all voice avatars for one week for free.
  • Maker ($44/mo) – 24 voice avatars, 3k downloads in 30+ voice styles.
  • Creative ($89/mo) – All voice avatars, 9k downloads in 80+ voice styles.
  • Team ($179/mo) – Collaboration space and dedicated support.

4. Listnr

Best AI text-to-speech generator for creating synthesized speech.

Listnr AI text to speech generator

Listnr got your AI speech needs covered with its 900+ voices and over 142 different languages. You can use this AI voice generator to make audio for various commercial uses, such as YouTube videos, Audiobooks, Podcasts, eLearning material, sales, and social media content.

The platform features an online Text to Audio Editor that lets you access the best AI voices from Google, Amazon, and Microsoft Azure. This feature also changes the audio’s speaking styles and pronunciations and adds pauses.

To create your audio content, simply paste text or your blog URL into this AI voice generator and click submit. Listnr’s Speech Synthesis Engines will automatically transform your text into audio content, making it ready for distribution. You can then use the synthesized speech as an AI voiceover for your videos or embed the audio player on your website. 

One feature that has made Listnr stand out even more is its podcast hosting tool. You can upload an existing podcast to the tool or create a new one. After that, enjoy unlimited podcast hosting and seamlessly distribute your podcasts to iTunes, Google podcast, Spotify, Castbox, Pandora, and six other platforms.

Thanks to its embeddable audio player, you can embed your AI audio anywhere, such as on your website, to enable new audiences to access your content easily. Besides, Listnr helps you export your natural-sounding text-to-speech audio in MP3 and WAV formats with a single click.

Listnr grants you commercial distribution rights for all the audio you create. This means you can use your AI audio content anywhere.  

Key Features

  • Unlimited Previews and Downloads – You can preview and download your AI-generated Audio as many times as you want.
  • Responsive and Fully Customizable Audio Player Widgets – They let you transform favorite written content like blog posts into audio content for an extensive reach.
  • New Age AI-Voice Podcast Tool – The tool allows you to host and distribute podcasts unlimitedly at no extra costs.
  • Unlimited Audio Embeds – There is no limit to the number of AI audio you can embed.
  • 900+ AI Voices and 142+ Languages – The feature lets you generate the best output to match your audience.


  • Free – 1k words per month and 20 downloads.
  • Students ($9/mo) – 4k words per month and unlimited downloads.
  • Individual ($19/mo) – 50k words per month and unlimited downloads.
  • Startup ($59/mo) – 200k words per month and unlimited downloads.
  • Agency ($199/mo) – 500k words per month and unlimited downloads.

5. Speechify

The number #1 AI text-to-speech app for desktop, Android, and iOS.


Speechify boasts a cutting-edge AI text-to-speech reader that allows you to breeze through articles, PDFs, emails, and docs 3x faster by simply listening. The tool works by scanning the words on any page and reading them aloud without lag.

At the same time, it allows you to adjust the default voice to a custom voice, change languages and accents, and even decrease or increase the speaking rate.

This platform has a Chrome extension for your desktop and an Android and iOS app for mobile devices to help you take your reading wherever you go.

The good thing is that Speechify seamlessly integrates with messaging, collaboration, information, and social media platforms you regularly use for a streamlined process. This includes Gmail, WhatsApp, Google Docs, MS Teams, BBC, Wikipedia, and Facebook, among others.

Speechify is a perfect solution for limitless reasons and use cases. This includes eLearning for children, students, and parents, listening to audiobooks and documentaries, and marketing videos.

Key Features

  • AI Video Dubbing – The feature allows you to automatically translate and dub existing or new videos in more than 100 languages. 
  • Zero Learning Curve – Speechify simplifies complex tasks. It enables you to upload your script in just one language and automatically translates it to other languages of your choice and natural sounding, superior quality speech.
  • Instant Voice Cloning – The feature lets you create quality AI clones in seconds. You can generate speech files for use in commercial projects.
  • Natural-sounding Human Voices – The platform’s reading voices sound more human-like and fluid to help you remember and understand more.
  • Over 20 Languages and 200 High-Quality Voices – You can get Speechify to read your text or script in your chosen languages and voices.


Speechify Text to Speech

  • Free – 10 voices up to 1x speed.
  • Premium ($11.98/mo) – 30+ natural reading voices in multiple languages up to 5x speed, including more advanced features.

Speechify Voice Over

  • Free – 10 minutes of voice generation with no downloads.
  • Professional ($239/year) – Access all voices and languages with unlimited downloads.

6. Murf AI

An impressive AI voice generator for producing voiceover Google Slides.

Murf AI presentation

Murf AI’s feature-packed studio is unmatchable when creating human-sounding AI voices. This tool also empowers you with a complete toolkit for producing voiceover videos. Everybody can use this AI voice generator tool to create audio content, from individuals and small businesses to medium-sized companies and enterprises.

With Murf’s robust voice maker, you can upload your creatives and sync them with your preferred voice from its vast library. While at It, you play with punctuation, speed, interjections, pitch, and emphasis to carry and deliver your message as intended.

Additionally, Murf allows you to check voiceover examples previously produced by other creators to help you draw inspiration from them.

I like that Murf now has a Google Slides voice add-on, enabling you to use its AI technology to create voiceover Google Slides for your presentations with just a few clicks. With this comes automated time syncing with the slides. Your slides will appear during presentations depending on when the voiceover was attached.

Besides that, you can collaborate with team members in Murf Studio as well as on Google Slides when creating voiceover presentations. Your teammates can change the voiceover, edit it, and download it from the studio.  

Murf is one of the best voice generators on the market for podcasters, educators, product developers, and professionals in the business world.  

Key Features

  • A Vast Library of Voices – You can select t from 120+ text-to-speech voices in over 20 languages.     
  • State-of-the-art Voice Maker – It allows you to sync your uploaded creatives to match the AI voices of your choice.
  • Free HD Presentations Download – Murf allows you to select the quality and dimensions of your voiceover files before downloading.
  • Top-notch AI Voice Changer – You can upload home-recorded audio into the tool, allowing the platform to convert the recording into an editable script. It can delete extraneous words, add or remove pauses, and arrange the script sequence.
  • Ability to Mix Multiple Voices – Upload audio in your voice into the Murf studio and assign different voices to various audio parts.
  • Sync Voice and Video Capabilities – Murf lets you match your separately recorded audio with your video clip or image.
  • Mute or Delete Options – This platform helps you to mute voice for specific parts of the speech or trim it from the audio.


  • Free – Access all voices and 10 minutes of voice generation but no downloads.
  • Basic ($19/mo) – Get 24h of voice generation per year in 60 basic voices with unlimited downloads.
  • Pro ($26/mo) – Access all 120+ voices and 20+ languages with 48h of voice generation per year.
  • Enterprise ($99/mo) – Best for teams. Access to unlimited voice generation, collaboration features, a dedicated account manager, and much more.

7. Resemble AI

An all-in-one AI voice generation solution for blending human and synthetic voices.

Resemble AI enterprise ready generative voice AI toolkit

Resemble AI is a perfect choice if you are seeking to sprinkle synthetic content into your actual voice recordings to boost digital experiences. This web-based platform offers a fully-equipped generative voice AI toolkit with speech-to-speech, text-to-speech, language dubbing, and neural audio editing tools to help you create human-like voiceovers in no time.

Its Granular controls keep you on top of every intonation and inflection while the preloaded emotions allow you to include infinite emotions into your voice, like sad, angry, happy, etc.

You can then localize your AI-generated audio into 60+ languages to reach a global audience. Resemble AI boasts flexible, developer-friendly APIs for quickly building production-ready integrations using modern tools. Its API allows you to fetch existing content, make new clips, and develop AI voices on the fly.

You can further integrate your custom AI voices into your favorite tools, like TikTok, Twilio, Aircall, and RingCentral, for a seamless experience.

Users seeking high-quality AI voice generator tools focusing on custom voice cloning will undoubtedly appreciate Resemble AI. 

Key Features 

  • Instant Voice Cloning – Resemble AI can clone any voice to create iterable and dynamic voice content and dramatic performances.
  • Smart AI Voice Assistants – You can generate dynamic dialogues for your AI voice assistants while maintaining quality performance and delivery.
  • Seamless Personalization – Resemble AI lets you produce thousands of personalized audio segments in seconds. You can personalize ads depending on the addresses, locations, and names.
  • Speech Localization – This platform allows you to convert your native voice into 62 languages for a broader reach.
  • Resemble Fill – The feature lets you modify existing speech using hyper-realistic synthetic voice cloning.
  • Natural-sounding Digital AI Characters – You can use Resemble’s AI character voice generator to create unique personalities and voices for your digital characters.
  • Instant Text Generation – Resemble AI not only empowers you to create speech but also generates detailed copies of your AI voices using its text generation tool, powered by OpenAI’s GPT-3.


  • Basic ($0.006 per second) – Up to 10 voices with unlimited audio downloads. 
  • Pro (custom quote) – You can upload custom data, enhance emotional control, translate, and localize AI voices in up to 62 languages.

What is an AI Voice Generator or Text-to-Speech Software?

An AI voice generator is a technological innovation that simulates human speech by converting written text into spoken words. This tool, functioning under the realm of voice technology, can produce voices that strikingly resemble natural human voices.

The core science behind this involves using AI to dissect and replicate the complexities of human speech patterns, rhythms, and intonations, ultimately crafting a nearly identical, realistic voice.

In simpler applications, such as free AI voice generator versions, the technology is often utilized to generate voices for varying projects or purposes, eliminating the need for human voice actors.

The process isn’t just about converting text. It analyzes the text, understanding its nuances to deliver a natural-sounding speech, adding the right emphasis and emotion where needed.

So can these tools replace hours of voice recordings? Fundamentally, yes. The AI voices generated can bridge immense voice content gaps, proving the potential of this technology.

Best AI Voice Generators: Conclusion

The best AI voice generator eliminates the need for highly professional and costly equipment or large volumes of voice samples to get quality voiceovers and other AI audio content.

The ball is now in your hands to choose the most appropriate AI voice-generating tool for your next project. But if you are still undecided, you can go for LOVO. I like its easy-to-navigate interface, extensive library of consistent quality voices, and natural-sounding AI voices.

Nonetheless, if you often use Google Slides to create presentations, you might like the Google Slides voice add-on that comes embedded into Murf AI. This feature will make your slides and annotation creation process way more effective and quicker.

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