Top 5 Best GoToMeeting Alternatives (Reviewed & Ranked)

In this article, I review and rank the best GoToMeeting alternatives that you try using in your video conferencing business.

GoToMeeting was once the undisputed king of video conferencing. Businesses and professionals with international clients and contracts can benefit from GoToMeeting’s many capabilities as an easy-to-use platform.

The software’s advanced video conferencing tools are compatible with Mac, PCs, Android, and iOS devices and can be configured to meet the needs of any organization. Users can participate in meetings from any location, at any time.

With a competitive pricing structure, GoToMeeting serves a wide range of corporate demands, although new competitors have recently emerged. For your video conferencing needs, consider one of these GoToMeeting alternatives if the platform no longer seems right for your business.

What Is GoToMeeting?

GoToMeeting best video conferencing software

GoToMeeting is a cloud-based web conferencing service for small businesses that provides audio, video, and content sharing. The service offers features such as screen sharing, desktop sharing, and chat.

GoToMeeting provides a simple way to set up and manage online meetings. You can easily schedule and present online meetings from your computer, tablet, or mobile device.

All participants will see each other and hear each other clearly with HD video, high-quality audio, whiteboarding, content sharing, and more.

GoToMeeting features a decent level of security and works effectively for companies on a budget.

However, there are additional video conferencing platforms with better audio and more substantial features that aren’t just available with higher-tiered services. In this article, I list the top GoToMeeting alternatives to assist you in finding the one that might work better for your business.

What Are The Best GoToMeeting Alternatives?

1. Zoho Meeting

Zoho Meeting

Zoho Meeting is one of the top GoToMeeting alternatives on this list.

There are many positive aspects of Zoho Meeting, such as its industry-standard security, easy scalability, and round-the-clock support. All of these features work together to make sure that your remote working collaboration is seamless and interactive.

With just a few clicks, you can host or attend webinars directly from your browser with Zoho Meeting, which offers a convenient alternative to conventional video conferencing platforms that need time-consuming download procedures. That ensures that you will never be late for your sessions.

Additionally, this web conferencing software gives you the option to lock meetings and password-protect all of your sessions. AES encryption algorithms are used throughout a virtual meeting to ensure the highest level of security.

Key Features Making Zoho Meeting the Best GoToMeeting Alternative

  • Scheduled & Instant Meetings – The program enables you to instantaneously exchange joining links with participants so they can join the session or arrange meetings in advance.
  • Private Meetings – You can use this functionality to secure confidential sessions from unwelcome attendees.
  • Moderator Controls – This allows you to mute certain people as necessary. You may also utilize the controls to remove people from the discussion who are no longer needed.
  • No Downloads – You can join or start an online meeting from your browser.
  • Mobile Apps – It allows you to join an online meeting from any location.
  • Webinar Analytics – Provides webinar reports so you may evaluate poll results and webinar registrants.
  • Screen Sharing – This enables you to deliver demos and presentations by sharing your apps and screen.
  • Customized Registration Forms – Your webinar registration form can feature your company name, logo, and configurable options.


Zoho Meeting pricing
  • Free – All Zoho Meeting users are entitled to a 14-day free trial. Unlimited meetings and webinars with up to 60 minutes for each meeting or webinar.
  • Meeting ($3/mo) – Up to 24h meetings, cloud recording storage, virtual background, and much more.
  • Webinar ($16/mo) – Includes live streaming, Q&A and polls, customizable pre and post event emails, and more.

These prices reflect a yearly billing cycle and vary according to the number of participants.

2. RingCentral

RingCentral video conferencing software

RingCentral is a top video conferencing and analytics platform that offers features that are standard in the business, such as the ability to share your screen and annotate it, record your video calls and schedule them, and have built-in video chat capabilities.

In addition, the program has an analytics dashboard, which enables managers to monitor service consumption and draw attention to performance concerns based on the network, Internet service provider (ISP), location, and endpoint.

Its customers are able to effortlessly fit their schedules into their calendars and see their daily schedules as a result of the smooth cross-platform connectors that it has with platforms like Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, and Slack. These integrations increase digital collaboration.

The fact that RingCentral can operate within web browsers is a huge plus since it removes the requirement for using any other programs or software outside what is already included.

RingCentral is an excellent GoToMeeting alternative for usage in the office, particularly for businesses or organizations who are looking to invest in premium video quality and performance.

Key Features Making RingCentral the Best GoToMeeting Alternative

  • Automatic Voice Transcription – Provides a speaker-identified real-time voice-to-text transcription.
  • Meeting Insights – Updates you on meeting topics, transcripts, summaries, keywords, and highlight videos.
  • AI-powered Features – Provides you with an engaging virtual meeting experience.
  • Security – The software provides end-to-end encryption and passcode protection to secure every conversation.
  • Breakout Rooms – This makes it possible to break up a big meeting into manageable groups for improved brainstorming sessions.
  • Presentation Mode – Combines well with screen sharing to keep your audience engaged.
  • Auto-follow – The camera follows every motion you make when presenting once you press the auto-follow button.
  • Integrations – Integrates with Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, and Slack.
  • Team Huddle – With this function, you may run a virtual meeting where attendees can drop in and out whenever they choose.


RingCentral offers two different types of plans:

  1. RingCentral Video (Free video meetings and messaging).
  2. RingCentral MVP (Message, Video, Phone).
1. RingCentral Video
RingCentral Video Pro pricing
  • RingCentral Video Pro (Free forever) – You get unlimited meetings with up to 100 participants, including integrations and file sharing. This is a forever-free plan with no credit card required.
  • RingCentral Video Pro+ ($11.99/mo) – You get everything in the free plan with up to 200 participants plus phone calls (up to 500 minutes per user), more integrations, analytics, and more.
2. RingCentral MVP (Message, Video, Phone)
RingCentral pricing plans
  • Essentials ($19.99/mo) – Up to 20 users.
  • Standard ($27.99/mo) – Unlimited users and video meetings with up to 100 participants.
  • Premium ($34.99/mo) – Video meetings with up to 200 participants and real-time analytics.
  • Ultimate ($49.99) – Includes device status reports, alerts, and unlimited storage.

3. ClickMeeting

ClickMeeting top video conferencing software

ClickMeeting has a variety of features to help your video conferencing succeed. Any ambitious business looking to increase effectiveness while lowering communication issues will find a solid foundation on the platform.

The best aspect is that it offers live surveys and Q&A sessions to keep your audience involved and active while allowing you to get useful information about your participation.

This software’s connection with prominent business apps, analytics, and marketing tools is one of its strongest features. For example, you may link your ClickMeeting landing page to Google Analytics to gain access to useful analytical resources and data that can support business growth.

To automatically store all video conferencing recordings in the cloud, you may also embed your Dropbox account within the webinar.

The best users of ClickMeeting are business owners and organizations who rely on video conferences and webinars to generate leads or connect with potential clients and workers. For students taking online courses, it’s also the greatest platform.

Key Features Making ClickMeeting One of the Best GoToMeeting Alternatives

  • Webinar Automation – You can use it to automate your webinars, including town hall meetings, online courses, and onboarding and training sessions.
  • Webinar Pre-recording Feature – You can use the program to record your event in advance and publish it as an on-demand webinar. Before uploading your recording, you can enhance it by adding a call-to-action button or a different video file.
  • Live Webinar – Your live event can have up to 100 participants on the agenda.
  • Waiting Room with Agenda – You can activate the waiting area before the video conference begins so that all participants can get a head start on learning about the topics you’ll be covering that day.
  • Custom Invitations – You can alter an email template and the color scheme to increase event attendance while maintaining branding consistency.
  • Custom-Branding – You can brand your page specifically to give your online event a polished appearance.
  • Custom Registration Page – Enables everyone attending the event to sign up as they go.


ClickMeeting pricing
  • Free Trial – The 30-day free trial is a good place to start. Up to 25 attendees.
  • Live ($25/mo) – All the tools you need to hold effective online meetings and live webinars.
  • Automated ($40/mo) – Includes all features from the Live plan plus the automation Webinar cycle.
  • Enterprise (custom quote) – Perfect for businesses looking for a flexible and scalable solution. Plan several meetings and sizable online gatherings for up to 10,000 people.

These prices reflect a yearly billing cycle (up to 20% discount) and are up to 25 attendees.

4. BlueJeans

BlueJeans Virtual Meetings

BlueJeans, a California-headquartered company, is also one of the best GoToMeeting alternatives. This cloud-based video conferencing platform features a mobile app for Android and iOS that allows you to host or join an interactive conference from anywhere.

The BlueJeans mobile’s Dolby voice feature, which mutes any unwelcome background noise and enhances the speaker’s voice to produce unmatched and crystal-clear audio and video recordings, is what makes it so exciting.

However, the program is not just for mobile; you can use almost any device to access the BlueJeans platform, including a PC, tablet, iPad, or a portal from Facebook.

Businesses and companies can now turbocharge their conference rooms and huddle spaces for a smooth conferencing experience thanks to the BlueJeans Rooms-as-a-service functionality.

The software works best for individuals, distant employees, and businesses hosting large-scale virtual conferences.

Key Features Making BlueJeans One of the Best GoToMeeting Alternatives

  • Multi-Platform Support – Using a computer, browser, or mobile device, you can sign up and host an online season without sacrificing consistency.
  • Virtual Backgrounds – Using the virtual background, you may liven up your workplace.
  • Interactive Collaboration – Annotation and screen sharing let you make interesting online sessions.
  • HD Video & Dolby Voice – Provides crystal-clear audio during virtual meetings by blocking out distractions.
  • Encrypted & Secure Meetings – Using AES-256 GCM, you may transit encrypt all of your content.
  • Breakout Sessions – You can use the feature to divide your audience into smaller groups for more active involvement and productive discussions.
  • Gallery View – The screen shows up to 25 participants at once.
  • Easy Setup – To make sure you are prepared for your meeting, BlueJeans offers 24/7 support.


BlueJeans pricing
  • Standard ($9.99/mo) – Up to 100 participants and 5 hours of meeting recording.
  • Pro ($13.99/mo) – Up to 150 participants. Includes workstream integrations and security features.
  • Enterprise ($16.66/mo) – Up to 200 participants with unlimited recordings and more advanced features.
  • Enterprise Plus (custom quote) – Flexible licensing options, advanced support options, and multiple add-ons.

5. Zoom Meetings


Zoom has consistently been at the forefront of providing the greatest messaging and video conferencing solutions for laptops, mobile devices, and desktops. This simple web conferencing platform is simple and quick to install, and it has unrivaled scalability.

What makes this web conferencing tool even more appealing is its capacity to accommodate up to 1,000 users simultaneously while enhancing your virtual meetings with HD videos and audio for an outstanding experience. To top it off, Zoom allows you to view 49 videos on a single screen.

The software ensures the confidentiality and privacy of your meetings and shared files by incorporating 256-bit TLS encryption, which is one of the greatest data protection technologies available.

Zoom is a video conferencing platform designed for individuals, remote workers, and businesses looking to hold regular virtual meetings with clients or employees.

Key Features Making Zoom Meetings the Best GoToMeeting Alternative

  • Premium Transcripts & Meeting Recordings – Zoom offers searchable transcripts, and you can record your virtual session locally or in the cloud.
  • Collaboration Tools – Zoom includes built-in collaboration tools like screen sharing and co-annotation to create an interactive experience.
  • Team Chat – During your live virtual meeting, you can start a chat with other attendees.
  • Streamlined Calendaring – It lets you arrange and initiate virtual sessions easily from Gmail, Outlook, or iCal.
  • Unrivaled Usability – You can use any device to join Zoom, including mobile devices, desktop computers, and dedicated Zoom for home devices.
  • Security Settings – Zoom’s robust security features include encryption, role-based security, waiting rooms, passcode protection, etc.


Zoom Meetings pricing plans
  • Basic – This Free version allows you to host unlimited video conferences with up to 100 participants and has a 40-minute limit for each one.
  • Pro ($149.90/yr) – With up to 100 participants, you get access to 5GB of cloud recording storage.
  • Business ($199.90/yr) – Up to 300 attendees.
  • Business Plus ($240/yr) – Up to 300 attendees and 10GB of cloud storage. It also allows you to make unlimited calls.
  • Enterprise (custom quote) – Up to 1,000 attendees with more advanced features.


Is GoToMeeting free?

GoToMeeting offers a free version, including features for conducting basic types of meetings. This free edition is perfect for holding small meetings, as both the audio and video are of very high quality. In order to access all of the other powerful features that this video conferencing platform has to offer, you can upgrade to one of GoToMeeting’s paid plans.

Does GoToMeeting have a time limit?

Your meeting will only last for a maximum of 40 minutes if you are using a GoToMeeting Free account. During the course of your session, a timer will be displayed.

Is GoToMeeting better than Zoom?

GoToMeeting is a major cloud-based video conferencing alternative to Zoom and boasts better performance stats than Zoom:

  • Performance – In recent years, GoToMeeting surpassed Zoom with industry-leading uptimes of 99.995% and nearly 90 percent fewer outages and difficulties.
  • Speed – Zoom consumes 50% more bandwidth than GoToMeeting, resulting in slower response times, worse video quality, and an increased number of IT issues.
  • Price – If you’d rather not use Zoom, GoToMeeting can save you up to 42% on yearly rates starting at just $12 per person. Zoom’s cloud recording and storage options are more expensive than those of other providers.

You can read more here for a complete comparison of GoToMeeting vs. Zoom.

What is the difference between GoToMeeting and GoToWebinar?

While GoToMeeting functions like an online chatroom for group conversations and engagement, GoToWebinar offers a speaker/audience arrangement that is ideal for meetings like seminars and presentations. On the other hand, GoToWebinar is best suited for presenting information to an audience.


Whatever the reason for moving away from GoToMeeting, there is a likelihood that it will still be used in your business.

Finding the best GoToMeeting alternatives or replacements can be difficult and time-consuming. Of course, some considerations may only apply to you, such as whether or not you prefer browser-based applications, mobile applications, etc.

The basic video conferencing tools listed above are all great, but you will probably want to do your own research to find the one that will work best with your business.

Before deciding on the best alternatives to GoToMeeting, remember to ensure that it is compatible with what you already have. Your next meeting may depend on it.

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