7 Best Precious Metals IRA Companies (Ranked & Reviewed)

Choosing the best precious metals IRA companies can be one of the best things you can do to protect your retirement assets from the effects of inflation and price changes.

You might be seeking ways to safeguard the value of your life savings now that you’re getting closer and closer to retirement. After all, recent occurrences have demonstrated to everyone that not everything, particularly concerning the economy, is as safe and secure as was previously believed to be.

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You can own gold and other precious metals in large quantities with the assistance of an individual retirement account (IRA) that specializes in precious metals investing. Gold and other precious metals have shown to be relatively secure investment options in today’s market.

Your ability to use a portion of your IRA will be directly proportional to the IRA management company you decide to do business with.

You should also be on the lookout for gold IRA scams and lies.

A precious metals individual retirement account, also known as a gold IRA, is a form of a self-directed retirement plan that allows you to invest in precious metals that may be physically held, such as gold, silver, and platinum.

But how do you pick the best precious metals IRA company? With so many alternatives available, it may initially appear overwhelming, but I’ve made it easier by focusing on the best precious metals IRA providers in this article.

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What Are The Best Precious Metals IRA Companies?

1. Augusta Precious Metals

Augusta Precious Metals

Augusta Precious Metals is widely considered among the US’s most prominent gold and precious metal IRA dealers. This organization has gained a great reputation due to the quality of the sales team and customer support professionals it employs while having no complaints whatsoever from its customers.

Augusta Precious Metals at a glance:

  • No fees for a decade, and all qualify.
  • A+ rating from BBB, AAA from Business Consumer Alliance, and thousands of 5-star reviews.
  • Money magazine’s “Best Overall Gold IRA Company” for 2022 & 2023, and Investopedia’s “Most Transparent.”
  • Endorsements from VIPs: Mark Levin, Judge Jeanine Pirro, Ben Ferguson, and even Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Montana as a customer and enthusiast.
  • You take all control by choosing your gold & silver from the most sought-after products.

Isaac Nuriani, CEO of Augusta, founded this gold IRA company in 2012. It offers a variety of gold coins, rounds, and bars in weights ranging from 1/10 ounce up to 100 ounces (1 kilo). They focus almost all of their efforts on marketing to the market for gold and silver IRAs.

As one of the top-rated gold IRA rollover companies, it obtained the highest rating from the Business Consumer Alliance, and the Better Business Bureau has not yet received any complaints at all. This feature alone helps make Augusta the best gold IRA company available. Nonetheless, you should review Augusta’s pros and cons for a better understanding of this company.

Augusta collaborates with the renowned Delaware Depository, which has vaults spread across the country to suit the storage needs of their clientele.

Most gold IRA companies may make claims to have inexpensive pricing structures, but relatively few actually reveal all of their charges. In addition to being straightforward and honest, Augusta Precious Metals’ price and charge structure are also easy to comprehend. Additionally, they offer zero fees for up to ten years.

They also employ a Harvard economist who will meet with each prospective customer one-on-one and guide them through the steps of rolling over their gold assets.

To learn more about this outstanding provider of gold IRAs, read my Augusta Precious Metals review.

Key Features

  • The Augusta Precious Metals order desk will design your gold and silver portfolio based on the precious metals you choose to purchase.
  • To help you make wiser decisions regarding the most recent financial prospects, their education professionals will educate you through the economics of the gold and silver markets.
  • Along the way, a Harvard economist will be available to help you.
  • They have not had any complaints since 2012, and they have the best BBB rating among businesses that provide precious metals IRAs.
  • You can buy a copy of the same book well-known figures like Joe Montana, the hall of fame quarterback of the San Francisco 49ers, used to ensure their retirement comfort.
  • No extra costs.
  • 7-day return policy for new customers.

Learn more about how you may invest in gold by downloading your free gold IRA guide or by attending a free webinar.

2. Birch Gold Group

Birch Gold Group

The Birch Gold Group, founded in 2003, has made a name for itself as one of the US’s most prosperous precious metals dealers.

They continue to assist clients in diversifying their investment portfolios with gold, silver, platinum, and palladium thanks to the expertise of their dynamic team of former wealth managers, financial consultants, and commodities traders.

By maintaining ties with reputable depositories, Birch Gold Group allows you to use their services to store gold, silver, platinum, and palladium coins inside your precious metals IRA account.

The company is partnered with Texas Precious Metals Depository, Delaware Depository, International Depository Services, and Brink’s Global Service (which offers insurance protection up to $1 billion).

To examine your precious metals’ performance or make changes to your account, you may get in touch with your precious metals specialist at any time. These professionals are quite helpful in supporting you in managing a successful investment portfolio and guiding you through the entire process.

Key Features

  • According to their statistics on client satisfaction, they are among the best precious metals IRA providers.
  • You can purchase physical gold, silver, platinum, and palladium coins.
  • The many advantages offered will enable you to take full advantage of the chance to enhance your retirement savings with ease and security.
  • A+ rated company accredited by the Better Business Bureau.
  • Endorsed by former congressman Ron Paul, whose many publications include End the Fed and Gold, Peace and Prosperity, among others.
  • They offer an instructive kit to assist you in making the most informed decisions under the circumstances.
  • Lots of resources for learning about the economy and gold savings.

3. American Hartford Gold

American Hartford Gold

American Hartford Gold is a highly respected company within the precious metals industry, specializing in providing investment options for gold and silver. Their official website offers valuable information and resources for individuals seeking to invest in precious metals, including gold and silver IRAs.

The company is renowned for its competent and supportive representatives, who guide clients through the investment process without any undue pressure. American Hartford Gold’s representatives have received positive feedback for their clear explanations and professional demeanor.

As a first-time gold and silver buyer or someone nearing retirement, you can expect exceptional service from American Hartford Gold. Their representatives are not only knowledgeable but also compassionate, ensuring a seamless and informative transaction process. The company’s integrity and reputation make it one of the top contenders for precious metal investments.

Key Features

  • A trusted leader in the precious metals industry.
  • Offers gold and silver investment options, including gold and silver IRAs.
  • Knowledgeable and helpful representatives.
  • No-pressure approach to guiding clients through the investment process.
  • Clear explanations and professional service.
  • Smooth transaction process for first-time gold and silver buyers.
  • Excellent service for clients approaching retirement.
  • Highly recommended for their honesty and reputation.
  • Positive customer feedback and testimonials.

4. Noble Gold

Noble Gold

Having only been established in 2016, Noble Gold is a relatively new competitor in the market for precious metals IRAs. Nevertheless, it has quickly established itself as one of the best precious metals IRA firms among new investors because of its low minimum investment requirements and substantial educational resource.

Noble Gold has only been around for a short time, yet it already has a stellar reputation among consumer rating companies, earning a perfect score from Consumer Affairs.

The company gives every prospective client a free initial consultation in addition to a wide range of instructional tools. The objective of this consultation is to arrive at a consensus regarding the client’s requirements, inclinations, and goals after a discussion between both parties.

Customers are then paired with a trustworthy advisor who guides them through the remaining steps and educates them without using high-pressure sales tactics.

If you start an IRA with Noble Gold, you can roll over funds or move assets straight from an existing custodian to your new account. There should be no concern about tax penalties when moving money from one depositary to another.

Key Features

  • Noble Gold offers some of the greatest gold rates around, in addition to speedy and secure shipment.
  • For numismatic coins, they come highly recommended, so you can receive the greatest prices.
  • Due to the hundreds of five-star ratings they have received from satisfied customers, you can trust their business procedures.
  • Even if your retirement goals or savings need to change in the future, you can count on this precious metals IRA to buy back any gold or other bullion you’ve previously purchased.
  • Noble Gold not only works to protect wealth but also to add value to each client.

5. Advantage Gold

advantage gold

Your individual retirement account can be easily and quickly converted into a gold and silver account with Advantage Gold, an authorized precious metals IRA custodian.

They handle every stage of the procedure, right from the start to the very end, making it possible for them to let thousands of Americans from various socioeconomic backgrounds invest in actual metals.

Advantage Gold was founded in 2014, with its corporate headquarters in LA, California. The company exhibits its commitment to helping investors of all experience levels make the right decision for them by training every member of its staff to be IRA specialists.

Advantage Gold has been recognized as the most reliable provider of gold IRAs for five years in a row thanks to its consistently top-rated customer service in the industry (From 2016 through 2020, TrustLink received only 5-star reviews.).

They utilize an established gold depository in Delaware, which makes it easy and risk-free to transfer funds from an existing IRA into a precious metals IRA. This allows them to serve customers more efficiently.

Key Features

  • Advantage Gold is committed to ensuring the security of your assets and provides you with a setting that is free of potential financial harm so that you may make informed choices about your money.
  • They will not only respond to all of your questions but also assure you that the gold investment you choose will contribute to the growth of your assets for when you retire.
  • At any time, and at a price that corresponds to the value of the metal as it is currently traded on the market, you are free to sell any metal that you have acquired from them. This suggests that you are at liberty to liquidate your gold investment whenever you see appropriate.
  • In addition to a comprehensive buyback program, it offers custodial and storage prices that are among the most economically possible in the industry.
  • The overall excellent reputation of Advantage Gold is supported by a rating of A+ from the Better Business Bureau (BBB), AAA from the Business Consumer Alliance (BCA), and a rating of 5 stars overall, including over 1,500 verified reviews on TrustPilot and TrustLink.

6. Goldco


The major objective of Goldco is to safeguard the retirement savings of its clients by moving their assets from traditional IRAs and 401(k) accounts into self-directed precious metals IRAs backed by gold and silver.

To make this specific method for safeguarding retirement savings simpler, the team of IRA consultants at Goldco specializes in guiding clients through the rollover procedure in an understandable manner. Your gold IRA rollover will be compliant with Internal Revenue Service (IRS) regulations, thanks to the assistance of the specialists at Goldco.

Goldco not only offers security for one’s money and possessions but also enables investors and collectors to buy gold bullion besides gold and silver coins.

After creating your account, you will have the option to download a free kit that will lead you through the basics of investing in gold, which will allow you to get started right away.

Depending on the size of your investment and the depository you choose, Goldco charges different fees. The best way to learn the price is to speak with them directly.

Additionally, they offer a free instructional seminar to help you understand more about the specifics of investing in gold and silver. Many people think the organization is one of the most reliable solutions for financial investing because of its accessibility and user-friendliness.

Key Features

  • Goldco provides gold, silver, palladium, and platinum IRA-eligible.
  • The company is a recognized, reliable, and highly efficient source for reliable information on how to invest in gold.
  • You can get up to 10% back when you make an eligible purchase from their website.
  • You can rely on Goldco to protect your interests, and their simple 3-step gold IRA setup process will keep your retirement money secure.
  • Rated triple-A by BCA and A+ by BBB.

7. Patriot Gold Group

Patriot Gold Group

Patriot Gold Group makes our list as one of the top precious metals IRA providers due to its long history of delivering top-notch customer support, outstanding consumer reviews, and competitive pricing.

When working with the Patriot Gold Group, you will never pay retail prices, and you will only communicate with the proprietors. They have extensive knowledge in the industry because they have worked for some of the major precious metal investment businesses in the United States.

While avoiding numerous pay tiers for executives and investors, they will bargain on your behalf to get the best price for gold and silver.

All of this means that you won’t have to spend a large sum of money to buy the metals; rather, you’ll be able to profit from your investments.

Patriot Gold has established a strong reputation by earning the highest ratings from the most significant consumer rating organizations, including a AAA rating from the BCA and a five-star rating from Consumer Affairs.

Key Features

  • If you have an open communication channel with the proprietors, you may work together immediately on all financial matters.
  • You won’t have to wait very long to see investment returns if you open a 24-hour account.
  • Your most pressing queries will be fully addressed, enabling you to choose the ideal gold and silver investments for you.
  • Because they serve many clients globally, you can rest easy knowing that any issues that might arise with your account have been successfully resolved.
  • You’ll always be aware of market developments if you subscribe to a free newsletter that provides you with the most recent information on prices, news, and changes in the gold and silver markets.

Why Should I Buy Precious Metals?

Because precious metals are tangible goods, they cannot be changed, they pose no risk to the government, and no central bank may print them at will.

Gold and silver have endured the test of time for countless years and have excelled in the face of inflation, price changes, political turmoil, currency devaluation, terrorist threats, and even war.

As these harmful forces slowly erode your purchasing power due to inflation and the continual depreciation of paper money, physical precious metals serve as a strong pillar of defense and a shield.

Diversification is the only strategy that can protect wealth by lowering the overall risk and volatility of the investment portfolio. You can wean off speculative paper investments like stocks, bonds, and exchange-traded funds by including actual precious metals in your gold IRA account.

You should be more concerned than ever before with diversifying your holdings and bolstering your retirement savings with the dependability and safety of actual precious metals.

Augusta Precious Metals Free Gold IRA Guide

Gold is considered a liquid asset, which means that it may be quickly converted into other forms of currency or goods on a global scale.

Your precious metals individual retirement account allows you to make what’s known as an “in-kind” distribution of your metal holdings. This means that whenever you desire to or are compelled to do so, you always have the alternative of either selling the metals that are contained in your holding or getting them delivered to your home.

In contrast to the majority of retirement plans, which only offer a limited number of investment possibilities and allow direct access to the stock market, a precious metal individual retirement account has the ability to accrue investment growth on a tax-deferred basis.

Due in large part to the widespread demand for precious metals, gold and silver have long been regarded as a means of passing on wealth from one generation to the next as well as a means of storing money.

How To Choose The Top Precious Metals IRA Companies

You need to be aware of a few considerations if you wish to put your savings for retirement into a precious metals IRA.

Ease of Setup

A strong retirement savings plan is essential to both your mental well-being and future financial stability. But that does not necessarily mean that the planning process will be time-consuming and unproductive.

In order to make the process of setting up your gold IRA as simple as possible, every gold IRA provider on our list has professionals to assist you at every stage. Therefore, you will get expert advice and support whether you start the golden journey over the phone or online.

There won’t be any shortcuts or workarounds offered. Instead, to safeguard your interests and your gold IRA, all of these companies rigorously adhere to IRS requirements.


Pricing and fees are among the hardest parts of a precious metals IRA company to explain in depth.

These precious metals IRA companies are not being shady or trying to hide anything. Businesses would rather give you cost information when you speak with a person than take the chance that you will find outdated data on a website, whether their own or others, because the price of precious metals swings so frequently.

Remember that there are many expenses and charges, including setup, storage, and upkeep expenditures.

The costs could differ depending on how much you decide to invest. Additionally, some gold IRA providers conduct promotions with no setup costs at all and cost-free storage for a full year.

Precious Metals Products

The precious metals offered by each gold IRA custodian on this list have been approved by the IRS. Platinum and palladium are other alternatives, although gold and silver are the most common ones.

All of the main candidates for the best precious metal IRAs offer some kind of consumer education. Therefore, make use of that knowledge and either do some independent research on precious metals IRA options or learn everything you can about them.

Working with an expert from one of these leading gold IRA providers also provides you access to their expertise and network of prior clients.

Make use of the informational resources and professional insight. Read, examine the selection of precious metals supplied by each organization, and don’t be hesitant to ask questions before determining how to finance your gold IRA. Any trustworthy precious metals IRA provider on this list provides a range from which you can’t go wrong.


You generally won’t begin your precious metals IRA planning with the idea of liquidating your precious metal holdings before you retire. There are, however, times when life has other intentions for you.

Before you can start taking withdrawals from your IRA and starting your retirement, it will probably be quite some time. Your situation could change in the meanwhile, either for the better or worse.

When you are prepared to act, you should discuss the gold or precious metals’ buyback value. This is so because the price of actual gold and other precious metals is subject to fluctuation.

If you take any of your money out before turning 59 and a half, the IRS will impose a 10% early withdrawal penalty. Each of these precious metals IRA providers offers buybacks, so if life gives you a surprise or an opportunity you simply can’t pass up, you might get your money back.


Even though endorsements from well-known celebrities in banking or entertainment may entice you, you should be more interested in learning what regular people have to say about these precious metals IRA providers.

Do the salespeople:

  • Appear to be attempting to turn a profit quickly?
  • Use an aggressive, pushy sales approach?
  • Give their clients top priority?
  • Work independently or with you to help you understand the nuances of a deal?
  • Provide an apology if there is a problem?

The best gold IRA companies on our list will all have both rave customer recommendations and starred evaluations from actual clients.

It’s fantastic if well-known personalities or media attention were responsible for drawing you in. This indicates that these precious metals IRA custodians have a solid reputation that they may use to stand behind their star power.

Best Precious Metals IRAs – Conclusion

The golden years of your retirement can be brighter and more enjoyable with the help of a precious metals IRA, which can provide great value.

Your pension strategy, the goals you have set for the long term, and the way your investments are now structured are all unique to you. Each of these companies that offer precious metals IRAs has the expertise and credentials necessary to guide you toward the retirement lifestyle of your dreams.

These recommendations for the top-rated gold IRA companies are a safe bet that won’t let you down. In the end, the choice is all up to you, of course. Your individual preferences will significantly impact the degree to which you perceive a business to be suitable for you.

If you want to learn more about investing in gold and other precious metals, I recommend you read the free Gold IRA guide by Augusta Precious Metals, a reputable gold IRA company that made it to the top of the list.

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