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Jasper AI Review: Is This The Best Tool for AI Writing?”

Jasper AI Best Review

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The best way to write a Jasper AI review is to use this AI copywriting tool to write parts of this review for us. What do you think? (I’ll let you know which parts Jasper wrote)

In this Jasper AI review, I’ll be showing you the insides of this AI writing tool and some examples of its creative output.

Creating quality content for the web requires focusing on the task at hand, whether writing blog posts optimized for ranking on search engines, writing email campaigns, social media posts, or website copy to attract new customers.

Quality content must be well-written and engaging, providing value to the reader. Businesses can improve their online presence and reach their target audiences more effectively by taking these measures.

(The above two paragraphs were written by Jasper AI. Pretty good, don’t you think?)

Try Jasper AI for Free.

I believe this is one of the most comprehensive Jasper AI reviews on the Internet.

Until recently, you had to either come up with every word yourself or engage a freelancer to generate web page copy or blog entries for you. If you hired a good writer, this was either a time-consuming chore for you or a potentially costly task.

Fortunately, there are several emerging AI copywriting tools on the market. These tools offer artificial intelligence (AI) content generation and writing assistance. By leveraging GPT-4 technology, they can produce ad copy that is nearly human in quality.

These AI software solutions will certainly help businesses grow by enabling them to produce more and higher-quality content.

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A Quick Look at Jasper AI at Work

Before getting into the specifics of this Jasper AI review, let’s see what Jasper has to say about his copywriting skills. I’ve used the AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action) framework template and told Jasper to say something about himself.

After I hit the Generate AI content button, this is what he came up with:

Attention: Are you looking for a content creator that can help take your business to the next level?

Interest: Jasper AI is the perfect solution for busy business owners who want to create content but don't have the time. With our artificial intelligence platform, you can create high-quality content in minutes - without ever lifting a finger.

Desire: Not only is Jasper AI easy to use, but it's also incredibly powerful. You can create content in any language, and our artificial intelligence will help you write, design, and publish it like a pro. Plus, our platform is cloud-based so you can access it from anywhere in the world.

Action: Sign up for a free trial today and see how Jasper AI can help you take your business to new heights!

I haven’t edited a single character in this output! What’s more, Jasper came out with two results, both great.

I also used the “Professional” tone of voice. But you choose many voice tones, such as funny, casual, excited, witty, sarcastic, feminine, masculine, bold, dramatic, grumpy, and secretive.

And to make things funnier, you can input characters’ or people’s names into the tone of voice, such as Tony Robbins, Optimus Prime, Oprah, and more.

Besides, the AIDA template I used is only one among the 50+ templates you can use. They include long-form documents (articles, blog posts), Facebook ads, Google Ads, Instagram posts, YouTube video descriptions, Content Improver, Blog Intros/Conclusions, Headlines, Amazon product descriptions, Email Subject Lines, and many more.

It may seem incredible, but there are people in the Jasper Facebook Group who have used Jasper to write entire books.

Jasper AI Joke Example

With Jasper Commands, you can even tell Jasper to write a joke like this one:

Jasper AI business owner joke

I ordered Jasper to tell me a joke about a business owner, and this is what he came up with.

What do you call a business owner with no employees? A self-employed person!

For an AI copywriting tool, Jasper does have a sense of humor (can we say tools have humor…?)

I have a feeling that after you see how powerful the AI-powered friendly robot Jasper is, you’ll want to add him to your arsenal of writing tools to help you generate better material in less time.

What Is Jasper AI?

Jasper AI the best AI writing software

Jasper AI is a cloud-based artificial intelligence copywriting tool that writes original, creative content for your blog, social media, website, and more, leveraging the power of machine learning.

This AI tool is trained to write articles based on your topic and audience. It learns from the content you create and adapts to your style over time. With Jasper AI, you can create content that is always fresh, engaging, and relevant to your audience—without having to do any of the writing yourself!

In a nutshell, Jasper AI grants you the ability to generate persuasive and alluring writing for your blog posts, landing pages, social media, advertisements, marketing emails, and many other types of content.

Furthermore, the Jasper team created Jasper Art, an AI image generator that lets you generate unlimited royalty-free images and art for many different use cases.

Over 10k 4.8/5-star reviews can be found on Trustpilot, Capterra, and G2, indicating that Jasper AI is the most well-regarded copywriting tool currently available on the market. This is because it is trained by highly skilled marketers and copywriters, resulting in the production of AI content of the greatest possible quality.

Who Created Jasper AI?

The Jasper AI team is comprised of a group of close friends who are also business owners and marketers. These individuals are enthusiastic about using cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning to assist others in overcoming writer’s block.

The team has worked together for a significant amount of years producing online courses and software solutions. They are delighted to apply their skills to assist people in developing exceptional content by utilizing the capabilities of contemporary artificial intelligence.

The team’s headquarters are located in Austin, Texas, and they are dedicated to giving the highest level of service to all its customers. And for three years in a row, they have been selected as Austin’s most desirable employers.

Jasper best place to work

The Jasper AI team includes Dave Rogenmoser (CEO), Austin Distel (CMO), John Phillip Morgan (CTO), Chris Hull (COO), James Morgan (The Script Master), and Megan Johnson (Client Success).

Jasper AI team
  • Dace Rogenmoser (CEO)
  • Austin Distel (CMO)
  • John Phillip Morgan (CTO)
  • Megan Johnson (Client Success)
  • Chris Hull (COO)
  • James Morgan (The Script Master)

They are also members of the team that developed Proof, a company that has assisted more than 25,000 companies in converting customers into leads and sales.

Also recently, Inc. Magazine awarded Jasper “One of America’s Fastest Growing Private Companies” on Inc. 5000 2022.

If you go to Unsplash, one of the world’s largest libraries of free, high-resolution stock photos, and search for the term “Business Man,” there is a good possibility that you will come across a lot of captivating photographs of Austin Distel, the Chief Marketing Officer at Jasper AI.

Austin Distel Jasper AI CMO Unsplash

The people responsible for Jasper AI are extremely well-respected and laid-back, and they are aware of how to successfully run a company.

They are the kind of individuals you want behind a product like Jasper to ensure its continued development and success over the long term.

You may relax knowing that the new features that will be added to Jasper in the near future will result from extensive research and careful consideration and precisely what the users want most.

Jasper AI Company Timeline

January 2021 – Launching officially under Conversion AI, they initially concentrated on writing copy for Facebook Ads.

March 2021 – Conversion AI has acquired and integrated Headlime, an artificial intelligence tool used for producing headlines with a high conversion rate and a tool for writing blog posts.

June 2021 – They acquire and incorporate Shortly AI, one of the most advanced GPT-3 AI content writing tools available.

September 2021 – Conversion AI rebrands to Jarvis AI.

January 2022 – After legal worries from Disney’s lawyers over the Marvel movie Iron Man and Tony Stark’s AI helper, who was also named Jarvis, Jarvis AI rebrands itself as Jasper AI.

Who Is Jasper AI For?

Who is Jasper AI perfect for entrepreneurs marketers agencies

The Jasper AI tool is useful for a wide range of individuals. It can be utilized by digital marketing companies, email marketers, screenwriters and novelists, bloggers and website owners, SEO writers, YouTubers, real estate agents, and even high school and college students to generate text material that can be used online or offline.

These are examples of users who, due to the practically unlimited variety of possible applications, could gain something from using Jasper AI in one way or another.

Here’s a list of the best candidates for using this AI software:

  • Bloggers – With Jasper AI, you can create an organic blog for your website to bring in more visitors from affiliates and businesses alike. Your blog entries will rank on Google and bring hundreds or even thousands of additional visitors every month if you use Jasper’s SEO Mode to generate SEO-optimized blog content.
  • Agencies – Instead of spending time and money on writing compelling text for your own website, why not utilize the AI assistant built within your Jasper marketing platform to aid you in developing compelling content for your clients? An additional copywriter can be added to your team at a fraction of the price.
  • Marketers – If you’re a marketer, you’ll like Jasper’s plethora of ad copywriting, social media engagement, and email marketing templates.
  • Business Owners – Jasper AI can help you build your business quickly and easily if you are a business owner. In order to attract more customers, you can employ one of the 50+ copywriting templates available.
  • SEO Writers – Combine Jasper AI with Surfer SEO to develop SEO-friendly, high-quality content that ranks well on search engines and draws in new readers via platforms such as Google and Bing.
  • Screenwriters & Novelists – Generating new creative plots or dialogue with the assistance of AI can be an effective way to combat writer’s block.
  • YouTubers – Create fresh titles, scripts, and descriptions for the videos coming out soon.
  • eCommerce Store Owners – You just need to plug in the relevant product specifications into Jasper, and you’ll have no trouble writing convincing product descriptions.

The potential applications for Jasper are practically limitless. Nevertheless, the use of this AI service might be of tremendous value to any of the above positions.

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Jasper AI Templates

Jasper AI provides more than 50 copywriting templates that can be used for a wide range of tasks.

AI templates are available for the following types of content: Frameworks, Email, Website, Blog, Ads, Ecommerce, Social Media, News, Google, Video, and SEO.

Jasper templates

If you want to see how Jasper AI works, you can jump straight to the “Jasper AI at work” section.

Here’s a list of the templates Jasper AI is currently offering:

  • Documents – Allow Jasper to assist you in the creation of long-form blog posts, emails, stories, scripts, and even books. You can give Jasper any command so he can write exactly what you want.
  • Paragraph Generator – Create paragraphs that will captivate your readers.
  • AIDA Framework – Use of the world’s oldest marketing framework. Attention, Interest, Desire, Action.
  • PAS Framework – Problem-Agitate-Solution. A helpful framework for coming up with new marketing copy ideas.
  • Content Improver – Rewrite an existing piece of content to make it more fascinating, inventive, and engaging.
  • Product Description – Create engaging product descriptions for websites, emails, and social media.
  • Blog Post Topic Ideas – Create new blog post subjects that will attract readers and improve your Google ranking.
  • Blog Post Outline – Create article lists and outlines. Ideal for “Listicle” and “How to” blog posts or articles.
  • Blog Post Intro Paragraph – Allow Jasper to create your first paragraph for you to break through writer’s block.
  • Blog Post Conclusion Paragraph – Make your blog entries more interesting by including a great ending paragraph.
  • Creative Story – Write creative, imaginative stories to keep your readers engaged.
  • Explain It To a Child – Re-write the text to make it more readable and understandable.
  • Sentence Expander – Expand a small sentence or a few words into a creative, fascinating, and engaging lengthier sentence.
  • Facebook Ad Headline – Make scroll-stopping headlines for your Facebook ads that get people to click and buy.
  • Facebook Ad Primary Text – Make a high-converting copy for your Facebook ads “Primary Text” section.
  • Google Ads Headline – Create conversion-optimized material for your Google Ads’ “Headlines” section.
  • Google Ads Description – Create an engaging and persuasive description for the “Description” area of your Google Ads.
  • Google My Business – What’s New Post – Create updates for the “What’s New” page on Google My Business.
  • Google My Business – Event Post – Create event information for Google My Business event posts.
  • Google My Business – Product Description – Make Google My Business product descriptions.
  • Google My Business – Offer Post – Create offer details for your Google My Business offer posts.
  • Ridiculous marketing ideas – A fun template that generates bad marketing ideas that might get you on the front page of the paper for all the wrong reasons. We are not responsible for you ending up in jail or losing all your customers if you attempt these. This is a joke. (This is actually what it’s written there.)
  • Amazon Product Features (bullets) – Create bullet points for significant features and benefits for Amazon listings in the “about this item” section.
  • Amazon Product Description (paragraph) – Write appealing product descriptions for Amazon listings. Although the output is normally in the form of a paragraph, the style may differ.
  • Perfect Headline – This template is guaranteed to create high-converting headlines for your business, thanks to formulas from the world’s finest copywriters.
  • Website Sub-headline – Create pleasantly informational sub-headlines (H2) for your websites and landing pages.
  • Photo Post Captions – Make interesting captions for your Instagram pictures.
  • Testimonial Helper – Create testimonials for Jasper AI using this template.
  • Marketing Angles – To bring vibrancy to your marketing, brainstorm various viewpoints.
  • Persuasive Bullet Points – Create persuasive bullet points for landing sites, emails, and other marketing materials.
  • Video Topic Ideas – Create new video topics that will engage viewers and improve your YouTube ranking.
  • Video Script Outline – Create outlines for your video scripts. Ideal for “Listicle” and “How to” videos.
  • Video Titles – Make compelling, click-worthy titles for your YouTube videos to help them rank.
  • Video Script Hook and Introduction – Develop a video beginning that will grab your audience’s interest and keep them watching until the end.
  • Video Description – YouTube – Create search-friendly YouTube video descriptions.
  • Review Responder – Write pleasant, professional, and enjoyable comments to public customer reviews.
  • Personalized Cold Emails – Write effective cold emails that receive responses.
  • Email Subject Lines – Create captivating email subject lines that encourage recipients to open the message.
  • SEO – Blog Posts – Title and Meta Descriptions – Create SEO-friendly title tags and meta descriptions for Google-friendly blog content.
  • SEO – Homepage – Title and Meta Descriptions – Create Google-friendly title tags and meta descriptions for homepages.
  • SEO – Product Page – Title and Meta Descriptions – Create SEO-friendly title tags and meta descriptions for product pages optimized for Google.
  • SEO – Services Pages – Title and Meta Descriptions – Create SEO-friendly title tags and meta descriptions for your company’s services pages so they can rank well on Google.
  • Company Bio – A compelling bio can help you tell the story of your company.
  • Personal Bio – Create a unique personal bio that will attract attention.
  • Feature to Benefit – Turn your product’s features into compelling benefits.
  • Before-After-Bridge Framework – Write marketing copy using the BAB framework (Before, After, Bridge).
  • Unique Value Propositions – Make a clear statement that effectively communicates the benefit of your product.
  • Real Estate Listing – Residential – Real estate listings that are visually appealing and sell quickly.
  • Pinterest Pin Title & Description – Create engaging Pinterest pin names and descriptions that increase traffic, interaction, and reach.
  • Press Release Title & Intro – Create a compelling first paragraph for a press release.
  • Engaging Questions – To improve engagement, ask your audience original questions.
  • Quora Answers – Intelligent responses to difficult questions.
  • Text Summarizer – Get the main idea from a passage of text.
  • Business or Product Name – Create a memorable name for your company or product.
  • Poll Questions & Multiple Choice Answers – Engage with your community and get to know them better. Make multiple-choice questions.

Jasper AI Main Features

Many incredible features make Jasper AI one of the best AI writing assistants. I’ll attempt to be as comprehensive as possible in this Jasper AI review.

1. Over 50 Templates

Jasper AI includes over 50 short-form AI templates to help you write various content in areas such as emails, website copy, blog posts, social media, ads, eCommerce, video, titles, descriptions, SEO, and more.

2. Unlimited Words

You can generate unlimited words with any pricing plan you choose.

3. Unlimited Project Folders & Workspace Documents

You’ll have access to unlimited project folders and workspace documents, so you can keep your account organized between all of your clients or websites without worrying about exceeding any account limits.

4. Write Long-Form Content

jasper AI real time writing
Jasper AI writing in real-time

The long-form editor is more flexible than the copyrighting templates and includes additional tool integrations (Surfer SEO, Grammarly, and a Copyscape-powered plagiarism checker).

This is better suited to content writers who want to start from scratch and write full blog articles or generate copy for landing pages.

You’ll be able to tell Jasper AI to create content with various output lengths using the long-form assistant. Every time it writes, it also reads the previous 1,500 characters for better content.

5. 1,500 Character Lookback (up to 10,000)

This is the maximum quantity of text that Jasper AI can consider while generating new text.

While Jasper AI will clearly use GPT-4 data to generate new content, it will also take into account the existing content of your document, and it can reference up to 1,500 characters of text already written. This ensures that Jasper AI doesn’t repeat points and that the given output corresponds to the preceding context.

But if you opt for the Business plan, the lookback count increases to 10,000!

6. Jasper Commands, Re-phrase & Explain It To A 5th Grader

Jasper AI rephrase explain it to a 5th grader fix grammar

In the Documents feature, you can offer Jasper AI text-based commands with modifiers of the intended outcome, such as asking for paragraphs, lists, tone of voice, and so on.

The re-phrase tool is available at any moment. It allows you to highlight a particular paragraph or sentence and click the re-phrase button so Jasper AI tries to recreate the text using other wording while staying true to the original. This tool performs a similar function to Quillbot, although on a simpler level.

Another amazing feature of Jasper AI is their ‘Explain It To A 5th Grader’ tool, which takes a complex statement or paragraph that has been highlighted and attempts to simplify the terminology to the level of a 5th grader. This frequently leads to shorter sentences and easier-to-understand language.

7. Customizable Tone of Voice

One of the best features of Jasper AI is the tool’s capacity to understand a tone of voice and duplicate an existing one to match your content generation.

Jasper AI Tone of Voice

It can recognize adjectives and individuals and is somewhat open-ended (even fictional characters in some cases). Adjectives include: funny, casual, witty, excited, sarcastic, masculine, feminine, bold, dramatic, secretive, grumpy, and more.

Fictional characters and real people can also be applied, such as Optimus Prime, Gary Vaynerchuk, Tony Stark, Tony Robbins, Oprah, etc.

8. 30+ Supported Languages

The Jasper AI team has enhanced the tool to support more than 30 languages, allowing you to create content for different countries or populations.

9. Surfer SEO Integration

Surfer SEO is an excellent tool for internet marketers who want to write blog posts or content for the web that they are trying to rank on Google. It is known as one of the most powerful on-page SEO tools.

They come up with their content recommendations by scanning the pages ranking on Google’s first page and then running correlations, also using natural language processing.

They now feature Surfer AI, a 1-click blog post generator that instantly creates a highly SEO-optimized article you can further optimize using the Content Editor.

Surfer SEO integrates directly with the Jasper AI Documents feature (long-form assistant), allowing you to generate SEO-optimized blog articles or content for the web with speed and with the support of artificial intelligence.

Keep in mind that the use of Surfer SEO is a paid add-on that is optional and is not included with your Jasper AI membership.

10. Grammarly Integration

You’ve definitely heard of Grammarly if you do a lot of writing for your job or school. And you’re probably aware of how much of a game-changing tool it can be for ensuring that the grammar in your written content is correct and that it flows smoothly from one sentence to the next.

The premium version of Grammarly costs $12 per user per month on average, but Jasper AI has integrated the service directly into their Documents editor at no additional cost.

This is a wonderful benefit for those who produce English content even though English may not be their native language. Overall, it helps them maintain consistently strong grammar.

11. Plagiarism Checker (Copyscape Integration)

A scanner for possible instances of plagiarism has just been included in Jasper AI’s long-form assistant.

Even if Jasper’s content is completely original and is derived from the machine learning algorithm and the GPT-4 database, there is still a possibility that it could write anything identical to or very similar to the content of another website on the internet by accident.

Even though you may run the software through a number of other plagiarism checkers (such as Grammarly or WriterZen, for example), the Jasper AI team has teamed with Copyscape, the leader in the field, to enable integrated access to plagiarism scanning directly within the AI software itself.

Jasper AI plagiarism checker

Similar to Surfer SEO, this is an excellent tool. However, even with a subscription to Jasper AI, access to it is not free.

You’ll need to load credits in increments of ten dollars, twenty dollars, or one hundred dollars. For every document that is evaluated, credits are deducted at the rate of $0.03 for the first 200 words and $0.01 for every 100 words beyond that.

12. Support via Live Chat, Documentation, and Live Training

When compared to competing solutions, Jasper AI excels in providing outstanding chat support, as well as hands-on documentation, training videos, and live webinars. These demonstrate how to utilize their technology, provide best practices, and cover broad themes such as search engine optimization and marketing copy.

I feel the team behind Jasper AI is incredibly committed to developing a helpful software solution that improves over time while also guiding its customers to achieve the best results possible.

13. Facebook Group & Community

Jasper AI Facebook Community

Jasper AI members have access to the AI Copywriting Community. In the Jasper AI Facebook group, they can network with other users and discuss many topics, including Jasper itself, AI content development, and marketing advice.

The group is one of the most active Facebook groups that I am a part of, and it has over 75,000 members despite the fact that it does not charge its subscribers anything to join.

Even if there is some spamming here and there, the moderators do a fantastic job of keeping it to a minimum and ensuring that constructive dialogues continue to move forward.

Join Jasper AI Facebook Group.

Jasper AI’s Technology

To the ordinary user, seeing Jasper generate AI material for the first time is fantastic. It looks almost too wonderful to be true when you generate perfect output with minimal effort.

The linguistics model known as GPT-4, also known as the fourth generation of Generative Pre-Trained Transformer, is where Jasper AI got its “secret sauce,” which makes it possible for the AI to function. In a word, GPT-4 is a neural network machine learning model trained with data taken from the internet.

GPT-4 was developed by OpenAI, a company Elon Musk is one of the co-founders. In order to generate vast amounts of relevant and complex machine-generated content, GPT-4 requires text to be entered.

Deep learning neural networks, such as the one found in the GPT-4, are a potent form of artificial intelligence. This particular model contains around 175 billion different machine learning parameters.

Finally, anyone can quickly generate high-converting content. You could also engage a VA (Virtual Assistant) to handle the work while focusing on other tasks.

How Does Jasper AI Work?

Creating content with Jasper AI is pretty straightforward. You only have to choose a template, input your data, and generate the content.

You will be well on your way to being a member of Jasper Nation and producing content with the assistance of artificial intelligence after completing just these three simple steps.

1. Choose a template

There is a good probability that Jasper already has what you need to generate the piece of content that you need to create.

The world’s best copywriters and conversion experts are responsible for Jasper AI’s training. They provide it with a set of rules to adhere to, and it copies patterns that have repeatedly been shown to be effective.

Currently, Jasper provides a selection of more than 50 content templates. These content templates include Facebook ads, Creative Stories, Amazon product descriptions, Quora answers, and even entire blog posts written with the help of the long-form assistant.

You can check all the templates in the Templates section of this Jasper AI review.

After you have determined which Jasper template best suits the piece of content you wish to produce, you are prepared to move on to the next phase.

2. Input your data

The next step is to fill in the template data with information about what you want Jasper to write about.

At this stage, you are in control of everything that happens. The quality of the data you provide to the AI will directly impact the quality of its results. You are free to be as specific as you like, which will have an effect on the result that is delivered.

For this particular example, the Jasper template I’ll choose is the AIDA Framework.

Jasper AI templates AIDA framework

Once I’ve decided on the AIDA Framework template, I need to give information about my product or brand, and there are three sections for me to fill out:

  • Company/Product name – Simply type in the name of the business or product you would want the product description to be about.
  • Product Description – Include as much information as possible regarding the company or product. You have a total of 600 characters at your disposal. If you are able to offer Jasper additional information, the output that Jasper generates will be of higher quality. Or, you could keep it straightforward and unrestricted and let Jasper take the lead.
  • Tone of Voice – This is an incredibly potent aspect of the tool. You have the ability to specify the “tone of voice” that you would like the AI to use. For instance, do you want to come across as enthusiastic? Informative? Educational? Or maybe you want it to sound like Tony Robbins? (You can accomplish that, too!) Make sure you use one voice tone only. You shouldn’t describe someone as “funny and snarky.”
Jasper AI AIDA Framework DreamWorks example

3. Generate AI content

After choosing the Jasper template you want to use and filling out the details you want Jasper to write about, it’s time to generate the AI content.

You can also choose how many outputs you want Jasper to create. The AIDA template can export up to two different outputs. On the other hand, each template is unique, and Jasper can generate multiple outputs all at once.

Jasper AI generate AI content button

When you have finished filling out the data for the template, simply click on Generate AI content and see the magic unfold!

Jasper AI AIDA Framework DreamWorks example outputs

After waiting for a few seconds, your newly created AI content appears right before your eyes.

You won’t ever have to fear losing a piece of fantastic content that Jasper generated because every piece of AI-produced content is automatically preserved in the “History” page of your account.

Jasper AI Examples

In this Jasper AI review, I’ve gone on and on about how Jasper is capable of producing amazing AI content, so I thought it would be best to demonstrate his capabilities by making use of some of my own favorite templates.

The following is a collection of some of my favorite Jasper templates, along with a practical demonstration of each one.

Read my tutorial on how to write amazing blog posts that rank with Jasper AI.

Product Description

Jasper’s Product Description template can be of great assistance if you find yourself at a loss for words while describing a product or a brand.

This is the information I had to provide to Jasper regarding the product.

  • Product/Company Name – Jasper AI
  • Tell us about the product – Jasper AI is an artificial intelligence copywriting software that helps create content faster than ever.
  • Tone of voice – Friendly

And this is the output Jasper generated.

Jasper AI example (Product Description):

Looking to take your content creation to the next level? Jasper AI is here to help! This artificial intelligence copywriting software is designed to help you create better, faster content than ever before. Whether you're a blogger, small business owner, or online marketer, Jasper AI can help you save time and energy while still creating high-quality, engaging content. And because it's powered by artificial intelligence, Jasper AI is always learning and improving, meaning that your content will only get better over time. So why wait? Get started with Jasper AI today and see how it can help you take your content creation to new heights!

For someone with writer’s block, that’s pretty awesome!

Blog Post Intro Paragraph

It may be helpful to use Jasper AI to write introductions to your blog posts since this may be a great way to start the creative juices flowing. You won’t have to sit there and look at a blank screen for a long time until you finally have some ideas.

Here is the information I had to provide Jasper AI using the Blog Post Intro Paragraph template.

  • Blog post title – How Jasper AI can Help You Write 5x Faster
  • Audience – writers, marketers
  • Tone of voice – Professional

Here’s Jasper AI’s output.

Jasper AI example (Blog Post Intro Paragraph):

Do you feel like you don't have enough time to write? Are you constantly struggling to find the time to get your work done? If so, Jasper AI may be just what you need. Jasper is a powerful artificial intelligence-based tool that can help you write up to five times faster than before. With Jasper, you'll be able to focus on your writing and let the software take care of the details. So why not give it a try today? You may be surprised at how much easier and faster your writing process can be with Jasper's help.

No edits!

Creative Story

If you’re a writer looking for creative ideas, the Creative Story template that Jasper AI offers is an excellent help in generating short stories. This is helpful for authors of children’s books also.

  • Plot – Jasper is a friendly robot helping his friend copywriter come up with creative ideas for his work.
  • Tone of voice – Funny

After clicking Generate AI content, this is what Jasper came up with.

Jasper AI example (Creative Story):

"Hey Jasper, I'm stuck," said Dave, the copywriter. "I need a good idea for a new ad campaign but I can't seem to come up with anything."

Jasper was always happy to help. He was a friendly robot, after all. "No problem, Dave," he said. "I'm sure we can come up with something."

They brainstormed for a while but nothing seemed to be working. Then Jasper had an idea. "How about we do something with animals?" he suggested.

Dave liked the idea and they started planning out the campaign. They came up with some great ideas and the campaign turned out to be a huge success!

How about that for a robot?

And it’s important to notice that Jasper is coming with two outputs. In order to keep this Jasper AI review from becoming overly lengthy, I’m only pasting a single example of each template.

Personal Bio

Whether you need a bio for your LinkedIn profile, resume, or even the “About the Author” portion of your blog, the Jasper Personal Bio template is an ideal choice for you to utilize as a starting point in creating that bio.

All you have to do is give the Jasper AI some talking points to work with, and it will make you sound like a celebrity without any additional effort on your part.

  • Personal Information – Vasco Lourenço. Founder of, a blog about tools businesses need and how to start an affiliate marketing business on the side. Pianist. Sound engineer. Stock music composer.
  • Tone of voice – Tony Robbins
  • Point of view (First Person or Third Person) – Third Person

This is what Jasper came up with.

Jasper AI example (Personal Bio):

Vasco Lourenço is a man of many talents. He's a pianist, sound engineer, and stock music composer. But most importantly, he's the founder of, a blog about tools businesses need and how to start an affiliate marketing business on the side.

What sets Vasco apart is his passion for helping others achieve their dreams. He knows first-hand what it's like to start from scratch, and he wants to share his knowledge with as many people as possible. That's why he's committed to making the best resource it can be.

Jasper did a fantastic job of taking the talking points I provided and expanding on them to make me sound much smarter and cooler than I actually am. This is saying a lot, as I don’t enjoy talking about myself…

Imagine the things that Jasper could write about you to produce an engaging bio that would amaze employers, friends, relatives, and potential clients… Just think of the possibilities!

What is Jasper Teams Plan?

The most recent release from the Jasper AI team is the Teams plan, which is best suited for teams. It also includes the SEO Mode, where you can integrate the platform with Surfer SEO to help you write highly optimized posts to rank higher on search engines.

If you’re a marketing agency with 3 to 10 team members, this is the right choice because it will allow you to write AI content throughout your team.

What advantages does the Teams plan have over the Creator plan regarding features?

  • 3 Brand Voices – You now have the ability to create three different brand voices that Jasper will recall when writing content.
  • Recipes – Execute a series of repeating instructions for Jasper to follow. Recipes can be created, saved, and shared among community members here.
  • Surfer SEO Integration – By integrating Surfer SEO, you can view the keywords you need to include in your article in order for it to rank higher on Google.

What are Jasper Recipes?

Jasper Recipes are pre-built workflows that comprise several Jasper Commands that, when performed in the appropriate order, serve as a template to help you develop AI content even more quickly.

These workflows are called Jasper Recipes. In order to make use of Jasper Recipes, you must subscribe to the Teams plan.

Jasper AI featured recipes

Imagine having access to thousands of templates from which you could pick to produce different types of content, such as product reviews, blog articles, press releases, cold emails, advertising for Facebook or Google, video scripts, and many other types of content.

In the same way that a traditional recipe for a dish includes a set of step-by-step directions on how to prepare the dish, Jasper Recipes include a set of Jasper Commands that, when carried out in the specified order, will enable you to generate any kind of content much faster than you ever have before.

The addition of Jasper Recipes will make your life a great deal simpler if you are using Teams plan.

For instance, if you wanted to write a post for your blog, you would have to execute a sequence of Jasper commands that might look something like this:

  1. Write a brief about {TOPIC}
  2. Write some blog title ideas.
  3. Write an intro.
  4. Write an outline for this blog post.
  5. Write about {OUTLINE_ITEM_1}
  6. Write about {OUTLINE_ITEM_2}
  7. Write about {OUTLINE_ITEM_3}
  8. Write a conclusion for this blog post.

All of these lines are what are known as Jasper Commands, and they are chained together and pre-built for you in something that is referred to as a Jasper Recipe.

Jasper AI blog post recipe

The only thing you have to do is to execute the recipe, change the names of any variables that are being used (for example, {TOPIC}), and then run each of the Jasper Commands in sequential sequence.

Is there any simpler way to have an AI robot generate your content than this?

What’s more, you can even create your own recipe and share it with other users.

Jasper AI create new recipe

You can learn how to take advantage of this incredible feature by reading my guide on how to use Jasper Recipes.

Jasper AI Pricing

Jasper AI has two price options that are likely to meet your requirements – Creator and Teams.

For a complete overview of prices, read my Jasper AI pricing guide.

How much does Jasper AI cost?

  • Creator ($39/mo) – It includes unlimited words each month as well as all of the short-form copywriting templates.
  • Teams ($99/mo) – It offers everything in the Creator plan, plus more available seats for team members, SEO Mode, Jasper Recipes, and live chat support.

The pricing is one of the most important selling elements for Jasper AI (on the surface), considering the upfront cost is very low, especially when compared to the hourly or per-project charge of employing a freelancer.

Yet, keep in mind that if you want high-quality content, you’ll have to go through and modify the information it generates before using it. As a result, you’ll need to figure out how much you’ll have to pay yourself (or someone else) each hour to polish the AI and edit the content.

Jasper AI pricing plans

As you can see from the Jasper AI price chart, each plan has some appealing features no matter what your budget.

Jasper AI Creator Plan

Jasper AI Starter Plan get high quality copy written fast with AI

The Creator plan is $39 per month (paid yearly) and contains unlimited words, providing excellent value.

Jasper is now available for a 7-day free trial, so you can test it out before you buy it.

The Creator plan offers:

  • Multiple AI Models – Jasper’s AI Engine unites multiple expansive language models, ensuring top-notch output quality and exceptional uptime for your needs.
  • Newest Models – Jasper’s system continually refreshes, guaranteeing that you’ll always utilize the latest and most cutting-edge AI models, such as GPT-4.
  • Online Research – Request Jasper to craft an article on today’s news, providing credible sources and including backlinks to each respective website.
  • Run Jasper Commands – Become Jasper’s boss and tell him what you want him to write. After that, simply execute the command and watch the friendly Jasper robot create content for you.
  • Brand Voice – Create one single brand voice.
  • Memory – It can recall up to 50 memories for your brand voice.
  • Multiple Languages – It generates content in over 30 languages.
  • Chat – Engage in a lifelike dialogue with a chatbot that can aid you in completing tasks, swiftly conducting research, and addressing inquiries.
  • 50+ Templates – Write high-converting short-form content for multiple use cases.
  • Art – Create unlimited AI images.
  • Rephrase and Rewrite – You can highlight your text and improve your text in just a few clicks.
  • Lookback – Jasper reads the preceding 1,500 characters when generating new content.
  • Integrations – It integrates with Grammarly (free plan) and Copyscape plagiarism checker (paid add-on).
  • Chrome Extension – Use Jasper anywhere on the web.
  • Users – One user only.
  • Projects – Create unlimited projects.
  • Data Privacy & Security
  • Support – Email only.

Jasper AI Teams Plan

Everything from the Creator Plan is included in the Teams plan, as well as the following additional benefits:

  • Users – Three and up to ten team members.
  • SEO Mode – The Teams plan integrates with Surfer SEO (additional cost).
  • Brand Voice – Up to 3 unique voice tones.
  • Memory – Use up to 150 memories when creating content.
  • Dynamic Templates – Create, save, and share dynamic templates.
  • User Management – Manage the accessibility of documents in your workspace using individual permission settings, allowing for privacy, viewing, editing, or availability to all workspace members.
  • Support – Live chat support.

If you are using affiliate marketing or selling your own product or service, you should easily be able to recover your $99 even if you only write one SEO-optimized blog article each month that sells a product.

Using the Jasper Teams plan leveraging the SEO Mode is like having your own copywriter.

How much would 5 blog posts, marketing emails, or Facebook ads cost you if you hired a copywriter on a monthly basis? I can guarantee you it’s a lot more than $99 each month!

Jasper AI Business Plan

The Business plan offers custom pricing best suited for large enterprises with teams of over 10 members. Besides offering SSO (single sign-on) and an unlimited number of brand voices, the lookback count increases to 10,000 characters, and you get a dedicated manager.

Jasper AI Monthly vs. Annual Pricing

Jasper AI has monthly and yearly price plans available.

The following are the monthly price plans for Jasper AI:

  • Creator plan – $49/month
  • Teams plan – $125/month

The following are the yearly price plans for Jasper AI:

  • Creator plan – $39/month
  • Teams plan – $99/month

Check out the Jasper AI pricing table on their website.

What I Think About Jasper AI

If writing content is your main activity and you need to create long-form content regularly, AI copywriting software can come in handy. 

Having an AI writing assistant will help you overcome writer’s block, and you will avoid becoming anxious whenever you’re staring at a blank page.

This Jasper AI software is becoming a life-changing tool for many writers, and I’ve also used it for some of my blog posts.

Whether you write blog articles or are only looking for new blog post topics, having a Jasper AI subscription will be quite beneficial—even if it is only to provide you with some topic ideas.

While inside the Jasper AI editor, it’s easy to play around with it and start generating content. And because they now offer unlimited word usage, you can play as much as you’d like.

Overall, this Jasper AI app will make your content production schedule go a lot more smoothly.

Jasper AI Review Conclusion

If you’re looking for a tool to help speed up your content creation process, then Jasper AI is definitely worth checking out.

With its ability to help you generate 5x the amount of content in a fraction of the time, it’s no wonder this tool is becoming so popular among marketers.

And the best part? It’s free to try! So check out their website and have a look at Jasper AI for yourself. You won’t be disappointed.

(This conclusion was entirely written by Jasper. What do you think?)

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