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Legendary Marketer Review: Is This A Reliable Company?

Legendary Marketer review

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Welcome to my Legendary Marketer review.

I joined their community a few years ago and still find their teachings and products relevant today, not to mention the constant updates that are hard to keep up with.

In this review, I’ll explain everything you need to know about the company, its founder, its products, and whether it is worth your time. That way, you get an accurate picture of what’s included, the marketing skills you can learn, and, most importantly, whether you should consider it.

Let’s get started!

Pros and Cons

Legendary Marketer Pros

  • Valuable front-end low-ticket offers.
  • The 5 Day Learn Launch Lead Challenge is the best marketing challenge for beginners I’ve ever seen.
  • Access to a personal business coach that supports you.
  • Marketer’s Club weekly webinar replays.
  • The Facebook community has tons of valuable information.
  • The products are constantly being updated.
  • You can receive ClickFunnels commissions while promoting Legendary Marketer.
  • As an affiliate, when you refer someone to Legendary, they are attached to you for life.
  • The affiliate backend is very well organized.
  • You can access free lead magnets to promote the company as an affiliate.
  • Features daily interviews in the Wake Up Legendary show, showcasing several Legendary Marketer students.

Legendary Marketer Cons

  • The structure includes a significant upsell, which might not suit everyone.
  • More experienced marketers might find the information too basic or a repetition of what they already know.
  • There are no SEO strategies (this is useful if you run a blog).
  • There’s a list of blocked countries with which they cannot do business because of restrictions from their payment processors and affiliate eWallet provider.

What is Legendary Marketer?

Legendary Marketer homepage

Legendary Marketer is an eLearning education company that focuses on teaching digital marketing and entrepreneurial skills. Their online training platform offers varied resources on starting and building an online business.

Its CEO and founder is David Sharpe, who’s made over a quarter billion in online sales to this day.

Legendary Marketer recently ranked 63rd in the education sector on the Inc. 5000 list of America’s fastest-growing privately held businesses. They demonstrate that the need for alternative, high-quality online education that produces marketable skills is growing.

Legendary Marketer featured in Inc Magazine

When you go to the Legendary Marketer website, you bump into their first message:

Online Marketing Education Delivered Simply And With Integrity.

Legendary Marketer

They provide several low-, mid-, and high-ticket products, depending on how far you want to go with your online growth.

The program offers its digital marketing education in many forms:

  • Written content
  • Video content
  • Online events
  • Mastermind live events
  • Personal coaching calls

When you review their income disclaimer, you’ll see they are not a get-rich-quick program. You have to put in the effort to achieve results.

Legendary Marketer income disclaimer

How to Enter Their Ecosystem

The best way to learn about Legendary Marketer is by entering their low-ticket front-end products, which range from $1 to $5.

The most famous and marketed of them is the 5 Day Challenge. Dave Sharpe takes you through various video training for 5 days, teaching you about online marketing’s core principles.

For $5, this challenge is packed with valuable information. I’ve paid more for PDFs that aren’t even close to this program. You are also assigned a personal business advisor with whom you can talk to proceed with the challenge.

Before diving deeper into the Legendary Marketer products, let’s see who David Sharpe is.

Who is David Sharpe?

One of the best ways to review the Legendary Marketer company is to learn more about its founder.

David Sharpe is the founder of Legendary Marketer and a 9-year digital marketing vet who founded 3 multi-million dollar companies from scratch.

Forbes mentions him as one of the masterminds in the Internet marketing industry. When you want to learn about internet marketing, you should go straight to the top and learn with the best.

And when someone like Sharpe generates over $1 million within 60 days with a brand-new system, that makes you think.

Besides, he’s got charisma and is one of the most relatable characters I’ve seen in this industry, easily inspiring millions of people.

David Sharpe featured on Entrepreneur

David Sharpe was also featured in Entrepreneur, where he was considered an icon in the internet marketing industry.

He had a turbulent past, leaving home at 14, having a child at 16, and becoming a heroin addict at 20 (he got clean four years later).

Whatever his bad past might have been, he eventually put his life together because of that and his will to overcome it.

According to Sharpe:

By weaving my authentic past into my marketing, I showed people what I had overcome. I humanized myself through vulnerability. Hands down, it has been the most powerful branding tool I’ve ever discovered.

I now teach business owners how to blend education-based marketing with story selling, which makes for a powerful and profitable combination.

David Sharpe

Who is Legendary Marketer For?

Legendary Marketer trainings focus more on beginners and intermediate online marketers looking to start and grow their online businesses.

Their training programs are best for:

  • Business owners selling their own products.
  • Affiliate marketers promoting other people’s goods.

They place special focus on building sales funnels, email sequences to follow up with leads, and how to get traffic to your offers.

While this may seem very similar to other marketing programs, Legendary Marketer emphasizes creating value ladders and stories, just like ClickFunnels.

In essence, Legendary Marketer is really what it teaches. They use sales funnels, email sequences to follow up with their clients, storytelling in their copy, and a value ladder comprising several products. They put their money where their mouth is, which I value.

How Does Legendary Marketer Work?

Legendary Marketer is a total package of online courses focusing mainly on what David Sharpe calls the “Big 4” of online business models:

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Digital Products
  • Coaching and Consulting
  • Events and Masterminds

All of these models work because they meet these three criteria, according to Jay Abraham:

  1. Get more customers.
  2. Do repeat business with those same customers.
  3. Sell high-ticket products to increase revenue.

With this in mind, Dave created a Blueprint for each business model, deepening the subject into a comprehensive course for each.

You can think of the 5 Day Challenge as your “all-access pass” to Legendary Marketer.

More broadly, here’s their mission statement on their website:

the mission of Legendary Marketer

After completing the challenge, you’re supposed to level up with the Business Blueprints. These are extensive courses that dive deep into each of the four business models mentioned above.

Building a business with Legendary Marketer really depends on the Blueprint you’re using.

For example, if you master the Affiliate Marketing Business Blueprint, you’ll learn how to promote online products effectively. Whenever you recommend a product, and someone makes a purchase, you get a commission. In the digital world, we call this affiliate marketing.

Legendary Marketer Products

Legendary Marketer offers many different products for aspiring online business owners. I’m going to divide them into low-ticket and high-ticket. Usually, people only purchase the high-ticket products after entering Legendary’s ecosystem through their low-ticket ones.

Low-Ticket Products

  1. Insider’s Guide to Affiliate Marketing ($1.99)
  2. Copywriter’s Playbook ($1.00)
  3. 15-Second Free Leads ($1.00)
  4. 5 Day Online Business Builder Challenge ($5)

Most people don’t know that purchasing one of the first three products will get you free access to the 5 Day Challenge.

1. Insider’s Guide to Affiliate Marketing

Legendary Marketer Insiders Guide to Affiliate Marketing

The Insider’s Guide is jam-packed with over 90 pages of affiliate marketing secrets from Sharpe.

He walks you through what he calls the Affiliate Domination Formula, which is:

  • Getting high-quality free traffic (like blogging and YouTube).
  • Creating a 2-page funnel (opt-in page and bridge page).
  • Split test and tracking your clicks.
  • Creating product launches to escalate your sales online.

This book introduces readers to what Legendary Marketer can teach, and it’s a must-read for any aspiring affiliate marketer.

Get your copy of Insider’s Guide.

2. Copywriter’s Playbook

Legendary Marketer Copywriter's Playbook

The Copywriter’s Playbook is an 8-module video course that offers tips and tricks to grow one’s skills as a copywriter and to eventually “type” and grow rich.

Besides the video training course and the accompanying 43-page ebook guide, you’ll also get these five bonuses:

  1. Dave’s Private Copywriting Cliffnotes
  2. The 20-Minute Client Formula
  3. 250-Headline Email Swipe File
  4. Quick Copy Hot-Seat Critiques
  5. Sales Letter, Email, Ad, and Webinar Templates from his $250-million Dollar Course and Coaching Business

And you can get everything for just $1.

3. 15-Second Free Leads

Legendary Marketer 15 Second Free Leads

15-Second Free Leads leverages short-form content, specifically from TikTok. While it’s geared more toward teenagers, affiliate marketers started using it to acquire free leads and generate sales.

One of the best things about TikTok is that new users can gain hundreds of views right from the beginning by publishing short videos. And they don’t even have to speak.

15-Second Free Leads shares insightful information from four affiliates who succeeded inside TikTok. You can also read my experience in my 15-Second Free Leads review.

4. 5 Day Online Business Builder Challenge

Legendary Marketer 5 Day Challenge promotion

The 5 Day Learn Launch Lead Challenge is a video course that teaches you the high-income skills you need to run a successful online business.

This structured and sequential training program gives you the fundamental concepts that make an online business viable. Without them, you’re probably doomed to failure.

Besides the daily video training, you’ll also have some engaging assignments. On top of that, you can call a personal advisor who will help you get the most out of it.

For a more in-depth look at what this challenge offers, I suggest you read my review of the challenge.

As I mentioned, if you purchase any of the other three front-end products through my links, you’ll automatically receive free access to the 5 Day Challenge.

High-Ticket Products

After you purchase any of the previous offers, Legendary Marketer has different additional products that you might consider in the future if you’re serious about investing in your online business. These are:

  1. Legendary Marketers Club ($30/mo)
  2. Omni-Branding Formula + Bonuses ($47)
  3. Traffic University ($1,497)
  4. Affiliate Marketing Business Blueprint ($2,500)
  5. Digital Products Business Blueprint ($2,500)
  6. Coaching and Consulting Business Blueprint ($2,500)
  7. Events and Masterminds Business Blueprint ($2,500)
  8. Legendary Marketer Mastermind ($8,000)
  9. Private Client Coaching Program with Dave Sharpe (starting at $2,500)
  10. Business Blueprints Starter Package ($2,500)
  11. Business Blueprints with Mastermind ($4,500)
  12. Business Blueprints with Coaching ($9,500)

1. Legendary Marketer’s Club

Legendary Marketer Marketer's Club

People call the Marketer’s Club the “Netflix of online marketing training” for a reason. It contains over 10 hours of world-class training from 6- and 7-figure online earners that you can implement in your business.

It also includes:

  • Live weekly marketing training webinars with Legendary Marketer’s CMO Matt Heltzel.
  • Exclusive interview with Kevin Harrington (Original Shark on the TV Show Shark Tank). He talks about the mindset that leads to clear and confident marketing, how to boost modern-day media to increase traffic and sales, how to creatively find funding for your business, and much more. (7 videos – 48 minutes)
  • What To Do & Say to Sell More Stuff (4 videos – 42 minutes)

If you can’t join the live weekly webinars, you’ll get access to replays posted in the Legendary Marketers Club, so you never miss any training.

Nathan Lucas on Marketer's Club

One of the best interviews I’ve seen is by Nathan Lucas, a top affiliate, who shares his journey to 250,000 YouTube subscribers.

Marketer’s Club price: $30/mo

2. Omni-Branding Formula + Bonuses

Legendary Marketer Omni-Branding Formula

Dave shares what he calls the Omni-Branding Formula, a complete and proven system that allows you to create 7 days’ worth of content in just 1 hour. Then you just rinse and repeat.

It includes five modules:

  1. Omni-Branding Formula Foundation.
  2. How To Find Your Million Dollar Message.
  3. The 5-Minute Topic Hack.
  4. My Complete List Equipment.
  5. How To Outsource Everything For Pennies On The Dollar.


  • The Entire “Free Traffic Bootcamp” Course
  • Easy Step-By-Step Blog Setup Walkthrough

Omni-Branding Formula + Bonuses price: $47

3. Traffic University

Legendary Marketer Traffic University

We now start with the real high-ticket products inside Legendary.

Traffic University (previously Traffic Rolodex bundle) teaches you… Well? Traffic.

Every online business needs traffic for people to click on their offers. While getting free traffic from YouTube, social media, and blog posts can take some time to build, paid traffic on these media outlets can generate quick sales and increase your online presence.

However, mastering a good ad on these various platforms is no easy task. Traffic University teaches you how to master paid traffic strategies.

Legendary Marketer Traffic University

Each of these training modules was put together by AdSkills, a company that specializes in paid advertising methods.

You could purchase the bundle for thousands of dollars, but since they’re all part of Traffic University, you get them for $1,497.

The courses include:

  • AdWords Ads 2.0
  • Facebook Ads 2.0
  • Google Display Network (GDN) 2.0
  • Instagram Ads
  • Native Ads
  • Landing Pages
  • Youtube 3.0
  • Twitter Ads 2.0
  • LinkedIn Ads

In addition to these in-depth paid traffic strategies, you’ll also learn to build compliant landing pages for all the platforms so your account doesn’t get shut down.

Bear in mind that to put this knowledge to test, you have to spend money on ads. However, other free traffic strategies are also taught in Legendary Marketer.

Traffic University price: $1,497

4. Affiliate Marketing Business Blueprint

Legendary Marketer Affiliate Marketing Business Blueprint

Here’s what you get in the Legendary Affiliate Marketing Business Blueprint:

  • What is affiliate marketing.
  • How does it work.
  • How to choose products to promote.
  • Actionable advice to get started.
  • How to start earning your first commissions.

You can apply everything you learn in this digital marketing business blueprint to any product you wish to promote to build a successful affiliate marketing business.

This training is for those who want to start an affiliate marketing business.

Affiliate Marketing Business Blueprint price: $2,500

5. Digital Products Business Blueprint

Legendary Marketer Digital Products Business Blueprint

While affiliate marketing can get you good commissions depending on the product you’re promoting, you’ll keep 100% of the revenue by selling your own digital products.

This Blueprint will teach you how to create digital products like written content (ebooks), video content (courses), and audio files that you can sell through a membership site.

The problem that most people get when it comes to creating products, is that they don’t know what to do. With this traing, you’ll learn:

  • How to channel your passions into a product and choose what type of medium it’s most suited for.
  • How to get that product in front of the right audience.

Digital Products Business Blueprint price: $2,500

6. Coaching and Consulting Business Blueprint

Legendary Marketer Coaching and Consulting Business Blueprint

You probably already have an existing business and want to level up your game.

If you have some form of expertise and passion, you can turn it into a service-based business by becoming a coach or consultant.

In the Coaching and Consulting Business Blueprint you’ll know how to:

  • Identify the right niche for your coaching business.
  • Find your target audience.
  • Develop a winning pitch to close clients.
  • Find the best platforms to run your business.
  • Choose the best invoicing platform to receive payments.

This is also useful for local businesses that are willing to upgrade their services by offering coaching or consulting sessions.

Coaching and Consulting Business Blueprint price: $2,500

7. Events and Masterminds Business Blueprint

Legendary Marketer Events and Masterminds Business Blueprint

The Events and Masterminds Business Blueprint is for those who need some personal touch and a more in-person approach. If you’re that type of person, then this course is for you.

You’ll learn:

  • How to plan and host your live event.
  • How to save on costs.
  • Who you should hire and where you should host your events.
  • How to become a great facilitator that makes people come back to you (and pay).

This Blueprint is based on live events and masterminds, so you get to feel the atmosphere of what you’re working for.

Events and Masterminds Business Blueprint price: $2,500

8. Legendary Marketer Mastermind

Legendary Marketer Mastermind

Legendary Marketer Mastermind is their live in-person event covering topics such as traffic, lead generation, and conversion strategies from some of the world’s best online marketers. It’s the place to learn how to develop those marketing high-income skills.

A top point in these masterminds is that once a member has paid their membership fee, they aren’t charged again, and as a bonus, they can attend future gatherings for a low-cost seat deposit which allows them to be a part of the group for as long as they want to.

Legendary Marketer Mastermind price: $8,000

9. Private Client Coaching with Dave Sharpe

Private Client Coaching with David Sharpe

Not everyone gets accepted into this coaching program, and you must answer some brief questions before applying.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • A personalized welcome video from Dave outlining a specific strategy that you must follow.
  • Monthly live calls with Dave himself and a small group of coaches.
  • Feedback and critiques on your ads, emails, and sales funnels.
  • All core 4 Business Blueprints.
  • Free entrance to the Legendary Marketer Mastermind.

This personal and business growth experience will be available for 12 months, and can surely impact your business in the industry.

Private Client Coaching with David Sharpe price: starts at $2,500

10. Business Blueprints Starter Package

The Business Blueprints Started Package is one of the most popular ways for getting the core 4 Business Blueprints for a low price. This deal is offered inside the 5 Day Challenge, more specifically on day 6.

Plus, it includes lots of bonuses:

  • “Decade in A Day” Live Workshop: David Sharpe and Matt Heltzel show you behind-the-scenes their 5-step affiliate formula to launch and scale campaigns.
  • 4 Done-For-You Campaigns: You’ll get proven and tested marketing campaigns, including ads, copy, product, and sales funnel.
  • Free Traffic to Daily Passive Commissions Youtube Secrets: This 3-part video series is a step-by-step guide created by a marketer from the Legendary community who built his YouTube channel to 476,000+ subscribers. You’ll learn how he did it so you can model his success.
  • Private Business Blueprint Facebook Community: Legendary Marketer’s incredible support community is one of the things customers love about them. You’ll have access to weekly live training and Q&As, including the latest cutting-edge marketing strategies on “what’s working.”
  • The Million Dollar Marketer Mindset Audio Experience: This 27-minute audio experience created by David Sharpe will rewire your mindset and break old and destructive thinking patterns, allowing you to change your attitude towards money, business, and yourself so you can become your greatest version and achieve your desired goals.
  • New Business Consultation With Corporate Analyst: They’ll teach you all you need to know to become a business owner, including LLC structure and tax liabilities. This only applies if you live in the US.

Business Blueprints Starter Package price: $2,500

11. Business Blueprints and Mastermind

This package includes all of the Business Blueprints Started Package content, plus Traffic University and a Legendary Marketer Mastermind Ticket.

Business Blueprints and Mastermind price: $4,500

12. Business Blueprints and Coaching

As another upgrade, this package includes all other content from Business Blueprints and Mastermind, plus the Private Client Coaching Program with Dave Sharpe.

This means that on top of all of that you get 1-on-1 coaching with Dave for 1 year. You’ll also receive Dave’s personal email address for any questions you might have regarding your business.

Business Blueprints and Coaching price: $9,500

Previously, they had other programs like the Legendary Builder Masterclass, but it’s no longer active.

Legendary Marketer Pricing

As you can see in this detailed Legendary Marketer review, there are many offers inside Legendary, and most of them can only be purchased after you take one of the front-end low-ticket products.

Let’s recap Legendary Marketer products and respective pricing.

  1. Legendary Marketer Book: Insider’s Guide to Affiliate Marketing ($1.99)
  2. Copywriter’s Playbook ($1.00)
  3. 15-Second Free Leads ($1.00)
  4. 5 Day Learn Launch Lead Challenge ($5)
  5. Legendary Marketer’s Club ($30/mo)
  6. Omni-Branding Formula + Bonuses ($47)
  7. Traffic University ($1,497)
  8. Affiliate Marketing Business Blueprint ($2,500)
  9. Digital Products Business Blueprint ($2,500)
  10. Coaching and Consulting Business Blueprint ($2,500)
  11. Events and Masterminds Business Blueprint ($2,500)
  12. Legendary Marketer Mastermind ($8,000)
  13. Private Client Coaching with Dave Sharpe (starting at $2,500)
  14. Business Blueprints Starter Package ($2,500)
  15. Business Blueprints with Mastermind ($4,500)
  16. Business Blueprints with Coaching ($9.500)


There are no discounts per se, but they offer some upsells that might be advantageous.

  1. First Upsell: If you want to purchase Legendary Marketer’s Club ($30/mo), they’ll try to offer you yearly access for $179. This is great if you’re planning to stay with them long-term. Basically, you’re being offered to save half a year of membership.
  2. Second Upsell: During the 5 Day Challenge, specifically on Day 5, you’ll be offered a unique opportunity to purchase the Business Blueprints Bundle for $2,500. It includes the core 4 Business Blueprints plus lots of bonuses. Each Blueprint costs $2,500, so this is a massive saving.

You’ll also get immediate access to the Legendary Marketer Affiliate program by purchasing the Business Blueprint Bundle. Not everyone gets accepted, so you can look at it as some kind of shortcut to it.

Affiliate Program

Legendary Marketer affiliate commission triangle

The Legendary Marketer Affiliate Program is a selective group to which not everybody gets access. Plus, it differentiates from other high-ticket affiliate programs for one reason:

  1. You have to complete the 5 Day Challenge before you can apply. And this alone does not guarantee you’re in.
Legendary Marketer commission structure
Legendary Marketer Commission Structure

Besides completing the challenge, some affiliates say you must make at least two calls with your business advisor to get accepted into the program. I found it not to be true.

My first application was rejected because I didn’t show any proof of experience. However, I applied again after building some funnels incorporating lead magnets and an autoresponder and building a website I was working on. This time, I got accepted.

This means you must show them you already have digital marketing experience to promote them. Or at least you’re an affiliate marketer able to use the tools required to run a successful online business.

Free ebook High Ticket Affiliate Blueprint

Want to gain experience and access DFY Funnels, Scripts, and Email Sequence for Free?

Download my High-Ticket Affiliate Blueprint ebook to CLONE the precise system that has helped many top affiliates generate six-figure earnings.

Another interesting factor is that they rank their affiliates according to how many commissions they’ve generated:

  • Affiliate: Someone who has created an affiliate account but has not made any sales.
  • Bronze: Someone who has made $100 in commissions.
  • Silver: Someone who has made $1,000 in commissions.
  • Gold: Someone who has made $10,000 in commissions.
  • Platinum: Someone who has made $100,000 in commissions.
  • Diamond: Someone who has made $1,000,000 in commissions.

Facebook Community

Legendary Marketer official Facebook group

Legendary Marketer also has a supportive Facebook group with over 41K members you can join, regardless of which products you buy.

They’ll first ask you for your email address to verify your digital identity. Inside the group, you get access to downloadable PDFs and other documents. But, in my experience, the best part is the connections you make and the knowledge and insights you receive from other members.

Besides the Legendary main Facebook group, there’s also a private Legendary group for affiliates.

Legendary Marketer Affiliates Facebook group

I find it most rewarding that you can connect with other affiliates and learn from what they’re doing. Many affiliates share their journey and recent trends, tactics, and strategies you can take advantage of.

Wake Up Legendary

The Wake Up Legendary show is a series of interviews recorded live at 10 am EST on the Legendary Marketer Facebook page. The show is recorded on video and distributed as a podcast to various streaming platforms, such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Podchaser, Tunein, and more.

The Wake Up Legendary Show with David Sharpe

This podcast dives deep into discussions around business, personal development, and lifestyle, pushing its listeners out of their comfort zones and encouraging them to begin their own legendary path.

David Sharpe and the Legendary Marketer team deliver one of the best podcast series you won’t find anywhere else.

Why’s that? Because here’s a brand that invites their students for a show day after day for an informal conversation. That’s something you don’t see very often—actually, you don’t see it anywhere else. There are no scripts or pre-rehearsed questions and answers.

At its core, it’s a fitting tribute to entrepreneurialism. You’re not listening to top business owners and marketers—you’re listening to beginners who share their strategies, breakthroughs, challenges, and everything related to their personal lives with the entrepreneurial skills they’re also learning with Legendary Marketer.

In essence, if you’re a beginner yourself, you’re listening to people who just got a bit ahead of you and started just like you in this online business world.

Who are Wake Up Legendary Interviewees?

The people interviewed by David Sharpe are all students of Legendary Marketer or have at least completed the 5 Day Challenge or other educational courses they offer.

A while back, I also participated in the show.

Wake Up Legendary Dave Sharpe interviews

However, it’s important to note that these interviews are not focused on promoting any product or Legendary Marketer’s courses. Their main focus is to let young online entrepreneurs (whether young or old) share their success stories in online marketing.

Dave Sharpe and online entrepreneurs in a Legendary Marketer Mastermind

Wake Up Legendary Interviewees range from:

  • Stay-at-home moms and dads.
  • Full-time teachers.
  • College students.
  • Cashiers using digital marketing to create an impact on the lives of their families.
  • Construction workers who want to bring in more income.
  • Experienced digital marketers.
  • And every type of professional background you can imagine.

Also, the interviews are not just with every student but only with those who have already seen some results. This way, you can tune in live, assured you’ll hear inspiring experiences to help you kick-start your journey or continue building your online business.

Wake Up Legendary Show Episodes

Each episode of Wake Up Legendary skillfully blends hard information with authentic human warmth, creating an addictive blend that keeps me coming back for more.

Dave Sharpe strikes an irresistibly engaging balance between informational rigor and genuine humanity—his radical honesty is especially appreciated, which adds significant value to this podcast series.

The content diversity is impressive—topics include:

  • Digital marketing fundamentals.
  • Personal development.
  • Mindset for success.
  • Time management techniques.
  • eCommerce nuances.
  • Blogging and affiliate marketing.
  • Mental health considerations.
  • And others.

These topics are highly applicable in today’s entrepreneurial landscape, particularly concerning its target demographic of budding entrepreneurs and business enthusiasts.

Each nugget of wisdom (or golden nuggets, as they call it) speaks directly to a business challenge or difficulty many young business people face today.

What truly shines through are real-life stories with motivational messages to form strong bonds between listener and presenter.

Best Wake Up Legendary Shows

It’s impossible to select the best Wake Up Legendary Shows, as there are literally thousands of them. So, in this section, I’ll share some of the most recent ones at the time of this writing.

All replays are live on Facebook and YouTube, so you can tune in whenever suits you best.

1. ATV Business Owner Turns Digital Marketer With 55K Followers

Wake Up Legendary episode with Brooke Burrough

In this episode, Dave Sharpe talks with Brooke Burrough, a passionate entrepreneur and dedicated mother driven by her desire for freedom to create lasting memories with her young children. Here she shares her journey from starting at ground zero to reaching a remarkable milestone of 55k followers in less than four months.

2. Early Childhood Educator Creates Massive Social Media Following Through Digital Marketing

Wake Up Legendary episode with Carley Size

Early childhood educator Carley Size has quickly made herself known by creating viral content and forging genuine connections with her target audience. In this episode, you can hear her secrets for creating viral content on popular social media platforms. 

3. Prioritizing Family & Financial Relief Through Digital Marketing

Wake Up Legendary episode with Andrea Sullivan

Andrea Sullivan is a homeschooling mother of four looking to expand family time while decreasing financial strain. You can watch and hear how she trades in her debt for an online marketing business.

4. Personal Support Worker Shares How Manifesting Is Key To Change

Wake Up Legendary episode with Paulus Cipriano

Paulus Cipriano is a 46-year-old Filipino from a baking and support work background. In this episode of Wake Up Legendary, you may hear his story of using digital marketing and manifestation to achieve his objectives and create an improved lifestyle for his family.

Legendary Marketer Testimonials

Below, you may hear a handful of Legendary Marketer’s many testimonials.

Here’s what some people say about Legendary Marketer:

“It doesn’t matter what business you do, you can always take these skills.The personal development is priceless.”

” Dave is not messing around – he’s going to tell you what you need to know.”

“This is the perfect opportunity to increase your income and meet a lot of great people..”

“Legendary delivers everything you need to create a better you while you learn how to actually do stuff.”

There are a lot of Legendary Marketer reviews on the Internet, especially from its members inside the Facebook group.

Joining this company is not about being an affiliate of Legendary Marketer—it’s about belonging to an amazing community that can help you scale your business (if you put in the effort).

Is Legendary Marketer Worth It?

Legendary Marketer is a legitimate business opportunity and a platform designed to help people start online businesses. It offers valuable resources and training programs both to beginners and already established digital entrepreneurs.

Their high-ticket programs might be too expensive for some, and you can certainly find similar information online. But don’t worry, that’s not mandatory. However, they are meant to guide you all the way through, so you don’t have to rely on scattered and often unreliable information online.

Ultimately, it all depends on your effort.

Is Legendary Marketer a Scam?

There are many Legendary Marketer reviews out there saying it’s a scam, while that’s actually not true. Legendary Marketer programs are professionally put together, and they have high-quality training.

Besides, they have disclaimers everywhere saying they’re not a get-rich-quick scheme and that it takes work to achieve good results. They’ve put in the effort to be compliant and ethical about it.

The Legendary Marketer scam is nothing but a scam in itself. What I found to be true is that those negative reviews (they even misspell the brand as Legendary Marketing) are promoting Legendary Marketer alternatives instead.

It’s a very well-known tactic to undermine a program in favor of another. Beware when people talk negatively about something.

Is Legendary Marketer a Pyramid Scheme?

Legendary Marketer is not a pyramid scheme.

Many people may get that impression because David Sharpe was once part of Empower Network, a pyramid scheme, or MLM (Multi-Level Marketing company). He left Empower Network as he was “worried about his reputation.”

According to Wikipedia, here’s what they say about MLMs:

(…) the earnings of the participants are derived from a pyramid-shaped or binary compensation commission system. (…) MLM salespeople are (…) incentivized to recruit others to join the company’s distribution chain as fellow salespeople so that these can become down line distributors.

In an MLM, the more downline distributors you have, the more you earn. That’s why it’s multi-level: it’s a pyramid scheme.

That’s not what’s happening in Legendary Marketer because their affiliate commissions result from a single-level system. You are only entitled to commissions generated from your referral’s purchases and not from your referral’s referrals.

Basically, their affiliate program works just like any other brand’s affiliate program.

Therefore, Legendary Marketer is not a pyramid scheme or an MLM.

Is Legendary Marketer Legit?

Yes, Legendary Marketer is a legitimate company. It’s an online marketing educational system created by David Sharpe, its CEO.

If you take the time to investigate further, you’ll notice they put a lot of effort into being both ethical and compliant.

What Does Legendary Marketer Cost?

Legendary Marketer has low-ticket products ranging from $1 to $5 and high-ticket products ranging from $30/mo to $9,500.

Are There Any Legendary Marketer Complaints?

Until now, the only complaint I’ve seen is the 3-day refund timeframe for the Business Blueprints. This is mainly because most people believe three days is such a short period of time.

However, as you can read in the Better Business Bureau (BBB), Legendary answers every complaint professionally and honestly.

In a particular case, after the problem was solved, here’s the customer feedback: “Legendary Marketer refunded the cost because I didn’t digitally sign their 3-day document. Thank goodness that they honored the original statement. They do answer promptly and write pleasant emails to read.”

The Bottom Line

You need to learn skills to start an online business and make money online. And if you want to make money with your business, you need high-income skills.

That’s what the Legendary Marketer training is all about. It’s one of the best online places to get started on the right foot by learning skills and the best marketing tips that are the foundation of any successful online business.

They deliver it simply and with integrity, as they claim.

By far, the best way to get a glimpse of what an online business entails is to join the 5 Day Challenge. You don’t need to call your personal advisor if you’re not ready, and you don’t even need to purchase the overly priced high-ticket offers.

I hope this in-depth review of Legendary Marketer has clarified your concerns and doubts. Let me know if otherwise!

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