Start Your Blog & Online Business

Every online business needs tools to achieve its goals.

On this page, I’m listing the tools I currently use (or have used in the past) to grow my blog and online business.

This list may evolve over time, as I find, test, and use different products worth mentioning.

Disclaimer: Please note that some of the links are affiliate links. I may earn a commission (at no extra cost to you) if you decide to purchase the recommended tool. I use all of these products myself and recommend them because they are from trustworthy and helpful companies that helped me a lot in my blogging journey.

Web Hosting

DreamHost logo

If you’re just getting started and want an affordable hosting option with everything you need to launch your blog, I truly recommend DreamHost. This is the first web hosting provider that I used to jump-start my blog. You can get started for $2.59/mo for a single website.

Besides being officially recommended by WordPress, they have an unbeatable 97-day money back guarantee and a terrific in-house support team that helped me many times over via live chat!

Cloudways logo

Because speed is a crucial factor in user experience (and Google rankings), I upgraded my hosting plan to Cloudways, one of the fastest cloud-based web hosting providers. They offer pay-as-you-go plans that you can adapt to your budget.

Starting at $10/mo, you can try their cloud servers for free for unlimited websites. Like DreamHost, their customer support is top-notch.

You can check out my guide on the best web hosting services for more options.

WordPress Themes

GeneratePress logo

GeneratePress is one of the fastest and most lightweight WordPress themes you can find. You not only need a fast web host but also a lightning-fast theme to achieve 100% PageSpeed scores for Google to love you and improve your rankings.

Astra theme logo

Astra is a fast, lightweight, and highly customizable WordPress theme that, like GeneratePress, will let you make your website look exactly the way you want it to.

I even wrote an article where you can learn how to build a website with Astra.

Page Builder

Elementor logo

Elementor is hands down the world’s leading free WordPress website builder. It’s the tool that I use to build pages like this one you’re reading, and also my homepage.

Trusted by over 5 million professionals, it’s the perfect choice for building landing pages, selling digital products, or even building an email list. It also works seamlessly with GeneratePress, which was one of the first themes to embrace Elementor.

AI Writing Tools

Grammarly logo

I use Grammarly on every blog post I publish. It’s a great free tool for fixing grammar, spelling, and punctuation while you write. Besides, it also helps you structure your sentences in the best way possible for fluency.

Quillbot logo

Quillbot is a fantastic paraphraser tool that helps you rewrite and enhance any sentence or paragraph. Because English is not my first language, I occasionally write “strange” sentences, which Quillbot rewrites perfectly. Read my Quillbot review.

Top-Notch Online Education

legendary marketer

Legendary Marketer offers top-notch online marketing education that is delivered simply and with integrity. By joining their 15 Day Online Business Builder Challenge, you’ll learn the necessary high-income skills you need to thrive with confidence in the online world.

Whether you want to start an online business or grow an existing one with cutting-edge marketing strategies, their robust courses, and coaching, along with an incredible community of like-minded people will help you meet your goals. Read my 15 Day Challenge Review.

90 minute affiliate challenge logo

The 90 Minute Affiliate Challenge is a free training program created by Brian Brewer, a super affiliate that I’ve been following for some years now. 

In this free course, you’ll discover how to start a side business (without having to start a blog) that pays high-ticket commissions. You can learn more in my 90 Minute Affiliate Challenge review.

You can learn more about high-ticket affiliate marketing in my Ultimate Guide to High-Ticket Affiliate Marketing.