Uscreen Review & Features (2022): Is It Worth It?

Welcome to my detailed Uscreen review.

Video-on-demand platforms are all over the Internet! According to Allied Market Research, the OTT (over-the-top) video is expected to rise to $1,039.03 billion by 2027, and it shows no signs of stopping.

Until recently, this sector was dominated by industry behemoths such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, but things are swiftly changing.

Because of systems such as Uscreen, virtually anyone may now sell their video content with zero coding skills.

In this Uscreen review, I’ll do my best to provide you with all of the information you need to determine whether or not Uscreen is the ideal solution for your OTT business.

What Is Over-the-Top (OTT) Service?

Over-the-top (OTT) service refers to videos, movies, and TV shows given directly to digital consumers without the need for cable or satellite television subscriptions.

The user can download and watch OTT material directly. Movies and TV shows are some examples of this type of content, which is delivered over the Internet to connected devices such as tablets, PCs, cellphones, and gaming consoles.

Over-the-top services are now in their infancy and are broadly accepted as a trending technology worldwide. The over-the-top market is expected to undergo inventive and advanced evolution, allowing customers to get whatever they desire in a single location.

Usually, OTT services like the Uscreen platform include video hosting as a central feature, helping users not rely on third-party hosting services. 

What Is Uscreen?

Uscreen is a video monetization platform that helps you launch your own streaming website with custom branding. It’s an end-to-end solution for distributing original content directly to your audience, whether for memberships, pay-per-view rentals, or purchases.

Uscreen was founded in 2015 by a team of 15 employees who came together to build a simple to use platform that would allow anyone anywhere to create their own video subscription service without worrying about the technical limitations of building one from scratch.

From entertainment and educational channels to Yoga and fitness teachers, Uscreen caters to a broad audience who wants to monetize their videos.

The company offers a range of tools that help users create branded video sites, manage content, collect payments, drive subscriptions, generate leads, and promote their business using email marketing and social media.

Uscreen has been garnering much attention with its simple yet powerful approach to monetizing videos. While other platforms enable users to sell videos online, Uscreen stands out because it provides all the necessary tools for you to build a complete streaming service from scratch — without having to know how to code.

Uscreen is used by over 25,000 producers and supports over 8.5 million end-users. If you want to provide a streaming service to your audience, Uscreen is an awesome platform to use.

As a bonus, when you join Uscreen, you’ll have the option to book a free 1-1 call with an expert (around 30 minutes) so that they can get you up and running as quickly as possible.

Uscreen Review: Uscreen’s Key Features

Given the enormous growth of the video-on-demand sector, as we discussed before, it would be strange if the Uscreen video platform were the only alternative available.

So, to assist you in making a better-informed decision, we’ll explore what distinguishes Uscreen from alternatives such as Muvi, Zype, and Vimeo.

Here are the top Uscreen features explained.

1. Branded OTT apps

People now want to be able to access everything from their devices, whether it’s their phone or their TV.

Uscreen makes it possible to launch video streaming apps for mobile devices and TVs without any coding skills.

An OTT app is an app that helps content creators distribute video content via the Internet rather than through cable or satellite television.

They enable your clients to watch videos on their mobile devices (iOS and Android) and their televisions utilizing devices such as the Roku Box, AppleTV, Android TV, and Amazon Fire TV.

The Uscreen OTT apps are a great way to get more people to engage with your content and boost sales. You even have an analytics dashboard to see how your content is doing across different devices.

And, to make things even easier, any changes you make to your content will be mirrored immediately in the app.

Uscreen allows you to customize the look and feel of your app to match your brand. With Uscreen 5-star rated OTT apps, you have:

  • In-app notifications and purchases.
  • Offline viewing.
  • The ability to resume watching.
  • Play the audio while your phone is locked.

According to Uscreen, an app can take 30 to 60 days to become fully functional.

2. Live streaming

Uscreen’s platform has all the tools you need to deliver a high-end live viewing experience, including easy-to-use, hassle-free live streaming with all the latest features.

You can broadcast all of your live streams on any device, allowing you to reach a larger audience and earn more money.

Users may watch live streaming on your website, mobile apps, and OTT TV apps using Uscreen.

Uscreen live streaming event enable live chat

You can also enable the live chat when you set up the event and engage your audience in the chat during the live stream.

Uscreen’s real-time chat box includes a moderation option and shows the number of total participants and current active users.

You just have to choose a date and time for the event and allow your users to pre-purchase it. Uscreen will also display a countdown on the event’s page, increasing urgency and encouraging sales.

Uscreen live event count down timer

When you create a live event, you have the option of making it a free live stream or monetizing it. You can include it in your subscription or offer access as a one-time purchase.

Uscreen live stream free event or premium

You may add a custom live page to your video streaming website and list your forthcoming live events if you organize regular live events. Users will have the ability to add events to their own calendars.

Finally, your live streams will be automatically recorded and accessible for playback right after the event.

Learn more about Uscreen live streaming features.

3. Video monetization

In case you’re seeking a simple approach to selling your videos straight to your target audience, Uscreen provides you with a gorgeous and brandable video streaming website that includes the following features:

  • An integrated billing and checkout system.
  • Flexible pricing options.
  • Advanced analytics and tracking.

And everything else you’ll need to start and grow a profitable video streaming business.

You can offer your audience a membership by setting custom subscriptions plans with different billing cycles or free trial periods.

When you upload a new video, you decide if you:

  • Include it in your subscriptions.
  • Charge a one-off payment.
  • Set a rental price.
  • Or all of them.

You may also monetize your live streams by charging in advance for access.

You can also generate brand loyalty by creating special offers or discount coupons.

Uscreen create discount coupons

With Uscreen, there’s no limit to your audience reach. You can accept payments in 130+ currencies and receive credit card payments through Stripe, PayPal,, and Uscreen gateway credit card processing.

The payment process is also available through your OTT apps if you decide to create one.

Uscreen also lets you share revenue with other content creators. You can calculate views per author, instructor, or trainer with the Authors’ report for revenue sharing.

With over 2,000 thousand integrations to choose from, you may track additional key metrics such as your subscribers’ lifetime value and churn rates and the performance of your social media campaigns, among other things.

All your payouts, coupon reports, sales data, and your customer invoices can be accessed in the account.

Uscreen sales dashboard

You can also create upsells or cross-sells to your existing subscribers. Easily convert them from monthly to annual subscriptions and quickly sell them video content packages related to their current membership.

4. Marketing toolset

One of the major points in this Uscreen review is the marketing toolset.

Uscreen helps you grow and market your business with its powerful built-in marketing features, including:

  • Reduce Churn. It’s a system that prevents cancellations and improves customer retention. If a consumer tries to cancel their subscription after it has been enabled, they will be asked for feedback and sent a series of win-back offers and emails in an attempt to keep them as a paying member. In the stats, you can see how much monthly recurring revenue was saved, as well as the reasons why subscribers intended to quit in the first place.
  • Subscription Upsell. Customers’ lifetime value is increased as a result of this. If a customer wants to purchase a monthly subscription, a special offer on the annual subscription will be displayed during the checkout process. This pop-up will persuade users to purchase an annual membership.
  • Leadzen. This is the built-in funnel tool in Uscreen. You can use a free giveaway of one of your videos to acquire email addresses from your leads. Leadzen will nurture and turn them into paying customers by sending them automated emails. Without Uscreen, you would need separate tools just for this, like email marketing software, increasing your overall cost.
  • Coupons. You can create special offers with Uscreen’s easy-to-set-up discount coupons.
  • Gift Cards. This is a great way to introduce new customers to your content.
  • Integrations. You can examine your traffic sources and which channels deliver you value with Uscreen integrations. Connect Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager and add social media pixels to gain a complete picture of your marketing activities.
  • Landing Page Builder. From within your account, you can build amazing landing pages for your campaigns and include, for example, a trailer video to attract your audience.
  • Affiliate Program. With Uscreen’s affiliate program integrations, you may set up your own affiliate program and track referrals.
  • Abandoned Cart. By enabling the Abandoned Cart automation, you can enhance your sales. This tool aids you in recapturing the attention of your prospects. It only has to be set up once, and it will send a series of emails to assist you in recovering up to a third of your lost sales.

Uscreen offers a dedicated onboarding and success team that will walk you through the process of getting started and implementing industry best practices.

5. Video Content Management System (CMS)

Uploading, organizing, and distributing your videos is a breeze using Uscreen’s clean and straightforward CMS interface.

You can bulk upload videos and other media, such as PDFs, to your Uscreen account from your computer. The content is prepared for multi-device transmission, and the encoding is quick.

All live streams will be captured and saved to your account automatically.

You can categorize your videos in ways that make sense to you and your audience. You can also control how your content appears on the catalog page by arranging categories in a specific manner.

Your customer can also browse through your videos and pay for access to your content on your catalog page.

Uscreen allows you to publish videos together as a collection. For example, this is great if the videos are meant to be viewed together or in a particular order, like a 7-day challenge. You can create playlists and chapters and organize your videos in series by episodes.

What’s more, you can even upload custom thumbnails for your videos and add subtitles.

You can include metadata in your videos to ensure that your content is easily found by search engines such as Google.

Additionally, Uscreen lets you add tags to your videos and allows you to set up custom filters. Hence, your customers find relevant content in your catalog quickly.

And if you want to restrict your content in certain countries, you can geo-block multiple countries to a specific video or the whole website.

Uscreen is backed by a top worldwide CDN that provides secure video delivery to your audiences, no matter where they are. Your users will be able to view your content in the finest possible quality — there will be no buffering at all, anywhere in the world.

You can schedule the release of videos or collections, and they will be published automatically on the scheduled release date. With the addition of an expiration date, your videos and collections will be automatically set to unpublished status, which will remove them from your catalog.

6. Fast video playback in Full HD

When selling videos online, providing your audience with a seamless viewing experience is critical to your business.

Uscreen’s industry-leading HTML 5 video player is designed exclusively for video on demand, live streaming, and over-the-top (OTT) playback, ensuring smooth, sharp playback every time.

Uscreen’s multi CDN method ensures that your videos are delivered safely and without buffering to any device, anywhere around the globe.

With Uscreen’s adaptable player that fits any screen, videos are automatically adapted for mobile devices. Your content will stream in good quality on any device because the player uses an adjustable bitrate ensuring HD videos are displayed correctly.

Uscreen’s video player supports subtitles and screen readers. It also features quality and speed options and the ability to cast to both Chromecast and Apple Airplay.

Uscreen’s fantastic pop-up player will be a hit with your users. It’s lightweight and allows you to swap tabs and displays with ease.

Uscreen’s player also allows you to create a library of videos to share. This is useful when videos are designed to be watched in a specific order, such as in a video course or a TV series.

And with the autoplay option, you can provide your audience with a smooth transition from one video to the next.

Learn more about Uscreen’s video playback.

7. Beautiful themes and customization

Uscreen themes

With Uscreen’s strong website themes intended to monetize videos, you can create a memorable online presence and engage your audience.

The Uscreen VOD website themes have been designed to improve your users’ experience. Their thoughtful design provides your website with a professional appearance on any device.

With Uscreen’s simple visual editor, you can customize your website’s look and feel and create a signature look by adding logos and adjusting colors to reflect your brand.

Uscreen theme customization

Every section of the page can be customized to your preferences thanks to Uscreen’s advanced theme customization.

Each theme is extraordinary, one-of-a-kind, and conversion-optimized. Every purchase is made easier and secure (SSL protected) thanks to the built-in sales and checkout pages that flow together seamlessly.

You can also add a custom URL to your website for a strong brand presence. And you don’t have to worry about hosting your videos, as Uscreen takes care of that (it’s included in the price).

8. Community

An excellent video streaming business lives not only on content but also on the strong bonds you form with your viewers.

Uscreen’s community features allow you to build a strong community around your videos by establishing a meaningful and lasting relationship with your viewers.

You may go live straight on your website and use live chat to interact with your visitors. The real-time chat window on Uscreen includes some great built-in moderation capabilities and shows the overall number of participants and active users.

Each registered user has access to their own personal profile page, where they may customize their avatar and update their name, login information, and billing information.

From the Uscreen dashboard, you can respond to comments and manage conversations. You also have complete control over who has access to and may read and comment on your website.

Uscreen allows you to cultivate a long-term relationship with your subscribers and establish a loyal following.

9. Privacy and security

When running a video streaming company, your content and data are your most significant assets. Data security and privacy are critical to Uscreen.

Uscreen’s video streaming website and apps have a built-in checkout and highly secure online payment system.

Its SSL encryption adds an extra degree of security to your data, ensuring that critical information like credit card numbers is kept secret and secure. Besides, Uscreen’s payment processes are all PA-DSS PCI compliant.

All of your content and your users’ information, such as contact information, platform usage, and preferences, is yours to own and control.

You may stream video in a safe atmosphere on any device since your content is protected by direct encryption.

You can also allow your visitors to download your videos to their mobile devices to watch them later when they are not connected to the Internet. When you use Uscreen, these files are kept safe in the app’s memory and are not accessible to others.

Uscreen’s VOD platform is supported by a globally secure content delivery network (CDN), which ensures that your material is delivered seamlessly to your audiences anywhere around the globe.

Its sophisticated geo-blocking tool allows you to choose whether or not to restrict access to audiences resident in specific countries or whether or not to make your material available just in a single place.

Uscreen offers one of the most dependable and secure video delivery systems available on the market, with a staggering 99.99% uptime guarantee and servers monitored around the clock, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

With Uscreen’s enhanced privacy and security features, you can rest confident that your video and live streaming service’s content and data are safeguarded.

Uscreen Price

To keep things simple, Uscreen offers three pricing plans.

Uscreen pricing plans

The Basic plan ($79/mo) is designed for first-time streamers and includes everything you’ll need to get your OTT channel up and running, from beautiful custom themes to marketing tools and payment gateways.

The Growth plan ($159/mo) is best for those who already have some customers on their video streaming website and need more hours of video storage. It also includes over 2,000 third-party integrations and lets you create your own affiliate program.

The Uscreen Plus plan has all the Growth plan’s features and includes mobile and TV streaming apps to expand your reach and live-streaming capabilities. With this plan, you’ll also get dedicated support and API support. You need to contact Uscreen for a custom quote on the Uscreen Plus plan.

You should keep in mind that there’s an additional $0.50/mo per subscriber, regardless of whether you choose the Basic plan or the Growth plan.

Also, if you decide on an annual billing cycle, you’ll get a 20% discount.

Another note is that Uscreen charges a 5% fee on single transaction sales, such as rental or one-time sales (excluding subscriptions).

If you require more in-depth assistance, they provide an extensive help center and a video help center at your disposal. You can also reach out to their support team via email 24/7.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that Uscreen charges a constant price comprised of a flat component plus a fixed half-dollar per subscription.

When compared to other OTT platforms, this is a very simple and economic system: there are no additional bandwidth, storage, or encoding expenses, and the per-subscriber fee is the most competitive on the market.

Besides, Uscreen offers a free 14-day trial and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Who Is Uscreen For?

As a rule of thumb, if you think your audience is not willing to pay for your content, then Uscreen is not for you. In this case, AVOD (ad-based video on demand) sites like YouTube are your best bet.

However, if you intend to paywall your videos and have an audience willing to pay for them, there are a few options.

Uscreen is the best choice for you if:

  • You don’t have a large user base yet.
  • You are creating different types of videos, including (but not limited to) e-learning courses.
  • Your videos are worth paying for.
  • You want to create pay-per-video channels or members-only streaming subscriptions.

On the other hand, if you want to monetize your videos differently, you might consider platforms like YouTube, Twitch, TikTok, or Instagram TV (IGTV) (depending on your social media following).

Uscreen has its features focused primarily on growing and scaling your online business with no coding skills required. In the long run, this might be the perfect solution for your business growth.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Uscreen any good?

Unlike other similar OTT platforms, Uscreen has an extremely intuitive design for your wallet making it the perfect choice for beginner streaming platforms. In fact, the plans are designed for businesses to be scalable by adding more services to video-on-demand.

Who is using Uscreen?

From fitness and Yoga experts to musicians, sound engineers, horse experts, and medical courses, Uscreen is the home of many educational channels. Some examples include TINT YogaVIDA FitnessCETVEliteguitarist, and many more.

Does Uscreen provide video hosting?

Yes. Simply upload your content and Uscreen will host it for you at no extra charge.

Will my videos work without OTT apps?

Yes. The videos are optimized for all browsers, including mobile and tablet, but not Roku or AppleTV without an OTT app. That is, your videos will always play on mobile devices but not on TV without an app.

Is Uscreen a website builder?

Uscreen is not a website builder in the traditional sense like ClickFunnels, Wix, or Shopify. It is a video CMS that allows video creators or media companies to create videos and host them on a website on their own custom domain.

Uscreen is an all-in-one platform where you can create video-based membership sites without needing to hire a web developer.

Is Uscreen safe?

Uscreen is as safe as it can be. It provides a stress-free hosting experience and more privacy alternatives with enhanced and layered security features.

Their servers are monitored 24/7 to ensure your VOD service runs smoothly. Also, their SSL encryption protects all data sent between the Uscreen web server and your users’ browsers. What’s more, Uscreen’s security protocols assure PA-DSS PCI compliance. No payment information is stored locally.

Why use Uscreen instead of Youtube?

While Youtube has been the simplest website for uploading videos it uses free content to be freely shared by anybody. You should use Uscreen if your video is intended exclusively for paying subscribers.

Aside from restricting the access of video content to subscribers, Uscreen offers you the ability to create a website, facilitates the management of subscription payments, and processes payments.

Uscreen Review: Conclusion

Overall, Uscreen is a solid platform for those looking to create their own OTT service. They have a range of features that set them apart from competitors, including branded OTT apps, live streaming, many professional marketing tools to scale your business, and much more.

Uscreen’s OTT platform is the ultimate way to set up your streaming service. It’s easy to set up, making it perfect for beginners just starting with their own streaming site.

However, that doesn’t mean it lacks advanced features. It can be as straightforward or as featured as you like. Uscreen does offer a 14-day free trial, so you can try it for yourself without having to pay anything.

If you’re looking to stream your content online and control the experience with a high level of customization, then Uscreen could be a good option for you.

Have you tried Uscreen? Share your experience in the comments below.

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