11 Best Online Video Platforms of 2021

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In this blog post, I’ll be going through the 11 Best Online Video Platforms of 2021. We will go over each platform’s features, how they work, their pricing plans, and how they compare to their competitors.

Over the past few years, the demand for video content has been growing by the day. In fact, in the U.S. alone, 85% of all internet users were recorded to have watched online videos in 2018, as shown below.

percentage of internet users who watch online video content on any device
Source: Statista

This number significantly grew in 2019 and 2020 during the lockdown period, making online video platforms significant growth to today’s businesses.

But what’s an online video platform? This is one question that everyone new to video marketing asks.

An OVP is a website that features user-generated or professionally made videos. These platforms usually allow users to upload, watch, share and discuss videos.

Today, there are many of these platforms available on the market. Still, only a few stand out from the crowd in terms of quality, features, or popularity.

YouTube, for instance, is one of the leading online video hosting platforms, but it does fall short when it comes to using video for business.

This begs the question, which online video platforms are the best for hosting business videos?

We can only find out below.

This blog post aims to make choosing the best online video platforms easier by highlighting which platforms are worth exploring further.

What Are the Best Online Video Platforms?

It can be a bit confusing to find the best online video platform among the numerous options today.

However, I came up with a list of the 11 best online video platforms you should consider when choosing which one best suits you. These 11 are:

  1. Uscreen
  2. Vimeo
  3. Wistia
  4. Brightcove
  5. Dacast
  6. Vidyard
  7. JW Player
  8. IBM Cloud Video
  9. Kaltura
  10. Flowplayer
  11. Wowza

Let’s delve in.

1. Uscreen

The #1 all-in-one platform for growing your streaming business.


Uscreen is a leading all-in-one platform that makes it easy to build and grow your streaming business across multiple platforms. It helps users reach, engage, and cost-effectively monetize their audiences regardless of age or buy power.

Uscreen is the best choice for content providers looking to maximize their audience and revenue potential online while minimizing risk & operational overhead.

Founded in 2015, Uscreen has since grown to solve many businesses’ problems in diverse ways. Its unique features set it apart from its competitors.

The platform comes with branded OTT (Over-the-top) apps that allow you to deliver your video content via the internet instead of cables or a satellite TV. With these OTT apps, your customers can easily stream videos on Android and iOS devices and TV using Android TV, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Roku Box.

The platform also has unique themes and customization abilities to help you turn your ideas into beautiful digital video experiences. Best of all, you don’t need to hire a developer as the platform comes with an easy-to-use drag & drop interface that allows anyone to customize their videos without any coding knowledge.

What’s more, you can easily monetize your videos using the platform’s turn-key monetization platform built to help you upload, distribute, and monetize your videos.

Uscreen pricing plans

Uscreen pricing plans

There are three pricing options for this platform’s services. All the prices below are if you pay annually.

  • The Basic Plan goes for $79/month with an additional $0.50 per subscriber per month.
  • The Growth Plan is available for $159/month with an additional $0.50 per subscriber per month.
  • The Uscreen Plus starts at $399/mo. There’s an additional $0.50 charged per subscriber per month.

2. Vimeo

All-in-one video platform used by over 230 million users globally.


Vimeo is a video-sharing website launched in 2004, creating a platform for creatives to seamlessly and elegantly expose their work to the world.

Over the years, Vimeo has evolved into a complete video platform that provides filmmakers, animators, and content creators with powerful tools to manage their projects.

Some of the more popular features include:

  • Video recording and sharing abilities allow users to upload long-form videos (minimum of 90 minutes), shareable to YouTube. You can equally share shorter videos to other platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.
  • Video analytics to track video performance and growth.
  •  Video hosting and discovery platform that offers unique monetization options for filmmakers via Vimeo OTT.
  • Upload videos in multiple formats, including MOV, MPEG-DASH, and WMV.
  • Users can download the Vimeo app directly from the Apple App Store or Google Play store to view videos on mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad & Android smartphones, and tablets.
  • Ability to create and manage video playlists with the help of Vimeo’s content management system (CMS).
  • Vimeo’s interface is incredibly fast, clean and user-friendly. It also provides a highly customizable experience for users who wish to edit their profile or brand page design easily.

Vimeo is a great online video platform for professionals who want to host their multimedia content in an easy-to-use and well-designed site that will help them grow their business or brand.

Best of all, Vimeo offers its users unlimited bandwidth, which means you won’t have to worry about traffic limits on your videos.

Vimeo Pricing Plans

Vimeo pricing

The pricing for Vimeo varies depending on the type of account you have and how much storage space you need for your videos.

The four main pricing plans are:

  • Vimeo Plus goes for $7/month billed annually. It comes with 250GB storage space/year per user.
  • Vimeo Pro goes for $20/month billed annually. It comes with 1TB storage space every year for every 3 team members.
  • Vimeo Premium goes for $75/month billed annually. It comes with 7TB storage space for an unlimited number of live viewers.
  • Vimeo Enterprise is available on demand.

All the pricing plans have a 30-day free trial period that allows you to test it first before purchasing. You can equally choose the Vimeo Basic to test everything up before settling on a preferred plan.

3. Wistia

A leading video platform that converts users’ videos and podcasts into marketing machines.


Founded in 2006, Wistia has consistently offered the best video creation, measurement, and distribution features globally. This has seen the platform attracting over 500,000 businesses/users globally to date.

With Wistia’s fully customizable player, users can deliver high-impact videos on any page of their website. As a result, it will have the highest SEO rankings among all online video platforms in 2021!

Wistia’s dashboard enables users to track how many people watch their videos, where they watch, and for how long. It also detects who watched to the end of your video to understand audiences’ needs better and improve content marketing strategies.

Wistia’s powerful analytics helps users identify which videos perform best by revealing which ones generate more leads or sales each month. This enables users to optimize future efforts to produce more profitable videos.

As one of the best online video platforms, Wistia boasts embed channels where users can publish a collection of videos from various sources. These channels can then be shared with others, including Gmail contacts and social media profiles like Facebook or Twitter.

The software integrates perfectly with your favorite marketing tools to make your marketing work easier and efficient.

Wistia pricing plans

Wistia pricing plans

Wistia offers some of the most affordable pricing plans in the market today:

  • The Free plan ($0/month): ideal for small businesses just getting started.
  • Pro plan ($99/month): suitable for companies investing in marketing using videos and podcasts.
  • Advanced plan (contact support for price): ideal for potentially big businesses seeking continual growth.

4. Brightcove

The #1 fastest online video platform for a flawless viewer experience serving clients for more than 15 years.


The Brightcove online video platform is one of the best options for brands and marketers with over 15 years of experience in the industry.

Since it was founded in 2004, the platform has helped customers around the globe create and deliver video experiences that drive meaningful results for their business.

This powerful platform supports high-quality live and on-demand streaming, dynamic content delivery to any device or screen size.

It also supports automated distribution through social media channels like Facebook and YouTube, which means you can share your content with your target audience anytime.

The platform is manned in 16 global data centers operating at 99.95% uptime. You can trust that the over 875 million views a week on the platform can rarely experience downtime or playback errors.

This powerful cloud-based solution boasts a simple user interface that makes uploading large videos quick and hassle-free.

You can also edit your videos directly in the cloud or use ready-made templates in the video library for fast results. You can even use the platform to create a custom YouTube channel.

Customers can easily manage their licenses and subscriptions from one online account, which means you will always be up-to-date with your content inventory.

Brightcove pricing plans

Brightcove pricing

Brightcove has three main pricing plans: Marketing, Enterprise Comms, and Monetization. Each plan is further broken down to meet your customizable needs:

  • Marketing: It has Starter, Professional, and Enterprise options to consider. The support team reveals each option’s cost upon request.
  • Enterprise Comms: This plan has the Starter and Enterprise options. You’ll also need to contact customer support for each option’s cost.
  • Monetization: Everything about monetization is revealed to interested customers upon request.

5. Dacast

One of the leading online video platforms with 10+ years of providing quality video services to over 15,000 clients.


Dacast is a video platform that allows you to upload, share and monetize videos. Professionals use it within the broadcast world for collaboration with other members of the team.

The more notable features of Dacast online video platforms include:

  • Reliable and secure video hosting: Dacast is built on broadcast-grade infrastructure. It offers high availability, scalability, and security so you can be confident your video content will always stay online even when it goes viral.
  • Live streaming abilities: It allows users to stream their videos directly from any device without installing additional software or plug-ins for Windows and Mac OS.
  • In-video chat: Users can add a fully customizable in-video chat for their viewers and guests, which will appear on top of your video while you’re streaming it live or uploading it after recording.
  • Multiplatform access: Dacast allows users to stream content from any device with an internet connection through a customizable URL embedded into a website or blog.
  • Customizable player: Users can customize their video players by changing colors and adding their logo before uploading it directly from Dacast’s platform. They don’t need to worry about any complicated coding.
  • Google Analytics integration: All videos added through Dacast’s platform will automatically integrate with Google Analytics so users can easily track their performance.

You can always trust that you’ll optimize most of these features. However, you might not fully enjoy some of the features because the Dacast team hasn’t kept up with tech changes in the past as fast as they should.

Dacast pricing plans

Dacast pricing plans

There are four main pricing options here:

  • Starter$39/month billed annually. (Best for small audiences).
  • Event$63/month billed annually. (Best for occasional events)..
  • Scale$188/month billed annually. (Best for businesses and larger organizations)
  • Custom: Call customer support for more information.

6. Vidyard

Best platform for selling in the virtual world, reaching over 12 million people across 160,000 companies globally.


Vidyard is another excellent video platform that allows businesses to quickly and powerfully create videos and publish them on their websites. Vidyard makes it easier for users to share customized messages via email with the short videos they create on Vidyard.

You can equally edit your videos using simple drag-and-drop editing tools. This platform also enables you to create a library of your video assets and manage the life cycle of each asset by controlling access, usage rights, and permissions so that only authorized individuals have access to them.

Vidyard is currently used by over 12 million people across 160,000 companies globally, including Best Buy, Airbnb, and Best Western.

The animated video previews feature allows you to automatically generate 3-seconds GIF previews into your email lists to help drive the message home.

What’s more, you can add an intro banner with your name and title at the start of your screen recording to help your target audience easily identify with you.

Additionally, the platform is secure and compliant with password and SSO protection requirements to help you control access to your video content. So you can upload your video content without any worry.

In other words, the platform is a perfect video storytelling tool for professionals and organizations that want to communicate better with their audiences. You can equally watch this short video to learn more about how Vidyard works.

Vidyard pricing plans

Vidyard pricing plans

There are four pricing options here. They include:

  • The Free plan will cost you $0/month. It’s best for individuals looking to upload and share unlimited videos with a little hassle.
  • The Pro plan costs $15/month billed annually or $19/month. It’s ideal for those looking to communicate better with their customers and coworkers.
  • The Teams plan goes for $300 monthly billed annually. It’s an excellent plan for those looking to add video content to their sales and marketing strategies.
  • The Business plan costs $1250/month billed annually. It’s great for teams looking to generate more leads, pipelines, and revenue using videos.

7. JW Player

An innovative video-making platform with over ten years of experience serving over 1 billion users globally.

JW Player

Since it was launched, JW Player has consistently made it easier for users to create and share videos online without worrying about buffering. It’s arguably the fastest HTML5 video player on the web, which means your video content will always render beautifully and reliably on any screen.

JW Player is an excellent option for building an online video platform, as it offers many features that other platforms lack.

Some of its outstanding features include:

  • Easy integration with mobile SDKs enables easy and quick addition of the JW player functionality into your iOS and Android devices.
  • It comes with OTT apps that offer quick and scalable solutions that provide excellent video viewing experiences across any video screen. These OTT apps also enable you to reach your audience everywhere with minimal strain.
  • Easy customization lets you design the video player interface to match your website’s theme.
  • It boasts the best Ad integration, expert guidance, and innovative player tech capabilities that together enable the highest possible Ad fill and CPMs. This makes it possible for you to keep 100% of your Ad revenue.
  • With its secure video streaming abilities, you can optimize your video content security with little or no fuss.
  • JW’s video analytics feature easily integrates with other video analytics tools like Google Analytics, Conviva, Comscore, Nielsen, and Adobe, to help you optimize your video Ad views.

JW Player pricing plans

JW Player pricing plans

There are only two subscription options and a free trial plan that lasts for thirty days. You can start with the 30-day free trial, or you can jump straight to the starter or enterprise plans.

The starter plan costs $10/month, while the enterprise plan comes at customized pricing. You can call support for more information on enterprise plan pricing.

8. IBM Cloud Video

The #1 platform for streaming live videos for both individual and corporate users.

IBM Cloud Video

IBM Cloud Video is another leading online video platform that allows users to upload, view, edit and share videos. Founded in 2007, IBM Cloud Video has been at the forefront of offering world-class video streaming and hosting services to its users.

Today, IBM Cloud Video is the only platform with a fully integrated media management system that allows users to upload, edit and view videos in real-time.

The IBM Cloud Video player uses HTML5 technology for a rich user experience across all devices, ensuring perfect playback.

What’s more, IBM enables users to infuse AI into their video libraries to provide a personalized viewing experience.

The AI power allows users to conduct deep searches and track video access metrics, revealing even the last time a given video was accessed. Also, through these AI capabilities, you can now use real-time data to make informed decisions for future marketing strategies.

The platform equally boasts of incredible cloud-based solutions to video streaming and hosting needs. Users don’t have to worry about continuous updates and security breaches that are common with other platforms.

What’s more, IBM Cloud Video has an impressive content delivery network (CDN) that offers high-quality playback across global regions. The CDN enables fast, reliable, and secure streaming of video assets to any device, anywhere in the world.

Best of all, it can adapt to viewers’ demands and bandwidth.

With IBM Cloud Video, you get a secure platform for hosting videos on the cloud that is scalable and easy to use. The streaming media solution also provides flexible storage options (on-premises or in multiple public clouds).

All these options are available at affordable prices.

IBM Cloud Video pricing plans

IBM Cloud Video pricing plans

The pricing plans include a 30-day free trial which you can use to broadcast to an audience of any size. The other pricing options are:

  • Silver: starts at $99/month (ideal for small businesses).
  • Gold: starts at $499/month (ideal for mid-sized companies).
  • Platinum: starts at $999/month (ideal for frequent streamers).
  • Custom: customized cost is available on request (ideal for high volume needs with additional features).

9. Kaltura

The leading video platform for enterprises, learners, developers, media, telecom companies, and pay-tv providers.

Kaltura online video platform

Kaltura bases its success on the belief that video is a more robust and engaging type of data than text. This is what the owners of the company believed when founding Kaltura in 2006.

Since then, the company has used Kaltura to revolutionize the way users communicate, learn, work, collaborate and entertain. All these have been possible with the help of the software’s outstanding features, which include:

  • Video Analytic API: allows for tracking, tagging, and indexing all videos shared within the platform. You can equally measure and optimize the key performance indicators of your users with the help of this tool.
  • Video SEO Dashboard: helps users to understand better how they are being found on video search engines by offering actionable insights about their online presence in general.
  • Interactive Video: users can now share interactive videos by integrating the tool with a few third-party applications. With such interactive video experiences, businesses can generate more leads that convert to actual sales.
  • HTML5 Video Player: ensures the conversion rates of online videos are high since it offers better functionality, speed, and mobile optimization.
  • Social Video Discoverability: this tool allows users to search across Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or Twitter for opportunities to turn into video content ideas. All potential content is then ranked by popularity so you can quickly grasp what people are already watching.
  •  Cloud Platform: its cloud platform is designed for unlimited scale, so you can upload as many videos as desired and have them all ready to go on your website.
  • HTML Live streaming: this enables the streaming of live video content directly from any device without requiring a complicated set-up or expensive equipment, making it easy for anyone to jump right in and start creating immediately.

You can easily get all the video hosting and streaming services you need at Kaltura either as a student, marketing, and sales agent or collaborator.

Kaltura pricing plans

Kaltura pricing

The pricing plans for Kaltura are apportioned under each of the three categories of services available there.

Whether you need video services for learning and development, communication and collaboration, or marketing and sales, you can start with a free 30-day trial or go for the annual enterprise package.

The enterprise package is a customized pricing plan whose cost is determined by your needs and only once you’ve called to request the plan.

10. Flowplayer

The leading online video platforms for publishers, digital media, and broadcasters.

Flowplayer online video platform

Flowplayer has been around since 2004, and it has since then been the go-to solution for premium video players that are fast, secure, flexible, customizable to fit your business needs.

With Flowplayer, you can monetize with ads, subscriptions, or both simultaneously on multiple platforms. It is compatible with all browsers, iOS, Android devices, and Chromecast, which means you can open it on your mobile phone with minimum strain.

Flowplayer’s minimalist design is one thing users fall in love with. It is easy to use and helps you achieve a high-quality web video player with ease.

Additionally, Flowplayer ranks as one of the best platforms for live broadcasting, as it provides an easy way to broadcast your events in real-time. Flowplayer offers the technology and streaming power to make it happen without issues, whether you are broadcasting a conference, concert, or webinar.

The exceptional customer support helps users solve problems fast and enjoy their experience with ease using this platform.

As far as the standard features go, they’re just what you’d expect from a top video platform. You get access to Essential HTML5 features such as autoplay, subtitles, and more.

Flowplayer comes packed with advanced analytics tools that provide impressive statistics for your videos on all platforms, including YouTube and Facebook. This means you can track the performance of each video in real-time and make sure you’re always reaching the right audience.

Since attracting more revenue is the critical purpose of all businesses, Flowplayer gives users the best chance to monetize their videos. It comes with an advanced ad-server that can maximize your video ad revenue by automatically selecting the best available CPMs for every impression.

You can trust this platform to be a superb host for your videos. You can always enjoy all these incredible features at friendly costs.

Flowplayer pricing plans

Flowplayer pricing plans

There are two main pricing plans to consider:

  • The Starter plan offers all the essential features at a starting price of $49/month.
  •  The Enterprise plan offers live streaming and other incredible features starting from $500/month or more depending on your usage.

You can always consider taking the 14-day free trial option for each plan before paying to get acquainted with each.

11. Wowza

The leading streaming platform for 19,000+ users across 170+ countries globally.


Wowza Media Systems is a video streaming platform that provides content delivery to end-users through live and on-demand channels.

The company has offices throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, Middle East, Africa (EMEA), Australia/New Zealand (ANZ), and Latin America. Wowza’s clients include BBC Studios, ESPN, Pandora, Turner Broadcasting System, and NBC Universal.

Wowza is unique because it provides a web-based video streaming platform deployed on-premise or in the cloud.

Because of this, Wowza’s software has been used to stream major live events such as Super Bowls ( XLVIII & LII ), Olympic Games ( Vancouver, London & Rio ), and Academy Awards ( 86th ).

Wowza is also unique because it supports WebRTC through Wowza Streaming Cloud. This means that you can stream live video from a web browser without the need to install any plug-ins or software.

This makes it easier than ever for users who want to stream live video from a web browser.

With Wowza, users can deliver their content on-demand, too. This is an essential feature for companies to provide customers and viewers access to archived videos or shows.

In addition, you can use Wowza’s built-in monetization features such as ads or subscriptions to generate revenue.

Finally, the Wowza Platform supports an impressive list of over 25 media servers and devices for playback across various platforms, including Roku boxes/sticks, iPhones, Android phones/tablets, Macs.

Wowza is one of the best online video brands out there. With its low monthly cost and easy-to-use interface, companies of all sizes can enjoy what it has to offer.

Wowza pricing plans

Wowza pricing plans

Wowza has several different plans available for you to choose from.

Wowza’s pricing is competitive in comparison with other online video services. Its plans are categorized as follows:

  • One Time: A month of streaming for a one-time fee of $149.
  • Starter: Subdivided into two pricing plans; the Pay As You Go and the Basic options. The Pay As You Go option goes for less than $25/month prepaid annually, while the Basic option goes for less than $85/month prepaid annually.
  • Professional: Subdivided into Plus and Enterprise pricing options. You’ll part with less than $425/month prepaid annually for the Plus option, but you’ll have to book a customized pricing plan for the Enterprise option.

These pricing plans will vary depending on your needs, so you’ll have to seek detailed information about the best suitable options before subscribing to one.

Best Online Video Platforms: FAQs

Here are some of the most prevalent questions users ask concerning the best online video platforms.

What’s an OVP?

OVP stands for Online Video Platform. It’s a platform made specifically to support video content, where users and businesses can upload, share, watch, and even monetize their videos.

Can OVPs integrate with social media platforms?

Yes. Most online video platforms are integrated with the most prevalent social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

This feature helps you connect with your existing audience through linked social media platforms and increase your audience reach.

Can I monetize an OVP?

Yes. A majority of online video platforms offer tools and features to help you monetize your website.

You can also sell advertising space on your videos, for example, or charge a subscription fee for exclusive content access, depending on the platform you choose.

Can I stream live events in an OVP?

Yes. Many online video platforms offer live-streaming capabilities to help you connect with your audience in real-time.

The type of OVP you choose will determine how much you need to know about the technical aspects of live streaming, but most platforms offer resources to help get started.

Is it better to choose a free or paid plan?

This largely depends on your needs and how much you’re willing to invest.

Many free OVPs offer advertising opportunities, but if there are too many intrusive ads on your videos or they don’t generate enough revenue for you, then a premium plan might be the better bet.

Most OVPs will also not include the best features in the trial or free plans and will only offer basic features to help you have a grasp of what they can do.

Even if you don’t intend to make money from your channel, it is still worth investing in a paid plan as the unlimited uploads and lack of ads can help give you peace of mind that your videos are safe.

A paid plan also offers better customer support than free plans, which is a big plus point.

Best Online Video Platforms: Conclusion

There’ll always be a need for online video platforms, but the most advanced ones will always be in higher demand.

If you’re looking for the best online video platforms to save videos or just to get started, then you can’t go wrong with any of the 11 above.

With their vast user base and impressive features, these online video platforms are all worth considering for anyone looking to start uploading videos online.

With that said, if I had to pick my top three favorites, it would be Uscreen, Vimeo, and Wistia online video platforms.

Of course, there are many other great video platforms available, including free stock video websites that you can use for your video needs. However, if you want to watch or upload high-quality videos, these three should be your go-to options!

I hope you got the solution you were looking for, and if you have any more questions, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.

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