Wake Up Legendary Show with David Sharpe: Is it Worth It?

The Wake Up Legendary show is your opportunity for morning reflection and enriching conversation that provides entrepreneurial fuel.

David Sharpe and the Legendary Marketer team deliver one of the best podcast series you won’t find anywhere else.

Why’s that? Because here’s a brand that invites their students for a show day after day for an informal conversation. That’s something you don’t see very often—I mean, you don’t see it anywhere else.

Additionally, there are no scripts or pre-rehearsed questions and answers.

You can click here to learn more about David Sharpe and how he got to where he is today as the CEO of Legendary Marketer.

So, in this article, I’ll explore what the Wake Up Legendary show is and what you can expect from it.

What is Wake Up Legendary with David Sharpe?

The Wake Up Legendary Show with David Sharpe

The Wake Up Legendary show is a series of interviews recorded live at 10 am EST on the Legendary Marketer Facebook page. The show is recorded on video but also distributed as a podcast to various streaming platforms, such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Podchaser, Tunein, and more.

This podcast dives deep into discussions around business, personal development, and lifestyle, pushing its listeners out of their comfort zones and encouraging them to begin their own legendary path.

At its core, it’s a fitting tribute to entrepreneurialism. You’re not listening to top business owners and marketers—you’re listening to beginners who share their strategies, breakthroughs, challenges, and everything related to their personal lives in conjunction with the entrepreneurial skills they’re also learning with Legendary Marketer.

In essence, if you’re a beginner yourself, you’re listening to people who just got a bit ahead of you and started just like you in this online business world.

Who Hosts Wake Up Legendary?

who is david sharpe CEO of legendary marketer

David Sharpe is an ideal person to represent this channel with his wealth of entrepreneurial knowledge and experience, not to mention charisma.

Each video makes the audience feel as if they’re participating in an informal yet informative dialogue over coffee, which really sets this channel apart from its competition.

As a business owner, David Sharpe managed to take his brainchild Legendary Marketer to be a respectful brand in the online business world.

David Sharpe featured on Entrepreneur

Apart from being mentioned by Forbes as one of the industry’s masterminds and the magazine Entrepreneur as an icon in the Internet marketing industry, Legendary Marketer was also recognized as the 63rd fast-growing company in the education sector to be included in the Inc. 5000 list.

Legendary Marketer featured in Inc Magazine

Each interview by David Sharpe provides insights, tips, and inspirational stories spanning various entrepreneurial industries. Whether that means guidance in digital marketing strategies, time management techniques, or motivation, David’s interviews hit exactly the spot!

Who are Wake Up Legendary Interviewees?

People who are interviewed by David Sharpe are all students of Legendary Marketer or have at least concluded the 15 Day Challenge or other educational courses they offer.

Even I have been interviewed by him a while back.

Wake Up Legendary Dave Sharpe interviews

However, it’s important to note that these interviews are not focused on promoting any product or Legendary Marketer’s courses. Their main focus is to let young entrepreneurs (whether young or old of age) share their journey in online marketing (which their courses teach).

Dave Sharpe and online entrepreneurs in a Legendary Marketer Mastermind

Wake Up Legendary Interviewees range from:

  • Stay-at-home moms and dads.
  • Full-time teachers.
  • College students.
  • Cashiers using digital marketing to create an impact on the lives of their families.
  • Construction workers who want to bring in more income.
  • Experienced digital marketers.
  • And every type of professional background you can imagine.

Also, the interviews are not just with every student but only with those who have already seen some results. This way, you can tune in live rest assured you’ll hear inspiring experiences to help you kick-start your journey or continue building your online business.

Wake Up Legendary Show Episodes

Each episode of Wake Up Legendary skillfully blends hard information with authentic human warmth, creating an addictive blend that keeps me coming back for more.

Host Dave Sharpe strikes an irresistibly engaging balance between informational rigor and genuine humanity—his radical honesty being especially appreciated—adding great value to this podcast series.

Dave connects personally while at the same time conveying profound business concepts and insights through an entertaining show format.

Dave Sharpe and entrepreneurs in a Legendary Marketer Mastermind

Content diversity is impressive—topics include:

  • Digital marketing fundamentals.
  • Personal development.
  • Mindset for success.
  • Time management techniques.
  • eCommerce nuances.
  • Blogging and affiliate marketing.
  • Mental health considerations.
  • And others.

In essence, topics highly applicable in today’s entrepreneurial landscape, particularly with respect to its target demographic of budding entrepreneurs and business enthusiasts alike.

Each nugget of wisdom (or golden nuggets, as they call it) speaks directly to a specific business challenge or quandary that many young business people face today.

What truly shines through are real-life stories with motivational messages to form strong bonds between listener and presenter.

Wake Up Legendary does an outstanding job of breaking free of the confines of traditional business podcasts and going beyond simply offering strategies and tips. Rather, it delves deeper into the entrepreneurship lifestyle, striking a balance between professional and personal lives and inspiring listeners not just to dream but act towards legendary success.

David Sharpe on a Legendary Marketer Mastermind
Dave Sharpe at a Legendary Marketer Mastermind

Wake Up Legendary is an engaging, informative podcast I would recommend for any entrepreneurially minded individuals or those searching for the best side business ideas or ways to live an extraordinary life.

More than just another podcast series, Wake Up Legendary serves as an encouragement and challenge to making your life genuinely legendary.

You can tune in to Wake Up Legendary to hear amazing stories of ordinary people like you and me and get inspired to take action.

When Does the Wake Up Legendary Show Streams Live?

The Wake Up Legenary show is hosted live on Facebook every weekday at 10am EST.

But why at this time? It’s meant to ignite your entrepreneurial spirit and start your day on an upbeat note.

Filled with content designed to foster personal development and guide budding entrepreneurs along their quests toward becoming online business owners, they deliver one of a kind interviews, providing the inspiration you need to get yourself going in your entrepreneurial path.

Where Can I Hear or Watch Wake Up Legendary?

The Wake Up Legendary daily show is hosted live on Facebook on Legendary Marketer’s official page in video format. Additionally, you can listen to the show in podcast platforms and in David Sharpe’s YouTube channel.

Follow the links below to hear and watch Wake Up Legendary on your favorite platform:

Best Wake Up Legendary Shows

It’s impossible to select the best Wake Up Legendary Shows, as there are literally thousands of them. So, in this section, I’ll share some of the most recent ones at the time of this writing.

All replays are live on Facebook and YouTube, so you can tune in whenever suits you best.

1. ATV Business Owner Turns Digital Marketer With 55K Followers

Wake Up Legendary episode with Brooke Burrough

In this episode, Dave Sharpe talks with Brooke Burrough, a passionate entrepreneur and dedicated mother driven by her desire for freedom to create lasting memories with her young children. Here she shares her journey from starting at ground zero to reaching a remarkable milestone of 55k followers in less than four months.

2. Early Childhood Educator Creates Massive Social Media Following Through Digital Marketing

Wake Up Legendary episode with Carley Size

Early childhood educator Carley Size has quickly made herself known by creating viral content and forging genuine connections with her target audience. In this episode, you can hear her secrets for creating viral content on popular social media platforms. 

3. Prioritizing Family & Financial Relief Through Digital Marketing

Wake Up Legendary episode with Andrea Sullivan

Andrea Sullivan is a homeschooling mother of four looking to expand family time while decreasing financial strain. You can watch and hear how she is trading in her debt for an online marketing business.

4. Personal Support Worker Shares How Manifesting Is Key To Change

Wake Up Legendary episode with Paulus Cipriano

Paulus Cipriano is a 46-year-old Filipino from a baking and support work background. In this episode of Wake Up Legendary, you may hear his story of using digital marketing and manifestation to achieve his objectives and create an improved lifestyle for his family.

David Sharpe and the Wake Up Legendary Show: On To You!

At its heart, entrepreneurialism is about finding your own path. With David Sharpe leading Wake Up Legendary, these interviews provide both practical guidance as well as daily doses of inspiration that will propel your own journey.

From valuable lessons in digital marketing and personal development to inspirational sharings from people from diverse backgrounds, this show provides invaluable resources for anyone wanting to break barriers or explore less traveled paths.

If you want to be one of the interviewees to share your experience, consider joining the 15 Day Challenge to start your entrepreneurial path on the right track.

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