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1015 Amazing Amazon Store Name Ideas For Any Niche

Amazon store name ideas

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Want to start an Amazon store but can’t figure out a good name for it? Well, you’re in the right place.

I’m here to make your search for the perfect Amazon store name easier and a whole lot less stressful.

But that’s not all.

I’m also throwing in a few tips you need to know when deciding on an Amazon store name. This advice will help you choose the perfect name that you’ll actually like for a long time.



Amazon Business Name Ideas for Baby Technology Stores

Amazon Business Name Ideas for Baby Technology

Creating an Amazon store for baby technology is a brilliant idea! Parents are always looking for the latest products to help their child’s growth and development.

Here are some name ideas for your store:

  • BabyTech Haven
  • Tiny Tots Tech
  • Technobaby Store
  • Lil’ Gadget Galaxy
  • Future Tots World
  • Baby Bytes Bazaar
  • GadgetBaby
  • Tiny Tech Treasures
  • Infant Innovations
  • Smart Pampers Palace
  • TechNestlings
  • Baby’s Best Tech
  • Modern Munchkins Market
  • Tiny Tech Tykes
  • Bubba Bots Boutique
  • Petite Prodigy Products
  • Baby Bean’s Gadgets
  • Infant Intelligence Imports
  • Kiddo Codex Corner
  • Baby Gadget Garage
  • Small Sprout Store
  • Pint-sized Pixels
  • Little One’s Launchpad
  • Infant Ingenuity
  • Wee Onetech Webstore
  • Baby’s Bright Bytes
  • Tiny Trendsetter Tech
  • Newborn Nook
  • Genius Juniors Junction
  • Digital Duckling Den
  • Tot’s Tech Trunk
  • Miniature Mastermind Mart
  • Hi-Tech Tots Transport
  • FutureKid Finds
  • Small Savvy Sprout Space

Amazon Brand Name Ideas for Biking Accessories Stores

Biking ignites a sense of freedom and adventure that few other activities can match, making it no surprise that biking accessories can be a lucrative business.

A catchy store name can put you one pedal stroke ahead in the bustling online marketplace.

  • Bike Spirit
  • Pedal Companions
  • Cycle Essentials
  • Bikers’ Hideout
  • Velos Gear
  • Spokes & More
  • Bike Orbit
  • Cycle Harmony
  • FreshBike Finds
  • Gear Cycle Spree
  • Wheels & Deals
  • Pedal Treasures
  • Bike Bloom
  • Cycle Masterpieces
  • Velocity Vault
  • Cycling Swag
  • Bike Bliss
  • Spokesman Stores
  • CycleLove Accessories
  • Pedal Perks
  • Bike Boosters
  • Gear Grabs
  • Riders’ Rave
  • WheelWay Wonders
  • Two-Wheeler Treasures
  • Pedal Paraphernalia
  • Bike Gadget Galaxy
  • Spoke & Saddle
  • Cycle Chic Boutique
  • Sprocket Central
  • Biking Bonanzas
  • Handlebar Haven
  • GearShift Goodies
  • Rolling Revelations
  • Velovisions Store

Amazon Brand Name Ideas for Board Games and Puzzles Stores

Board games and puzzles make people happy and bring them together, so the name of your store needs to generate customer enthusiasm and excitement. Here are some ideas of what to name your new store and some marketing slogans you can use with them.

  • GameQuest Hub
  • Puzzle Parade
  • Board Blitz
  • Meeple Metropolis
  • Strategy Sphere
  • Jigsaw Junction
  • Chess and Checkers Co.
  • Puzzled Pieces Port
  • Playtime Pantheon
  • Mazes & Maps
  • The Checkmate Chest
  • Fantasy Fun Forge
  • Logic Land
  • GameNight Favorites
  • Puzzlers’ Pride
  • Dice Den
  • The Board Loft
  • Puzzle Planet
  • Knight’s Gambit Games
  • Wizard’s Tower Toys
  • Block Builders Bazaar
  • Trivia Trove
  • MindBender Marketplace
  • The Jigsaw Joint
  • Clever Cubes
  • Epic Tokens
  • Quest & Conquer
  • Game Guild Hall
  • Brainy Box
  • Mind Masters Market
  • The Gamers Grotto
  • Piece-Together Place
  • The Gaming Griffin
  • Jigsaw Giants
  • Timeless Turntables

Amazon Business Name Ideas for Collectibles and Memorabilia Stores

Amazon Brand Name Ideas for Collectibles and Memorabilia

Everyone loves a good treasure hunt, right? Whether it’s that rare comic book or a vintage baseball card, finding the perfect piece for your collection is like hitting the jackpot.

So, if you’re thinking about starting a store that’ll be a haven for collectors, here are some cool name ideas:

  • Treasure Trove Collectibles
  • Nostalgia Nook
  • Retro Relics Hub
  • Memory Lane Market
  • Vintage Vault Finds
  • Collector’s Corner
  • Time Capsule Treasures
  • Epoch Emporium
  • Past Perfect Picks
  • Unique Unearthings
  • Legacy Loot
  • Throwback Treasures
  • The Collectors Cave
  • Heritage Hunt
  • Memorabilia Mansion
  • Era Essentials
  • Curio Cabinet
  • Attic Antiques
  • Chronicle Collectibles
  • Keepsake Kingdom
  • The Memory Chest
  • Epochal Finds
  • Flashback Finds
  • RetroQuest Collectibles
  • Time Traveler’s Trunk
  • History’s Harvest
  • ArchaeoAttic
  • Nostalgia Nuggets
  • Collector’s Craft
  • Mystic Memorabilia
  • Antique Adventures
  • Souvenir Spot
  • Memory Market
  • Vintage Voyage
  • Relic Roundup

Amazon Brand Name Ideas for Craft Beer Brewing Kits Stores

Starting a homebrew journey can be exciting (especially if you love that drink—which I don’t, to be honest). You’re not just selling kits, you’re offering the joy of brewing.

Here are some straightforward and catchy names for your store.

  • BrewStart Kits
  • Home Hop Haven
  • AleCrafters
  • Brew Buddy Basket
  • Hops Hub Kits
  • MasterBrew Kits
  • The Beer Blueprint
  • PintCraft Kits
  • Suds Supply Shop
  • Taproom Tinkerers
  • BrewNest
  • KegCraft Kits
  • YeastBeast Boxes
  • Malt Mechanics
  • The Homebrew Nook
  • BrewCrafter Kits
  • Alechemy Sets
  • Sudsy Science Kits
  • Keg King Kits
  • BrewRitual Supplies
  • Hops & Barley Boxes
  • CraftBrew Lab
  • BrewMaker Essentials
  • Ale Artisans
  • DIY BrewWorks
  • Bitter Brewer Sets
  • Home Brewer’s Outfit
  • Zymurgy Zone
  • The Brewsmiths
  • Fermenter’s Find
  • HopMaster Kits
  • Barrel Builders
  • Mirthy Malts
  • The Brew Crafters
  • ArtisanAles Kits

Amazon Business Name Ideas for DIY Arts and Crafts Stores

We all have a bit of creativity twinkling inside us, waiting to leap out through one DIY project or another.

If you’re taking a leap into the world of arts and crafts, here are some names to set your store apart:

  • Creativity Cabin
  • Craftspire Creations
  • DIY Dreams
  • The Crafty Kit
  • Artful Adventures
  • Color Wheel Wonders
  • Painted Paradise
  • Dreamy DIYs
  • Happiness Handicrafts
  • Creator’s Cove
  • Palette Playground
  • Crafts & Castles
  • ColorVista Craft
  • Artisan Alley
  • Pastel Patchworks
  • Craftastic Creations
  • Dazzling DIY
  • GeniusCraft Box
  • Sparkle Studio
  • Craftsmen Central
  • Love for Crafts
  • RainbowCraft Corner
  • Art Echo
  • Majestic Makers
  • Craft Dabble
  • Firefly Artsy Kits
  • DIY Depot
  • Crafted Curiosities
  • Imagination Inc.
  • Artfetti Craft
  • Freestyle Fabrics
  • Project Paradise
  • Handmade Harmony
  • Colorful Creations
  • ArtHeart Crafts

Amazon Brand Name Ideas for Eco-Friendly Home Products Stores

Amazon Brand Name Ideas for Eco-Friendly Home Products

Going green at home is like giving the planet a high five. If you’re stocking your shelves with earth-loving goods, here are some name ideas that are as fresh as a walk in the park.

  • EcoNest Essentials
  • Green Haven Goods
  • Earthwise Emporium
  • Nature’s Niche
  • Serene Green
  • Simply Sustainable
  • The Eco Abode
  • GreenLeaf Goods
  • Pure Planet Picks
  • Verdant Virtues
  • Gaia’s Gifts
  • EcoArtisan Wares
  • Green Glee
  • Thrive Threads
  • BioBountiful
  • Sprout & Sprig
  • TerraChoice
  • Forever Greenery
  • Vital Vistas
  • EarthFavor Finds
  • Greensphere Gear
  • Renew Retreat
  • Eco Edge Essentials
  • Sage Sanctuary
  • Planet Pals
  • EcoWise Wares
  • Better Earth Buys
  • Gentle Green
  • BluePlanet Bazaar
  • Kind Earth Outfit
  • Eco Charm
  • Botanic Bounty
  • Lush Life Eco
  • Harmony Housewares
  • Green Sprouts Store

Amazon Business Name Ideas for Fitness Tech Wearables Stores

Fitness tech wearables are all about taking your workout to the next level while keeping you in the loop with your body’s stats.

If you’re diving into this cool niche, here are some fresh names to consider for your store.

  • FitTech Trends
  • PulseWear Shop
  • ActiveWrist Hub
  • MoveMetrics Gear
  • Peak Performance Wearables
  • BodySync Store
  • StrideTech Outfitters
  • HeartRate Havens
  • StepUp Gear
  • VitalTrack Fashions
  • MuscleMeter Market
  • PaceSetters Tech
  • Quantum Fitness Finds
  • Motion Monitor Mall
  • FlexFit Wear
  • EndureTech Essentials
  • PowerPulse Picks
  • RunRhythm Retail
  • SweatSmart Store
  • HealthHive Wearables
  • Zenith Fitness Tech
  • StaminaSync Solutions
  • BeatBoost Bands
  • TrainerTech Treasures
  • CoreCount Wear
  • SprintSpecs Spot
  • VitalGear Ventures
  • KineticWear Kiosk
  • ActiveEdge Accessories
  • PulsePoint Tech
  • BreatheBand Boutique
  • ZoneTracker Zone
  • WarriorWearable Workshop
  • FlexForce Fitness
  • TempoTech Trends

Amazon Brand Name Ideas for Gardening Kits for Beginners Stores

Gardening is sooo much fun, especially when you’re just starting out. Dirt all over, not knowing what you’re doing (in a good way)…learning as you grow.

Here are some names for your store that’ll help beginners feel excited about planting their first seeds.

  • GreenThumb Starter
  • Sprout & Bloom
  • First Dirt
  • Seedling Starters
  • EasyGrow Kits
  • Garden Novice Nook
  • PlotTwist Planters
  • RootBeginnings
  • NewLeaf Garden Kits
  • BudBuddies
  • Planting Basics
  • GreenStarter Packs
  • SproutSphere
  • Novice Nurture
  • SeedStart
  • FreshPatch Kits
  • GardenGrows
  • GroundUp Gardening
  • Leaf & Learn
  • SoilMates Starter
  • PlantPath
  • BrightBeginnings Botanics
  • TinyTrowels
  • Budding Botanist
  • GrowGround
  • SimpleSprouts
  • EarthEden Kits
  • PlantPioneer
  • Backyard Begin
  • Sprig & Sprout
  • FirstPlants
  • GreenSprouts Gear
  • StartingGarden Gears
  • BloomBasics
  • GardenGenesis

Amazon Business Name Ideas for Handmade Jewelry Stores

Amazon Business Name Ideas for Handmade Jewelry

Handmade jewelry really tells a story, doesn’t it? Each piece is a little work of art that someone’s poured their heart into.

Let’s dive into some names that’ll fit like a glove for your handmade jewelry store.

  • Crafted Adornments
  • Artisan Sparkle
  • Gems Of Handwork
  • Trinket Treasures
  • Charmed By Hand
  • Wrist Whimsy
  • Beadazzled Boutique
  • Twinkle Trinkets
  • Handforged Heirlooms
  • Artisanal Adorn
  • Threaded Treasures
  • Personal Pendants
  • Boho Beads Boutique
  • Elegant Craft Jewelry
  • Loomed Luxe
  • Handcrafted Halo
  • Graceful Gems
  • Blissful Bangles
  • Whimsical Wristlets
  • Ethereal Adornments
  • FingerFlair Rings
  • Ornate Originals
  • Lustrous Layers
  • Chic Chains
  • Mystic Make Jewelry
  • Posh Pendants
  • Wearable Wonders
  • Bauble Crafters
  • Gilded Craft
  • Bijoux Box
  • Silken Strings
  • Vintage Virtue Jewelry
  • Thread & Jewel
  • Artful Ornaments
  • Elemental Elegance Jewels

Amazon Brand Name Ideas for Home Office Gadgets Stores

Setting up a home office isn’t just about a desk and chair; it’s about those little gadgets that make your day-to-day work a bit easier.

So, if you’re thinking about what to call your store that sells these cool tools, here are some ideas:

  • Desk Dynamics
  • Gadget Grove
  • Home Work Hub
  • TechTerritory
  • Office Widgets World
  • ProDesk Essentials
  • Digital Den Devices
  • Workspace Widgets
  • Nifty Office Knickknacks
  • Click & Keystroke
  • TaskTech Toys
  • The Gadget Guys
  • Effortless Office
  • Taskmaster Tools
  • The Efficient Desk
  • Home Office Harmony
  • Productive Playthings
  • Workday Wonders
  • Desk Companion
  • Keyboard Comrades
  • Cubicle Companions
  • Desktop Discoveries
  • Instant Office Upgrade
  • Study Sphere Supplies
  • Office Oasis Objects
  • ZenDesk Accessories
  • Streamline Station
  • RemoteWork Gadgets
  • Desk Decor Tech
  • Home Command Center Gear
  • Office Orbit
  • Desk Delights
  • Study Buddy Gadgets
  • WorkNook Novelties
  • RemoteTech Tools

Amazon Business Name Ideas for Indoor Herb-Growing Kits Stores

Growing herbs indoors requires part science, part magic. There’s something really cool about watching those little green leaves pop through knowing you had a role in that.

Here are some catchy names for your new herb-growing kit store.

  • HerbHaven Kits
  • GreenSpice Gear
  • Indoor Eden
  • Potted Pantry
  • Sprouts & Spices
  • WindowSill Wonders
  • Thyme To Grow
  • Savory Sprout
  • Kitchen Garden Kits
  • Flavorful Foliage
  • Herbology House
  • Seedling Sanctuary
  • GrowGreen Gourmet
  • SpiceSprout Setup
  • Pocket Patio Packs
  • Indoor Orchard
  • Cultivate Corner
  • GreenThumb Goods
  • Plant Pantry
  • Home Harvest Kits
  • The Urban Cultivator
  • Potted Pleasure
  • Basil Box
  • Herb Hobbyist Hub
  • Fresh Flavor Farms
  • Indoor Herb Innovations
  • Verdant Victory Kits
  • LeafyLove Lab
  • Spice Starters
  • Sprig & Sprout Sets
  • Crimson Clove Collection
  • Savory Sprigs
  • MintMake Kits
  • Freshly Fragrant Foliage
  • Parsley Parcel

Amazon Business Name Ideas for Minimalist Home Decor Stores

Amazon Business Name Ideas for Minimalist Home Decor

Minimalist home decor taps into the idea of ‘less is more’. It’s peaceful, simple, and really lets your personality shine.

Now, let’s jump into some crisp and clean store name ideas for your minimal home decor setup.

  • Bare Beauty Decor
  • Simplify Spaces
  • Ethereal Elements
  • Minimal Magic
  • Modest Aesthetics
  • Uncluttered Chic
  • Understated Elegance
  • Pure Form Furnishing
  • Simple Serenity
  • Elemental Essentials
  • Clean Cut Curations
  • Essence Elements
  • Hushed Hue Home
  • Barely There Decor
  • Simple Space Styles
  • LessIsMore Living
  • White Space Wonders
  • Minimalist Makeovers
  • Apt Aesthetics
  • Zenith Zones
  • Bare & Bold
  • Sparse Spaces
  • Harmony at Home
  • Stark & Striking
  • Easy Elegance
  • Echo Elements
  • Clean Canvas Concepts
  • Mono Minimal
  • Tidy Trends
  • Clear-cut Chic
  • Noteworthy Neutrals
  • Simple Shui
  • Minimal Motif
  • Clean Slate Collections
  • Barefoot Basics

Amazon Brand Name Ideas for Mobile Phone Photography Attachments Stores

Mobile phone photography is becoming more popular every day. With the right attachments, your phone can capture shots that could rival a professional camera.

Here are some cool name ideas for your store that sells these handy add-ons.

  • SnapSharper
  • PicturePerfect Pieces
  • FocusFeatures
  • PixelPrecise
  • Capture Complements
  • HandyLens House
  • ShutterBuddy Shop
  • PixPicks
  • ZoomZone
  • QuickClick Quirks
  • ProPhone Photo
  • ShutterSurprises
  • PixelPartner
  • LensLovers Loft
  • MobileMasterpieces Market
  • SnapShift Supplies
  • ClickCrafters Corner
  • OpticOptions
  • PhotoPhenom Finds
  • ClearVue Collection
  • LensLuxury Loft
  • SmartShots Store
  • ShutterShift Shop
  • PixelPlaygrounds
  • ClickKit Collection
  • Aperture Accessories
  • FocusFinds
  • FrameFittings
  • LensLink
  • PhotoPhix Fix
  • ZoomGroom
  • SmartFocus Spot
  • Clip-on Clicks
  • ShutterSquad Shop
  • PhoneFoto Fittings

Amazon Business Name Ideas for Natural Baby Products Stores

When it comes to our little babies, we can all agree that we only want the best for them. That means going natural and safe with baby products, from soaps to lotions and everything in between.

Here are some straightforward, catchy name ideas for your Amazon store that focuses on natural baby products.

  • PureBeginnings Baby
  • EcoBabe Essentials
  • LittleLeaf Naturals
  • BabyBloom Organics
  • NatureNest Kids
  • GentleSprout Goods
  • EarthAngel BabyCare
  • OrganicMunchkin Mart
  • TinyTots Naturals
  • GreenBean Baby
  • PurelyInfants
  • SweetPea Naturals
  • BabyEarthly Essentials
  • SereneSeedlings Store
  • NatureLullaby
  • EcoPebble Products
  • OrganicCuddle Club
  • BlissfulBabe Botanicals
  • NatureNestlings Nook
  • PristineLittle Ones
  • NaturalNaptime Necessities
  • SoftTouch Naturals
  • EarthEmbrace Baby
  • LittleLotus Naturals
  • KinderGarden Organics
  • BioBabe Boutique
  • PurePoppet Products
  • HeavenlyHerbals Baby
  • EcoLullaby Lane
  • NaturaKiddo Korner
  • PlanetPure Baby
  • SweetSapling Store
  • BabyBlossom Basics
  • GreenGiggles Gear
  • CherubCherishables

Amazon Brand Name Ideas for Organic Beauty Products Stores

Amazon Brand Name Ideas for Organic Beauty Products

There’s something special about organic. Treat your skin and hair to the organic care they deserve, free of harsh chemicals.

Here are a list of catchy organic beauty business name ideas to get your started.

  • PureGlow Beauty
  • Organic Essence Emporium
  • Naturally Yours Cosmetics
  • EarthLuxe Beauty
  • GreenGlam
  • Herbal Harmony
  • Bloom & Bliss Naturals
  • EcoChic Beauty
  • NatureNourish
  • PureRoots Cosmetics
  • Botanica Beauty
  • EdenElegance
  • SereneSkin Organics
  • EcoElegance Essentials
  • FreshFace Naturals
  • Organic Opulence
  • NatureKissed Cosmetics
  • Purely Radiant
  • EarthBorn Beauty
  • Organic Aura
  • GreenGrace Cosmetics
  • Herbal Radiance
  • EarthyElegance
  • Blossom & Beam
  • NatureGlow Beauty
  • Simply Organic Beauty
  • DewDrop Naturals
  • RadiantRoots
  • Verdant Virtue
  • NatureCraft Cosmetics
  • EcoEnvy Beauty
  • Purest Bloom
  • Organic Whisper
  • LushLeaf Cosmetics
  • NatureNectar Beauty

Amazon Business Name Ideas for Outdoor Survival Gear Stores

If you’re setting up shop to help adventurers stay safe and ready, here are some catchy business name ideas for your outdoor survival gear store.

  • Wilderness Ready Gear
  • SurviveSmart
  • TrailGuard Essentials
  • NaturePrep Shop
  • Outdoor Lifeline
  • ApexSurvival
  • BeyondBasecamp Gear
  • Survival Scout Supplies
  • TrekTech Outfitters
  • WildPath Gear
  • ElementShield
  • Adventure Ally Gear
  • PeakSurvivor
  • TerraTough
  • TrueNorth Treks
  • WildSage Survival
  • EndureEquip
  • TerraGuard Gear
  • VentureVital Gear
  • Pathfinder Provisions
  • Outlast Outdoors
  • PioneerPrep Store
  • BraveBackwoods Gear
  • RuggedRange Resources
  • SurvivalGear Haven
  • Trailblazer Toolkit
  • VentureGuard
  • Expedition Edge
  • NatureKnight Gear
  • TerraTrek Essentials
  • Nomad Necessities
  • Elemental Endure
  • WildSurvive Shop
  • Adventure Armoury
  • HorizonHaven Gear

Amazon Brand Name Ideas for Personalized Gifts Stores

Customized presents in this day and age has become so much more than simple engraved jewelry or a monogrammed bath robe. The possibilities are endless.

Whether it’s for birthdays, anniversaries, or just because, finding the right name for your store can set the tone for the unique gifts you’re offering.

  • CustomCraft Gifts
  • Gifted Memories
  • Personal Touch Tokens
  • UniqueU Creations
  • Tailored Tokens
  • EngraveMe Essentials
  • Memory Makers Market
  • CustomKind Keepsakes
  • Bespoke Box Gifts
  • Heartfelt Handcrafts
  • Made4You Marvels
  • Signature Sentiments
  • PersonalizeMe Presents
  • Named With Love
  • YourStory Souvenirs
  • Etch Your Echo
  • PrintPersonal
  • Customized Charm
  • GiftGlory
  • CraftedForYou
  • Simply Personal Gifts
  • LaserLove Goodies
  • Carve & Craft Collective
  • Intimately Yours
  • Artisan Affection
  • Monogram Moments
  • Individual Inspirations
  • Touch of You
  • BeSpoken Bonuses
  • Precise Presents
  • Thoughtful Thrills
  • Picked With Purpose
  • Reflective Gestures
  • Hearty Handmade
  • Tailor-Made Treats

Amazon Business Name Ideas for Pet Wellness Stores

Amazon Business Name Ideas for Pet Wellness

If you are thinking of setting up a wellness store for your furry, finned, or feathered friend, Amazon’s extensive range of pet products is the ideal place to go.

Here are some pet wellness store names which you could adopt for this business.

  • HealthyPaws Haven
  • PetVitality Place
  • Whiskers Wellness
  • Purrfect Health
  • FluffyFit
  • Critter Care Corner
  • FurryLife Favorites
  • PawPride Products
  • TailWag Wellness
  • PetBloom Bazaar
  • CanineCare Collection
  • FurryFriends Fitness
  • Wellness Wags
  • PetGuard Goods
  • VitalPaws Ventures
  • HealthyHounds Haul
  • Tailored Tails
  • Pawfect Pantry
  • KittyCare Kloset
  • BeamingBulldogs Boutique
  • BlissfulBarks Bazaar
  • Wholesome Whiskers
  • Healthy Habitat Hub
  • FurryFit Finds
  • Petwell Path
  • PurePet Place
  • VitalityVet Ventures
  • PawsitivePet Picks
  • Fetching Fitness
  • WellnessWoofer Wardrobe
  • ActiveAnimals Arcade
  • PetNurture Nook
  • Wholesome Waggle
  • VitalPet Vault
  • WellnessWoofs Ward

Amazon Brand Name Ideas for Plant-Based Protein Powders Stores

There’s a growing crowd of people looking to fuel their bodies with plant-based goodness.

If you’ve got a passion for health and plants and you’re looking to jump into the market with your protein powders, here are some name ideas to help set you up.

  • PlantPower Blends
  • GreenGains Powder
  • VeganVitality Powders
  • EarthMuscle Mixes
  • PurelyPlants Protein
  • PlantPunch Powders
  • VegBoost Blends
  • GreenBod Protein
  • HerbalHeft
  • NatureProtein Picks
  • PlantBuff Blends
  • PlantfulProtein
  • GreenStrength Powders
  • EarthBuilt Protein
  • VegiVigour
  • SeedFuel Formulas
  • GardenGains
  • BlossomProteins
  • VeggieVigor Powders
  • PlantPulse Protein
  • NatureNourish
  • LeanLeaf Powders
  • BotanicBody Protein
  • SproutScoop
  • GreenGrow Powders
  • PlantPure Formula
  • VegProtein Mix
  • VerdantVital Powder
  • FloraFlex Protein
  • GreenEssence Protein
  • NutraPlant Protein
  • EcoProtein Blends
  • VegiPower Protein
  • SimplyPlants Protein
  • OrganicOrigins Protein

Amazon Business Name Ideas for Smart Home Devices Stores

Your home is your castle. But with smart devices, it can go from a simple living space to a high-tech hub that works seamlessly with your lifestyle.

If you’re planning to create a store on Amazon that offers smart home devices, consider these business name ideas.

  • SmartNest Supplies
  • HomeTech Haven
  • ModernLiving Devices
  • FuturaHome
  • IntelliAbode
  • HiTech Habitat
  • CasaConvenience
  • FutureHaus Devices
  • AutomatedLiving
  • HiveTech Home
  • ControlComfort
  • TechEase Toys
  • OptimalHome Oasis
  • InSync Living
  • SmartHome Spectrum
  • IntelliCasa Collection
  • HiveComfort Corner
  • SpaceEase Supplies
  • SeamlessSphere
  • SmoothSailing Systems
  • HarmonyHome Hub
  • ClickComfort Casa
  • SmartHome Solutions
  • EffortEase Emporium
  • HomeSync Supplies
  • TechTransformed
  • EasyLiving Electronics
  • DreamDwelling Devices
  • MarvelHome Market
  • PrimePad Products
  • Intelli-Innovations
  • SmartSpace Spectrum
  • SplendidSphere Store
  • LuxLiving Lair
  • Automation Avenue.

Amazon Brand Name Ideas for Special Dietary Foods Stores

Amazon Brand Name Ideas for Special Dietary Foods

Living with food allergies or following a special diet can be tough. Here are some name brand options to make it a little easier to find the right food.

  • Diet Delights Shop
  • Pure Eats Market
  • Allergy Safe Pantry
  • CleanPlate Club
  • SimpleEats Store
  • Nourish Niche
  • Simply Wholesome
  • Friendly Foods Co.
  • Gut Goodness Grocery
  • Purely Plant
  • Healthful Harvest
  • Wholesome Waves
  • BodyKind Bites
  • Happy Health Foods
  • FreeFrom Feast
  • ChoiceChow
  • Elemental Eats
  • GreenGut Groceries
  • Sensitive Stomach Store
  • Careful Cuisine
  • RightBite Range
  • Balanced Baskets
  • Special Spoonfuls
  • NourishNest
  • Clean Choices Corner
  • Tender Tummies
  • Peak Pure Products
  • TrueTable Treats
  • KindFoods Kitchen
  • PurePath Pantry
  • BlissBites Boutique
  • Diet-Specific Delicacies
  • WholesomeHub
  • Allergy Aware Eats
  • Wellness Wins Market

Amazon Business Name Ideas for Specialty Coffee and Tea Blends Stores

If you’re still addicted to coffee, you know that nothing beats a great cup of that black drink to kick-start your day.

For those of you stepping into the world of finally selling good dark roasts, I give you options you might consider to truly capture the essence of your brand.

  • BrewBounty Store
  • AromaCrafters
  • SipSensations
  • Essence Mugs
  • BeanGrind Barons
  • MysticSteam Collection
  • SereniTea and Coffee
  • BlendBrews Co.
  • AromaBeans Boutique
  • PeakRoast Place
  • InfusionHub
  • ZenithBeans
  • Leaf & Bean Trove
  • VelvetBrew Vendors
  • RoastRituals
  • CuppaCharm Sellers
  • MellowGrounds
  • JavaGems
  • EliteBrews Shelf
  • SteepLeaf Stores
  • GroundsGalore
  • BeanNectar
  • EpicureanElixirs
  • TeaTales & Coffee
  • SavorVista
  • DailyGrind Depot
  • LuxeBeans Market
  • PotionPours
  • BrewLux Lineup
  • AromaArtisans
  • Steeped Delights
  • ChoiceCherries & Leaves
  • PaletteBrews
  • PurityPeaks Coffee & Tea
  • DistinctSips

Amazon Brand Name Ideas for Spicy Snacks from Around the World Stores

Who doesn’t love a good kick of spice in their snacks?

If you’re looking to bring the fiery tastes from all corners of the globe right to people’s doorsteps, I’ve come up with some hot brand name ideas for you.

  • Spice Trek Snacks
  • Global Heat Bites
  • WorldBurn Snack Co.
  • FieryFlavors
  • PlanetPepper Snacks
  • Heatwave Munchies
  • Spicy Sojourns
  • ZestQuest Foods
  • Scorch Snacks
  • EmberEats
  • BlazeBites Global
  • FireTongue Treats
  • SnackScorchers
  • SpiceVoyager
  • HeatSeeker Snacks
  • InfernoBites
  • SizzleSnack Co.
  • Global Zing Foods
  • TorchTaste
  • WildFire Snacks
  • PepperPilgrimage
  • Spicy Journeys
  • FlameFare
  • SavorScald
  • SpiceSprint
  • WorldlyHeat Treats
  • ZestZing Snacks
  • ScaldingSnack Co.
  • EmberEaters
  • GlobeGlaze Snacks
  • HeatHarbor
  • SpiceSailor Snacks
  • FlareFoods
  • Piquant Packs
  • Capsaicin Quest

Amazon Business Name Ideas for Tech Accessories for Gamers Stores

Amazon Business Name Ideas for Tech Accessories for Gamers

Every gamer knows the right gear can make or break the game.

If you’re looking to gear up the gaming community with the coolest accessories, here’s a list that might inspire your brand name.

  • GamerGear Galore
  • EliteGaming Goods
  • NextLevel Accessories
  • GameOn Gadgets
  • BattleReady Basics
  • ProPlay Peripherals
  • GamingGlory Gear
  • Victory Vanguards
  • Streamer’s Sidekick
  • PixelPals Products
  • FragTech Finds
  • ZoneEnd Gear
  • Console Companions
  • Gaming Grit Gear
  • ButtonMash Buys
  • ReadyRig Retinue
  • Pwnage Perks
  • GearUp Gamers
  • PlayEnhancers
  • GameCraft Collections
  • Digital Domination Gear
  • Player’s Prime Picks
  • GameThrive Thrills
  • Apex Accessories
  • Nexus Gaming Gear
  • TactileTech Toys
  • QuestQuip
  • ByteBuddies Gear
  • Joystick Gems
  • Gamer’s Grind Gear
  • Alias Accessories
  • RaidRig Essentials
  • Cyberspace Swag
  • Interactive Insignia
  • TriggerTech Treasures

Amazon Brand Name Ideas for Travel Accessories Stores

Traveling should be about adventure and ease. If you’re ready to help make that happen for folks with a store packed with travel must-haves, these name ideas could be just the ticket.

  • GlobeTrot Gear
  • WanderWares
  • TripTools
  • JourneyJunkie Finds
  • NomadNecessities
  • TravelTrove
  • RoamReady
  • Pathway Products
  • VoyageVitals
  • TrekTechs
  • Wayfarer’s Pack
  • AdventureAids
  • MoveMates
  • QuestQuips
  • GoGadgets
  • TravelTidbits
  • RoamRituals
  • JetSet Secrets
  • Explorer Essentials
  • TrekTrinkets
  • Navigator Needs
  • HikeHelpers
  • FlightFinds
  • Wanderlust Widgets
  • JourneyGems
  • Trekker Trappings
  • Expedition Extras
  • Globetrot Gears
  • Outbound Objects
  • Wayward Wonders
  • Sightsee Supplies
  • Transit Treasures
  • Backpack Buddies
  • Odyssey Objects
  • VentureValise

Amazon Business Name Ideas for Vegan Leather Bags Stores

You’re on the hunt for the perfect name that shows off stylish bags without hurting a fly? You’re in the right place.

I’ve whipped up some cool, compassionate brand name ideas for your vegan leather bag store.

  • EcoChic Carry
  • Earthy Elegance Bags
  • Vegan Vogue Satchels
  • Kind Carryalls
  • PlantBased Purses
  • Ethical Elegance
  • Compassion Couture
  • Leaf Leather Totes
  • Conscious Carry-ons
  • GreenGrace Handbags
  • Botanic Bags
  • Nature’s Clutches
  • Viva Vegan Sacks
  • Herbivore Handbags
  • Faux Fancy
  • Cruelty-Free Carriers
  • Kindness Carries
  • Pure Pouches
  • EcoLuxe Satchels
  • No Harm Handbags
  • PlantCrafted Clutches
  • Alternative Outfit Bags
  • Vegan Leather Luxe
  • PetaPack Purses
  • Prairie Bags
  • Guiltless Glam Bags
  • Bella Botanica
  • Savvy Satchels
  • Terra Totes
  • Urban Utopia Bags
  • NonLeather Luxuries
  • Noble Bags
  • Green Glamour Goods
  • Plant Prestige Purses
  • Sustainable Style Sac

Amazon Brand Name Ideas for Vintage Clothes and Accessories Stores

Amazon Brand Name Ideas for Vintage Clothes and Accessories

Creating a vintage brand name can be a fun task. Perhaps something that conveys a retro feel that no one else has.

Here are a few of mine, but they’re probably being used by somebody at this point.

  • RetroGlam
  • ClassicCouture
  • VintageVogue
  • AntiqueAttire
  • BygoneThreads
  • EpochElegance
  • FadedFashion
  • TimelessTrends
  • YesteryearsYarns
  • OldiesOrnaments
  • NostalgicNeedle
  • PastPerfect
  • RetroRevive
  • DecadeDressing
  • AgedAppeal
  • TimeHonoredTrinkets
  • YoreYears
  • MiVintage
  • ReverieRaiments
  • RetroFrock
  • ChicThreads
  • DapperDays
  • PeriodPizzazz
  • QuaintQuality
  • InThePast Lane
  • VintageVanity
  • OldenEra Elegance
  • GoldenAge Glam
  • RetroRarity
  • PastEra Panache
  • VintageVistas
  • RusticRelic
  • ChicChronicles
  • YesteryearYarns
  • AntiqueAura

Amazon Business Name Ideas for Yoga and Pilates Equipment Stores

Choosing the perfect name for your Amazon Yoga and Pilates store is one of the few (or only) really creative things you can do when you start your business on Amazon.

All things being equal, the right name can mean free traffic once you start doing sell-through to a reasonable shopper base.

Boring and forgettable (2 seconds later) names are almost always a detriment. A good name sticks with your shopper and is one of the easiest things to remember. Here are some of them:

  • ZenGear
  • FlexFlowEquip
  • InnerBalance Tools
  • SereneStrength
  • PeacefulPoses
  • CoreCalm Supplies
  • AsanaEssentials
  • PilatesProEquipment
  • StretchSoul Supplies
  • YogaYard Gear
  • BlissBend Equipment
  • HarmonyHelpers
  • PosePerfect Products
  • MatMastery Tools
  • ZenithYoga Supplies
  • PilatesPrecision Gear
  • SpiritStretch Supplies
  • TranquilTrend Tools
  • FlexForm Equipment
  • QuietQuest Gear
  • AlignAccessories
  • EnlightenEquip
  • BreatheBalance Gear
  • MindfulMats
  • VinyasaVault
  • PranaProps
  • SerenityStash
  • LotusLift Tools
  • EquipoiseEquipment
  • NamasteNecessities
  • SoulStretch Supplies
  • ZenZone Gear
  • OmnisYoga Essentials
  • PilatesPlus Equipment
  • YogaEssence Equip

How to Name Your Amazon Store While Feeling Confident and Secure 

When it comes to picking your Amazon store name, there are a few guidelines you should follow.

While focusing on making a good first impression on your target audience is a great place to start, remember that your brand name can affect your visibility on Amazon Search also. 

Here’s what you need to keep in mind: 

  1. Stick to Amazon’s guidelines: Amazon has many rules for the content of your store’s name. For example, you cannot use “Amazon” on your name, even if you’re selling accessories for the Amazon Jungle (too bad!). You also cannot use any other established trademarked names in the name of the store unless you actually own them. So, you need to become educated on the exact details of the Amazon guidelines before beginning your naming process. 
  2. Make it memorable but relevant: You could find a name that literally sticks by integrating the product you’re selling into your company name. For example, if your business sells eco-friendly home goods, consider including words that reflect nature and sustainability. 
  3. Consider your domain name: Most sellers eventually build out their own independent websites to help compliment their Amazon store. Checking to see if a domain name is available that matches your store name would also help out from a branding perspective. 
  4. Use keyword research: While you do not want to make your store name a long mess and just a big list of keywords, you do want to include a few keywords if it makes sense to do so as long as it seems natural and not spammy. One way to get an idea of what your customers may be searching for is to use the Google Keyword Planner tool or by using Amazon’s own search bar. 
  5. Keep it scalable: Right now, maybe you’re only doing coffee brewed at home, but what if you decide to move into teas or other drinks? A name that’s too specific—say, “Joe’s Coffee Brews”—could pin you down later. Think about the future and what you want to do. 

Real-World Example

Let’s talk about a successful Amazon store—Anker. It sells mobile charging products.

Amazon store Anker

The name is short, easy to remember, and hints at its product line’s reliability and strength (think anchor). Anker’s name works well across different countries and languages, which is something else to consider if you’re striving for international sales.

Remember, once you decide on a name, it can be quite a hassle to change it later, especially after you’ve started building your brand. So, take your time, do your research, and choose a name that will stand the test of time as your Amazon store grows.


Now that you’ve chosen your Amazon store name (I hope so!), it’s time to start building your store.

Likewise, take a look at some web hosting companies you might need to set up your website. It’s always best to secure our domain name and digital real estate before throwing ourselves out into the market.

Good luck with your Amazon store!

Vaslou is a passionate digital creator and blogger who loves to explore unique paths to generate online income. He’s also a musician, always looking for exciting paths to articulate his inventive spirit in the musical realm. When he’s not at work on his online endeavors, Vasco loves to delve into spiritual realms to become a better version of himself.

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