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How To Change TikTok Location To USA & Reach a US Audience

how to change tiktok location to usa and reach a usa audience

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If you want to know how to change your TikTok location to the USA, I might be able to help.

This article offers a comprehensive step-by-step guide on how I changed my location/region on the TikTok app to the USA to reach a north-American audience. It can be a little challenging, but it works.

The first you might ask is, “Why did I want to change the location on TikTok, anyway?”

Well, in December 2021, I took the 15-Second Free Leads course to help me grow an audience on TikTok and promote an affiliate product I stand behind. You can see how my account grew quickly in a few weeks:

TikTok followers growth January 2022

I wanted to reach an English-speaking country like the USA because the affiliate product I was promoting is in English. I currently reside in Portugal. However, before I discovered what I’m about to share, I opened an account on TikTok to promote the same product. As you could expect, I received no engagement and thought I was wasting my time.

So I figured out a solution.

TikTok video views by region United States

And in this article, I’m going to tell you about it. This step-by-step tutorial will assist you to achieve your goal if you reside outside the US and wish to use TikTok to connect with a US audience.

Things You Need To Change TikTok Location To USA

Below are the elements I used that allowed me to reach a USA audience on TikTok while residing in Portugal.

  • USA SIM T-Mobile Card.
  • ExpressVPN.
  • APKPure App.
  • A new TikTok account.

If you continue reading, I’ll show you a detailed tutorial on implementing all those elements so your TikTok videos can reach a US audience.

How To Change Your TikTok Location To USA

You can see all the steps I did to change my TikTok location to the United States in this section. While some of the steps might be unnecessary, I wanted to play it safe, so I’ll include them all.

Some claim switching to a US SIM card is sufficient. Others claim a VPN is all you need. Many users are experiencing trouble setting their TikTok location to the US using only one of those methods. I’ve included both in this guide because that’s what worked for me.

1. Get a USA SIM T-Mobile Card

Before we start messing with the phone, you need a US SIM card. This is important because your smartphone needs help “thinking” it is located in the US.

I purchased this USA SIM T-Mobile card from (the Spanish website). However, you may get it from the US Amazon website ( here. Although they’re different, they have similar features.

USA T Mobile Prepaid SIM card

Don’t overlook this step! Your mobile device will need a US-based SIM card for this process to work.

TikTok chooses what you view based on the area code of your SIM card. This may be challenging without a dual-SIM phone, but it is still doable.

Place your SIM card order, then wait for delivery by mail.

2. Factory Reset Your Mobile Phone

Once your SIM card has arrived, it’s time to reset your phone to its factory default settings. Only reset your phone when the SIM card arrives, or you’ll waste your time.

But before we start, make sure the TikTok app is not installed on your device. Also, make a backup of your files because you’ll have to erase all data on your smartphone.

Find the Factory Data Reset on your Android device.

Android factory data reset all files

Don’t type anything on the phone after you have restored your smartphone to its factory default settings. The first you need to do is insert the SIM card on the smartphone. You don’t need to activate the card, so don’t worry.

3. Install ExpressVPN

Now that you have your USA SIM card on your phone and you’ve already set it up to work properly, you’ll have to install ExpressVPN.

Want a special deal? Get 3 extra months free when you buy through my link.

ExpressVPN is the best VPN I’ve used so far, as it lets me access many websites other well-known VPNs can’t. You may try using others, but I’m showing what works for me.

Besides, ExpressVPN has a 30-day money-back guarantee, so if you’re not satisfied, you can issue a refund, no questions asked.

To install ExpressVPN, don’t go to Google Play Store.

To access the Google Play Store, you need to be logged into your Gmail account. You might view all the information, including the apps, in your language when you access Google Play Store because your Gmail account and cell phone number may be linked. That’s what you want to avoid (remember that I’m playing it safe).

Maybe it’s better not to log in to your Gmail account on your phone before this guide is over.

In order to download and set up the VPN, go to the ExpressVPN website, choose the desired pricing plan, and then complete the payment. You can do this on your desktop.

Once you have an ExpressVPN account, log into it on your mobile device and download the app to your phone. Remember, don’t get the app on Google Play. Instead, download the APK file.

ExpressVPN download APK

Once you have downloaded the ExpressVPN APK file, open it and install it. When prompted, copy and paste your activation code.

ExpressVPN activation code

Setting Up ExpressVPN

Now that you have ExpressVPN installed and working on your mobile device, it’s time to set it up to trick your Wi-fi connection.

First, select a VPN location from the US. From my experience, selecting the USA – New York VPN location works perfectly.

ExpressVPN location USA New York

Once you have selected your VPN location, your ExpressVPN app should look like this.

ExpressVPN connected

Congratulations! You’ve just connected ExpressVPN to your mobile device.

If you want to connect more devices with the same account, that’s possible. ExpressVPN allows you to connect up to 5 devices simultaneously using the same activation code.

Get ExpressVPN and 3 extra months for free.

4. Download APKPure

As you might have suspected, you will not download TikTok from the Google Play Store. Instead, you’ll get the TikTok APK file using APKPure.

APKPure provides software downloads for smartphones with a better, safer, and faster download experience. They provide one of the most complete apps, games, and version history libraries.

To get the APKPure app, type “apkpure” on your mobile browser.

Google search APK Pure

Click on the first website that appears (

Next, download the APKPure app to your mobile device.

Download APKPure app

5. Download TikTok APK File

After APKPure finishes the installation, open the app and type “TikTok” in the search box.

You will see several apps with the TikTok logo, but I recommend you install the APK tagged with “Social,” which has more ratings and comments.

APK Pure download TikTok APK

6. Create Your New TikTok Account

By now, you should have your USA T-Mobile SIM card on your device, the ExpressVPN app installed, and the TikTok app installed through an APK file.

Before you open TikTok, make sure ExpressVPN is connected. You can see its little icon on the top bar of your device.

ExpressVPN icon on mobile device

All you have to do now is create a TikTok account as you’d normally do. You can try creating new content if you already have a TikTok account and check your analytics to see if people in the US are viewing it. If it’s not, your only option is to create a new TikTok account.

TikTok suggests content based on the phone number you provided while creating your account. Because of this, after an account has been created, VPN frequently stops working. That’s why creating a new account is essential after you’ve done all the steps above.

And that’s it! You can immediately begin producing content on your TikTok app to market to a new US audience. This is especially helpful if you use TikTok for affiliate marketing and want to take advantage of the enormous reach the platform offers you.

And if you’re new to TikTok and want to grow an audience fast and promote affiliate products, I recommend you take the 15-Second Free Leads course that will help you achieve just that.

How To Reach a US Audience On TikTok (Other Ways)

Besides the step-by-step guide I provided that worked flawlessly for me, there are other ways to reach a US audience on TikTok. However, they’re not an overnight solution.

These are simple to use, but they will gradually alter your profile’s algorithm, displaying your content to audiences in the USA and suggesting content from content creators in other nations. Don’t expect immediate changes when using these suggestions.

  • Change your account language to English.
  • Use English hashtags. For instance, if you’re from Portugal and want to attract followers from the United States, you should include pertinent tags written in English.
  • Create on-video text and captions in the language you intend to use.
  • If you talk in your TikTok videos, do it in English.
  • As soon as you find creators and influencers from the United States on TikTok, immediately engage with them by liking, following, and commenting on their content.
  • Search for relevant content in English by typing keywords into the search field.

This method requires time and is not entirely foolproof like the guide I provide in this article.


How can I reach a TikTok US audience if I’m not in the US?

If you’re currently residing outside the US and want to reach a TikTok US audience, follow these steps:

  1. Get a USA SIM T-Mobile card and insert it on your smartphone after you have reset it to its factory default settings.
  2. Install ExpressVPN.
  3. Download the TikTok APK file from the APKPure app.
  4. Create a new TikTok account.

What is a VPN?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. A VPN is a secure and private connection that allows you to access any website or app on the Internet, regardless of what country you are in. The VPN encrypts all of your data and tunnels it through a secure server located in another country.

A VPN is the only way to connect to the Internet securely, as it creates a secure tunnel between your device and the server. This tunnel ensures that all of your data is encrypted and safe from prying eyes.

Since it is impossible for an outsider to determine who owns a specific IP address, your Internet service provider (ISP) cannot track what you do online when using a VPN.

What is an APK?

Android Application Package (APK) files are the format used by the Android operating system to distribute and install mobile applications. It contains all the resources an application needs to run on Android, including the code, resource files, and other assets.

APK files are generally downloaded from Google Play Store but can also be downloaded from third-party sources.


In this article, I lay out the step-by-step process I used to make sure my TikTok videos were seen by US users, even though I don’t currently reside in the US.

If you live outside of the United States and wish to make TikTok videos to reach US users, this guide will help you do that.

Let me know how it works out for you if you use my guide. I’d love to know about your experience.

Vaslou is a passionate digital creator and blogger who loves to explore unique paths to generate online income. He’s also a musician, always looking for exciting paths to articulate his inventive spirit in the musical realm. When he’s not at work on his online endeavors, Vasco loves to delve into spiritual realms to become a better version of himself.

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  1. hey, awesome article. this method seems by far the safest, but the vpn is technically not useful for that, maybe a proxy would work better. For the IOS users do we have any alternative for the apk tiktok downloads?

  2. Do you know does this “location dependency” apply for other short form video content platforms? (FB & IG reels, YT shorts, etc…)

    Thanks for the great guide!

    • Hi Jouni, I have no idea. The best way is to check out your analytics for each platform. I believe Facebook Reels and YouTube Shorts let you see a detailed report of the countries where your content is being shown.

  3. Hey,

    the t-mobile card is 9/12 days useable, on the shop its 30/45/60 days.

    Can you still reach a US audience after the 9 days? Or do you have to extend your usage time?

    On amazon they say the mobile number will canceled after the 9 days.

    Thank you!

    • Hi Chris,
      Actually, I never activated the card. The important thing is for your smartphone to recognize it before you even install TikTok. And I believe that if you create a TikTok account the way I describe, it doesn’t matter if you even remove the card in the future, as TikTok will still show your content to a US audience.

      • Does that mean I could theoretically use the same sim-card to register several TikTok accounts or would that trigger a red flag? And by the way the Link to the US amazon product page is broken

        • Hi Kurt,
          I believe that could work. However, I registered an account with an email address, not the phone number.
          Also, check that link again, as it’s live on my end.

  4. Hello. SIM prices are quite high and there are time limits. You said above that you use it without activating it, but shouldn’t the SIM be active in order to receive the OTP sms, which we use the phone number to open a tiktok account?

        • It’s best if you open the account with an email address instead of a phone number. The SIM card (and the VPN) trick your phone into thinking it’s located in the US. And that’s important when downloading the TikTok app (however, I think it’s best to download the APK file, as I mention in the article). Also, if that SIM card is from the US, I believe there’s no difference between the two.

  5. Hi there. I haven’t found the info anywhere if you’re somehow connected to the Wi-Fi when you do everything? Otherwise, you won’t need the VPN if you’d actually use the US sim card for mobile data, right? Thanks!

    • If you use the US SIM card for mobile data, you’ll have to get a mobile plan. Since I already had ExpressVPN, I stuck with it. To use mobile data, you’ll have to test it for yourself. Hope that helps.

  6. Hi Vasco, thanks for the great article! One question, are you sure it’s safe to use dual sim? How it will know which sim card to use?

    • After resetting the smartphone to its default settings, make sure only to use the US SIM card when installing TikTok and creating your account. After that, insert your other SIM card. Also, don’t forget always to use the VPN. In terms of how TikTok determines which SIM card you are using, I have no idea. I only shared what worked for me. As soon as you get followers and views from the US, I believe TikTok will continue to show your content to a US-based audience even if you remove the SIM card (you can try that as an experiment).

  7. Hello! Thank you very much for the article.

    Do you think it would be possible to do this on a Huawei phone and reach the US audience? (they are not very common in the US and I’m thinking that this could be a red flag to TikTok?

    Thanks again!

      • Ok, got it. But also:
        1. Does it work if I use LycaMobile USA sim cards?
        2. When I put the sim card in my phone do I have to have an active monthly plan for this purpose?

        • I only used the T-Mobile USA SIM card, but I believe any USA card will work. And no, I didn’t have any monthly plan with it since I didn’t activate it.

  8. What should I do if I only have one phone (dual sim) and I want to use both of the sim cards – a US sim card and another one which is from my country? Will they affect each other negatively?

    • Try starting TikTok with your new US SIM card after applying all the steps in this blog post. Then insert your normal SIM (from your country), post on TikTok, and keep an eye on your stats to see where your videos are being viewed. You have to test it out.

  9. Can I have someone from the US open a TikTok for me using their phone and an email address (to actually open the account) they set up and then open it where I am and then post as myself? Will that work? Or will it change to my location.

  10. Hi,
    I purchased a USA T-Mobile sim (which I activated prior to reading this). It wont work for text or data while i’m in Australia. So you’re saying the sim just needs to be in the phone, but not activated? How do I get the VPN without data? Or can I use my Aus wifi to download this and it won’t affect it?

  11. Hey, nice article. I am studying social media marketing and would like to see ads in the US region. I used your method and created an account apparently in the US, and all contents seem to be from the US. However, I still do not see the ads. Do you possibly know why? Thanks so much.

  12. After putting my US sim card in my phone and also installing TikTok from an apk website, should I now post accordingly to US timezone or would I still post in my country’s timezone? Thanks!

  13. Hi Vasco, very interesting. Willing to test.
    You mentioned Google Play. What is the process we need to undertake, in your opinion, with a iOS phone?

    • Hi Marta,

      On iOS, there’s an app called “Apk Downloader for ApkOnline.” You can try to download TikTok’s apk through the Android emulator to create your account. Maybe that will help.

  14. This the best information I’ve received about this so far, I’ve just received my US sim, and I’ve got a 2 questions.

    1. Do you HAVE to use VPN in order for this to work as I’ve heard others say that only SIM is needed and you can use your home Wi-Fi with no VPN or is this not true?

    2. Can you use your current tiktok account that you created before the US sim or no?

    3. Is it necessary for you to reset your whole phone for this to work? Or can you just clear cache (data) from tiktok app and delete the app fully then download again?

    • In this article, I only shared what worked for me. If you want to do it differently, go ahead, but I cannot provide a definitive answer.

      1. Because you already have a US SIM card, the VPN is just another layer of security, telling the TikTok app that you’re logging in from the US.
      2. You have to try it and see if your new content is being seen by US viewers.
      3. You can try to delete the cache from TikTok and reinstall it again. However, you could use a dummy TikTok account to test if your new content is being shown to US viewers.

      • I’ve tested this using a US SIM card and it worked for me straight away (no VPN or new account). But it got frustrating changing SIM cards constantly and felt that it might mess up the algorithm so I got another phone to use this method.

  15. Hello, I bought a new phone with android specifically for my US card. Can you tell me please, if the smartphone should be in airplane mode or should I just turn on the wifi? What email should I give when creating a new Tik Tok account? Does it matter? I have a gmail email , but it is linked to my google account. Maybe I should make a new incognito gmail email so it’s not related to creating a google account? Very well written article, good work 🙂 Thanks !

    • I would create a new Gmail account on a desktop using a VPN with your location set to the US. Then, when turning on the wifi on your smartphone, make sure you’re also using a VPN.

  16. Hi Vasco, thanks for the great article!

    You mentioned that you use Huawei for this. I use Honor which is not common in the US either and after resetting it asks me to create a Huawei ID since I skipped the Google login. How did you proceed since no US option exists in the location list?

  17. I heard only the SIM card was useful.
    1 – No need for a VPN. (Even if I understand your interest in generating affiliate commission with a VPN).
    2 – APKPure is optional, right? It can work the same if downloadind the App from GooglePlay?

    Thank you

    • Hi Nicolas,

      I’ve heard so many stories saying that people couldn’t get their videos to show on the US with only a SIM card. So I decided to do it the hard way: with a SIM card, a VPN, and APKPure. But if the SIM works for you, that’s great.

      Regarding APKPure: GooglePlay is connected to your Google account, and Google knows your home country (at least the phone number you gave them when creating your Google account). So, as a further step, I decided to bypass GooglePlay and use APKPure. Maybe I didn’t need to, but I’m not doing it all over again just to test it 🙂 Try it and then let us know!

  18. Hi so far for me just using the US sim card alone is working for me but I just wanted to ask regarding your viewership, does it ever get stuck at around 200-300 views?

  19. Hello Vasco great article! Do I always have to be connected to VPN to load content, or do I only need it to create the account in TikTok? And does the sim card always have to stay in the phone when I’m in TikTok?

    • Hi Nik,

      Well, to be honest, that’s how I did it back then. But you can try ditching the VPN after creating the account and see how it goes.

  20. Hi Vasco, I am so glad to have found your sharing, it was difficult for me to find information on this matter.

    I have been running a TikTok US account with Surfshark VPN, but the views of the videos I posted on the account was limited(below 100). However, I received some likes and shares(around 10-20 per video), which I guess the content of the videos is ok, should have reached better performance(above 100 views).

    I suspect the reason is the surfshark VPN, as the IP changes frequently. Is there any solution I can use other than VPN? I am also thinking to go live with US audience if possible.

    Thank you very much in advance!

    • Are you using a US SIM card? Also, you could try a 1-month subscription of ExpressVPN, see if changes anything, and use they 30-day money-back guarantee if the results are the same.

  21. Hey, thank you for your article 🙌🏻. I’m waiting for my Sim card 👍🏻
    But what if I want to promote my video, can I buy some coins using PayPal?


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