Payhip Review: Is It The Best Platform To Sell Your Products?

Payhip review

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When it comes to figuring out the best eCommerce platform, there are lots of choices to sift through. It can be overwhelming to determine what the best choice is for your unique business.

If you want to sell digital downloads or physical and digital products online with your own website, you can. However, the technical side of setting up your store on WordPress is not easy. That’s why an e-commerce platform like Payhip comes in handy.

The Payhip platform is perfect for individuals who want to sell via social media platforms, blogs, and other websites. Selling your digital product gets even easier thanks to Payhip’s integration with your PayPal account. You also get one of the lower transaction fees on the market.

In this review, I’ll outline how Payhip works and what makes it different from other eCommerce platforms.

What is Payhip?


Based out of the UK, Payhip is an eCommerce platform used by over 130,000 creators worldwide to sell digital products, such as downloads, courses, coaching, and memberships, along with physical products.

It has lots of built-in features that make it easy to use for a flexible customer base, from established sellers to small business owners who are just beginning.

What Can I Sell on Payhip?

In short, you can sell pretty much anything on Payhip, but here is a general breakdown of the main categories.

  • Digital Downloads – You can sell ebooks and upload them to the platform in PDF format. You can also sell software and other digital files.
  • Courses – Lessons can be added under course listings. It’s easy to keep track of students, assignments, and quizzes, as well as course surveys and comments.
  • Physical Products – Selling physical products is easy. Art, crafts, plus clothing, and other physical items are easily listed and tracked. You can upload a photo of your product and describe its characteristics.
  • Coaching – Sellers can determine their own intake process to set up one-to-one coaching. You choose a start date and payment plan (one-time, subscription, or monthly payments), and outline the goals your coaching will achieve.
  • Subscription Services – Users can also sell subscription services and bundle a combination of digital products and courses. You can accept payments via PayPal, Stripe, and credit cards, no matter where your customer is located. Moreover, Payhip takes responsibility for law compliance by applying VAT to EU/UK customers who buy your products through your online store.
Payhip selling services

Payhip is one of the best online platforms to sell physical and digital products online. Additionally, its built-in reporting tools allow you to track your sales performance. And if you have any technical difficulties, the Payhip support team is there to help and guide you.

What Makes Payhip Different?

There are countless eCommerce solutions out there, many of which have features that overlap with Payhip.

Here are some Payhip characteristics that make it stand out and would have me recommending it above other platforms.

Diverse Product Platform

One of the things that stood out to me about Payhip is that there are all kinds of sellers using the platform.

It’s easy to upload and promote an ebook, but the process is equally streamlined for selling courses and coaching, for example. This is especially useful for creators who have more than one type of product they’re selling because you have the freedom to move between mediums without complication.

It’s even possible to have separate Payhip accounts selling different types of products, with the benefit of familiarizing yourself with just one platform.

Besides selling your digital products and ebooks, you can also use Payhip to sell physical products and follow up with your clients through a built-in email marketing feature.

Because this platform enables you to develop and sell numerous membership plans, using Payhip to convert your website into a membership site is a simple and straightforward process.

You are free to design your own membership options, complete with a variety of pricing tiers and payment schedules, or you may even offer your clients a free trial.


Payhip simple pricing get started

The convenient thing about Payhip’s pricing options is that you don’t have to pay anything until you begin to make money yourself.

You could even open your store with just one item. This takes away a lot of the stress of starting your own business because initial investment money is definitely one of the barriers that new business owners encounter, not to mention the risk associated with starting a new venture.

If you’ve been trying to decide whether or not to try selling a product, then Payhip’s flexible pricing really does offer an incentive to start right away. Besides, all plans offer unlimited revenue and unlimited products.


Your Payhip account has a user-friendly interface that makes navigating its dashboard a straightforward process.

The Store Builder feature on Payhip is incredibly easy to use, regardless of your past experience with creating websites.

Payhip Store Builder

Payhip allows you to quickly and simply build a professional and visually-pleasing site for your products. The Store Builder is one of my favorite features of the Payhip platform because many potential sellers and small business owners have a terrific product but are nervous about their design or coding skills.

With Payhip, you don’t need to know any coding, and you don’t need to have design skills. There are pre-determined sections that you can fiddle around with, using your choice of font and color scheme.

I also appreciated that there are tutorial videos embedded right into the store builder that clearly explain how to do things like customizing your colors, so any questions that might come up are answered immediately.

The other thing is that if you are a person that is design savvy, you can still utilize those skills in the colors and fonts, as well as the images you choose to upload.

Promotional Tools

Payhip provides several promotional tools you can use to grow your business.

The marketing feature on Payhip not only proves useful in general but would be particularly helpful to someone who’s just starting out and might not know a lot about marketing or is perhaps nervous about their ability to promote themselves effectively.

The Payhip platform lists marketing options that sellers might not come up with on their own, and I appreciate that they were in one place, putting them at front of mind and streamlining the process.

For each, there’s a “learn more” link that explains the concept and gives easy-to-follow instructions about implementing that particular marketing tool.

Here are a few promotional tools that Payhip sellers can utilize:

  • Coupons – It’s easy to add a coupon for a specific product (or the entire store) and retrieve a coupon code to promote on Socials or via email lists.
  • Social Discounts – You can incentivize customers to share on Facebook by offering a predetermined percentage off. The discount option will appear in your store under the products you’ve chosen to include.
  • Referrals – You can create a link that customers can share via email, text, or Socials, so that potential buyers have the option to earn discounts by referring friends to your store. (In turn, the referred friends enjoy a discount.)
Payhip dashboard social discounts

Another marketing feature that Payhip offers is the Affiliate option.

Each Payhip seller has a unique link that they can forward to potential affiliates, where they can sign up and enter their payment information (PayPal). Affiliates may earn a commission while promoting your products and increasing your brand awareness.

Payhip dashboard affiliate sales reports

With Payhip’s affiliate system, it’s easy for sellers to add items for their affiliates to promote, as well as specify what percentage of the sales the affiliate will earn.

Payhip sellers can click on the monthly sales report to find out how much each affiliate earned, as well as view their payment information. Payhip must handle the payment of their own affiliates, which is made simple by having all the information organized in one place.

Payhip Pricing

Payhip has three pricing options.

Payhip pricing
  • Free Forever – You pay $0/month for the platform and a 5% transaction fee. Payhip only generates revenue as soon as you start selling items through it. You also get access to all the features, including unlimited products and no revenue cap.
  • Plus ($29/month) – Offers a lower transaction fee of 2%.
  • Pro ($99/month) – In this plan, there’s no transaction fee.

Getting started selling digital products online with Payhip is easy and beginner-friendly, as they have low transaction fees and a free plan. Additionally, the free-forever plan includes unlimited products and unlimited revenue.

If your business supports charities, you can contact Payhip and they might give you a discount on your pricing plan.

Payhip’s Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Payhip?

Payhip is a free online platform that makes it easy to sell digital and physical products online.

Can I sell physical and digital products on Payhip?

Yes, you can. And you can start selling them for free. With Payhip’s free plan, the platform takes a transaction fee of only 5% of your sales.

How much does Payhip cost?

It’s free, but 5% transaction fees are applied, so if you don’t have much cash, this would be the easiest way to make quick sales.

Is Payhip legitimate?

Yes, the Payhip platform can make a legitimate business. Like all businesses, it comes down to you to make it successful.

Payhip Review: Conclusion

Payhip is easy to use and risk-free. It’s an appealing platform for all kinds of business owners and equally user-friendly for writers, creators, teachers, and coaches, regardless of the type of product you’re selling.

The marketing tools are definitely one of the best features of Payhip to promote and sell your digital products online. Best of all, you don’t pay anything until your store starts making money.

There are many great features on Payhip, and I strongly recommend this platform to people who want to sell their digital products.

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