Top 10 React JS UI Frameworks You Should Know in 2023

Are you looking for the best React JS UI framework for your project? As React JS UI frameworks are popular, you can find an array of different frameworks suitable to your needs.

Designing interactive sites may require front-end coding skills, and front-end development requires different JavaScript tools to manage web pages.

React is an open-source, free JavaScript library, and front-end developers can use it to build different interfaces. Additionally, developers can use the framework to create mobile applications and single-page apps.

It uses a declarative programming feature, which helps to manage web pages. Instagram, Netflix, and Salesforce are some big companies that favor React.

To develop the best UI frameworks, you need to hire a ReactJS programmer for your project.

And if you’re considering offshore app development for your React JS project, finding a team of experienced developers who can deliver quality work within your budget and timeline is essential.

Let’s dive deep and see the top React JS UI frameworks in 2023.

Top React JS UI Frameworks

1. Material UI

Material UI

Material UI is the best framework you can use for your projects.

It comes with a pre-built set of components and exclusive themes to design interface elements, including different tools like navigation, drop-down menus, sliders, and many customized tools.

All the elements adhere to Google material designs, offering good compatibility. The framework provides elements that help in native mobile development, offering a change of colors and adjustments between styling components.

Most developers prefer MUI because of the ease it offers in developing a site. Also, documentation support helps new developers with their doubts.

2. React Bootstrap

React Bootstrap

React Bootstrap is the most popular and oldest UI library, and it’s the first choice for expert developers to create web apps.

It comes with all the essential elements that help create user interfaces for mobile apps and websites. Additionally, it eliminates the need for jQuery dependency and bootstrap js.

The best part about the framework is that it can import individual components from the library. Following this, the developers can work on the project at a faster speed.

With React Bootstrap, developers will take a shorter time to code, as it offers efficient code management and better stability compared to other frameworks.

3. React Redux

React Redux

React Redux is known for its certainty. You will need to set the value you want from your components. Plus, it comes with a simple interface and code-testing capabilities.

The interface automatically fetches, updates, and increases the value of components. Moreover, it contains dev tools that help identify state changes, send error reports, and maintain logs.

Additionally, it is one of the top UI for debugging applications. The React library has more than 21,000 GitHub stars, which states how popular it is.

React Redux is compatible with different JavaScript frameworks. Also, developers can connect the codes to several components and write and edit them according to need.

4. Ant Design

Ant Design

Ant Design is a CSS framework often used to create appealing UI components and is used by over 100 companies for their projects.

It has an extensive library for front-end development and GIU design that helps client development. The best part is that the design elements are simple to integrate. All the components can be used with React.

Additionally, it comes with different design elements and customized themes. You can also use exclusive development tools with the framework.

Ant Design has more than 50 components and helps the UI for enterprise-grade apps. Thus, you can expect complete flexibility and efficiency with the framework.

5. Semantic UI

Semantic UI

Semantic UI is one of the most used UI frameworks, as it integrates with React to offer a customized library of components. It is an open-source project in GitHub that helps design CSS-style sheets.

However, it does not work on virtual DOM but on individual jQuery. The best part is it contains customized elements for front-end development.

The augment feature of the framework helps in building responsive web pages. Plus, the framework has unique functions and components for interactive projects.

Additionally, the subcomponents offer better access control, as well as editing markup. Semantic UI enables better component utilization.

6. Blueprint UI

Blueprint JS UI

Blueprint works on the CSS format and helps develop web apps for front-end development.

The best feature of Blueprint is that it suits the UI for data-intensive and complex web pages.

It includes a vast CSS library with 30 components with options for coding and minimal scripting.

Additionally, it has a multi-touch interface, which is intuitive and straightforward. It includes the main components with distinct features for selection, icons, tables, date, and time. You can use design elements like – color scenes and typography with the framework.

Moreover, it comes with dark themes with customized design elements.

7. Fluent UI

Fluent UI

Microsoft developed Fluent UI, which was earlier known as the Fabric React library. All Fluent UI’s graphics and components resemble MS Office, and it shares compatibility with Azuredevops, Office 365, and One note.

Besides, the default settings of the UI are suitable for most projects.

It comes with a set of pre-built components that can be customized according to need and has a straightforward approach to website development.

The best part is that the library offers the best cross-platform compatibility, supporting Android, iOS, and other desktop versions.

8. Chakra UI

Chakra UI

You don’t need time to write code in Chakra UI, as it’s one of the best React JS frameworks that offers good results in lesser time.

It enables faster development and offers an accessible UI and modular components for building applications.

This top React JS framework also enables React developers to create new components that can be reused and customized.

Chakra UI offers different light and dark components, themes, and more than 40 components. Plus, it comes with inputs, icons, and accordions. Although the library is new, its community is very active.

9. Grommet


Grommet is a CSS framework that comes with component packages; you can design responsive mobile websites with the framework. Plus, it features eye-catching themes, a vibrant layout, and excellent accessibility.

It includes an icon component that features a collection of SVG icons and other components for customizing the UI’s, input visualization, layout media options, colors, and controls.

Grommet is a modular yet simple framework that you can use with new projects or integrate with existing ones.

10. Evergreen


Evergreen React UI framework comes with 30+ components that help the development process, and they are built with primitive UI with usable patterns.

The library is simple to edit and offers complete flexibility. Also, the classic and default themes make creating CSS components easy.

You can use Evergreen v6, which uses an updated theme API for a better version, accessibility, and customization.

Wrapping It Up

Everyone can play a role in shaping the direction of the web development ecosystem. Your choice of software ultimately determines which frameworks will receive funding, more development support, and in turn, more developer adoption.

As React UI is the most preferred framework, you need to select the right one for your project, which can improve your productivity and efficiency.

Whether you’re using React or not for front-end services, keep an eye on its growth. And if you’re not using React today, consider it for your next big project.

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