Explore The 15 Best Work-From-Home Jobs You Can Start for A Successful Career

Work from home jobs

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In this article, I’ll list the best work-from-home jobs you can consider to start living on your own terms.

Being our own boss is a dream for many, yet even some home-based jobs come with their own supervisor—not all jobs are made equal.

Get ready for this comprehensive list of the jobs you can start right at your home.

What Are The Best Work-From-Home Jobs?

I prepared this list with the best high-paying work-at-home online jobs that I hope can help you see that you can be your own boss in the comfort of your home. You’ll find value here

Whether you’re looking for a full-time or part-time legitimate work-from-home job, to start making money online at your own pace.

1. Best Work-From-Home Job: Blogger

Vaslou blogging while traveling

The best work-from-home job that I genuinely recommend is starting a blog.

You have total control over what you write about, how the website looks, and the daily time you want to spend on it.

It is a great way of building a side business that might earn you reasonable amounts of money in the long term. You just have to put in the work.

Being a blogger is one of the best work-from-home jobs that pay well above average.

There are several ways you can earn money with a blog, and those are:

  1. Affiliate Marketing
  2. Advertising
  3. Selling Your Own Products
  4. Memberships
  5. Consulting or Coaching

Let’s go over them briefly.

I. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing lets you promote other people’s products and earn a commission.

This is, by far, the best source of income for most bloggers.

Several affiliate marketing networks, such as ShareASale, Awin, Amazon Associates, Clickbank, FlexOffers, and Rakuten Marketing, have thousands of products ready to be promoted.

One way to leverage affiliate marketing is to start a review blog that offers honest product reviews. If your blog is in a particular niche, like health, wealth, relationships, or food, it’s best to stick with products related to that niche.

work from home jobs blogger affiliate marketing

When you write about a particular niche, you gain some authority on the subject, and your readers will trust you more if you promote a related product.

To gain higher commissions, aim for high-ticket affiliate products. These affiliate programs allow you to earn hundreds to thousands on a single commission.

II. Advertising

Another way to generate income with your blog is through advertising.

However, I consider it to be the last resort when it comes to blogging monetization, as you need a lot of traffic to earn a significant amount of money.

Most bloggers start with Google Adsense and consider joining high-end advertising networks like Mediavine, AdThrive, or Gourmet Ads when their traffic allows. These networks offer higher commissions but also higher requirements.

But don’t get too excited about it! Too many ads are distracting and may hurt the user experience on your blog. Focus on writing good content and keep ads to a minimum. With time, your blog’s traffic will start to increase, as well as the ads’ revenue.

III. Selling Your Own Products

Imagine that you’re a food enthusiast and start learning to shoot great pictures of your recipes. You learn about light, editing, and even upgrading your camera. You could write and sell an ebook about food photography specifically targeted at food bloggers (which would be your niche, in this case), as Lindsay did.

Pinch of Yum Tasty Food Photography eBook

Or, if you have a blog about music or photography, you could sell your audio files or photos.

The important lesson here is that you must show your audience you’re an expert on what you’re selling. That gets easy when you have a niche blog, and your product is niche-related. It wouldn’t make sense to sell a recipe book in a finance blog, right?

IV. Memberships

Although all the content you publish on your blog is free for everyone to access, you can have restricted content only available when a user logs in after paying a membership fee, usually monthly. 

Once inside the member’s area, they can access exclusive content and privileges.

One advantage of a membership area is that you can leverage your content, making it a reusable asset, just like selling an ebook. You create it once, and then you can sell it to thousands of people for years to come.

Another advantage of a membership site is that its content becomes more valuable.

Usually, people value more when they pay for content rather than when it’s given for free. Does it happen to you? It sure does for me. Because there’s an energy exchange (money exchange), people are more likely to take action and see results, which brings more positive reviews and, therefore, more sales. 

V. Consulting or Coaching

If you’re confident enough in what you’re offering and want a more personal connection with people, whether by phone or Skype, consulting or coaching clients can be a very profitable way of leveraging your blog.

Charging by the hour, you can make a lot of money even if you still don’t have much content on your blog.

The easiest way to do this is to make your homepage the focus point of your blog. Here, you can clearly and understandably offer the consulting service and show your audience why you’re the right person for them.

2. Best Remote Job: Freelancer

man sitting at a desk working from home as a freelancer

Second on this list of work-from-home jobs is working remotely as a freelancer.

You can choose your clients and work straight from your home. More than that, you choose when and how much you will work. These are some of the advantages of being a premium freelancer.

This infographic by Upwork shows that 60 million people freelanced in the US in 2022. Freelancing work shows no signs of stopping, as younger generations are likelier to do it.

Upwork Study Finds 60 Million Americans Freelancing 2022

Although not all people freelance remotely, home-based home jobs are increasing more and more. Some companies, like Formstack, are offering remote job opportunities to their employees. 

Several websites offer freelance remote jobs, like FlexJobs, Upwork, Freelancer, PeoplePerHour, and Fiverr.

FlexJobs is the most prestigious site for high-quality freelance work. If you’re looking for creative jobs, such as musician, photographer, videographer, graphic, or web designer, Fiverr might be your best bet.

Despite the many offers, the competition is also fierce, as these websites receive many applications, and many freelancers looking for work-from-home jobs might wait for months on end in vain.

But don’t get discouraged. Here are some ways to help you get your first job easily.

I. Create your portfolio

When people don’t know you, it doesn’t matter how long you talk with them about your experience and background. You need to have something to show them. That’s why a portfolio is the first thing you must create when considering freelancing.

A good portfolio will show you have experience in the niche, show your personality, and be short and concise. Only your best work should be there. Remember that you need to stand out among millions of freelancers.

“But what if I’m just starting out and have little or no work to show?

Keep reading.

II. Write extensively

It doesn’t matter if you think you’re not a writer or a photographer and have no writing skills.

The best thing you can do for yourself, in terms of getting people to know you, is to write. And I mean to write a lot. It can be on blog posts, email newsletters, you name it. Everybody knows how to read, at least those who might have a job for you.

When you get the word out, you’ll start attracting the jobs that suit you because people will recognize your work.

I know some famous painters, and what gives more value to their art is not so much the paintings they create but the texts they write about them and their art in general.

3. Best online job: Professional Audio and Video Editor

computer screen of a video editing software

When people think about audio and video, they probably think about big television stages and cinemas.

While that is true for the broadcasting and theatrical worlds, only some parts of the production stages require those big rooms. For the most part, editing audio and video can be done in a much smaller room, like your home.

This increases the chances of having more remote work available. Unlike movie directors, an audio and video editor can work from any location. And since video software abounds these days, it gets more enticing.

Like the upsurge in the freelancing world, video marketing is growing strong.

According to Semrush Open .Trends, Youtube is the second most popular website after Google, and 85% of businesses use video as a marketing tool.

We are a visual species, and people find videos more engaging than any other type of content. Video is becoming a necessity, as its demand shows it well.

Where can I find work-from-home jobs as a video and audio editor?

The easiest way to generate passive income is by selling your music, photos, footage, and sound effects in stock libraries.

Some cover royalty-free music and images, while others focus only on one type of content. These marketplaces have their own licensing norms, so be sure to read them before you upload your work.

Here’s a list of the best stock libraries available:

The more content you have, the more money you can earn. And since millions of people purchase stock content every month, there’s a big chance of regular sales.

If you’re a musician like me, you may want to check out the best royalty-free music libraries where you can sell your music.

4. Web Designer & Developer

laptop screen with coding from a web designer or programmer working from home

Most of the time, employers look for experienced programmers who fit their requirements. But what if you’re a newbie?

When you’re not actively applying for online jobs, you should be learning.

Working alone as a freelancer is long gone. This is the ideal opportunity to network, meet others in your field, and learn from each other. You gain experience and, therefore, have a better chance of landing a gig.

Who hires freelance coders?

Usually, freelance coders are hired by entrepreneurs and small businesses to build proof of concept to show that their ideas are feasible, and this is a crucial task since the whole project depends on it.

Individuals can also hire coders to solve specific problems they might encounter in their personal projects. For example, a search by “coder” on Fiverr gives you a list of developers offering their services from the comfort of their homes.

Fiverr search coder

Finding freelance coding and programming jobs is not too difficult, as their services are constantly in demand, considering we live in the digital age. Depending on your location and the technology and skill type you work on, the freelance programmer pay varies significantly, as this study by Codementor shows.

It’s also essential to keep evolving and adapting your skills since coding languages are always changing. Diversifying your skills and learning more programming languages will help you apply for more jobs.

Where do I find freelance programming jobs?

A great way to increase your chances of getting a good programming or coding job working from home is to sign up for as many freelancer websites as possible and set up job alerts.

Those freelance websites where you can find work-from-home coding jobs include:

  • Flexjobs
  • Gigster
  • Topcoder
  • Guru
  • People Per Hour
  • Toptal
  • Upwork
  • Fiverr

There are also other ways you can attract prospective clients. You can build your profile on GitHub, a development platform where you can host and review code, manage projects, and build software alongside a community of millions of developers.

Having your work on GitHub allows you to show your portfolio to any potential employer and gives you fair exposure.

Craigslist is also a good place to promote your services and connect to clients directly in your area, which diminishes the competition.

Be sure to constantly evolve your skillset by keeping updated about new trends and learning new programming languages.

5. Online Course Instructor

a person learning through an online course

Creating online courses as a work-from-home job can be very fulfilling, considering you’re teaching about something you love. Besides, you have a great combination when you add the potential for passive income (you set it and “forget it”).

According to Research and Markets, the online education market will reach US$ 350 Billion by 2025. Pretty amazing, huh?

How do you create an online course?

First, when you choose a topic for an online course, you show everyone that you know what you’re talking about, are good at it, and are an expert in the field—it’s a way of confirming your expertise.

Besides starting a blog, another way of demonstrating your knowledge to the world is by transferring your stagnated knowledge from your brain to a money-making online course.

But how do you do that?

Here are five brief steps to start creating your online course:

I. Choose your topic

You’ve got to love, be good at, and be an expert about what you’re teaching. If not, people will notice and distrust you. Besides, you wouldn’t even finish the course if you didn’t love the topic anyway, right?

II. Make sure it has a demand

You also need to know if there’s a demand for it. Otherwise, you’ll end up creating a course that no one will be interested in. Ask yourself:

  • Do people search and ask questions about it?
  • Is there a gap in the competition?

By creating a course that’s different and has demand, you’re on your way to a hot seller course.

III. Give your students compelling learning outcomes

Just because you know what your students will learn from your course, it doesn’t mean they will understand.

Put yourself in their shoes and ask these questions:

  • What will I learn from this course?
  • What skills will I be able to demonstrate?

Give them the answers as a sign of motivation before they enroll in the class.

IV. Structure your content

To deliver a great course, you have to know precisely step by step how you’re going to present it. Order your topics by similar themes and start organizing them in modules.

When preparing the content, having a well-thought-out structure beforehand is tremendously helpful.

V. Record and edit the course

Depending on the topic and whether you are comfortable appearing on camera, you can present the course in two ways: with talking head shots or voiceover. It’s your call.

You can also learn how to edit your videos yourself since you have several accessible video software that’ll let you add logos, sounds, text, and pop-ups easily.

Where should you upload your course?

There are two major ways of selling your online course:

  • Learning Management Systems (LMS)
  • Online Course Marketplaces

The biggest difference between the two is that with the LMS, you can link the course to your website and brand it totally as your own platform. This is a more professional way of selling online courses because your students don’t need to leave your site to access the course.

On the other end of the spectrum, we have online course marketplaces. Several online learning platforms, such as Udemy, Skillshare, Lynda, Coursera, and Udacity, all have millions of students.

These platforms offer different types of courses: while Coursera is more academic, Skillshare focuses mainly on creative courses, like photography, design, illustration, lifestyle, and animation.

It’s time to put your skills to the test.

They say the best way to learn something is to teach it, so why not create an online course as your work-from-home job?

6. Digital Marketing Freelancer

digital marketing

Freelance digital marketing essentially assists companies in marketing and selling their products and services online. You just have to:

  • Reach out to your client’s target audience.
  • Send them to your client’s website.
  • Convert them to customers.

Many people wonder why they need a digital marketing freelancer when they already have a great website and an email list. But this is not enough; it doesn’t get them anywhere. That’s why a work-from-home digital marketing freelancer is a very sought-after job. 

The sheer amount of digital information in existence today means that the ability to create, curate, and manage content is one of the most important and desirable skills in digital marketing.

What type of work does a digital marketing freelancer do?

There are different types of digital marketing, and not all require the same skills. Let’s go over them briefly.

I. Social Media Marketing (SMM)

As you can see from the infographic above, 74% of grown-ups are on social media, making this medium one of the biggest ways companies promote their products.

In social media marketing, you manage your client’s content on all platforms. While this may sound simple, you need to be skilled at optimizing your posts for more engagement and maximum reach.

You can learn more in my social media marketing handbook for small businesses.

II. Content Marketing

As a digital marketing freelancer, you will probably have to write a lot, including blog posts, ebooks, website copy, or landing pages.

Some planning is required to be effective. You must evaluate what appeals the most to your client’s target audience, whether following your client’s social media or signing up for a newsletter.

III. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

SEO is about optimizing your content to rank better on search engines, preferably Google.

There’s a lot to cover about SEO. In order to rank your client’s website, you’ll have to deal with on-page and off-page optimization, keyword research, structuring your client’s content, and more.

SEM deals with increasing your client’s visibility on search engines through paid methods like PPC (pay-per-click) ads. 

The beauty of digital freelance marketing as a work-from-home job is that you only need a laptop and an internet connection. Although it’s not a bed of roses, since there’s no fixed income and the competition is stiff, it also allows you to work anywhere.

Where do I find freelance digital marketing jobs?

Although the majority of freelancers rely on platforms like Flexjobs, Upwork, People Per Hour, RemoteOK, and others, you can also look for traditional job sites, as many of the companies offering full-time jobs are also looking for freelancers as well.

When they outsource work to freelancers, they save office space, onboarding costs, and taxes.

However, if you don’t want to rely on one single company or individual, finding work-from-home digital marketing jobs on websites like Jooble and Flexjobs is the best option for you.

7. Dropshipping

dropshipping as a way of working from home online

Dropshipping is a type of business model where you have an online store but don’t have to deal with the intricacies of inventory management, shipping, and order fulfillment.

You (the retailer) partner with a dropship supplier that holds the inventory in their warehouse, packages it, and sends it to the retailer’s customer on the retailer’s behalf.

This is how it works:

  1. The customer places an order in your online store.
  2. You forward the order automatically (or manually) to the dropship supplier.
  3. The supplier packages and ships the order to the customer on your behalf.

Simple, right?

Maybe not. 

There are some inconveniences in running a dropshipping online store, like:

  • Unlike selling your own products, you have lower profit margins. Although overhead costs are low because you have no inventory or a big warehouse, depending on your niche and the type of products you have, the dropship supplier will charge higher values, making your profit margins low.
  • If something goes wrong, you have complete liability. Because the customer placed the order on your online store, if the supplier messes with the order, you still have to deal with it since your brand is the image of the retail process.
  • Managing the supplier’s inventory can be intricate. You still need to keep track of the supplier’s stock, which can be a headache. Miscommunication can happen and can cause a lot of cancellations and orders to be placed as backorders. Although this can easily be managed with specific software nowadays, it will increase your overhead costs.
  • There’s a lot of competition. This business model is very attractive, meaning there are large numbers of retailers for the same niche and segments, especially if you’re selling commodity products.

On the more positive side, there’s a lot of potential for making money online if you do it right.

Here are some pros of dropshipping:

  • The cost of setting up your online store is very small. Unlike traditional business models, where you have to purchase inventory and manage the retail operations, with dropshipping, you don’t need to worry about any of that. You only have the costs to operate your online store (web hosting, theme, apps, etc.)   
  • Lower risks than a traditional business model. If by any chance the products don’t sell, you have nothing to lose. 
  • You’re free to run your business from wherever you want. Since you have no office, warehouse, inventory, employees, or boss, you only need a laptop and an Internet connection. 
  • You can sell a variety of different products. You’ll never get bored because the products are almost infinite. There’s even a supplier for every product you might wish to sell.

Dropshipping as a work-from-home job can be very profitable. Just look at the story of Irwin Dominguez, an accountant turned eCommerce entrepreneur, who made $1 Million in sales in just 8 months of launching his online business. Not all dropshippers can reach these high values, but the potential is surely there.

Here’s what you’ll need to get started with dropshipping:

  1. Choose your niche and research what products are best suited for your target audience.
  2. Find out how your competitors sell the same products (pricing, marketing strategies).
  3. Open an eCommerce store with a tool like AliDropship.
  4. List your products and start marketing them on various platforms.

Besides all these technical aspects, to really succeed as a dropshipper you have to build a brand for your store. Good branding will set you apart from your competitors and keep customers returning to your store.

8. Affiliate Marketer

woman working from home on a laptop at her desk

While with dropshipping, you have to create a store to sell products you do not own or manage, with affiliate marketing, you’re also selling other people’s products. Instead of creating an online store under your brand, you redirect the customer to the owner’s online store.

If the customer buys the product, you get a commission. It’s as simple as that.

This is only possible through affiliate links that have your affiliate ID, which will, in turn, tell the website owner that the customer came through you, qualifying you, the affiliate marketer, to earn a commission.

If you’re regularly browsing the web, I bet you already came across several affiliate links on the websites you’ve been to.

Take a look at these statistics:

Affiliate marketing spending in the US from 2010 to 2022
Source: Statista

Affiliate marketing is growing and shows no signs of stopping. In 2022, it exceeded the $8 billion mark. 

As consumers’ preference for online shopping grows, product owners are increasing their marketing strategies, including affiliate marketing. 

If you go to the footer section of almost every website with a product to sell, be it physical or digital, you can probably see a link to join as an affiliate. Many people don’t know, but Amazon has an affiliate program.

Amazon become an affiliate

A significant advantage of promoting digital products rather than physical products is the commission rate. Since there’s no manufacturing, packaging and shipping involved in digital products, you can get much higher commissions. That’s why this business model is so popular.

9. Social Media Manager

smartphone with social media icons

Another work-from-home job that requires only a laptop and an Internet connection is social media manager.

There’s a lot of work when it comes to managing several social media accounts, as this infographic reveals:

work from home jobs social media manager tasks

A social media manager manages and represents a company across all social media platforms.

While their goals range from increasing traffic to the company’s website to spreading brand awareness, they respond to comments and also create content. Ultimately, a social media manager enhances the company’s online presence through their expertise.

Because online marketing is essential in almost all companies nowadays to get new customers, there’s an increase in the need for social management.

Also, social media managers go hand in hand with digital marketing freelancers.

How to get a work-from-home job as a social media manager?

One of the best ways to get started is with your personal social media accounts.


Yes. With social media, everything can be seen by everyone. And if you demonstrate a strong voice in your personal accounts, even if it’s a Twitter post discussing the latest movies, and post consistently, it can really be a door opener.

Your social media posts can add value to your resume and professional portfolio, as they clearly show that you can run and manage a successful social media campaign.

You can also follow companies and brands that you admire. Remember that your social media accounts may very well be your client’s first impression of you. And you will surely want to leave a good impression.

Having a personal blog to portray your enthusiasm and interest in websites is also always a good idea.

You can find work as a freelance social media manager on sites like:

One key skill to being a great social media manager is flexibility, as the social media panorama moves quickly nowadays.

Ultimately, if your enthusiasm is genuine, people will notice it, and you might land that gig sooner than you expect.

10. Work from Home Medical Jobs

a physician working from home looking at an anatomy drawing online

As incredible as it may seem, work-from-home medical jobs are increasing, and this tendency shows no sign of receding.

And because younger generations are more likely to work remotely than at a desk in an office, online medical jobs will surely grow over time

While you can’t assist a surgeon through Skype or write online prescriptions, some digital medical jobs are possible today thanks to the Internet:

  • Work-From-Home Medical Writing Jobs: Medical writers, editors, and illustrators require good writing skills and specialized medical knowledge. After specializing in a particular field of medicine, some nurses and physicians transition from onsite and clinical work to medical writing. (I have a nurse in my family, and in her recent years at the hospital, the main work she’s been doing is researching and writing at her desk.) Medical illustrators might come from an art background, having studied anatomy or medicine, or were ex-medical professionals with artistic skills.   
  • Work-From-Home Medical Transcription Jobs: Medical transcriptionists must be fast and accurate while transcribing, and knowing medical terminology is a must. If you have some form of certification or experience in the medical field, as well as some transcription background, doors might open up to you.
  • Work-From-Home Medical Billing and Coding Jobs: Medical coders and billers can be hired by insurers to handle the paperwork from doctors’ offices and hospitals. It’s always best to have onsite experience before attempting to work from home as a medical biller or coder. Just like other positions, you may also need formal training or a certification program to do this, as well as being familiar with the medical terminology, diagnoses, anatomy, and healthcare procedures.
  • Work-From-Home Nursing Jobs: Although most nursing jobs are onsite, there are an increasing number of positions in telehealth (the process of giving health-related services by phone), such as nurse manager, nurse consultant, case manager, and telephone triage nurse.

Where do I find work-from-home medical jobs?

Again, like many other types of work-from-home jobs, the best places to search for online medical jobs are:

  • Flexjobs
  • Upwork
  • Indeed
  • Glassdoor
  • (Healthcare Jobs)

11. Virtual Assistant

person at a desk working from home with a laptop

Do you have excellent administrative skills, and are you looking for remote jobs?

Then, a virtual assistant job might be the solution for you.

If you have good experience as an office manager or an administrative assistant, it might be easy to get a virtual assistant job. Jobs for virtual assistants are growing widely as working from home is getting more and more accepted by both employers and workers.

What is a virtual assistant?

A virtual assistant is a self-employed, non-staff worker who delivers administrative services remotely to a client. 

Besides administrative work such as scheduling appointments, managing email accounts, and making phone calls, virtual assistance services can also include content writing, graphic design, social media, and marketing services. 

As with many other work-from-home jobs, the employer doesn’t need to cover the basic costs of having an employee at the office since the virtual assistant works offsite. No desk, taxes, or software—a dream for the employer.

In a Flexjobs study of over 100,000 job listings, virtual administration was among the top five fastest-growing remote career categories.

There’s a lot of opportunities here.

A great advantage of working as a virtual assistant is working part-time and spending the rest of your time working for another employer or on your own personal work. And age is not a major concern as long as tasks are being accomplished—no wonder being a VA is one of the ideal jobs for 17-year-olds.

My top choice for virtual assistant jobs is Flexjobs, the leading job search site that offers the best remote, part-time, and flexible jobs. Other websites include Upwork, Indeed,, and Freelancer.

12. Freelance Writer

hands typing on a typewriter

With the constant rise of work-from-home jobs, there’s one in particular that permeates every industry, and that is content creation. In other words, writing.

Most writing jobs are appealing (you only need a laptop and internet connection), but if you’re a beginner, be prepared to have some upfront work.

A beginner needs time to gain experience and build his brand. Before searching for work, you need to identify your areas of expertise and have your best writing samples available.

And if you can write in other languages, even better!

Here are some useful ways to land a writing job:

I. Cold pitching

A cold email is a message sent to companies, startups, and employers through social media to inform them about your services.

Knowing how to write a cold email may be a crucial skill for getting conversions. However, don’t be so “cold,” but add a personal touch, describing how you know their company and how your services would benefit them.

As a rule of thumb, make your email length less than 200 words, as they have a better response rate.

II. Pitch to prospects on Job Boards

One way of finding good quality, consistent work from home as a writer is via Writing Job Boards. Not only are they great to practice your skills, but you can build some credibility and accumulate a body of work to show your future prospective clients.

Here’s a list of the most lucrative writing boards:

  • Blogging Pro
  • ProBlogger
  • Flexjobs
  • All Freelance Writing Job Board
  • Freelance Writing Jobs
  • Mediabistro

III. Follow some Job Boards and Twitter handles

Social media is one of the fastest ways of getting good quality work-from-home jobs. Most of these handles post regular freelance writing/editing work. Here’s one of them:

twitter write jobs handle to search for writing jobs

You can start following these Twitter handles:

Where can I find online writing jobs?

Besides those Twitter handles and the most common websites for work-from-home jobs, like Upwork, Flexjobs, and Indeed, there are other great job boards where you can find your dream writing job.

The following list gives you many different options for you to practice, accumulate a body of work, and grow your social media presence, allowing you, in the long run, to stand out as a great content writer:

  • Clickworker
  • Hubpages
  • Listverse
  • OneSpace
  • Scripted
  • TextBroker
  • Verblio
  • Skyword

13. Translator

translator books on a desk with a globe and a laptop

How many languages do you speak? Even better, are you bilingual?

If you’re fluent in more than one language, you can find great work-from-home translation jobs.

In our ever-expanding global market, multi-language skills are in high demand. And if you can translate, proofread, and interpret, so much the better.

For example, Spanish is the 4th most spoken language in the world, and learning the Spanish language will help you boost your chances of landing a translation job.

Translators work in various industries, from customer service to the medical industry, making them highly sought-after jobs.

Where can I find work-from-home translation jobs?

There are many ways to find work-from-home translation jobs, but, in my opinion, it’s always better to work through an agency, as they can find you consistent work without you having all the hassle of searching numerous job boards.

Here’s a list for you to get started:

  • Argos Multilingual
  • Rev
  • Transperfect
  • Capita
  • Gengo
  • Flexjobs

14. Transcriber/Transcriptionist

transcription word on a screen

Another great opportunity to work remotely is to get a transcriber job. Not only does it allow you to benefit from a flexible schedule, but it’s also a good way of making money online from home.

Although you have control over how much you work, some companies have minimums or specific requirements you must meet.

While the average salary for a work-from-home transcriptionist, according to ZipRecruiter, is $58,218 in the US (not bad!), it might be quite challenging for a beginner.

But don’t get discouraged! 

One way of having more job opportunities (and better-paying jobs) opening up for you is to have a certification. To increase your earning potential, Transcribe Anywhere offers certifications to the aspiring transcriptionist. So be sure to check that out if you’re searching for transcriptionist jobs.

What is a transcriptionist?

When we talk about transcription, we’re talking about typing up spoken audio that could be either live or recorded in a printed format.

There are several types of transcription, each requiring different skill levels and even different equipment.

Basically, there are five broad categories in the field of transcription: general, medical, legal, media, and business transcription.

A transcriber should have a set of skills, such as:

  • Sharp listening skills.
  • Ability to simultaneously listen, understand, and type.
  • Fast typing skills.
  • Research skills.
  • Good grammar, punctuation, and vocabulary.

Where do I find transcriptionist jobs?

If you’re looking for work-from-home transcriptionist jobs, several websites offer jobs for transcribers, like Upwork, Flexjobs, Indeed, Freelancer, Rev, and others.

Below is a list of websites made specifically to find transcriptionist jobs:

15. Data Entry

working from home hands typing very fast on a laptop keyboard

One of the easiest ways to start working from home and making money online is with data entry jobs.

Unfortunately, many data entry jobs—the so-called microtasks—pay very low.

The best-paid data entry jobs are usually found at reputable companies, but these have a lot of competition.

That’s why it seems there are many data entry job scams. These scams involve tricking you into buying software or offering high pay for a low-paying job.

On the other side, several legitimate companies and websites are offering legit entry data jobs. Here’s a list of the best websites with trustworthy data entry jobs:

While a data entry job might not make you quit your 9-5 job, you can gain a lot of experience, and with time, you’ll be able to apply to more complex work, which in turn brings in more money.

Can a Work-From-Home Job be Profitable?

The Internet is here to stay, and with it, the old 9 to 5 paradigm may very well shift to a less strict hourly labor. People see this as an opportunity, as they are increasingly inclined and suited to working from home and having their own home office.

As work-from-home jobs increase and the online speed gets faster as time goes by, many people find it easier to live where they want, even if it’s on another continent, as long they have Internet access. Many remote work tools also make it easier to work remotely while maintaining a productive workplace.

By browsing Google, you can see that working from home is quickly becoming a prevalent trend for most job hunters. And if you’re just seeking a good side business idea, some might work out pretty well.

work from home written on a journal over a wooden table

However, it might take a lot of convincing if you’re looking for full-time employment in a typical office environment.

To this day, I still know many people my age who distrust the possibility and legitimacy of earning a living online.

If you’re one of those people, I’m here to show you what’s possible.

Nonetheless, making money online is not as simple as opening your computer and browsing the Internet. There’s a lot of work that needs to be done. And it also depends on the type of work-from-home job you’re looking for.

Active Vs. Passive Income

The list in this article is a mix of active and passive income online jobs.

Active Income Passive Income

There are two kinds of income, whether online or not:

  • Active Income: You get a one-time payment for a particular service you’ve performed, such as a wage, salary, tip, or commission. To get paid again, you need to perform the service again.
  • Passive Income: You receive regular income from a unique service you provide, like a musician who records a song and then receives royalty income for years to come, or you put your house up for rent and collect the money each month.

Having a passive income doesn’t mean you can relax and do nothing. You can, if you want to, but for long-term success, you still have to work and be prepared for tough times.

Avoid These Work-From-Home Jobs

Let me warn you about those online jobs that offer low-paying tactics and are not sustainable long-term for your well-being.

I’m talking about online free surveys, where you can earn as little as $0,25 for a 30-minute survey packed with advertising. You might feel tempted for the first time but soon discover it’s not worth your time.

Unless, of course, you’re a robot and have no life.

Other low-paying-waste-of-time-work-from-home-online-jobs (ouch!) include completing tasks, offers, referring others to the same job, and low-paying data entry jobs.

If you want to keep your mental health lively, steer clear of these types of online jobs.

Work From Home Jobs FAQs

Here are the most common questions and answers regarding work-from-home jobs.

What kind of work-from-home is available right now?

Working from home requires only a computer or laptop and an Internet connection. Basically, you’re all set. Here’s a list of work-from-home jobs you can start right away:

  1. Learn how to start a blog: While you may not earn money in the beginning stages, with time, you can leverage your content with affiliate links, ads, and digital product sales, having multiple streams of passive income.
  2. Work as a freelancer: Freelance work is on the rise everywhere. No matter your skill, you probably have a work-from-home freelance job opportunity.
  3. You might consider working as a translator if you are bilingual or speak more than one language. Various materials, such as books, web content, documents, and more, needs to be translated.
  4. You can work as a web developer or coder if you’re a skilled programmer.
  5. Transcriptionists and data entry jobs are trendy as web content continues to grow.
  6. Work as a digital marketer: Digital marketing jobs are also on the rise, as more and more companies rely on the Internet to reach their customers.
  7. Sign up for websites like Fiverr, Upwork, Guru, DesignCrowd, or Voices, and showcase your creative skills. Audio and video outlets are increasing, so there’s a higher demand for audio and video creators. And if you have a golden voice, you should apply for voice-overs on websites like Voices.
  8. Other jobs include travel agent, bookkeeper or online bookkeeping, online tutor, and recruiter.

Is it legit to accept online work?

Working from home can sound tempting, with so many companies now offering online work opportunities

As with many online work opportunities, we must be able to distinguish legitimate work from scammy ones. If you search for online jobs on legit websites like Flexjobs, Upwork, Indeed, and many others mentioned in this article, you won’t find any problems.

How much money can I make working from home?

When you work online, there really is no upper limit on how much money you can make. You could either be in the low-end $10 per hour working on low-pay data entry jobs or earn millions like Pat Flynn

It all depends on the kind of work you’re willing to do.

The best long-term way to earn big cash is through passive income, such as starting a blog, growing your audience, selling digital products, and using affiliate marketing.

Here’s an excerpt from an interview with Pat Flynn:

The hard thing about building a business online and passive income is that you have to put the work in upfront, and while you’re putting in that work, you’re not getting paid for it. It’s not like traditional work where you put in X hours and you get paid for X hours. You might put in days, months, even years of work before you start to get paid.

Pat Flynn

How can I keep a record of billable hours?

As a freelancer, you might need to record your time for projects and invoices.  In that case, using time tracker software will help you keep track of the time spent on the tasks, set hourly rates, and invoice the tracked hours with taxes and applicable charges. A few of them will also allow you to keep track of time with screenshots for better productivity tracking.

Can I work from home for Amazon?

Many people don’t know, but Amazon offers fully remote work for people who want to work from home. If you go to Amazon Virtual Locations, you’ll find many different jobs, including customer service associates, Alexa support associates, software development engineers, financial, risk, and technical managers, and even medical, health, and safety jobs.


Whether you’re tired of the old daily routine of your 9-5 job, or you just want to make money from home and have the freedom to work anywhere you want, work-from-home opportunities are the best solution.

There are many online opportunities, but if you want to make the best decision for your life (and your time), avoid the low-pay work-from-home jobs and avoid those sometimes alluring online surveys and small tasks. You’ll end up wasting your time for nothing.

Instead, focus on what you love to do and on bringing value to others. This will give you the motivation that other things won’t.

And the best way to work from home while staying fulfilled is to find a way to monetize your passions.

I hope this article provided insights and practical tips for finding your next work-from-home job.

Is there any job you think should be listed in this article? Let me know in the comment section down below.

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