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31 Best Travel Jobs You Can Start to Make Money While Traveling The World

Best travel jobs

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Travel jobs are becoming more prominent these days.

With the world slowly regaining its footing after induced lockdowns and travel restrictions, it’s inevitable people are itching to travel the world.

But there’s a catch—how do you earn a living while holidaying?

Most people are stuck with 9-5 jobs in one country to fund their travel dreams. And even after accumulating enough funds, they only get a chance to travel for a few days a year.

However, with work-from-home jobs increasing each year, traveling while working starts to make sense in people’s minds.

That’s where this guide comes in, as it shines a spotlight on some of the best travel jobs you can take while making money traveling.

Snap yourself one of these options, and you won’t have to worry about an income as they allow you to travel around the world while drawing a decent wage.

To ease navigation, this article contains three sections:

Let’s look at the top travel jobs that turn the world into one giant workplace.

Best Remote Jobs That Allow Travel

These refer to the best jobs you would typically conduct remotely, which allow you to travel the world. Still, because they don’t tie you down to a physical location, you can carry out everyday business activities even when traveling.

People with these jobs are also called digital nomads. They get to travel the world with their laptops, always connected to the internet.

1. Blogger

Vaslou blogging while traveling
Working on my blog while traveling in Sri Lanka

Blogging is a fun way to write about your experiences on a topic, event, or situation. The content could be on anything from a hobby to your area of expertise—it could even be a travel blog. And this dream job comes with some serious perks.

The great thing about blogging is that you need a laptop and an internet connection, and you’re ready. We’re talking about working whenever you feel like it, having control over your income, and, best of all, working wherever you are.

For most people, blogging is nothing more than a hobby or side hustle as they assume there’s no money online to be made. They can’t imagine making any reasonable money from blogging, let alone making money traveling, so it’s not a viable business proposition.

They couldn’t be further from the truth, as blogging is one of the highest-paying travel jobs, with some bloggers making more than $100,000 per month.

It’s not all fun and games because blogging is a marathon rather than a sprint. It requires dedication, as most top bloggers only begin to reap benefits two years into the project.

How to Monetize Your Blog

The best way to reap maximum benefits from the blog is to build an audience. You can then monetize it using strategies like selling products, courses, affiliate marketing, consulting, sponsored posts, social media influencers, banners, text links, or direct advertising.

You can also sign up for a few referral programs and promote the products on your blog. For example, the passive income app Honeygain offers its users a referral program where you can get continuous profits from each referral you bring. And since the app is unobtrusive, you can easily incorporate it into your daily online routine.

Just because you’ll be on the move doesn’t mean traveling is the only thing a wanderlust can blog about. You can literally write about anything you like.

For instance, an attorney can blog about the interesting laws they encounter in different countries, while a real estate agent can examine the price of a property in other countries. However, if you really like traveling, you can start your own travel blog and inspire others to do the same.

2. Freelance Writer

woman writing on a laptop on the beach

A freelance writer is a self-employed contractor who leases their writing services to agencies or publications on a short-term basis.

No expensive degree or certificates are necessary, although it does help to have a working knowledge of what you intend to write.

Strong writing chops will help get your career off the ground, but experience, research, and continuous reading should see your skills improve over time.

Just like a blogger, all you need to start your freelancing writing dream job career is a laptop and an internet connection. This travel job gives you the freedom to create your own schedule that circumvents the typical 9 to 5 grind and, more importantly, work from anywhere.

What’s more, you get to choose the projects to work on and who to work with. You get to choose from a wide range of topics or specialize in a specific niche.

Job boards are a great place to find writing work, and the best one I recommend is FlexJobs. Others include Upwork, Fiverr, SolidGigs, and ProBlogger Job Board.

Some magazines even hire travel writers and send them to vacation destinations to pen down an authentic travel experience.

3. English Teacher

woman teaching English online

If you’re in the teaching profession, it’s easy to feel limited by the physical boundaries of the brick-and-mortar school.

The reality is you have far more leverage than you think if you just widen your horizon. This is especially true for English teachers.

English is the world’s most widely spoken language. Although it’s the most popular language, not all of them are native-level speakers. Take India, for example–English is one of its national languages, but of the 1.4 billion people, only about 14% speak English.

As a result, native-level English teachers are in great demand. One way to tap into this market and teach English is to offer your English teaching services in online classes.

Even better, you could teach English abroad, which would allow you to pursue your career in a dream location.

Teaching English is probably the most fulfilling travel job where you can meet people face to face and not use a computer at all, instead of being behind a laptop all day.

To qualify, you must have at least a bachelor’s degree, be willing to teach abroad for at least one year and pass the TEFL certification test that qualifies you to teach in more than 40 countries.

4. Freelance Travel Photographer

man shooting a photograph while traveling

Being a travel photographer is one of the most fun travel jobs you could ever have. Although unconventional, traveling the world while documenting unique moments is certainly a dream job for many!

Travel photography is one of the most rewarding professional and personal development jobs you could ever hold. You not only get to satisfy the wanderlust, but you also get to live your wildest adventures.

The days of working for a travel magazine to make a passable living are long gone as they gave way to freelance photography. With that, there are plenty of stock photo websites where you can sell images, including 500px, Stocksy, and Pond5.

Take this travel job seriously by arming yourself with a professional-grade photographic camera, as the lens in your phone won’t cut it.

You would also need a laptop with excellent color accuracy, so your post-edit pics are right on the money. Lastly, find a place with an internet connection, attach photos, click send, and you’re in business.

You can check this article for more tips on becoming a professional travel photographer.

5. Website & Graphic Design

woman as a graphic designer

If you’re a creative who’s into art and drawing and loves web technology, you’ll find boundless job satisfaction in pursuing a career as a graphic and website designer.

Thanks to the best website graphic design tools, you can create stunning visual solutions incorporating color, composition, texture, typography, and photography.

Unknown to many, website and graphic design is a marketing tool as that’s probably the first interaction potential clients have with a business, be it through a graphic-designed ad or website.

Since graphic designing requires creativity, you need the inspiration to get your creative juices flowing, and that’s where traveling comes in.

Armed with a powerful computer and internet connection, you experience thrills that unlock and increase your creativity levels while you make money traveling. In addition, you learn new ways to execute and incorporate great ideas through interaction with other civilizations.

Traveling stretches your mental comfort zones and exposes you to new ideas and experiences that help you visualize an issue from a different perspective.

The internet offers no shortage of job opportunities, as you can find prospects on job boards such as FlexJobs. Website and graphic design also happen to be well-paying jobs.

6. Freelance Web Developer & Programmer

woman with her feet on a pool working on a laptop

When the web developer and programmer profession comes up, you’re probably picturing someone stuck behind a computer screen trying to figure out what the endless lines of code mean, letting out an occasional groan out of frustration.

However, it doesn’t have to be that stressful, as industry players find it rewarding, including those who offer programming homework for money.

What’s more, it has a lot of potential. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that the occupation faces an employment growth of 13%, the fastest average of any occupation. If you have the qualifications, becoming a freelancer and reaping the benefits makes sense.

Polish your skills and learn new ones by taking courses at accredited platforms such as Coursera and other credible institutions like Codeacademy and Udacity.

Once that’s out of the way and you feel your skills are up to scratch, there are great programming job opportunities at Fiverr.

You can also look for opportunities at Flexiple, Upwork, Guru, Toptal, and FlexJobs.

7. Virtual Assistant

woman working on a laptop

Although you technically have to work under someone to be a virtual assistant, working as one puts you in charge of your work schedule.

A virtual assistant is someone who supplies support services to a business from a remote location. Unlike formal employment, you have the freedom to decide when to work.

That’s because you choose whom to work with on an agreed-upon period. In addition, you have the privilege of working from anywhere with an internet connection, like the home office, sitting in the car, or the park. That means you can take breaks and vacations when you need and keep working even while vacationing.

Moreover, to work remotely as a virtual assistant is flexible since you choose what services to offer. You can provide numerous benefits, but niching down to services you enjoy doing and are good at is preferable.

With that comes the luxury of dictating your rates, although the amount of work you do will generally determine your income. Lastly, it is easy to start, all you need is a computer and a good internet connection.

Even if you have clients’ work and need to travel, all you have to do is find a spot with steady internet, and you’re good to go.

Find job opportunities at FlexJobs, Upwork, Remote, and Peopleperhour.

8. Translator

It would help if you had near-native-level fluency in at least two languages to become a translator. To be recognized as an exceptional translator, it’s fundamental to go the extra mile and have a solid understanding of the culture to understand the nuances of that language. 

This involves focusing on one type of translation and acquiring the relevant certifications. The job market holds The American Translators Association certification in high regard. Though the process to acquire one is rigorous, it’s well worth it.

A translator is a communication expert whose primary role is interpreting written words and content accurately from one language to another. Translation opens numerous job opportunities to work with ex-pats, tourists, and international delegates.

Though it is a broad field, you can venture into literary, professional, administrative, and technical translation. A career in translation is fulfilling for inquisitive, multilingual people who prefer a flexible work schedule.  

Since people need your services to communicate with foreigners, it’s not uncommon to find your services needed abroad, which involves a lot of traveling.

There are plenty of translation opportunities at FlexJobs, Upwork, Remote, and Peopleperhour.

9. Vlogger/YouTuber

YouTube recording himself while traveling

Do you imagine captivating your online audience so much that they can’t have enough of you? If you love creating highly engaging content, then it’s time to dip your hands into vlogging, another dream job for many.

Creating quality and appealing video content in niches that you are passionate about is the goal. It helps if it also resonates with your viewers to turn them into adoring fans. 

Vlogging is a mash-up of video and blogging. You share videos to entertain, inform, and educate fans on YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram. 

YouTube is the most popular site where you can post vlogs. With over 1 billion active users every month, it is one of the most significant search engines that content consumers flock to.

You do not need a bulky camera and tripod to shoot a high-quality vlog or become a YouTuber.

However, you must ensure you do not compromise on the quality. A smartphone with a capable camera, a background with good natural lighting, and minimal noise are enough to get the job done.

Your channel becomes monetized through ads, subscriptions, and membership when it hits 1000 subscribers and over 4000 watch hours. You can also generate revenue from your channel through sponsorship and selling high-value commodities. 

The average YouTuber earns between $3,400 to $40,000, depending on the work they put in. This is easy to achieve if you consistently upload good quality and highly informative videos. 

10. Dropshipping

dropshipping as a way of working from home online

If you’re contemplating selling an assortment of products and services to customers at a commission from the comfort of your home, then dropshipping is the way to go. 

Dropshipping is an online business model where you do not deal with an inventory. A customer places an order in the online store. The software automatically forwards it to a predetermined supplier, who then fulfills the order by shipping the commodities directly to the client. 

It transfers the hassle of handling inventory, warehousing, and shipping logistics to your supplier. The business owner solely focuses on providing excellent customer service, support, and marketing to clients.

A stable internet connection and a laptop are mandatory to run a dropshipping company smoothly. Since you don’t run any physical store, you can run operations from any location, which allows you to travel even when working. 

It’s paramount to identify your target audience’s pain points and solve them promptly to beat off stiff competition. To publicize the online store, utilize strategic social media marketing strategies such as placing dynamic ads on Facebook and Instagram. 

Best Travel Jobs That Require Travel

While the jobs we’ve already seen can be done remotely or not, other jobs require you to move constantly. The travel industry requires people to travel constantly while working, so there are plenty of opportunities here.

If being a digital nomad carrying your laptop wherever you go is not the right fit for you, then here’s a list of the best travel jobs that require you to travel.

1. Hotel Professional

hotel professional writing at a desk

The hotel industry employs about 1.3 million people in the US alone. That works out to about 1 in every 25 US jobs.

Working in the hotel industry has its perks, such as interacting with diverse people, a diversity of jobs to work on, getting to serve, and making people’s day.

What’s more, you avoid the 9-5 routine of waking up in the morning at the same time to sit in one spot the whole day working on a computer,

And that’s not even the best part yet! If you’re working for an international hotel, chances are management might call on you to travel or relocate to a different branch or country altogether.

Even if you’re not employed, every country has a hotel industry, so there are plenty of options in any foreign country if you have impeccable qualifications.

You can find some of the best hospitality jobs in Hcareers

2. Travel Nurse

travel nurse

Nurses are essential workers, and being one isn’t just a career—it’s a calling. They are the heartbeat of any healthcare institution, offering care, comfort, and kindness to all patients.

Sure, it’s a challenging job requiring dedication and a bucket-load of hard work, but the rewards lie in saving the lives of millions of people. Overall, nursing is one of the most secure and satisfying jobs you could ever land.

Now imagine doing that while journeying–that heady mix is known as a traveling nurse. A traveling nurse gets to quench their thirst for service and explore new places.

After becoming a registered nurse and having practiced for at least a year, you can opt for nurse training on the road and become a travel nurse.

You can work on short assignments lasting a few weeks, between 8-26 weeks, either in the US or abroad, but the average contract length is 13 weeks.

You can find your job abroad as a travel nurse at Travel Nurse Across America.

3. Cruise Ship Worker

cruise ship on a tropical island

Have you been on cruise ships? What about working on one?

Working on a cruise ship often looks like a dream, as it looks more adventurous than a traditional job. With cruise ship work, you get to travel to lands far away as most cruise liners nowadays visit ports in most exotic locations worldwide, not just popular destinations.

Cruise ship crewmembers receive health insurance, paid flights to and from the port, food, uniform, accommodation, and a vacation for two to three months after the expiry of the contract. 

All the luxurious aspects of the cruise ships, such as the gym, spa, and pool, are accessible to workers during their free time. When the ship docks, you are free to visit impressive sites located in that destination.

What’s more, the pay for cruise ship work goes directly into your pockets since the company fully pays all utilities—you don’t incur any expenses.

A cruise ship worker is in charge of hosting and administering a range of entertainment and leisure events. Crewmember duties include steering the ship, entertaining guests, serving their meals, housekeeping services, and adhering to maritime laws.

There are plenty of cruise ship jobs at FlexJobs, Allthingscruise, Allcruisejobs, and Cruisejobfinder.

4. Flight Attendant

flight attendant on the beach

A job as a flight attendant is an exhilarating experience packed with travels around the world. Imagine looking down on snow-capped mountains or watching sunrises and sunsets as you shuttle through different avant-garde cities.

The primary role of flight attendants is to offer exceptional customer service to all travelers in the flight cabin. This entails serving meals, providing direction, and ensuring they are comfortable. 

To become a flight attendant, you will undergo months of intensive training, setting you up for a vibrant career in the aviation industry. The training prepares you to deal with disruptive passengers and professionally handle all sorts of emergencies.

So, if you’re adventurous, have a warm personality, and favor a non-traditional work schedule, perhaps becoming a flight attendant job should be at the top of your list.

One way to streamline your travel job search is by leveraging travel software solutions that can help you research, plan, and book your travels.

Building a career as a flight attendant is a worthwhile investment with job satisfaction while guaranteeing a lot of traveling and free or discounted flights.

5. Yoga Instructor

yoga instructor on the beach with student

Teaching Yoga is a fulfilling career as it enables you to follow your passion and generate an income while helping people engage in a beneficial wellness activity.

With the many fitness trends popping up every day, being a freelance Yoga instructor sets you apart due to its comprehensive benefits. Yoga involves taking your students through concentration exercises, deep breathing, and physical poses.

Working on their agility aside, Yoga helps improve mental well-being, relieving chronic stress patterns while sharpening concentration. 

There are many types of Yoga, such as Hatha, Vinyasa, and Kundalini Yoga. It’s essential to train in one that resonates with your inner being.

Since it’s a skill-centered profession, you can take your expertise wherever you are and practice Yoga with nothing more than a flat surface. That makes it an excellent job for people who don’t mind working in different locations often. You can even start your yoga or fitness blog and monetize it.

Even with travel restrictions, offer virtual learning as you conduct classes from any corner of the world.

Find Yoga jobs at Yoga Travel Jobs and Yoga Trade.

6. Diving Instructor

diving instructor

Working as a diving instructor allows you to live the kind of life others only dream of. Moving from exotic islands to enchanting beaches, the oceans are yours for the taking.

A diving instructor trains and evaluates prospective divers. He is also responsible for the safety of the entire diving troop and taking care of the gear.

The possibility of renting diving equipment when on travel assignments makes it easy for divers to travel around the world without carrying their entire kit. However, most divers feel comfortable using their gear since they’ve grown accustomed to it.

Becoming a diving instructor is not as restrictive as you might think. You just need beginner and advanced diving certification, be a rescue diver, and have emergency first response training.  

Additionally, you need to log several hours of successful dives to qualify. Open water diving is one of the most popular, allowing divers to explore the scenic deep waters. 

Find all the diving instructor resources on the Professional Association of Diving Instructors website.

7. Ski Instructor

ski instructor

Being a ski Instructor is a fantastic job if you enjoy life in snow-peaked mountains. It allows you to travel the world, make international friends, improve your skiing prowess, and make a decent wage.

France, Austria, and the US are the most popular skiing destinations, so you can expect to find yourself shuttling between these locations while practicing your trade. There will be plenty of time to explore the best skiing resorts all over the world.

Skiing is a recreational or competitive winter sport where the skier slides down snow-covered mountains. Your job as a ski instructor is to teach your students how to do this competently.

Canada and France are some of the best places to hone your talent due to their soft snow and favorable terrain. There are also plenty of learning institutions where you can get a credible certification.

When the winter season melts away, you get to sample the different cultures in the spring season with the friends you made in winter.

8. Tour Director

tour guide

Working as a tour director, tour manager, tour leader, or travel director is a rewarding experience that allows you to mingle with diverse people, share historical anecdotes about places, and visit antiquated sites daily.

There are many facets to a career as a tour director, including being a historical, adventurer, or freelance guide. Being a people person will ensure you flourish in your career as a tour director.

The primary role of a tour director is to lead a group on a travel experience, taking people to places that pique their interests. He must possess a deep understanding of those places.

The willingness to share information with the tourists as you walk them around makes their vacation a worthwhile investment.

Being a tour director allows you to share mutual interests with other like-minded travelers. Whether traveling for leisure or work, you keep on collecting nuggets to share with your next batch of tourists.

9. Foreign Service Travel Jobs

foreign service

A career as a Foreign Service officer is alluring—traveling the world and housing by the government. An emissary will conventionally move in and out of different places every three years, based on the level of risk at a post. 

A foreign affairs officer receives allowances and incentives amounting to good pay. What’s more, Diplomatic Service employees receive health insurance and health benefit plans while co-sharing the cost with the government.

In addition, the government provides two on-site childcare centers for its employees’ children, both providing curriculum-based programs for infants. Foreign Service officer positions are typically the highest-paying travel jobs you could ever have.

A Foreign Service travel job entails consulting with local governments for individual companies who desire to do business abroad, supplying information about the host country, and providing replacements for lost passports.

Moreover, a Diplomatic Service officer processes visas and provides primary support to its mother country citizens, strengthens ties with the host country, and keeps up with national and international trends.

Best of all, they get posted to different countries, often where their skills will have the most significant impact.

10. Working Holiday Visas

approved visa application

The working holiday visa system presents a remarkable opportunity to work while on your travels abroad. 

To acquire a working holiday visa, you must be a youth between 18 and 30 years old, have a valid passport, have no criminal record, and be financially capable of funding your stay.

One advantage of traveling on a working holiday visa is that you can work temporarily and save money. Another is that applications for working holiday visas get approved quickly.

In addition to resolving money problems, you learn a new culture and find a home in the foreign country issuing the visa.

As a traveler intending to apply for a working holiday visa, have all the necessary documents prepared in advance, choose unskilled work, and get accommodation during your stay.

11. Au Pair Jobs

au pair working girl with a baby

Working as an au pair is the most cost-effective way to live abroad for up to a year since the host family provides basic amenities and payment. You have to travel overseas and help the host family with household duties.

The responsibilities of an Au Pair are playing with children, picking up the kids from school, tidying up their rooms, and assisting them with the homework. Au Pair’s also provide flexible childcare while assisting with light household duties.

An Au Pair will enjoy sharing their home country’s language, cuisines, and experiences, hoping to learn as much of the host country. Usually, an Au Pair is someone who also loves to learn a foreign language.

Au Pairs contribute to improving the language skills of the host family by interacting with them. Besides, helping raise and educate kids can be a fulfilling journey if you love kids.

In countries where most families are familiar with an Au Pair, applying for a visa is easy since authorities know the program and there are official guidelines to follow.

Find Au Pair jobs at Aupairworld, GreatAuPair, and Scandinavian Au-Pair Center.

12. Professional Nanny

professional nanny with two kids

A professional nanny works with children irrespective of age and can offer expert services for specific groups or children with special needs. An experienced nanny provides education and developmental activities, cares for the children, and supports the parents.

Working as a nanny is a good hustle since your payment is dependent on the number of hours you work. In case the nanny has to work more than forty hours, that translates to overtime pay. Further, the childcare worker enjoys a paid holiday if it falls on regular workdays. 

A nanny will perform tasks such as creating a safe environment for the children, doing their laundry, bathing, and dressing them, among other activities.

If you’re a professional nanny, your services are always in demand, and you don’t need special tools to practice the trade abroad.

Find professional nanny jobs at British American Household Staffing and The Nanny League.

13. Entertainer


If you find your interests and skills lie in amusing others through comedy, singing, dancing, reciting, or telling jokes, you are an entertainer. Entertainers are professionals since they earn a living through these works of art.

Unlike most professions, becoming an entertainer does not necessarily require an academic degree. There are short educational pieces of training, but in most cases, the skills of an entertainer are self-taught. You need to sharpen these skills through practice and rehearsals.

The most significant advantage of being an entertainer is that you have the freedom to work as a freelancer with independent contracts. As such, you can create a flexible schedule with irregular working hours. You also get creative freedom when generating content.

Entertainers have no location limits, as all they need is their skills. This allows them to travel to any location to provide entertainment while working when their schedule allows it. Traveling sharpens their skills as they meet and interact with new audiences.

You can find such jobs at animajobs.

14. Truck Driver

truck driver as a travel job

If you are not a pencil and desk person, truck driving is one of the best professions you could choose. It affords you space to work during your own schedule while you make money traveling. The company will often trust you to take responsibility and get the job done.

Truck drivers transport finished goods or raw materials from the seller to the buyer’s location or from a manufacturer to a distributor via road.

Truck driving is a profession for people who seek freedom, enjoy traveling, and don’t thrive in an office environment. As a truck driver, you go on adventures as you travel to new places. The tranquil, therapeutic feeling of driving on an open road is hard to counter.

Unlike many professions, truck driving does not require many years of training. You get your driving contracts by acquiring your commercial driver’s license and completing a brief skills training and safety course.

15. Seasonal Jobs

seasonal jobs - sign saying seasonal work

You have come across seasons where certain services are in high demand while others are basically non-existent. That’s because some needs only exist during specific times of the year, usually for a few weeks. The services offered during these particular seasons are what give rise to seasonal jobs.

Seasonal jobs are temporary jobs that come in demand at specific times of the year. Most seasonal jobs recur every year. Seasonal jobs include retail, accounting, event planning, tourism, agriculture, and hospitality, such as virtual receptionist.

These jobs are beneficial because they give you great opportunities to experience different working conditions and build your resume. As you work for various offices and industries each season, you get to establish your preferred career choice.

Seasonal jobs are also a sure way of acquiring full-time employment. This is because employers prefer hiring someone they’ve worked with and tested for a full-time position.

With seasonal jobs such as working in resorts, national parks, tourism, and adventure, you can work while traveling. Seasonal jobs offer the most opportunities for traveling the world as you can go to places where your skills are most in demand.

You can find such jobs at Seasonal Jobs and SeasonWorkers.

16. Geologist

geologist in a cave

Geology is the scientific study of the earth’s physical structure, the substance and materials, the structure and history of these materials, and the processes that influence the earth’s physical changes.

Geologists study the earth’s physical history and use it to explain current occurrences and predict how it might influence future events. You conduct studies on rocks, minerals, and earth materials.

If the earth’s natural processes, such as earthquakes, floods, and volcanic eruptions, excite you, this could be your ideal travel career choice. This can be an exhilarating job if you enjoy working outdoors, as geologists spend a lot of time conducting research in the field.

Apart from that, you get the chance to specialize in a specific area that interests you, like environmental, engineering, and marine geology. You also get to work in a job setting of your choice, like in a government, non-profit, or international organization.

Due to extensive outdoor research and projects, geologists regularly travel around the globe.

17. Actor and Dancer

actors and dancers on stage

Being either an actor or a dancer is already quite remarkable. Being both is exceptional! Dancing and acting are both forms of art in entertainment. You can choose to be either a dancer, actor, or both.

An actor performs as a character in a theater, movie, or TV show, while a dancer earns a living by staging dance routines for an audience.

An actor has to learn how to express their movement and emotions, and it can be a rewarding career as you get to work with some of the greatest creative minds, which can transform you into a celebrity earning a ton of money.

Being a career actor or dancer sharpens your interpersonal and communication skills since you interact with several people.

Most actors and dancers regularly travel to work on location or as part of a tour. Performing in new places isn’t an issue since all you need is the skills and experience to perform.

Their experience of different cultures improves their talents significantly.

Best Volunteering Travel Jobs

group of volunteering people joining hands

You don’t even need world-class skills to land yourself a job working abroad. That is primarily true if you try one of these volunteering travel jobs. Your good intentions might land a gig that requires you to volunteer overseas.

Besides the rudimentary jobs mentioned in this section, there’s a comprehensive list of volunteer abroad programs and projects like Plan My Gap Year, Global Vision International, Love Volunteers, and Projects Abroad.

Volunteering Travel Jobs in Organic Farms

volunteering travel job in organic farm - woman with tomatoes on her hands

As the world population increases, there is a growing need to move from conventional farming to more sustainable agricultural practices. Farmers need to reduce water wastage and lower pollution caused by agriculture.

However, this is a labor-intensive undertaking that not all organic farmers can handle, and that’s where volunteer jobs at organic farms come in.

Volunteering in organic farms is a great way to give back. It is fulfilling to work and helps improve a stranger’s life and home. In addition, you get to take care of animals, do gardening, or do site projects.

Volunteers must travel to organic farms to meet with people from all over the world and experience another culture and way of life while enjoying country life. Participants in organic farming projects gain practical skills in sustainable farming and gardening while getting free accommodation.

Organic farming volunteers ensure biological control, crop rotation, and other techniques to manage weeds, pests, and diseases while maintaining long-term soil health.

Volunteers with technical training in organic farming educate the local staff on growing crops sustainably and caring for domestic animals.

You can find such jobs at Wwoof and Helpx. For other paid farm jobs and internships in agriculture, check out Beginning Farmers.

Volunteering Hostel Jobs

hostel beds - hostel travel jobs

Volunteering in a hostel job is a perfect way to travel longer and further without spending a lot of money, as you can work in hostels in exchange for accommodation.

These hostels act as a meet-up point where travelers can bond and share their experiences. What’s more, you have the chance to become friends with your fellow volunteers as you share meals, stories, and travel advice. 

Accommodation expenses can be costly, even in cheap hostels. Work exchanges are beneficial as they provide accommodations in exchange for your services. 

It is easy to find work in the hospitality and tourism industry as the sector thrives in most countries. Hostels need workers to fill various positions, such as housekeeping, cooking meals, and laundry. These positions do not require prior experience.

You can find hostel jobs at Worldpackers.

International Aid Worker

internation aid workers joining hands

The primary goal of an international aid worker is to assist people in need, which involves traveling the world while contributing meaningfully to society.

International aid workers, like a Peace Corps volunteer, operate globally, interacting with people of different nationalities. It’s a great job as you experience new cultures, expanding your worldview.

You respond to rapidly evolving disasters and frequently travel between programs as the additional staff is necessary for different humanitarian responses happening in other parts of the world.

An international aid worker attending to humanitarian crises needs to develop various skills, such as problem-solving and communication skills.

Your responsibilities are proposing emergency interventions, organizing training and support of volunteers and other aid workers, and ensuring compliance with national and international policies and procedures.

An international aid worker manages and develops everyday emergency programs in areas that have crises such as war, natural disasters, and other environmental problems.

You can learn more by visiting the Red Cross, USAID, and Peace Corps websites.

Helping people around the world

man helping another man climbing a rock

However terrible your life is, there’s always someone having a worse time of it. The best way to alleviate their suffering is by helping people.

If you are well off, you could spare some loose change and donate to a worthy cause. That could be anything, like unused toys, supplies, or charitable contributions. These could go a long way to helping many people worldwide.

Alternatively, you could volunteer your expertise to international organizations, such as Doctors Without Borders. Such organizations will take you to places where your expertise could be the difference between life and death.

Another way is donating blood. It only takes a few minutes, but it can save lives. You can even do it during your travels abroad.

There are many opportunities for people to help others worldwide, and you can find these opportunities at Workaway, Worldpackers, and WorkingTraveler.

What are the best-paying travel jobs?

While there are literally dozens of jobs where you can make money traveling the world, some pay more than others.

A travel nurse is one of the best-paying travel jobs, with an average base salary of $2,056 per week in the US.

Which jobs are best if I want to travel?

To be successful at any job, whether online, like a freelance travel writer, expat, tour director, seasonal job, or agent, it’s essential to have good business skills, not just a prestigious high school diploma.

Some cool jobs like blogging may seem unaffordable at first. However, blogging is one of the best ways to work remotely. Once you know how the blogging business works, you can start strategically creating content to earn money fast.

Digital nomads usually travel blogging about their digital nomad jobs. No matter what they do, their blogging business is the essential tool that allows them to travel.

A recent study conducted by Lensa has revealed the top locations for digital nomads in the United States, with some surprising results. While well-known cities like San Francisco and New York may immediately come to mind, the study found that states like New Jersey, Virginia, and Minnesota are actually the most popular.

These online dream jobs usually have a snag—you’re always on. It’s like you don’t distinguish pleasure from work. But some people like that, while others don’t.

What job can make me travel the world?

Flight attendants, cruise ship workers, and truck drivers are always on the move. They are traveling the world literally while working. The travel industry never stops.

However, if you’re the type of person who likes to be more independent, work on a laptop, and earn money, then you can travel blogging and build your entire business on your blog.

Digital nomads are a new wave of people who took advantage of the internet to fund their travel dreams.

But if your dream job is to help people around the world, then you can join the Peace Corps or any other volunteering opportunity and travel the world.

Best Travel Jobs: Coming Back Home!

It’s hard to fight the itch to travel after extensive travel restrictions and multiple lockdowns. But the most significant barrier is the limited time allocated to traveling, as most people work a 9-5 job and afford only a few days of free time.

But I’ve proven here that you can make money with a job that allows or requires you to travel.

All these travel jobs don’t tie you down to one location, so you can make money and earn a living while moving around exotic locations.

So, are you traveling right now, or dream about it? Let me know in the comments.

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