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5 Best Celebrity AI Voice Generators And Changers To Increase Your Creativity

best celebrity AI voice generator and voice changer

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Ever wondered how your computer would sound speaking like your favorite celebrity? With our fast-paced advances in artificial intelligence (AI), this has become possible with the creation of AI voice generators. They’re not just gimmicks; these are some of the very best celebrity AI voice generators out there.

The crux of the tool? Groundbreaking text-to-speech software. This technology breathes life into your devices, replicating voices with an accuracy that captures the distinctive style and idiosyncrasies of well-known celebrities.

In this article, I’m sharing a piece of technology that caught my eye due to its innovative approach and application. I invite you to engage, question, and explore these AI celebrity voice generators with me.

Step into this future, your future, where AI continues to push boundaries and redefine what’s possible.

What is the Best Celebrity AI Voice Generator and Changer?

1. PlayHT

The best celebrity voice generator available to create custom voices from celebrity audio files.

PlayHT generate voices of famous actresses

PlayHT uses advanced Ai technology to offer quality voiceover features, including a standout celebrity voice generator that can create voices virtually indistinguishable from the original.

PlayHT has numerous use cases. It is incredibly useful in game development, where creating expressive, emotional, and dramatic voices often adds to the players’ immersive experiences. It is, however, a challenging and time-consuming process to generate these voiceovers or to find the right voice talent. PlayHT comes to the rescue by providing AI voices that can be used in PreVis and PitchVis trailers, saving significant time and costs.

Moreover, PlayHT shines in its ability to generate the voices of popular gaming characters, famous actors and actresses, and even fictional celebrities. It is particularly useful for animators and movie producers to clone any desired voice and use it in their productions. This functionality is ideal for patching up voice-acting errors or even conducting retakes.

PlayHT generate voice of any fictional celebrity

Another magnificent feature of PlayHT is its speech model. It can capture the nuance of multiple speaking styles and accents of any voice. This allows for the precise cloning and creation of any actress’s voice, making projects more distinct, animated, and memorable.

For anybody wondering how to generate any celebrity voice using PlayHT, the procedure is quite streamlined. You need to:

  1. Find an audio clip of the celebrity speaking.
  2. Upload the audio clip using PlayHT’s voice cloning feature.
  3. And finally, generate speech in the celebrity’s voice using PlayHT’s text-to-voice editor or the API.

In a digital age where voiceovers are increasingly important, PlayHT offers an innovative, useful solution to generate high-quality, realistic celebrity voices for various uses.

You can read more in my PlayHT review.

Key Features

  • Quality Voiceovers: PlayHT leverages AI technology to generate quality voiceovers virtually identical to the original celebrity voice.
  • Diverse Applications: This tool is handy for game developers, animators, and movie producers to create expressive, emotional, and dramatic voices or patch voice acting errors.
  • Generation of Fictional Voices: PlayHT goes beyond providing real celebrity voices; it can also generate voices for popular and beloved gaming or animated characters.
  • Advanced Speech Model: PlayHT’s powerful speech model accurately captures the nuances, accents, and distinctive speaking styles of countless celebrities.
  • Voice Cloning: You can upload an audio clip of the desired celebrity and use PlayHT’s voice cloning feature to generate a matching voice.
  • Streamline Text-To-Voice Procedure: You can easily create the speech in the celebrity’s voice using the text-to-voice editor or API.
  • Free Sign Up: PlayHT allows you to explore its potential at no cost. It’s an open invitation to experience firsthand what this advanced tool brings to the table in terms of high-quality, realistic AI voice generation.


  • Free – 5k monthly words with access to all voices. You can also clone one voice for free.
  • Personal ($5.4/mo) – 120k words per year and 5 voice clones.
  • Creator ($23.4/mo) – 600k words per year and 15 voice clones.
  • Pro ($59.4/mo) – 2,400,00 words per year and 50 voice clones.
  • Enterprise (Custom Price) – Everything in the Pro plan, volume voice clone, team access, and more advanced features.

2. Speechify

The best voice generator online for generating ultra-realistic voices from specific celebrities.


Speechify is an exceptional voice generator tool that offers a wide range of celebrity voices beyond conventional text-to-speech software capabilities. With the power of artificial intelligence and deep learning, Speechify relies on advanced APIs to convert written text into audio using celebrity voices that sound impressively realistic.

As the best celebrity voice generator, this versatile app can read and transcribe various types of materials, including emails, PDFs, and other documents, providing an engaging, professionally narrated podcast-like experience. It’s designed to cater to eLearning, making studying and digesting information a more convenient and exciting process. Moreover, the app supports over 30 natural-sounding speech voices in more than 15 languages.

Speechify’s optical character recognition feature allows it to read both digital and physical texts. It is available on iOS and Android devices, as a plug-in for Google Chrome and Safari web browsers, and as a stand-alone application for Mac computers.

Speechify celebrity voice changer online

Some popular voices included in Speechify’s celebrity voice generator are Morgan Freeman, James Earl Jones, Gwyneth Paltrow, Donald Trump, and even beloved characters like Scooby-Doo. The possibilities are vast, allowing you to choose from thousands of celebrities to give your text a truly unique voice.

From official celeb voices like Snoop Dogg and Gwyneth Paltrow to an array of sound-alike impersonations, Speechify’s voice collection is sure to spark your interest. The premium subscription even offers high-quality HD voices and exclusive celebrity options.

Designed to cater to users with diverse needs, Speechify comes with a host of features, such as adjustable speech speeds, the ability to sync across multiple devices, natural-sounding voices, multilingual support, and free audio file downloads. 

Key Features

  • Wide Range of Celebrity Voices: Choose from thousands of celebrities, including authentic voices and convincing impersonations, for a unique touch in your celebrity voice changer experience.
  • Multilanguage Support: Benefit from a wide variety of languages with support for over 15 languages across all users.
  • Versatility in Material: Tailor your experience by having Speechify read emails, online content, or printed books.
  • OCR (Optical Character Recognition) Feature: Utilize the app’s ability to read both digital text and printed materials.
  • Adjustable Speech Rates: Personalize your listening experience by setting the speech speed to your preference.
  • Sync Across Multiple Devices: Seamlessly transition between devices without losing your progress.
  • Platform Diversification: Access Speechify on iOS, Android, browsers like Chrome and Safari, and a standalone app for Macs.
  • HD Voices for Premium Users: Enjoy high-definition, clear speech when opting for a premium subscription.
  • Free Audio File Downloads: Save your favorite content for offline listening with Speechify.


  • Basic (Free) – Try all 200+ voices in 20+ languages.
  • Professional ($59/mo or $239/yr with 67% off) – Unlimited downloads with commercial usage rights.

Celebrity voices are only available in the Professional plan. You must contact them within 30 days to ask for a refund. However, that’s only available for the yearly subscription.

3. iMyFone VoxBox

The best free AI celebrity voice changer to clone your voice.

iMyFone VoxBox AI voice generator and voice cloning

VoxBox is an all-in-one, AI-driven text-to-speech generator that goes beyond standard voice recording tools by offering voice cloning capabilities. With a wide array of features such as voice recording, audio editing, video conversion, and more, it caters to users’ diverse needs across multiple platforms—both on desktop and mobile devices.

To sound like a celebrity, VoxBox offers voices from Obama, Donald Trump, Spongebob, Darth Vader, Optimus Prime, and more. Although with less quality than the top tools on this list, you can use this celebrity voice changer app to create voice memes.

iMyFone VoxBox celebrity voices

Furthermore, VoxBox offers an ideal solution for various scenarios. For instance, educators can use the text-to-speech function to create voiceovers for PowerPoint presentations, an essential element for enhancing comprehension and improving literacy in educational settings.

Besides its primary functions like text-to-speech, voice cloning, and speech-to-text, VoxBox boasts several key features, including:

  • Voice recording: Capture high-quality audio for voiceovers, podcasts, or any other projects with ease.
  • Audio editing: Trim, adjust volume, and edit your recordings to achieve the desired output.
  • Video cloning: Create custom voice-overs in English.

As an all-encompassing voice solution, VoxBox showcases an impressive blend of AI-driven text-to-speech generation, voice cloning, and audio editing tools. With its simple four-step process and wide array of application scenarios, it is a reliable choice for crafting high-quality audio content across different platforms.

Key Features

  • Integrated Text-to-Speech Functionality: With AI-driven synthesis, this feature ensures realistic and natural-sounding celebrity voices for various projects and applications.
  • User-friendly Interface: Effortlessly navigate and execute desired tasks with VoxBox’s well-designed, intuitive interface, making the voice generation experience seamless for all users.
  • Efficient Audio Editing Tools: Customize your generated voices with built-in editing options, such as volume adjustments and trim functions, to polish and perfect the voice output.
  • Voice Cloning Capability: Replicate the essence of celebrity voices with unparalleled accuracy, thanks to the advanced AI technologies behind VoxBox’s voice cloning feature.
  • Wide Range of Voice Options: From timeless classics to modern celebrities, VoxBox offers a comprehensive voice library, providing the flexibility needed to find the voice that best suits your project.
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility: Unlike limited tools, VoxBox supports both desktop and mobile devices, a feature that caters to the dynamic lifestyles of today’s users.


  • Monthly ($14.95) – 250k characters.
  • Yearly ($49.95) – 800k characters.
  • Lifetime ($99.95) – 2M characters.

All plans come with 3,200 voices in 77 languages.

4. TopMediai

Best for ease of use.

TopMediai celebrity AI voice generator

TopMediai is a cutting-edge online tool that converts text to speech using advanced AI algorithms. This platform stands out in the realm of celebrity voice generators, offering a unique blend of voice synthesis technology and voice acting techniques.

With a deep focus on creating natural-sounding and high-quality voices, TopMediai goes beyond generic text-to-speech generation. It mimics the voice and speaking style of various celebrities, such as Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Sean Murray, and others, becoming your go-to tool for creating convincing speeches delivered by your favorite stars.

TopMediai’s speech synthesis technology lets you embed your desired emotion and tone into the voice, be it for motivational speeches, political statements, or fun-filled messages. The platform empowers you with comprehensive voice customization options, including, but not limited to, altering the speed, adjusting the volume, and fine-tuning the pitch. This broad spectrum of adjustment capabilities ensures you can shape the speech output to align perfectly with your specific needs.

Moreover, it has an extensive language support with over 70 languages and a library of more than 3,200 voices to choose from. This diverse choice of voices and languages makes TopMediai a great tool for voice-overs, presentations, or any multimedia project requiring a specific voice or accent.

This exceptional user-friendly tool is not just industry-leading in its functionalities but also accessible. Its simple four-step conversion process—visiting the website, entering your text, choosing the desired celebrity voice and settings, and clicking “Convert”—allows an effortless transformation of text to celebrity speech.

Key Features

  • Celebrities – Generate celebrity voices from Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Sean Murray, and many more.
  • Advanced Speech Synthesis Technology: The engine behind the magic, this technology enables simulations of famous voices with stunning accuracy — a true testament to how far AI has come in recent years.
  • Broad Language Support: Catering to a global audience, TopMediai goes above and beyond by providing support for more than 70 languages. This diversity empowers users from different language backgrounds to build connections with their audiences in a meaningful, localized manner.
  • Extensive Voice Library: With over 3200 voices to choose from, TopMediai provides unlimited possibilities to explore and experiment. It allows you to find just the right match for your unique requirements, whether it be for a voiceover, a presentation, or even a prank call.
  • Customizable Voice Settings: TopMediai recognizes that every user, every project has unique needs. By enabling changes in voice settings such as speed, volume, and pitch, it allows for a highly tailored voice output.
  • High-quality Voice Generation: Your audience deserves nothing short of the best. And with TopMediai, that’s exactly what you offer them. The platform is committed to delivering crystal clear, highly nuanced voices that are almost indistinguishable from the originals.
  • Multiple Output File Types: With options for different output file types, TopMediai ensures seamless integration into your projects, irrespective of the platform or application you are using.


  • Free – 5k characters.
  • Basic Plan ($11.99/mo) – 250k characters with celebrity voices.
  • Premium Plan ($19.99) – 500k characters with celebrity voices.
  • Plus Plan ($39.99/mo) – 1M characters with celebrity voices.

5. AI Celebrity Voice Changer

Best AI celebrity voice changer or voice generator for mobile.

AI Celebrity Voice Changer App by VoiceUp

Next on my list is the popular application, AI Celebrity Voice Changer, only available for iOS and Android. This innovative app adopts cutting-edge AI technology to generate remarkably human-like, authentic-sounding celebrity voices.

Designed to offer a wide range of applications, AI Celebrity Voice Changer invites users to immerse themselves in a world of creativity and voice manipulation.

The tool prompts you to select a celebrity voice, input your desired text, and with a simple click, produce a sound that replicates the selected celebrity’s distinct vocal characteristics.

Key Features

  • Versatile Voice Customization: Whether it’s for crafting personalized birthday wishes or adding an element of surprise to your phone calls, this app has you covered. Even humorous audio clips for friends or voice memos are within the realm of possibilities with AI Celebrity Voice Changer.
  • AI-Driven Authenticity: The app’s defining feature is undoubtedly its AI technology that delivers voices with remarkable verisimilitude. This feature enables you to craft personalized messages—from birthday wishes to congratulatory notes—in the voice of a cherished celebrity.
  • Video and Voiceover Creation: As an added bonus, the app accommodates the creation of amazing videos and celebrity sound morphs, allowing you to effortlessly craft voiceovers for your content.
  • Text-to-Speech Capabilities: The AI Celebrity Voice Changer extends beyond simple voice conversion. It offers text-to-speech functionality, too, meaning you can type out text and have it read aloud by the celebrity voice of your choice, be it for a lighthearted message or a unique performance of your favorite song.


  • Weekly (€5.99)
  • Monthly(€17.99)
  • Yearly (€44.99)

They offer a 3-day free trial, so be sure to check it out.

What is a Celebrity AI Voice Generator?

A celebrity AI voice generator is a cutting-edge tool that leverages text-to-speech technology to replicate the unique mannerisms and vocal traits of well-known individuals.

These innovative platforms harness the power of the best AI algorithms, capturing the essence of these personalities in a way that allows you to convert text to speech online, outputting celebrity voices for a variety of applications.

What sets these generators apart is that they use AI to model and recreate the specific nuances of vocal tones and dynamics that characterize a particular star. This process captures the intricacies of their speaking style while also enabling voice-changing capabilities that make the voice output customizable and adaptable to your needs.

By implementing advanced speech technology, the best AI celebrity voice generators offer a wide range of celebrity voices to choose from. It’s quite flexible, enabling users to select the ideal voice for their project, be it a video voiceover, a podcast, or even an entertaining prank call to surprise friends.

From a user perspective, you’ll find that working with an AI-driven platform, which offers a variety of voice parameters to manipulate, is a game-changer. The generator that allows for seamless voice-changing adjustments ensures that the final audio output aligns with your creative vision and your audience’s expectations.

If you’re considering exploring these innovative platforms, keep in mind the power and the creative potential offered by the top celebrity AI voice generators. They are indeed primed to revolutionize the way we work with and consume digital voice content.

Celebrity Voice Generator vs Celebrity Voice Changer

You’ll often hear two terms thrown around—Celebrity Voice Generator and Celebrity Voice Changer. But are they the same? While they may seem interchangeable, there are important distinctions between the two. Understanding these differences will help you in selecting the tool that best suits your needs.

Celebrity Voice Generator

First, let’s delve into the concept of a celebrity voice generator. This tool uses advanced AI algorithms to mimic how famous personalities articulate words and sentences. By simply inputting the text you’d like vocalized, the generator produces a piece of audio that imitates the celebrity’s voice.

This feature is particularly useful when creating content that requires a celebrity’s distinct voice—think creating a dialogue for an animation featuring a celebrity character.

Celebrity Voice Changer

On the other hand, a celebrity voice changer refers to a tool that modifies your own voice to sound like a particular celebrity. It can be a fun instrument to use for doing impressions, prank-calling friends, or perhaps adding a touch of humor to your podcasts.

In essence, a voice changer is an amusing tool that adjusts the pitch, tone, and accent of your voice to mimic a chosen celebrity’s voice.

In deciphering which tool to use, you should consider your specific needs. If your project involves written scripts that require articulation in a celebrity’s voice, a voice generator is of great value. However, if personal voice modification is your goal, a celebrity voice changer is undoubtedly the right tool for you.

Frequently Asked Questions on AI Celebrity Voice Generators

What is a celebrity AI voice generator?

A celebrity AI voice generator uses advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to simulate the voices of famous personalities, converting text to speech. With diverse applications from audio production to content creation, it’s a tool that can add an engaging layer to your project.

What are some of the best celebrity AI voice generators?

While there is a plethora of voice imitation tools available online, some names consistently rise to the top due to their standout features and user experiences. These include platforms like Speechify and PlayHT, among others. Each of these generators has unique characteristics, but all aim to deliver high-quality voice output.

How do celebrity AI voice generators work?

The exact operation may vary from one tool to another, but fundamentally, they use AI algorithms to generate speech based on the specific traits of a celebrity’s voice. By studying countless hours of voice recording data, these tools manage to recreate a strong emulation of how these famous individuals speak in real life.

How accurate are celebrity AI voice generators?

While no tool can offer a 100% accurate vocal reproduction, the best celebrity AI voice generators in the market do an exceptional job of mimicking these voices. Their ability to replicate subtle voice inflections and pronunciations can make generated voices seem incredibly human-like and realistic.

Can I use the best celebrity AI voice generators for commercial projects?

While most generators permit the use of their voices for personal or educational purposes, commercial use often requires acquiring a license or express permission. It’s always best to check the Terms of Service or talk to the provider before using generated voices for commercial projects.

Is it hard to use celebrity voice changing tools?

While some may be more user-friendly than others, most voice generators strive to offer a smooth and intuitive user experience. Typically, generating a voice involves inputting your text, selecting your preferred celebrity voice, and hitting ‘generate’—it’s as simple as that!

How can I choose the best celebrity AI voice generator for my needs?

When deciding on a voice generator, consider factors like sound quality, user interface, voice library, customization options, and of course, the cost and licensing terms. Take your time, try multiple options, and choose the one that best aligns with your project’s specific requirements.

Ready to Try the Best Celebrity Voice Generator?

Although there are other AI celebrity voice changer tools, mostly for Android and iOS, I decided to list only the best ones. Most tools offer mediocre or low-quality generations to make your voice sound like a celebrity.

But if you want to test them yourself to change your voice in real-time, go ahead and do a Google search—you’ll find tools like MagicMic AI Celebrity Voice Changer, Celebrity Voice Changer AI, and others. Although it’s important to note that these tools can be fun for experimentation, the level of quality they yield doesn’t even come close to the top products featured on this list. 

Having said that, if you don’t want to turn your voice into a celebrity but instead want them to read your text with the power of AI and text-to-speech technology, consider trying Speechify or PlayHT.

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