5+ Best Email Marketing Software To Boost Your Campaigns Today

the best email marketing software

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Choosing the best email marketing tools can make or break your marketing campaign’s success.

When it comes to email marketing software, you have tons of options. But not all are created equal. Some are super affordable (offering free automation features), while others offer complex features like numerous automation triggers and a slew of integrations you’ll never use.

And while you’re at it, why not use AI email generators to write your emails most engagingly automatically?

In this article, I rank and review the top email marketing platforms so that you can take your email campaigns to the next level.

What Is The Best Email Marketing Software?

Here’s a list of the top email marketing services you can choose for your business.

1. GetResponse


GetResponse is an all-in-one marketing platform that will help your business expand and thrive.

They may assist you with your marketing efforts by providing email marketing campaigns, landing pages that have a high conversion rate, and webinar software.

The true highlight of this package is a piece of software called Autofunnel, which provides users with over 30 pre-made landing pages, email templates, and sales funnels. You also have the ability to select your final goal.

Autofunnel is the solution for every marketing challenge, whether you’re looking to increase webinar signups, product sales, or lead generation.

They are designed to cultivate your email list and maximize the conversion rates of your funnel.

On the other hand, some of their 500 templates appear to be a little bit antiquated, and their deliverability ranks somewhere in the middle of the pack in comparison to those of the other email marketing providers on this list.

However, one of GetResponse’s most notable advantages is the intelligent automation tools it provides.

By utilizing these tools, you are able to establish various advanced conditions that will automatically segment your lists.

Their drag-and-drop builder is also highly user-friendly, making it a breeze to write high-quality emails for customers.

Overall, GetResponse is one of the best platforms to use in email marketing, particularly for the creation of automated sales funnels and landing pages.

Key Features

  • Email Marketing – Professional email templates, simple design tools, and shown deliverability are all features of GetResponse’s effective email marketing software.
  • Autoresponders – Make automatic email sequences to nurture and follow up with your subscribers.
  • Automation – Create and launch automated emails with a call to action to engage and sell.
  • Free Images & GIFs – You have access to free Shutterstock images and free GIFs from GIPHY.
  • Data-Driven Marketing – By creating custom segments based on particular criteria and employing dynamic content for improved personalization, you can keep your email marketing relevant for all audiences and have a verified deliverability of 99%.
  • A/B Testing – Increase the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns by regularly testing and improving the email’s content.
  • Free-Forever Plan – With GetResponse Free plan, you can do email marketing, create landing pages, connect a domain, and build a website.


GetResponse pricing

GetResponse is one of the most popular email marketing services that offer a wide range of price plans with a number of flexible subscription options. The cost will vary depending on the size of your mailing list. That is to say, your subscription will eventually cost more the more new leads you receive.

The list can contain anything between 1,000 and 100,000 leads. Depending on your needs, you can also subscribe to monthly, yearly, or two-yearly plans. The pricing breakdown for GetResponse for a list size of 1,000 subscribers or leads is shown in the table below.

  • Free – A completely free lifetime subscription that offers email marketing services for up to 500 contacts as well as a basic website builder and editor.
  • Email Marketing (starts at $13.3/mo) – You get access to autoresponders, basic segmentation, email scheduling, unlimited landing pages, and a bigger bandwidth for your website.
  • Marketing Automation (starts at $41.3/mo) – With this plan, you have access to email marketing automation, advanced segmentation, webinars, and sales funnels.
  • eCommerce Marketing (starts at $83.3/mo) – Get access to transactional emails, eCommerce segmentation, abandoned cart recovery, and much more.

It’s vital to note that all plans will be discounted by 18% if you select a 12-month billing cycle. The discount rises to 30% on a 24-month billing cycle.

There are two pricing tiers offered by GetResponse for medium and big businesses:

  • Max – A service for users with high expectations who want sophisticated marketing features and trustworthy support. To acquire personalized pricing for this package, get in touch with the GetResponse sales team.
  • Max² – A complete solution including infrastructure and a professional Customer Experience Manager (CEM). You must get in touch with the GetResponse sales team to obtain customized pricing for this package.

2. AWeber


AWeber is a top email marketing software used by over 100,000 email marketers and has features best suited for small enterprises. They provide drag-and-drop email builders, list management capabilities, and analytics reports.

You get quick responses and can concentrate on expanding your business with the help of excellent email and phone service, as well as useful support articles and videos.

You may import an email list and make a database from popular file types like XLS, XLSX, CSV, TXT, and TSV using AWeber list management. They recently made it possible to use web-fonts in addition to regular fonts.

You can also build an autoresponder workflow using their marketing automation tools, depending on events like email opens, link clicks, site visits, and transactions.

One selling feature is their 700 design templates. By comparison, GetResponse offers 500, and MailChimp offers just 80. While some of their templates appear antiquated, others look fantastic and are reminiscent of excellent Instagram advertisements.

AWeber is a fantastic option for small business owners, thanks to the vast selection of template styles, professional support staff, and knowledge base.

Key Features

  • Professional-looking Emails – AWeber’s drag-and-drop email builder lets you easily create professional-looking emails.
  • All-in-one Platform – You have access to email marketing, landing pages, forms, web push notifications, sales funnels, and much more.
  • Automation – Set up your emails to be sent automatically based on how your subscribers interact with them.
  • Analytics – By using advanced reporting to modify your email campaigns, you can raise clicks, opens, and purchases.
  • Integrations – To get the most out of your email marketing campaign, you can connect your AWeber account to hundreds of integrations, including social media, shopping carts, landing pages, and more.


AWeber pricing

AWeber offers two straightforward plans: Free and Pro.

  • AWeber Free – With the Free plan, you get up to 500 email subscribers, email templates, sign-up forms, landing pages, and more. You have no access to email automation or segmentation with the Free plan.
  • AWeber Pro (from $16.15/mo for 500 subscribers) – The Pro plan includes all features from the Free plan plus advanced automation features, unlimited email lists, split testing, analytics, and more.

3. Moosend


Moosend is a solution for email automation that assists you in building your email list, allowing you to personalize your messages and automating activities so that you can concentrate on client connections.

Their campaign builder features user-friendly email templates that can be dragged and dropped into place. With the help of this application, you may augment your emails with a variety of elements, including photographs, text blocks, social icons, and more.

They feature a big collection of email templates that can be customized with a variety of layouts, all of which are responsive and look fantastic on desktop computers as well as mobile devices.

Because there is such a wide variety of actions and criteria that you can use to trigger your emails, it is incredibly simple for you to develop marketing automation campaigns that are really complex.

In addition, the visual interface gives you the ability to monitor both your progress and the outcomes of each campaign.

You may define a large number of options that provide you with the ability to fine-tune your campaigns in order to achieve even greater results.

Key Features

  • Automation Workflows – With the help of these templates, you can easily personalize your emails and develop strong client relationships.
  • Recipes – These pre-built automation templates let you automate your email marketing via upsells, customer loyalty, and customer engagement.
  • List Segmentation – Segment your list depending on consumer activity, including engagement analytics, emails sent in response to abandoned carts, and more.
  • Landing Page Builder – To increase conversions, create personalized websites with email sign-up forms.
  • Custom Opt-In Forms – To allow visitors to join your email list, you can design and develop unique forms.
  • Analytics – Moosend offers a bird’s eye view of all of your crucial email Key metrics with their analytics tools.
  • Customer Support – Phone support is included with each premium subscription. Each custom Enterprise plan offers a dedicated account manager as well as email, phone, and live chat support. Additionally, they have a vast knowledge library and video lessons to address your questions.


Moosend pricing

Like most email marketing platforms on this list, Moosend pricing varies according to the number of subscribers you have.

  • Free Trial – Moosend offers a generous 30-day free trial where you have access to all features, including unlimited emails, automation workflows, and more. The Free plan is available only for up to 1,000 subscribers.
  • Pro (starts at $9/mo) – Besides the main features, you get access to SMTP servers and unlimited landing pages and forms.
  • Enterprise – Moosend’s custom Enterprise plan includes advanced features such as migration, onboarding and priority support, account manager, dedicated IP address, and Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML). You need to contact the sales team for a quote.

4. ActiveCampaign


Because of its strong automation features and deliverability, ActiveCampaign is the best overall email marketing software.

Besides, it leverages the power of machine learning. With its Predictive Sending feature, ActiveCampaign ensures that your emails are sent at the optimal time for each recipient when they are most likely to engage.

By automating your list segments, you may create list triggers and shift users depending on dynamic email content, sales follow-ups, and more. Email workflows are reliable and simple to handle.

ActiveCampaign also integrates with over 850 other apps, including Facebook, WordPress, eCommerce platforms like Shopify, and many others.

Since their CRM is connected with all of this data, you can perform advanced lead scoring. Lead scoring is a technique for awarding points to certain email subscribers based on their behavior.

They can then enter a new automatic funnel or contact you after they achieve a certain point level.

Here is how ActiveCampaign’s lead scoring words:

  1. Choose your engagement metrics. This might be anything from an email open or click to a content download or a request for a consultation.
  2. Create your lead scoring rules and assign points based on those metrics. These should be determined by the amount of effort required and the likelihood of conversion. An email open could be worth two points, while a link click could be worth five. On the other hand, non-opens, and unsubscribes, for example, can be worth minus points.
  3. The subscriber shifts to a new automation rule. Once a subscriber achieves a pre-determined point threshold, their data passes to the Deals CRM, where it enters a new step of automation.

Another excellent selling aspect is email deliverability, which outperforms every other platform on this list. Their emails have the best chance of making it to important Gmail and Outlook inboxes and are significantly less likely to be labeled as spam.

Key Features

  • Beautiful Newsletters – Beautiful email marketing enables you to produce visually appealing newsletters and campaigns that will engage your consumers and drive them to purchase from you.
  • Welcome Emails – Set up a welcome series to introduce new subscribers to your business and keep in touch with your consumers to keep them updated on new items and offers.
  • Automation – Segment your contacts or utilize simple processes to automate the marketing that no one has time for.
  • Site Tracking – This helps you analyze how visitors engage with your website, allowing you to make adjustments to boost your conversion rate.
  • Free migration – ActivaCampaign offers free migration from your old email provider, so you won’t lose any data.
  • Training and Support – You can get the most out of ActiveCampaign with one-on-one training, and their team is always accessible to answer your queries.
ActiveCampaign it doesn't stop at email marketing more features

Besides the top-notch email marketing professional features ActiveCampaign offers its customers, they also include these extended features:

  • Advanced reporting.
  • Integrated forms.
  • Site tracking.
  • Training and support.
  • Migration Services
  • Gmail extension.
  • Email Segmentation.
  • Automation goals.
  • CRM App.


ActiveCampaign pricing for 500 subscribers

The price of ActiveCampaign is determined by the account features as well as the size of your email list.

  • Lite ($9/mo).
  • Plus ($49/mo).
  • Professional ($149/mo).
  • Enterprise (custom pricing).

These prices are valid for a yearly subscription.

All plans offer a 14-day free trial.

If you’re looking for an all-in-one email marketing, CRM, and automation platform, ActiveCampaign is the best option.

5. Constant Contact

Constant Contact

Constant Contact has been in the email marketing business since 1995 and changed its name in 2004.

They joined the Endurance International Group in 2015, a powerhouse that also includes Bluehost, HostGator, and Domain.com.

The company’s ultimate purpose, according to its website, is to assist small companies in navigating the web’s promise, power, and potential.

They provide over 100 contemporary, mobile-optimized templates to engage and convert consumers, real-time reporting and analytics, and added features like polls, events, and coupons.

The capacity to handle invites, registrations, and tickets is one of their most distinctive advantages. This event manager feature is great for workshops, classes, seminars, fundraisers, demos, and more.

Deliverability of emails is much higher than usual and ranks among the top of all email service providers at over 90%.

Key Features

  • Design Templates – You’ll be able to design stunning email newsletters and campaigns with Constant Contact, which will help you engage your consumers and push them to make purchases.
  • Marketing Automation – You may send welcome emails to new subscribers, follow up with clients who haven’t purchased anything in a while, and do much more with the help of the automation services offered by Constant Contact.
  • A/B Testing – Using A/B testing, you are able to compare the performance of two or more variants of your email campaign or newsletter to determine which one is more successful.
  • Landing Pages – Landing pages provided by Constant Contact make it possible for you to boost the number of people who convert on your website and attract more visitors overall.
  • List-building Tools – The list growth tools provided by Constant Contact make it simple to expand your email customer base and attract additional clients.
  • Integrations – You can directly add elements of over 300 apps, such as Canva, Shopify, or Vimeo, into your marketing. Customers will be able to make a purchase, view a video, and do other actions directly from your email, social post, or whatever you want to use.
  • Event Marketing – Promote your events, take registrations, sell merchandise, and keep track of the details. Create a separate event landing page to distribute across your own social media platforms and promote your event with invites that contain social sharing buttons. You can gather all the registration information you need and use thorough reporting to monitor your event’s success in real-time.
  • Reporting – Email monitoring software enables you to develop content that resonates with your customers and assists you in determining where prospects are in the sales cycle. Using email monitoring software allows your team to produce and see important analytics.
  • Social Media Marketing – You can keep your clients up to speed on new items and sales by posting to social media channels like Facebook and Twitter using Constant Contact.
  • Mobile Apps – With the Constant Contact List Builder app, you can reach out to more individuals and sign up new subscribers immediately on your tablet. You may add contacts to any list instantaneously, create new lists, and even add contacts while offline.


Constant Contact pricing

The quantity of email contacts in your list determines the pricing for Constant Contact.

Core (starts at $9.99/mo for 500 contacts)
  • Tools for expanding your customer list (website sign-up forms, Facebook ads).
  • Email Marketing.
  • Over 300 email templates.
  • Organize, store, and view contacts.
  • Post to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and/or LinkedIn all at once.
  • Reporting in real-time (list growth, views, clicks).
  • Customer support (live phone and chat).
Plus (starts at $45/mo for 500 contacts)
  • Everything in Core.
  • Additional list-building resources (Text message sign-up, Google ads integrated, lookalike ad targeting).
  • Automated emails (resend to non-openers, birthday/anniversary, abandoned cart reminder).
  • Segments that are created automatically (most, somewhat, least engaged).
  • Reporting on conversions and sales.
  • Receive a call to personally welcome you to the program.

Finally, if you want specialized features like event management as well as excellent email deliverability, Constant Contact is the way to go.

6. NotifyVisitors

NotifyVisitors email marketing software

NotifyVisitors is a marketing automation platform trusted by over 6,000 eCommerce brands that offers personalization powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning. It provides not only email marketing tools but also SMS automation software.

You can segment visitors into distinct groups based on their activities, such as the URLs of the pages they view, where they are located, or the cookies they use. As a result, you will be able to deliver content that is specifically tailored to them.

You can also do A/B tests on the campaigns to provide visitors with tailored and optimized content for their needs.

NotifyVisitors allows you to design professional, personalized campaigns in minutes. Add elements like templates, forms, buttons, and widgets—all kept up-to-date with the latest industry trends.

Also, their drag-and-drop builder makes it easy to create beautiful emails that look good on any device.

Although Notifyvisitors is designed for eCommerce brands, other users, including marketers and product owners, can also gain from its incredible tools.

Key Features

  • Drag-and-drop Editor – This allows you to create beautiful email campaigns easily.
  • Templates – You can choose from a variety of email templates, such as feedback emails, newsletters, registration emails, surveys, demo bookings, and cart abandonment emails.
  • Email Automation – NotifyVisitors lets you create unique customer journeys and email drip campaigns that encourage customers to take the proper actions at the right time.
  • Personalization – You can enhance your customer’s experience and boost your CTR 4x by sending personalized emails with relevant content tailored to your segmented audience.
  • Segmentation – Create audience segments that can be included or omitted in your campaign targeting by using the customer profile information, purchase history, and other filters.
  • Email List – You can create lead forms, landing pages, and sign-up boxes to build your email list.

Analytics – Monitor how your subscribers respond to your emails and how many sales each campaign generates, and instantly identify the top performers.


NotifyVisitors pricing

NotifyVisitors offers straightforward plans.

  • Free Plan – The Free Plan allows you to send up to 1,000 emails per month to up to 1,000 contacts. You also get SMS automation, all marketing automation features, drip campaigns, 20 segments, and more. 
  • Startups ($49/mo) – You can have 15x more contacts on your email list, analytical reports, data exports, and 100 segments.
  • Enterprises – This plan includes every feature in Startups plus advanced reporting, a customer success manager, priority customer support 24/7, and 200 segments. You need to contact the team to get a quote.

You can get started with any plan for free to test drive the features. 

What Is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is a form of direct marketing that uses electronic mail to send commercial messages. In contrast to other forms of direct marketing, it is usually characterized by sending more personalized messages to individual customers.

Email marketing is one of the quickest, cheapest, and most effective strategies for attracting new clients. And it doesn’t matter if you’re a solopreneur, freelancer, or a small-medium business owner – you should be using an email marketing platform in your day-to-day work.

Whether you’re looking to grow your list or increase engagement with existing subscribers, a good email marketing tool can help you achieve these goals – provided you know how to use it properly.

What Advantages Does Email Marketing Software Offer?

Email marketing is essential since it’s one of the finest methods to attract customers, make money, and reach consumers where they already congregate—in their inboxes.

A person who chooses to join your email list has expressed interest in your company and is willing to receive your messages.

Email is a logical extension of that ability to gather and share information that’s vital to them, as most consumers say word of mouth influences their shopping decisions.

Moreover, if you work in sales, you should know that recommendations from powerful business people and personal workplace relationships are the two sources of information that have the greatest influence on B2B audiences.

With the best email marketing services, you can communicate with warm leads without using cold email outreach, send messages at scale at a low cost, and avoid paying any additional costs beyond your monthly membership.

Here are some more advantages of using email marketing services:

  • You approach your clients in their inbox, where they are most active.
  • You can increase your revenue without putting much effort or time into it by using automated emails like welcome and post-purchase messages and abandoned cart emails.
  • Email enables marketers to communicate with their audience in a relevant, personalized, and dynamic way. According to 74% of marketers, personalization boosts consumer engagement.
  • Email marketing is economical and has a shown return on investment (each dollar spent can generate a $44 return).
  • The creation of beautiful and mobile-friendly emails is made simple by the ease of use and pre-designed email designers.
  • Building brand awareness and consumer loyalty through email marketing is one type of multi-channel marketing.
  • There are several possibilities for email marketing, and whether you run a small business or a major corporation, you can discover solutions that are simple to use.

With personalized email marketing campaigns and marketing automation features, you can run a successful email marketing business that will help you grow your online business.

Why Is It Crucial to Select the Best Email Marketing Software?

We all understand that email is one of the best methods to bring clients back to your business. However, a lot of businesses frequently undervalue the significance of using the best email marketing platform.

Businesses increasingly care about choosing the best email marketing platform because they want to communicate with a wide range of customers and forge connections more quickly than ever.

When you consider that email generates a $36 ROI for every $1 spent and is the most effective marketing channel for 29% of marketers, it’s evident that businesses need to change their thinking about email marketing.

Email marketing is simple to use, provides complete control, and allows you to communicate directly with your customers. It’s free traffic!

It’s critical to realize that your email marketing success is mostly determined by the email marketing software you use, as they are responsible for ensuring that your emails get delivered.

What Features Should You Look For In The Best Email Marketing Tools?

When choosing the best email marketing platform for your business, consider the following features:

  • Simple editor. A reliable email marketing provider should make it possible for you to create email newsletters that are extremely engaging while providing an intuitive user interface (ideally a drag-and-drop editor).
  • Send automated bulk emails. You shouldn’t have to put in a lot of effort to be able to send out mass emails that are genuinely tailored and targeted to certain recipients.
  • Marketing automation & analytics. Your email marketing provider needs to make it simple for you to manage your contact list, sort users into groups or tags, and monitor how well your email marketing campaigns are doing.
  • Sending limits. ​​You don’t want to be constrained by the send frequency of your email marketing software as your email list grows. To give you the most freedom, look for a supplier that offers a variety of sending levels and both monthly and pay-as-you-go options.
  • Good delivery rates. A good email platform will make certain that your email marketing efforts do not get sent to the junk mail folder.
  • Flexible pricing. Your email software should scale with your business and help you keep costs down while maintaining a good return on investments (while yet providing the features you require). Find an email solution that can scale and grow with your business and has flexible pricing with low, medium, and enterprise tiers.


The best email marketing software is an integral part of the world of business and is used by millions of people every day. In order to have a successful campaign, you need the right marketing tools, design templates, and email marketing solution.

Understanding how all of these platforms work is important for selecting the best email marketing platform for your business.

The key difference between a good email marketing service and a great one is that the latter provides you with additional features and tools for better tracking, testing, and optimizing the success of your campaigns. This is crucial for developing an effective email marketing strategy.

Another big difference is that the best email marketing platforms will offer a wide range of integrations to make it easier to export contacts from other services.

If you’re looking for something simple and straightforward that will give you really basic functionality, then ActiveCampaign might be your answer.

No matter what you choose, however, it’s essential to make sure that the service can track subscriber behavior and segment subscribers so that you can personalize future emails based on what they do or don’t do in response to certain campaigns.

I sincerely hope that this list of the best email service providers helps you in selecting the best platform for your online business.

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