5 Best Web Hosting Features To Be Aware Of in 2023

Any business is made possible by certain fundamental elements. In recent decades, the website has become one of them. The website is, in turn, made possible by hosting.

This article will examine the best web hosting features and how they will affect your online business in the following years.

Why Does Hosting Matter?

Websites run on very concrete physical machines known as servers. This means that the performance of a server will highly depend on those pieces of hardware. The server covers aspects such as the website’s uptime, page load speed, performance, and failure resistance.  

In addition to the quality of the hardware, it’s essential to consider the hosting provider and the services they offer. This includes the quality of their hosting solutions and support team and any additional services that may impact the website’s overall performance.

Let’s examine each of these elements in more detail.

What Are The Best Web Hosting Features?

1. Uptime

Before we even talk about the website’s performance, the first obvious requirement is that it has to be present and available for the customers; otherwise, they can just search for web hosting providers. Also, the more uptime the website has, the less chance somebody will catch your website out of work.

To get the maximum uptime, you must look for providers that can guarantee it. The desirable guarantee is 99,99% since just 99,9% would mean a monthly downtime of about 7 hours.

Also, choose the solution that will optimally match the website’s requirements. 

Shared hosting is also not recommended since resources distributed within it are allocated between the customers within strict distribution, so crashes are possible from time to time.

If you want a quality solution, go for virtual private server UK if you need a stable and reliable solution with a fixed amount of resources, or for dedicated hosting if you need the maximum performance for bigger projects.

2. Support

Even if the provider offers you the best conditions, there always remains space for technical failures and other issues that will damage your website’s performance.

Therefore, there can be nothing better than a team of professionals ready to help you fix this or that task, and that is 24/7 available support from the provider.

To ensure that the hoster provides optimal support, you can check the reviews about them on sites that deal with hosting reviews.

3. Managed Hosting

Managing a website is always a task that needs a great deal of involvement from your side. Moreover, it can be related to different aspects, requiring time and dedication.

If you want to make the task easier by handing part of this work to someone else, then such an option as managed hosting can be a great way to do it. In this service, the hosting provider performs the technical aspect of your server management for an additional fee.

This is a great way to get one less task, so if you don’t feel technically savvy enough or want more time to invest in other aspects of your online business, look for providers that offer a managed hosting option.

4. Location

Another way your server can affect your online business is the location of your server. When choosing the conditions of your plan on the hosting provider’s website, you will come across the possibility of selecting the location of your server.

The server location affects your online business because it determines the latency, that is, the time a request from the visitor’s computer needs to reach your server and vice-versa. From this perspective, the location should be as close as possible to your target audience.

Moreover, the location will affect not only the subjective experience of your customers but also your SEO and how high in search engine rankings your site will be.

5. Security

The data involved in your business must not only be transmitted but must always be protected from the prying eyes of criminals.

Over the years, cyber attacks have constantly been getting more sophisticated, while the way to avoid them developed as well. That’s why hosting providers must follow hosting trends to provide clients with security measures that cover most cyber threats. 

Therefore, ensure your web host can offer the newest and most ways of avoiding cyber threats. These may include DDoS protection, compliance checks for CMS vulnerabilities, standard SSL certification, encrypted data storage, etc.


The website is the foundation of your online business, while hosting is the foundation of your website.

There are many ways in which a good hosting choice will contribute to your website’s performance. At the same time, they’re the criteria for finding a good hosting provider. 

This list of the best web hosting features will make choosing a reliable web host easier for you.

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