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Earn High Commissions With These 13 Best Web Hosting Affiliate Programs

Best web hosting affiliate programs

This post may contain affiliate links for some products I might recommend. If you purchase anything through those links, I may earn a commission, which helps this blog run. Learn more in my privacy policy.

You want to make money online, don’t you? That’s why ​I handpicked a list of top web hosting affiliate programs for you.

Due to the skyrocketing demand for quality online real estate, affiliate programs for web hosting have become quite a hit in the online income domain. In other words, you can see them as your ticket to a healthy online income, offering enticing commissions, lasting cookies, and a multitude of loyal customers who always need good hosting.

As an affiliate marketer myself who’s been earning a full-time income from affiliate marketing, I’m always on the lookout for valuable programs that pay well. Of course, the product must be good; otherwise, I won’t promote it.

In your case, you could be a pro who has done this for years or maybe you’re just stepping foot in this arena—no matter where you stand, these programs are the support system you need to kick off or enhance your online affiliate strategy.

From the impressive payouts of DreamHost to the recurring flow of income from Kinsta, my selection is robust and varied, making your choice easier and wiser. So, ready to start?

Best Web Hosting Affiliate Programs

Before we start with the actual list, here’s a breakdown of the hosting affiliate programs in an easy form to digest.

BrandCommissionsCookie Duration
1. DreamHostUp to $20030 days
2. KinstaUp to $500 + 10% recurring60 days
3.$15060 days
4. Liquid Web150% (up to $7,000) with $150 minimum90 days
5. WP Engine$200+180 days
6. Cloudways$165 or $30 + 7% recurring90 days
7. HostwindsUp to $13560 days
8. HostGatorUp to $10060 days
9. InMotion HostingUp to $80090 days
10. GreenGeeksUp to $100Lifetime!
11. A2 HostingUp to $12590 days
12. SiteGround$100+60 days
13. HostPapa$5690 days

1. DreamHost

DreamHost affiliate program

DreamHost is one of the top web hosting solutions for people who want to start their blog. Besides, they’re officially recommended by WordPress. That’s why they’re among the most suitable programs for new affiliate bloggers hoping to make money online.

DreamHost Commissions:

  • As a DreamHost affiliate, you can earn up to $200 per referral. They offer additional compensation based on sales volume.
  • 30-day cookie.
Hosting ServerMonthly PlanYearly Plan
Shared Starter$15$50
Shared Unlimited$30$100
Virtual Private Server$30$100
Dedicated Server$200$200
DreamHost affiliate commissions’ structure

They have an enticing 97-day money-back guarantee, which attracts new clients. Because of that, payouts also have a waiting period of 97 days.

What you need to know about this affiliate program:

  • Variety of Hosting Types: DreamHost isn’t just about one kind of hosting. They offer varied hosting services right from shared hosting to dedicated servers. This means you can recommend a vast array of hosting plans to a wide range of customers based on their needs.
  • Detailed Tracking System: DreamHost provides you with advanced tracking URLs to ensure no lead slips through the cracks.
  • Promotional support: DreamHost offers you readymade banners and an intuitive dashboard.

Join DreamHost’s affiliate program.

2. Kinsta

Kinsta affiliate program

Kinsta is one of the best and fastest web hosting solutions powered by the Google Cloud Platform. That’s why they have a 4% churn rate, which means most customers never leave.

Kinsta Commissions:

  • Affiliates can earn up to $500 per sign-up + 10% monthly recurring lifetime commissions.
  • 60-day cookie.

What you should know about Kinsta’s affiliate program:

  • In-house Affiliate Dashboard: Kinsta’s affiliate dashboard, made to measure, takes you beyond the default WordPress affiliate tracking and offers in-depth insights about your page views, referrals, and payouts.
  • Affiliate Academy and Knowledge Base: With comprehensive guides and expert tips, Kinsta’s Affiliate Academy is an invaluable knowledge base.
  • Dedicated Affiliate Support: Affiliates at Kinsta receive dedicated support, ensuring queries are promptly addressed and promotional strategies are optimized.
  • Useful Marketing Materials: Kinsta arms affiliates with ready-to-use banners and guides, aiding effective promotion of their hosting services.

We’re happy to share Kinsta with our clients because we always get positive feedback fo their hosting performance.

Ludjon Roshi, Codeless

In addition to the commissions below, you also receive a recurring 10% income for as long as your referral stays a customer.

PlanOne-time Commission
Agency 3$500
Kinsta one-time commissions’ structure

Join Kinsta’s affiliate program.


Rocket net affiliate program

Claiming to be the fastest WordPress hosting platform on the market, won’t let anyone down. All their plans include Cloudflare’s Enterprise CDN, something unique in the server industry. They also have the best and fastest customer service I’ve ever seen, and they’ve never let me down by always being quick to resolve everything.

These reasons alone make them a very attractive hosting platform. In fact, this website is hosted on, so I highly recommend it. Affiliate Commissions:

  •’s affiliate program is free to join. You can earn $150 per referral. It doesn’t take long to do the math and realize that this can lead to a substantial income.
  • They offer a 60-day cookie duration.

Things to be aware of when joining this affiliate program:

  • Higher Commissions: If you happen to refer more than 20 clients, you may apply for an increase in your commission.
  • Resources: By joining, you’ll get access to a varied selection of banners and marketing materials.

It’s a fantastic chance to advertise superior hosting solutions without any lower limits and promptly withdraw your funds.

Join the affiliate program.

4. Liquid Web

Liquid Web affiliate program

Liquid Web provides various hosting solutions, including VPS, dedicated servers, and cloud hosting, along with managed services like backups and security.

Customers can reach highly-trained technicians and knowledgeable sales staff anytime with 24/7/365 support, benefit from transparent pricing without long-term contracts, and access a wealth of information and current inventory details effortlessly.

Liquid Web Affiliate Commissions:

  • Affiliates can earn a one-time commission of 150% with a $150 minimum. With their Dedicated Hosting plan, you can earn up to $7,000 per sale. Moreover, you also have a 50% bonus for pre-paid plans.
  • 90-day cookie duration window.
PlanCPA (Cost Per Action)
Managed WordPress$150 – $2,000
Managed WooCommerce$150 – $3,000
VPS$150 – $300
Dedicated Server$150 – $7,000
Cloud Server$150 – $5,000
Liquid Web commission structure

What to know about the affiliate program:

  • Two Affiliate Options: Liquid Web offers both an Affiliate Program and a Refer-a-Friend Program, depending on your preferences and requirements.
  • Dedicated Affiliate Managers: Liquid Web provides personalized support with dedicated affiliate managers to assist you throughout your affiliate journey.
  • Custom Content and Links: Like other affiliate programs, you get access to advertising banners, links, and custom landing pages to promote Liquid Web.
  • Impact Radius Platform: Liquid Web’s in-house program uses Impact Radius, granting multiple performance-advertising campaign options, industry-leading tracking, reporting, and a variety of creative resources.
  • Advanced Notice of Sales and Promotions: Affiliates are kept informed about exclusive sales and promotions in advance, providing them with opportunities to optimize their marketing strategies and capitalize on these events.

Join Liquid Web’s affiliate program.

5. WP Engine

WP Engine affiliate program

WP Engine has an award-winning affiliate program with one of the highest commissions in the web hosting industry.

Hosted on the affiliate network ShareASale, they offer creative banners and other assets. You can also reach out to them and request a co-branded landing page, which might get you more affiliate clicks!

WP Engine Affiliate Commissions:

  • The commissions start at $200.
  • They have one of the longest cookie windows, currently at 180 days.

For the WP Engine affiliate program, commissions are calculated based on the hosting plan you refer to. You’ll receive at least $200 or the first month’s payment, depending on which has a higher value. To better visualize this:

Plan TypeCommission Earned
WP Engine commission structure
Monthly SalesBonus
WP Engine affiliate bonus structure

In cases where an annual plan is purchased, the total cost is divided by 12 to determine the equivalent monthly rate. The commission is then calculated based on that monthly rate.

Things to know about this affiliate program:

  • Diverse Referral Options: The program allows earnings through customer referrals for both WP Engine hosting plans and StudioPress themes.
  • Two-tier: You can also refer other affiliates and earn a flat $50 for each client they refer.
  • Access to Affiliate Manager: Each affiliate has a dedicated WP Engine Affiliate Manager who is always ready to support and assist you.
  • Custom Promotions: WP Engine provides exclusive discounts for you to offer to your audience, increasing your chances of earning more income.

Join the WP Engine affiliate program.

6. Cloudways

Cloudways Affiliate Program

Cloudways is probably the most affordable cloud hosting platform that guarantees results. They offer affiliate bloggers different flexible commission payout models with the highest payments and recurring commissions.

It was the second hosting platform for this website, and I couldn’t be more happy with their service.

Cloudways Commissions:

  • Earn a one-time $125 commission per sale or $30 per sale plus a 7% lifetime recurring commission. Their flexibility allows you to move to one or the other model as you find the fittest.
  • 90-day cookie.
$125$30 + 7% lifetime
Cloudways affiliate structure

Things to have in mind when joining this affiliate program:

  • Lifetime Recurring Commissions: Benefit from a recurring commission model that pays out over the lifetime of each high-tier customer referred.
  • Dedicated Support: A dedicated Affiliate Account Manager is available to help you at each step.
  • Industry-Low Churn Rates: With Cloudways’ industry-low 3% churn rate, you can enjoy a long-term earning potential.
  • Flexible Earnings Models: Whether slab-based performance commissions or hybrid models with mixed benefits, select the plan that aligns with your strategy.

Join the Cloudways affiliate program.

7. Hostwinds

Hostwinds affiliate program

Hostwinds is a hosting provider for small businesses looking for unlimited storage and bandwidth. Their affiliate program can earn you unlimited monthly revenue streams as they don’t cap what you can make.

Hostwinds Commissions:

  • Earn up to $135 per sale with their tiered commission structure. While 1 to 6 monthly sales entitle you to $65 per sale, more than 20 monthly sales earn you $135 per sale.
  • 60-day cookie.
Monthly SalesCommission per Sale
Hostwinds affiliate commission structure

What to know about this affiliate program:

  • No Limits: There’s no cap on how much you can earn as an affiliate for Hostwinds.
  • Payouts: You can select PayPal or Bank Wire for your payments at the tenth of each month.

Join Hostwinds’ affiliate program.

8. HostGator

HostGator affiliate program

HostGator is a web hosting company that provides shared, VPS, and dedicated servers, as well as domain registration, website building, and SEO services.

In the past, their cap was at $125, but unfortunately, they’ve reduced it to $100.

HostGator Commissions:

  • With HostGator, you can earn up to $100 per sign-up with a minimum of 70% of each sale.
  • 60-day cookie duration.

What to expect from the HostGator affiliate program:

  • Dedicated Support: You can access a team of affiliate specialists who are available to assist you, no matter the situation.
  • Regular Bonuses: The program offers the opportunity for additional bonuses on top of the standard offerings.
  • No Minimum Referral: There’s no minimum number of referrals needed to participate or benefit from the affiliate program.

Promoting HostGator is no difficult task with a dedicated team, many bonus opportunities, and hundreds of ad designs. You’ll also have access to marketing tools such as email marketing templates, text links, and banners.

Join HostGator’s affiliate program.

9. InMotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting affiliate program

InMotion Hosting has established an affiliate program to allow individuals or businesses to earn by promoting their high-quality web hosting services. As an affiliate, you can access many resources and a dedicated support manager to maximize your earnings.

By joining their network you will become part of a dynamic partnership with a company dedicated to customer satisfaction and offering the best web hosting services in the industry.

InMotion Hosting Commissions:

  • You are entitled to earn up to $800 per qualified sale. 
  • 90-day cookie duration.
Hosting Server1 Month12 Months24 Months
cPanel Shared$50 to $500$50 to $500$50 to $500
cPanel WordPress$50 to $500$50 to $500$50 to $500
Virtual Private Server$50 to $500$50 to $500$50 to $500
Dedicated Server$50 to $500$50 to $500$50 to $500
Platform InMotion150%: $7.50 to $24050%: $25 to $800N/A
InMotion Hosting affiliate commission structure

What you get when you join the InMotion Hosting affiliate program:

  • Supportive Affiliate Tools: They provide you with high-converting ad campaigns, tracking links, and a variety of affiliate tools to make promoting their products easier.
  • Dedicated Team: They offer a committed affiliate contact, an easy-to-use affiliate control panel, fast responses to inquiries, and a Joint Slack or Discord for top affiliates.

I host my own website with InMotion Hosting and proudly recommend them to my readers.

Tal White, White’s Garden

Join InMotion Hosting’s affiliate program.

10. GreenGeeks

GreenGeeks affiliate program

If your readers prefer an eco-friendly web hosting provider, look no further than GreenGeeks. They’re dedicated to reducing the carbon footprint and replacing energy from the grid with renewable energy credits.

GreenGeeks Affiliate Commissions:

  • With GreenGeeks’ free affiliate program, you can take home up to $100 per sale. With a tiered commission structure, the more referrals you have, the more you earn.
  • Lifetime cookie duration!
Monthly SalesCommission
1$50 per sale
2$60 per sale
3$70 per sale
4$80 per sale
5$90 per sale
6+$100 per sale
GreenGeeks affiliate commission structure

What you get inside this affiliate program:

  • Dedicated Affiliate Team: GreenGeeks has a dedicated team to support you in becoming a successful affiliate.
  • Resources: Access a variety of marketing resources to help you promote an eco-friendly host.
  • Unique Affiliate Tracking URL: Each affiliate is given a unique affiliate link, making it easy to keep track of referrals and earnings.
  • Custom Landing Pages: GreenGeeks offers targeted landing pages to help you convert your traffic into sales.
  • Campaign Tracking: You can customize your campaign tracking to fit your promotional needs.
  • Advanced Real-Time Statistics: This allows you to stay aware of your performance.

Join GreenGeek’s affiliate program.

11. A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting affiliate program

With more than $1M in payouts annually, A2 Hosting is one of the top affiliate programs you can promote in the web hosting industry.

As part of the A2 Hosting affiliate program, you’ll benefit from a tiered commission structure, real-time affiliate stats, a dedicated support team, and access to various marketing materials to make your promotional endeavors a breeze.

A2 Hosting Affiliate Commissions:

  • Earn $55 to $125 per sale.
  • 90-day cookie.
Monthly SalesCommission
1-10$55 per sale
11-15$75 per sale
16-20$100 per sale
21+$125 per sale
A2 Hosting affiliate commission structure

If you’re a top affiliate, you also get a custom landing page for your readers. On top of that, if you have a great following or are a big influencer, you can contact their affiliate manager to increase your commissions.

With a $100 commission threshold, they pay via PayPal each month.

What you get when you join the A2 Hosting affiliate program:

  • Second Tier: You receive $5 each time someone subscribes via one of your referrals.
  • Dedicated Affiliate Team: A2 Hosting provides affiliate program management and support to ensure your success.
  • Real-Time Affiliate Stats: Instantly track your referral performance with real-time statistics.
  • Easy-to-Use Control Panel: A2 Hosting makes it simple to manage your affiliate activities with their easy-to-use Post Affiliate Pro control panel.
  • Deep Linking Feature: Choose where you want to link, providing customization to your promotional efforts.

Join the A2 Hosting affiliate program.

12. SiteGround

SiteGround affiliate program

With a tiered commission structure, SiteGround is no different from many web hosting affiliate programs—the more you refer, the more you earn.

This hosting company is easy to convert, as they have top reviews and an excellent brand reputation from many customers.

SiteGround Commissions:

  • By promoting SiteGround, you can earn from $50 to $100 per sale.
  • 60-day cookie duration.
Monthly SalesCommission
1-5$50 per sale
6-10$75 per sale
11-20$100 per sale
SiteGround affiliate commission structure

The conversions have been great and over time we have extended and grown our parternship to generate more worth. (…) we also get great feedback from the people we refer to their service.

Ionut Neagu, codeinwp

What you should know about SiteGround’s affiliate program:

  • Dedicated Affiliate Support: SiteGround offers not only day-to-day support but also performance-optimization consulting upon request to help you earn more.
  • Highly Competitive Service: With a 98% client satisfaction rate, it offers a powerful and reliable hosting service that your audience would appreciate.
  • Powerful Affiliate Tools: SiteGround provides useful resources such as free hosting trials, easy start guides, attractive visuals, custom creatives, detailed tracking, and developer tools.
  • Product Selection: Whether you have an audience of beginners or advanced users, WordPress fans or others, SiteGround has solutions that will meet their needs, making it easy to recommend the service.
  • Fast and Flexible Payouts: Affiliates enjoy weekly payouts with no minimum requirement and flexible payment options depending on your preference.

On top of that, they offer affiliates free hosting for one month.

Join SiteGround’s affiliate program.

13. HostPapa

HostPapa affiliate program

HostPapa offers shared, VPS, and dedicated servers, domain registration, website building tools, and eCommerce solutions for small and medium businesses. In addition, HostPapa has another great offer, which is the Affiliate Partnership Program.

Affiliates can earn substantial commission, access real-time statistics, manage various campaigns, and communicate directly with their dedicated Affiliate Program Manager.  

HostPapa’s Affiliate Commissions:

  • Earn $56 for every qualified customer you send them. However, top affiliates may earn higher commissions based on their performance.
  • 90-day cookie.

Payouts have a minimum threshold of $100 and are done via PayPal unless you earn more than $1,000, which is through direct deposit.

Things to notice about this affiliate program:

  • Multiple Campaigns: The affiliate program allows you to manage various promotional campaigns through a single interface which enhances efficiency.
  • Self-Managed Conversion Pixels: This feature offers more control and visibility over your affiliate campaigns.
  • Global Conversion Capabilities: Convert sales from any HostPapa brand with one tracking link, becoming part of a worldwide effort.
  • Special Contests and Incentives: HostPapa offers occasional competitions and incentives for affiliates to foster a competitive and rewarding atmosphere.

Join HostPapa’s affiliate program.

How I Compiled This List

It’s really hard to see a web hosting service without an affiliate program.

In order not to fill this article with too many options, I decided to choose the best web hosting affiliate programs according to three criteria:

  1. Price of commissions.
  2. Credibility and quality of the company.
  3. Resources offered to affiliates.

Based on these criteria, I’ve come up with a selection of the top referral programs that I think are the most credible for you to promote to your audience.

Any of these services will do an excellent job when it comes to quality website hosting.
Of course, there are more robust and expensive options and cheaper ones. But it all depends on your type of audience and their needs.

Many affiliates earn thousands a month promoting just one web host thanks to recurring commissions, which, by the way, are one of the most exciting features of these programs.

Should You Start Web Hosting Affiliate Marketing?

Web hosting affiliate marketing could be a smart move if you’re interested in earning by recommending products online, and here’s why:

  • Ever-Growing Demand: The internet is bulging at the seams with websites, each one needing a place to live, which is exactly what web hosting services offer. This need isn’t going away anytime soon.
  • Skill Level Doesn’t Matter: Whether you’re just starting out or have years of marketing savvy, web hosting affiliate marketing is accessible.
  • Not Niche-Exclusive: Virtually any topic you cover could lead to the discussion about web hosting. Whether you’re into tech, business, blogging, or education, there’s a chance to weave in a hosting recommendation.
  • Potential for Recurrent Earnings: Some web hosting affiliate programs offer recurring payouts, which means you could continue to earn from a single sale for as long as your referred customer stays with the service.
  • Performance-Based: Your earnings reflect the effort you put in. Typically, the more successful referrals, the more you earn. This allows you to scale your affiliate efforts according to your ambition.
  • Support and Materials Provided: Most programs don’t leave you empty-handed. They provide you with ad banners, text links, and in some cases, they can even create customized creative to help you get started with your promotions.

When you boil it down, web hosting affiliate marketing can be a rewarding path. What it really comes down to for me is how the program is set up, the type of hosting services they offer, and how you speak to your audience.

Then, it’s all about how willing you are to dive into affiliate marketing.

Keep your focus on what will bring value to your readers, and the rest is a process of connecting those dots.

8 Simple Steps to More Affiliate Earnings with Web Hosting Companies

Looking to put your affiliate marketing skills to work and capitalize on the web hosting space? Here’s a list of strategies that can help maximize the earnings from hosting affiliate programs:

  1. Understand Your Audience: Recognizing the unique needs and preferences of your audience is paramount. Tailor your promotional efforts to meet those needs. People are different; some need robust hosting services, while others are content with simpler, budget-friendly options.
  2. Highlight Value over Price: High-priced hosting services may offer higher commissions, and budget offerings lesser earnings. However, prioritize the value these services provide to the user. High-value services often lead to longer customer retention which results in sustained commissions.
  3. Utilize Provided Resources: Maximise the use of the resources provided by the affiliate program. From visual aids to tracking tools, they are there for you to succeed.
  4. Deep-Dive Into Company’s Reputation: An affiliate marketer promoting a company indirectly stakes their reputation on that of the company. Ensure the credibility and quality of the hosting service before advocating it.
  5. Leverage Recurring Payouts: Host programs offering recurring commissions are like the gifts that keep on giving. You stand to earn from a single sale, repeatedly, enhancing potential earnings in the long run.
  6. Regularly Monitor Performance: The saying, “what gets measured gets improved,” rings true in affiliate marketing. Regularly track your performance and refine tactics as necessary.
  7. Constant Learning and Upgradation: Trends in the hosting and affiliate marketing world evolve. Stay current and continuously learn to adapt your strategy.
  8. Engage, Don’t Just Sell: Engage with your audience, provide value first, and the selling becomes organic. People tend to trust and act on unified reviews from sources they deem reliable.

Now you’re ready to add some zest to the way you promote your web hosting, and maybe just watch those commission slashes take a hike!

FAQs About Web Hosting Affiliate Programs

What is a Web Hosting Affiliate Program?

A web hosting affiliate program is an arrangement where an individual (the affiliate) promotes a web hosting company’s services. In return, they earn commissions for each purchase made through their referral.

How do I join a Web Hosting Affiliate Program?

Typically, you can join directly through the company’s website. You’ll need to sign up, obtain your unique referral link, and start sharing it with your audience.

What kind of audience is best for these programs?

Any audience interested in creating websites can be a good fit. This includes anyone from businesses, bloggers, developers, or even local agencies.

How do I succeed as a web hosting affiliate?

Like any business model, success begins with knowing your audience and, of course, the product you’re promoting. You must offer them valuable insights about web hosting services as well as remain up-to-date with industry trends.

What are recurring commissions in these programs?

Recurring commissions mean you earn every time the customer renews their plan, not just on their first purchase. These can provide a steady income stream.

Are all Web Hosting Affiliate Programs the same?

No, they differ in payout structure, commission rates, payout duration, and product quality, among other factors.

Are there any costs to join these programs?

In most cases, web hosting affiliate programs are free to join. However, it’s always best to know the services directly, meaning you could subscribe for one month to evaluate the quality of what they offer.

How are sales tracked in these programs?

Sales are tracked using your unique affiliate link provided by the web hosting company. If someone clicks on this link and makes a purchase, you receive a commission.

How do I get paid?

Payments are usually made through digital payment methods like PayPal or direct bank deposits. It varies by the specific hosting company.

What can affect my earning potential in an affiliate program?

Your earning potential can be affected by various factors, including your audience size, demographics, engagement, the value provided in your content, and the specific terms of the hosting affiliate program you’ve chosen. Don’t forget: customer’s trust helps your chances of succeeding.

Final Note

As I always say to anyone who wants to make money online, affiliate marketing is the way to go. You can leverage proven and trusted products—you only have to build an audience to promote them.

Web hosting affiliate programs aren’t different from others. If there’s a demand, there will be purchases, that’s it. You’re just the middleman earning a reward.

If you’re a web hosting affiliate marketer, let me know which company fills your pockets the most.

Vaslou is a passionate digital creator and blogger who loves to explore unique paths to generate online income. He’s also a musician, always looking for exciting paths to articulate his inventive spirit in the musical realm. When he’s not at work on his online endeavors, Vasco loves to delve into spiritual realms to become a better version of himself.

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