9 Best Search Engine Positioning Tools To Help You Rank Higher on Google

best search engine positioning tools to rank higher on Google

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The best search engine positioning tools are your go-to solution for boosting your website’s search engine rankings and click-through rates.

A recent study found that the top three organic search results receive the lion’s share of all organic clicks. The study further establishes that the first organic result is 10x more likely to attract a click than a page in the 10th spot.

While it is the dream of every website owner to see their pages rank high on search engines, the majority need to employ the right resources to make it a reality.

Search engine positioning is the secret to increasing organic visibility, outperforming the competition, and improving your website’s overall health and success.

Below, I discuss the top search engine positioning tools to get your website pages to the most coveted spots on search engines. Let’s get started.

What Are The Best Search Engine Positioning Tools?

I have reviewed the best search engine positioning tools and compiled this list to help you find the most suitable tool for your website.

1. Surfer SEO

Best SEO positioning tool for search engine optimization and growth management.

Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO provides the best SEO tools for crafting well-optimized content to increase online visibility, organic traffic, and website rank. This search engine positioning tool features a content editor and score that gives you real-time feedback and measure of the status of your on-page optimization as well as an in-depth list of relevant keywords.

You can simultaneously craft and optimize your content following real-time metrics, NLP-ready keywords, word count, and images for global high ranking. The good thing is that Surfer allows you to use any language while creating optimized content for a wider reach.

With Surfer’s built-in outline builder, you can generate detailed content briefs with unique questions and headlines in minutes.

What gives Surfer an edge is its Grow Flow feature, an AI SEO growth management tool that provides you with personalized recommendations for maximizing your SEO efforts. The feature gives you data-backed weekly insights into your content and keywords, article ideas, and relevant internal link suggestions. 

Surfer SEO is best for content creators, digital marketers, SEO specialists, and website owners seeking to optimize their content for a higher search engine ranking.

Learn more about this tool in my in-depth Surfer SEO review.

Key Features

  • Content Editor – The feature gives you a real-time measure of your content optimization and relevant keywords to use.
  • SEO Audit Tool – This tool can help you identify SEO errors, repurpose old content, and conduct a Whitelabel SEO audit. It also provides insights such as keyword density, content length, and missing backlinks.
  • Built-in AI Outline Generator– You can use it to generate detailed content briefs.
  • Keyword Research Tool – You only need to feed in a primary keyword to receive a wide array of relevant topic clusters in minutes.
  • Multi-language Support – You can use keywords and produce content in your preferred language.
  • Seamless Integrations – Surfer integrates with Jasper, WordPress, Semrush, Google Docs, and Surfer API.
  • AI SEO Growth Management Tool – The feature gives you access to personalized recommendations to boost your SEO efforts.
  • Keyword Surfer Extension – Surfer offers a Chrome extension to easily track your keyword search volume, number of keywords used, and more.


Surfer’s pricing plans range from $49/mo to $199/mo, depending on the number of article optimizations you need.

Fortunately, they offer a 7-day free trial to try the software.

2. Scalenut

The number #1 search engine positioning tool for growing organic traffic.

Scalenut content editor and SEO score

Scalenut leverages advanced NLP models, the best SEO tools, and industry-best integrations to power and scale your entire SEO content lifecycle within a single app. You can rely on this platform for AI-guided writing, real-time optimization, NLP optimization, and more.

Its state-of-the-art research tools help you uncover valuable insights and semantic NLP key terms to fine-tune your content creation and outperform the competition.

In addition, Scalenut allows you to access 40+ copywriting templates streamlining the process of generating your marketing copies, such as product descriptions, copywriting frameworks, website copies, and email copywriting.

One of Scalenut’s unique features is the Cruise Mode AI Writer, which creates 1,500+ word articles in minutes. This tool can create nearly any type of long-form content, including ebooks, blog posts, and journals. 

Scalenut is best for content strategists, marketing managers, freelance writers, and business owners who need to improve their organic marketing.

You can learn more about the tool in my Scalenut review.

Key Features

  • Content Optimizer – The tool optimizes your new and existing content for SEO to boost search engine visibility.
  • Keyword Planner – Scalenut automates SEO and keyword research to highlight relevant topics in minutes.
  • AI Writing Tool – The tools empower you to create relevant, high-quality, and human-like content with the help of artificial intelligence.
  • Topic Cluster Tool – The feature enhances smart content planning and allows you to create a comprehensive content strategy comprising targeted keywords and relevant topic ideas in seconds.
  • NLP Analysis – Scalenut has an AI for boosting text readability and creating NLP-optimized content.
  • Cruise Mode AI Writer – This feature helps you to create long-form content in minutes.
  • AI Copywriting Assistant – The tool helps you save time by generating your marketing copies quickly.


Scalenut offers affordable plans starting at $23/mo, including 100,000 AI words. Or you can choose the $47/mo plan for unlimited AI words.

You can try the software for free for 7 days and evaluate if it’s the right tool for you.

3. Semrush

A powerful search engine optimization tool for online marketing.


Semrush has more than 55 tools and reports to help you fix all your marketing challenges. These include on-page optimization, keyword research, social media management, and rank-tracking tools, to mention a few.

Its extensive SEO tools empower your SEO team to uncover millions of keywords quickly, analyze backlink profiles for various domains, and conduct site audits for optimal on-page and technical SEO optimization.

Besides SEO tools, Semrush has features to help you keep an eye on your competitors while capturing frequently asked questions from target readers. You can use its traffic analytics to compare your website traffic against the competitors and identify where to improve to beat the competition.

Additionally, Semrush’s market analysis tools can help you identify your rival positions in the competitive landscape as well as discover new market opportunities.

While Semrush has many tools, reports, and screens, most are easy to navigate without prior experience. But if you need help, the platform has prompt customer service and documented learning resources.

Semrush is best for digital marketers and content creators seeking to streamline their content marketing efforts.

Key Features

  • SEO Content Templates – This gives you actionable ideas and recommendations to create winning content.
  • Content Audit Tool – The tool uses Google Analytics, Semrush, and Search Console data to assess your content assets and identify pieces that need to be rewritten, updated, or deleted.
  • Social Media Tracker – The feature helps you to track your competitors’ social media engagements and discover new ways to meet your audience’s preferences.
  • Post Tracking – You can measure your external publications’ performance by tracking daily keyword rankings, social engagement, backlink count, and referral traffic to your website.
  • SEO Writing Assistant – The feature lets you track and adjust your tone of SEO score and originality to create exceptional pieces of content.
  • Website Competitor Analysis Tools – They include advertising research, organic research, and traffic analytics to help you discover various aspects of competitors’ online presence.
  • 55+ Digital Marketing Tools – They help you automate SEO workflows like content optimization and keyword research.


Semrush’s most affordable pricing plan costs $99.95/mo if paid annually. Fortunately, you can use the tool for free with some limitations. You can subscribe to a premium plan later if you need more advanced features.

4. Serpstat

Best search engine positioning tool for keyword research and analysis.


Serpstat is an all-in-one solution for all your content marketing, SEO, PPC, and keyword analysis needs. The platform is built with productivity in mind to ensure you outpace the competition to get the highest share of profits.

With its 50+ tools and features, you can quickly analyze websites, collect keywords, identify on-page SEO issues, cluster dozens of keywords, check backlinks, and track rankings daily.

One of its key features is the local SEO tool that enables you to improve your brand visibility in local search results, increasing organic traffic. Besides, the tool allows you to track listing directories in your business location, complete your listing profiles, establish automatic content posting, and manage reviews under a convenient interface.

Another of Serpstat’s good features is its rank tracker, which keeps you updated with your market share and site ranking for analyzed keywords. This tool can also help you schedule your rank-tracking project reports and group keywords by tags. Furthermore, you can use the rank tracking tool to spy on your closest competitors’ rankings.

Serpstat is an ideal option for digital marketing agencies, SEO and PPC, SMBs, enterprises, in-house SEO teams, and anyone seeking to generate income from their website.

Key Features

  • Competitor Analysis Tool – You can use this tool to locate relevant online competitors and check their pages and the most popular keywords that attract traffic.
  • Website Analysis – You can use the website analysis tools to check for missing keywords and top pages, conduct URL and Domain analysis, and obtain tree-view analytics.
  • Team Management Tool – It enhances team collaboration.
  • Serpstat Browser Extensions – Serpstat has browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Mozilla, and Microsoft Edge.
  • Regular Custom Reports – Serpstat gives you frequent access to scheduled, branded, and white-label reports.
  • Backlink Analysis – The feature lets you comprehensively review your website’s backlinks.
  • Rank Tracker – With the rank tracking tool, you can detect changes in your domain’s market share and search results and find ways to get back on track.
  • Local SEO Tool – The features help you improve your website page visibility in local search results.


Serpstat offers a $55/mo pricing plan for freelancers and SMBs with limited budgets. You can also try the software for free before committing to a paid plan.

5. Outranking

Best search engine positioning tool for automating SEO content lifecycle.


Thousands of writers, content teams, and SEO professionals rely on Outranking to scale their content and achieve predictable success. This software brings to the table dozens of search engine optimization tools and advanced scoring algorithms to help you build a robust SEO content strategy and stay on top of any niche.

Outranking allows you to automate most tasks in your SEO content lifecycle, including SEO content briefs, keyword strategy, new content optimization, existing content upgrades, and more. This enables you to produce content 10x faster, exceeding performance goals.

Moreover, this platform analyses the 20 top-ranking pages for any keyword query and generates SERP (search engine results pages) data and insights to help you create a winning content plan. To unveil content optimization opportunities, you can obtain domain-specific data, including domain authority, backlink, and page rank data.

On top of that, Outranking connects with the tools you already use, such as WordPress, Google Docs, Grammarly, and Google Search Console, saving a lot of time.

This search engine positioning tool is best for content creators, entrepreneurs, and SEO professionals who want to ace their SEO content.

Key Features

  • AI-powered Keyword Strategy – The feature helps you to identify easy target keywords and work on your bottom line.
  • Advanced Topic Clustering Automation – It involves using related keywords and semantic terms to locate various corners of the user intent and areas for building an organic presence.
  • Intelligent SEO Content Prioritization – You can link authority gaps with your content strategy to prioritize new content opportunities while optimizing the existing content to drive qualified website traffic.
  • SEO Outline Builder – The tool helps you to create comprehensive and intent-matching SEO strategies.
  • AI First Drafts – You can use Outranking’s AI to generate factual, SEO-optimized drafts in minutes.
  • AI Copywriting Templates – You can access templates for press releases, recipe posts, webinar pages, and social media, among others.
  • FAQ Generator – With this tool, you can change any raw text into FAQs.
  • AI-based Internal Link Suggestions – These suggestions aim to improve your page rank.


You can try Outranking for $7 for the first month to get a feel of what it can do for your business.

6. SE Ranking

The best all-in-one solution for accurate position tracking.

SE Ranking

SE Ranking has all the tools you need to automate SEO practices like PPC research and keyword research while keeping track of your website’s keyword ranking positions.

The platform’s keyword rank tracker gives you extensive and accurate data on your keyword positions across major search engines. You can use the keyword rank tracker to check how your website stacks up against the competitors’ keywords, highlight top keywords, and tweak your strategy.

In addition, SE Ranking provides an array of backlink tools that empower your SEO team to improve its link-building efforts. As a user, you can perform an in-depth analysis of your website’s backlink profile to identify errors and measure the value of your backlinks. This makes it easy to identify bad backlinks and manage the lost ones. 

Besides that, this search engine positioning tool allows you to access social media management tools to keep you on top of your social media communications and engagements. You can even schedule auto-post content on Facebook and Twitter to increase social media visibility, rankings, and engagement.

SE Ranking is best for entrepreneurs, SEO pros, digital agencies, and enterprises looking to track their keyword rankings accurately, perform various SEO tasks, and rank higher on Google and other search engines.

Key Features

  • Website Audit Tool – The tool checks the health of your site to identify both on-page and off-page issues and provide suggestions to fix them.
  • Competitor Analysis Tool – With this feature, you can get a 360-view of any website, including their paid promotion and organic strategies.
  • Webpage Monitor – The feature alerts you when modifications happen on your web pages.
  • Backlink Tracking Tool – The tool helps you to track and manage backlinks.
  • Advanced SEO Report Generator – You can use the tool to generate data-rich SEO reports and share them with your team.
  • Keyword Position Tracker – This feature gives insights into how your web pages compare with the competitor pages.


SE Ranking’s cheapest plan is $39.20/mo and lets you create 10 projects and track 250 keywords.

7. Frase

A powerful search engine positioning tool for generating well-optimized content.

Frase io AI SEO tool

Frase leverages artificial intelligence to transform SEO and content creation. It is the perfect software to rely on to beat writer’s block and create high-converting, SEO-optimized copies with a single click.

You can use Frase’s AI templates to produce controlled outputs, such as FAQs, headings, copywriting formulas, and blog intros. The software further rewrites and paraphrases your text to boost the quality of your writing.

In addition, Frase comes with an intuitive text editor that leverages a topic model to rate and score your content against the competition. You can also use the topic model to pinpoint the keywords to include in your texts and compare them with top competitors.

Frase’s dashboard extracts Google Search Console data to provide actionable insights about your content opportunities. You can quickly identify and refresh the pages that are going down in the search rankings. The dashboard also helps you to determine high-growing opportunity keywords and automatically cluster the keywords to dictate your content strategy. 

Frase is built for content marketers, SEOs, and marketing agencies who need to create high-quality content in less time.

Key Features

  • Custom Templates – The templates act as guidelines and help you customize your content.
  • Intuitive Content Editor – The tool polishes and scores your content using a topic model.
  • Outline Builder – It uses tons of data points like people ask and autosuggest to develop content outlines.
  • Team Project Folders – The feature helps you to arrange documents into project folders for easy access by teammates.
  • Content Scoring – Frase guides you to ensure you optimize your articles with the right keywords.
  • Easy Document Sharing – Frase allows you to share editable links with your team.
  • Automated Content Briefs – This software creates detailed SEO content briefs with a click of a button.


Frase’s affordable pricing starts at $12.66/mo if paid yearly and lets you optimize 4 articles per month.

They offer you a 5-day trial for $1.

8. GrowthBar

Best search engine positioning tool for optimizing web pages and long-form content.


GrowthBar boasts a wide array of search engine optimization tools to help you create SEO-friendly content and dominate your niche. This tool uses an AI writing assistant to help you create content outlines and blog posts with optimal titles, keywords, introductions, word counts, and internal links with a single click.

Moreover, you can easily collaborate with your team members, marketers, and editors by inviting them to participate in your content optimization process. GrowthBar also provides numerous features to boost your keyword research and rank tracking.

This software lets you quickly uncover related long-tailed keywords and up to about 200 related queries for each keyword. Additionally, GrowthBar gives you access to vital data such as CPC estimates, search volume, and the position 1 value to help you know your keyword’s potential for profitability.

As a bonus, this platform sifts through Google SERPs numerous times a day to confirm and enhance the accuracy of keyword rankings. You can try its Google Chrome Extension for free and craft content with AI right within your WordPress account as you conduct your usual Google searches. 

GrowthBar is best for bloggers, digital agencies, and marketers because of its extensive search engine positioning features.

Key Features

  • AI Paragraph Writer – The feature rewords and rewrites the paragraphs of your text.
  • AI Blog Outline Feature – You only enter a search query to receive hundreds of FAQs and headline ideas which you can drag and drop to generate an SEO-optimized blog outline.
  • On-page SEO Audit Tool – The tool uses Google SERP signals to provide SEO suggestions, such as keywords, optimal post length, headline, image, and image count.
  • Keyword Research Tool – This tool can discover related long-tail keywords, keyword difficulty scores, and more.
  • Multi-language Use – You can create content in more than 20 languages.
  • AI Article Generator – The feature lets you create long-form blog posts in minutes and perfect them with SEO recommendations.


For $29/mo, GrowthBar lets you create 25 content outlines, do unlimited keyword research, and includes other unlimited features. You can try the software for free for 5 days.

9. Content Harmony

Best search engine positioning tool for building unique content briefs.

Content Harmony best search engine positioning tool

Content Harmony aims to take the guesswork out of your content creation. Its AI-driven topic model studies competitor content structure, analyzes the search intent, and reviews all the overlapping keywords to create content briefs that address readers’ crucial questions.

What’s best is that the platform features standardized brief formats enabling you to create consistent notes with all the necessary details. 

Another thing that makes Content Harmony stand out is its shareable brief formats. This makes it easy to collaborate effectively, and grants access to the right participants in your content process, including writers, graphic designers, and editors.

Moreover, Content Harmony helps you to grade your existing content and drafts to ensure that you publish comprehensive content consistently. The software further features custom keyword difficulty metrics to inform you about the underlying issues with each keyword you intend to rank for.

This search engine positioning tool is best for freelance writers, editors, and content marketers who need to produce consistent content briefs.

Key Features

  • Industry-leading Search Intent Insights – Content Harmony analyzes and classifies the search intent considering hundreds of factors.
  • Competitor Outlines – The platform quickly identifies relevant competitor headlines for reference as you create your own.
  • AI-Driven Topic Modeling – With the help of the topic model, you get the most crucial keywords and terms to incorporate into your content.
  • Customizable Brief Templates – The templates help speed up the brief creation process and enhance consistency.
  • Custom Keyword Difficulty Metrics – These metrics enable you to identify existing challenges with keywords.
  • Questions Database – It analyzes readers’ top questions about your research topic.
  • International Reports – Content Harmony gives you keyword reports for more than eight countries. You can also generate your keyword reports in different languages.
  • Content Grader – The tool grades your existing content and drafts.


Starting at $99/mo, you get unlimited projects and 12 content briefs.

You can test-drive the tool with a $10 trial for your first 10 brief workflows.

Best Search Engine Positioning Tools: Conclusion

Using the best search engine positioning tools will make your website pages rank high in Google search results. These tools will give you the accuracy and data you need to create winning content.

Take time to assess each tool’s capabilities and features to settle for an option that aligns with your website needs.

If you still have problems deciding which premium tool to use to optimize your content, try Surfer SEO. This platform gives you all the SEO tools you need to optimize your content to drive more organic traffic and increase returns on investment. 

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