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Unlock The Power of These 5 Best AI Paragraph Writer Tools (Free & Paid)

best AI paragraph writer tools reviewed and ranked

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Content creation is getting easier as artificial intelligence (AI) tools gain popularity. Whether you need to create a short or long paragraph but have no new ideas, the best AI paragraph writer tools can help.

A paragraph AI writer, also known as a text generator, can help you write the first draft of your marketing content for your website, marketing campaigns, web, and other outlets. Some of the tools listed below are also the best AI email generators.

Selecting the best AI paragraph generator can be challenging because so many possibilities are accessible. In this article, I selected the top AI paragraph writer tools to help you make a more informed decision.

What Are the Best AI Paragraph Writers?

1. Copy AI

Copy AI the best free AI writing software

Copy AI is an AI writing assistant trusted by over 6 million professionals (including me). This AI writer offers the perfect solution for writing paragraphs of high quality, free of charge.

Its 90+ AI templates include, among others:

  • Paragraph rewriter tool.
  • Simplify sentences.
  • Rewrite with keywords.
  • Tone changer.
  • Bullet point to blog section.
  • And many more.

All these AI templates let you generate paragraphs from scratch or your input. You can use them to develop variations of the same paragraph for use in social media posts without repeating yourself.

Chat by Copy AI is one of the coolest features of this AI writing software. Like ChatGPT, you can ask the AI anything you want, including how long your paragraph should be, in what tone it should write, what keywords to include, and more. All you have to do is use your creativity and engage in a conversation with the AI.

Chat by Copy AI paragraph writer example

The best part is that, unlike ChatGPT, Chat by Copy AI can scrape the Internet and Google’s top pages to generate accurate and factual content. You can even provide bullet points and ask to transform them into a compelling paragraph.

Copy AI Key Features as the Best AI Paragraph Writer

  • Paragraph Generator – Generate paragraphs for free with just a few clicks.
  • Chat by Copy AI – Engage in a conversation with the AI and let it write paragraphs the way you want with all your details.
  • 90+ Templates – Copy AI is a professional AI copywriting tool that includes all the templates you need, covering a wide range of use cases.
  • Blog Post Generator – You can write entire blog posts by providing the title or target keyword.
  • Unlimited Words – Copy AI’s affordable plan offers unlimited words to let you generate content free of worries.

Copy AI Pricing

Copy AI offers a generous free plan for life with 2,000 words included every month. Also, its premium plan is one of the most affordable available since it lets you generate unlimited paragraphs without a word count cap.

  • Free plan – 2,000 words per month.
  • Pro ($36/mo) – Unlimited words.

2. Writesonic

Writesonic best AI copywriting tool

Writesonic is an AI content writing tool with features similar to Copy AI. Although they don’t offer a plan with unlimited words, you can use their 100+ templates to help you beat writer’s block for good.

Writesonic’s Paragraph Writer template lets you generate paragraphs from 100 to 400 words in different voice tones. You can also instruct the AI to include specific keywords and how frequently they should appear within the text.

Writesonic Paragraph Writer

Chatsonic, a feature powered by ChatGPT but with factual content, can generate long paragraphs on any specific topic for your target audience with accurate results. The Article Writer can help you create a blog post with just a few clicks, which you can further edit in the Sonic Editor, a full-fledged text editor (including an expander, summarizer, and rewriter tools).

Writesonic offers integration with Surfer SEO, so you can optimize your generated paragraphs for ranking higher on Google and other search engines.

As one of the best AI text generator tools, Writesonic provides many online resources and a community to perfect your AI writing skills.

Writesonic Key Features as the Best AI Paragraph Generator

  • Paragraph Generator – Generate entire paragraphs by choosing many of its 100+ templates.
  • Chatsonic – Leverage the power of ChatGPT with Google search to develop accurate paragraphs without sacrificing quality.
  • AI Writer – Generate an entire blog post with just a few clicks.
  • SEO-optimization – Optimize the AI writer with Surfer SEO, a top AI SEO tool to help you rank higher on search engines.

Writesonic Pricing

You can start using Writesonic to generate up to 10,000 monthly words for free.

3. Rytr

Rytr free ai content generator

Rytr is probably the simplest AI content writer you can find. With many AI templates, you can easily generate content for any use case, including social media posts, blog sections, call-to-action paragraphs, emails, profile bios, and more.

When highlighting your text in the editor, you can choose further actions, such as sending custom text generation to the AI, improving your text, rephrasing it, writing a paragraph, generating an AI image, continuing writing, and more.

Rytr AI paragraph writer example

Unlike other AI paragraph generators, Rytr offers a plagiarism checker on all plans, including the free version. You can leverage this free paragraph generator to help you create plagiarism-free content while saving time and money.

Rytr Features as One of the Best AI Paragraph Generators

  • Easy to Use – Its simple interface allows you to focus on what’s important—your content.
  • Paragraph Generator – With multiple options, you can generate and rewrite paragraphs as much as you’d like.
  • Plagiarism Checker – Create original content without worrying about copying others.
  • Language Support – You can generate content in over 30 languages and access 20+ voice tones.
  • Free Plan – The AI content generator offers an enticing free-forever plan.

Rytr Pricing

As one of the most affordable paragraph generator tools, Rytr offers three pricing plans.

  • Free – Up to 10k characters per month. It includes a free plagiarism checker.
  • Saver ($9/mo) – Up to 100k characters.
  • Unlimited ($29/mo) – Generate unlimited paragraphs and access a dedicated account manager and priority support via email and chat.

4. WordAI


WordAI is not an AI writing tool like Copy AI, Writesonic, or Rytr. Instead, it is a rewriter tool that can turn any piece of text into unique content without plagiarism while avoiding AI content detectors.

Content marketers can use WordAI to save time to create high-quality content for many digital outlets without plagiarizing themselves.

This AI rewriter tool is handy for using your paragraph on different websites or social media accounts. It’s a great way to repurpose your content by rewriting your paragraph into a new text.

Learn more about the tool in my WordAI review.

WordAI Features as the Best AI Paragraph Rewriter Tool

  • Rewriter Tool – Rewrite any text and make it unique.
  • Avoid AI Detection – All rewriting is done to avoid being detected by AI Content detection tools.
  • Plagiarism Free – All rewriting comes out as original content.
  • Bulk Rewrite – You can assign multiple rewriting tasks, whether paragraphs or entire articles.

WordAI Pricing

For $27/mo (paid yearly), you can rewrite unlimited paragraphs and articles that are plagiarism free and avoid AI detection.

You can try WordAI’s 3-day free trial to test this AI rewriting technology.

5. Undetectable AI

Undetectable AI humanize content

As the name implies, Undetectable AI can humanize any AI-generated text, so no AI content detector flags it as AI.

Whether you want to humanize a long paragraph or an entire article, Undetectable AI can generate text with readability from university, high school, and doctorate to marketing and journalist. You can also select the purpose of the text, such as essay, story, cover letter, legal, report, and more.

Undetectable AI is not an average AI writer or paragraph generator; instead, it’s an artificial intelligence tool that can turn any AI-flagged content into indistinguishable human-written content.

Undetectable AI Features as the Best AI Content Humanizer

  • Rewriter Tool – Rewrite any AI-flagged content into human-like content.
  • Readability – Select from various types of readability to cater to different audiences.
  • Brand Style – Differentiate your paragraph or text from others by matching your brand’s style.

Undetectable AI Pricing

  • $9,99/mo – 5,000 words.
  • $8,99 Recharge – Additional 5,000 words.

Best AI Paragraph Writers FAQs

What are AI paragraph writer tools?

AI paragraph writer tools are software programs or platforms that use artificial intelligence to help writers create written content, specifically paragraphs.

How does an AI paragraph generator work?

A paragraph generator uses a language model trained on a large amount of data to make text based on a given prompt or input. The model makes new text based on the patterns and features it has learned from the data. The quality of the text generated depends on how complicated the model is and how well it has been trained with data.

Are AI paragraph writing tools reliable?

The reliability of AI paragraph writer tools can vary depending on the specific tool and its capabilities. It’s important to thoroughly research and test out different tools before relying on them for important writing projects.

Can AI paragraph writers replace human writers?

While AI paragraph writer tools can be helpful in improving and generating written content, they cannot replace the creativity and authenticity of human writers.

Is there any free AI paragraph generator tool available?

Yes, there are some free AI paragraph writer tools available, although their capabilities may be more limited than paid options. Some popular free options include Copy AI, Writesonic, and Rytr.

What are some of the best paid AI paragraph generator tools?

Some of the best paid AI paragraph writer tools include Writesonic,, and Rytr. It’s essential to research and compare different options to determine which tool best suits your writing needs and budget.

Best AI Paragraph Generator Tools: Conclusion

Today, writing or rewriting content for your website or blog doesn’t have to burn you out. Thankfully, these AI paragraph generators can ease the pressure and help you develop content fast.

It’s without saying that AI tools are not a replacement for human creativity. They’re merely assistants. However, in some cases, these tools can help us avoid repetitive tasks and become more efficient in repurposing our own content on multiple platforms without copying ourselves.

Have you chosen your favorite AI paragraph generator?

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