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best local citation services and citation building services

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Welcome to my review of the best local citation services, also known as SEO citation-building services. Drawing from my experience in analyzing the best link-building services and countless hours spent communicating and using various platforms, I can confidently guide you through the process.

In this article, I’ll explore the top SEO companies that specialize in local citation services for your business. I’ll uncover what makes these services exceptional and how they may contribute to the overall success of your brand, whether it’s online or physical business.

By reading this article, you’ll get to know the benefits and drawbacks of these companies, as well as make a much better-informed decision when it comes to purchasing local SEO services.

Let’s get started.

What are the Best Local Citation Services

If you want to grow your local SEO efforts and build citations for your business, the following services will get the job done.

1. Loganix Citation Building Service

Best overall.

Loganix High Quality Local Citation Building in 5 Days or Less

Key Features

  • High-quality local citation building.
  • Consistent results every time.
  • Personalized approach to each order.
  • They offer local citation audits, citation building, and citation cleanup.
  • Advanced and communicative support systems.
  • Comprehensive packages including local business directories, social media, photo, and video citations.


  • Speeds up the discovery process for search engines.
  • Boosts both local and organic link signals.
  • Tailored to individual business needs, taking into account city and competition.
  • Accessible, responsive, and dedicated customer service.


  • Service could be over the budget for smaller businesses.
  • Relatively quick turnaround time of 5 days might not be feasible for larger, more complex projects.

Overview of Loganix’s SEO Citation Building Service

Loganix citation building service is an efficient solution for businesses looking to improve their local search visibility. Tailored to businesses aiming to boost their local and organic link signals, Loganix combines thorough research and industry expertise in its citation-building strategies. They ensure consistency every time, aiding in an effective local search campaign.

The essence of Loganix lies in its dedication to providing a comprehensive solution for local citation-building needs. For instance, their citation service not only aids in quick discovery by search engines for new businesses but they also breathe new life into established ones. Loganix gets down to the micro details—your city, niche, and competition and designs a strategy that best fits you.

They understand that no two businesses are the same and show evidence of this in their personalized citation-building process—spending hours researching your specific case before crafting a plan. This level of detail ensures your product and services stand out in crowded digital spaces.

For example, Powered by Search, a B2B SaaS marketing agency, uses Loganix’s services to boost its clients’ citation-building campaigns. Because Loganix has the resources and means to create new citations for clients daily by hand, Powered by Search and other companies rely on them to grow their businesses.

Loganix’s Citation-Building Pricing

Loganix citation building pricing

Every citation-building campaign includes a citation audit to identify what they should focus on. Following that, Loganix provides several citation packages, including:

  • Citations Package ($249): This is an excellent fit if you seek diverse tools to improve your local SEO profile. This comprehensive package combines business directory, photo, video, and social citations. You get 60 spots in business directories, 10 photo citations, 10 video citations, and 10 appearances on social platforms.
  • Citations+ Package ($349): If your business spans numerous locations, the Citations+ package has got your back. It enhances the standard Citations package with an extra 40 live local business directory citations. It includes a total of 100 business directory citations, bulked up with 10 photo citations, 10 video citations, and 10 social citations.
  • Monthly Citations Subscription ($79/mo): Their monthly citations subscription can help you stay at the top of searches by consistently enhancing local and organic link signals. Each month, you receive 20 business directory citations and 10 social citations.
  • A La Carte Citations Bundle ($40): Whether you’re dipping your toe into local SEO practices, filling minor gaps, or need a boost with order fulfillment, the A La Carte Citations Bundle is your go-to. You get 10 slots in business directories per bundle, tailored to your unique business needs.

Loganix also offers a citation audit for $7 only with a 3-day turnaround. And if you wish for a citation cleanup for all the locations you share, they audit it and reach out manually three times over a period of six weeks for an effective cleanup.

Empower your business with Loganix’s citation-building service. Their dedication and recognition of the uniqueness of your business, combined with their expertise, pave the way for your improved local search rankings.

2. FATJOE Local Citation Building

Top local citation company for NAP accuracy.

FATJOE local citation building service

Key Features

  • Local citation building and cleanup.
  • Industry-specific directory targeting.
  • Inclusion of NAP (Name, Address, Phone number) business details.
  • Personalized approach and tailored service.
  • Comprehensive, detailed reporting.


  • Enhances visibility for local businesses.
  • Improves the accuracy and uniformity of online presence.
  • Increase in traffic from high-quality directory backlinks.
  • Time-saving through outsourcing labor-intensive tasks.


  • It might take time for some businesses to see measurable results.
  • While quality directories are targeted, it’s not guaranteed to cover all possible directories.

Overview of FATJOE Citation-Building Services

FATJOE local citation building is the solution for businesses seeking to elevate their local SEO strategy. Through personalized citation building and cleanup services, this platform is designed for businesses striving to target a local audience. FATJOE stands out because of its in-depth approach that ensures your business lands on the top directories that match your industry.

The benefits of FATJOE local citation building go beyond simply listing your business name in local directories or Google My Business. It focuses on boosting your local SEO and visibility and driving more traffic by safely creating high-quality local SEO backlinks from respected directories. This is facilitated by their experienced team, who take your business information, such as name, address, and phone number (NAP), and ensure it is consistent across all directories. FATJOE’s citation cleanup will correct discrepancies that would otherwise harm your local SEO.

FATJOE’s service doesn’t stop there. Each activity is meticulously reported to keep you in the loop. It takes them 6 to 12 weeks to finalize the cleanup of local listings. Furthermore, they offer ongoing monitoring for any future inconsistencies. This vigilance in continual optimization frees you from having to monitor these changes yourself, providing more time for you to focus on growing your business.

FATJOE establishes itself as a personalized service. Unlike other citation builders that may use automated and scalable methods, FATJOE prides its ability to cater to specific business needs and industries. Their holistic approach to local citation building and cleanup ensures your business is appropriately positioned and locatable to your potential clients.

FATJOE Citation-Building Pricing

FATJOE local citation building pricing

FATJOE provides affordable business directory submissions in English-speaking countries like the UK, the US, Australia, and Canada.

For as little as £0.80 per submission, you can get your business listed on the best local business listing online directories to create local ranking benefits for your brand.

3. Authority Builders

The most affordable way to list your business.

Authority Builders local citations service

Key Features

  • Comprehensive local citation-building services.
  • Authority business listings.
  • Optional monthly citation building.
  • Customizable a la carte services.
  • Clear reports and updates.


  • Assists in boosting both local and organic search rankings.
  • Promises consistency in citation-building results.
  • Flexible and customizable to individual business needs.
  • Regular updates to keep you informed about your local SEO campaign.


  • The comprehensive citation services may require a bit more investment than basic options.
  • Different businesses may experience varying time durations for visible ranking improvement.

Overview of Authority Builders

Authority Builders‘ citation services offer an all-in-one solution for your local SEO needs. The service suite is designed for businesses wanting to increase their visibility in the top local search engine results, allowing them to better reach their target local audience. What makes Authority Builders stand out is their commitment to consistent, reliable results coupled with their comprehensive understanding of the local SEO landscape.

But, there’s more than meets the eye with Authority Builders. They’re not just about building citations: they strive to understand every nuance of your business’s local SEO needs and find the best solutions tailored for you.

Authority Builders, being transparent and informative, clarifies that most clients see results in 4-6 weeks. However, depending on the industry, the current state of your citations, and competition, the timeline might vary.

Considering the cost of the services, you can expect a pricing structure that scales depending on the package you choose. This ensures that you only pay for what you truly need, nothing more, nothing less.

Their experienced team hand-picks relevant and high-quality directories for your local niche, focusing on top-tier, high-traffic websites. This means they cover everything from local business listing directories to social media, photo, and video citations.

And finally, the team at Authority Builders is knowledgeable and communicative, dedicated to keeping you informed every step of the way. They also have a 100% manual citation process, ensuring that citations are reviewed and verified by real people, preserving the credibility and accuracy of each citation.

Authority Builders’ Citation-Building Pricing

Authority Builders citation services pricing

The local citation building service from Authority Builders costs $1 per citation, allowing you to make a mention of your business on local search results for an affordable price.

What is a Local Citation?

A local citation refers to any online mention of a business’s name, address, and phone number, commonly referred to as NAP data.

Such citations can occur on local business directories like Yelp, Scoot, HotFrog (among others), websites, apps, and social platforms. Local citations are crucial as they aid people in discovering local businesses and significantly impact local search engine rankings.

Business owners and SEO professionals believe they’re a pivotal ranking factor for local SEO. Hence, local citations are a critical part of a business’s local SEO strategy.

How Does Local Citation Services Work?

Building local citations is a systematic process that boosts your business’s online footprint and supports your local SEO initiatives. Unlike using local citation software, here’s how the process typically works with a professional citation-building service.

Step 1: Manual Submission

The process kicks off with a completely manual submission of your business details. The local citation production team jumps into action as soon as they receive your order. They review the information you provide about your business, which is the first step towards creating a robust online presence.

Once everything checks out, they roll up their sleeves and populate business directories in the target country with that information. Every entry is thoughtfully completed, focusing on enhancing your local visibility and online reach. It’s their goal to finish most submissions as soon as possible, keeping you in the loop at every stage.

Step 2: Avoidance of Duplicates

Here’s where attention to detail becomes crucial. SEO citation-building services rigorously check existing citations, avoiding any replication.

Say your old listing doesn’t match up with the fresh information you’ve submitted—they won’t just update it. They’ll create a new citation with greater accuracy to ensure your name, address, and phone number (NAP data) are spot-on across all entries. This level of meticulousness is what contributes to improving your local search engine rankings.

Step 3: Comprehensive Submission Report

Local citation services give you complete access to view each citation they’ve created. You can check this in your dashboard’s submission report. Typically, it’s a white-label, unbranded report that consists of live listings and screenshots of submissions.

It’s like having a behind-the-scenes look at your local citation building in action, where you can see all the hard work and detailed attention put into uplifting your local online presence.

Are Local Citation Building Services Important?

Local citation-building services are more than just a good idea—they’re critical, especially if you’re aiming to enhance your local search engine optimization and become more visible in your community. Here’s why these services hold such value:

Picture search engines like Google and Bing as the new-age cartographers of the online world. Building local citations helps them map out the digital landscape and decide which businesses are trustworthy, credible, and have a solid standing in a local area. Just like a well-placed signpost, this affects your local SEO and can boost your online visibility and rankings significantly.

Now, let’s touch on manual citation building. Imagine doing a tedious, meticulous task on repeat, especially when mapping out multiple locations for businesses. It might feel a bit like plunging into a daunting maze every time. That’s where local citation-building services come in. They streamline the process, handling submissions more efficiently and freeing you to focus on running your business.

Why focus on building local citations, you ask? Well, it’s an important factor that Google considers in their search result rankings. It’s key to integrate it into your overall SEO strategy to land up in those top search results.

Here’s another point to consider. Accurate citations are much more than a digital footprint; think of them as your consistent online identity. Customers need this to find and engage with you. Inconsistent data might confuse them, and confused customers are less likely to engage.

For example, Loganix shares some testimonials on the efficiency of link-building for several brands they’ve worked with. These reviews are a testament to the power of building links for increased exposure in the online world.

Having a local citation-building service by your side could be like having a trusted co-pilot. They handle all the navigation, ensuring accuracy, preventing duplicate entries, and saving you precious time—a must-have tool for any local business aiming to grow and maintain its online presence.

Summing up, making an investment in local citation-building services could be the boost your business’s SEO endeavors need. The results? Enhanced visibility and credibility in your local market, and who doesn’t want that?

Best Local Citation Services for Local SEO: Conclusion

When it comes to targeting a local audience, the best local citation services are the key that can unlock major strides forward. Citation services are pivotal to nailing local SEO—they’re part of the necessary toolkit.

One service that stands out from the crowd is Loganix’s citation-building service. Their commitment to personalized service and their track record of delivering comprehensive solutions place them right at the top of this list. Though the cost might seem a bit high for smaller businesses (when compared to other services), when you weigh it against the value they add to your visibility, it’s indeed an investment well spent.

Taking the plunge and investing in a local citation service could very well provide the momentum your business needs for significant local SEO improvement. The visibility and credibility boost, coupled with increased traffic, can collectively swing the pendulum of success in your favor.

So, my advice would be to cast aside any hesitations and seize this opportunity to optimize local citation services. See firsthand how they can level up your local SEO game.

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