27 Best Dictation Software (Speech-to-Text)

Companies have changed how they do business through dictation software. The best dictation software enables them to take audio notes in meetings, track vital conversations, and transcribe them into documents on mobile devices or desktops on the go.

Voice searches have significantly advanced since their inception in 2012, with over 72% of the online population adopting their use in recent years according to research by PWC. Additionally, about 2 in 5 adults use voice search at least once daily, including the best text-to-speech software.

As the features of dictation software continuously enhance, more businesses are adopting them for seamless business operations. And this will attract even a higher percentage of users in future times.

In this post, I’ll be reviewing and ranking the best speech-to-text software based on features, prices, and more. That way, you can determine the ideal dictation software for your business.

But first, let’s talk about factors to consider when buying dictation software.

What Should You Look For in a Dictation Software?

Before settling for dictation software, here are a few things you should consider:

  • Individual Needs – Check to ensure that the dictation software of choice meets your individual needs in regard to business applications.
  • Accuracy – Look for dictation software that offers the highest accuracy percentage. It needs to understand the user’s voice and deliver a text with the right word spelling and tone. That way, you won’t spend much time correcting misspelled words and awkward-sounding sentences.
  • Editing Features – The more the editing features, the better.
  • Devices and Systems Compatibility – The software should be compatible with most systems and devices with browsers and internet connections.
  • A Free Trial – It should have a free trial version whereby you get to evaluate the dictation software before making a purchase.
  • Good Customer Support – You should get all the help you need promptly without going through many complicated procedures.
  • User Experience – The dictation software’s user interface needs to be attractive and straightforward, with hassle-free steps to input your audio, save, download and share the resulting output.
  • Language Support – Most dictation software only support a limited set of languages. But if you can find one that supports more languages, perfect.
  • Speed and Max Length – Your business needs a voice recognition software that can take audio faster for an extended period and still deliver accurate text.

What is the Best Dictation (Speech-to-Text) Software?

The list of available speech-to-text software is endless. But I have simplified everything for you by reviewing and ranking the top best dictation software based on key features and price.

Here are the best dictation software (speech-to-text) that you should look out for in your next search.

1. Dragon Professional Individual

The Leading Business-Grade Speech-to-Text Solution

Dragon Professional Individual

Over the years, Dragon Professional individual has been the gold standard of audio recognition programs and remains at the top of the chart till today. Its truckload of features and customization capabilities are unmatchable.

Besides, the software features the deep learning technology for its next-generation speech engine, which allows it to adapt to your environmental or speech variations even when you are dictating.

What’s more, Dragon Professional automatically masters your most used phrases and words to optimize accuracy. This is especially necessary if you work in a noisy environment or if you have an accent that needs to be corrected.

And thanks to the software’s Smart Format Rules, your specific items like phone numbers, dates, and abbreviations appear automatically and exactly how you want them to be.

Key Features

  • Fast and Accurate Documentation – The software features a 99% accuracy level and transcribes your audio to the text within the shortest time possible.
  • User-friendly Interface – Its user interface is straightforward with no hidden programs or unpractical features.
  • You Can Do Your Documentation Anytime, Anywhere – Dragon Professional gives you 12 months of access to its Dragon Professional Anywhere app at no additional cost.
  • Extended Speech Lengths and Times – With this dictation software, you can take audio as long as you want and create documents of any length, from business reports to entire books.
  • Creates Custom Voice Commands – The voice commands help insert frequently used graphics and text.
  • Custom Word Lists Can Be Imported and Export – Primarily apply for acronyms and other business-specific terminologies.
  • Develop Time-saving Macros – Helps automate business processes and multi-step workflows through simple voice commands.


Dragon Professional Individual Price

The Dragon Professional Individual, v15 digital download costs $500.00. Alternatively, you can go for the professional individual software v12 and v14 at $250.

2. Dragon Anywhere

The Best Professional-Grade Mobile Voice Recognition App

Dragon Anywhere

If you own an android or iOS device and are wondering which speech-to-text software to use, Dragon Anywhere has your back.

This Nuance mobile dictation app dictates documents of any length, adjust formatting, and directly share them from your tablet or smartphone using the most popular cloud-sharing services.

The software further boasts 99% accuracy with robust formatting and voice editing tools. You can easily access the Dragon Anywhere app through only three basic steps:

  • Purchasing the software subscription.
  • Downloading the app from the app store.
  • And launching it.

Key Features

  • No Time Limits – You can capture your audio as long as you want and still deliver accurate documentation.
  • Robust Editing and Voice Formatting Options – one of the options is selecting sentences and words for deletion or editing.
  • Auto-text Support – Applies to frequently used phrases or words, such as work order description or client.
  • Correction Menu – Enables you to correct spelling mistakes with ease.
  • Train Words Feature – You can teach dragon anywhere regardless of your speaking style.
  • High Recognition Accuracy and Fast Dictation – The feature gradually improves as it gets used to your voice.


Dragon Anywhere Price

The Dragon Anywhere software offers a one-week free trial after which you start paying $15/month, billed monthly, or $150 billed annually. Enterprises and workgroups can contact the developer for customized prices.

3. Otter

The #1 Voice Recognition Software for Individuals, Business Owners, and Students


Since its founding in 2016 by Sam Liang and Yun Fu, Otter continues to provide cloud-based voice recognition programs aimed at mobile use. The software offers real-time transcription, enabling you to access, edit, annotate and share text for enhanced collaboration.

Its transcription AI technology is smart enough to understand your conversations and applies speaker identification, advanced summary, and custom vocabulary to deliver collaborative work.

Generally, Otter meets all your individual needs, from enabling you to get the most out of your business meetings to helping faculty and students succeed.

Key Features

  • Real-time and Automated Text – Otter helps you record and transcribe virtual or in-person conversations in real-time, enabling you to highlight or insert images or comments.
  • You can Access the Software From Anywhere – Using Otter’s browser for android app and iOS, you can transcribe your audios from any place worldwide.
  • Integrated and Advanced Search Capabilities – Enables you to store all your conversations in one place and access them whenever you want.
  • Customization Features – Otter offers customized names, vocabulary, and acronyms to make your text more specific. You can also highlight and insert images within transcripts.
  • Hybrid Work Integrations – The Otter assistant integrates with Microsoft teams, Google Meet, and Zoom.


Otter price

Individuals can get started with the basic free version. For advanced features, get the Pro package at $12.99 billed monthly or $8.33/month billed annually.

Business owners can subscribe to a monthly package at $30 or $20/month billed annually. Larger organizations can opt for the Enterprise plan which has a customized pricing quote available on request.

4. Express Dictate

The Best Dictation Software for Mac and Windows

NCH Express Dictate Digital Dictation Software

Developed by NCH software, Express Dictate is a voice recording program that functions like a Dictaphone. The voice recognition software allows you to use your Mac or PC to transfer dictation to your typist via the internet, email, or any other computer network.

Key Features

  • Quick Turnaround Time – Enables you to quickly record, transcribe and send high-quality work within a short period.
  • The Express Dictate Dock Feature – This allows you to transfer your dictation to the typist electronically.
  • Easy-to-Use Interface – No complicated programs and procedures are involved, enabling you to dictate in minutes.
  • Automatic Non-destructive Editing – The software accomplishes this through various record models, such as record-overwrite, record-insert, and record-at-end.
  • Audio Compression Capability – The feature helps to reduce transmission and file size.
  • Ability to Attach Additional Notes and Files – Your typist can still add other information to your recordings.
  • Supports Encryption – Express Dictate complies with HIPAA and secures client data during transmission through the internet.
  • Offers Foot Pedals and Hand Controllers – Comes in handy when dictating.


The Express Dictate single-user platform goes for $99.00. The academic, single-user goes for $79.99, and the price for the medical, legal user is $129.00.

5. Verbit

The Smart Dictation Software for Transcription and Captioning Solutions


Trusted by over 2000 individuals and organizations, Verbit uses its AI for transcription and captioning to offer exceptional voice recognition services.

The dictation software uses various speech models with neutral algorithms and networks to lower background noise, focus on terminologies, and differentiate audios from speakers no matter the accent.

Verbit has been at the forefront in enhancing court reporting and depositions, education and disability needs, e-learning, media production, to mention but a few.

Key Features

  • 99% Accurate Transcriptions and Captions – It meets the ADA accuracy standards.
  • Innovative Audio Search – The dictation software achieves this through phonetics.
  • Live Meeting Transcripts – The software identifies the speaker during the live transcripts.
  • Guideline Customization and Multiple Formatting Options – This allows you to customize and format your document to your liking.
  • Interactive Transcripts – Enables you to note-take, highlight, and search.
  • Language Translation Support – You can translate your text to any language of choice.
  • Live Integration – Verbit works well with Web conferencing, LMS development solutions, and media hosting platforms.
  • RTMP Support – Enables live streaming and broadcasts.


The vendor provides pricing for all Verbit packages upon request.

6. Speechmatics

The Leading Voice Technology and Deep Learning Dictation Software


When it comes to accurate speech recognition and machine learning solutions, Speechmatics takes the lead. Its APL integrates into your applications, delivering the most accurate transcription.

Unlike other speech-to-text software that struggles with accents, Speechmatics boasts itself as capable of supporting most British and American accents irrespective of nationality.

Besides, this voice recognition software regularly tests its language capabilities to consistently and accurately transcribe all languages and use cases within the shortest time possible.

Key Features

  • Machine Learning Feature – Enables the dictation software to convert audio to text accurately.
  • Multi-language Support – The software has extensive language coverage and caters to additional dialects and accents. It operates in more than 31 languages.
  • Speaker Diarization – Recognize and label every speaker in the same channel.
  • Major File Format Support – Speechmatics supports all major video and audio formats, reducing the time for preparing files.
  • Advanced Punctuation – Offers extensive punctuation marks set for speed optimization and transcription ease.
  • Speaker Change – Easily detects the change of speaker in the transcript to improve readability.
  • Automatic Sample Rate Detection – Quickly determines each audio’s sample rate and employs a suitable transcription model.


Speechmatics offers a free trial for all its users. For the paid packages, request a price quote from the vendor.

7. Braina Pro

The World’s Leading All-in-One and Virtual Assistant Software

Braina speech to text software

Braina Pro not only gives you seamless speech recognition and transcription process but further acts as your digital assistant for various tasks on your computer.

And beyond that, you can still instruct it to perform other functions like alarm setting, loudly reading an eBook, MP3 file play, to mention but a few.

The dictation software further supports macros and custom voice commands, enabling you to automate repetitive tasks. What’s more, the multi-functional program lets you use natural commands to perform various functions in a single-window environment.

Key Features

  • Multi-language Support – Provides support for voice dictation in more than 100 different accents and languages.
  • Easy to Set Up – You don’t need any voice training.
  • Simple User Interface Design – It is easy to use with no hidden features.
  • Voice Commands – Helps you to interact with your PC.
  • Offers 99% Accuracy – Accurately converts your audio or speech into text.
  • Multi-functional Artificial Intelligence – Enables you to do various tasks in a single-window environment.


The basic version (Braina Lite) is free of charge. Braina Pro, a one-year plan, goes for $79, and you can get a Braina Pro Lifetime plan at $199 and save $200.

8. Verbio

The Best Voice Recognition Software for Speech Recognition


For over 20 years, Verbio has been on the cutting edge in delivering speech technologies and AI-powered solutions globally, irrespective of accents and languages.

The software features a multi-language Voice AI system that takes care of all your calls 24/7, leaving no customer unattended.

What’s more, its voice assistants use cognitive technologies to do various tasks, depending on verbal commands. They interpret human voices and get back through synthesized voices.

Key Features

  • Good Customer Support – Verbio uses Vailable.ai to manage customer requests 24/7. It also uses an email service to enhance customer support.
  • Multi-language Support – Offers voice recognition and text-to-voice in various languages, including Spanish, Portuguese, Catalan, and English.
  • Seamless Integration with Real-Time Interactions – The feature enables you to generate alarms, monitor systems, or notifications while the event is taking place.
  • Machine Learning – The software uses deep neural networks for voice sensors.
  • Multi-channel Support – The feature enables the dictation software to analyze any conversational interaction type, whether by phone, social media channel, chat, or email.
  • Biometric Voice Recognition – With this feature, the voice assistant can recognize speakers, personalize answers and suggestions, and remember preferences.


Verbio offers free trials for all its products. You can get the pricing for the paid packages upon request.

9. Amazon Transcribe

An Outstanding Voice Recognition Software for Machine Learning

Amazon Transcribe

If you are looking for a way to take your business to the next level with state-of-the-art voice recognition models, Amazon Transcribe got you covered.

With this dictation software, you will be able to extract vital business insights from video files, customer calls, and clinical conversations and use the information to grow your business.

The software enhances accuracy through custom models that clearly understand your domain’s specific vocabulary. Besides, Amazon Transcribe guarantees safety and privacy by masking all the sensitive information.

Key Features

  • Automated Interactions – This is made possible through machine learning and artificial intelligence.
  • Call Analytics – Helps you to get actionable insights from customer conversations.
  • Ability to Create Meeting Notes and Subtitles – You can accurately capture conversations and meetings and create subtitles and notes for the broadcast content to boost customer experience.
  • Boost Clinical Documentation – Through Amazon Transcribe Medical, you can efficiently document clinical conversations and store them as electronic health records.
  • Ability to Search and Analyze Media Content – The feature enables you to transcribe video and audio assets into searchable archives automatically.


Amazon Transcribe uses AWS pricing, which allows you to pay for only those individual services you need. You can also discontinue using the services at no further cost or penalty. It offers a pay-as-you-go plan.

But you can start with short-term free trials, 12 months free trials, and always free trials, depending on the product or service you activate.

10. Microsoft Azure Speech to Text

The #1 Speech to Text Software in Accurate Transcriptions

Microsoft Azure Speech to Text

With Microsoft Azure, you can accurately and quickly transcribe your audio into text using your preferred programming language.

Besides, its customizable models enable you to include particular words or phrases in your base vocabulary. You can also easily come up with your voice-to-text models.

What’s more, you can run your voice recognition software from anywhere and develop speech applications with robust cloud capabilities.

Key Features

  • Customizable Models – Enables you to include other words in your base vocabulary.
  • Flexible Deployment – This allows you to run your voice recognition software anywhere.
  • High-quality Transcription – Offers state-of-the-art voice recognition, delivering accurate audio to text transcription.
  • Production-ready – Gives you easy access to Microsoft products with robust technology for powering speech recognition.
  • Data Encryption – Your audio input and the transcript data remain secure during audio processing. You can view, change, or delete your custom models and speech data any time you want.


You can enjoy Microsoft Azure for free, and then request a pricing quote from the developer.

11. IBM Watson Speech to Text

Uniquely Powerful Dictation Software with Advanced Speech Recognition and Formatting Capabilities

IBM Watson Speech to Text

Watson comes in handy in delivering quick and accurate voice transcription in various languages for a wide range of use cases.

The cloud-native solution employs deep-learning AI algorithms for language structure application and voice signal composition to develop customizable speech recognition for optimum text transcription.

Key Features

  • Automatic Speech Recognition – Uses neural technologies to enable voice applications.
  • Model Training Options – They help enhance voice recognition accuracy.
  • More Accurate AI – Minimizes chances of errors.
  • Customization Capability – You can help the software understand your domain language and unique audio characteristics.
  • Data Protection – IBM offers world-class data governance, guaranteeing its safety.
  • Advanced Machine Learning Models – The software allows you to customize them to fit your use case.
  • Customer Self-service Support – It is made possible through the Watson -powered virtual assistant.
  • Call Analytics – Helps boost call center performance through conversation logs mining to determine developing call patterns and customer complaints accurately.


You can start for free with the Lite plan. The Plus plan goes for $0.01 per minute. For Premium and Deploy Anywhere plans, contact the developer for pricing.

What are the Best Dictation Apps?

If you’re looking for only the best dictation apps, the following selections should work perfectly for you:

1. Windows Speech Recognition

The #1 Voice-to-Text App for Windows PC

Windows Speech Recognition

You no longer have to waste a lot of time filling out online forms and other documents manually. Windows Speech Recognition is here to give you an easy way out with its voice command tool and up to standard speech recognition.

All you have to do is dictate the text using your voice, and the software automatically transcribes it into text.

Besides, the Windows Speech Recognition further allows you to correct any dictation mistakes in various ways. The simplest way is to say the words correctly, and voila, everything gets in its place.

Key Features

  • Straightforward User-interface – There are no hidden features and programs.
  • Speech Dictionary – You can listen to some words from the dictionary by just saying “open speech dictionary” by adding certain words to the dictionary, then following the instructions in its wizard.
  • Ability to Correct Dictation Mistakes – You can do this by saying “correct” then adding the word you want to change.
  • Good Customer Support – The software provides you with all the information you need to dictate your text. If you need more help, the support staff will gladly answer all your queries.


Windows Speech Recognition is available for free to all its users.

2. Apple Dictation

The Best Dictation Software for Mac

Apple Dictation

Apple Dictation presents itself in various forms and uses Siri servers for voice recognition. The software is ideal for short note dictation and only handles 30 audio seconds at a go.

Often, you should be online to use the dictation software. Even so, Apple Dictation still has a feature that enables it to function with no internet connection.

Even though it works only with Apple products, the software enables you to manage several basic commands on your Mac computer. Apple dictation is best suited for startups, one-person businesses, and macOS.

Key Features

  • Privacy and Data Protection – Secures all your personal information.
  • Keyboard Dictation Feature – When you turn the feature on, it dictates your utterances and delivers the text.
  • Feedback Window – Helps gauge your audio volume and offers basic dictation controls.
  • Voice Control Commands – You can use the existing ones or create your own voice commands to fit your needs. Check the list to find which ones are compatible with VoiceOver.
  • Multi-language Support – The software allows you to add and remove languages when using voice control.


The software is free of charge for all its users.

3. Speechnotes

An Outstanding Voice-to-Text App Powered by Google Technology


If you prefer doing all your transcription online without the need to download or install dictation software, Speechnotes is for you. All you need is a stable internet connection and a Chrome browser, and your voice-to-text app will be up and running like no other.

Its transcription happens in real-time, warranting an almost 99% accuracy level. The software gives you various voice commands for editing your text. You activate them by pressing and holding the enter key while speaking.

Key Features

  • Auto-save Option – Saves your document in real-time after performing any changes.
  • Automatic Smart Capitalization – It capitalizes letters at the beginning of every sentence.
  • Export and Download Support – You can save your document in Google Drive or download it on your computer.
  • No Signing In, Registration, Download, or Installation Required – The software is ready to use when you open it.


The basic Speechnotes version is free. You can get its premium version at the Google Chrome Web Store for $9.

4. Voice In

The Leading Voice-to-Text Chrome Extension

Voice In Voice to Text

Voice In is a voice-to-text software designed as a Chrome extension. Once you add the extension to Chrome, it is simple to dictate text. All you have to do is speak using the microphone to voice type. Once you finish, right-click to stop the recording.

The software comes with a wide array of advanced features and functions well on various platforms and websites, including writing emails with Gmail, responding to chats, and answering assignments.

Key Features

  • Guarantees Privacy – You transcribe all the audio on your browser, and no transcript gets to the servers.
  • Automatic Text Formatting – The software formats your text to deliver the intended message.
  • Language Switching Shortcuts – Enables you to change text language quickly.
  • Text Case Correction – The feature helps eliminate errors from your text.
  • Quick Transcription – You use only a few seconds to transcribe your voice-to-text.
  • Dictation Box – Helps you transcribe in sites where Voice In fails to work by default.
  • Premium Support – The customer care team responds to your queries within 24 hours.
  • Custom Voice Commands – You can use existing ones or create your own voice commands to correct errors and automate repetitive text entry.


Voice In basic version is free of charge. For advanced features, upgrade to the Voice In Plus version, which goes for $7.99 per month or $39.99 per year. The Lifetime package goes for $99.99.

5. Transcribe

One of the Most Popular Voice-to-Text Apps

Transcribe App Speech to Text

Marketed as your personal assistant for converting voice memos and videos into text, Transcribe is a reputable voice-to-text app powered by artificial intelligence. The software gives you high-quality transcriptions through the hit of a button.

With this app, you can automatically transcribe voice memos and videos of any kind in over 120 languages and dialects across the globe. In addition, Transcribe allows you to create notes and import files from services like Dropbox.

Key Features

  • Multi-language Support – The voice-to-text app allows you to transcribe in more than 120 languages and dialects.
  • Automatic Transcription of Videos and Voice Memos – Happens through artificial intelligence technology.
  • File Import Support – You can import a file from Dropbox and other apps.
  • Ability to Export Raw Text into the Text Editing App – Enables you to transfer your raw data to a word processor for editing.
  • Enhanced Privacy – All your information is highly secured.
  • Quick and Readable Transcriptions – The app is fast and accurate when converting the voice to text.


You can download Transcribe from the Mac App Store for free. But for added features, you need to make an in-app purchase from $4.99 per hour up to ten hours of transcription time for $29.99. The software also gives you a 15 minutes free trial.

6. Google Docs Voice Typing

The Best Dictation Software for Writers

Google Docs Voice Typing is a simple but powerful voice-to-text tool that works directly inside a Google Doc or a Google Sheet. The software is up to standard with speed and transcribes in over 43 languages and accents.

All you need to get started with this voice-to-text tool is a Chrome web browser, a Google account, and a stable internet connection.

Key Features

  • Voice Commands – Helps you to edit, correct, and format the document as desired. You can also move the mouse cursor with Google Voice Typing.
  • Supports Several Languages – You can voice type in various languages and accents, including Arabic, French, Thai, Norwegian, and German.
  • Easy-to-Use User Interface – No hidden features available.
  • Grammar Editing Tools – Enables you to identify grammatical mistakes in your text and correct them.
  • Add Punctuation Feature – Various phrases can help you add punctuation to your text, though the feature is not available in every language.


Google Docs Voice Typing is free for all its users.

7. e-Speaking

Best Free Voice-to-Text App


e-Speaking takes the lead in offering the easy-to-use speech recognition tools in the world. The software is easy to download and efficiently runs on most Windows versions.

It uses Microsoft’s Speech Application Program Interface to do the basic dictation.

What’s more intriguing about this dictation app is that you can set it to read out texts on your computer loud and further offers you many voice commands for editing and navigating the text.

Key Features

  • More Than 100 Built-in Commands – Aids in editing, formatting, and navigating through your text.
  • Seamless Integration with Office – Enables you to transfer the transcript to the office for further editing.
  • Makes Use of Latest Technologies from Microsoft – The technology powers the software to run efficiently.
  • Easy to Use – No need for any special training to use e-Speaking.
  • Small File Size – Helps you save on space, enabling you to create and save several files.
  • Ability to Add More Commands – You can include your commands for voice typing.
  • Runs on Many Platforms – Includes Vista, XP, Win7, Win8, and more.


e-Speaking gives you a 30-day free trial period. After that, you can get the app at $14.

8. tazti

State of the Art Speech Recognition Software with Robust Voice Command Tools

tazti speech recognition software

Developed by Voice Tech Group, tazti takes the market by storm with its seamless voice-to-text capabilities and extensive applications. The software features a tazti application speech commands profile, which allows you to control PC video games through your voice.

The voice command and keyboard command remain active during the process to give you a seamless gaming experience. You can further control various other PC applications and programs by voice.

Key Features

  • Voice-controlling Operating System Functions Through Speaking to the Computer – You do this using speech commands like “Go Control Panel,” “Go to Documents,” “Refresh Browser,” etc.
  • Muting Feature – It enables you to mute the software without closing it so that it doesn’t listen to you when taking a phone call.
  • Software Customization – You can customize your tazti by selecting the words that trigger speech commands and what they do.
  • Ability to Create up to 300 Custom Speech Commands – The commands help you open programs, operating system action, files, website pages, to mention but a few.
  • Helpful for Users with Hand Mobility Issues – That’s because you use your voice to run all the computer programs, utilize the internet, and play PC games.


tazti speech recognition software currently goes for a discounted price of $39.99.

9. Dictation.io

The Leading Grade Dictation Software with Robust Voice Command Tools

dictation io

With Dictation.io, you can voice type your text in any language. It uses Google’s robust speech recognition engine to convert your speech into text in no time.

To access this dictation software, you need to install a Google Chrome browser on your Mac OS X, Windows PC, or Linux. Android Chrome also works perfectly, but the best-suited one is the desktop browser.

Key Features

  • Real-time Transcription – Immediately you speak using the microphone, the software converts the speech into text in real-time.
  • Popular Languages Support – Include English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Italian, and more.
  • Simple Voice Commands – Helps you add punctuation marks, new paragraphs, and other special characters to your text.
  • Data Safety – The software stores data in your local browser and nowhere else.


The software is absolutely free.

10. Voice Finger

The #1 Dictation Software for Controlling Keyboards and Mouse

Voice Finger

It’s time to let your fingers take a break from pressing the mouse and keyboard by allowing the Voice Finger to do the magic for you.

The dictation software features speech recognition tools that let you control the keyboard and mouse by voice. It is actually the fastest way to get things done at your own comfort.

Voice Finger is an ideal choice for people with disability or computer injuries as you command everything through voice. Hardcore gamers also greatly benefit from this software as it acts as a third hand.

Key Features

  • Complete Mouse Control – Through a voice finger, you can click the mouse, drag and drop, and more.
  • Complete Keyboard Control – Short commands allow you to type, move the cursor, hit and hold buttons, etc. Windows default speech recognitions help with the instructions, such as “Press Down 20 Times.”
  • Zero Contact with the Computer – Everything takes place virtually.
  • Fast and Accurate Dictation – You have less time to complete a process by voice than when you could have done it manually.


You can download the software for free. Its full version goes for $9.99.

11. Dictation Pro

The Best Mobile Dictation App

Dictation Pro

Dictation Pro, a Deskshare owned dictation software, is here to change how you work on your reports, letters, and emails. With this, you only have to speak words into the microphone and watch them appear as text on your screen.

Key Features

  • Vocabulary Training – Helps you dictate custom words, acronyms, and names. You can also use it to spell and pronounce words and save them.
  • Quick Formatting Using Voice Commands – You only have to speak the command, and Dictation Pro does the execution.
  • Various File Formats Support – Supported file formats include DCO, TXT, DOCX, ODT, HTML, RTF, and EPUB format.
  • Word Processing Features – Supplies you with font styles and sizes, spacing options, alignment options, bullets, numbering, among others.
  • Perfect Capitalization and Spelling – Dictation Pro automatically capitalizes certain words and writes correct spellings as you dictate.


The dictation software offers in-app purchases. You can start with the free trial.

What are the Best Dictation Mobile Apps?

If you own an Android device, you’re probably wondering what dictation apps you can use for the best text-to-speech performance. Below are some of the best dictation mobile apps you can try out:

1. Google Gboard

The Best Dictation Mobile App for Glide Typing

Google Gboard stands out as the most used app among the many Android keyboards worldwide because of its efficiency and accuracy. It brings to the table a lot of nifty features, including voice typing, one-handed mode, and glide typing.

And on top of that, you get reliable speech recognition capabilities that enable you to voice-text almost everything.

Key Features

  • Hundreds of Language Varieties – You can never run out of language options with Google voice typing on Gboard.
  • Wear OS Support – Enhances speed and reliability, voice typing, glide typing, and more.
  • Multilingual Typing – Gboard autocorrects your language and types in many languages.
  • Voice Typing– Dictates your text on the go.
  • One-handed Mode – The feature pins your keyboard to one side of the phone screen.


You can download the Google Gboard from the Google Play Store for free.

2. Just Press Record

The Number #1 Cloud-based Transcription Tool for Mac

Just Press Record is a dedicated dictation app with seamless capabilities. This mobile audio recorder and transcriber is easy to use and comes with unique features like iCloud syncing, transcription, and one-tap recording.

With this app, you get unlimited recording time at the touch of a button. After that, you can transcribe the speech into a searchable text.

Key Features

  • Unlimited Recording Time – You can tap the recording button anywhere, anytime. In addition, the software allows you to pause the recording and resume whenever you want.
  • Support for Many Languages – Offers support for more than 30 languages.
  • Waveform View – Enables you to visualize the audio and eliminate unwanted parts.
  • Editing Feature – The feature allows you to edit your transcript within the app.
  • iCloud Drives Storage – You can store your recordings in iCloud and access them whenever you want.
  • Pro Audio – The dictation software creates professional-quality recording through its external microphone connected through the lightning port in AIF or WAV files.


Download the dictation app on the App Store at $4.99.


SpeechTexter is downloadable from the Google Play Store free of charge.

3. Voice notes

The Best Voice Recognition App for Speech Notes

Voice notes help you document short note recordings and vital ideas through its top-notch speech recognition. Whenever an idea pops up into your mind unexpectedly, Voice notes will help you record it before it disappears in your head.

Unlike manual note-taking, Voice notes are quick and time-saving. All you have to do is speak into the microphone as the app transcribes the information into text.

Key Features

  • User Categories – Creates various note categories for easy accessibility through filtering.
  • Creates Reminders – You select the reminder time, audio alert, vibration, and repeat reminder.
  • Import and Export Support – Export all the notes into a machine-readable format (JSON) or plain text (TXT).
  • Lots of Color Schemes – Select and change the color scheme in the settings to suit your preference.
  • Share Notes Feature – This enables you to share text notes with your friends on social media.


Voice notes dictation app is available on Google Play Store for free.

4. ListNote Speech to Text Notes

An Excellent Dictation Tool for Writers

ListNote, developed by Khymaera, is an easy-to-use and pure speech-to-text mobile app. It is an exceptional dictation tool for bloggers, writers, and journalists seeking to create searchable notes and texts.

What’s more, you can easily share your text and notes through text messages, emails, Facebook, and even Twitter.

Key Features

  • Searchable Texts and Notes – The dictation software indexes the notes for quick searching.
  • Color-code Notes – This helps you filter your notes list by color.
  • Time to Breathe Option – You decide how long to wait before posing speech input.
  • Share Notes – You can do this through email, SMS, and other apps that accept plain text.
  • Star Notes – Ideal for star filtering.
  • Password Protection Options – You secure your notes by setting up a password.
  • Hands-free Speech Recognition – Does this at the touch of a single button.


ListNote Speech-to-Text Notes software is free.

5. iTranslate Translator

The Number #1 Translation and Dictionary App

iTranslate Translator has got you covered with over 100 languages to help you translate your voice and text to your desired language. In addition to that, you get an offline translation feature in many popular languages to avoid roaming costs.

Key Features

  • 100+ Languages – View your text in over 100+ languages.
  • Translation History – offers quick and easy access to previous translations.
  • Make a List of Favorites – You can save your frequently used translations at a different place to access them later.
  • Universal App – There is a single universal app for iPad and iPhone.
  • Siri Shortcuts – Enables you to get to your favorite features quickly.
  • Full-Screen Mode Support – View all your translations in full-screen mode.
  • Verb Conjugations – You can apply different tenses for your verb conjugations.
  • Voice Output – You can listen to translations in various dialects and voices.


iTranslate Translator is free but offers in-app purchases ranging from one month to a year.

Best Dictation Software FAQs

While dictation software has been around for some years now, experienced and novice users alike still have challenges understanding some key things about them. Some of the common questions users always ask include:

What is a dictation app?

A dictation app is a technology with a speech-to-text recognition feature that enables you to transcribe spoken words into text. The technology has significantly advanced over the years, allowing you to dictate documents with up to 99% accuracy.

What is AI-based voice-to-text software?

AI-based voice-to-text software is a technology that uses Artificial Intelligence to carry out advanced speech analysis. It automatically identifies and eliminates background noise during transcription.

How does a dictation app work?

A dictation app functions by analyzing a speech recording and then breaking it down into individual sounds. After that, the software uses an algorithm to determine the ideal word that fits in the language, transcribing the sound into text. And not only that, but it may also help you generate subtitles for your video content.

Why should I use dictation software?

You can use dictation software to save time, enhance efficiency, and boost productivity. It will also help you to create well-organized work.

What’s the best dictation software for beginners?

The top-best dictation apps for beginners include Dragon Anywhere, Google Gboard, Just Press Record, SpeechTexter, Voice notes, and ListNote.

If you are unsure which one to pick from the list above, I recommend Dragon Anywhere. The software features robust formatting and voice editing tools that deliver 99% text accuracy.

What is the best free dictation software?

Voice In free plan is the best free dictation software. The software features a wide array of advanced features that functions well on various platforms and websites, including writing emails with Gmail, responding to chats, and answering assignments.

The Best Dictation Software: Conclusion

With the many dictation software available, Determining the most suitable for you can be an uphill task. Luckily, this detailed review has simplified everything to enable you to settle the best deal.

But if you are undecided on which dictation software to opt for that will give you value for money, I recommend Dragon Professional Individual. It offers state-of-the-art features with seamless customization capabilities.

For the best free option, I would pick Voice In. It brings to the table robust features at no cost, and it is compatible with many platforms and websites.

All in all, ensure the dictation software of choice meets your individual needs.

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