Here Are 6 Ways How AI SEO Can Improve Your Content and Website For the Better

How AI SEO Improves Your Content and Website

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Everyone with a website knows the basics of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). But, as with everything in modern society, the future of SEO is being changed and transformed by new, emerging technologies. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the standout emerging technology we all must adapt to. AI can come in many forms, including AI text-generation tools and chatbots, but its primary purpose is to complete tasks faster than possible by human beings. 

Artificial Intelligence is one of the top digital marketing trends right now. It can achieve the mundane tasks that people don’t particularly enjoy doing—and removes the possibility of human error. 

The importance of AI for business
Source: The Keenfolks

AI is an automatic problem-solver and decision-maker. And when you have a website to which you want to attract traffic, problem-solving and decision-making are crucial. 

However, when these tasks are being carried out by humans alone, it can take time and a lot of training through experience and error. Learning how AI SEO improves your content and website and integrating AI into your marketing tools lets you get ahead of the rest.

Two main benefits of AI SEO are increased organic traffic from better website ranking and assistance with keyword research, enhancing your written content. These two benefits are achieved through implementing AI.

You may wish to look into using residential IP proxies when performing SEO research or web scraping, which will disguise your IP address and allow for more thorough research. 

How Can Artificial Intelligence Improve My Content?

AI can enhance your content in different ways. Firstly, it can write your content for you!

1. Automated Written Content

Over the years, you’ve likely seen funny and poor AI attempts at writing coherently. But this computer-generated content is the future of digital marketing—and don’t worry, it has improved since it started.

Using AI to generate content saves you time on both the research and the actual writing. All that’s left for you to do is proofread and make the final edits. This makes the more tedious aspects of a digital marketing role, such as creating a simple email to touch base, a lot less time-consuming and exhausting.

AI can also provide you with alternative ways to word emails, so it doesn’t sound like you have copied and pasted a basic template and sent it to everybody.

If your website has a blog, you are likely used to rephrasing ideas you found from an already-written piece of work. AI software can rephrase sentences, so you don’t have to waste time looking up synonyms! This increases productivity and saves crucial time. 

Quillbot Paraphraser Standard Mode Synonyms 2
Tool used: Quillbot

AI can curate blog titles for you, complete sentences (based on automatic research), and write full, grammatically correct paragraphs tailored by the information you input into the software. 

With the hard work done content-wise, your marketing team can prioritize other tasks to increase consumer traffic, such as working on ad management solutions.

2. Keyword and Statistics Extraction

We’ve all been there. We’ve found a big chunk of text that we know will help us, but we cannot bring ourselves to start reading it. With AI, you can input a chunk of raw text and use content analysis tools to ask it to extract keywords, statistics, or both from the data provided. 

Extracting keywords can help you add topic clusters to your SEO strategy as you will get an idea of which topics are discussed together. You can then use this to track trends and keep your content fresh.

Once keywords are extracted, you can also use AI to search content for these keywords and find content gaps to exploit. For example, if you find that content concerned with digital customer experience management is always focused on chatbots, focus your posts on live chat or email.

By extracting statistics, you can provide your readers with substantial information in short, quick-to-find bullet points. 

The chances are quite a bit of the traffic you receive to your blog posts will be from other content creators looking for somewhere to source information. By making your content stand out with easy-to-read and easy-to-find statistics, your post will likely be the one they choose to backlink, boosting your traffic. 

Furthermore, AI software can rephrase sentences for you and mimic the data users input into search engines. Adding these rephrased sentences to your content will enhance your chances of getting contextual backlinks to your website, which will help you get higher up the search engine results page.

3. Tone Reading

There is a branch of SEO that anybody with a website to push needs to start tuning into. 

Voice Search Engine Optimization is on the rise rapidly. It is because more and more users are opting for the easier way of searching for things—by talking to their devices!

This is where the tone of your content is important. When people use a voice assistant feature of a search engine, they are more likely than not going to be posing their search in the form of a question. Not only that, they are likely to be wording this question conversationally and informally.

AI software can scan your written content and conclude the tone that this content is getting across. The more friendly and conversational your content comes across, the better the chance of being high up the search engine results page when somebody uses a voice assistant tool.

How AI SEO improves your content - Grammarly friendlier voice tone suggestion
Tool used: Grammarly

While these suggestions might improve your text’s tone, sometimes they may not be very accurate. That’s why these tools are just AI assistants—you still have to discern whether or not to apply the suggestions.

AI can also detect difficult-to-read passages in your content and help you reword these. This is crucial if you want to hack the SEO algorithm, as the search engine will read out the answers to the user’s question. If your answer is complex, it isn’t being chosen!

How Can Artificial Intelligence Improve My Website?

Obviously, by enhancing your content, artificial intelligence is already improving your website. But it can do more than that.

Here are the top ways how AI SEO improves your website.

1. Finding and Fixing Errors

AI can find the flaws in your website that the human eye will struggle to discover. For example, it can scour your website for any broken links and fix them for you. Not only does this save you the time of checking them all over yourself, but it also saves you the embarrassment of somebody else pointing them out to you and risking your site losing its integrity.

If you’re using interlinks as part of your SEO strategy (which you should be!), AI can preview clicking through these links to ensure it provides a positive and valuable customer experience. 

2. Enhancing Your Timing Strategy

Anybody with the slightest experience in digital marketing knows how important timing is. Timing can refer to the specific day, time, or proximity to a societal occasion (such as the typical payday or the start of the school term). 

You’re likely smart enough to know that scheduling content related to education, such as a review of the best whiteboard apps, to be published around the time that pupils, students, and teachers return to the classrooms will give you higher traffic than another period of the year. 

Do you know the ideal time of the day and week for posting content to social media?

You can deploy your AI software to find the day and time most effective for getting organic traffic and update its information as it goes. This information can then be uploaded to any task management software you use, keeping your human workforce updated.

Consumer trends change rapidly, which is easy to forget. With AI being the member of your team in charge of tracking these changes, you’ll catch on earlier than anybody else.

3. Improving Meta Tags and Descriptions

Good timing isn’t the only thing that will create organic traffic to your website—meta tags and descriptions play a big part too.

Meta tags and descriptions are little summaries of a page’s content. They can be visible on the search engine results page and are also part of its source code. Among other ranking factors, search engines also use these meta tags to determine the order of results.

meta description in Google search

In short, the better your meta tags, the higher you will be on the search engine results pages (SERPs). 

But knowing what meta description will boost your website’s ranking is difficult. AI works this out for you by studying the meta tags of other websites and creating a description that will compete with other sites. 

All search engines have already integrated AI, so if you want to be favored by them, you’ll have to join in.

How AI SEO Improves Your Content & Website: That’s a Wrap!

You mustn’t undermine the importance of SEO if you have a website you want to build and content you want to push. 

But we know that SEO research can be a mundane task, and you will often want to push it aside to focus on other tasks that will help your business grow. 

With the use of artificial intelligence SEO, you are saving time and effort by letting it do the hard work. 

It will improve your website and content by checking for any errors, written or coded, and it will study your online competitors and help you improve your content to better theirs. 

AI SEO can also aid in preparing for the future. By spotting user and consumer trends quickly, you can organize content so that it is ready in time and schedule it to be posted at the ideal moment for engagement.

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