How to Optimize Local SEO for Multiple Locations with 3 Fantastic Ways

how to optimize local seo for multiple locations guide

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Did your business try to spread the word about its product and services, reaching out to the local audience? If the answer is yes, then learning how to optimize local SEO for multi-location is the answer to attracting locals from different areas.

More than just relying on in-store digital signage software is required, as most people, especially the younger generation, resort to search engines like Google to find local companies.

The facts speak for themselves, as 98% of consumers use the internet to find information about local businesses. And although it can be a challenging task, it’s definitely worth it investing in a multi-location SEO strategy.

In this article, we’ll focus on the benefits of and discuss the steps to optimizing local SEO for multiple locations.

Definition & Main Benefits of Multi-Location SEO

Multi-location SEO (search engine optimization) is an approach to optimizing the website and its content for multiple locations so it can rank high in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) for specific locations. This is vital for businesses that have a physical presence and branches in different areas.

local store

Companies that have branches in multiple locations should dedicate their efforts to optimizing their website for each location to ensure they appear in local search results. Implementing a multi-location SEO strategy lets search engines differentiate multiple business locations and improve search traffic for various businesses’ websites, and as a result, attract local customers.

Businesses with multiple physical locations should consider implementing multi-location SEO for the following reasons as well:

✓ Increases Brand Awareness

It can drastically increase awareness and brand recognition by increasing website traffic. As product pages get in the top search results, customers’ understanding of the brand increases, and as a result, businesses gain a higher volume of revenue.

✓ Boosts Local Marketing Results

Another benefit of optimizing your SEO for multiple locations is that it can help maximize local marketing efforts’ efficiency. It improves the visibility of your content, which delivers local customers helpful and educational content that shares relevant information on the products or services available near their location.

✓ Attracts Local Customers

Optimizing your website for multiple locations helps to target local customers more effectively. Having an effective multiple-location SEO strategy can bring more local customers who are searching for services and goods in specific regions.

✓ Improves Local Engagement

Adopting a multiple-location SEO strategy can increase local engagement. Optimizing your website for multiple locations will help connect with customers in each area and build stronger relationships with them.

✓ Have Access to Valuable Insights

Optimizing your website for multiple locations allows you to track and analyze the performance of each location-specific page separately, providing valuable insights into how customers interact with businesses in each area.

✓ Enhances Customer Experience

By making it easier for the local audience to get information about businesses, such as directions and working hours, it’s possible to improve customer experience.

How to Optimize Local SEO for Multiple Locations

After speaking about the advantages of having a multiple-location SEO strategy, in the next part, we will discuss the steps that can help successfully implement that strategy.

1. Build a Web Page for Each Location

One of the essential steps to take for successful multi-location SEO is to build separate pages for each location of your business. So, having a separate page for each unique business area you want to target is vital.

First, you must define the locations a business aims to target. You might have a company with several branches across the country, so it’s important to choose those you want to advertise.

The next stage is to optimize on-page elements and add the location in the URL, title tag, and meta description. For example, this Los Angeles plumbing business added its location in the URL, page title, and meta description, as you can see from a Google search.

Optimizing local SEO URL and page title example from Google search

Moreover, including location-specific information like business address, phone number, and directions for each location can be a great idea for your Google My Business (GMB) to stand out in search engines.

Local SEO optimization Google My Business examples of plumbers in Los Angeles

2. Create Location-Specific Content

One of the main steps businesses can take to improve local targeting is creating high-quality and valuable content—it will address and target local audiences’ needs. Remember that good content can significantly improve your SEO efforts.

When trying to optimize SEO tactics for multiple locations, start producing localized-based content to promote products and services available in each region.

Effective keyword research goes a long way to help you rank on search engines. After conducting research and finding relevant keywords, the next step is creating unique, quality content for each location-specific page using those keywords.

For example, creating blog posts designed to attract local customers based in a particular region is an excellent way to stand out from similar businesses that only target a general audience. Also, remember to follow the local SEO guide and include location-based keywords in a blog post.

Furthermore, using AI-powered SEO tools can help you find relevant semantic keywords to include in your blog posts so that they can rank better in search engines.

These efforts ensure local customers will find relevant information, and the chances will increase that they will make a purchase. Additionally, when creating new and fresh content for each location page, it’s vital to maintain brand consistency.

3. Get Local Backlinks

The importance of getting quality backlinks can’t be underestimated, as it is one of the top Google ranking factors. The truth is that getting backlinks from local sources can increase credibility and boost multi-location SEO.

backlinks system graphic

There are several ways businesses can get local backlinks:

✓ Participate in Local Events

Participating in local events or even sponsoring them can help businesses build relationships with other companies and establish trust and credibility within the local community. This may give them the opportunity to collaborate and get backlinks.

✓ Share High-Quality Content 

Producing valuable blog posts or infographics related to local events can deliver backlink opportunities from other websites as they will reference and share high-quality content. It’s vital to ensure the content is relevant to your local community. Additionally, videos or how-to articles can also share helpful tips to educate and engage the local audience.

Great content will help to increase customer loyalty. And to make things even better, you may build a referral program for locals to participate and recommend you to their friends and family members.

✓ Collaborate with Another Local Business for a Link Exchange

This can be an excellent chance to improve your online visibility with another local business. But for that, it’s essential to have a strategy for how to find and reach out to potential local businesses and suggest link swaps from their websites.

When initiating a collaboration with a local business for a link exchange, it’s important to identify businesses that share a similar target audience and offer complementary services or products.

Begin by conducting thorough research on your local market, analyzing your competitors, and pinpointing businesses that could benefit from a partnership. Once you’ve compiled a list of potential collaborators, you can craft a personalized email and professional outreach message highlighting the mutual benefits of the link exchange.

In your communication, be sure to emphasize the value this collaboration could bring to both parties, such as increased website traffic, credibility, and potential customer referrals.

By building a strong foundation of trust and reciprocity, you can create long-lasting relationships with local businesses, leading to a more extensive network of online visibility and support.

✓ Work with Local Influencers

Building partnerships with local influencers and bloggers with a significant social media presence is an excellent opportunity to promote your business and gain local backlinks.

To make the process effective, you could research local micro-influencers who have the same target audience and similar brand values. When connecting with them, make sure you share the benefits that collaboration and link exchange can bring to both parties.

✓ Share Guest Posts on Local Businesses’ Websites 

Lastly, consider writing a guest post on other local companies’ websites to increase your local business authority and reach a wider audience.

Besides providing quality content to the website, the guest post’s goal is for you to include a backlink to your website to increase your domain authority. Sometimes, they’ll also let you include an author bio, so be sure to use that to your advantage.

Optimizing Local SEO for Multiple Locations: Conclusion

Businesses with a presence in different areas should optimize local SEO for multiple locations. Not only can they improve the visibility of each location in search results, but they also attract local customers who will be ready to make a purchase.

This gives those companies who capture a wider market competitive advantage compared to businesses that target only one location.

There is no doubt that localizing SEO for each business location is extremely beneficial. By following these tips, you can successfully optimize your local search presence for each location you do business.

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