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What’s The Best AI News Video Generator? Your Complete Guide with 3 Options

best AI news video generators with AI anchors

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If you’re looking for the best AI news video generators, you’ve landed at the perfect place.

With so many AI video makers and talking head generators, it can be quite hard to find the one that really sets the tone for your intended purpose. That’s why no two tools are alike. While most of them are “the best,” some of you might prefer one over another because of its features.

In this article, I’ll share the top AI news video generators you can use that include AI avatars or AI anchors to read your script word by word.

Let’s get started!

What are the Best AI News Video Generator Tools?

1. DeepBrain AI

DeepBrain AI anchor CCTV

Key Features

  • Variety of AI Avatars: Over 100 photo-realistic AI avatars are available, allowing content creators to choose the perfect spokesperson for their news videos.
  • Extensive Language Support: Supports more than 55 languages, making it easy to create news videos for diverse, global audiences.
  • Intuitive Video Editor: Features an easy-to-use drag-and-drop online video editor that streamlines the video creation process for users of all skill levels.
  • Text-to-speech Functionality: Effortlessly transforms written text into natural human speech, read by AI avatars in your chosen language.
  • Adaptable Video Templates: Offers a range of flexible video templates for various purposes, allowing content creators to suit different requirements of their audience.
  • Custom Avatar Creation: Gives users the option to create a unique custom avatar, enabling a tailored branding approach for news videos.


  • Drastically reduce video production time and costs.
  • Hyper-realistic AI avatars for a variety of uses.
  • Excellent compatibility with global languages.
  • Easy and intuitive for beginners.
  • Custom avatar creation allows for unique branding.


  • Limited customization options for pre-built avatars.
  • 3D avatars integration is under development (currently not available).

Overview of DeepBrain AI

DeepBrain AI is one of the best AI news video generators that can help you create engaging news videos without the hassle of time-consuming video production processes. This tool allows you to create videos for desktop and mobile with their unique templates.

They’ve curated a diverse selection of 100+ AI avatars that you can pick from to suit your brand’s unique style. And they’ve done something pretty impressive, too, as you’re able to make these avatars speak in over 55 languages. So, whether your audience is in Seoul or Santiago, you can communicate with them effectively.

DeepBrain AI news video templates

DeepBrain AI also allows you to generate side-view avatars for interviews and offers a myriad of Asian news anchors, apart from Western-looking ones.

Additionally, you can forge a unique identity for your news videos with the ability to create custom avatars. This can be especially impactful when you need to represent your organization or a specific personality in your videos.

But they didn’t stop at just creating a tool for news creation. They equipped it with templates for news and marketing videos, avatars that mimic human gestures, and more. This versatility gives you the freedom to stretch your creative limbs and put out diverse content.

One of the best parts? You don’t have to be a tech wizard to use DeepBrain AI. The drag-and-drop video editor is a breeze to navigate if you’re just starting out with video editing tools.


DeepBrain AI pricing plans start at $24/mo for up to 10 minutes per month. When it comes to duration and cost, they both go hand in hand. But you don’t have to make a commitment right from the start—they offer one free video for every new user.

2. HeyGen

HeyGen AI news video generator

Key Features

  • Broad Category Support: HeyGen is prepared for a wide array of news categories ranging from breaking news, economy, and world to entertainment and football news.
  • Avatars and News Anchors: HeyGen provides you with over 100 avatars and hundreds of voices in multiple languages.
  • User-friendly Design: The intuitive design makes navigation a breeze. It means you’ll spend less time figuring out how things work and more time making the most of the feature-rich platform.
  • Face Swap and Talking Photos: Upload your photo, swap your face with an AI avatar for a quick face swap video, or transform portrait shots into talking photos with some typed text.
  • News Video Templates: No matter the type of your video—be it hot off the press, breaking news, or firsthand eyewitness reports, HeyGen stands ready to assist you in crafting compelling presentations with their versatile intro templates.


  • The platform is user-friendly and accessible on any device.
  • Integrated features promote productivity elevation.
  • Your data is protected with robust security measurements.


  • Some initial learning to use all features effectively is required.

Overview of HeyGen

HeyGen is an AI video avatar generator that allows you to create videos spanning a wide variety of styles, including news videos. With this platform, you can generate breaking news videos from economy and entertainment to politics, world events, and sports.

The platform offers over 100 news anchors and 300 voices across 40+ languages. Furthermore, it includes a wide range of news templates and PowerPoint integration. This means you can turn your slides into background images for your news videos.

HeyGen AI news videos templates

The powerhouse behind HeyGen is its adept AI technology, which streamlines video creation and makes it accessible for everyone. Handling different news types, from breaking news to sports news, illustrates its versatility.

This versatility implies that you’ll spend less time adjusting to different platforms for varying news types and more time creating impactful content. Simplified video creation is at your fingertips, regardless of your level of technical expertise, thanks to its user-centric design.

If you’re a content creator seeking a handy tool to simplify your news video production process across various content genres, HeyGen could be a solid solution.


HeyGen offers a free AI news video generator, including all 100+ premium avatars. Unlike other platforms that restrict the number of avatars you can use, HeyGen offers all of them for free.

However, the free plan only allows you to generate 1 minute of video. To get hold of more advanced features and fewer restrictions, you must get a premium plan starting at $24/mo.

3. Elai

Elai AI news videos with avatars

Key Features

  • AI-Powered Avatars: An array of avatars can voice your text in over 75 languages.
  • Easy to Customize: Choose from a wide variety of stock images, videos, and animations to create a unique look.
  • Voice-Over: Upload your voice recording for a personalized touch.
  • Royalty-Free Music: Choose an ideal tune to stimulate your audience’s mood from a selection of copyright-free music tracks.
  • High Resolution: Create up to 4K news videos, including 4K avatars.


  • Easy to use.
  • Customizable content with a vast choice of avatars, languages, and royalty-free music.
  • Created videos encourage social shares and boost sales.


  • It features fewer avatars than other alternatives.

Overview of Elai

Elai is a great AI news video maker that makes it incredibly easy for you to create high-quality videos. This text-to-video platform offers versatile benefits, like making your content more engaging, expanding your audience reach, and enhancing your overall video production.

Elai stands out from other options with its 4k video resolution, a range of video genres, and even the ability to use your voice for a personalized touch.

Elai allows you to produce professional content without requiring any special equipment, software, or technical know-how. Simply input your text into the platform, and Elai’s AI will handle the rest.

With Elai IO, you can create not only breaking news videos but also explainer videos, online courses, real estate showcases, dubbing projects, animated avatars, AI news productions, and corporate films.

Elai breaking news templates

Elai IO can turn your text into video content with 80+ avatars speaking in over 100 languages.

Elai IO’s unique selling points extend beyond its AI capabilities. For instance, you aren’t limited to only human avatars—you can design a customized mascot avatar to tell your company’s story in a fun and engaging way.

Moreover, you can use your own voice and create custom avatars for your news videos, giving a more personal touch to your creations.


Pricing starts at $23/mo for 15 minutes of video per month, but you can get started with Elai for free and generate up to 1 minute of video.

What is an AI News Video Generator?

An AI news video generator can turn written news stories and articles into video reports. It’s an automated way to create video content without complicated video editing programs. These AI news video generators are designed to make the process of video creation way simpler and less of a headache.

One cool thing is that the AI can generate realistic-looking human avatars to be the presenters in the videos. There are a bunch of different avatar options you can choose from, so you get a nice mix of variety and customization in how the news gets presented. It makes the whole video creation experience more straightforward when these AI news anchors deliver the news.

And while we’re on the subject, you might want to check the best AI presenters for your news stories.

Another great feature is that the generators can adapt the videos to different languages. So you just input some text, pick the language you want, and voila—you get a video in that language. This makes it super easy to take a blog post or article and turn it into a multilingual video.

In an age where video content is becoming more and more important, tools like AI video generators are really changing the game in terms of how we can create videos. They provide an alternative model of content creation that is better suited for the digital world we live in today. Video production doesn’t have to be such an intimidating process anymore.

Practical Examples of Using AI News Generators

AI news video generators have many different uses that could really change how you make content. Here are some of the most handy ways to use them:

  • Freelance Reporting: If you’re a freelance reporter or part of a tiny news team, this tool can really shake things up, and it lets you compete with the big guys by making pro-looking news videos without needing a whole crew.
  • Breaking News: Breaking news happens fast, so delivering that info to people right away matters. AI tools now let news teams quickly change written updates about developing stories into video reports. This means getting those critical time-sensitive details out to audiences without holdups.
  • Newsrooms: For news companies, an AI video generator can help mix up your content. You can combine text news stories with fun video reports to grab more eyeballs.
  • Adaptable Content: News is always changing, and so are your peeps. By turning written articles into videos in different languages, these tools let you tailor your content to what your audience speaks and likes.
  • Educational Resources: For education, sharing news in a more interactive way seems handy. Students could use it to make cool reports for class and learn useful skills.
  • Social Media: With shorter attention spans and liking visual info, social audiences will probably dig news as videos. You can turn your latest post into a watchable video for sharing everywhere.

Best AI News Video Generator: Conclusion

All the platforms on this list are excellent at turning text stories into compelling visual news videos. This makes them perfect for all sorts of audiences and uses.

What this means for you is access to the best AI news video generator that’ll make your content way more impactful and reach lots more people. These tools can simplify your news video creation process so you can focus on creating top-notch content.

So now that you’ve got my recommendations, what’s next? Take some time to check out the free trials these platforms offer so you can get familiar with their features, pricing, support, and all that jazz, and figure out which AI news video generator lines up best with what you’re trying to do and who you’re trying to reach.

In the end, it’s all about finding the right match for you and your audience.

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