19 Best Free Stock Video Websites of 2023

If you’re looking for a selection of the best free stock video websites, then you’ve come to the right place.

While you can sell a product with text alone, you can do better with images and video. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but videos are even better than still pictures for selling products.

Your competition uses images and videos to sell products or services. Don’t put your company at a competitive disadvantage by not using videos to attract customers. 

Videos are proven to work – 8 out of 10 people have purchased a product based on a video they saw. Most customers also say they like to see video content from brands. 

People are watching more online video content than a decade ago, and, recently, online video consumption has significantly increased in a single year. You have to give the customers what they want to make sales. While marketing without video might work, you can increase your revenue significantly if you add stock video content.

Still, video content can be expensive and time-consuming to create. How can you use video to sell your products if you don’t have much of a content creation budget?

One of the best ways to produce engaging video content for your creative project quickly without much of a budget is to use stock video footage. If you combine a simple voice-over with free stock video footage, you can create content without investing much time or money.

What is Stock Media?

Simply put, stock media is any media (video footage, sound effects, music, photographs, images) that was not explicitly made for any project.

There is plenty of completely free stock media out there. You can use it however you want, even commercially, and not owe anything to its creator, no matter how much money you make from its use.

What Are the Best Free Stock Video Websites?

If you want to know where to get free stock video, let me tell you that it’s hard to know where to start, as there’s an abundance of sites offering free footage. While many free stock video websites have limited selections and poor image and video quality, there are plenty of good ones out there. 

You are not limited to just a few good stock video websites. You can find lots of free content if you know how to get free stock videos.

1. Videvo 

Popular HD&4K stock video and audio.


Videvo should be one of your first choices. Videvo offers many of its high-quality video clips in crystal clear 4K resolution. You won’t have to worry about finding a video clip you really like and then being disappointed by the visual quality. 

Videvo has a lot of HD stock video clips available (18,000) and offers excellent audio content as well. There is plenty of filmed HD footage and computer-animated motion graphics content available on the site, with excellent image quality and top-end resolution. The site stands out as a place to get high-quality motion graphics content for free.

Licensing on Videvo is simple and easy to understand:

  • The first type of license is a royalty-free license, which allows you to use the content as you want, including not crediting the artist if you choose not to.
  • The second type is the Videvo Attribution license, which requires you to give credit. Still, it lets you use the content however and as many times as you want.

If you really like Videvo, there is also a premium plan. While the free content on Videvo is excellent, a premium account gets you a more extensive selection. You can tell the difference between premium clips and free clips, as the former has a thunder icon, while the latter has “FREE” written on the video’s thumbnail.

Videvo stands out for its quality. It adds new videos every day. The content is completely free, from high-definition to 4K, and can be used for commercial purposes.

2. PikWizard

Over 1 million high-quality, free stock images, and videos.


PikWizard is huge – there are more than a million photos and videos, so you can find things on PikWizard that you won’t find on smaller stock video sites. The search option is extremely good, so a quick search can pull up footage of exactly what you need. Also, there is no need to give credit to the author.

You can browse videos by category, sorted by most popular first. The image quality varies, but there is a lot of high-resolution content.  All their assets are premium, contemporary, and also copyright-free. 

But what really makes PikWizard unique is that they have a video editing tool attached called Design Wizard. It has thousands of pre-made templates, allowing you to create impressive videos in just a few minutes.

3. Motion Elements

Free stock footage, free stock video.

Motion Elements Free Stock Videos

Motion Elements offers a wide selection of free content of full HD stock videos and After Effects Templates for people who want to create advertisements, games, software, films, TV shows, and YouTube videos. Sometimes, you can find everything you need on Motion Elements and won’t need to try any other sites.

If you’re planning on using Motion Elements’ free stock videos on commercial projects, rest assured they’re all safe for personal and commercial purposes.

Motion Elements has everything – 3D models, royalty-free music, video, and images. You can also get templates for video creation software such as DaVinci Resolve and Adobe After Effects. 

If you decide to purchase a subscription plan, you’ll get access to unlimited downloads.

While Motion Elements offers a bit of everything, the focus is on video content. You can find more than 2 million videos, clips, and animated backgrounds, many of them in superb 4K resolution. If you want a site that tries to offer everything, check out Motion Elements.

4. Videezy

Free HD stock footage & 4K videos.


Videezy is also a great website to find a great variety of clips in HD and 4K resolutions.

One great thing to add to online video content you create is aerial drone footage. People have been using aerial footage in movies and advertisements since the first half of the 20th century. Aerial footage gets people’s attention and excites them, and it can definitely help you sell products.

Now that drones and cameras are cheaper than ever before, there is plenty of free drone footage out there. Videezy is the best place to get high-quality aerial drone footage. Many of the clips are for premium users, and many others are of lower quality. However, there is still a lot of excellent stuff available for free.

While Videezy stands out for its aerial footage, it offers all sorts of video clips, backgrounds, and images. Videezy is also an excellent place to find free vector graphics, which can scale to any size and are great for content creators.

5. Pixabay

Stunning free images & royalty-free stock.


Everything you can find on Pixabay’s extensive library is free to use commercially, and you don’t even have to give the author any credit. All the assets use the creative commons zero license (CC0), which means that the publisher releases their work into the public domain for everyone to use.

Pixabay is a community where people can upload content they want to give away for free. It has many generous contributors who appreciate credit even though it is not required. 

There is a vast amount of content on the site, including nearly two million videos and photos. The videos tend to be short, usually less than a minute. 

Quality varies, but a lot of it is high-definition, and a reasonable amount of it is 4K. Take a look at Pixabay if you want one of the largest collections of free videos and images.

6. Mixkit

Free assets for your next video project.


Mixkit offers everything you need to put a multimedia project together. The site has a great free stock video footage collection about business, ordinary life, nature, and more. 

There is also a great selection of music, and even sound effects, which many stock media sites don’t offer. Mixkit was created by Envato Elements, which also provides a separate service for premium video templates.

Mixkit also offers templates for creating videos in Premiere Pro, After Effects, Final Cut Pro, and DaVinci Resolve. You can use these templates to help you with titles, transitions, slideshows, and promotions. 

You can build an entire video using content you find on Mixkit. Try it if you want a site that has everything.

7. Pexels

The best free stock photos & videos shared by talented creators.


Pexels started out as a site for stock photos, not videos, and it essentially still is a stock photo site. However, it has a wide range of good video content these days, so it is worth mentioning here. Their high-quality stock videos are all released under the creative commons zero (CCO) license, meaning you can use them with no credit and no restrictions.

One of the best things the site offers is time-lapse video clips. You can see great accelerated footage of traffic, clouds moving, the stars, sunrises, flowers blooming, and sunsets. There is also slow-motion footage of fire, waves, and objects falling into the water.

Pexels makes its content available under the Pexels license. While the Pexels license lets you use everything commercially, it is not quite as unrestrictive as a creative commons zero license. 

If you want to sell anything from Pexels or use it on merchandise, you must significantly alter it first.

8. Dareful

4K royalty-free stock video clips at no cost.


Unlike larger video collections, Dareful is the work of a single person. Joel Holland created Dareful to make more stock footage available to the public in 4K quality. He shoots all of the footage himself.

While the number of videos is small compared to the larger sites, there is still a lot of footage, much of it excellent. There is drone footage, fireworks, content for holidays, and plenty of great footage of nature.

Depending on what you are looking for, Dareful is a great resource. If you want a single website that you can use to build a whole multimedia project, you will have to go elsewhere. However, dareful is excellent if you want nature footage and insist on 4K. 

Dareful does not offer a premium version with premium videos. The site seems to make money by linking to other stock websites, such as Shutterstock. All of the content is free to use for commercial purposes, but requires attribution.

9. Coverr

Free stock video footage, and royalty-free videos for download.


Coverr has a great search function that helps you find what you want quickly. The videos are handpicked and always useful and well shot. Coverr does not accept a lot of poorly created or low-quality videos. 

Coverr also lets you, as an option, sign up for an email list. If you sign up, Coverr will send you special offers every week and give you access to an amazing collection of unique videos. 

The subjects of the videos are all good for people trying to sell products. There are videos about health and fitness, business, love and relationships, working from home, pets, and more. 

You can use Coverr videos freely as long as you do not upload them on other sites.

10. Life of Vids

Free videos, clips, and loops.

Life of Vids

Life of Vids offers an excellent but not very large selection of free video content. A Canadian advertising company hosts the site, and they know how to pick out videos that marketers will use. The site stands out for how relevant the content is to marketers.

You can find footage of cities, clouds, food, work, water, and people – all stuff that is great for marketers. Everything is free for personal and commercial use. The only thing you can’t do is upload more than ten videos onto your site for everyone else to use. 

Life of Vids lets you submit your own content if you want to give any footage away for free. Everything is in HD or 4K resolution, and the site runs on donations rather than offers a paid premium version.

11. Vidsplay 

Download free stock video footage.


While Vidsplay offers a relatively tiny library (only a few hundred clips), it is still a good website. Nearly everything you find on Vidsplay is high-quality and relevant content. 

There are short, well-shot clips of technology, famous places and monuments, people, time-lapses, buildings, and industry. As long as you are looking for a relatively narrow range of content, Vidsplay is an excellent site.

Vidsplay is the work of a single developer, Sammy Fontanez, a digital cinematographer and web developer. Everything on his site is free for personal and commercial use. 

He makes money by linking to Shutterstock instead of offering premium content. Even though it is a small library, the quality is excellent. 

12. Mazwai

Hand-picked stock video footage.


Everything on Mazwai is handpicked by experts. It is a quality over quantity website where everything is excellent, not a site with as many clips as possible.

Mazwai works directly with specific cinematographers to produce excellent stock footage content creators are likely to use. It is not a site where anyone can submit anything — only high-quality content is accepted. 

Mazwai guarantees that everything you find is royalty-free and entirely legal for personal or commercial use.

13. Motion Places

A large selection of stock footage from around the world.

Motion Places

Motion Places stands out for offering video clips of different locations all around the world. You can see video clips of cities and nature all over Europe, North America, and Asia. If you are looking for clips of a specific large city, Motion Places may have it.

Motion Places offers footage of the Spring, Summer, Winter, and Fall seasons. There is also lots of footage of air travel, plus buses, cars, and other transportation. Motion Places produces its own content, so it is a quality over quantity source of stock video. 

While the free content available at Motion Places looks great in HD, you have to pay if you want 4K resolution. If HD is good enough, you can get everything on the site for free. 

However, it costs $99 for 4K versions of the same video footage. But despite what they charge for 4K, the footage looks great in HD.

14. Free Nature Stock

Royalty-free CC0 nature stock photos and videos.

Free Nature Stock

Free Nature Stock is great if you are looking specifically for nature footage. Everything on the site is released under the creative commons zero license (CC0), so you have virtually unlimited rights to use it however you want. 

There are plenty of high-quality videos and even more still pictures. New clips are added almost every day, so it might be the first site to look at if you want nature stock footage. 

As well as footage of animals, plants, and landscapes, there is also excellent footage of the sun and stars over natural landscapes.

Free Nature Stock is a perfect free stock video website if you are in need of nature footage.

15. Splitshire

Private collection of free stock photos and videos.


Splitshire is a relatively small but still popular library created by photographer Daniel Nanescu in 2014. Nanescu created the library to give away photographs he didn’t publish for free. 

Since then, Splitshire has expanded into a popular website with millions of downloads. The images have appeared in print and on physical merchandise, not only online. 

You can use the images and videos to create games, YouTube videos, templates, album covers, television shows, documentaries, and more. Everything is entirely free – you do not have to give credit. 

16. Distill

10 free HD videos every 10 days.


Created by a company called Create The Bridge, Distill is a site where you can get free stock videos delivered to your inbox. You can only have ten videos every ten days – they do not allow you to download stock videos as much as you want like some other sites do.

This is not for everyone, but many people prefer to get free video content in this format. You never know what you are going to get each time they send new content to your email. 

Sometimes, you might feel inspired after seeing an exciting video clip and want to use it to create something. Several different creators regularly make content for Distill.

They have unique videos, but if you need a more variety of videos in bulk, you might want to try other websites on this list.

17. Clipstill

Mesmerizing free cinemagraphs.


Clipstill is a free stock video website that specializes in cinemagraphs, which are very short video loops that contain relatively little motion. Cinemagraphs are sort of like a middle ground between photography and video. Most of the image is usually still, but there is a small amount of motion. They’re great to be used as looping backgrounds.

Cinemagraphs can have a hypnotic, mesmerizing effect on some people, so they can help you sell products. People like these images. You can use them to decorate websites as well as in videos.

Clipstill is an excellent site if you want to find these images. They are visually pleasing, and there is a decent, although not huge, variety of them. It isn’t easy to find good, high-quality cinemagraphs for free, so check out Clipstill if that is what you are looking for.

18. YouTube Creative Commons

Although not a stock website, YouTube is another great place to find free video footage. When creators upload videos to YouTube, they have the option of using a Creative Commons license, allowing other people to use their work. 

A Creative Commons license is not the same as giving up your copyright – the creator retains certain rights to their work. No one can release anything with a Creative Commons license unless they have the legal right to all of the content in their video.

The YouTube Creative Commons library is enormous – there are more than four million videos there. Suppose you are looking for video footage of something specific and are having trouble finding it. In that case, the YouTube Creative Commons might be the best place to look. The content is free and is not only for those who have a YouTube premium account. 

After you make a search, click on Filters and select Creative Commons. All the videos you see now have a Creative Commons license.

how to search Creative Commons videos on YouTube

19. Vimeo Creative Commons

The Vimeo Creative Commons is similar – it is free, huge, and for everyone. You can find a considerable number of different videos on countless subjects.

There are several different licenses a creator can pick when they release something into the creative commons. Some of these licenses do not allow commercial use, so you should be careful.

Some people release their content into the public domain and do not keep any rights. Others require attribution, do not allow commercial use, or require you to release anything you create with their content with the same creative commons license.

After you make a search on Vimeo, click on More Filters and then scroll down to License. Now you can choose what type of Creative Commons you want.

how to search Creative Commons videos on Vimeo
how to search Creative Commons videos on Vimeo

Creative Commons Videos

Different content creators have different standards about how other people can use their content. A “creative commons video” with a “creative commons license” does not always have the same standards for use as every other creative commons video. Most videos you find on free stock video sites have lenient licenses, but not all of them. 

They might publish the content themselves and not allow anyone else to use their content. Not every content creator is so strict, but they have the power to control how their content is used, whether they make a lot of money from it or not. 

By default, you cannot use another person’s work. They hold the copyright, and you have to get their permission to use it. They can charge as much money as they want for permission to use their intellectual property, and they can sell a restricted right to use their work.

Some content creators are more lenient about how other people can use their content. They can place their work entirely in the public domain – releasing all rights – and let anyone use it without even giving them any credit. 

Other content creators let people use their work if they give them credit. Anything between no use and unlimited use is possible. A content creator might insist on payment for commercial use but let people use their work freely if they aren’t making any money from it. 

Not every “creative commons” license is the same as every other “creative commons” license. Some of these licenses are much more restrictive than others. 

“Creative commons” does not always mean you can do whatever you want with the content. Public domain content is free for everyone (no one has the rights to it), but other creative commons content has restrictions.

Some creative commons licenses are “share-alike” licenses – you have to let other people use your work using the same license. You cannot use footage with a share-alike license to create a copyrighted work that no one else can use or modify. 

Thankfully, not much of what you find on free video sites is distributed on a share-alike license. The licenses are more generous and let you use the content freely or freely with attribution. Be aware of more restrictive licenses, but they are not typical for content you can find on free stock video websites. 

Royalty-Free Licenses

Some royalty-free licenses are genuinely free. For example, Videvo’s royalty-free videos are completely free for anyone to use without credit. However, “royalty-free” does not usually mean “free for everyone,” instead, it usually means that you have to pay a single upfront fee for the content. 

Most royalty-free licenses require you to make a purchase or pay a monthly fee. There may also be limitations on how you can use the image, such as a limit on how many physical copies of anything containing the image you can print. 

With royalty-free licenses, the creator of the work maintains more control than with creative commons licenses. They still intend to profit from their work with a royalty-free license, just like I do with the music tracks that I sell on various platforms.

On the plus side, royalty-free licenses do not require you to pay royalties. You will not owe a cut of your profits to whoever owns the image. You will usually only have to pay a fixed amount of money for the picture or video clip.

Since royalty-free licenses are usually for clips that cost money, they are not usually what you will find on free stock video sites. However, if you get the paid version of a stock video site, the paid videos may use royalty-free licenses. 

Best Free Stock Videos: FAQs

Below are the most common questions people ask when thinking about getting free stock videos.

Where can I find free stock videos?

Free stock videos are available on multiple sites, such as Videvo, Pixabay, Pexels, Videezy, Motion Elements, and many others. While all of them offer free videos, some also offer premium videos, sometimes for a higher resolution.

What is the best free stock video site?

1. Videvo

Videvo is about the best you can get if you are looking for a wide variety of free, high-quality content. The site has more than 18,000 free video clips, many of them in 4K rather than HD.

2. Motion Elements

Motion Elements stands out for the massive variety of different content it offers. You can find music, 3D models, templates, animations, and images on that site. You can find anything on Motion Elements. 

3. Pixabay

Pixabay stands out for being a community where anyone can share content they create for free. You can use anything on the site freely without even crediting the creator. However, they will appreciate it if you give them credit. Pixabay offers a large library of free content. 

Is free stock video really free?

Depending on the license, it often is. Often, you can make as much money as you want from a free clip without ever having to pay anyone any money. However, read the license before using the clip, as some clips are less free than others.

Is there a lot of good free stock video content out there?

Yes, a lot of free high-quality video content has been published over the years. You are not limited to a small selection of lower-quality clips. The quality is often excellent, and the selection gets bigger every year.

How do free stock video sites make their money?

Like many other online businesses, they offer a free version to attract users and make money from a paid version. These sites also use affiliate marketing. They usually have ads that redirect you to another site (most often Shutterstock), and if you buy something there they earn a cut of the profits.

Can you make free stock video clips available to other people online?

A lot of the time, you cannot do this. Check the licenses, and ask questions if you still aren’t sure. Sometimes, even if you can use the clip commercially for free, you still cannot upload it to a website and let everyone else use it. 

Do you have to register an account to download free stock videos?

A lot of the time, you can download clips without a sign up needed. Videvo, for example, lets you download clips right away without an account. 

Many other sites are the same – they want to make their sites as easy to use as possible, so they don’t require an account. Even if they do require an account, they don’t require a credit card number, only your email address. Free video content is only a few clicks away. 

Is old movies’ footage legal to use?

Yes, you can use clips from very old movies for free. Any film released in the United States before 1926 is legal for everyone in the US to use, including commercially. 

This is because films only remain under copyright for 95 years – the year will increase to 1927 in 2022, and so on. Different countries have different laws for film copyrights.

Many films that are much less than 95 years old are also in the public domain for other reasons. For example, a film enters the public domain if no one renews the copyright. 

Can I use free stock videos on YouTube?

Yes, you can. And you can also download YouTube stock videos by individual creators who make them available. Often, these videos are royalty-free, so you can use them however you want, including commercially. 

Always double-check how legal it is to use the YouTube video you are considering. Sometimes, it might only be free for creating free public domain content and not commercial content. It may also be free for commercial use, with or without requiring you to give the creator credit. 

Are any Adobe Stock Videos free?

Yes. Adobe Stock has a collection of more than eight thousand free video clips. Just go to their website and filter the search to find your free videos.

What’s the best software to edit stock videos for free?

One of the best things about creating content online is that most of the tools are free. Not only can you get stock video footage for free, but there is also plenty of free video editing software.

While professionals use paid software, sometimes there is not always a huge difference between the free and paid versions for the general user. Free video editing software works properly and has plenty of features. 

If you start making a lot of money creating video content online, you may want to use paid software for its extra bells and whistles to take your work to the next level. However, you can stick with free software for a long time and get good results.

1. DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve might be the best free video editing software you can get. It is a top-end professional editing system good enough for anything, including putting the finishing touches on A-list Hollywood movies.

Since you can do so many things with the software, it allows a team of people with different skills to work on the same project using the same program. DaVinci Resolve is as good for small projects done by a single person or a very few people as it is for large projects. 

While there is a paid version of this software, the free version is perfect, and you can use it for as long as you want. It is a free version and not only a free trial.

It has image stabilization to correct a shaky camera, facial recognition, and the ability to isolate and trace objects. You can create 3D objects, mist, fog, particle effects, and more. In many ways, this is the most advanced video editing software you can get. The free version is generous with what features it allows.

2. LightWorks

If you are looking for something quick and easy to use, LightWorks might be the best choice. It is also free – the free version does not have a watermark and is not only a free trial. 

You can use the free version of LightWorks for as long as you want, and it has no severe disadvantages. If you are sure you need to create high-resolution video files, you need the paid version. If regular 720p is good enough, the free version has almost all of the features. 

LightWorks offers advanced color correction, effect keyframes, support for different frame rates, and special effects. It also gives you access to a great library of royalty-free audio and video. The free video content might be the best thing about the software. 

LightWorks does not have as many features as DaVinci Resolve does. However, it is still professional software, good enough for theatrically released Hollywood movies. You can get LightWorks for Mac OS or Linus as well as Windows.


You don’t have to spend money on video content for your video production.

Today, there is much more free stock video content available than ever before. Content creators do not have to spend money on royalties or buying royalty-free images. Free content is easy to find if you know how to get free stock videos.

People who create videos, advertisements, games, and websites have plenty of access to free resources. You can get what you want for free if you know where to find it.

Now you don’t have any excuse not to make a video with free stock footage. What’s your favorite free stock video website?

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