Allavsoft Review: Is It Still A Good Video Downloader As They Promise?

Allavsoft Video Downloader and Converter Review

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This article will attempt to review Allavsoft, an all-in-one video converter and downloader application.

Video conversion technology has risen to become a crucial factor with the surge in digital content consumption. Also, video-on-demand services are now a significant feature of many media platforms, such as YouTube.

But there is so much more you can do with your videos. You can not only watch them on your phone or TV, but you can also capture any video from YouTube or other streaming sites in high quality.

This is what Allavsoft Video Downloader and Converter does.

Using Allavsoft, you can convert videos from YouTube and Facebook, download videos, clips, and music from social networks, download movies, TV shows, and a lot more. The tremendous result is the ability to watch videos on any device with total freedom.

What is Allavsoft?

Allavsoft Video Downloader and Converter is a software program that can download videos from more than 1000 video sites, including YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, and many others.

This downloader also allows users to convert the videos they download into several different file formats to be viewed on several different devices. While many people use it for its ability to convert files into many different video formats, it also lets you convert audio files with ease.

The Allavsoft Video Downloader can be used on both Windows and Mac computers and features a simple three-step process:

  1. Copy the video URL you want to download/convert.
  2. Paste it into the Allavsoft interface.
  3. Choose your preferred output format or profile before clicking “Download”.

Simple as that.

By combining video download and conversion into one, Allavsoft Video Downloader and Converter makes it easy to convert online video to whatever format you need. You can use the program to extract audio from videos and save the audio as a music file.

Like all of the best programs for downloading videos online, Allavsoft allows you to resume interrupted downloads at any time. This means if your internet connection drops out while you’re downloading a video, you don’t have to start again from scratch.

One of the most valuable features of Allavsoft is that it can download content from streaming services like Spotify and iTunes. Even if you don’t subscribe to these services, Allavsoft can download music directly from them so you can listen offline or keep a copy for yourself.

If you want to give Allavsoft a try, go to their website, and click the big green button for a free trial. Later, you can purchase it if you believe it’s the right tool for your needs.

This is how the interface looks. It’s a bit (or should I say a lot) outdated. Just for its look, it gave me a wrong first impression. However, we should focus on whether Allavsoft does what it preaches or not.

Allavsoft download window

How to Download Spotify Songs with Allavsoft

Allavsoft can download and convert Spotify music to MP3, WAV, M4A, AAC, AIFF, and WMA for enjoyment on any device.

You can use this tool to download individual tracks or entire albums.

To get started with downloading music from Spotify with Allavsoft Video Downloader and Converter, you will first need to install the application on your Mac or Windows PC.

Once you have successfully installed it, follow the steps below:

  • Step 1: Go to Spotify and copy the link of the song you wish to download.
Spotify URL
  • Step 2: Launch the application on your Mac or Windows PC and click on the “Paste URL” button. The URL will be automatically inserted into the URL box.
Allavsoft paste URL
  • Step 3: Choose your desired format – MP3 or other formats. Click on “Automatically Convert to” and select your preferred audio format. You can also choose the conversion quality between High, Optimal, Medium, or Low.
Allavsoft Automatically convert to MP3
  • Step 4: Finally, click on the big blue button at the bottom right corner of the window to start downloading.

Allavsoft will create this hierarchical folder structure on your Mac (I presume it’s the same for Windows):

  • Convert folder.
  • Download folder.
  • Merge folder.
Allavsoft convert folder
Allavsoft download folder

As you can see, Allavsoft creates an MP3 file for the downloaded Spotify stream and then makes another MP3 for the converted audio track. Both files retain the original ID3 tags. It will also download an image file of the audio cover.

If you want to avoid filling your disk space with duplicate files, it’s a good practice to delete the downloaded files and keep the converted ones unless you need the original file for some reason.

Fortunately, Allavsoft allows us to do this automatically. Before converting your Spotify song, just click on “Delete Original File after Conversion,” and the software will take care of it.

Allavsoft delete original file after conversion

If you want to download multiple Spotify songs, you will need to click on “For Multiple URLs” below the URL box, paste them one per line, and follow this step-by-step approach.

Converting this one Spotify song took longer than using iTubeGo, another powerful app for downloading audio and video files from streaming sites.

ITubeGo took about 20 seconds to download the same song and convert it to MP3 at 320kbps. Using Allavsoft, the whole process took 33 seconds. Tried more than once, and the results were approximately the same.

However, this is not linear.

When downloading and converting a 36 minute long Spotify album with 12 tracks to MP3, the whole process took only 64 seconds. And don’t forget that your network connection also plays a role in the downloading speed, so don’t take my results for granted.

What’s more, you can even download entire Spotify playlists.

How To Download YouTube Videos With Allavsoft

To download YouTube videos with Allavsoft, the process is the same as for Spotify, as we have seen above.

The only difference is the format you choose to convert the file to.

A cool feature of Allavsoft is that you can select the device you want instead of choosing the format.

Allavsoft file formats optimized for devices

For example, if you select the Blackberry AVI Video, Allavsoft will convert the YouTube video to an AVI video profile optimized for Blackberry. If you choose an iPhone 5, the conversion process will follow an H.264/MPEG-4 AVC profile optimization specific to iPhone 5.

Once you click the big blue button, you can check the whole progress on the Activity tab.

Allavsoft Activity tab

As you can see, converting YouTube videos with Allavsoft is as easy as converting audio streams from Spotify or other streaming sites.

What’s more, Allavsoft also saves the video thumbnail and the SRT and VTT subtitles files for video files.

Allavsoft subtitles files

Some videos might have multiple language subtitles. In that case, you’ll see your “Download” folder filling up pretty quickly.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to turn off this option. But it’s not a big issue for me, as the software performed well without any problems.

How To Convert Videos With Allavsoft

Converting videos with Allavsoft is pretty straightforward.

You just have to select the file you want to convert from your computer, select the output format, and click the big blue button.

Allavsoft Convert tab

Again, you can choose between four conversion quality types: High, Optimal, Medium, and Low.

Other features for converting files include:

  • Changing the audio volume of your video or audio file.
  • Cutting the video to your desired portion. It would be easier if the interface showed the actual video and a sliding cursor to adjust the in and out, as many other apps do.

After the video has been downloaded and converted, you can watch it in the built-in video player inside Allavsoft.

You can also download and convert videos to audio, or in other words, extract the audio from online videos. Instead of selecting a video format as the output, you just have to choose an audio file format.

How To Merge Files With Allavsoft

Allavsoft Merge tab

Allavsoft lets you merge F4F files into one video or audio file.

F4F file type

Now here’s a reason why Allavsoft might be a bit outdated.

F4F files are partial FLV (Adobe Flash Video) video files. This means that F4F files contain fragments of an overall Flash video file. The thing is, FLV is not being used anymore, and most browsers ended support for FLV files in December 2020.

So, I wonder who’s going to use this feature?

Probably no one.

But if you happen to have F4F files and want to merge them into one, here’s your chance.

Allavsoft Price

Allavsoft pricing structure is simple and straightforward:

  • 1-month license: $19.99 for one to two devices.
  • 1-year license: $39.99 for one to two devices.
  • 3-year license: $59.99 for one to three devices.
  • Lifetime license: $69.99 for one to three devices.

All plans are available for Windows and Mac, including free technical support 24/7 and free lifetime updates.

Allavsoft accepts different payment methods such as various credit cards, PayPal, Wire Transfer, WebMoney, Skrill Wallet, and Neteller.

To make things easier for its customers, they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Like we all know, it’s always best to try the software before we buy it. Get started with your free trial.

Use coupon 30SpecialOffer for 30% off.

What I Like About Allavsoft

To be honest, the only aspect I like about this software is its ability to record audio and video quickly and easily.

If you want to trim and cut video files or even merge different videos into one, I suggest you choose another tool more advanced in these features.

What I Don’t Like About Allavsoft

As you can see from the screenshots, Allavsoft is completely outdated. Although it performs well when prompted to download and convert videos and audio, the user experience stays far behind.

Another low point is that you can’t optimize the conversion quality. You only have generic options like High, Optimized, Medium, and Low. You can’t set bit rates, sample rates, or channels. I know that most users don’t need these extra adjustments, but this is disappointing for someone who’s more tech-savvy.

Another drawback is that you can’t preview a video while selecting the in and out points for trimming. You have to type in the minutes, seconds, and milliseconds, which is annoying, given the fact there are many video tools and converters with a more sophisticated interface.

Nonetheless, if your intention is to only download and convert videos and music from the most popular streaming websites, Allavsoft is a great tool to have.

Allavsoft FAQs

What file formats are supported by Allavsoft?

Allavsoft supports many video and audio formats. If there’s a multimedia file you can think of, Allavsoft can handle it. It also downloads subtitles for each video you download. For a list of all supported file formats, go here.

What websites are supported by Allavsoft?

Allavsoft can download video and audio from most popular video and music streaming websites, like YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Facebook, Spotify, Bing, Yahoo, plus many more.

You can even download video courses from Udemy and Lynda, as long as you provide your credentials.

In total, Allavsoft claims to support over 1000 websites.

Are there limitations to the Allavsoft Free Trial?

Yes. With Allavsoft Free Trial, users can only download 5 videos. And every conversion or merge has a 5-minute limit. Every time you try to download and convert a new file, the software will ask you if you want to upgrade (which can be annoying).

Now, if you intend to use it regularly, you’ll have to purchase the premium version.

Allavsoft Review: Conclusion

Allavsoft is a multifunctional software that can download videos from Youtube, Facebook, Vimeo, Spotify, SoundCloud, and thousands more. It can be used as a separate video downloader or video converter as well.

As a video downloader, Allavsoft is perfect. It’s simple to use, it saves videos with ease, and there are no additional lags or hindrances during the entire process.

Overall, Allavsoft is a good software that can effortlessly help you manage your favorite online videos.

And for people looking for a simple video downloader and converter, Allavsoft will get the job done.

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