3 Best Legendary Marketer Alternatives (I Tried Them All)

If you’re considering Legendary Marketer alternatives to help you start your online business, be a better marketer, and grow your online income, then this list will give you proper guidance.

Legendary Marketer has a great community to help you kickstart your online ventures, whether you’re interested in:

  • Promoting other people’s products (known as affiliate marketing).
  • Providing coaching or consulting services.
  • Creating digital courses.
  • Organizing events and masterminds.

In fact, the business model that I follow is affiliate marketing, and thanks to Legendary Marketer, I received my first-ever affiliate commission online—something I’m truly grateful for.

However, I know that they may not be the solution you’re looking for. That’s why, in this article, I share the best Legendary Marketer alternatives to help you jumpstart your online business and add a new potentially high-income stream to your pockets.

But don’t get delusional—just like Legendary Marketer, all these alternatives require work upfront to get results.

Let’s get started!

Why Should You Choose a Legendary Marketer Alternative?

There’s not an answer that’ll fit everyone.

I still remember to this day that I earned my first-ever affiliate commission online thanks to Legendary Marketer’s programs. Although I became a blogger, I still have a great appreciation and respect for Legendary Marketer (even though they don’t have blogging in their teachings).

Dave Sharpe and online entrepreneurs in a Legendary Marketer Mastermind

Let’s be honest! Most people find Legendary Marketer’s $7 course through short video content on social media. The course presented by David Sharpe, its CEO, is nothing short of amazing, but what turns most people down is the high-ticket Business Blueprint Package they find inside, which costs $2,500 once. This might seem a lot, but they charge that value for each blueprint (four of them) to students outside the 15 Day Challenge (which makes it a 75% discount).

For someone who has no idea what to do when starting an online business and wants help throughout the process, $2,500 is not an abusive price. I know of more expensive courses that don’t offer what the Business Blueprints does (like phone calls to your business advisor, for example). While other courses offer live Zoom conferences, with Legendary Marketer, you can actually talk to a human being whenever you want.

David Sharpe on a Legendary Marketer Mastermind

But yes, money is a great impediment, especially if we’re starting out and want more for less. But also, note that college degrees cost a lot more and don’t guarantee a job at all. We have to put things in context and balance them out.

Let’s take a closer look at some Legendary Marketer disadvantages and drawbacks that might lead you to consider alternative options.

Legendary Marketer Disadvantages

  • No blogging: When it comes to building a business through promoting affiliate products, they focus only on sales funnels and social media.
  • No SEO: Search engine optimization (SEO) is not a tactic they teach. So, if you want to rank articles on search engines like Google, Legendary Marketer is not for you.
  • Expensive to proceed: Although the $7 course is packed with great knowledge of the skills needed to succeed, you must pay $2,500 to access the blueprints.
  • You need other tools: Every online business relies on several tools, and with Legendary Marketer, it’s no different. To implement the strategies you’ll learn, you must create accounts with third-party tools like ClickFunnels or Systeme.io, an email marketing platform. That’s an ongoing cost, but hey, every online business needs tools.

It’s only right to balance the discussion by bringing up some advantages to accompany the drawbacks I’ve talked about.

Legendary Marketer Advantages

  • DFY landing pages: They provide free training on using their high-converting landing pages to promote their products. (You can learn while you earn by promoting something you already have experience with—their course.)
  • Free call with an advisor: You can schedule a free call with a business plan advisor inside the $7 course. (No other course offers this level of personalized guidance.)
  • Ongoing live training: The Business Blueprints offer ongoing weekly training with the tactics that are working so that you’re always up-to-date and adapting to shifts in the field.
  • Vibrant community: Inside their Facebook group, you also learn from fellow students like you who actively show you their success stories, struggles, and how they’re overcoming them.

Next, I’ll rank and review the top Legendary Marketer alternatives for affiliate marketers wanting the best marketing course to better their skills.

What are the Best Legendary Marketer Alternatives?

1. 90 Minute Affiliate Challenge

90 Minute Affiliate Challenge introduction

Key Features

  • Completely Free: You can enroll in this course for free to learn the secrets that made Brian Brewer a super affiliate in the industry.
  • Step-by-step Guidance: Comprehensive tutorial encompassing affiliate marketing basics to advanced techniques.
  • Practical Examples: Real-world case studies for a clear understanding of affiliate principles.
  • Revenue-focused: The course is devised specifically to optimize for revenue generation.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: In-depth coverage of affiliate marketing fundamentals, including product selection, funnels, and promotions.


  • Immersive, result-oriented learning.
  • Hands-on project examples.
  • Convenient learning duration and pace.


  • In-depth content could feel slightly overwhelming for absolute beginners.

The 90 Minute Affiliate Challenge was created by Brian Brewer, a top affiliate in the industry who’s also seen massive success promoting Legendary Marketer. So, he went on to create this free course, explaining how he did it.

This free course is a great alternative to Dave Sharpe’s 15 Day Challenge, although it’s focused more on Brian’s strategies. Like with Legendary Marketer, you’ll learn the fundamentals of affiliate marketing and quickly see how you can earn commissions promoting other people’s products.

Brian Brewer Two Comma Club Award and Car Award by ClickFunnels

Brian highlights the importance of having first-hand experience and going all-in with the product before you promote it. This way, you’ll have better chances of engaging and converting your offers—that’s how he became one of the most respected Legendary Marketer affiliates.

Another important element in Brian’s teachings is the idea of creating high-ticket affiliate marketing campaigns. He goes all the way detailing how promoting a single high-ticket offer can exponentially increase your income, rather than jumping from offer to offer.

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In a nutshell, the 90 Minute Affiliate Challenge (review) depicts Brian’s secrets to becoming a successful affiliate marketer. The best part? It is entirely free.

90 Minute Affiliate Challenge vs Legendary Marketer

Legendary Marketer has a training program titled 15 Day Online Business Builder Challenge, where Dave Sharpe teaches you the core principles of online businesses.

Armed with these principles, or the 4 Core as Dave calls them, you can finally choose a path to take your online business forward. Most beginners choose affiliate marketing to start with, as you don’t need to create a product and deal with other aspects of running a business.

The 90 Minute Affiliate Challenge also focuses on the building blocks of affiliate marketing, as learned by Brian Brewer. In fact, it is an affiliate marketing business program a la Brian. The best part is that it is free, unlike the $7 of the 15 Day Challenge. Afterward, if Brian’s method rings a bell, you can enroll in his premium course (the second spot on this list) to get proper guidance that will help you make money online with affiliate marketing.


This course is completely free!

2. Affiliate Escape Plan (AEP 2.0)

Affiliate Escape Plan course overview

Key Features

  • Comprehensive Core Training: Complete access to five modules with 27 videos providing detailed, step-by-step instructions to master affiliate marketing.
  • Exclusive Bonuses: Includes a half dozen tailored bonus offers to enhance your affiliate marketing journey.
  • DFY Funnels: You can literally clone Brian’s top affiliate funnel and make it yours.
  • Bi-Weekly Coaching Calls: Regular coaching sessions with Brian Brewer, a seven-figure affiliate marketer, to guide you toward success.
  • Progressive Strategy Lessons: Detailed lessons on niche selection, messaging congruency, lead conversion, and more.


  • Offers thorough affiliate marketing training.
  • Allows live access to regular expert guidance.
  • Provides actionable marketing strategy advice.
  • Features a seven-figure framework for success.


  • Brian Brewer is a top Legendary Marketer affiliate—his teachings rely too much on his strategies to promote Legendary.
  • It only focuses on affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Escape Plan Overview

Affiliate Escape Plan (AEP 2.0) is a premium course that offers extensive training on affiliate marketing. Ideal for individuals ambitious about improving their online business by promoting third-party products and services, Affiliate Escape Plan gives comprehensive guidance on developing a following and converting offers. The access to bi-weekly coaching calls sets it apart as a reliable marketing platform.

Affiliate Escape Plan 2.0 (review) excels in offering valuable insights and tips for mastering affiliate marketing. Brian Brewer, a well-established figure in the domain and the course creator, brings his wealth of knowledge to curate these comprehensive training modules.

As it’s structured around core training modules, you’re guaranteed a well-rounded education that is ideal for those starting in affiliate marketing and for seasoned affiliates alike. The course explains the three phases of affiliate marketing in detail—attraction and introduction, conversion sequence, and sale—fostering a clear understanding of the ins and outs of this field.

Furthermore, the course isn’t just about theory. Practical strategies like done-for-you funnels, free videos (upload and forget) to help you earn your first commissions online, and a seven-figure framework are provided, enhancing your ability to apply the gained knowledge to real-life situations. The platform continually updates its content, ensuring the lessons remain on par with the market’s evolving demands, proving its commitment to delivering optimal value.

Brian Brewer live coaching call inside Affiliate Escape Plan

Lastly, the bi-weekly live coaching calls via Zoom undoubtedly add significant value to the Affiliate Escape Plan 2.0, offering individual guidance and space to clarify doubts with Brian Brewer himself. As Brian shifts his strategy and finds what’s working, he immediately shares it with their students.

With the overall package offering a balance of theoretical knowledge and practical strategies, Affiliate Escape Plan 2.0 proves an excellent choice if you’re serious about affiliate marketing.

How does AEP 2.0 compare to Legendary Marketer?

Legendary Marketer is a company listed by Inc 500 as one of the fastest-growing companies in the world. They have a large team whose main concern is to help their students grow. On the other hand, Affiliate Escape Plan has a team of one—Brian Brewer.

Brian Brewer and Dave Sharpe are both two down-to-earth and relatable guys. But they both run entirely different businesses. If you want to engage in affiliate marketing and feel you’re part of a big community, then Legendary Marketer is the best way to go. With AEP 2.0, you only have Brian to talk to (even though he’s a super affiliate). Although you get invaluable insights and knowledge from him, you won’t get the community support you have with Legendary.

On the flip side, following Brian’s guidance, you’ll get access to a complete done-for-you system (responsible for Brian’s success!) that you can implement immediately.

One thing to be aware of, though: although he delivers a top-notch course, let’s not forget that Brian is in the game of affiliate marketing. He’s also promoting Legendary Marketer, and to follow the course to its maximum, you’ll need to enroll in Legendary’s 15 Day Challenge. But of course, you can apply all the knowledge to any other product.

What you’ll get inside AEP 2.0

  • 3-Day First Sale Then Scale Challenge: Transform from an affiliate marketing novice to an expert in a mere 3 days.
  • Organic Traffic Masterclass: Acquire detailed knowledge on crafting engaging content to generate an endless supply of free leads.
  • Retargeting Ads 101: Learn how investing as little as $10 per day can boost your conversion rates with uncomplicated retargeting ads, keeping your brand at the forefront of your hottest leads’ minds.
  • TikTok Ads Live 2-Day Training: Discover a cost-efficient and high-converting ads platform that’s showing impressive results for AEP conversions. You’ll understand how to create “Super Ad Sets” primed for scaling by following proven strategies.
  • Master Your Marketing Mindset: Understand that success in affiliate marketing is a blend of 20% tactical and 80% mental. This feature focuses on refining your psychological approach to marketing.
  • 4 Added Bonuses Valued Over $7,797: These bonuses include the latest “YouTube Ads with Igor,” the story of winning the dream car, insights into the 15 Principles of Marketing, and Commission-based Licensed Content Redistribution.
  • Free Updates for the Program’s Lifetime: Once you become an Affiliate Escape Plan member, you gain access to continuous updates without incurring any further costs.
  • Live Zoom Coaching valued at $5,000: The coaching and accountability you might be seeking are at your fingertips. Hone your promotional strategies based on current trends and gain insights directly from Brian on effective marketing tactics.


Affiliate Escape Plan is a premium course valued at $997. But you can get started with his free 90 Minute Challenge to help you get a feel for what’s coming. Enroll in it and see for yourself if Brian tickles your curiosity.

Join the free 90 Minute Affiliate Challenge, or…

3. Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate

Key Features

  • Cutting-Edge AI Tools: Wealthy Affiliate provides AI-driven tools that help members find their niche and build a successful online business.
  • One-Click Website Builder: They offer a one-click website builder that makes building a website effortless, even for novices.
  • Traffic Strategies Guidance: In the first few lessons, members learn the latest strategies to attract and engage with potential clients.
  • Affiliate Programs: They provide ample opportunities to promote all the top brands in the world through affiliate programs.


  • Easiness in finding a niche using AI tools.
  • Provides in-depth affiliate marketing education.
  • Accessible mentorship and community support.


  • The platform might be overwhelming for beginners due to the wealth of features.
  • Some training materials may appear outdated.

Wealthy Affiliate Overview

Wealthy Affiliate is an all-in-one platform specifically designed for affiliate marketers. It’s perfect for everyone, from beginners to seasoned experts. The platform offers top-tier training, AI tools, and a vibrant community, positioning itself as one of the best alternatives to Legendary Marketer. One of its distinctive features is its powerful AI-driven niche finder tool, which eases the often stressful process of finding a profitable niche.

In a nutshell, Wealthy Affiliate provides a step-by-step approach to building an online marketing business:

  1. Niche selection.
  2. Website building.
  3. Getting traffic.
  4. Making money

Unlike Legendary Marketer, Wealthy Affiliate’s main strategy is through blogging. Instead of jumping through hoops to buy a domain, host a website, and build it out on WordPress—juggling three different platforms—they roll it all into one. All you need is conveniently located on a single platform.

Their one-click website builder is not just a website creation tool. It’s a way to set up the foundation for your online business in seconds. This feature is pivotal when comparing Wealthy Affiliate to Legendary Marketer, as the latter only teaches you how to create sales funnels for your digital marketing business.

On the other hand, Wealthy Affiliate acknowledges that every successful venture starts with an engaging website and blog posts that serve as the face of your business.

Wealthy Affiliate ready to build a profit ready website

Wealthy Affiliate’s traffic strategies guidance stands out as they keep you updated with the latest methods to attract audiences. It teaches you how to tap into a pool of over 525 billion people online—a range that surely trumps the audiences of other affiliate marketing platforms. This extensive reach indicates that the growth potential with Wealthy Affiliate is exponential.

Lastly, the affiliate marketing program resources allow you to promote high-converting products on your website. This makes money-making a breeze, allowing affiliate marketers to choose from almost 600 million products or services.

If you’re looking to start a successful affiliate marketing journey, Wealthy Affiliate’s comprehensive toolset, extensive training, and supportive community can provide the robust start you need. Give Wealthy Affiliate a try, and immerse yourself in an affiliate marketing platform that cares most about your success.

Legendary Marketer vs Wealthy Affiliate

While Legendary Marketer offers top-notch education from experts in the fields of affiliate marketing, consultation, coaching, events, and selling your digital products, Wealthy Affiliate is built for online marketers wanting to monetize their websites that are built on their platform.

This alone makes it a no-brainer to choose Wealthy Affiliate to start an online business. Building a blog is the best choice if you’re into affiliate marketing, and sales funnels and promoting products on social media are not for you.

Of course, you can go by yourself (like I did), which takes a steep learning curve, or join a thriving community of over 2M members at Wealthy Affiliate. Besides, they provide many educational resources and training videos to help you get fast on track in the world of affiliate marketing.


You can start with their free plan for life that allows you to create 1 website and access core training. Plans with additional premium features start at $49/mo.

The Best Alternatives to Legendary Marketer: Conclusion

People looking for the best Legendary Marketer alternatives are usually looking to generate passive income online through marketing skills. It’s not a get-rich-quick scheme, as you must invest time in learning, failing, trialing, and buying tools until you find your avenue.

While other courses could fit this list, such as Income School’s Project 24, an affiliate SEO course, and Spark by ClickBank, a well-known affiliate network, I decided to include only those that have a similar vibe to Legendary Marketer.

You may have already earned a commission promoting the 15-Day Online Business Builder Challenge; however, the courses on this list can give you a new perspective on how affiliate marketing might work for you without having to go through the costly Business Blueprints.

I believe Brian Brewer’s courses are the best way to get started and improve over time, especially when you have regular live calls with him. It’s well worth your time to learn from one of the tops.

Affiliate Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, and if you decide to buy any of the promoted products, I may receive a commission at no additional cost to you. By doing this, I might feel more inspired to continue writing on this blog. You can read our affiliate disclosure in our privacy policy.

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