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Content at Scale AI Detector Pro Review: Can You Trust This Humanizer Tool?

Content at Scale AI Detector Pro review

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Welcome to my Content at Scale AI Detector Pro review.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has taken hold of our lives to an astonishing degree, even in the content generation industry. AI writing tools have become indispensable tools for agencies and businesses that require fast content creation, but maintaining quality without sounding robotic requires a reliable AI humanizer tool—this is where Content at Scale’s AI Detector Pro tool enters.

Content at Scale (CaS) AI Detector Pro was recently brought to my attention as I’ve become an avid user and tester of artificially intelligent content creation tools, including the best AI content detectors. Thus, I decided to give it a test run and provide my experience and thoughts regarding its features and practical use for content creators and marketers alike.

In this review of Content at Scale AI Detector Pro, I share my findings so others may make an informed decision when purchasing this product for humanizing AI-generated content.

But should we actually care about AI detection anyway?

Why AI Detection Matters

One of the most difficult challenges associated with using AI content is maintaining quality and readability for your readers. Google has stated that as long as the content provides value to its users (meeting search intent), they will be rewarded, regardless of how it was produced (yes, you shouldn’t worry at all if you’re using AI tools!).

However, AI-generated material that sounds robotic may hinder user experience, and search engines may penalize it accordingly, negatively affecting SEO rankings, website reputation, and engagement rates as a result.

Content at Scale’s AI Detector Pro was developed specifically to meet these concerns—it’s an enhanced version of their free AI detector tool that deciphers AI-generated text so you can improve it further.

What is CaS AI Detector Pro?

Content at Scale AI Detector Pro

AI Detector Pro by Content at Scale is an advanced AI detection system that will help you check whether your content was generated with AI or human-written. Being one of the best undetectable AI writing tools, Content at Scale (review) became prominent with its long-form article generation of 2,600+ words.

With this platform, you can generate high-quality SEO-optimized articles from keywords, YouTube videos, documents, URLs, and podcasts. Like other SEO AI writers, they provide NLP keyword optimization to help you rank higher on search engines.

They also guarantee that all the content generated avoids AI detection and plagiarism. In a nutshell, you get SEO-optimized quality content that is unique and original, as if a human wrote it.

On top of that, they added the standalone tool AI Detector Pro. This paraphrasing tool will help you check the human-to-AI ratio and humanize your AI content. Unlike other humanizer tools, you can easily edit the text, format it how you like it, and request several AI scans until you’re satisfied with the score.

Content at Scale AI Detector Pro Review: Features & Personal Tests

AI Detector Pro‘s many impressive features make it an efficient content detection and rewriting tool, such as:

Scanning and Detection Capabilities

AI Detector Pro has been designed to accurately recognize AI-generated text content with 98.3% accuracy. It looks for patterns associated with bot-written texts, such as lack of natural flow, repetitive wording, generic tone, and sentence structures generated from ChatGPT, Claude, Bard, and GPT-4 models, among many other AIs.

Content at Scale AI Detector Pro 0 per cent score human probability

Unlike other detectors, CaS AI Detector Pro and are two of the finest detectors and two of the best to flag the most recent GPT technologies.

Their high levels of accuracy make them sought-after tools to detect AI content. However, we all know that these systems are not perfect and false positives exist. But anyway, they’re a good indicator to see if your content sounds more or less human.

Paraphrasing and Rewriting

After AI-generated content is detected, AI Detector Pro offers paraphrasing and rewriting functions. Individual sentences can be manually paraphrased, or you can choose the “Rewrite All AI Sentences” feature to let AI do its own rewriting on all text within it.

Content at Scale AI Detector Pro Rewrite all AI Sentences button

Scan Capacity

While the free version only permits up to 2,500 characters at once, Pro allows scanning up to 50,000 in one go, making this especially helpful when managing large volumes of text content.

Editing Interface

The detector and humanizer tool features an easy and user-friendly editor, which enables you to edit content directly within the platform. You can fine-tune, format, and structure content so it matches up perfectly with human-written texts before publishing your blog posts.

It further allows you to select the AI-flagged portions of text and export the full content as a PDF file.

Content at Scale AI Detector Pro text editor

After inspecting your content, the tool will assign it a color—green, yellow, orange, or red. Each color represents a certain level.

  • Green: Highly likely to be human.
  • Yellow: Possibly AI-generated.
  • Orange: Likely to be AI-generated.
  • Red: Highly likely to be AI-generated.

As you hover the mouse over the text, you’ll get guidance to nudge it towards sounding more human. This way, you’ll be able to up the score, making it more likely for an AI detector to recognize your content as human-written. Or you can click the “Rewrite All AI Sentences” to do it automatically.

Additionally, AI Detector Pro seamlessly integrates with the Content at Scale app for optimal content detection results and improved workflows. Once you are an existing Content at Scale user, accessing, editing, or revising any of your content will simplify your writing workflow.

Paraphrasing Tool

CaS AI Detector Pro paraphrasing tool is still in its infancy, as you can see from the image below.

Content at Scale ask AIMEE

When selecting “Ask AIMEE,” you’ll see a set of features to change your text: from creating undetectable rewrites and fixing spelling and grammar to changing the tone of your text, the “Ask AIMEE” feature promises to be a strong undetectable AI paraphrase in the near future.

However, as of now, only the Undetectable Rewrite is available.

Bonus Feature: Free AI Image Detection

With AI art generators becoming increasingly prevalent with DALL-E, Midjourney, and Stable Diffusion tools, AI Detector Pro provides a free AI image detector that analyzes your images for possible human vs AI probabilities and scores them accordingly.

Content at Scale AI image detector

You can choose an image from your desktop or paste the image URL for the detector to give you a score.

Let’s be honest: I don’t think this tool is used much by Content at Scale’s customers.

Free vs Pro

AI Detector’s two versions—the free one and its elder sibling, the Pro—offer significantly different experiences.

Free Version

With the free version of AI Detector, you can only nitpick through 2,500 characters worth of text in one sitting. The downside is that you can’t access the paraphraser.

Pro Version

Unlike the free version, AI Detector Pro is ready to scan through 50,000 characters all in one shot. Apart from that, it offers paraphrasing features to help humanize your content.

The Pro version is flexible—you can use it as a standalone tool or invite it for a get-together with your Content at Scale subscription.

CaS AI Detector Pro + Paraphrasing Tool to the Test

I couldn’t publish this AI Detector Pro review without showing a practical example of its use.

I asked ChatGPT to write a text about personal finance. I put it into the AI Detector Pro, and, of course, it flagged as being generated by AI.

ChatGPT text flagged as AI by CaS AI Detector Pro

But as you can see, the highlighted green sentences are highly likely to be human, meaning they read as if it is human-written. After applying the “Rewrite All AI Sentences,” the paraphraser delivers a new text; however, it only paraphrased the sentences likely to be AI-generated.

ChatGPT rewritten text by CaS AI Detector Pro

By only changing the first and last paragraphs, it produced a 100% human score. A cool feature about this paraphraser (unlike others) is that it only paraphrases the content likely to be AI-generated while keeping the rest intact.

But can you really trust this score? Let’s put the content through, one of the toughest detectors to fool.

Originality AI score of ChatGPT rewritten text by CaS AI Detector Pro

That’s impressive.

But here’s the thing: AI tools are becoming smarter, and I can achieve a similar result with an AI writer. Chat by is my favorite tool for generating text, as it can scan websites and analyze any document you throw at it and the top-ranking pages for a given query. Plus, you can give it your brand voice, and it will generate the content using your writing style.

I asked to write a text about personal finance using a custom brand voice.

Chat by Copy AI write a text about personal finance

Now, let’s see what the AI detectors think of it.

Content at Scale AI Detector Pro score for Chat by Copy AI text about personal finance
Content at Scale AI Detector Pro
Originality AI detection score for Chat by Copy AI text about personal finance

As you can see, both AI Detector Pro and consider the text to be human-written, while only detects 9% of AI content.

This would not be possible if I had no brand voice in Chat by

If you’re using AI tools to generate content for you, you must rely on multiple platforms to get high-quality content: AI writer, detector, and paraphraser. That can become a hassle in the long run. So, if you want to simplify the whole process, a platform like could be just what you need.

But let’s not get off the subject here. As you can see in my Content at Scale AI Detector Pro review, this tool, while being in its infancy, promises a lot. And comparing the output with other undetectable AI paraphrasers, the text quality is one of the best I’ve seen.

AI Detector Pro Pricing

Content at Scale AI Detector Pro pricing

For $49/mo, you’ll access the unlimited AI detector with all the following perks:

  • Unlimited AI detection plus paraphrase analysis.
  • Undetectable rewrites (also in bulk).
  • Unlimited AI image detection.
  • URL scans.
  • Text editor.
  • Several export options.

I think $49/mo is a bit expensive for a paraphrasing tool, especially when tools like Undetectable AI or HideMyAI offer undetectable rewrites for a small fraction of that cost. There’s also something they don’t tell you and might misguide you when purchasing the tool (more on that below).

Personal Experience With Content at Scale’s AI Detector Pro

Through my trial run of AI Detector Pro, I discovered what I would expect: it’s not without flaws.

What I Like About It

CaS AI Detector Pro’s scanning capacity of up to 50,000 characters can save you considerable time when working on longer articles. So, if you’re generating content with AI to publish as is on your site, it’s great to have this capacity.

One of the highlights of this tool is that you can keep tweaking your text inside the platform and checking for AI constantly until you have undetectable content. Other undetectable AI tools don’t offer this type of editing within their platforms.

What I Don’t Like About It

When you look at their promotional content about the tool, you’d think they’re also offering unlimited rewrites. Unfortunately, that couldn’t be further from the truth. The $49/mo plan only lets you rewrite 2,500 words per month. For additional credits, you’ll have to purchase packs of $15 for an additional 5,000 words. As if $49/mo wasn’t enough!

This is something that really turned me off, especially when you have tools like Undetectable AI or HideMyAI that offer undetectable rewrites starting at 10k words for a small fraction of that cost. But I must say, CaS AI Detector Pro’s quality is superior.

The detection system also has some bugs, as sometimes you’ll see the whole text green while giving you a 0% human score. Fortunately, you can reach out to the support team to report these issues (and they highly encourage you to do that).

Final Thoughts on AI Detector Pro

Although AI Detector Pro offers some free features and a larger scanning capacity than its free equivalent, it goes further by offering enhanced functionalities, editing, paraphrasing, and seamless integration into Content at Scale’s app.

AI Detector Pro can represent an excellent investment for content creators, marketers, SEOs, and businesses (with a budget) that rely heavily on AI-generated content for content production and SEO purposes. By employing this tool effectively, you can enhance quality and increase user engagement on websites through more humanlike content.

AI-powered content offers many benefits; to stay ahead, however, a trustworthy content detection and rewriting tool like AI Detector Pro must also be on hand. Not only can this ensure the integrity of your writing, but it also gives readers an engaging reading experience.

Hopefully, this review has provided you with new perspectives on Content at Scale AI Detector Pro. If you are on the fence about upgrading, I urge you to give it a go and experience its advantages for your content creation workflow.

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