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How to Start a High-Ticket Affiliate Marketing Business and Make Big Money

How to start a high-ticket affiliate marketing business

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This article will teach you how to start a high-ticket affiliate marketing business in your spare time. You’ll learn the basics of affiliate marketing and how to leverage trustworthy brands to promote their high-ticket affiliate products.

No matter your background, you can learn the skills to make this a successful business. To begin with, you don’t even need to know what affiliate marketing is.

Making money with affiliate marketing is a no-brainer. 

I’ll get you covered in this step-by-step guide.

I’ve been making money online for a couple of years now. In my endeavors, I tried several approaches inspired by others.

As Tony Robbins said:

The key to success is to model the best.

Tony Robbins

And that’s what I’ve been doing.

To achieve a goal, you must see who’s already there, learn from them, and follow their example.

This article will show you precisely the framework responsible for creating multiple 6-figure incomes for several super affiliates.

Most marketers charge this information hundreds of $$$, but you can have it for free, for I believe in sharing the knowledge.

In the end, you’ll be able to CLONE it and use it as yours so you can start implementing it and see for yourself your path to success.

It takes time to become successful, so raise your head and keep going when things don’t look right. Failure is just a stepping stone, a lesson to be learned.

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Starting With the Right Mindset

There are many ways to make money on the internet.

I guess you already tried to tap into that.

Perhaps this is your first time.

Perhaps you’ve been dabbling with affiliate marketing for a year now.

Or you’ve tried dropshipping, starting an agency, selling digital courses, or becoming a coach.

Whatever you’ve tried, whatever you’ve seen, and whatever you considered works. But you have to make it work!

In this article, I’m going to show you why affiliate marketing is the best chance, in my opinion, to escape the old life to provide the financial freedom that you’re looking for.

I want you to understand that the most important thing you can do right now is not to figure it all out and not follow everything word for word.

The most important thing you can do right now is commit to something.

And hopefully, that will be to these strategies into affiliate marketing that I’m about to share with you.

Emotional Cycles of Change

First and foremost, I want you to look at these emotional cycles of change.

emotional cycles of change
This graphic was inspired by super affiliate Brian Brewer, my mentor.

We start with uninformed optimism.

This is where we always start, right? This is where we get to the point where we’re looking for a change, a way to add an income stream. We’re looking for a way to leave the nine-to-five job or provide the passive or semi-passive income that allows us to travel or whatever we want to do.

Then we find an opportunity that could be affiliate marketing, dropshipping, or creating digital courses. And because we don’t know anything about it, it seems incredible.

So we’re optimistic.

“This is going to be my thing! It’s going to be great! This is the solution that I was looking for.”

As we start to do our research, we get to the point where we see informed pessimism.

“Oh boy, that’s going to be a little bit harder than I thought. Oh, boy, I didn’t realize I was going to have to go on camera or create content or build a website.”

Those doubts start to creep in, right? Because you begin to learn more and more about what’s involved.

Well, everything has quite a few steps involved. So let’s get that out of the way first.

But what happens next is as you learn more and more, you realize there are more and more things to do.

And you end up falling into the valley of despair. And this is where most people give up. It’s where most people say:

“Hey, that looks difficult. It looks tough.”

And then they go and find that thing that all of a sudden looks easy. Another shiny object.

Again, that’s because they have uninformed optimism. So really, what we need to do is to get to the point where we get past the valley of despair — we go into informed optimism.

“This is going to be a little harder than I thought. I’m going to have to do some things that maybe I’m not comfortable with.”

Change happens outside our comfort zone.

We know that cliché.

“Okay, I can do this. I have a good mentor, or I have good training or a good support group. Whatever it is, I can do this.”

That’s the point where we needed to get. Because once we get to informed optimism and get past the point where we want to give up and try something else, we’re going to eventually hit success.

And that’s the problem, right? You’re beginning to see what’s going on here. The valley of despair is where most people quit and give up.

So that’s what this really is all about: to get you through the valley of despair, where you get to the point where you start to understand certain things.

And guess where I want to get you to — informed optimism. To do that, what I really want is to simplify the process.

Why Affiliate Marketing?

The purpose of this article is to bring you absolute clarity and certainty that affiliate marketing is the way to go.

I started making money online selling stock music. Still, soon I found out that I didn’t want to be tied to bulky and expensive studio equipment to sustain myself in the online world.

Most people got to discover affiliate marketing for themselves, and the same happened to me. I only needed a laptop and an internet connection. It was perfect for what I wanted.

Because it seems easy to start, I could just partner with an existing product or company. This way, I could start fast, which was pretty good for me at the time.

Also, I realized that:

  • I didn’t need to carry inventory.
  • I didn’t have to invest in a storefront.
  • It just seemed like the path of least resistance to me.

So luckily, I went full force into affiliate marketing and started studying the craft.

In hindsight, I am more aware of the benefits of affiliate marketing. I now know why it’s so important to people who maybe have a full-time job and want to make extra money on the side, or maybe they’re super busy with their kids in life.

Still, they want to build a business that eventually allows them to quit their job and become financially free. Location independence might also be a big thing.

All those things are indeed possible with affiliate marketing. And affiliate marketing actually gives you the best opportunity to achieve those.

Because we can start fast, we can leverage other existing systems. We can start to scale without the burden of fulfillment.

The 5 components of a business

Any business is composed of five different components (this is a simplified version, of course):

  1. Product creation
  2. Sales
  3. Fulfillment (shipping, coaching, etc.)
  4. Customer service (handling complaints, answering questions, helping people deal with the tech side of things)
  5. Marketing

Marketing is where it all begins. There is no business without marketing.

the five components of a business

Imagine we’re a solopreneur (somebody who becomes a coach or starts an agency by themselves or creates digital courses).

If we look at a simplified version of it, that means we’re one person with 100% effort to give. And that means we have to devote 20% to each area. So what that means is, we aren’t really giving 100% to any one area. So nothing is really going to excel.

That’s why many people really have a hard time getting a successful business going.

But if we do start seeing success, if we do start selling services or taking on clients, then more time automatically has to go to fulfillment. And we only have 100% of our time and energy to give.

So that means we have to take time from other places. If 50% of our time is now devoted to fulfillment because we’re starting to see a little bit of success, then our customer service goes down. We have less time to focus on actually selling our services and market our business.

That is a very vicious and destructive cycle, and this is why most people can’t get over the hump.

And it gets worse.

Because as fulfillment starts to go up and marketing and sales begin to go down, our revenue starts to decline.

So, to increase revenue, we have to create more products because we have existing customers. We have to figure out more things to sell to those current customers because it’s a lot easier to sell to existing customers than to sell to new ones.

And that’s where we’re going to focus our energy to hopefully sustain the business. So time goes to product creation.

We have almost no time for customer service, sales, nor marketing, and that is the end of the business.

Most people hit this point before they can actually break free from their job or, even worse, shortly after they actually quit their job.

But as an affiliate marketer, luckily, we don’t run into that issue.

Because we can focus 100% of our effort on marketing.

If we have an hour a day, we can spend an hour a day marketing. If we have eight hours a day, we can spend eight hours a day marketing.

And remember, marketing is the first thing that drives the beginning of a business. We just let the affiliate partner handle product creation, sales, fulfillment, and customer service.

And suppose we partner with a good, significant, and established company with their own affiliate program. In that case, they’re going to have a team working on product creation, another on sales, fulfillment, and customer service.

That means each area of the business gets 100% of somebody’s attention. We just happen to be the affiliate marketer, the person who is giving 100% of our effort to the marketing aspect.

Best brands to partner with

If you want to get started and want to partner with some sort of ClickBank product or some digital product created by your friend, that’s fine. That’s good for practice, and it can be an easy way to get started fast.

However, if you want to go all-in and build the potentially multi-six-figure brand around one product, you’ll see why it’s essential to partner with an affiliate program that has a team with the ability to handle their business.

The last thing you want to do is focus 100% of your effort on marketing and have a company not have 100% on each of the other business components.

Even though we’re only handling 20% of a business (marketing), we still may get 30 to 60% of the revenue in the form of affiliate commissions.

It’s a great business model.

This allows us to leverage those teams. In order to scale our business, we start faster and scale further because we don’t have that fulfillment burden.

This is why when you’re going all-in, when you’re creating the brand, building a side hustle business, or when you’re ready to build a potentially life-changing business, it’s crucial to partner with top-tier companies that have affiliate programs with good commission rates.

We want high-ticket affiliate programs.

Here are some examples of the best companies to partner with:

Shopify logo

One of the biggest eCommerce platforms.

clickfunnels logo

One of the biggest software companies to help people build websites and sales funnels.

legendary marketer

Some of the best nuts and bolts of marketing education that you can get right now. It is created by an 8-figure marketer backed by a team of more than 20 people and supported by huge Facebook groups.

Knowledge Broker Blueprint

Backed by Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi.

All these companies/products are backed by a team. And all of them have promising high-ticket affiliate programs.

These are the companies that many super affiliates have seen massive success with.

So when it’s time to go all-in, pick something big, something known, something that’s supported by a team. That way, the team will do its job, helping you make more money.

Now, if you’re brand new to affiliate marketing, this can still be unclear.

I will give you the mindset and clarity you need to start on the right foot. And I’m going to help you bring into focus what works and cut out all the BS.

But if you really want the building blocks, I recommend the 5 Day Challenge. It’s super inexpensive.

Read my 5 Day Challenge in-depth review.

Choosing Your Niche and Finding the Best Products to Promote

This is an essential step of the process because even in affiliate marketing, the offer is everything.

We’re going to learn how to choose a product that we’re essentially going to build our entire business and brand around.

I mentioned before that if you want to start and practice with some obscure product on ClickBank, that’s okay. All practice with affiliate marketing, copywriting, and creating sales pages, ads, and stuff like that will benefit you long term.

However, when it comes time to go all-in to build that, hopefully, six or multi-six-figure business, there’s a particular strategy that I’m going to share with you.

Let me share with you my journey

When I first got started with affiliate marketing, I probably made every mistake in the book. And I think many people make these mistakes when they’re first getting started with affiliate marketing.

So I was googling affiliate marketing, I was doing my research, and I was learning about affiliate marketing. I decided to find a product to promote and to partner with the vendor as an affiliate. Then when I referred buyers to them, I’d make some money. That sounded simple enough.

So I did the YouTube searches, started reading articles, and all that stuff. Perhaps you’ve done the same.

But I came to the point where I was going to find my niche. And I got the idea that I had to niche down. I heard that somewhere I had to go narrow. I had to be more specific, and I couldn’t be too broad because I would never be able to compete.

So I did my keyword research and found what I believe to be an opportunity where there was enough search volume but not too much competition. And the first niche that I was in as an affiliate marketer was fitness/lose weight programs. That’s the health niche. And for whatever reason, that lined up with what everybody was telling me to do.

So what I was going to do was to promote those programs on a website. I created a product review niche authority blog. And I spent all this time learning how to build a WordPress blog, spent all this time researching and writing articles, and spent all this time on SEO trying to rank these pages.

I found the keywords that had enough search volume but weren’t super competitive. And I did all those things that maybe you’ve heard other people tell you to do.

And guess what, I made a few commissions.

But after some time, I wasn’t making anything at all.

Although it validated the fact that you could make money online with affiliate marketing, it just wasn’t scaling rapidly enough.

To avoid falling into the same trap, I’m going to show you the path that super affiliates follow.

  1. They go all-in, put themselves out there, and use their unique voice and their competitive advantage.
  2. They start by building their brand around one product, usually a product that has a lot of buzz — and has a high-ticket affiliate program with high commission rates.
  3. They don’t niche down at all but go after a super competitive product with a ton of interest.

And guess what a ton of interest means? A ton of opportunity.

Now, I’m not saying that’s going to happen with you. I’m certainly not guaranteeing those kinds of results.

But these super affiliates found success a lot more quickly and in the long run.

Step 1: Choose your arena in the long run

In step one, you start by choosing your arena over time in the long run. Remember, we’re talking about escaping the nine to five and build a massive business.

We’re thinking long-term here. While you may promote many products inside of this arena, over time, your entire brand, your whole business will always reside in this space.

If you skip ahead, you’re going to see the 3 arenas are:

  • Health
  • Wealth
  • Love/Relationships

And you may have heard that these are called evergreen niches. But what you want to do is choose something you’re deeply passionate about and be honest.

And here’s the vital thing to understand:

If you’re spending your time reading this article, then there is a good chance that you are extremely passionate about making money online with affiliate marketing, or at least making money online in general.

Guess what? That’s the wealth niche.

And guess what? It’s okay to enter the wealthy, even as a complete beginner.

And here’s why.

Because if you’re in the make money online space, the moment you make your first-ever dollar, you become your own social proof. You become super relatable to all those folks who are struggling to make their first dollar.

For my money (I think for your money as well), the wealth niche is the best niche to be in. That’s because you’re obviously passionate about it, and you’re investing your time and learning more about it.

But if you’re super passionate about the health niche, for example, that’s fine. Just don’t go chasing opportunities. Don’t fake interest because you did raw vegan back in 2018 for two weeks.

It’s okay to be in the wealth niche, even as a complete beginner.

But whatever you do, think of it like you’re creating a lifelong business inside this niche, and go forward.

Step 2: Find what products your competitors are promoting

Step two is to find content creators, influencers, or marketers and see what products they’re promoting.

We want to model success and make sure we’re promoting products that are worth promoting.

More affiliate products are available to promote in the world than there are qualified affiliates to promote them.

I don’t want you as an affiliate marketer to waste your time, energy, and money promoting a product that isn’t going to convert.

We want to make sure ahead of time that we’re promoting something good.

Let’s say we’re in the wealth niche.

I look for marketers on YouTube and on Facebook groups. I find people who are in the wealth niche, obviously. And I see what they are promoting. And once I start to see multiple creators, marketers, and influencers promoting the same product, I think to myself, “that’s a validated product.”

If you see multiple people promoting the same product on the same platform, then there’s a chance you can go to that platform and start seeing success more quickly.

This is another reason we want to model success and choose these validated products with a buzz in the market.

Because when multiple people are promoting the same product, those potential customers are being educated at scale, as they’re having all their questions answered by various people.

Affiliate marketers get in front of some of them and make sure they click on their link before people buy.

That’s so much easier than trying to take somebody, introduce them to a product, overcome all their objections, and show social proof.

When you’re promoting a hot product, or a product with a buzz in the market, what looks like saturation to the uninformed, or a newbie, is actually the market becoming educated at scale.

So it makes your job as a marketer so much easier.

That’s why if we find multiple marketers promoting the same product on the same platform, that’s probably the platform we’re going to want to attack first. Because there are already people on that platform that are educated and on the verge of buying.

Hopefully, that makes sense.

Once we choose or identify our product as a potential opportunity, we want to validate it.

One of the things I like to do is to make sure we’re seeing beginners see success. Because even if we’re experienced affiliate marketers, we will be a beginner to that product. So we want to make sure there’s still an opportunity to make money promoting that product.

We also want to make sure there are a couple of marketers (at least one) who are making big money, like someone who’s making $50,000 a month, or $100,000 a month, or who has made a million dollars over the past couple of years.

That signifies the potential to scale.

We don’t want to get into a product, start making a little bit of money and then have a hard time scaling.

The fact that a couple of big marketers are making big money means there’s an opportunity to scale this up.

We can get in, start seeing success, and scale it.

And this signifies not only support but interest in that product.

So, for example, let’s look at the four high-ticket products that I’ve mentioned earlier.

1. The Knowledge Broker Blueprint

The Knowledge Broker Blueprint Facebook groups

They have a Facebook group with 35,000 members, which is a good thing.

2. Shopify

Shopify Facebook groups

Facebook has multiple groups surrounding Shopify with thousands and thousands of members. Plenty of interest there. If you’ve been in the space any amount of time, you probably know that dropshipping is huge.

3. ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels Facebook group

Look at ClickFunnels’ official group, with 268,000 members. Lots of validation here.

4. Legendary Marketer

Legendary Marketer Facebook group

This is where you’re going to get the nuts and bolts of marketing education for affiliate marketers. They have a private group of 36,000 people.

These groups validate those offers. You can see it’s not necessarily luck that super affiliates have success with those particular programs.

This is something that I’ve been able to identify with the benefit of some years of hindsight and trying to really understand why things work, and that’s what’s most important.

Like, if someone has a success for the first time, they may have gotten lucky. They may not know why they’re successful. And that’s a problem in the affiliate marketing business.

Step 3: Go all-in

Step number three is to commit to one front-end product and go all-in.

And what you’re going to do is build the brand, the business, and the content around that product, leveraging that one product. Then you can promote other related products on the back end.

You can leverage that buzz in the market.

When you first get started, no one’s searching for you.

But they are searching for information about the product you’re promoting (if you choose a product with the buzz, that is).

You can then leverage that in social media and in search engines like YouTube to help get discovered.

You want to look for an opportunity where the market is being educated at scale.

Whatever you do, when you do find your product, make sure you actually go in and learn it. It’s going to help you become a better marketer.

It’s going to help you differentiate yourself, which will help you get in front of that buzz.

Congruency in Copy and Messaging for Success

This is probably one of the most important parts of this article, if not the most critical in the entire article.

This is where things tend to start to fall apart for inexperienced affiliate marketers.

So if you’ve ever tried to implement something and think you’re doing everything, but for some reason, you’re just not seeing success quite yet, this is probably the reason.

Marketing is the right message to the right people about an excellent product at the right time.

So if we don’t have the right messaging, we’re going to be in trouble. And that’s what this is all about:

Congruency in your copy and messaging throughout your affiliate campaign.

So people find you, and then they buy from you. This is kind of where it falls apart for most people.

This is also why it’s so important to actually purchase the products you’re promoting as an affiliate.

Whatever you decide to promote, it’s so beneficial to you to actually buy it because you will understand what’s going on inside the program.

And you might be able to take your unique spin on it. It can produce some copy and messaging that is in line with the end product and aligns with your authentic self.

Basically, we have three phases in any marketing campaign:

  1. Attraction & Introduction
  2. Conversion Sequence
  3. Sale

First, we have Attraction & Introduction.

This is where we get in front of our ideal customers. It can be with content or ads. And we introduce them to the idea of whatever the end product is going to be.

Then we have the Conversion Sequence and, finally, the Sale.

Attraction & Introduction

This could be a blog post or a post on social media. It can be done through a website, blog, ads, organic traffic, YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, podcast, etc.

Conversion Sequence

This is what happens inside our system. This could be:

  • Our bridge page, where we introduce people to the offer.
  • An email follow-up sequence that we send our leads after they opt-in.
  • Going to our Facebook group that we created and doing a live stream.

Once we’ve already brought people into our business, we control that traffic.


The sale is handled by the affiliate partner.

That’s the great thing about affiliate marketing, as the affiliate partner is really the one in charge of selling the product.

This might be through a VSL (video sales letter), a webinar, or a high-ticket closing team, where they might have actual humans closing the sale for you.

That’s basically how we get potential customers interested in us and what we have to offer.

The important thing for this to all work is that we need to take people on a journey from attraction to sale.

And we must have congruency across the whole system.

A confused buyer doesn’t buy.

Imagine we’re hitting them with different messaging across the introduction phase and the conversion sequence, and none of that lines up with the video sales letter.

We’re not going to make the sale because the confused buyer doesn’t buy. What we need to do is to start with the end in mind.

Since we’re affiliate marketers, we’re promoting somebody else’s product. So we can’t really change the sales process.

The good news is that we don’t have to worry about the sales process. We let them handle it.

But we’re pretty much stuck with whatever their video sales letter is, their webinar is, or whatever their high-ticket closing team is saying.

Now, if you’ve partnered with a good affiliate program, they’re always testing and tweaking.

If we’re talking about Legendary Marketer, specifically, the first thing I’m going to do is start going through their content. And I’m going to start looking for clues.

I want to pull messaging from the end product. And I want to sprinkle that throughout the campaign that I control, so there’s congruency.

I can change the content I can create, I can change the emails I send, but I can’t change the affiliate partner’s video sales letter that I’m working with. So we got to start with the end in mind.

Once again, if I’m promoting Legendary Marketer, the first thing I might do is to go to their homepage and look for messaging tips.

Legendary Marketer

What you can see here in the first thing in their headline, they have “simply” underlined. So that’s obviously going to be important in their messaging.

We scroll down to meet the founder and CEO, Dave Sharpe. He’s the one who created Legendary Marketer.

And he’s going to be the voice of the video sales letter. So obviously, he’s a pretty important guy. He’s the one who put together this whole training.

David Sharpe Legendary Marketer founder

“A 9-year digital marketing vet who has founded 3 multi-million dollar companies.”

So what that tells me is that there’s experience behind Legendary Marketer. We can work that into our messaging because that’s important.

We always like the veteran to show us the way.

He’s founded 3 multi-million dollar companies. That’s important because anybody can get lucky once. But that repeatability is something that we want to highlight in our messaging. If they’re highlighting on their homepage, that’s obviously going to be important in their messaging as well.

We get down to the most recent blog posts.

Legendary Marketer recent blog posts

See The Ugly 2-Page Affiliate Marketing Funnel That Converts.

I know that they’re referring to a bridge page. So maybe I’ll put the bridge page into my messaging notes.

The next thing I might do is I might start looking at their products. What do they actually sell?

Legendary Marketer Products - Learn the necessary personal, business and marketing skills to thrive with confidence in an ever-changing and highly competitive online marketplace

I see “necessary” underlined. I’ve mentioned before about this: “necessary building blocks.” Why not work that into my messaging?

I scroll down to the 5 Day Learn Launch Lead Challenge. This is their entry-level product, the first product that their customers will be coming in contact with.

Legendary Marketer 5 Day Challenge product page

And I see “save you countless hours,” which is good. Also, “powerful training video”.

They call it the 5 Day Learn Launch Lead Challenge. They’re signifying you can get learning quickly. Obviously, that’s what people want when they’re purchasing something. So I’m going to highlight “fast” on my notes.

Also, I see “action-oriented,” which is a good thing. People don’t want theory. They want something that they can take action on.

Scrolling down through their products, I find their flagship product: the Affiliate Marketing Business Blueprint.

Legendary Marketer Affiliate Marketing Business Blueprint product page

And as I’m looking through here, I see things like “passive income,” which is obviously ideal.

That’s the dream, right? It will take work. But this course will show you how. For 99% of people who are successful online, affiliate marketing is how they get started.”

So I’m going to take that 99% of people who are successful starting with affiliate marketing, and I’m going to use that in my messaging across my campaign.

The last thing I’m going to do is to actually go over to the video sales letter.

This will work for anything that you’re promoting. You can go through their website, you can look at their products, you can go through their sales copy or their video sales letters, and pick out clues.

And I can look at the notes I take, and start getting ideas about the type of content I can create to create a campaign that matches the end result.

Hopefully, that makes sense.

Creating the attraction

I can take “simply,” one of the clues, and put that in the Attraction & Introduction category.

And maybe I can create a YouTube video that says something like:

The most simple way to start an online business.

That can be my headline, which is the copy.

I can then look at “9 years of experience” and put that into my Conversion Sequence. I can find an article where Dave Sharpe, Legendary Marketer’s CEO with 9 years of experience, was featured in Forbes magazine.

And I can send an email to my leads and say something like:

If you want to learn affiliate marketing, it’s important that you learn from the best in the business.
I believe Dave Sharpe is one of the best in the business, as he has been doing it for nine years! And by the way, he was recently featured in this article from Forbes.

And then link over to the article. The article says something like “one of the masterminds in the industry” and tells the story.

That’s how we can work that messaging into an email sequence in our Conversion Sequence.

Basically, we’re looking at ways that we can get congruent messaging across the phases.

That way, as people first discover us:

  1. We introduce them to affiliate marketing.
  2. They opt in to our email list.
  3. We start sending them emails that teach them more about affiliate marketing and Legendary Marketer, or whatever we’re promoting.
  4. They’re going to have the same idea.
  5. And they’re going to be pre-sold in a way that they are receptive to making the purchase, because our messaging matches the messaging of the VSL, or the webinar, or the high-ticket closer, or whatever it may be.

Messaging vs. Copy

With messaging, you want to find what works for you, what you stand for. These can be ideas, or hook points, or rally cries.

You’re looking for a messaging that works for you. You’re looking for something that you can build your brand around.

Copy is something that can be tested and continuously tweaked.

These are headlines that can be a hook at the beginning of a TikTok video or in the body of an ad. It’s basically just different variations of your message.

Looking at messaging for Legendary Marketer, maybe a message could be:

  • Get the “best bang for your buck” marketing education available.

People like a good value.

We know we need education if we want to level up our life. But that doesn’t really excite people. That doesn’t really talk about the benefit or the end result.

So maybe our messaging could be:

  • Learn the #1 skill every entrepreneur needs to make money.

That’s pretty good, right?

I consider myself an entrepreneur, and I’d like to learn the #1 skill that will help me make money.

This messaging is a little bit different. Basically, we’re still talking about the same thing. We’re still talking about learning affiliate marketing, so you can make money online. But the messaging is different.

Another one could be:

  • Discover the path to financial freedom.

That’s what we want. We want financial freedom! We don’t necessarily want to learn skills
or go through marketing education. We want the path to financial freedom.

So even though all three of these things are talking about the same end product, if we just find the right messaging, we will be in a better situation.

We’re going to be more attractive to our customers.

Once we have that main message, we want to test different copy within the content.

If we go with the messaging that we want you to help you discover the path to financial freedom, three different headlines that might fall under this same idea are:

  • How To Quit Your Job In The Next 180 Days: Quitting your job signifies financial freedom. “180 days” goes back to the clues that we took notice. Can you quit your job in less than six months? That’s pretty fast, right?
  • This 1 Simple Skill Can Help You Earn Location-Independent Income: I mentioned “simply” in our notes, remember? So we’re staying congruent and consistent. “Location-independent income” matches up with financial freedom.
  • If You Dream Of Living The Laptop Lifestyle, You Need To Know This: “Laptop lifestyle” equals financial freedom.

The bottom line is copy and messaging.

Imagine this:

• You have the nuts and bolts in place.
• You’ve learned everything.
• You got your website set up.
• You have your follow-up sequence.
• You’re doing TikTok or YouTube videos.
• You’re creating content.
• You’re showing up every day.
• You’re being consistent.

But it’s still not working.

Probably it has something to do with your messaging or copy.

To learn how to start a high-ticket affiliate business on the right foot, we need to get the puzzle pieces to fit together.

But if you don’t have the puzzle pieces yet, join the 5 Day Challenge to get the nuts and bolts of Affiliate Marketing.

Read my detailed review of the 5 Day Challenge.

The 6-Figure Framework

Most people give up before this point.

So you’ve already separated yourself from most of the folks out there who say they want to build a business but aren’t willing to commit to the process.

So you deserve congratulations????

Here, you’ll learn how to build your simple two-page website, also referred to as a bridge page.

This is the affiliate marketers’ secret weapon. It is really simple to set up. We’ll go through it step by step and talk about the key elements.

You can apply this to Legendary Marketer if you want to work with them, or you can apply this to any affiliate product that you want to promote.

This is the middle step — when we send people over to a sales page, sales letter, or webinar, it completes the Conversion Sequence.

Here, you’ll see the page I’m currently using to promote Legendary Marketer. It’s the first page of the two-page funnel (my page may not look like this one, as I’m always tweaking and testing new pages).

high-ticket affiliate marketing optin page
I modeled this page after a super affiliate bridge page. That is what’s working right now.

It’s an elementary opt-in page.

I think everybody’s probably familiar with pages like this. When someone clicks the Start Now! button, I ask for their name and email.

By the time people get to this page, they’re already committed. We’ve pre-sold them on the potential opportunity. They clicked on that link because they wanted to learn more.

Now, I’m going to give you the framework so you can apply this to any product in any niche.

The high-ticket affiliate marketing framework

So the first thing I have is the headline, Live The Laptop Lifestyle.

Remember that we’re promoting Legendary Marketer, and we’re talking about the financial freedom messaging. That’s in line with the messaging on our social media, our content, or our ads, whatever drives traffic to this website.

So that’s the first congruent headline.

Then we just use a straightforward three-paragraph formula.

The first thing I say is, “Ever wanted to have a super-profitable online business…” That’s the goal, right? That’s what people obviously want if they come to this site because we’re talking about financial freedom.

I completely understand that “super-profitable online business” sounds very elementary, but that’s the point. We want to speak to people like they’re in third grade.

We start with the goal, then the easiest way to write the first paragraph is to use the “without formula:”

What’s the Thing You Want, Without the Struggle That You Want to Avoid?

Everyone wants a profitable online business, and they want it without creating products. Remember, this is affiliate marketing, and we don’t carry inventory because that’s risky, as I mentioned earlier.

The idea is: what do you want without the struggle.

The second paragraph is a simple introductory paragraph. And we basically tell them that we’re going to help them do what they want to do.

“Hey, my name is [your name], and I help ordinary folks build extremely profitable businesses, even if they have no experience or list.”

Finally, the third paragraph is simply a call to action, letting them want to know what to do next.

“If you are interested in becoming a high-ticket super affiliate, click the button below to watch a Free Presentation that will reveal the formula.”

That’s the call to action (CTA). We tell them what to do specifically: “click the button below.”

These are the basics.

You need this framework:

1. Headline.

2. Three paragraphs in that order.

3. Button that collects the email.

Of course, you can change and tweak your text and add other things as well.

You can add a lead magnet, a free service you give away to encourage people to take the next step. It could be a document, an ebook, an audio file, whatever you have to offer.

If you noticed, I also introduced myself.

There’s congruency here because they see my face on social media or the video ads. So when they come to this website, I want them to understand that I didn’t just send them to a third-party website.

I want them to know that this is still my domain, so they feel comfortable.

The next section is optional.

If you’re promoting Legendary Marketer, you can say something like:

The Exact Framework That Has Helped Countless Folks Create Six-Figure Businesses Online.

Then just add another call to action button. It does the same thing as the above button. It opens a popup box to collect the email.

The second page we send them to is the second page of the two-step funnel or website.

high ticket affiliate marketing bridge page
high ticket affiliate marketing bridge page

This is the actual bridge page (again, mine may not look like this right now, as I’m always changing and testing new pages).

If someone clicks on the Start Now! button, they’re going to be taken over to Legendary Marketer or whatever affiliate program you’re promoting.

When you move your mouse over the button, you can see my affiliate ID and tracking code in the bottom left corner of the screen.

affiliate link in browser status bar

Now, if they go on and purchase whatever it is, I’m going to earn the commission.

This bridge page is really important because it’s kind of like inviting someone into your living room and making a recommendation.

It’s really a personal way to introduce somebody to something at scale.

And it’s important to introduce people to this thing that we’re promoting because if we just send them over to the VSL after we get their email, they’re going to be like, “I don’t know what’s going on. Now they want my money.”

Remember: A confused buyer doesn’t buy.

On the bridge page, you can have some testimonials, which help but aren’t necessary.

The most important thing is the video and the button that has the affiliate link.

Bridge Page Video

After someone opts in, they’re going to watch your video. It’s just a short video that you can shoot in selfie-style with your phone if you want. It doesn’t have to be super professional.

And the first thing we want to do is thank them for the activity they just performed. They just entered their email. So we want to make sure we acknowledge that.

Next, we want to remind them of their pain.

I know this sounds a little bit crazy, but if you’ve ever followed Tony Robbins, he specifically talks about this.

People basically make their decisions based on two things. They either run away from pain or towards pleasure. That’s the same thing in marketing.

We want to remind people of the pain that they’re in. We can say things like:

  • Like most people, you may have failed in the past.

That’s a very general way of saying, “you probably failed at something before.”

We also want to relate to the pain because that builds the mind:

  • I, too, have been the victim of those scammy webinars, false promises that nobody stands behind.

We want to talk about all the bad gurus selling those fake BS courses and just trying to rip people off.

We’re creating that bond.

And we can bring in the opportunity that we’re promoting as the solution, the vehicle for change, a way to overcome failure.

  • Luckily, I finally found something different, something new.

And that’s key.

Different and new.

That’s what people want. People don’t want to better their life. They want to do something different that changes their life.

Affiliate marketing has been around for as long as the internet’s been around. But we want to position this as something new and something different.

After we do that, we tell them the key is high-ticket affiliate marketing, or the key is what we’re selling.

Then we relate it to the eventual product that we’re promoting, and we talk about it.

Basically, I’m not trying to sell the product right here. What I’m trying to do is talk up the opportunity and talk up Dave Sharpe because the next thing they’re going to see is his video.

This allows me to add social proof to build up his authority before they see him. I’m promoting something I 100% fully believe in.

I’m promoting something that has been proven to provide multiple, countless hundreds of thousands of people with success.

The first time success, that’s important to you. But just because it’s a great product, just because it does get results doesn’t mean people will just buy it.

So we still need to do marketing.

So I’m talking about Dave, and I’m talking about how he’s an 8-figure marketer. People go into his video sales letter thinking, “Okay, this guy really knows what he’s talking about.”

That’s going to help the conversions.

After they watch the video sales letter, they click the button to get started. That’s when they buy and when I earn the commission.

Now, I’m not telling them they have to invest. We’re just looking for micro-commitments along the way. And the more micro-commitments someone makes along this journey, the more likely they are to buy.

After they enter their email, they will be added to an automated email sequence or an autoresponder.

If they don’t buy, they’re going to go through an automated sequence.

Email Sequence

I’m not trying to sell anything hard. So if I really push this opportunity to my leads, they’re going to tune out and think I’m just trying to sell them something. So I don’t do that.

The first thing I do is introduce myself.

  • Let me introduce myself. My name is Vasco. I live…

I introduce them to the program. And I have an affiliate link in that email so they can get back to the video sales letter. But I’m not pushing them. It’s just in their inbox.

The next thing I do is sending another email (four hours later, or the next day).

  • Hey, I just introduced you to an opportunity. What do you think? Respond to this email if you want to let me know what you think.

I’m showing that I care. And that’s important. That’s all people really want. They want to feel cared for.

This helps me get objections.

This helps me understand the concerns of the people who came from my traffic source and opted into my funnel.

I can use these objections for additional content, whether a blog post, a video, or new emails. And this makes everything so much stronger.

I’m overcoming their complaints, even before they have them.

That is the key to successful affiliate marketing.

A new email could be something like:

  • Hey, some people have had this question. Here’s the answer.

That’s what increases the conversions.

So in the rest of the email sequence, all I do is show social proof and overcome objections.

The cool thing about affiliate marketing is that we don’t have to worry about testimonials because the testimonials are already out there.

People need to believe in themselves.

For that to happen, they need to see people just like them seeing success.

With the two-page website and the follow-up sequence, our Conversion Sequence is pretty much done.

We can test it, tweak it, and optimize it.

This is the hub that helps us to get to six figures. Isn’t that crazy?

One product and one simple two-page website is all you need.

Check out my earnings so far promoting Legendary Marketer in this article.

Next, I’ll show you step by step all you need to do to CLONE my funnels, bridge page script and email sequence so you can start implementing this framework
as soon as possible.

CLONE my High-Ticket Affiliate Marketing Framework

Building a funnel is super simple.

Next, I’m going to guide you step by step so you can implement this framework and make it yours.


If you haven’t done so, join the 5 Day Learn Launch Lead Challenge, so you can become an approved Legendary Marketer affiliate asap.

This is the exact challenge I took to grow my business. It will give you not only the nuts and bolts of Affiliate Marketing but will also give you the knowledge to kickstart your online business and start making money.


Start your ClickFunnels Free Trial, so you can Clone my Funnels (a 14-day Free Trial link will open in a new tab).

Or get 2 months Free and live video support when you purchase an annual plan by clicking here (includes 14-Day Free Trial)


Once logged into ClickFunnels, import your funnels.

This will be your website to capture leads and host your bridge page.

Optional Step: Connect Your Custom Domain with NameCheap.

If you remember, the video on the bridge page is the most essential element of the page.

This is where you’ll connect and relate with your prospect and where you’ll introduce the product you’re promoting, without pushing him to buy.

Clicking the button below, you’ll have access to the Bridge Page Script that you can use and tweak. Just record yourself on video and swap the video in the imported funnel.


See the word-for-word script in this Google document.

Deathly afraid to go on camera? You can use this script and have a designer from Fiverr create an animated explainer video.


Create your GetResponse account here, unless you already have an autoresponder. Alternatively, you can use AWeber’s Free Plan (unless you have more than 500 subscribers).

>> Copy & Paste Email Sequence

An autoresponder and email follow-ups are crucial to scale your business. Remember that most buyers don’t buy right off the bat, so you need to follow up with them by sending periodically reminders.

In my personal experience, the best autoresponders are GetResponse and AWeber.

GetResponse has a 30-day free trial, after which you pay $15/mo for a list size of 1,000 subscribers. On the other hand, AWeber has a Free Plan until you reach 500 subscribers.

Choose what’s most appropriate for you.


Learn free ways to get lots of traffic to your offers.

Get your FREE copy of Traffic Secrets: the book is free; you just have to cover the shipping costs.

Traffic Secrets Free Book

Bonus Steps (In Case You Don’t Use ClickFunnels)

Although ClickFunnels is a legitimate business marketing software, I know it might be a bit expensive for beginners. I get it.

That’s why I put together an alternative. And you won’t find this anywhere else.

Alternative to ClickFunnels (Steps 2-3)

To get started, you need a blog or a website.

To put it up and running, you’ll need good web hosting and a decent theme.

To start your website today, get started with Dreamhost, the official WordPress recommended hosting company, for $2.59/mo (63% off).


Get started with Dreamhost — this will host your website for $2.59/month (63% off)

If you need help creating your website, check out my article How To Start A Blog where I detail all the steps you need to go through.

WordPress is a free website creation platform. It comes as a free 1-click install once you get your web host running.

It has many free themes you can choose from, but if you want to start and then scale a blog later, you’ll need a fast theme with great features and support, such as GeneratePress or Astra.

Many affiliate marketers promote ClickFunnels, which is probably the most advertised funnel builder software company in existence.

Although their software is impressive, they’re not cheap. And I believe paying $97/mo for a beginner is a lot of cash.

That’s why I recommend getting a decent web host and using Elementor to build your funnels.

Elementor is the best funnel builder for WordPress. You can also use it to build different pages, landing pages, sales pages, etc. That’s what I use on my website.

Go to your WordPress dashboard > Plugins > Add New and type “Elementor”. Install it and activate it.

If you want to partner with Legendary Marketer, you can install my Elementor Templates and use them as a framework.

If you want to promote other products or even your own products, these templates work just fine.


Once inside Elementor, import my funnel templates and make any necessary adjustments to the text.

If you’re having difficulty importing the templates, check out this article. You can get started with Elementor for FREE, and then upgrade to Elementor PRO ($49/yr) if you want more features.

However, all my templates use only Elementor Free features. You can thank me later 🙂

Once your funnels are ready, and you have imported your email sequence to your autoresponder, it’s time to integrate it with your WordPress site.

Just install the MailMunch Free plugin, and in a few steps, you’ll have your popup box connected to your email sequence.

To help you out, you can check this article on how to integrate MailMunch with the AWeber autoresponder.

There are other email integration plugins you can try out, but in my experience, MailMunch is the easiest and most versatile to work with.

Get the ebook for offline reading.

Wrapping It Up

Now that you have everything you need, it’s time for you to put it all together and start making some money.

When people ask me what’s the best business model for beginners to start earning income online, the answer is simple: Affiliate Marketing.

You simply promote other people’s products without dealing with customer service, inventory, fulfillment, and sales. And you don’t have to charge credit cards either. 🙂

You refer customers and earn affiliate commissions. It’s like being a freelance digital marketer.

However, you must believe in the product you’re promoting because that trust will transpire through your marketing efforts.

You’ll inspire others and will have better chances of success.

Now, it’s up to you to put in the effort. If you want to see results, work needs to be done.

Thanks for reading, and if you haven’t done so already, join Legendary Marketer’s 5 Day Challenge.

Vaslou is a passionate digital creator and blogger who loves to explore unique paths to generate online income. He’s also a musician, always looking for exciting paths to articulate his inventive spirit in the musical realm. When he’s not at work on his online endeavors, Vasco loves to delve into spiritual realms to become a better version of himself.

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