Legendary Marketer Review: Best Online Marketing Education

Last Updated on December 8, 2021 by Vasco Lourenço

Welcome to my Legendary Marketer review.

After some time making an income online, I noticed the importance of having multiple streams of income. I just couldn’t put all my eggs in one basket, if you know what I mean. According to my experience, I think it’s risky.

Some time ago, I found this program called Legendary Marketer and saw many people seeing success as a beginner.

When you see beginners seeing success, that tells you something.

So I had to investigate further.

I’m about to share with you all you need to know to see for yourself if Legendary Marketer might be a good solution for you or not.

Stick with me while we dive together in this Legendary Marketer review.

Affiliate Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links, and I may earn a commission in case you decide to purchase any of the promoted products at no extra cost to you. This way, I may receive some more motivation to keep this blog up and running 🙂

What is Legendary Marketer?

Legendary Marketer homepage

Legendary Marketer is an online marketing education platform with a series of training materials around starting and building an online business. Its CEO and founder is David Sharpe, who’s made over a quarter billion in online sales to this day.

Legendary Marketer teaches you the skills you need to promote any product you want online. They teach you the basics of digital marketing and how you can apply it to your success while giving you a chance to make money online.

When you go to the Legendary Marketer website, you bump into their first message:

Online Marketing Education Delivered Simply And With Integrity.

Legendary Marketer

They provide several low, mid and high-ticket products, depending on how far you want to go with your online success.

The program offers its digital marketing education in many forms:

  • Written content
  • Video content
  • Online events
  • Mastermind live events
  • Personal coaching calls

Basically, they have everything you need to start a successful online business.

When you go over their income disclaimer, you’ll see they are not a get-rich-quick program. You have to put in the effort to achieve results.

Legendary Marketer income disclaimer

The best way to learn more about Legendary Marketer is by entering their low-ticket front-end products, which range from $1 to $7.

The most famous and marketed of them is the 15 Day Online Business Builder Challenge. They take you through various video training for 15 days, teaching you about online marketing’s core principles.

For $7, this challenge is packed with tons of valuable information. I’ve paid more for just some PDFs that don’t even come close to this program.

On top of that, when you join the 15 Day Challenge, you are assigned a personal business advisor (which is crazy for the price!). You can talk to your advisor as you follow the challenge so you can get the most out of the program.

Read my detailed review of the 15 Day Online Business Builder Challenge.

Before diving deeper into the Legendary Marketer products, let’s see who David Sharpe is.

Who is Dave Sharpe?

When we’re interested in buying or promoting a product, we should get to know its founder and how it all started.

David Sharpe is a 9-year digital marketing vet who founded 3 multi-million dollar companies from scratch.

Forbes mentions him as one of the masterminds in the industry of internet marketing. When you want to learn about internet marketing, you should go straight to the top and learn with the best.

And when someone like Sharpe generates over $1 million within a 60-day period with a brand new system, that means something.

Besides, he’s got charisma and is one the most relatable characters I’ve seen in this industry, able to inspire millions of people with ease.

David Sharpe featured on Entrepreneur

David Sharpe was also featured in Entrepreneur, where he was considered an icon in the internet marketing industry.

He had a turbulent past, leaving home at 14, having a child at 16, and becoming a heroin addict at 20 (got clean four years later).

However bad his past might have been, it was because of that and his will to overcome all of it that he eventually found success.

According to Sharpe:

By weaving my authentic past into my marketing, I showed people what I had overcome. I humanized myself through vulnerability. Hands down, it has been the most powerful branding tool I’ve ever discovered.

I now teach business owners how to blend education-based marketing with story selling, which makes for a powerful and profitable combination.

David Sharpe

Today it’s easy to hide behind a screen, but true success comes when you put yourself in the front and expose your vulnerability and struggles in the world. Developing a personal brand is crucial to your success.

Who is Legendary Marketer for?

Legendary Marketer is all about teaching you the core principles that will allow you to sell and promote any product you want. Therefore, their training is focused more on beginners and intermediate marketers that are looking to start and grow their online businesses.

They place special focus on building sales funnels, email sequences to follow up with leads, and how to get traffic to your offers.

While this may seem very similar to other marketing programs, they also emphasize creating value ladders and stories to sell, just like ClickFunnels.

Value Ladder

In essence, Legendary Marketer is what it teaches. They use sales funnels, email sequences to follow up with their clients, storytelling in their copy, and a value ladder comprising several products. They put their money where their mouth is, which is so valuable for their clients.

Legendary Marketer is also for the aspiring affiliate marketer as well, as they offer an extremely profitable affiliate marketing program for those who want to promote Legendary Marketer.

By promoting their low-ticket products that range from $1 to $7, when the lead you referred purchases one of the high-ticket products, you earn big commissions, as high as $1000.

If you think this is a pyramid scheme, think again. This is a legitimate program that only offers single-level commissions to its affiliates. For this reason, it’s not a pyramid scheme.

Legendary Marketer Review: Legendary Marketer Products

Legendary Marketer offers many different products. But to be able to purchase the high-ticket ones, you need to enter their ecosystem first. And that is through their low-ticket front-end products.

Front-end low-ticket products

  1. Legendary Marketer Book: Insider’s Guide to Affiliate Marketing ($1.99)
  2. Copywriter’s Playbook ($1.00)
  3. 15-Second Free Leads ($1.00)
  4. 15 Day Online Business Builder Challenge ($7)

When you purchase one of the first three products, you’ll also get free access to the 15 Day Challenge. However, the only way to get those first three is through my affiliate links, as they’re not available through their website.

1. Insider’s Guide to Affiliate Marketing

Legendary Marketer Insiders Guide to Affiliate Marketing

Before this ebook was available, there was actually a physical book written by Sharpe, although it became out of date as Legendary Marketer evolved.

The Insider’s Guide is jam-packed with over 90 pages of affiliate marketing secrets from Sharpe.

He walks you through what he calls the Affiliate Domination Formula, which basically is:

  • Getting high-quality free traffic (like blogging and YouTube)
  • Creating a 2-page funnel (opt-in page and bridge page)
  • Split test and tracking your clicks
  • Creating product launches to escalate your sales

This book introduces people to what Legendary Marketer can teach you, and it’s a must-read to any aspiring affiliate marketer.

2. Copywriter’s Playbook

Learn copywriting the right way ($1 one-time)

Legendary Marketer Copywriter's Playbook

The Copywriter’s Playbook is a powerful copywriting 8 module video course that offers tips and tricks to grow one’s skills as a copywriter and to eventually “type” and grow rich.

An excellent copy is a fundamental skill for any online business, and using a good copy to tell your story is the best way to turn your leads into customers.

That’s what this course is all about.

Besides the video training course and the accompanying 43-page ebook guide, you’ll also get these five bonuses:

  1. Dave’s Private Copywriting Cliffnotes
  2. The 20-Minute Client Formula
  3. 250-Headline Email Swipe File
  4. Quick Copy Hot-Seat Critiques
  5. Sales Letter, Email, Ad and Webinar Templates from his $250-Million Dollar Course and Coaching Business

And you can get everything for just $1.

3. 15-Second Free Leads

Leverage the TikTok trend to get free leads ($1 one-time)

Legendary Marketer 15 Second Free Leads

TikTok is the latest trend in social media. While it’s geared more toward teenagers, affiliate marketers stepped in and started using it to acquire free leads and generate sales.

One of the best things about TikTok is that new users can gain hundreds of views right from the beginning by publishing short videos. And they don’t even have to speak.

However, the majority of its users just want to have fun inside the platform. To be successful at promoting products on TikTok, affiliates must have a strategy.

15-Second Free Leads shares valuable information from four affiliates who achieved great success inside TikTok. If you want to give it a try and see for yourself if TikTok can grow your business, don’t miss this opportunity.

You can also read my detailed 15-Second Free Leads review.

4. 15 Day Online Business Builder Challenge

Step-by-step training to get your online business up and running ($7 one-time)

Legendary Marketer 15 Day Online Business Builder Challenge

The 15 Day Online Business Builder Challenge is a video course that teaches you the high-income skills you need to run a successful online business.

This structured and sequential course gives you the fundamental concepts that make an online business viable. Without them, you’re probably doomed to failure.

Besides the daily video training, you’ll also have quizzes and assignments. On top of that, you get a chance to call a personal advisor who will help you get the most out of it. I don’t recall seeing any other $7 courses with this option!

Here’s an overview of the 15 Day Challenge:

  • Day 1: The #1 Secret to Building a High-Ticket, High-Profit Business Online.
  • Day 2: The Core 4 – The Top High-Ticket Business Models Online.
  • Day 3: Let’s Build a Business in Under 30 Minutes!
  • Day 4: How to Master the Inner Game of Wealth.
  • Day 5: The Big Day! Developing your Business Plan!
  • Day 6: You Have Questions? No Problem. I Have Answers!
  • Day 7: When Should I Quit My Job to Build My Business Full-Time?
  • Day 8: What Are High-Income Skills and Why Do You Need Them?
  • Day 9: High-Income Skill #1 – Lead Generation.
  • Day 10: High-Income Skill #2 – Copywriting.
  • Day 11: High-Income Skill #3 – Sales and Presenting.
  • Day 12: What to Outsource.
  • Day 13: Using “OPM” To Build Your Business.
  • Day 14: How To Avoid “Wantrepreneur” Syndrome.
  • Day 15: Congrats! Now… The Race To Your First Sale!

For a more in-depth look at what this Challenge has to offer, I suggest you read my 15 Day Online Business Builder Challenge Review.

Like I mentioned earlier, if you purchase any of the other three front-end products through my links, you’ll automatically get access to the 15 Day Challenge for free.

The 15 Day Online Business Builder Challenge is packed with valuable actionable information to get your online business up and running. To go straight to it, click the button below.

Back-end high-ticket products

After you purchase any of the previous offers, Legendary Marketer has different additional products that you might consider in the future if you’re serious about investing in your online business. These are:

  1. Marketer’s Club ($30/mo)
  2. Omni-Branding Formula + Bonuses ($47)
  3. Traffic University ($1,497)
  4. Affiliate Marketing Business Blueprint ($2,500)
  5. Digital Products Business Blueprint ($2,500)
  6. Coaching and Consulting Business Blueprint ($2,500)
  7. Events and Masterminds Business Blueprint ($2,500)
  8. Legendary Marketer Mastermind ($8,000)
  9. Legendary Entrepreneur Mastermind ($12,000)
  10. DFY Brand Builder ($10,000)
  11. DFY Brand Builder & Mastermind Bundle ($15,000)
  12. Legendary Leadership Group ($30,000)
  13. Legendary Pro Affiliate Account ($29.95/mo)

1. Marketer’s Club

Legendary Marketer Marketer's Club

People call Marketer’s Club the “Netflix of online marketing training,” and that’s for a reason. It contains over 10 hours of world-class training from 6 & 7 figure online earners that you can start to implement and take your business to the next level.

Besides, it also includes:

  • Live weekly marketing training webinars with Legendary Marketer’s CMO Matt Heltzel.
  • Exclusive interview with Kevin Harrington (Original Shark on TV Show Shark Tank). He talks about the mindset that leads to clear and confident marketing, how to boost modern-day media to increase traffic and sales, how to creatively find funding for your business, and much more. (7 videos – 48 minutes)
  • What To Do & Say to Sell More Stuff (4 videos – 42 minutes)

In case you can’t join the live weekly webinars, you’ll get access to replays posted into the Legendary Marketer’s Club, so you never miss any training.

One of the best interviews is by Nathan Lucas, a top affiliate, where he shares his journey to 250,000 YouTube subscribers.

Nathan Lucas on Marketer's Club

The Marketer’s Club is also the only Legendary offer that pays a recurring $18.80/mo commission to affiliates. There’s no direct affiliate link to promote it, but because your referral is forever attached to you, if he/she purchases it, you’ll be entitled to the commission.

That’s the beauty of the value ladder in this business. Any high-ticket offer that your referral purchases will be entitled to you.

Marketer’s Club price: $30/mo

2. Omni-Branding Formula + Bonuses

Legendary Marketer Omni-Branding Formula

What if I told you could create 7 days of social media content in only 1 hour?

Seems too good to be true? But that’s actually what this program offers.

Dave shares what he calls the Omni-Branding Formula, a complete and proven system that allows you to create 7 days worth of content in just 1 hour. Then you just rinse and repeat.

It includes five modules:

  1. Omni-Branding Formula Foundation.
  2. How To Find Your Million Dollar Message.
  3. The 5-Minute Topic Hack.
  4. My Complete List Equipment.
  5. How To Outsource Everything For Pennies On The Dollar.


  • The Entire “Free Traffic Bootcamp” Course
  • Easy Step-By_step Blog Setup Walkthrough

Nowadays, being omnipresent on social media can be the single most profitable marketing strategy you deploy. That’s easy when you have a team behind you, but when you’re alone, it can get overwhelming.

That’s why David decided to share his findings with the average marketer, putting out this proven system that helped him grow his own business.

Omni-Branding Formula + Bonuses price: $47

3. Traffic University

Legendary Marketer Traffic University

We now start with the high-ticket products inside Legendary.

Traffic University teaches you… Well? Traffic.

Every online business needs traffic for people to click on their offers. While getting free traffic from YouTube, social media, blog posts can take some time to build, paying for ads on these media outlets can generate quick sales and increase your online presence.

However, mastering a good ad on these various platforms is no easy task. Traffic University teaches you how to master paid traffic strategies.

Legendary Marketer Traffic University

Each of these training modules was put together by AdSkills, a company that specializes in paid advertising methods.

You could purchase the bundle for thousands of dollars, but since they’re all part of Traffic University, you get them for $1,497.

The courses include:

  • AdWords Ads 2.0
  • Facebook Ads 2.0
  • Google Display Network (GDN) 2.0
  • Instagram Ads
  • Native Ads
  • Landing Pages
  • Youtube 3.0
  • Twitter Ads 2.0
  • LinkedIn Ads

Besides these in-depth strategies, you’ll also learn to build compliant landing pages for all the platforms so you don’t end up with your account shut down.

Bear in mind that to put this knowledge to test, you have to spend money on ads, so if you’re a proponent of free traffic, this course might not be the right for you (at least for now).

Traffic University price: $1,497

4. Affiliate Marketing Business Blueprint

Legendary Marketer Affiliate Marketing Business Blueprint

We’re now moving into the main high-ticket offers that Legendary Marketer created.

Affiliate marketing is one the best ways to start an online business and see some success because you don’t have to worry about creating products, customer service, fulfillment, or sales. You just focus on the marketing aspect of it.

If you remember, on the second day of the 15 Day Challenge, Dave talks about the 4 core high-ticket business models, which are:

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Digital Products
  • Events and Masterminds
  • Coaching and Consulting

All of these models work because they meet these 3 criteria, according to Jay Abraham:

  1. Get more customers.
  2. Do repeat business with those same customers.
  3. Sell high-ticket products to increase revenue.

With this in mind, Dave created a blueprint for each business model, deepening the subject in a comprehensive course for each.

What you get in Affiliate Marketing Business Blueprint:

  • What is affiliate marketing
  • How does it work
  • How to choose products to promote
  • Actionable advice to get started
  • How to start earning your first commissions

While most of the training is about promoting Legendary Marketer itself, you can apply everything you learn to promote other products.

In a nutshell, the Affiliate Marketing Business Blueprint will tell you how to promote Legendary Marketer and other products as an affiliate.

This blueprint costs $2,500, which in my opinion, is a bit overpriced for learning affiliate marketing, while there are pretty good guides out there (most of them free, by the way).

I created my free ebook High-Ticket Affiliate Blueprint where I teach the exact system that super affiliates use every day to make 6-figures. Inside, you’ll learn the mindset and the strategies, and you’ll be able to clone my framework so you can get started with your affiliate marketing business.

Get your free copy here.

5. Digital Products Business Blueprint

Legendary Marketer Digital Products Business Blueprint

While affiliate marketing can get you good commissions depending on the product you’re promoting, you’ll keep 100% of the revenue by selling your own digital products.

This blueprint will teach you to create digital products like written content (ebooks), video content (courses), and audio files that you can sell through a membership site.

Besides affiliate marketing, it’s one of the best ways to generate passive income and to keep 100% of the profit.

The problem that most people get when it comes to creating products, is that they don’t know what to do. That’s where this training comes in. They teach you:

  • How to channel your passions into a product and choosing what type of medium it’s most suited for.
  • How to get that product in front of the right audience.

Digital Products Business Blueprint price: $2,500

6. Coaching and Consulting Business Blueprint

Legendary Marketer Coaching and Consulting Business Blueprint

If you’re not the type of person to get into affiliate marketing or to sell digital products, Legendary Marketer got you covered.

In this information age, it’s becoming a problem to sift through the great amount of data (most of it useless) to find a specific solution to a problem.

If you have some form of expertise and passion, you can turn it into a service-based business by becoming a coach or consultant.

In the Coaching and Consulting Business Blueprint you’ll know how to:

  • Identify the right niche for your coaching business.
  • Find your target audience.
  • Develop a winning pitch to close clients.
  • Find the best platforms to run your business.
  • Choose the best invoicing platform to receive payments.

Coaching and Consulting Business Blueprint price: $2,500

7. Events and Masterminds Business Blueprint

Legendary Marketer Events and Masterminds Business Blueprint

We’ve reached the last training of the 4 core high-ticket business models.

While we’re in the age of webinars, online courses, and everything digital, we still need the connection provided by “real” events where you connect with “real” people.

The Events and Masterminds Business Blueprint is for those who need some personal touch and a more in-person approach. If you’re that type of person, then this course is for you.

You’ll learn:

  • How to plan and host your live event.
  • How to save on costs.
  • Who you should hire and where you should host your events.
  • How to become a great facilitator that makes people coming back to you (and paying).

This blueprint is based on live events and masterminds, so you get to feel the atmosphere of what you’re working for.

Events and Masterminds Business Blueprint price: $2,500

8. Legendary Marketer Mastermind

Legendary Marketer Mastermind is their live in-person event covering topics such as traffic, lead generation, and conversion strategies from some of the world’s best online marketers. It’s the place to learn how to develop those marketing high-income skills.

A top point in these masterminds is that once a member has paid their membership fee, they aren’t charged again, and as a bonus, they can attend future gatherings for a low-cost seat deposit which allows them to be a part of the groups for as long as they want to.

Legendary Marketer Mastermind price: $8,000

9. Legendary Entrepreneur Mastermind

Legendary Entrepreneur Mastermind is another live event, this time covering health, wealth, and wisdom tips and tricks, growth hacks, and performance strategies to create and protect your wealth and create the best version of yourself.

This is all about how to become the CEO, the boss of your life, and your business. It includes productivity secrets, psychology, scaling your business, how to manage people, how to develop project management systems.

Basically, the Legendary Entrepreneur Mastermind is about how to grow with your business as it grows.

Just like the Marketer Mastermind, memberships are only paid once, and the attendees get the bonus of paying a low-cost seat deposit for the next gatherings, allowing them to be part of the groups for as long as they choose to be.

A cool aspect about this mastermind is that it is held at special locations, like mansions or creative event spaces, to ensure the environment for creativity is enriched.

Legendary Entrepreneur Mastermind price: $12,000

10. DFY Brand Builder

This “done-for-you” brand builder is where you go over to Legendary Marketer’s headquarter in St. Petersburg, Florida, for them to build your personal brand presence.

Here’s what they’ll do:

  • Write your emails and ads.
  • Fill your funnel full of qualified leads.
  • Make you look like a rock star in the process.

Your business will be more like a dream than a nightmare.

Basically, they’ll deliver everything to you on a silver platter in a timeline you both agree on.

In addition, you’ll get all these bonuses:

  • The Perfect Ad Formula. A case study where you’ll learn the formula they use to write ads.
  • The Irresistible Offer Formula. The name speaks for itself.
  • The Master of Enrollment Sales Script. A process that makes closing sales simple, easy, and fun for you and your client.
  • The Marketers Financial Tracking System. A system to track all your marketing, which includes tracking spreadsheets.
  • The “Live” Version Of Done-For-You Brand Builder. Attend the Brand Builder in person, and use their own studio to shoot professional videos and take high-quality photos with face to face help from them.
  • Referrals Program: Earn Money and Get Yours Free. Refer 10 people and they reimburse your entire service-fee back to you.
  • Kick Ass Done-For-You Sales Video. They’ll write your script and use a professional voice actor to do a voiceover for your sales video, where he can talk about you, giving you the image you always wanted. Basically, this manufacturing celebrity.

DFY Brand Builder: $10,000

11. DFY Brand Builder & Mastermind Bundle

As the name implies, Legendary Marketer offers the DFY Brand Builder bundled with the Marketer Mastermind and Entrepreneur Mastermind as a single product.

DFY Brand Builder & Mastermind Bundle price: $15,000

12. Legendary Leadership Group

This is the most expensive offer they have. While I can’t find any information about it, I believe it must present its members with a memorable experience inside a Legendary personal group.

Legendary Leadership Group price: $30,000

13. Legendary PRO Affiliate Account

This offer is actually only available for affiliates promoting Legendary Marketer.

Affiliates are divided according to their status: Basic or PRO.

Basic affiliates earn 10%-30% commission on product sales on their referrals. PRO affiliates earn 30%-60% commission and have access to advanced features and training.

Legendary PRO Affiliate Account price: $29.95/mo

Legendary Marketer Pricing

As you can see in this extensive Legendary Marketer review, there are many offers inside Legendary, and most of them can only be purchased after you take one of the front-end low-ticket products.

Let’s recap Legendary Marketer products and respective pricing.

  1. Legendary Marketer Book: Insider’s Guide to Affiliate Marketing ($1.99)
  2. Copywriter’s Playbook ($1.00)
  3. 15-Second Free Leads ($1.00)
  4. 15 Day Online Business Builder Challenge ($7)
  5. Marketer’s Club ($30/mo)
  6. Omni-Branding Formula + Bonuses ($47)
  7. Traffic University ($1,497)
  8. Affiliate Marketing Business Blueprint ($2,500)
  9. Digital Products Business Blueprint ($2,500)
  10. Coaching and Consulting Business Blueprint ($2,500)
  11. Events and Masterminds Business Blueprint ($2,500)
  12. Legendary Marketer Mastermind ($8,000)
  13. Legendary Entrepreneur Mastermind ($12,000)
  14. DFY Brand Builder ($10,000)
  15. DFY Brand Builder & Mastermind Bundle ($15,000)
  16. Legendary Leadership Group ($30,000)
  17. Legendary Pro Affiliate Account ($29.95/mo)

There are no discounts per se, but they offer some upsells that might be advantageous.

  1. First Upsell: If you want to purchase Legendary Marketer’s Club ($30/mo), they’ll try to offer you yearly access for $179. This is great if you’re planning to stay with them long-term. Basically, you’re being offered to save half a year of membership.
  2. Second Upsell: During the 15 Day Challenge, more specifically on Day 6, you’ll be offered a unique opportunity to purchase the Business Blueprint Bundle for $2,500. It includes the 4 core Business Blueprints plus lots of bonuses. Each blueprint costs itself $2,500, so this is a massive saving.

By purchasing the Business Blueprint Bundle, you’ll get immediate access to the Legendary Affiliate program. Not everyone gets accepted, so you can look at it as some kind of shortcut to it.

Legendary Marketer Affiliate Program

Legendary Marketer affiliate commission triangle

The Legendary Marketer Affiliate Program is a selective group to which not everybody gets access. Plus, it differentiates from other affiliate programs for two reasons:

  1. You have to complete the 15 Day Challenge before you can apply. And this alone does not guarantee you’re in.
  2. Inside the affiliate program, you can choose two plans: Basic Plan (free plan with 10%-30% commission) and PRO Plan ($29.95/mo with 30%-60% commission plus advanced features and training).
Legendary Marketer affiliate commissions
Legendary Marketer Commission Structure

Besides completing the 15 Day Challenge, some affiliates say you have to make at least two calls with your business advisor in order to get accepted into the program. I found it not to be true.

My first application got rejected because I didn’t show any proof of experience. However, after building some funnels incorporating lead magnets and an autoresponder and building a website I was working on, I applied again. This time I got accepted.

This means that you need to show them you already have experience in digital marketing in order to promote Legendary Marketer. Or at least you’re an affiliate marketer able to use the tools required to run a successful online business.

They want experienced people to promote their business, which shows they have an image and integrity they want to preserve.

Free ebook High Ticket Affiliate Blueprint

Want to gain experience and get access to DFY Funnels, Scripts, and Email Sequence for free? Download my FREE ebook High-Ticket Affiliate Blueprint and CLONE the exact framework responsible for 6-figure incomes for many super affiliates.

Thanks to the terrific Legendary Marketer sales team, coupled with their proven approach to marketing, they will convert the maximum amount of leads into sales for the affiliate marketer.

By leveraging its professional and experienced team, the affiliate can grow its own online business, increasing its income exponentially.

Another interesting factor is that they rank their affiliates according to how much commissions they’ve generated:

  • Affiliate: Someone who has created an affiliate account but has not made any sales.
  • Bronze: Someone who has made $100 in commissions.
  • Silver: Someone who has made $1,000 in commissions.
  • Gold: Someone who has made $10,000 in commissions.
  • Platinum: Someone who has made $100,000 in commissions.
  • Diamond: Someone who has made $1,000,000 in commissions.

If you want to have a profitable online business, Legendary Marketer is one of the best companies to get started with on your affiliate business journey.

Legendary Marketer Facebook Community

Legendary Marketer official Facebook group

Legendary Marketer has a supporting Facebook group with over 28K members that you can join, regardless of which products you buy.

The first thing they’ll ask you is your email address so they can verify your identity.

Inside the group, you get access to downloadable PDFs and other documents. But what I believe is the best part is the connections you make and the knowledge and insights you receive from other members.

It’s actually an online learning community that’s there to help you on your journey.

Besides the Legendary main Facebook group, there’s also a private Legendary group for affiliates.

Legendary Marketer Affiliates Facebook group

I find it most rewarding that you can connect with other affiliates and learn from what they’re doing. Many affiliates share their journey and recent trends, tactics, and strategies that you can take advantage of.

Wake Up Legendary

Wake Up Legendary - David Sharpe Daily Show

If you’re still not part of the Legendary community, you can watch Dave’s weekly videos (almost daily sometimes) in his Wake Up Legendary Show.

You have tons of interviews with Legendary Marketer members and affiliates discussing their latest strategies and business implementations. If you’re still unsure about all this, check out some of those videos and then see for yourself if Legendary Marketer is the right business partner for you.

Legendary Marketer Pros & Cons

Here’s a summary of what I think is Legendary Marketer’s highlights and its lowest points.


  • Valuable front-end low-ticket offers.
  • The 15 Day Challenge is the best marketing challenge for beginners I’ve seen.
  • Access to a personal business coach that supports you.
  • Marketer’s Club weekly webinar replays.
  • The Facebook community has tons of valuable information.
  • Dave Sharpe is always on, motivating us through his weekly videos.
  • The products are constantly being updated.
  • You can receive ClickFunnels commissions while promoting Legendary Marketer.
  • As an affiliate, when you refer someone to Legendary, they are attached to you for life.
  • The affiliate backend is very well organized.


  • There’s no guarantee you’ll be accepted into the affiliate program.
  • You have to pay a monthly fee to be entitled to receive higher commissions.
  • There are no SEO strategies (this is useful if you run a blog).
  • There’s a list of blocked countries with which they cannot do business because of restrictions from their payment processors and affiliate eWallet provider.
  • The affiliate training is too focused on promoting Legendary products.
  • The high-ticket live events are overpriced, in my opinion.

Legendary Marketer FAQ

Below are two of the questions that people often ask about Legendary Marketer.

Is Legendary Marketer a scam?

There are many Legendary Marketer reviews out there saying it’s a scam, while that’s actually not true. Legendary Marketer programs are professionally put together, and they have high-quality training.

Besides, they have disclaimers everywhere saying they’re not a get rich quick scheme and that it takes work to achieve success. They’ve put in the effort of being compliant and ethical about it.

What I found to be true is that those negative reviews are promoting other marketing products instead. It’s a very well-known tactic to undermine a program in favor of another. Beware when people talk negatively about something.

Is Legendary Marketer an MLM?

Legendary Marketer is not an MLM.

Many people may get that impression because David Sharpe was once part of Empower Network, an MLM. He left Empower Network, as he was “worried about his reputation.”

According to Wikipedia, here’s what they say about MLMs (Multi-Level-Marketing companies):

(…) the earnings of the participants are derived from a pyramid-shaped or binary compensation commission system. (…) MLM salespeople are (…) incentivized to recruit others to join the company’s distribution chain as fellow salespeople so that these can become down line distributors.

In an MLM, the more downline distributors you have, the more you earn. That’s why it’s multi-level: it’s a pyramid scheme.

That’s not what’s happening in Legendary Marketer because their affiliate commissions result from a single-level system. You are only entitled to commissions generated from your referral’s purchases and not from your referral’s referrals.

Therefore, Legendary Marketer is not an MLM.

Is Legendary Marketer legit?

Yes, Legendary Marketer is a legit company. It’s a great online marketing educational system put together by David Sharpe, its CEO.

If you take the time to investigate further, you’ll notice they put a lot of effort into being both ethical and compliant.

How does Legendary Marketer make money?

Legendary Marketer is an entire course set mainly covering what David Sharpe calls the four basic high-value online business models.

The 15 Day Online Business Builder Challenge aims to give you an overview of online promotion. Once you have completed the challenge, the aim is to move on to one of the upsells they offer, each of them costing $2,500 each. However, inside the Challenge, they offer the four business blueprints for a one-time fee of $2,500. 

By promoting low-ticket entry-level products like the 15 Day Challenge and the Insider’s Guide to Affiliate Marketing eBook, their clients can then climb Legendary Marketer’s value ladder, eventually ending up purchasing one of their high-ticket products.

Legendary Marketer Review: Conclusion

If you want to start an online business, you need to learn skills. And if you want to make money with your business, you need high-income skills.

That’s what Legendary Marketer is all about. It’s one of the best online places to get started with the right foot by learning skills that are the foundation of any successful online business. Even if it’s only an affiliate business.

They deliver it simply and with integrity, as they claim.

By far, the best way to get a glimpse of what an online business entails is to join the 15 Day Challenge. You don’t need to call your personal advisor if you’re not ready. You don’t even need to purchase the overly priced high-ticket offers.

Legendary is also a great opportunity for affiliates, as not every company has the value ladder they have, which means more potential commissions. Actually, as an affiliate, you have the potential of making a $1,000 affiliate commission with one single click!

Legendary Marketer teaches you how to promote any product in any niche, even your own products.

If you want some advanced training and clone the simple 2-page system to launch your product (or promote other products), you can download my free ebook Hight-Ticket Affiliate Blueprint.

To get the nuts and bolts training, join the 15 Day Challenge and see for yourself if high-ticket affiliate marketing is the right opportunity for you.

Affiliate Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links, and I may earn a commission in case you decide to purchase any of the promoted products at no extra cost to you. This way, I may receive some more motivation to keep this blog up and running 🙂

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