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How To Humanize AI Text in 5 Proven Ways and Make It Sound More Natural

humanize AI text - best ways how to make AI text human

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Ever since the release of ChatGPT, nearly every industry has had to ponder the consequences and ramifications. There is a reason why artificial intelligence has long been feared by those who understand it. AI isn’t a new concept, but with the current technology, it has scaled rapidly to an impressively powerful level in a very short amount of time. 

Content creators make a living on specific skills that they have taken years to hone and develop. Whether they are writers, artists, or musicians, there has always been magic around creating your work. Now, with the implementation of AI-assisted tools, nearly anything can be replicated within minutes, hence the need to humanize AI text.

Recently, AI-created songs featuring the vocals of artists like Drake and Kanye West have gone viral. Neither artist appeared or even knew about the tracks, but to the untrained ear, there was no discernable difference. The songs sounded so real that the Universal Music Group has been frantically working to get them removed from streaming sites. 

While all of this might have a negative tone to it, the true power of AI will likely do more good for the world in the future. From diagnosing and even curing diseases to instant data analysis and research, AI will eliminate time and costs for almost every industry in the world. 

What is AI Content? 

AI content is anything that was created by a human with the help of AI-powered software. This can be anything from writing, music, images, or videos. For this article, I will focus on how AI tools can assist in writing content, specifically, how to make AI text more human

When it comes to writing, there are certain nuances that AI has yet to develop. Capturing the voice or tone of a specific type of person is still a challenge. Writing with empathy and emotion still reads better when written by a human. For these reasons, it can be easier than you think to identify text that has been written by AI tools like ChatGPT or one of its newer rivals, Chat by Copy AI.

So how can we make AI text more human? There are several stylistic things that sites like Google will look for. If you didn’t already know, Google released a new update to its SEO guidelines and policies. While the company has taken a firm stance against automated content in the past, the recent update shows that Google is changing with the times. 

Google now says that not all AI-generated content should be considered spam. This applies to videos on YouTube but more specifically to content on websites that use Google Ads to monetize their work. The most important thing for Google is that it is high-quality work that helps its readers.

If you want to write your content with AI, there are ways to do this. So, let’s take a look at different ways to make AI text human for your website. 

5 Ways to Make AI Text Human

1. Use an AI Humanizer Tool like Undetectable.AI

What is an AI humanizer tool? It allows you to convert your AI-generated text into a more human voice. AI technology has already advanced so much that you can use AI to trick an AI detection tool. While it might seem a bit counterintuitive, using an AI humanizer tool is a much more efficient way of going back in and editing the text yourself. 

Most AI-generated writing is going to be a hybrid of human and AI work. At this point in time, writers are still being vigilant in making sure their AI-generated writing isn’t detectable. So, rather than going back in and taking time to edit your work, why not let another AI app do it for you?

Undetectable.AI is a new AI tool that allows you to paste your text directly into the app to humanize your work. In fact, once you are ready to do so, the button you press is actually labeled as Humanize. As mentioned in my review, you can specify what type of voice and even what type of writing style you want the tool to format.

You might be wondering how much Undetectable.AI can do for your writing. Well, it takes care of most of the tips on this list as it:

  • Rearranges sentence structure.
  • Improves your word choices.
  • And uses a consistent writing style that appears to be created by a human.

Being one of the best AI humanizer tools, is a handy companion that will allow you to bypass AI content detectors while delivering humanlike content.

Check out this example of how Undetectable.AI can transform this ChatGPT response into a much more human response. 

Undetectable AI we create truly undetectable AI content

I plugged in the second response from ChatGPT into Undetectable.AI’s Playground with great results. All it took was about 30 seconds, and Undetectable.AI provided me with this Journalist-level article that is completely undetectable by AI detectors. Here is the result of the text humanizer tool: 

Undetectable AI humanize AI text example

While there are some Undetectable AI alternatives that offer similar results when you’re learning how to humanize ChatGPT text, this tool outperforms them in terms of quality.

2. Your Content Needs to Be Informative

This is one of the most important things that Google is looking for when it comes to content. For years now, Google has used the EEAT strategy for grading content. This acronym stands for Experience Expertise Authority and Trust. If you can provide valuable and informative content to your readers, it will rank highly in Google’s algorithm.

As some of you may know, ChatGPT isn’t always the sharpest tool in the shed when it comes to its responses. It can struggle with replicating an authoritative human voice, which is essential to ranking high in Google’s Search database.

Of course, this can change in the future with newer versions of AI tools. But for now, whether you are writing it all by hand or using an AI tool to help you, your content needs to be informative and follow Google’s EEAT guidelines

To humanize text, consider adding personal view points that are informative as well.

3. Change Your Sentence Structure and Syntax

The problem with AI writing tools is that the output is very formulaic and predictable. This is why it is so easy for AI detection tools to figure out who is simply copying and pasting from a ChatGPT conversation. So how can you combat this shortcoming in AI tools? By changing your sentence structure and altering your syntax

Now, keep in mind that this will require a bit more manual work than simply using a humanizer AI tool like WordAI. Think of it as editing more than writing. By changing around the words and switching between an active and passive voice, you can make your AI text more human by giving it a less predictable format.

Incorporate longer and shorter sentences that come with the natural flow of human writing. When you can do this, there will be a much lower chance that your AI text will be detectable as such. 

4. Don’t Be Afraid to Use High-Level Vocabulary

A lot of people try to avoid using high-level and complicated vocabulary because they think the writing will fail to connect with readers. Unfortunately, this is also a trait of AI tools like ChatGPT.

Using simple words and a simple sentence structure could actually get your human writing mistaken for AI writing. To combat this and learn how to humanize AI content, try using high-level vocabulary because this will boost your score as an authority on the matter and a trusted voice. 

Keep in mind that there is a fine line to walk here: if your vocabulary is too complicated, it could get you a low readability score. No matter how authoritative you sound, if the readability of the writing is low, you won’t rank well.

Using industry-specific terminology is another great way to bypass AI detectors. This will also help you sound like an expert on the subject and make your writing more informative to your audience.

5. Provide More Specific Commands to Your AI Tools

The technology behind AI tools might not be perfect, but there are ways to get a more refined answer. With a chatbot like ChatGPT, you can provide more specific and detailed prompts that will help make your AI text more human. How can you do this? Here is an example: 

Add in two screenshots of ChatGPT with two separate questions, phrased differently.

ChatGPT write me 100 words on the benefits of AI prompt

Notice that when asked about the benefits of AI, ChatGPT provides this answer. It is good, but not great, as it tries hard to focus on a specific area of benefits. 

ChatGPT write me 100 words on how AI can make the world a better place prompt

When we re-phrase the question to specifically ask how AI can make the world a better place, ChatGPT knows to focus on how it can benefit humans. While there is some overlap, it narrows in on the health, education, and future safety of humans. 

By training your AI chatbot over time, it will learn to better provide you answers for the types of questions you ask. Over time, this will result in a more streamlined approach to generating the content, which is the main benefit of using AI to begin with. 

What is an AI Humanizer Tool?

Let’s dive deeper into understanding what an AI humanizer tool entails.

AI humanizer tools serve as the bridge between machine-generated content and humanized writing styles, like translation. By editing output generated from artificial intelligence to appear more natural, engaging, relatable, and mechanical-free, AI humanizer tools provide content that better flows and engages its target audiences more deeply while remaining mechanical-free.

Such tools are also known as undetectable AI writing tools. Some of them allow you to humanize ai text free of charge for a period of time, usually a free trial.

Don’t take this for granted, though—keep in mind it is the result of algorithms designed for language comprehension.

These AI text humanizer tools employ artificial intelligence patterns known as natural language processing (NLP) to mimic human writing styles, including casual tones and the use of sarcasm when appropriate or imitating humor without altering the meaning.

Don’t worry if the words ‘algorithms’ or ‘NLP’ seem intimidating. What matters is that these tools have been created to enrich our engagement with AI by injecting humanity and warmth into an otherwise impersonal or mechanical interface.

The Bottom Line: Best Ways to Humanize AI Text

Even if we didn’t know it a the time, the day that ChatGPT was released, the writing industry changed forever. AI is here to stay, and content writers will likely be competing against new and ever-advancing software tools for the foreseeable future.

Google will try its best to continue to reward high-quality and informative human-made content. But the writing is on the wall when Google announced that not all AI-generated content will be considered spam. 

As time goes on, we will see AI being integrated more into our daily lives. For writers, we can either choose to compete with AI or use it to our advantage.

With the five simple tips I provided, you can use AI to improve your work, not replace it. AI is still in its infancy, and it might be a while yet until it completely replaces human-made content. Until then, if you can learn how to utilize these AI tools, you can continue to create high-quality content with a little bit of help. 

Vaslou is a passionate digital creator and blogger who loves to explore unique paths to generate online income. He’s also a musician, always looking for exciting paths to articulate his inventive spirit in the musical realm. When he’s not at work on his online endeavors, Vasco loves to delve into spiritual realms to become a better version of himself.

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