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Discover The Best AI Humanizer Tools That Bypass Detectors: Both Free and Paid

best AI humanizer tools that bypass AI detectors

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If you’re looking for the best AI humanizer tools to help you bypass AI detectors, this list will provide you with the best picks out there that can actually transform your AI-generated text into undetectable AI text.

The evaluation involved various AI detection tools, with—a paid service renowned for its robustness and difficulty to deceive—being employed for the most stringent test. This means that if the content passes, it passes all others.

The last thing you want is to throw out money on an AI humanizer tool just to figure out later your content has been detected as AI.

Choosing one of these tools will ensure you can continue to use your favorite AI writing tool without being detected.

Let’s move on!

How I Tested the Best AI Humanizer Tools

Humanizing AI content is still a relatively recent trend in the industry. As a matter of fact, it’s also funny to see AI tricking AI!

I scoured the internet to find the tools that could humanize AI-generated content, and from all those I found, only the ones that passed my criteria ended up featuring on this list. It’s simple—it must pass, the most fierce AI detector you can find. is a paid service, and as such, not all tools have access to it. But even those tools that claim to bypass it, not all of them are authentic (at least 100% of the time).

I also tested tools like GPTinf and Huxli to find out that they were flagged 100% written by AI. Although they’re considered AI humanizer tools, and while they certainly may pass other detectors, I didn’t include them on this list.

What are the Best AI Humanizer Tools?

1. Undetectable AI

Best overall.

Undetectable AI interface

Key Features

  • It cross-checks between several AI detectors before you humanize the content.
  • The software’s algorithms undergo regular updates to keep pace with the latest AI detection systems.
  • Includes several options for readability and purpose.
  • It offers different human strength levels.


  • Offers excellent value for money, allowing you to save 50% on yearly plans.
  • You can select from several tones for the humanization process.
  • Access all the previous humanization documents inside your dashboard.


  • At times, the tool may experience glitches, resulting in blank text.

Undetectable AI Overview is, without a doubt, one of the best AI humanizers out there. Apart from being a pioneer in the field, they offer something other humanizers don’t: different output styles.

Whether you’re publishing a report, marketing content, a piece of journalism, a cover letter, legal material, or others, the tool’s AI model can transform your AI content into high-quality writing that follows those styles.

Other tools also don’t display a likelihood score like Undetectable AI does. Instead of checking all AI detectors manually, you can cross-check the most popular and free ones right inside the dashboard.

It’s no wonder they have been featured on CBS, Fox, NBC, BuzzFeed, and other prestigious outlets. Besides, they offer an enticing pricing plan, entitling you to get 6 months for free when you subscribe annually.

You can read more about the tool in my in-depth review.

I Tested Undetectable AI

I asked ChatGPT to write about 120 words on the topic “How digital nomads stay mentally healthy.” I cross-checked the AI content detectors Undetectable AI provides, and this was the result.

Undetectable AI checks for originality of ChatGPT output for digital nomads

Just to make sure the content is really flagged as AI, I also passed it through, the most challenging detector on the market.

Originality AI score for ChatGPT output about digital nomads

Yes, ChatGPT content is definitely flagged as being AI-generated.

Putting Undetectable AI to the test, I ran the content through the highest humanization level it offers.

Undetectable AI humanization strength levels

And here’s the output.

Undetectable AI humanization output for ChatGPT text about digital nomads

Now the test begins! Will pass this content as human?

Originality AI score for Undetectable AI output

As you can see, using the latest AI detection model (2.0), it came out as 98% human content. If it passes, it passes all AI detectors.

It’s important to note that there were some grammar elements to fix, like adding commas, hyphens, and even combining sentences. Also, make sure you edit the text in order to give your personal viewpoints, helping you make more meaningful contact with the reader.

2. HideMyAI

Best for conversational content.


Key Features

  • Cross-checks the most popular AI detectors, including
  • You can select the type of writing, readability level, and perspective.
  • Allows you to upload documents in TXT or DOCX to humanize AI written content in bulk.
  • Supports English, Spanish, Russian, and French.


  • Match the content to your desired style.
  • Great for multilingual purposes.
  • Besides avoiding AI detection, it makes the content more humanlike and conversational.


  • You have to fix grammar errors and remove slang words if you wish a more polished text.

HideMyAI Overview

HideMyAI is an outstanding AI humanizer tool that helps you create truly undetectable AI content that bypasses all AI content detection tools. Furthermore, it displays the detection probability of (the only tool that does it), Turnitin, CopyLeaks, ZeroGPT, and Content at Scale.

As one of the best alternatives, it offers a similar interface but with more advanced AI options, such as matching the perspective of the text to the first, second, or third person.

Moreover, if you generate content in Spanish, Russian, or French, HideMyAI has you covered. As the only undetectable AI tool to provide multilingual support, you can humanize your AI content to reach a global audience.

And lastly, you can import documents in bulk for simultaneous AI humanization.

I Tested HideMyAI

Using the same sample provided by ChatGPT, I put HideMyAI to the test.

HideMyAI humanization on ChatGPT text about digital nomads

For starters, HideMyAI language skills are not as professional as Undetectable AI’s. For instance, you see slang words like “gotta” and others. It also adds two spaces after each period. It’s normal to see some commas and apostrophes missing.

However, that’s not a problem. flagged it as 85% human content, even after fixing those aspects and replacing the slang words with more appropriate ones.

Originality AI score for HideMyAI humanization output

If the content score had beaten Undetectable AI’s, this tool would be at the top of the list.

3. Netus AI

Best for originality and creativeness.

Netus AI

Key Features

  • An all-in-one tool with a paraphraser, summarizer, AI detector, and AI bypasser.
  • All content is plagiarism-free.
  • It offers multiple algorithms for bypassing AI detectors.


  • It provides a fast AI check before you humanize your content.
  • You can fine-tune the humanization process.
  • There’s no need for extra tools when it comes to plagiarism checker.


  • The interface is a bit clunky.
  • Too many algorithm choices can overwhelm you.

Netus AI Overview

Netus AI is a paraphraser tool that not only rewrites your text but humanizes it using AI. Besides beating AI detectors, it also bypasses plagiarism checkers, so you can rest assured your content is original.

As one of the best AI tools for humanized content, you can check for AI within the dashboard, although they don’t give you any clue about which detector was flagged.

One thing I like about Netus over most other tools on this list of the best AI humanizers is the creativity of the output. It really strives to give a more creative spin to your text, including analogies, conversational tones, and even humor.

I Tested Netus AI

Netus AI may seem to have a more cluttered interface, especially the AI Bypasser feature. Besides having Detector V1 and Detector V2, it currently offers 50 bypassed algorithms. According to them, V30 to V50 works well for all AI detectors, including Let’s see if they’re being truthful.

I pasted the original text from ChatGPT on the left and checked it for AI within the platform. Netus clearly flagged the orange section as being AI-generated.

Netus AI humanizer tool example with ChatGPT generated text

On the AI Bypasser window, I first chose the Bypasser V50 algorithm, and flagged it as 100% AI. However, after choosing the V46, it returned a 96% human score.

Originality AI score for Netus AI humanization output

Despite the V50 being detected by, I ran the same output on different detectors, and all of them returned a 100% human score. This is not pure science, and you’ll have to do tests on your side to achieve your desired result.

4. Chat by

Best for high-quality content generation.

Copy AI the best free AI writing software

Key Features

  • Ask the software what you want, including generating content that avoids AI detectors.
  • Analyze websites for detailed information.
  • Get factual data from Google searches.
  • Unlimited content generation.


  • It always uses the latest AI models, so you always get the finest quality.
  • Once you find the best prompt, you can keep it in your favorites to use later.
  • Highly conversational tool.


  • It doesn’t check for plagiarism or AI detection.

Chat by Overview

You might be wondering why is in this roundup review. In fact, is one of the best free AI writing tools with a lifetime free plan. But that’s not all.

Unlike other AI chats that can retrieve information about Google searches, Chat by is the only AI writer that can analyze webpages, YouTube videos, and websites in general to bring you detailed information about them.

It also uses the latest AI technology, GPT-4, for generating AI-written content, improving the quality of your material.

I Tested

Because it is a chat tool, you can ask it whatever you want. In this case, I asked to humanize the content for me. Here’s a screenshot that depicts it.

I asked Chat by Copy AI to humanize content and pass AI detectors

Just by looking at the text, I’d tell it would be flagged as AI—and it was! But that’s not the end of it.

Because we’re dealing with an AI chat, I can refine my question or simply follow up with it, saying it doesn’t pass AI detectors.

Chat by Copy AI prompt saying the content doesn't pass AI detectors

And here’s the magic of this AI tool. Look at what it answered back.

Chat by Copy AI response when I asked to humanize content in a wat that passes AI detectors

After pasting this new content into, it flagged it as being 54% original.

Originality AI score for Chat by Copy AI output when asked to humanize AI content

Not bad for an AI writing tool. You can’t get this with any other AI writer, and apart from that, it’s one of the reasons I highly recommend to anyone interested in generating written content with artificial intelligence.

Besides, you can input your brand voice and be very specific about it for every text generation the software does. This is vital if you want genuine content that has the potential to bypass AI detectors.

And if it still flags as AI content, keep refining your prompts and brand voice. Eventually, you’ll get there. And don’t worry—the premium plan offers unlimited words.

5. WordAI

Best rewriter.


Key Features

  • Create 1,000 variations simultaneously while maintaining originality.
  • Rewrite multiple documents simultaneously.
  • Make your content more human.
  • Protect words, titles, URLs, and quotes from being rewritten.


  • It lets you repurpose content while maintaining originality.
  • Easy-to-use interface.
  • You can integrate with Article Forge, an undetectable AI writing tool, to create several variations of your articles.


  • The AI humanization may not prove to be truly optimal.

WordAI Overview

WordAI is a premium rewriter tool that lets you create unlimited variations of your content. If you want to repurpose your content on multiple platforms without plagiarizing yourself, this is your tool.

It also includes an “Avoid AI Detection” tool that makes your AI-generated content more human. And this is key: “more human,” not “human.” You’ll see why in the testing section below.

Unlike other tools like, WordAI (review) transforms your content with almost no grammar errors. It also puts the changes in meaning and structure to a minimum. Apart from that, you can choose two levels to humanize writing: “change less” and “change more.” The “change more” feature helps more difficult content bypass AI content detectors.

I Tested WordAI

Using the same ChatGPT answer about the digital nomads, here’s what WordAI created.

WordAI rewritten text to test if it passes AI detectors

And here’s the result from

Originality AI score for WordAI output about digital nomads

That’s disappointing!

However, other AI detectors flagged the content as being truly human. Here’s the result with Content at Scale’s AI detector.

Content at Scale AI detection score for WordAI output about digital nomads

And here’s with ZeroGPT.

ZeroGPT AI detection score for WordAI output about digital nomads


Writer com AI detection score for WordAI output about digital nomads

So, why do I include WordAI in this article? Well, AI content detectors are not perfect, and even the best tools have false positives. In fact, 1.56% of the time, human-written content is accused of being AI-written.

Here is some critical information to keep in mind. According to,

When any amount of AI touches the content, it can cause the entire article to be flagged as AI.

AI Outline, Human Written and heavily AI Edited = AI-Generated Text.

—Jonathan Gillham, CEO of

Ultimately, no AI detection tool can conclusively prove that your content was definitely generated by AI.

Best AI Tools to Humanize AI Content: Final Verdict

If you want to turn flagged AI content into high-quality original content, these best AI humanizer tools will cover you. However, it’s important to remember that AI technology is constantly evolving, and what stands as truth today might not hold the same certainty by tomorrow.

In light of this, learning how to humanize AI content is crucial, including not only using tools like the ones above but also your own human creativity.

But if you’re lazy right now, I highly recommend going with Undetectable AI or HideMyAI for similar features and pricing. On the other hand, if you require an outstanding AI writing tool, go with Chat by

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