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5 Best Online AI Writing Assistant Tools for Accurate and Error-Free Text

best online AI writing assistant tools

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Looking for the best online AI writing assistant tools to create grammatically correct text? I’ve got you covered.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is gradually revolutionizing the human experience while making the freelance experience easier and more seamless. For instance, freelancers spend less time coming up with content thanks to the best AI text generator tools.

But while there’s a vast number of AI marketing tools emerging, we shouldn’t forget to double-check the AI-generated content. As a matter of fact, we should always remember that these AI writing tools are mere assistants.

Therefore, relying solely on them to create our content should be avoided at all costs.

The funny thing is we can use AI writing assistants to analyze and proofread our AI-generated text and, of course, our human text as well.

That’s why in this article, I share the best online AI writing assistant tools to help you create error-free text.

What Are the Best Online AI Writing Assistants for Error-Free Text? 

1. Grammarly


If you have ever been tasked with writing an article or paper, you’ve probably come across Grammarly at one point or another.

Grammarly is an AI-powered proofreading assistant that leaves no stone unturned when it comes to grammar checking. It offers multiple services, such as pinpointing grammatical and linguistic issues. To top it off, it also has an inbuilt plagiarism-checking function.

As part of a move to make it more efficient, it is accessible in multiple formats. For instance, you can integrate it as an extension to your browser. Doing this makes it easy to pinpoint errors in any form of writing, helping escalate your communication process.

When you sign up for Grammarly’s free plan, you’ll be able to automatically pinpoint grammar, language, and spelling issues, enrich your text with vocabulary diversity, and fix issues you would usually normally miss out on.

Grammarly comes in a free plan, which works fine, although the free package offers limited services. However, it provides a free AI generative feature, helping you easily ideate, compose, rewrite, and personalize AI content. On the other hand, if you want error-free and spotless writing with a plagiarism checker, consider the paid option, which most professionals use (including myself).

Key Features

  • Grammar and Spelling Checks: Grammarly identifies complex grammatical errors and spelling mistakes in your writing.
  • Punctuation Correction: It reviews and corrects punctuation mistakes to improve the clarity of your content.
  • Style Suggestions: Grammarly provides style suggestions to help improve the overall readability of your text.
  • Plagiarism Detection: It checks your content across millions of websites to ensure your work is original and not copied.
  • Writing Insights: Grammarly offers detailed performance stats about your writing to help you understand your strengths and areas of improvement.


  • Free – This lifetime free plan offers you the basic tools to help you write grammatically correct text.
  • Premium ($12/mo) – Access advanced features, such as the plagiarism checker, tone suggestions, formatting, and full sentence rewrites.
  • Business ($15/mo) – Access brand tones and other features tailored to large teams.

2. Linguix


Linguix, an AI-driven writing assistant, is built with the sole purpose of improving your writing experience. Imagine a helpful companion that stands by your side, scanning your writing for errors while providing practical suggestions. With Linguix, you’ll unlock the potential to create top-notch content that speaks volumes.

While working on your next article, email, or report, Linguix keeps an attentive eye on grammar, spelling, and punctuation slip-ups. The moment an error arises, it swoops in with a helpful recommendation.

Rather than imposing an artificial style, Linguix respects the essence of your work, focusing on enhancing clarity and coherence. Rest assured, your writing remains uniquely yours.

Equipped with an easy-to-use interface, Linguix delivers real-time feedback, allowing you to swiftly implement its suggestions. Happen to be juggling work in different languages? Not a problem. Linguix accommodates everyone from English to Spanish, German, French, and beyond.

In the end, Linguix isn’t here to replace you, but rather to help you excel in your writing endeavors. Linguix simply helps you polish the final product, ensuring your message shines through with clarity and impact.

Key Features

  • Grammar and Spelling Checks: Linguix identifies and corrects grammatical errors and spelling mistakes, refining your writing.
  • Real-time Suggestions: As you draft your content, Linguix provides prompt feedback and improvement suggestions, streamlining your editing process.
  • Contextual Recommendations: It understands contextual language variations, giving relevant suggestions based on the specific meaning of words used in your text.
  • Multilingual Support: Linguix supports multiple languages like English, Spanish, French, and German, among others, catering to a broader audience with diverse language needs.
  • Style and Readability: This writing assistant offers insights into your writing style and readability levels, guiding you toward crafting more engaging and easy-to-follow content.


  • Free – Linguix’s free plan only lets you fix basic grammatical errors.
  • Pro ($5/mo) – With an annual subscription, you get the lowest price for getting advanced features, such as full sentence rewrites and writing recommendations.
  • Team (custom quote) – This plan allows you to protect your brand voice.

3. WordAI


WordAi is an AI online writing assistant designed to streamline your content creation, using machine learning to generate rewrites that are virtually indistinguishable from human-written content.

Instead of simply exchanging words for synonyms, WordAi understands the context and meaning of each sentence. It then reshapes the sentence while optimizing for clarity, readability, and uniqueness.

Prevailing over typical language barriers, WordAi combs your content for any grammatical or spelling errors and rectifies them. As mentioned in my WordAI review, this AI writing assistant software also enriches your work with contextually appropriate LSI keywords, enhancing your content’s SEO potential.

Have a piece that seems too wordy? WordAi has got your back. It will transform lengthy sentences into crisply articulated points without diluting your original message, , thus creating high-quality content in seconds.

From diversifying your marketing copy to creating unique content that resonates with readers and ranks high on Google, WordAi goes beyond a traditional text rewriter.

With WordAi, not only is your content spruced up, but your overall content production process becomes significantly more efficient and effective.

Key Features

  • Multilevel Paraphrasing: WordAi understands context and meaning at multiple levels – sentences, paragraphs, and even the entire article. This ensures rewrites that are clear, readable, and unique.
  • LSI Keyword Integration: It goes beyond simple rewording to enhance your content’s SEO potential, incorporating LSI keywords where contextually appropriate.
  • Automated Spelling and Grammar Corrections: Errors in grammar or spelling? Not to worry. WordAi automatically refines your content, ensuring it’s grammatically correct and free from spelling mistakes.
  • Conciseness: WordAi transforms lengthy, wordy sentences into concise, straight-to-the-point expressions without losing the original meaning.
  • Human-like Text Rewriting: Leveraging machine learning, WordAi creates rewrites that are almost indistinguishable from a human’s penmanship, adding authenticity to your content.


  • Starter ($9/mo) – Rewrite 50k words and humanize 25k AI words.
  • Power ($27/mo) – Rewrite 3M words and humanize 250k AI words.
  • Custom – Access high volume usage and increased throughput.

4. Quillbot

Quillbot free AI paraphraser

QuillBot is a sophisticated AI-based paraphrasing tool that aims to enhance your writing experience while simplifying the task of rephrasing sentences or paragraphs. Its primary function is to help you restructure your text, maintaining the original meaning while making it more unique and engaging.

With a user-friendly interface, QuillBot empowers you to control the level of vocabulary change using the Synonym Slider. Moving it to the left generates a more accurate rephrasing with minimal alterations while sliding it to the right introduces a more creative output.

Need help choosing the right synonym? QuillBot’s AI-powered thesaurus is at your service, offering tailored suggestions that align with your intended meaning.

The platform offers seamless integration with popular workspaces such as Chrome, Microsoft Word, and Gmail. This means you can access QuillBot’s paraphrasing power directly while working on an email, document, or social media post—no need to switch between windows.

You can read my Quillbot review to learn more about this AI online writing assistant.

Key Features

  • Advanced Paraphrasing: QuillBot uses AI technology to reformulate your sentences, providing unique ways to express the same meaning. It’s like seeing your thoughts through a fresh lens.
  • Synonym Slider: This feature allows you to control the level of vocabulary transformation. Slide towards accuracy for minimal changes or towards creativity for a more adventurous rephrasing.
  • QuillBot Thesaurus: Stuck for words? QuillBot’s inbuilt thesaurus delivers precisely the synonyms you need, helping you weave words with finesse.
  • Multiple Writing Modes: QuillBot offers you various writing styles like Standard, Fluency, Creative, and more. It’s your choice how you would like your sentences restructured.
  • Cross-platform Integration: No need to switch screens, QuillBot’s paraphrasing prowess can be accessed directly in your workspace—be it Microsoft Word, Google Chrome, or Gmail.


  • Basic (Free) – Get 125 words in the paraphrase and two modes.
  • Premium ($8.33/mo) – Get all advanced features, including a plagiarism checker.

5. Wordtune


Wordtune is a revolutionary AI tool that amplifies your writing capabilities and assists you to articulate your thoughts more effectively. Serving as an astute companion, Wordtune smartly remodels your sentences while maintaining your original intent.

Whether you’re crafting a concise email, a persuasive sales pitch, or building your thesis, Wordtune adapts to your context matching the tone and style that suits you best. This is more than just grammatical corrections. It’s about rethinking your sentences to ensure they express exactly what you’ve in mind.

The power of Wordtune lies in its unique ability to provide different alternatives for your sentences, thus widening your language repertoire. With these alternative suggestions, you can explore diverse ways to present your ideas.

Wordtune integrates smoothly with your workflow, sidestepping disturbing interruptions and making happier writing hours. Plus, with functionality across multiple platforms, you’ve got your trusted writing assistant wherever and whenever you’re penning your thoughts.

Key Features

  • Sentence Rewording: Wordtune rephrases your text while preserving its meaning, offering alternative ways to express your ideas clearly and effectively.
  • Contextual Understanding: The AI-driven tool understands the context of your writing, ensuring the reworded sentences align with the original intent and tone.
  • Tone Adapting: Wordtune matches your preferred writing style, whether you need a conversational, formal, or persuasive tone, thus adding versatility to your content.
  • Cross-platform Compatibility: Wordtune integrates smoothly with Google Chrome, Google Docs, and Microsoft Word, making it easily accessible across various platforms.
  • Real-time Suggestions: As you write, Wordtune generates sentence alternatives on the go, helping you quickly refine your text without disrupting your workflow.


  • Free – Get unlimited text corrections but only 10 rewrites a day.
  • Plus ($9.99/mo) – Get 30 rewrites a day, plus unlimited recommendations.
  • Unlimited ($14.99/mo) – Everything unlimited, plus premium support.

FAQs on the Best Online AI Writing Assistants

Having trouble with pesky grammar errors and spelling mistakes that sneak into your work? Consider this friendly guide as your personal roadmap of FAQs on online AI writing assistants specializing in catching those nasty little errors.

What is an AI writing assistant for spell checks and grammar?

In the simplest terms, these online assistants are powered by artificial intelligence, designed to help you refine your written content. Think of them as watchful hawks, swooping in to pick out spelling errors and grammar mistakes that you might have missed.

Unlike AI writers, such as Rytr or Copy AI, known for their AI copywriting features, including long-form content, blog posts, product descriptions, and social media posts, the best AI writing assistants tools for spell checks and grammar don’t generate content from scratch. Instead, they help you refine your own text, allowing you to produce quality content quickly by helping you avoid grammar mistakes, vocabulary repetition, and other errors, ultimately generating high-quality content. 

How does an AI writing assistant improve my writing?

To put it in perspective, imagine having a personal writing coach at your beck and call. This coach scrutinizes your work, highlights the errors, and suggests alternatives to improve your writing. It’s as much about correcting your current work as it is about helping you learn and avoid those mistakes in the future.

Are these assistants really good at detecting errors?

Yes, they are trained to catch even the minor mistakes that human eyes might glaze over during a quick review. However, it’s important to bear in mind that while they are accurate, no tool is perfect. Always give your content a final human review to ensure context and meaning remain intact.

Do AI writing assistants understand context?

Yes, many advanced versions have the ability to consider context in their analysis. This means they can understand the difference between homophones like “their, they’re, and there” in a sentence or can notice if a commonly confused word is being used incorrectly.

Will these assistants make my writing less human?

Not at all. Remember that their job isn’t to change your voice but to ensure it is heard clearly, without the interruption of grammatical errors or spelling mistakes. They’re there to polish your content, not to rob it of its personality.

Can AI writing assistants write essays?

If you’re thinking, “Can these tools write my essay for me?” you should look elsewhere. These online assistants only proofread your work and suggest sentence and structure changes to improve readability while providing grammatically correct text.

For tools that can write high-quality content, I suggest you check out the best AI writing software. But if you need someone to write essays for you, check out this review—you’ll get certified professional writers to create your custom essay.

Who should use these writing assistants?

Everyone who aspires to produce clear, professional, and near impeccable written content should use at least one of these tools. Whether you’re a professional writer, student, or someone who often emails and communicates through written English, you can benefit from these AI-powered online assistants.

Best Online AI Writing Assistant: Conclusion

Even though these assistants have resourceful tools, they are not perfect. You always have to double-check every recommendation, as not all “errors” are made equal.

Getting the basics right is often the first step to effective communication. Allow these AI writing assistants into your writing journey, and you might find yourself harnessing the full potential of your ideas, expressed in words as precisely and effectively as possible.

Now, go forth, write, and let your AI assistant help create the most refined version of your thoughts.

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