Legendary Marketer Affiliate Program Review (My Beginner Results)

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In this Legendary Marketer affiliate program review, we will take a look at some of the commissions I’ve earned with Legendary Marketer.

We’re also going to look at some of the future commissions that I might earn with Legendary Marketer.

That way, you can get a pretty good idea of how much money you can make with the Legendary Marketer program.

I’m relatively new to Legendary Marketer, so the first thing I did was test the program to see if it’s good and legit.

I found it to be an excellent way for beginners to make money online.

And here’s why:

Legendary Marketer delivers top-notch training, events, and services to their customers, and will give you commissions for every single thing their customers ever buy. Like your own business.

So, let’s look at some of the commissions I’ve earned, and then we’ll take a look at some of the potential commissions you can make when you get set up with this program.

My Legendary Marketer Commissions

This is my email inbox, and these are some of the commissions that I’ve earned recently.

Legendary Marketer affiliate program commission in my email inbox

The cool thing about Legendary Marketer is that every time you earn a commission, they send you a notification. It’s great to wake up and see your inbox full of commission notifications.

Sometimes there are multiple commissions on the same day.

Now, let’s look at five different types of commissions I’ve earned with Legendary Marketer. 

1. Legendary Marketers Club affiliate commission

These commission notifications do have some sensitive information in there, like the name of the person who bought the product and even their phone number. I don’t want to reveal that, so that’s why you see all those dark rectangles.

Legendary Marketers Club affiliate commission

This first product is an $18 commission for someone who purchased Legendary Marketers Club.

The cool thing about the Marketers Club is that it’s a monthly recurring commission. It costs the person who buys it $30 every single month. With $30, they get access to training to help them become a better marketer. 

And that means you, as the affiliate who referred the purchase of that product, are going to earn $18 every single month, as long as that person stays active in the Marketers Club. And that monthly recurring revenue will go a long way in creating passive income.

That’s one of many reasons why the Legendary Marketer affiliate program is so good.

2. Insider’s Guide to Affiliate Marketing affiliate commission

The next commission happened to be a $0.79 commission. 

Legendary Marketer Insiders Guide to Affiliate Marketing ebook affiliate commission

This isn’t really going to move the needle, but it is an important point. Recently, Legendary Marketer and Dave Sharpe, who is the head of Legendary Marketer, released the Insider’s Guide to Affiliate Marketing ebook and some bonuses that came along with it.

The book costs $1.99, and it only earned me a $0.79 commission. What happens here is two things:

  1. We know that Legendary Marketer is constantly putting out programs. They are always trying to increase the lifetime value of the customers.
  2. And because they are our customers too, that means Legendary Marketer is working very hard to increase the lifetime value of our customers. Every time they make a sale, we earn our share.

But the cool thing about this is that this is like a re-engagement tactic.

This means that people get into Legendary Marketer by purchasing some upfront low-ticket product. But then they get the shiny object syndrome (like we all do, right?), and they get stagnant.

But when Legendary Marketer sends them an unbelievable offer, like this Insider’s Guide to Affiliate Marketing ebook plus the bonuses, and it only costs $1.99, people are going to be like, “Sure, I’ll pay for that.”

So the $0.79 commission is not the big deal. The big deal is that you are engaging those customers attributed to you by having them purchase another product.

They are re-establishing themselves in the Legendary Marketer system. This is another commitment from some potentially stagnant referrals. So, this will re-energize them, and this will help you earn some of the more significant back-end commissions that we’re going to see next.

Join the 15 Day Challenge

3. 15 Day Online Business Builder Challenge affiliate commission

This is the $2.80 commission I earned from the 15 Day Online Business Builder Challenge.

Legendary Marketer 15 Day Business Builder Challenge affiliate commission

This is the tripwire offer, the front-end offer that most affiliates promote. And there’s a reason why it’s so popular: it’s packed with tons of valuable information for anyone just starting out. Legendary Marketer really over-delivers in this video course for the $7 they charge.

It’s one of the best offers you can make to your audience.

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And if you really want to learn the nuts and bolts of affiliate marketing that can skyrocket your online business for success, join the 15 Day Challenge and see for yourself if it’s the right fir for you.

Here is my affiliate dashboard.

Legendary Marketer 15 Day Challenge affiliate dashboard capture page

By scrolling down the page, you’ll find different affiliate links you can use. They have links for the capture page, sales page, and checkout page.

If you send your traffic right to the 15 Day Challenge homepage (the one in the image above), Legendary Marketer will collect their email addresses and will follow up with them.

However, after they collect their email, even if they don’t buy on the first round, they’ll still be attributed to you, thanks to your unique affiliate URL. This means that when they do buy, you’ll get the commission.

As I said, this is a tripwire offer in which the primary intent is to get that first commitment from people. Because when people invest in something (even if it’s only $7), they are more likely to invest more money. 

That’s why Legendary Marketer is one of the best high-ticket affiliate programs around. They understand how marketing works.

Business Builder Challenge Funnel

Business Builder Challenge Funnel

This “Business Builder Challenge Funnel” details page breaks down the funnel. Hence, you understand the value ladder implemented here and how much you can earn by promoting the 15 Day Challenge.

You have the front-end offer for $7. After they purchase the tripwire offer, they will be immediately offered the upsell of the Marketers Club ($30/mo), which is the monthly recurring revenue.

A lot of people will take that right upfront. So, right off the bat, they’ve committed the $7, but now they’re in for another $30 a month which will earn you another $18 per month.

And it can go as high as the Business Blueprints & Coaching ($9,500) which can earn you a $2,850 commission.

This is how the whole thing builds.

4. Super Affiliate Secrets affiliate commission

This next commission is from the Super Affiliate Secrets. It earned me $6.80 in commissions.

Legendary Marketer Super Affiliate Secrets affiliate commission

The cool thing about this is I have no idea what this product is. I’ve never heard of the Super Affiliate Secrets.

But that again is the great thing about Legendary Marketer: they’re constantly creating new products and subsequent offers to increase the lifetime value of their customers.

All I have to do is refer these people (my leads) to Legendary Marketer once. Then Legendary Marketer does all the back-end marketing. So, even if I referred this person three months ago, today, maybe they purchased Super Affiliate Secrets, and I earn a free $6.80.

Essentially, it’s all part of the business.

5. Business Blueprint Bundle affiliate commission

Then we get to this $1,000 commission from the Business Blueprint Bundle. Once again, they’re moving people up the value ladder.

Legendary Marketer Business Blueprint Bundle affiliate commission

The bottom line is, that’s a $1,000 commission I earned from someone I referred to a $7 tripwire offer.  

I didn’t have to:

  • Create the back-end product.
  • Do any of the back-end marketing.

Legendary Marketer is taking care of that for me. 

So, those are some of the few commissions I’ve earned over the past couple of months.

And to be as honest and transparent as I can, I’ll tell you I’ve been promoting the 15 Day Challenge on TikTok for little over a month. All these commissions came from TikTok traffic, which is insane right now!

If you want to leverage this emerging social media platform that’s making videos go viral very easily, I recommend you check out 15-Second Free Leads, a $1 course that will give you the insights you need to boost your TikTok account so you can have more free leads flowing into your business.

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Start Thinking Long-Term

As I mentioned at the beginning of this Legendary Marketer affiliate program review, I’m just getting started here.

This will continue to build and build and build because I’m getting leads into the $7 offer almost every day.

However, they might not buy that $2,5000 Business Blueprint Bundle that earns me a $1,000 commission until six months from now. Yet, I’m getting people into the system.

Every day, I’m adding more people into the system, and every day Legendary Marketer is marketing on the back-end.

That means, every day, I can potentially earn a $1,000 commission or a $2,000 commission.

That’s how you got to think long-term. And yes, you’ll make some money upfront, but the big money comes in after you’ve been doing this for a couple of months.

Other Legendary Marketer Affiliate Commissions

Let’s look at some of the other potential commission opportunities.

Legendary Marketer affiliate commissions

There’s Traffic University, a $1,497 one-time offer that pays you a $598 commission. 

There’s also the Affiliate Marketing Business Blueprint, the Digital Products Business Blueprint, the Coaching & Consulting Business Blueprint, and the Events & Masterminds Business Blueprints.

All of these blueprints will cater to a different set of entrepreneurs who want to be digital business owners.

Every time somebody buys one of these blueprints, you as the affiliate earn $1,000. That’s a great opportunity.

If someone purchases the Business Blueprints with Coaching, you could earn a $2,850 commission in one day.

The only downside of earning these Pro commissions instead of the Basic ones is that you need to purchase a Pro membership for $29.95/mo. However, when commissions start coming in regularly, the membership won’t be relevant, as you can imagine.

How To Become a Legendary Marketer Affiliate

Legendary Marketer does not accept everyone into their affiliate program. It’s a fact.

They want to make sure all their affiliates are people with integrity and have already some know-how of the technical aspects of online marketing.

They’ll ask you if you have any experience in building funnels, email marketing, and that sort of stuff.

But don’t let that scare you! The 15 Day Challenge will provide you with some experience in this business side of things. Besides, you need to complete the challenge to be accepted as an affiliate.

If you want an in-depth look at what’s inside this challenge, you can read my 15 Day Challenge Review.

Join the 15 Day Challenge

Furthermore, you’ll be automatically admitted as an affiliate by purchasing the Business Blueprint Bundle offered inside the 15 Day Challenge.

The good news is, I can also help you with that. In my Free Ebook, I’ll teach you the mindset, copywriting, and structure of the framework online business owners use every day to grow their businesses.

I’m by no means comparing this ebook to the 15 Day Challenge. Don’t get me wrong here!

It’s just a way to help you get started and gain experience building and automating your framework, as I give you the opportunity to clone it.

If you want to get your hands on the 2-page funnel I use to promote Legendary Marketer, I’m allowing you the opportunity to CLONE it and rebrand it as your own.

You can grab a copy of my Free Ebook that will teach you how to do it, or you can go straight to this page where you have all the resources you need to start. That way, you can get it up and running as fast as possible.

Free ebook High Ticket Affiliate Blueprint

Legendary Marketer Affiliate Program: Conclusion

Legendary Marketer is set up professionally. They have:

  • The value ladder.
  • The sales letters.
  • The sales team that is all working for you.
  • The tripwire offer.

One thing that I’ve learned over the past couple of years is that to become a better marketer of the affiliate product you’re promoting, you have to use the affiliate product.

If you invest in Legendary Marketer’s products, understand how it all works, and learn the system, you’re going to be a better marketer. It will help you exponentially.

You’ll make your money back ten thousand times over. 

Not only does Legendary Marketer provide a great structure to promote as an affiliate, but they also teach you as a member how to become a better marketer.

And if you haven’t done so, join the 15 Day Challenge and start investing in the skills that have the potential to make you financially free.

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