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WordAI Review: I Tested This Article Rewriter To See If It’s Worth It

WordAI review best article rewriter

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In the sphere of digital communication, employing smart tools to streamline content creation can help save time and effort. One such tool is WordAI, a machine-learning model that offers high-quality content rewrites.

If you’re curious about what the tool can provide for your content strategy, this WordAI review aims to delve deeper into its capabilities and functions. WordAI isn’t just a simple rephrasing engine. It goes beyond word replacement to understand the context and semantics of sentences, offering genuine, human-like rewritten content.

Imagine possessing the means to run your text through a system that not only enhances readability but also injects fresh expressions to communicate the same notions.

So, if you find yourself wrestling with writer’s block or need a fresh perspective on your ideas, WordAI might be a worthwhile option to explore. Read on for a comprehensive review of the tool.

What is WordAI?


WordAI is an advanced artificial intelligence-powered tool designed to optimize and redefine your content creation process.

As you strive to communicate ideas, WordAI’s machine learning capabilities help to rewrite your content, maintaining the essence while improving its readability and uniqueness. Not just re-phrasing but truly understanding the semantics of each sentence and rewriting it from scratch.

The tool doesn’t simply replace words but makes an effort to understand the overall meaning behind your sentences.

It tactfully detects and deploys LSI keywords, making the rewritten content both unique and SEO-friendly. In balancing originality and readability, WordAI introduces clarity by refining wordy content, offering concise, clear, and effective expressions of your ideas.

Apart from offering you diverse ways to communicate the same points, WordAI swiftly corrects spelling and grammar errors, ultimately augmenting the quality of your content.

Who is WordAI for?

  • Content Creators and Bloggers: WordAI can help leverage their content creation process by offering unique, high-quality, and readable rewrites. This allows for the diversification of marketing copy, beating writer’s block, and filling out the content calendar efficiently.
  • SEO Specialists: With the ability to generate optimized rewrites packed with LSI keywords, WordAI can fuel their SEO content pipelines, improving the chances of ranking higher on search engines without requiring an unlimited budget.
  • Marketing Agencies and Freelancers: WordAI’s efficiency and speed allow professionals to impress clients and create engaging content for readers. Enabling them to swiftly rewrite entire articles with varying levels of creativity, it assists in meeting deadlines and optimizing turnaround times.
  • Business Owners: For those looking to enhance their online presence across platforms, WordAI makes it simple to repurpose their existing content. By generating multiple unique variations, they can bolster their reach and engage a wider audience without compromising on quality.

As demonstrated above, WordAI caters to a diverse range of users by offering adaptable, AI-driven content solutions to improve content quality, SEO impact, and overall productivity.

How does WordAI work?

You might think figuring out how WordAI works is like solving a tricky puzzle, but actually, it’s pretty simple.

Picture yourself typing a catchy paragraph and then popping it into WordAI’s system. When you click the “Rewrite” button, the smart tool does its magic, learning the meaning behind your words. It’s not just about the words but the message they carry.

WordAI dashboard

The secret of WordAI is how it uses powerful learning techniques to mix up your words and make sense of them differently. It moves things around, picks the right word swaps, and keeps the style of your original content.

Now you’ve got a new version of your work that’s unique but still holds onto the key ideas of your original piece.

How to Use WordAI

WordAI is an AI-powered text rewriter designed to help you create high-quality content. This easy-to-use tool optimizes your content for readability, uniqueness, and ranking, all while maintaining the original meaning.

Follow these simple steps in this WordAI review to enhance your content production process efficiently.

Step 1: Sign Up for WordAI

Before using WordAI, you need to sign up for a free account. Head to WordAI’s official website and click the “Try It Free!” button. Then, fill out the registration form with your name, email address, and password, and click “Sign Up.”

You must give your credit card details or PayPal address to continue the free trial. 

In the spirit of complete transparency, it’s worth noting that WordAI provides you with a no-strings-attached 3-day free trial. This gives you a valuable window of opportunity to navigate its features and truly grasp its potential.

If WordAI doesn’t align with your content creation needs for any reason, rest assured there’s an easy exit. Simply cancel your subscription ahead of the trial’s conclusion.

Step 2: Enter Your Text

WordAI Rewrite Articles tab

In the Rewrite Articles tab, you can input your content by pasting or typing your original text. This could be an article, a blog post, or any other piece of text that you want to rewrite.

Ensure your input content is structured and formatted correctly, as this will help WordAI understand the context and provide better results.

Step 3: Configure the Settings

Before WordAI starts rewriting your text, you can configure several settings to ensure the output meets your requirements. Adjust the slider to control the level of creativity—from Conservative to Adventurous. A conservative setting will keep most of your original content, while an adventurous setting will provide more SEO-optimized and unique content rewrites.

WordAI conservative adventurous slide

Additionally, you can choose the number of variations you’d like to generate, up to more than 4 per original article. This feature can be quite handy if, for example, you’d like to repurpose your content on multiple platforms without repeating yourself.

Step 4: Start the Rewriting Process

After configuring the settings, click the “Rewrite” button to initiate rewriting. WordAI will use advanced machine learning algorithms to analyze your text, understand its meaning, and rewrite it from scratch. This process takes just a few seconds, after which WordAI will display the rewritten content.

Step 5: Review the Results

WordAI Rewrite example

Once WordAI finishes rewriting your text, review the results to ensure they meet your expectations. A cool feature of WordAI is that it can highlight unchanged phrases so that you can take a deeper analysis of the spinning process. 

Additionally, hovering over the text will highlight the initial text and its result, offering a better comparison view.

Here’s a piece of truth—while WordAI’s objective is to produce content that mirrors the quality of one crafted by human hands, I actively encourage you to embrace an element of scrutiny.

Just like a recipe tastes better with a final sprinkling of salt, WordAI’s output enhances with your review. Consider it your checkpoint for readability, grammar, and scale for articulating your initial thoughts.

Even the best of technology appreciates a human’s touch! So go ahead, and review each character, each word, and each line, ensuring you’re not just getting a rewrite but a content reflection that resonates with your original intent.

Step 6: Make Adjustments (Optional)

If unsatisfied with the result, you can manually edit the rewritten text within the WordAI platform. Alternatively, adjust the creativity slider to a different level and click “Rewrite” again to obtain a new variation of your content. Experiment with various settings until you find the perfect balance between uniqueness and quality.

It’s important to remember that WordAI has a word limitation on its plans, so use it wisely to avoid spending all your credits sooner than expected.

Step 7: Export Your Rewritten Content

WordAI export options

Once satisfied with the results, you can export the rewritten content in different formats, such as plain text, spintax, or HTML, depending on your requirements. You can also view and edit the rewrites in HTML or rich-text format.

WordAI Avoids AI Detection

WordAI Avoid AI Detection

Navigating the dynamic world of digital content creation can be challenging, particularly with the ubiquity of AI detectors seeking to distinguish artificial intelligence–generated text. However, WordAI empowers you with its innovative feature—Avoid AI Detection tool—to overcome this concern and produce human-readable content.

When it comes to creating unique content that outsmarts these detection mechanisms, the key lies in variance and authenticity, which WordAI stays true to. Channeling this principle, the consequence isn’t just a different set of words but a completely reinvented sentence structure that closely mimics human-like patterns.

The Avoid AI Detection tool employs this variance in crafting sentences. For instance, writing a good essay for an English class can be daunting. A usual course of action would be to thoroughly understand the prompt, plan and organize your essay, and use strong and varied sentence structure to express your idea. WordAI imbues these aspects into your text, keeping it engaging and unique.

The ingenuity of WordAI’s Avoid AI Detection tool lies in adapting these aspects of human behavior into its algorithms. It’s a process that not just brings textual transformation but ensures that the art of storytelling or information disbursement is maintained, making your text discernibly human-like.

Always remember that while using WordAI to create new content, maintaining originality and authenticity should be at the forefront of your content creation process. WordAI helps ensure that your AI content not only successfully passes AI detectors but also distinctly tells your story just as you would—artistically, authentically, you.

WordAI Bulk Rewrite

As you navigate the world of content creation, you may need to refresh and revitalize multiple articles at once. This is where the Bulk Rewrite feature of WordAI shines, as it allows you to efficiently rewrite numerous pieces simultaneously without sacrificing quality or coherence.

In my WordAI review, I’ll walk you through the process of using this powerful feature.

WordAI bulk rewrite feature

1. Prepare Your CSV or ZIP File

Before diving into the Bulk Rewrite process, you’ll need to create a CSV file, as the tool explains, with your article name in one column and the article text in the other.

On the other hand, if you prefer to upload your articles to WordAI, you will need to consolidate them into a single ZIP file. Save these articles as individual TXT files and compress them into a ZIP format.

2. Access the Bulk Rewrite Tab

With your ZIP file ready, log in to your WordAI account and locate the “Bulk Rewrite” tab on the dashboard. This is where the magic begins.

3. Upload Your Content

Inside the Bulk Rewrite tab, click on the upload button and select the CSV or ZIP file containing your articles. Select the number of rewrites you wish to make, from 1 up to 4.

As explained previously, you may also move the slider from Conservative to Adventurous.

4. Initiate the Rewrite Process

Once your articles are uploaded, you only need to click on the “Rewrite” button. WordAI will now work behind the scenes, applying its algorithm to transform your content while preserving its core essence.

5. Monitor the Progress

WordAI keeps you updated with the progress of the rewriting process directly on your dashboard. This enables you to stay informed about the transformation of your articles and allows you to manage the process based on your schedule or workload.

Remember, while WordAI’s Bulk Rewrite feature is a powerful tool in optimizing your content creation process, your unique touch and perspective remain indispensable. When you blend your creative flair with the capabilities of an AI-powered assistant like WordAI, the result is an incredibly productive and satisfying content-writing experience.

WordAI Rewrite Settings

Next, in this WordAI review, I’ll cover two neat features the tool provides. As of now, WordAI offers protected words and custom synonyms.

WordAI rewrite settings protected words and synonyms

When protecting words, you are essentially directing WordAI to exclude specific words or phrases from being altered or synonymized. Imagine you’re rewriting an article about historic landmarks in your city. Certain names, like “The Liberty Bell” or “Independence Hall,” have unique, unalterable significance that should remain untouched. In such cases, protecting those words is pivotal.

This feature also allows you to protect quotes, URLs, and titles.

In contrast, if you love exploring linguistic variety and flavoring your text with various synonyms, you will delight in WordAI’s custom synonyms feature. Let’s say you frequently use the word “artificial” in your AI-focused articles. With custom synonyms, you can choose similar words like “synthetic,” “man-made,” or “simulated” to stand as alternatives, adding layers of diversity and preventing repetitive phrasing.

These features offer hands-on personalization, allowing you to maintain brand-specific lexicon, technical jargon, or idiomatic expressions while enriching your content with a broader vocabulary.

Article Forge Integration

WordAI Article Forge integration

Navigating through content creation tools, you might have crossed paths with Article Forge, a formidable instrument in your writer’s toolkit. When combined with WordAI, this tool offers a seamless spin rewriter experience. 

Just imagine handing over freshly minted Article Forge content to WordAI for masterly content spinning—an outstanding duo to facilitate the best content creation. Not only that, Article Forge can create content undetectable by AI detection tools.

While Article Forge—one of the best long-form AI writers—generates relevant content based on your keywords, WordAI steps in as a skilled editor, fine-tuning this content to circumvent monotony or mechanical tone. Hence, integrating the two ensures a steady production of human-like, nuanced content, boosting your writing productivity while retaining quality.

It’s a great way to generate content using AI and repurpose it into multiple platforms by using WordAI for content spinning.

You can read my in-depth Article Forge review to learn more about the tool.

WordAI Pricing Plans

WordAI offers straightforward plans that depend on the number of words you require. However, each has all the following features:

  • Avoids AI detection.
  • Text rewrite.
  • Bulk article rewriting
  • Human-quality content.
  • One-click rewriting.
  • Passes Copyscape.
  • Sentence and phrase level rewriting.
  • API access.
WordAI pricing plans

WordAI’s pricing plans are as follows:

  • Starter ($9/mo) – 50k monthly words and 25k pass AI detection words.
  • Power ($27/mo) – 3M monthly words and 250k pass AI detection words.
  • Enterprise (custom quote) – Increased volume, white label, more users, customized rewrites, and a dedicated account manager.

These prices reflect a yearly billing cycle, which saves you 47% over the monthly plans.

WordAI Free Trial

Fortunately for us, WordAI offers a free 3-day trial with no strings attached. After the trial ends, and if you decide to continue with the product, you still have 30 days to request a full refund.

The only downside to the free trial is that you must provide your credit card or PayPal details to sign up for the tool. But don’t worry; if you’re unsatisfied, you can easily cancel your subscription within three days in WordAI’s account settings.

Alternatives to WordAI

In your search for a reliable text rewriter, you may come across various alternatives to WordAI. To help you make an informed decision, let’s discuss three such options: Chat by Copy AI, Spin Rewriter, and Quillbot.

Chat by Copy AI

Chat by Copy AI paragraph writer example

Chat by Copy AI is a versatile AI-powered tool that allows you to generate and optimize content through an interactive chat-like interface.

Unlike WordAI, which focuses primarily on text spinning and rephrasing, Chat by Copy AI encompasses a broader range of content creation needs. It is designed to help you draft ads, product descriptions, social media content, and more.

While WordAI facilitates bulk rewriting, Chat by Copy AI offers a more conversational and engaging experience in content generation.

If you seek a free AI assistant that goes beyond text spinning, Chat by Copy AI might be a worthy alternative.

Spin Rewriter


Spin Rewriter is another suitable alternative in the content rewriter landscape. Like WordAI, Spin Rewriter’s primary objective as an article spinner tool is to rephrase and spin articles while retaining their meaning and readability.

Spin Rewriter boasts a user-friendly interface, integration with third-party tools, and multilingual support. While WordAI has advanced features like protecting specific words and creating custom synonyms, Spin Rewriter showcases a simpler and more straightforward functionality.

Spin Rewriter might appeal to you if you focus on finding an article spinner tool that covers the basics with user-friendliness.


Quillbot Paraphraser Expand Mode

Quillbot is a popular paraphrasing tool that shares WordAI’s goal of providing high-quality content spinning. Quillbot offers several rewriting modes, such as Standard, Fluency, and Creative, allowing you to strike the perfect balance between readability and originality.

As mentioned in my Quillbot review, the tool is equipped with a browser extension, injecting versatility into your content creation. While WordAI’s bulk rewriting feature caters to content creators with substantial rewriting needs, Quillbot’s range of rewriting modes and easy accessibility make it an attractive alternative.

If you’re looking for a text rewriter packed with varied modes and accessibility, consider exploring Quillbot.

WordAI Pros and Cons

To provide a balanced perspective in this WordAI review, let’s dive into the pros and cons of this AI-powered rewriting tool. As we explore the benefits and drawbacks, consider how they align with your content needs and objectives.


  • Quality Rewriting: WordAI excels at producing intelligently rewritten content that maintains coherence, context, and readability.
  • Bulk Rewrite Feature: The ability to rewrite multiple articles simultaneously saves time and streamlines your content workflow.
  • Custom Synonyms and Protected Words: Personalization is at your fingertips, with options to create custom synonyms and protect specific words or phrases from alteration.
  • AI Detectors: Crafted to generate content that passes AI Detectors, WordAI ensures your rewritten articles retain a human-like quality.


  • Language Support: Unfortunately, WordAI only works in the English language.
  • Limited Flexibility: Unlike some competitors, WordAI is focused on spinning and rewriting, with less versatility in handling broader content creation tasks.
  • Dependency on Input Quality: Although skilled at rephrasing, the quality of WordAI’s output may be compromised if the input text lacks coherence or contains inaccuracies.


In this section, we’ll answer some common questions that might be lingering on your mind as a potential user of WordAI. These answers aim to provide you with the salient information you seek and guide you in making a well-informed decision.

Is WordAI a spin rewriter tool?

Yes, WordAI prides itself as a sophisticated spin rewriter tool. Its purpose is to take pre-existing content, examine its context and meaning, and spin content, providing an entirely fresh rendition of it. With its intelligent approach, WordAI aims to deliver rewritten content that maintains the original message’s essence and readability.

What is an article rewriter?

An article rewriter, like WordAI, is a tool designed to paraphrase or “spin” written content to produce a new, unique version. It accomplishes this by changing words, phrases, or sentences while keeping the overall context and meaning intact. The goal is to create diverse content, prevent duplication, and enhance your productivity in content creation.

Is WordAI free?

WordAI does not offer a completely free package. However, it does provide a 3-day free trial period for you to assess the platform, its features, and its fit for your specific needs. Following this, you must subscribe to one of their paid plans to continue using the service.

How does WordAI compare to other spin rewriters?

WordAI brings a unique blend of features and AI sophistication to the table, making it stand out amongst spin rewriter tools. It leverages artificial intelligence to understand content and recreate it in a human-like fashion. While many other tools achieve similar objectives, WordAI sets itself apart with features like bulk rewriting, protecting specific words from being spun, and user-defined custom synonym sets.

Can WordAI pass plagiarism checks?

Yes, WordAI is engineered to create unique content that can pass through plagiarism detectors. Its focus is not just to spin words but to create entirely new content that retains the original message’s context and tone. However, the level of originality would also highly depend on the quality and complexity of the input content.

WordAI Review: My Conclusion

In concluding this WordAI review, it’s evident that this tool offers valuable features such as bulk rewriting, custom synonyms, and protected words, all designed to enhance your content spinning experience.

Keep in mind that WordAI thrives at reshaping text while retaining human-like quality but is less equipped to handle wider content creation tasks than some alternatives.

As you assess your content needs and objectives, consider the pros and cons I’ve discussed to determine whether WordAI aligns with your goals. Ultimately, the right tool will empower you to create high-quality, engaging content that resonates with your audience.

Ready to test the waters? If you’re intrigued by the robust features discussed in this review of WordAI, consider taking them for a test drive—completely on the house. With the free trial opportunity, you genuinely have nothing to lose and potentially much to gain.

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