Digital Marketing Review: Great Features, But Will It Enhance Your Brand?

AdCreative AI review

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In this article, I will reveal pretty much everything you need to know about

As one of the best AI ad generators, this platform can be a life-saver to anyone who needs to create dozens, if not hundreds, of ad creatives per week, let alone test them.

But is this ad creation platform really worth the hype it is getting on the market now?

Let’s find out in my review. Review: What is

AdCreative AI is a powerful platform backed by artificial intelligence that generates creative designs and optimizes high-converting and effective ads for any social media and ad platforms, whether you want to create social media posts, LinkedIn ads, creative ad campaigns, or more.

In other words, allows you to generate conversion-focused creatives and engagement-focused social media posts using artificial intelligence.

Every time the machine learning model in learns something new, it improves the results you get. Even when market trends shift, it adapts to these changes, giving you even more tailored results within a few days or weeks. is like having a graphic designer who’s 24/7 awake, working, and generating hundreds of ad creatives per minute and who’s connected and watching millions of ad accounts at the same time to really learn every single day.

That’s kind of unrealistic, but it is real if you become a member of

Here’s a quick video on generating high-converting ads in under three minutes.

Top Features of

As one of the best AI social media post generators, AdCreative offers amazing features difficult to find elsewhere.

Some of them include generating ad packages, ad creatives, social creatives, and text projects. Besides the AI generation features, you also get creative insights to learn about the best-performing creatives in any platform you have connected to your account.

Not only that, but custom branding and white labeling of the platform are two features that any agency cherishes.

In my honest review of, I’ll explore all these features and give highly detailed views on them.

Brands brand list

When you log into, the very first thing you’ll see is your Brands page. This is basically your logo, colors, and other settings that represent your brand—see it as your brand guidelines.

These guidelines are important for AdCreative AI to understand what your brand looks like.

When creating a new brand, I highly recommend that you fill out all the boxes the platform asks. create a brand

The brand name is for you to decide, as this helps differentiate between different brands you may create later in your account. This information is secure, and no one sees it except you, your admins, and users.

The brand logo should be uploaded in PNG format without any background. But if you don’t have it without background, as soon as you upload it, the tool asks to automatically remove it, although it costs credits.

If you have an older logo in JPEG format and don’t have a PNG file, another option is to use a tool like to remove that background for free.

You can then select the colors of your brand. Fortunately, they simplified the process to three simple colors for the Main Color, Sub Heading, and Description. After you upload your logo, will automatically fetch those colors. But you can also customize them as you wish and see the real-time preview of the changes. preview brand colors

There’s also a section on color recommendations. Currently, there are thousands of brands created on and over a million ads running that they have access to daily. Based on this information, they know what color schemes perform better on social media.

So, if you don’t want to use colors from your logo, you can select one of the color palettes that the AI created just for you.

You may also use the free Chrome extension Color Picker by

Color Picker by

Click on a color from any website you want, and the tool will copy its Hex code and insert it into your brand color settings.

A unique feature of this tool is that it can identify the main colors used in any website and make suggestions based on that.

Next, in the brand description section, the AI platform will automatically generate a description for you after you enter the website of your brand. However, it’s best to customize the description as best as you can so that when generates ad creatives and banners, they’ll be more personalized and tailored to your unique viewpoints. In essence, they’ll look better and potentially perform better.

Connecting Ad Accounts

Another option that offers is the ability to connect your ad accounts. create brand advanced setup connect ad accounts is not a tool like Canva. The idea is not just to generate creatives but to generate creatives that sell—conversion-focused and data-driven ad creatives.

To be able to do that, they check millions of ad accounts and ads to understand the patterns of the best-performing ads. By doing this, they can train their machine learning model to get better suggestions for you.

After you connect your ads accounts, when it’s time to develop creatives, your data doesn’t get lost in the shuffle—it sits at the top of the pile, guiding the AI in generating your ads. You’re no longer primarily leaning on the success of other brands’ top-performing ads—your unique data is driving the process. This way, your marketing efforts are not just imitations but are tailored, automatic responses to your own distinctive insights.

Furthermore, AdCreative AI has a good partnership with Google—when you click on the Google Ads button, you’ll be able to earn $500 of free credits from Google after you create a new ad account and spend $500 on ads. create a new ad account $500 free ad credits

This means that if you spend $1k on ads, only $500 will get out of your pocket.

As soon as you create your brand, you’ll arrive at the Project List dashboard, where you’ll begin the process of generating ad creatives.

Generate Ad Creatives

Creative Format

Creative Format is the first step of project creation, where you will select social media sizes (post, landscape, story, vertical, pin) and display sizes (leaderboard, banners, half page, wide skyscraper). creative format

You might ask, “Why these five social media sizes?”. The quick answer is that they cover 100% of all social media ad creatives. In a nutshell, with these five sizes, you can create ads for any social media platform.

For example:

  • Post size is great for Facebook.
  • Landscape size works well on LinkedIn.
  • Story size is amazing for Instagram Stories, Snapchat, and Facebook Stories.
  • Vertical size is beautiful for apps like Instagram because it covers more space on the feed, which translates into more attention, click-through rate, and conversions.
  • Pin size is best for Pinterest.

Next, be sure to write a clear project description with information about your specific project so that can generate better texts and bring even more personalized ads. Lastly, write your target audience so the copy ad matches your desired prospects. This lets the AI use this information for the headlines, punchlines, and button text.

Texts and Button

In the next section, you’ll be able to see a preview of your ad. generating creatives texts and button

If you don’t know what to write or are short of ideas, use the Text AI feature to automatically generate copy for your ad. The best part is that the AI writer tool can generate content in dozens of languages.

Additionally, each heading has a dropdown where you can select variations of the text to find a better alternative.

Background Image generating creatives background image

In the final section of generating ad creatives, you can select your image. Right now, they offer two ways to select images—uploading an image to your account or selecting from their stock database with over 100M images. stock image database

AdCreative partners with the best free stock photo websites, such as Pexels, Unsplash, and others that offer royalty-free images you can utilize without attribution and are free for commercial use. But they also include premium photos from iStock (with a special discount for users). Make sure to check that when making your selection.

They’ll also update in the near future to include a third method of including pictures in your ad creatives using several background images.

Then, all you have to do is continue with the process, name the project, and wait for the AI to finish generating your ads. review your ad creative is being generated

The platform will gather all that data, communicate with their back-end machine learning AI model, generate all those creatives instantly, and return to us with all the results.

AI-Generated Creatives

AdCreative generated several ad creatives in seconds, all different, using the same project description.

AdCreative AI generated creatives

When scrolling down, I see that it keeps showing more and more creatives. After a zoom-out, I clearly saw that it stopped at 128 generated ads. 

AdCreative AI 128 generated creatives

A noticeable benefit of is that it sorts the ads based on a conversion score—the best are at the top. When you click on the Conversion Score, it reads, “Based on your data, we believe this template can bring you the best results. Make sure that your colors look good on the template, edit if needed.

This means that, most probably, they predict that the creative will perform better compared to the creative next to it. It’s a truly remarkable feature, meaning you don’t need to go out and test hundreds of different ad creatives, which would be very expensive.

One of the best practices for using is to select the top ten results, which is great for dynamic creative ads or Google Performance Max campaigns where you can test up to 10-15 creatives.

If you think you made a mistake, you can further edit the ad you selected by changing the text copy, image, and even colors. It doesn’t, however, let you do fine edits like you would on an AI photo editor.

And if you found your perfect ad but wish to change the size, they include a button to render the ad in different sizes. Plus, you can re-render all the ads simultaneously at the click of a button.

Just be aware that because has a pricing plan based on credits, you should be mindful when selecting the ads to download. Each ad download costs 1 credit.

AdCreative AI download options

Ad Packages

When you click on Ad Packages, it automatically requires you to type in your landing page and select your goal, tone of voice, output language, product or service name, target audience, and product description.

AdCreative AI generate an ad package

Similar to generating ad creatives, when you type your URL, the tool automatically fills in the blanks, which is a time-saver!

Using this information, will come up with advertising strategies tailored to your product or service.

AdCreative AI suggested strategies

In this example, using the domain as the product, the tool recommends a direct conversion-focused strategy. Others include AI-generated ads, limited-time offers, exclusive discounts, and a free trial period (yes, offers a free trial). As you can see, all these strategies are tailored to your product, so if you start all over again and write another product, the strategies will be different.

Now, based on the strategy you chose, will automatically recommend some platforms.

AdCreative AI advertising platform

In this example, Meta (Facebook and Instagram), Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, and Pinterest, are all recommended. 

But if you’re not using any of those platforms and instead display or programmatic platforms, you may also select “Other.” Additionally, if you’re not sure which size is recommended for those platforms, you’ll see that every time you select a different platform, it will recommend a different size for best practices.

Continuing with the creation of the ad package, AdCreative leverages the power of AI to select background images for your ads. It fetches images from your own site, gives you royalty-free options, and also paid options from a third-party website like iStock.

For the last step, AdCreative AI will show you a preview of your ad, along with boxes where you can type in your text.

AdCreative AI ad packages text on image

Of course, just like you previously saw, you can generate all the headlines by clicking the Text AI button.

Finally, after choosing the most suitable copy for your ad, the AI will generate hundreds of creatives in banner and text formats.

AdCreative AI ad packages ai generated assets

As you can see at the top of the previous image, there are Creatives, Texts, and Audiences. That’s precisely what you need when you launch an ad campaign on any platform.

It will also give you ad best practices depending on the ad package you chose at the beginning.

Now, when you choose the Texts separator button, you’ll see a lot of different copies for your ads. And this is where gives you some advantages.

For example, Meta requires ten different text copies, but if you put the same text style in all of them, you’re not really AB testing; you’re just AB testing some sentences.

AdCreative AI ad packages AI generated texts

So, to do true AB testing and find that amazing ad, the one that brings you the best ROI (Return On Investment), we need to test different copywriting methodologies. Because knows about the best-performing methodologies for ads, it generates each text block as a different methodology.

If you go now to Audiences, you’ll see different boxes, each with its own audience, including interests, age range, and gender.

AdCreative AI ad packages AI generated assets audiences

According to Tufan Gok, CEO of, this is one of the first features on the market that actually generates conversion-focused audiences that are scored.

These interests are not made up—all of them exist in Facebook’s API or ads manager. And because AdCreative AI has data on 200 million ads, they are able to give you a conversion score for each audience.

If you’re happy with it, just copy the interests, go to Meta or another platform you’re using, and paste them before you launch your ad campaign.

The best part is that is pushing boundaries because, in the future, you’ll be able to push all of these AI-generated assets to the ad platforms directly, so you can manage every aspect of your ad campaigns in

Text Projects

Text Projects are similar to Creative Projects, but instead of generating creatives, you’re generating texts.

When you create an ad, the creative is not only the banner or the image part—the creative part is what the user sees, which includes text or, in advertising jargon, copy.

AdCreative AI text projects inputs for AI

This powerful AI copywriting tool offers practically everything you need to start generating high-converting ad copy for your ads.

As soon as you type in your website, the platform’s AI scans it and automatically fills in the rest of the information. Additionally, you can select the type of text, which includes popular marketing frameworks and methodologies like PAS, AIDA, GATE, SHARP, and many others, to create enticing ad copy. Also, some of those formulas were created by the team for great results.

Dozens of AI copywriting tools write good copy, and doesn’t fall short of this feature. Moreover, you may select dozens of voice tones for your copy.

AdCreative AI generated ad texts uses the technology behind OpenAI to generate text plus their own optimizations to craft content that is perfect for ads and bringing you conversions.

Most text generated doesn’t even need editing, but if you wish to modify anything, you can do it inside the platform. Then, copy it to your ad creative, and let AdCreative AI generate new versions with your new text.

The best part of Text Projects is that no matter what pricing package you have, it’s 100% free.

Another great benefit from for marketers is that one of the methodologies they include in the text generation is the Ad Type Packages.

AdCreative AI copywriting ad type packages

For example, when you’re creating a Google Performance Max ad type, you’ll need five headlines, five long headlines, and five descriptions. To ease your life, added that option, so you can generate all that copy in just one click.

Creative Insights Pro (an AdCreative AI Predictive Tool)

Now, it’s time to review one of the best features of this tool: Creative Insights Pro.

Because AdCreative AI knows a lot about ad creatives and your accounts, if you connect your ad accounts, they created this feature to give you insights you couldn’t access before.

AdCreative AI Creative Insights Pro Facebook account level

In this example, we can see the Facebook account ad metrics. Here, the CTR score (click-through rate) is 50% which is in the normal range compared to others on the market. On top of that, gives you improvement ideas

Here, the platform is even telling which colors you need to be using on your ad creatives for the best results.

You also have insights into the top-performing sizes of your creatives. This way, you can focus more on those creatives or go back to your design team to give them that information.

Ad Fatigue

The Ad Fatigue insight proves itself to be a wonderful feature to help you get an idea of when you need to change your ads for better conversion rates.

Unlike the best alternatives, the fantastic team behind this tool was able to craft an algorithm to collect information from your ad accounts and predict what your ad fatigue is going to be.

AdCreative AI Creative Insights Pro Ad Fatigue

In this example, you can see that calculated that your ad fatigue is happening around 14 days. This means that, based on your budget and the target audience, every 14 days, your ads start to perform badly. In other words, every 14 days, you’ll need to add more ad creatives (or change them) for you to be able to make the most out of your budget.

Your Top Creatives

AdCreative AI Creative Insights Pro Your Top Creatives

Another great feature of is the insights it gives you about the top-performing assets, including colors, images, and text. It is basically saying that when you use these colors, images, or texts, it happens that you’re getting very good results.

Best Performing Creatives

AdCreative AI Creative Insights Pro best performing creatives

Finally, using AdCreative, you can actually see the top 12 performing creatives, how many impressions, clicks, CTR, CTR compared to the last period, dominant colors, and labels.

This is extremely valuable because can help you see your top-performing ads so that you can replicate them in future campaigns.

Lastly, you can download the creative insights as a PDF report and send it to whoever is responsible for generating the ads, whether it is an agency or a design team. With this information, your design team finally has the insights to bring you even better results than the last one.

Creative Insights Pro is being improved pretty much every single day, so if this AdCreative AI review is missing any updates, bear with me. But you can try the tool for free for 7 days and see for yourself the updates the team has been making.

Custom Branding

With custom branding, you can use in your own domain, logo, and colors, so when your clients, employees, and team members are using the tool, it really feels like you have developed this tool internally. 

The white labeling feature of AdCreative AI is a great addition to its arsenal of tools, especially if you’re a marketing agency working with several clients simultaneously.

Another notable and important feature of is the social post generator. Similar to the Ad Creatives generation, you can generate hundreds of social media posts for every platform you imagine. Because the process is practically identical to the generation of ads, I won’t explore it here in this review of

How to Use with Google Performance Max

Performance Max is a new ad type that gathers a lot of headlines and descriptions from you to create different variations, using their audience signals to bring you amazing results. It’s a bit like Facebook Advantage+ placements (former auto placements) with dynamic creative ads. However, Google has amazing audience signals, so they pinpoint your target audience better.

The issue with Performance Max is that you need 15 creatives for every single ad campaign you build. Now, imagine that you have 10 products—that means 150 creatives to get the best results, which is a huge amount, even if you’re a graphic designer. And if you’re going to do it on Canva, that’s a mind-blowing amount of time. You’ll spend countless days designing your ads on Canva, which, even if they end up being beautiful and eye-catching, they’re not data-backed, or in other words, optimized for conversions, like ads are. 

That’s why is here for you.

Let’s say you like one of the creatives the platform generated, and you want to use it for Performance Max or dynamic creative ads on Facebook (you know, the landscape version, story version, and all that stuff, so you can be very placement specific on your ads). allows you to render your selected creative in other sizes. You just have to click that little circular button to start the processing.

AdCreative AI render images in other sizes

You’ll then be displayed with all the other sizes I mentioned previously in this review.

AdCreative AI other sizes render

This allows you to download the same creative in all those different dimensions, each optimized for its own use.

When generating creatives with, you’ll be able to create beautiful Performance Max campaigns or Facebook dynamic creative ads in two to three minutes.

AdCreative AI Review: Pricing Plans

This comprehensive review wouldn’t be complete without a breakdown of the pricing scheme of

Catering to startups, professionals, and agencies, this AI tool has a plan for every need. Whether you manage one brand or hundreds of them, can provide the right package for you.

AdCreative AI pricing

Startup Package

It allows you to manage one to two brands with 10 to 100 credits. Remember that each creative download equals 1 credit. Pricing goes from $21/mo to $111/mo.

Professional Package

This plan is best for freelance professionals who need to accommodate several brands under one roof. From 5 to 20 brands, you’ll have access to 100-500 credits per month, accordingly. Prices vary from $141/mo to $299/mo.

Agency Package

Agencies can manage 50 up to 200 brands and get 500 to 2,000 monthly credits from $499/mo to $899/mo accordingly.

Apart from the number of brands and credits, all other features are included, and you have access to unlimited ad generations.

If you’re serious about ad creation, you can get a great deal by subscribing to the yearly pricing plan of, as you’ll get 2 months free.

Fortunately, you can get started with through their 7-day free trial without any commitments. Free Trial & Discount

As you learned previously, offers a no-strings-attached free trial for 7 days with any plan. But there’s more—they’re also offering a great discount on your first year.

Apply the code: FIRSTYEAR25 to receive a 25% discount on your first year for any package.

How to Claim Your Discount

To claim your discount code, follow these simple steps: Pros and Cons


  • is a Google Ads Premier Partner and has been recognized for its excellence in digital marketing in various fields.
  • lets you craft ad creatives and social media posts easily with multiple variations.
  • All the AI-generated creatives are highly optimized for conversions based on data provided by millions of assets and insights from real ads.
  • Creatives generated by AdCreative AI have a score representing the likelihood of their success in your ad campaign.
  • The Creative Insights Pro feature is a godsend to help you find which ads perform better.
  • You can manage all your ad accounts inside the software, so saves you a lot of time switching between platforms.
  • can integrate all your ad accounts into a single dashboard.
  • Its AI machine learning model learns from your creatives and recommends tailored solutions for even better performances.
  • After you generate your ads, if you decide to change their dimensions, you can convert with all of those ads to other sizes instantly.
  • Creating a Google ad account through entitles you to $500 of free credits on ad spend.


  • The dashboard can get you tired after some time, only because they use colors on the pinkish side, which can get quite glaring. But you can turn the Dark Mode on for a more visually comfortable experience.
  • There’s no option to change the visual elements of an image, such as resizing, transforming, and moving them. You can make edits, but only to change colors, text, and overall image.
  • At the moment, you can’t generate video ads. However, they promise that’s a feature to be released soon. Let’s wait and see. FAQs

In this next section, I’ll answer some FAQs about

What is is an AI-driven platform designed to develop effective and high-converting ads for various social media platforms. The tool continually learns and adapts to changes, thereby ensuring ever-improving results.

Why should I use

There are many reasons why you should use

  • Significantly boosts your productivity by generating a vast number of ads in seconds, which is truly advantageous.
  • Leverages AI technology to optimize the impact of your ad text, resulting in higher conversion rates.
  • Supports multiple languages, eliminating language barriers.
  • Assists you in creating engaging visual content to enhance your ads.
  • Gives you valuable insights into your own ad campaigns while recommending best practices for any social media platform you’re advertising on. 

How many languages does support? supports over 30 languages.

Is free? only offers paid plans, but you can use the tool for free with their 7-day free trial.

How is unique?

Besides generating ad creatives in a matter of seconds, creates beautiful and conversion-focused ad creatives that are based on thousands of high-performing ads. Every single detail, such as why the logo is on the right, the button on the left, your logo at the bottom, etc., is data-backed.

This means that every time the machine learning model learns something new, it brings better and better results. If the market changes for some reason, it’s going to learn from that, and in a couple of days or weeks, it will bring even more personalized results to you.

Can I make money with

Using, you can go beyond crafting ad copies and banners for your brand. By compiling a roster of target brands you can engage with and potentially convert into clients, you can pursue clients and make money actively. Review: My Conclusion

I tried to make my review of the most transparent possible. Most, if not all, features of the tool are displayed with no hidden facts.

If you’re a content creator who’s very visually focused and who wishes to create only a few ads per month with a lot of visual customizations possible, is not for you. Instead, use a tool like Canva for fine edits. Also, the budget spent wouldn’t be worth it.

On the other hand, if you’re a marketing agency or a freelancer working for several clients and need to deliver creatives on a daily or weekly basis, is definitely for you.

If you fall into the latter category, why not give a try? Start your free account with a 7-day trial.

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