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Discover The 3 Best AdCreative AI Alternatives for Better Ad Generation

best AdCreative AI alternatives for better ad generation

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If you’re looking to scale up your ad generation and are already using AdCreative AI, you’re probably seeking an alternative to the best AI ad generator and AI social media post generator. And if you’re not using it but considering it against its top competitors, this article is for you.

Here, I share the best AdCreative AI alternatives to help you generate high-converting ads for social media platforms, whether with text, pictures, or video.

But first, let’s take a look at AdCreative’s disadvantages.

What is AdCreative AI?

AdCreative AI

As a startup based in Paris, AdCreative AI is an artificial intelligence-powered platform designed to assist advertisers with creating effective ad content. Utilizing tools available on this platform, AdCreative AI makes creating ads explicitly tailored for conversions, sales, or engagement achievable while still upholding your brand values and maintaining its essence.

As one of the best ad creation platforms, AdCreative AI goes far beyond simply producing ads; one stand-out feature is its capacity to analyze and display successful ad accounts across accounts, serving both as inspiration for future ads and teaching AI systems to adapt more quickly to successful campaigns that bring personalized and effective results.

AdCreative AI generated assets example

According to Semrush, “they have one of the largest high-conversion ad creative databases.” Built for startups, eCommerce businesses, agencies, and enterprises, their AI solutions are tailored for great ad performance.

As mentioned in my review, with, you can:

  • Generate creatives: You can create targeted ad designs in minutes and stay true to your brand while maximizing efficiency by testing various creatives and minimizing design time. It allows you to benefit from up to 14x improved conversion and click-through rates with the help of its distinctive AI.
  • Generate text and headlines: Craft sales-driven texts and headlines effortlessly, adjusted to your advertising platform. The AI tool handles the writing and lets you concentrate on your core business.
  • Get insights: Easily identify top-performing creatives, draw inspiration from your most effective ads, and let it tailor results based on your unique data.
  • Generate social creatives: Use AdCreative to create engaging social media content quickly while effortlessly generating properly sized visuals for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, and more platforms.
  • Get a complete ad package: Their AI gets to know your product or service, builds a strategy, and delivers ad creatives, captions, and potential audiences all together.
AdCreative AI generated assets text example

With powerful integrations, such as Google, Facebook, ADYOUNEED, and Zapier, you can create workflows that better suit your business. And if you’re picky with the tools you use, you can even white label—changing the logo and URL of the platform is possible!

AdCreative AI’s adaptability when it comes to ad formats makes it stand out, whether that means Facebook/Instagram ads, Google ads, or display ads—AdCreative AI covers all their requirements. Furthermore, you can customize these creatives according to your brand tone and style.

You can also leverage its ad testing feature. In just one click, this platform generates distinct variations of an ad that enable you to efficiently test creative ideas across any social media platform that best matches your preferences.

If you’re still unsure about using AdCreative AI, consider trying its 7-day free trial to evaluate it.

Why Do You Need an Alternative? Some Disadvantages

Google recognized as a Premier Partner and its excellence in digital marketing in categories such as brand awareness, app growth, international growth, lead generation, online sales, and workplace excellence.

However, this doesn’t mean a thing when they lack features you might need. For example, while they generate dozens of designs with high conversion scores, the possibility to edit and make changes to them has its limits. Yes, you can change the text, colors, and images, but you cannot do fine edits like you would on a photo editing tool or on Canva.

At the moment of this writing, AdCreative lacks video generation features. This limitation is notable, as short-form video content is now prevalent on social platforms and often captures a significant portion of users’ time.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at the top AdCreative AI competitors.

What are the Best AdCreative AI Alternatives and Competitors?


Predis AI is the ideal alternative when looking for solutions like As opposed to the latter, this platform serves not just marketers, entrepreneurs, or agencies—it can also support content creators on various social media channels with high-quality material production and dissemination. surpasses its competition by offering an abundance of features. When compared with, Predis offers:

  • Text-to-video conversion.
  • Smart copy creation.
  • Social media ad draft services.
  • Text-to-creative generation.
Predis AI templates

All these features allow for engaging social media posts, product posts, and eCommerce product posts. You can automatically publish to platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google My Business, TikTok, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook Groups, and others.

Additionally, a content scheduling feature and competitor analysis help users craft targeted content strategies. is designed for an international audience, supporting more than 18 languages like some of its alternatives. Already beloved by over 300,000 customers across 80+ countries—among whom are numerous social media managers—Predis has shown itself to be an invaluable tool. excels at adaptability. In comparison to, works seamlessly with major platforms such as Canva and Hootsuite to ease content creation for social media posts such as videos, carousels, and single-image posts across numerous social platforms. This makes more adaptable than in terms of adaptability.

Key Features

  • AI-Powered Content Creation: leverages artificial intelligence to produce engaging social media posts through AI technology.
  • Text-to-Video Conversion: By using ChatGPT, transforms written text into video to enhance visual storytelling.
  • Smart Copy Generation: It allows for powerful audience engagement through text generation. Text-to-Creative Generator: Creates visually striking, creative content from plain text input.
  • Social Media Posts and eCommerce Product Descriptions: is an efficient content creation solution for both social media posts and eCommerce product descriptions, making it a versatile content tool to meet multiple content requirements.
  • Competitor Analysis: Get insights into competitor strategies so as to guide your own content strategies more successfully.
  • Integrity Across Platforms:’s most noticeable feature, inter-platform compatibility, is one of its hallmarks, seamlessly linking with platforms like Canva and Hootsuite, allowing for efficient content production and sharing in different forms.


Predis AI has a clear and simple pricing structure to accommodate your needs, whether you’re dealing with one brand or up to seven.

  • Free plan – Allows you to create and schedule up to 15 monthly posts completely free of charge.
  • Solo plan ($20/mo) – Tailored for a single brand, this includes 120 AI-crafted social posts.
  • Starter Plan ($40/mo) – Designed for two brands, offering unlimited AI content creation.
  • Agency Plan ($105/mo) – Perfect for managing seven brands with an unlimited supply of AI-generated content.

Get started with your first free account and generate 30 free posts.

How does compare to

Unlike AdCreative AI, Predis is a combination of ChatGPT, Canva, and Hootsuite. This means you can combine the power of AI text generation, comprehensive design, and social media management features under a single dashboard for your ad creations. is a complete social media toolkit that also allows you to generate short-form reels, YouTube shorts, and eCommerce product videos and convert text to video. On the other hand, AdCreative focuses only on static images.

Depending on your needs, the choice is up to you.


Designs AI offers powerful AI tools to assist advertisers with creating ads, using this same technology with an eye towards streamlining creative workflows and streamlining preliminary drafts, as well as producing visually attractive content more easily for novice users.

An easy user interface and straightforward editor make this tool suitable for crafting both preliminary drafts and producing visually attractive material more efficiently for beginners to complete successfully.

This platform equips you with various creative tools at your fingertips, including:

  • Logo and design tools.
  • Speech generator.
  • Video maker.
  • AI writer.
Designs AI editor mockups, much like, analyzes your data to provide effective content suggestions and generate multiple ad project variations to give you the same or more options than for content variations and personalization.

Furthermore, with’s auto-resizing and content replacement features, you can further tailor content creation for your ads or social media posts. Moreover, all AI-crafted ads created through are licensed for commercial use.

This AI tool is widely acknowledged as one of the best AI presentation tools on the market, providing access to thousands of graphics, templates, and elements, as well as millions of images and clips suitable for presentations. provides you with an efficient platform to keep your work on track, while combines your brand assets for easy preservation and online storage. Both solutions enable project link sharing or multi-seat accounts, which make collaboration smoother than ever. has you covered no matter the scale or complexity of your operation or the number of brands under management—be they solopreneurs, small teams, or larger organizations with multiple brand creatives in-house.

Key Features

  • Auto-Generated Ads: leverages AI to minimize manual effort in ad creation.
  • Vast Template Collection: Gain access to over 20,000 diverse templates.
  • Better Team Collaboration: The platform enables swift asset sharing, increasing productivity.
  • Consistent Branding: Maintain branding harmony throughout your ad designs with this helpful feature.
  • Share Easily: Get ad creations in sizes compliant with major social media platforms.
  • Complimentary Tools: Enjoy free assistance in selecting fonts, colors, and visuals for your ads.
  • Endless Download Options: Download any content without restrictions.


  • Basic ($19/mo) – Ideal for individuals, students, and marketers seeking speedy and straightforward projects with unlimited ad generation.
  • Enterprise (custom quote) – Best for large teams that manage multiple brands under the same roof.

Get started with with their free trial.

How does compare to and both utilize AI for ad creation, each catering to different aspects.

For example, AdCreative AI is best suited for large teams, as their higher-tier plans can accommodate over 40 team members, while the Enterprise plan is limited to 15.

While is more focused on image ads, including visuals and text generation, offers speech and video generators, allowing you also to generate video ads instead of just banners and static social posts.

3. Simplified AI Ad Generator

Simplified Ad Generator

Simplified is an all-in-one AI tool for a seamless ad generation experience. From its roll of features, you can use the graphic designer, AI writer, video editor with animation, and social media management platform.

Unlike AdCreative AI which’s focused on image ads, Simplified boasts the full picture of visual advertising, ranging from simple static images to powerful video and animations that you can produce inside the platform.

Simplified dashboard

To create your ad with Simplified, start off by entering your brand assets such as logo, color scheme, and font selection. Then, define your target audience and the platform of your campaign. With all this data at hand, the AI ad generator will then analyze it to produce ads with optimal tone length and messaging that connect with audience needs.

Like other ad generators, Simplified works seamlessly across different social media advertising platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Google Ads.

Key Features

  • AI-Powered Design: It’s an AI ad maker that uses smart tech to examine your data. Get hands-on with attractive layouts and designs made automatically for you.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Choose from 100k+ pre-made templates, themes, and customizable elements for results that fit your exact needs.
  • Collaboration Simplified: Work together with your team, share your ads, get feedback, and perform edits in unison.
  • Available When You Need It: This AI ad maker lives in the cloud, meaning you can access your creations from any internet-connected device.


  • Free Forever – Enjoy a simple drag-and-drop editor, over 100k templates, and more than 10 AI photo-editing tools.
  • Small Team ($20/mo) – Gain access to premium images and assets, upload your unique fonts and branding materials, and generate ads en masse, with a 100GB storage capacity.
  • Business ($33/mo) – Ideal for managing varied brands and assigning specific roles to your team members. Plus, you’re provided with 200GB of storage.
  • Growth ($81/mo) – A suitable plan for handling multiple clients, projects, and departments, and it comes with a massive 500GB storage space.

Get started with Simplified with their 14-day free trial.

How does Simplified compare to AdCreative AI?

As you’ve read with other tools, AdCreative doesn’t generate videos or animations for your ads. But this is something Simplified can do. Plus, you can automatically schedule them in advance with its powerful social media management tool.

Simplified is also much better at editing ads than AdCreative. With its fine-tuning editing tools, you can change even the smallest detail, whereas AdCreative only lets you change text, images, and colors.

Additionally, you can now choose only the features you want in Simplified. So, for example, if you only want to create video ads, you don’t have to pay for the AI writer or the graphic designer.

Best AdCreative AI Alternative: Conclusion

We always strive to find the “one software to rule them all.” However, that’s not always possible.

Although is a popular ad generator powered by artificial intelligence, some users might prefer its competitors. The lack of video generation and poor editing features don’t meet the needs of today’s short-form video content market.

However, this list provides you with the best alternatives to AdCreative AI, offering more customization, manual control, and more.

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