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Learn How The 7 Best AI Background Generators Can Improve Your Images and Photos

best AI background generators

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If you want to generate AI backgrounds for your images, products, or profile pics, you’ve reached the right place.

In this article, I share the best AI background generators that leverage artificial intelligence to craft instant backgrounds for your images.

AI has come a long way, and now we’re able to generate AI headshots, AI-powered image generators, AI profile pictures, AI avatars, and much more.

But if you’re concerned about the kind of background you already have on your photos, fear not. Most of these tools can also remove background scenes and swap them with your intended ones.

Some of these best apps use AI technology to generate free images and photo backgrounds for your products, whether you want them on a sandy beach or on a modern living room.

So, if you’re looking for ways to generate cool backgrounds, keep reading.

What are the Best AI Background Generators?


Cutout Pro Background Diffusion stands out among the best AI background generators by providing high-quality photo editing backgrounds using cutting-edge technology.

Featuring user-friendly editing features that enable stunning AI background edits for various uses such as selfie enhancement, eCommerce product display, and real estate virtual staging, this is a perfect AI tool to bring any image together in perfect form.

By exploring AI capabilities in depth, you will quickly become aware of its unique features, such as face and hair segmentation for both humans (children as well as adults) and pets such as cats or dogs—an impressive feature in creating natural-looking results. Furthermore, its attention to hair-level details truly is remarkable.

Cutout Pro AI background images generated gives several options to choose from. The best part is that you can continue generating images until you’re satisfied with the result. They only charge credits when you download the picture. offers an accessible interface and powerful AI algorithms to generate images, making their enhancement an effortless process.

Cutout Pro I background images for eCommerce products

Key Features

  • AI Art Generator – With advanced AI technology, this powerful background editing feature utilizes sophisticated tools for customizing image backgrounds according to your specific requirements while providing impressive results.
  • Diverse Applications – From producing captivating selfies and virtual staging of real estate properties to showcasing online store products, it serves many functions.
  • Human and Pet Segmentation – is capable of differentiating between adults, kids, and animals for an interactive photo editing experience.
  • Fine Details – Allows for recognizing and editing fine hair-level details that ensure realistic photos.
  • User-Friendly Interface – With its accessible design and simple layout, its simple user interface enables anyone to take full advantage of all its features.
  • Fast Processing – This fast processor speeds through enhancement tasks quickly without compromising quality or speed.


  • Free Forever – They offer 5 free credits to anyone.
  • Subscription Plan – Starts at $5 for 40 monthly credits, going up to $69 for 1200 monthly credits.
  • Pay As You Go – From $0.997 per credit to $0.140 per credit.

Unlike the subscription plan, the pay-as-you-go lets you use the credits for a lifetime.

2. Picsart

Picsart AI background image generator

Picsart AI Background Generator is an AI image generator with specific features designed to meet all of your background image needs. As its primary feature, it generates suitable backgrounds based on keywords you enter describing desired outcomes.

The tool’s intuitive user interface ensures effortless navigation, matching background styles to product images based on keywords you specify for accurate representation, even when designing minimalist backgrounds or colorful, vibrant graphic images. You can enhance image quality by creating AI art, wallpapers, avatars, and more.

Picsart AI background creator

An indispensable feature of AI tools like this generator is their customization features, which allow for fine-tuning results to your requirements and preferences. Not only can unique backgrounds be generated, but their parameters can be altered as needed to fit with desired output.

Picsart AI Background Generator allows for seamless blending between product images and generated backgrounds—providing accurate customizations with no loss in quality.

Key Features

  • Varied Use Cases – Great for portraits or profile pictures, eCommerce product photos, wallpapers, or real estate listings.
  • Background Removal – Before generating background images, Picsart removes the background from your picture.
  • Editing Tools – Picsart offers features like AI Enhance, Crop, and Rotate that allow for comprehensive photo enhancement in just one platform.
  • Various Styles – You can put your preferred style into words in the prompt section, or if you want a quick, creative spark, you may check out the suggestion box.
  • Custom Wallpapers – It allows you to generate unique wallpapers for your desktop computer or mobile phone.
  • Zoom Backgrounds – You can create custom Zoom backgrounds for your conference calls to mask your original background.


  • Free – You generate up to 5 images per day.
  • Picsart Plus ($5/mo) – Up to 10 images per day.
  • Picsart Pro ($6/mo) – Access unlimited use of Picsart’s AI tools, including background remover and image generation, among many others.

3. Appy Pie

Appy Pie Free AI Background Generator

Appy Pie AI Background Maker is not a free AI background generator designed to generate backgrounds for apps. Although you can use their templates for free, AI image generation requires a premium account.

With its premium plan, you can utilize text prompts and the power of AI to let Appy Pie make custom backgrounds—you’re able to design them yourself within minutes.

This AI image generation platform doesn’t require any coding or design experience—you can simply provide images from your own collection, generate the background you want from a text prompt, or choose one of their pre-designed backgrounds from their comprehensive library.

Furthermore, those looking for a cheaper Canva alternative might find Appy Pie valuable.

Appy Pie’s Background Maker not only ensures simple background creation, but it also produces watermark-free backgrounds after you subscribe to the premium plan—adding an elegant, professional finish to your designs while protecting brand identities.

Key Features

  • Comfortable Customization – You can easily modify your app background designs by changing colors, resizing images, personalizing fonts, and editing text.
  • Drag-and-Drop Interface – The user-friendly drag-and-drop interface makes designing app backgrounds accessible even to individuals without prior design experience.
  • AI-Enabled Capabilities – Employed AI technology to augment the design process, providing you with improved experiences and superior outcomes.
  • Vast Template Collection – Provides access to an impressive variety of pre-designed app background templates designed specifically to address different styles and themes.


  • Basic (Free) – Up to 4 projects.
  • Like a Pro ($6/mo) – Access unlimited projects and advanced features.

Start creating graphs with Appy Pie’s 7-day free trial.


Booth AI generated photos‘s powerful background-creation capabilities set it apart from other AI tools. Simply upload sample product images and provide a concise text description of what result you desire. You can use professional headshots, simple phone selfies, or even customer-provided images.

Booth ai workflows

Once you supply with this basic information, its AI does its magic: It analyzes your inputs and generates backgrounds tailored specifically to meet your specifications, whether that means sleek and minimal backgrounds for tech devices or lush, natural settings for outdoor gear.

Besides describing your background or scene, you can select how you want to see your product: in, at, on, close by, on top of, below, and more. You can also select things you want not to appear in the background. Furthermore, you may easily position and scale your product. This also works for other objects and, of course, people.

Booth AI furniture scene change’s straightforward solution provides eCommerce businesses looking to upgrade their product imagery quickly with minimal resources required by traditional methods of producing customized, professional background images. 

All operations take place directly within, so there won’t be any need to transfer photo files between programs—everything’s centralized for ultimate ease and efficiency.

Key Features

  • AI Scene Generator – Generate stunning background scenes for various purposes, whether person swaps, lifestyle, furniture scenes, fashion background, mannequin to person, shoes on person, accessories, and more.
  • Workflows – Choose from a number of different workflows, such as Person Lifestyle Swap, Mannequin to Person, Shoe on Person, and many more, to change the background of your image.
  • High Resolution – You can generate backgrounds up to 4K resolution.
  • Editing Features – Position and scale your object or person to fit the scene better.
  • AI Models – You can choose a custom AI model (male, female, young, old) for your Person Lifestyle Swap workflow.
  • AI Control – You can control how much the resulting backgrounds look like the input image.


  • Tier I ($24.99/mo) – 100 credits.
  • Tier II ($199/mo) – 850 credits.
  • Tier III ($499/mo) – 2,500 credits.

All plans include all features. Fortunately, they offer a free trial with basic features to let you generate some backgrounds for testing.

5. PromeAI


PromeAI is a design assistant powered by AI that caters to many, including architects, interior and product designers, and others. Apart from background generation and photo editing tools, it uses AI to generate all kinds of high-quality images without the expensive cost of a professional photographer and the hassle of changing sets in a studio.

With PromeAI, you can effortlessly erase or replace parts of photos to create striking AI images featuring artistic elements that seamlessly merge with their originals. PromeAI provides accurate forecasting capabilities of what components might exist within images for maximum realism and beauty in the AI images generated.

PromeAI background diffusion

The Image Variation feature provides numerous advantages to increase productivity. From fashion designers and car builders all the way to interior decorators and architects, PromeAI can quickly produce multiple product design alternatives with ease.

PromeAI background generation example

PromeAI also provides a great way for you to upscale clothing images using AI-generated models and backgrounds, boasting life-like supermodels as well as diverse backdrops or scenes that meet every clothing brand’s needs. Be it plus size models like Victoria’s Secret style models, male, lingerie, or black models, PromeAI has got everything covered.

Key Features

  • Background Diffusion – Easily erase the existing backdrop of your image and replace it with a perfect background crafted from templates or text inputs.
  • Interior Design – Select from several interior designs, including bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and living room.
  • Different Styles – Choose from various image styles, such as medieval, classical, Japanese, Mediterranean, farmhouse, and more. 
  • Aspect Ratio – Select different aspect ratios and dimensions to suit your image to the right medium.


  • Free Plan – Generate 200 new backgrounds using AI every month.
  • Premium Plan ($39/mo or $399/yr) – Get unlimited use and full access to all features.

6. PhotoRoom

PhotoRoom makes it possible to visualize any scene you desire. To use this tool, all it takes is one description—such as for a rustic barn at sunset—before its AI creates multiple backgrounds based on it.

PhotoRoom background generation of a rustic barn at sunset

As soon as you begin creating your description, be as specific as possible. Include details regarding color, light, or style to enhance results quickly and effortlessly. Soon enough, unique, customized backgrounds appear before your very eyes.

Once complete, the results can be tailored specifically to meet your desired aesthetics—ideal for creating eye-catching images and product showcases.

PhotoRoom dog in AI background generated image

Just as a curiosity, PhotoRoom employs the Stable Diffusion technique for maximum precision in matching descriptions accurately, leaving no detail out.

Unlike many AI background generators, PhotoRoom stands out because it offers a free plan with no limits. That means you can make diverse, AI-generated backgrounds without concern over price or costs. However, for advanced features and to remove the watermark, you must commit to the premium plan.

Here’s how you generate an AI background with PhotoRoom:

  1. Describe your background: Begin by detailing your ideal background. This could involve specifying colors, textures, and lighting elements, as well as styles such as one-line drawings, digital art, or impressionist paintings.
  2. Let the AI generate the backgrounds: With just a brief description, their AI technology seamlessly creates custom backgrounds within seconds.
  3. Pick your favorite: Search through the generated backgrounds collection to locate your favorite one, then download it effortlessly. Put these backgrounds to various uses, such as wallpapering your screen or showing products off with fun visuals.

Key Features

  • Unique Backgrounds Generation – The tool can generate an infinite number of unique backgrounds that match your exact descriptions.
  • Stable Diffusion – Uses stable diffusion processes for generating high-quality, detailed backgrounds.
  • User-focused Design – It allows you to describe the image you want, making it intuitive and easy to use.
  • Speed and Efficiency – You can create the background of your dreams in seconds, saving you significant time in the editing process.
  • Wide Range of Application – Ideal for creating personalized wallpapers, editing photos, and enhancing the aesthetic of any image.


  • Free – Access basic features.
  • Premium ($12.99/mo or $89.99/yr) – Access all features and remove the Photoroom watermark.

7. CreatorKit

CreatorKit AI generated products photos

With CreatorKit, you can easily generate unique backgrounds without any hassle for your eCommerce products to boost sales and conversions.

It seamlessly links to your Shopify platform, enabling the creation of high-quality product photos directly within your store. There’s no need for external applications or jumping between different platforms. With direct integration within your Shopify environment, it’s designed to deliver convenience and efficiency for your product photography process.

CreatorKit AI background generator dashboard

CreatorKit introduces its first Diffusion Model, specifically optimized for eCommerce applications. Unlike other text-to-image models, this model focuses on eCommerce requirements and reduces the distortion around the edges of the original image. The Diffusion Model serves as the AI foundation for the AI product photos tool and other features within the CreatorKit platform.

Key Features

  • eCommerce-focused Optimization – The model is specifically developed and optimized for eCommerce, focusing more on commercial needs rather than artistic applications.
  • Undistorted Images – Changes have been made to each step of the diffusion process to ensure the edges of the original picture are not distorted, leading to more accurate image generation.
  • Optimization for Products, Categories, and Brands – The model possesses features that enable targeted optimizations for individual products, categories, and specific brands.
  • AI Background Removal – This feature might automatically detect and remove the background of a product image, thereby minimizing the need for manual editing.
  • Shopify Integration – The tool could have a strong integration with Shopify, making it possible to import and export images directly from your Shopify store.


CreatorKit provides a free AI background generator that generates images tailored for commercial use. In order to edit these creations, though, you need an account first. Although a free plan has some features available, upgrading to the Pro plan at $29/mo offers enhanced features with access to everything CreatorKit offers.

What Is an AI Background Image Generator?

AI background image generators are among the best tools designed to make life simpler when you want to change the background of your images. From an AI headshot to full scenes, these AI image generators are tools that work seamlessly. So, how exactly does this all work?

Just consider: you have an office background photo you want to be transformed to something serene like an ocean beach backdrop, yet do not have time or the ability to edit manually. The tools let you insert the background you would like, input your text prompt to generate new or various background images, or choose one from one of many templates available. Using AI technology, your image has now been changed without complex editing work from you!

AI image creators stand out with their advanced image-editing technology at their core and are designed to be approachable regardless of your technical expertise. When looking to change up background styles easily and effortlessly, these AI background image generators may provide just what’s necessary for your product background images.

Benefits of Using an AI Image Generator for Product Background Images

Employing an AI image generator for product background images offers multiple advantages.

  • Boosted Marketing Strategy: AI image generators can significantly enhance your marketing strategy by creating high-quality product images.
  • Versatility: These tools can generate a variety of stunning backgrounds suitable for different product types and contexts.
  • Increased Conversion and Sales: An ideal background can help showcase your products in the best light, thereby increasing the likelihood of conversion and sales.
  • Time and Effort Saving: AI image generators save considerable time and effort by automating the background creation process, eliminating the need for manual editing or searching for suitable images.
  • Promotion of Unique Brand Identity: With a visually appealing background image, you can help your brand stand out from the competition, hence making a lasting impression on your audience.
  • Diverse Mood Setting: These tools allow the generation of a broad array of backgrounds instantly, ensuring a diverse range of options to match different themes or moods.

Is There a Free AI Background Generator?

AI tools use a lot of resources to generate images, so if you’re looking for a totally free tool to give you high-quality backgrounds without any cost, you might be disappointed.

While most tools offer a free version, usually, that free plan comes with many restrictions or at least with a watermark. So, to get access to all the quality features that come with AI technology (and to get images without watermarks), premium plans are required.

But if you want to test one of the best free AI background generators, consider trying or Picsart, which gives you 5 image generations per day and is one of the most intuitive tools on the list.

Generate Custom Backgrounds with the Best AI Background Generators

In wrapping up this exploration of the best AI background generators, it becomes clear that these powerful tools are more than just a creative convenience.

A generator that creates a personalized background offers anyone the ability to transform the background of an image in moments. Whether you need background styles like vintage designs or modern ones, AI technology gives us the flexibility to make quick changes and keep up with evolving trends.

As we explored in this article, there’s a well-stocked treasure of AI tools out there, all created to get you to your goal—that perfect image—featuring not only the precise image you imagined but also a swanky, best-suited background.

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