7+ Best AI Sales Tools (2023) To Boost Your Revenue

Selling is no longer business as usual. Artificial intelligence (AI) is ushering in a new era, shifting the paradigms we once knew. Whether you are a seasoned professional or a fresh face in the scene, this transformation presents immense opportunities for those willing to adapt and adopt AI in their sales strategies.

In this article, we’ll sift through the best AI sales tools, each promising to be a game-changer. I’ll walk you through a handpicked selection of the top sales tools, focusing on elements that affect sales engagement, sales performance, and much more.

Let’s see how this AI-imbued wave can redefine your journey of chasing, wooing, and winning customers through the best AI sales software tools.

What Are the Best AI Sales Tools?

1. Customers.ai

Customers AI

Customers.ai is a platform to simplify your business-to-consumer (B2C) marketing operations, helping you supercharge your marketing campaigns.

Its features embrace AI technology to provide precise prospecting data and sales outreach automation. You have access to over 250 million US consumer contacts packed with demographic, interest, and behavioral targeting data, allowing for you to pinpoint and reach your perfect audience.

Furthermore, you could automate your messaging to better engage your audience, consequently driving opportunities and sales for your B2C company. It’s not just about automated messaging though. With Customers.ai, you have a platform that values ease of use and implementation. It aims to deliver near-immediate return on investment, making it a practical tool for your marketing efforts.

Whether you’re in the initial stages of launching a marketing campaign or looking for a robust platform to optimize your ongoing initiatives, Customers.ai might just be the resource you need.

Key Features

  • Customer Data Integration: Customers.ai chatts with your different data sources like your CRM system, transaction records, social media platforms, and more. By collecting and collating this information, it gets the full picture of your customer’s journey.
  • Advanced Analytics: Customers.ai puts on its detective hat and dives deep into your customer data, finding hidden patterns and valuable trends. It’s like having your own data decipherer, helping you know your customers’ preferences and behaviors like the back of your hand.
  • Customer Segmentation: Customers.ai acts like a matchmaker. It draws lines between customer groups, based on things they have in common, allowing you to create personalized marketing campaigns that hit the mark.
  • Interactive Dashboards and Reports: It presents complex data in an easy-to-understand style. All the insights you need are broken down on a user-friendly dashboard, making data exploration feel less like rocket science and more like an enlightening journey.
  • Marketing Automation Integration: Customers.ai plays well with your favorite marketing automation platforms. It empowers you to set off personalized marketing activities like a pro, based on your customer’s known preferences and behaviors.


  • Free ($0) – 50 total leads. No risk, no credit card required. Access free lead capture and automated email outreach to website visitors.
  • Starter ($199/month) – Up to 1,000 website visitors/month, 250 leads/month. Grow leads from website traffic and convert them with automated outreach sequences.
  • Pro ($499/month) – Up to 4,000 website visitors/month, 700 leads/month. You can integrate sales outreach automation and website lead generation and get dedicated support and onboarding.
  • Enterprise (custom quote) – 5,000+ website visitors/month, customer number of leads. They offer tailor-made plans designed to your business’s specific needs, from custom integrations to automation building and training.

2. Growbots


Growbots serves as a reliable platform for businesses aiming to elevate their outbound sales process. They provide tangible, practical features designed to improve your sales efforts.

One of these key features is an impressive database comprising over 160 million potential prospects. With this resource at your fingertips, you can discover, reach out, and nurture relationships with potentially new leads.

Additionally, Growbots comes with a thoughtful Concierge service. This functions as a sales automation companion, standing by your side and helping to devise an effective outbound campaign over a three-month timeframe. This may result in a steady stream of new opportunities.

Key Features

  • Outbound Sales Automation: Growbots streamlines outbound sales processes, making it easier for businesses to manage and optimize their sales efforts.
  • Extensive Database: The platform provides access to over 160 million potential clients, ensuring businesses can discover and connect with new prospects in just minutes.
  • Concierge Service: Growbots offers a Concierge service for businesses that require expert assistance in developing an effective outbound campaign, tailored to their unique needs.
  • Three-Month Collaborative Journey: Over the course of three months, Growbots’ experts collaborate with clients to find a winning outbound strategy that consistently generates new opportunities.
  • Outbound Sales Tool: With access to a comprehensive outbound sales tool, businesses can monitor their ongoing activities and conduct research as needed.
  • Time-Saving Solution: Growbots’ automation and access to a vast prospect database save time for businesses, allowing teams to focus on other critical aspects of sales and customer relations.
  • Customized Campaigns: The platform helps establish targeted and personalized campaigns, ultimately leading to better engagement and results with potential clients.


  • Outreach ($49/mo) – Unlimited email accounts and outreach features but limited prospecting features.
  • All-in-One ($199/mo) – Up to 500 new contacts, including all features except custom data and reports.
  • Pro (custom quote) – Unlimited contacts and campaigns, including all features.

Fortunately, you can try all the features for free. And using the link below, you’ll get 15% off if you upgrade.

3. Respond.io

Respond io

Respond.io offers a broad range of messaging automation tools and chatbot services that ensure improved campaign awareness and involvement. It comes packed with numerous tools that make contact management a breeze, helping you create and handle an extensive customer database.

The platform allows you to automatically tag interests in conversations to form lead lists for broadcasted messages and staggered campaigns. After compiling your customer list, you can directly input the customers’ phone numbers to kick off marketing campaigns through SMS and WhatsApp.

Respond.io’s promotional broadcast feature gives you the power to massively spread business updates such as holiday offers, new product launches, event news, newsletters, flash sale notifications, and more.

A unique advantage of using Respond.io is its ability to unite your customer interactions, CRM data, and agent action into one automated system, inbox, and analytics tool. This helps in faster issue resolutions and enhancement of customer satisfaction.

You can also sync it with various business-specific channels like eCommerce platforms and regional messaging apps for better outreach. Not just that, it allows you to link your Respond.io messaging automation and inbox with popular sales CRMs like Salesforce, HubSpot, and Zoho for a seamless sales cycle.

Respond.io is designed to help sales reps use AI to automate their sales process and increase sales like never before.

Key Features

  • Unified Messaging Platform: Respond.io brings together customer communication across multiple channels, such as instant messaging, web chat, and email, into one easy-to-use interface.
  • Omni-channel Customer Inbox: The platform offers a single inbox containing all customer interactions, messages, emails, and internal discussions, providing a comprehensive view of the customer journey.
  • Segmentation and Targeting: Respond.io lets you build sophisticated customer segments using interest tags, API enrichment, and preferred channels to tailor your promotional campaigns and drive audience engagement.
  • Broadcast Messaging: The tool supports routine and urgent mass messaging for newsletters, event updates, emergency broadcasts, and more, allowing businesses to connect with customers effectively.
  • Automated Workflows: Respond.io can automate everyday processes with action shortcuts as triggers, saving time and reducing manual intervention for tasks like shift changes, support escalations, and CRM data syncing.
  • Intelligent Contact Routing: The platform customizes contact routing logic based on operating hours, team shifts, and priority queues, ensuring seamless customer handling and optimal agent allocation.
  • Drip Campaigns Across Channels: Respond.io empowers businesses to nurture leads with targeted messaging drip campaigns across channels like Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, and LINE, engaging customers and boosting conversions.


  • Team ($79/mo) – All core features, including 10 user seats and 1,000 monthly active contacts.
  • Business ($249/mo) – 25 user seats, 3,000 monthly active contacts, and more advanced features.
  • Enterprise (custom quote) – It offers customized limits and a dedicated success manager.

To get a feel of the platform, you can test it with their 14-day free trial.

4. Manichat


Manychat is one of the best AI sales software built for marketing and sales teams looking to heighten customer engagement and ramp up product sales. It does this by facilitating personalized chats via Facebook Messenger and Instagram Direct messages.

The power of sales productivity and engagement is in your hands. You can automatically capture important customer info like emails and phone numbers, which can then be used to send communication materials like promotions, newsletters, and booking confirmations via email or SMS.

It boasts the Flow Builder feature, a simple tool that allows sales professionals to craft personalized conversations using a flowchart interface—it’s quick, easy, and requires no code. You can adjust various elements to fit your needs and kickstart engaging chat experiences.

Using AI, its Keywords feature helps start conversations from Instagram stories, or initiate business automation when your Instagram followers send you specified phrases or keywords.

Manychat’s Comments Automation tool offers another way to improve sales and engagement. It enables instant and automatic responses to Instagram comments, broadening customer involvement. For new interactions, its Conversation Starters feature is perfect for helping customers kick off a chat about a specific subject or even answering their common questions—a great way to automate sales.

With the extensive collection of tutorials, guides, and best practices, interacting with your Facebook and Instagram DMs in a way that boosts sales is made simple. And if you get stuck, Manychat’s support doesn’t stop there – it provides access to a network of over 80,000 experts and 600 advanced agency partners ready to help.

The reach of this platform is truly global. Currently, businesses can share messages in over 190 nations and the tool powers in excess of one billion chats annually.

Key Features

  • Extensive Reach: Manychat is available in over 190 countries, enabling you to reach potential customers worldwide.
  • AI-Powered Conversations: The platform drives countless conversations every year, providing a seamless experience in customer engagement.
  • Chat Marketing Ease: With Manychat, bridging the gap with your prospects is easier than ever, assisting you towards a robust sales funnel.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Thanks largely to its simplistic design, navigating through Manychat is a breeze, allowing you to manage your chat marketing efforts effortlessly.
  • Connectivity with Popular Platforms: Manychat integrates with popular platforms like WhatsApp, Instagram, and SMS, making it easier to reach prospective customers on their preferred communication channels.
  • AI-Driven Analytics: The platform empowers you with crucial insights from AI-generated analytics, helping you understand your audience better and customize your sales approach accordingly.


  • Free – Engage up to 1,000 contacts on social media with basic features.
  • Pro ($15/mo) – Engage unlimited contacts, access SMS text marketing, and much more features.
  • Premium (custom quote) – Allows you to save money with an annual plan while getting a custom-built solution for your needs.

5. Seamless AI

Seamless AI sales tool

Seamless AI has the potential to revolutionize your sales process. This remarkable AI sales tool grants you access to a database of 1.9 billion contacts and companies, simplifying your search for B2B prospects and streamlining the process—it’s a truly AI search engine for B2B sales leads.

To help you grasp its advantages, envision yourself working on a sales campaign for industries. Seamless AI seamlessly integrates with your preferred all-in-one marketing platform like Salesforce, Hubspot, and LinkedIn Sales Navigator. This integration eliminates tasks and provides instant access to valuable information.

Trusted by +400k users, including Google, Intercom, and Logitech, customers of Seamless AI have reported results with an ROI increase of 5-10x and a remarkable boost in sales opportunities by 350%. Armed with this AI sales assistant, you can build a pipeline to accelerate your sales cycle and secure more deals at scale.

Key Features

  • Unlimited Searches: Seamless AI offers the ability to conduct unlimited contact and company searches. That means you’re not restricted by a quota or a cap, giving you the freedom to explore leads fully.
  • AI-Powered Predictive Insights: You will benefit from the indomitable power of artificial intelligence, aiding your decisions with data-driven predictions.
  • In-Depth Contact Information: With Seamless AI, you’re not just getting a name and a title. The AI assistant provides full contact information including email addresses, social profiles, and direct dials.
  • Industry Filters: The AI sales software empowers you with advanced industry filtering. You can drill down to the ideal prospects in your target verticals.
  • Team Collaboration: You and your sales team can share insights and strategies efficiently.
  • Automated List Building: This feature frees up valuable time that would otherwise be spent on tedious manual tasks.
  • Training and Support: The platform is committed to your success by offering robust training resources and support.


  • Free Plan – 50 credits, email addresses and cell phones, a real-time search engine, enterprise security and compliance, and basic integrations.
  • Basic ($147/mo) – Everything in the Free plan, including 250 credits, and a live training webinar.
  • Pro – It offers daily credit refresh, unlimited integrations, data enrichment, buyer intent data, and more advanced features.
  • Enterprise – It offers custom credits by user, and advanced support features, such as phone support.

6. Veloxy

Veloxy sales software

Veloxy is an AI sales tool that simplifies your sales process by maximizing the potential of Salesforce CRM. It leverages artificial intelligence to streamline tedious yet necessary tasks that often take away precious time from your actual selling activities.

For instance, it addresses common Salesforce complaints such as laborious data entry, enabling you to save a significant amount of time on such tasks. This saved time translates into substantial annual savings, leaving you more resources for crucial activities.

In addition to saving time and resources, Veloxy enhances your interaction with Salesforce CRM by eliminating common adoption barriers. It enables a smooth, hassle-free experience with the CRM, thereby heightening user engagement. Timely notifications of important updates regarding leads and opportunities are another beneficial aspect, keeping you agile and prepared in your sales journey.

Veloxy leverages AI to help sales teams achieve their goals more intelligently and efficiently. By assisting sales and marketing professionals in navigating their sales journey with increased ease, it lays the groundwork for a powerful and productive strategy. This AI sales assistant tool turns challenges into opportunities, transforming the way sales teams reach their targets and revolutionizing the sales process.

Key Features

  • Email Marketing Software: Send email campaigns, get detailed analytics, and tracking information of every lead.
  • Personalized Customer Experience: Veloxy sales AI enhances the interaction with clients by providing a tailor-made, consultative approach to sales.
  • Salesforce Integration: Enhances the Salesforce CRM user experience.
  • Mobile App: Sales reps who are high-performing relish the freedom to conduct email campaigns and launch call blitzes using their smartphones.
  • Sales Automation: Plan out your bespoke email campaigns ahead of time and streamline your Salesforce operations in bulk.
  • Pipeline Management: Gain a greater level of precision in forecasting future sales activity and revenue while simultaneously comprehending how you can enhance your overall sales velocity.


Veloxy offers straightforward pricing of $2 per day. That’s around $65/mo for over 40 Salesforce, engagement, and mapping features. Moreover, if you commit for a 3-year period, you’ll get a 50% discount.

Not only that, they offer a 14-day free trial so you can test-drive the platform.

7. Clari

Clari revenue platform

Clari is an intuitive revenue platform designed to streamline operations and offer insights for businesses. With an emphasis on sales projection, management of sales pipeline, and intelligence on revenue, the objective is to enhance the dependability and organization of your revenue procedures.

You would find Clari’s unique features particularly helpful. One tool, known as the Flow Builder, enables the creation of personalized customer interactions. The progress of these personalized sales conversations can be easily monitored through the utilization of AI-powered summaries and real-time assistance provided by Clari’s Copilot feature.

Another helpful tool, Clari’s Analyze, provides an up-to-the-minute overview of pipeline movement. Additional features like automated rollups, real-time calls, and complete deal visibility can significantly improve your sales productivity.

Rather than sifting through numerous spreadsheets and CRM reports, Clari amalgamates all relevant sales data on its platform, augmenting your decision-making capabilities and affording sales representatives extra time to concentrate on their fundamental business operations.

The focus is not only on comprehending your present performance but also on precisely predicting future trends. Clari, with its robust generative AI technology, places that power in your hands.

Key Features

  • Clari Align: Helps create deal rooms and track progress through mutual action plans, streamlining the sales cycle and facilitating effective coaching for sales leaders.
  • Clari Analyze: Provides real-time insights into the movement of your pipeline, eliminating the need for spreadsheets, BI tools, and CRM reports.
  • Clari Copilot: Offers Conversation Intelligence with real-time assistance, AI-powered summaries, and follow-ups, making training and coaching more efficient.
  • Clari Forecast: Automates rollups, allows real-time calls, and gives complete deal visibility for accurate sales forecasting.
  • Clari’s AI: Delivers trustworthy AI-powered sales projections, informing critical business decisions and providing forward-looking insights.
  • Clari Capture: Syncs sales representatives’ activities with the CRM, eliminating the need to update information manually.
  • Clari Inspect: Allows sales leaders to analyze deals and processes without navigating through multiple browser tabs or applications, streamlining the inspection process.


Clari offers three bundles, Execution, Forecasting, and Platform, each having its own specific use. Because they do not disclose pricing, you must contact the sales team to get a quote.

8. Dooly

Dooly AI

Dooly is a dynamic AI-powered platform designed to revolutionize your sales workflow. It simplifies several tasks so you can focus on winning more deals.

One outstanding feature Dooly offers is its note-taking function, permitting you to jot down important details during customer interactions. These notes automatically sync with your CRM, leaving no room for manual errors.

The platform assists you in managing your sales pipeline effectively. It provides a clear and organized view of your deals, helping you prioritize them accurately.

Templates and Playbooks are other remarkable features you would find useful. Templates save time while ensuring consistency across your team, whereas Playbooks guide you through the sales process with winning strategies.

Dooly also integrates with other popular tools, allowing you to have all your important data in one place. Furthermore, thanks to its high-security standards, your data will be stored safely and securely.

Whether you’re an Account Executive, Sales Leader, or part of Sales Enablement or RevOps, Dooly is a valuable tool. It brings ease and efficiency into your sales operations, aiding in achieving better results.

Key Features

  • Instant Data Sync: Changes on Dooly are mirrored to your CRM in real time, ensuring your workflow remains uninterrupted with data that is always accurate and updated.
  • Intelligent Salesforce Mapping: Dooly connects your notes instantly with the right Salesforce fields, effectively cutting out the hassle of manual data entry.
  • Scheduled Updates: Dooly allows you to stay on top of your game by scheduling updates and tasks efficiently. It acts as your assistant, reminding you of key tasks to ensure nothing falls between the cracks.
  • Reflection: The platform lets you reflect back on your meeting notes, reminding you of key decisions or action items, and enabling continuous learning and improvement.
  • Automatic Field Logging: Dooly fills up Salesforce fields automatically as you take notes, effectively saving time and keeping focus on your potential clients.
  • In-app Coaching: Dooly offers in-app reminders and strategies to help guide your sales conversations, ensuring you make the best impression on clients.
  • Mobile Support: With Dooly’s mobile application, stay updated even while on the go. Never miss an important customer meeting or update again.


  • Free – Includes 14-day history and basic features.
  • Growth ($30/mo) – Get unlimited history plus more advanced features.
  • Premier ($65/mo) – Access advanced pipeline customization, onboarding, training, SSO, and more.

What is an AI Sales Software Tool?

AI sales tools harness the power of AI to enhance various aspects of the sales process, empowering you to seal deals like never before. The result? You boost your sales.

One of the primary applications of AI in sales revolves around sales prospecting. AI algorithms analyze heaps of data, filtering through numerous criteria to pinpoint high-value potential clients. This invaluable sales intelligence arms you with the insights you need for effective sales outreach and personalized conversations. It allows sales reps to focus on what truly matters—creating engaging connections.

AI also lends a hand in closing sales by streamlining the sales funnel. It helps sales teams to focus on nurturing existing sales leads while guiding them in capturing new leads, ultimately driving more conversions. Put simply, AI email makes navigating the sales journey a breeze, from prospecting right through to closing deals – and everything in between.

Sales coaching and training, too, get a boost with AI. Driven by AI-powered analytics, sales enablement platforms can evaluate your sales team’s performance, identifying their strengths and weaknesses while customizing training content to enhance their abilities.

The best sales and marketing teams collaborate smoothly, and AI-powered sales tools help bridge the gap. By integrating sales content with marketing resources, more targeted and effective sales email campaigns can be crafted. This synergy is especially crucial in the highly competitive domain of B2B sales, where having the right AI solution offers a significant edge.

In a nutshell, an AI sales solution can help teams prospect smarter, manage sales funnels efficiently, enable sales through targeted coaching, and foster stronger collaboration between sales and marketing teams.

How to Choose the Best AI Sales Tool?

The vast array of AI sales tools out there can feel overwhelming, but don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. When choosing the ideal AI sales tool for your needs, keep these expert tips in mind:

  • Understand your requirements: Before diving headfirst into the world of AI sales tools, take a step back to determine your specific needs. Do you need help with sales engagement, prospecting, or another aspect of the sales process? Pinpoint your priorities to make the most informed decision.
  • Evaluate the user-friendliness: All great AI sales development tools should be easy to integrate and even easier to use. Look for tools that offer a seamless, intuitive interface to keep your focus on your clients instead of grappling with complex software.
  • Keep the learning curve in mind: Seek tools that provide informative resources and responsive customer support to aid your learning process. Whether you’re just starting or an AI pro, it’s always helpful to have guidance along the way.
  • Respect your budget: AI sales tools come in various price ranges, making it crucial to identify the ones that won’t break your bank. Weigh the features and benefits against your budget constraints to determine the best fit.
  • Measure success: Choose tools that transparently showcase their impact on your sales results. Monitoring the success of your chosen AI tool will help you fine-tune your decisions and inform future upgrades.
  • Read reviews and seek feedback: Do some digging – ask your colleagues, scour online forums, and read user reviews. Their valuable insights could pave the way to your perfect AI sales tool match.

What To Look For in the Best AI Sales Assistant Tool?

Selecting an AI sales tool from a sea of options might sound like seeking a needle in a haystack—that is, until you know exactly what you’re looking for. Here’s a simple checklist of the essential features you need to keep an eye out for:

  • Ease of Use: An intuitive interface is more than just a pretty face—it can make all the difference in how seamlessly you can adapt to the tool and ensure it empowers rather than hinders your sales efforts.
  • Integration: The best AI sales tools won’t work in isolation. Instead, they should smoothly slot into your existing tech stack and enhance your current processes. Seek tools that readily mingle with your CRM system, email platform, and the like.
  • Scalability: Your sales tool should be a trusted companion that grows along with your business. Look for tools that not only cater to your current scale but also can handle your future growth and changes in strategy.
  • Data Analysis: For your sales strategy to hit home, it needs to be driven by solid data. Your tool should not only gather pertinent data, but it should also offer meaningful insights to shape your sales tactics.
  • Automated Tasks: Part of the appeal of AI tools lies in their ability to automate mundane tasks to free up your time to focus on the human aspect of sales. Reach for tools that handle the nitty-gritty while you perfect the art of engagement.
  • Customer Support: Like any technology, AI systems may sometimes have you scratching your head. When that happens, a responsive support team is worth its weight in gold.
  • Affordability: It’s important to consider the overall cost and the return on investment. Make sure the tool you choose offers great value for its price tag and really contributes to your bottom Line.

Best AI Sales Software: Final Thoughts

If you want to leverage an AI-powered sales assistant, these cutting-edge tools can help. However, regardless of the best AI sales tools you use, your sales reps should have outstanding communication skills, as these sales assistant software tools can only do so much.

Because AI analyzes a big bunch of data, this enables sales reps to craft the perfect sales message to prospects. Ultimately, this is what matters—creating effective and engaging connections.

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