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GoHighLevel Pricing Plans: Here’s a Breakdown of The Cost of This Platform

GoHighLevel Pricing Plans

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If you need to gather all your marketing tools under one roof, you’re probably thinking of subscribing to a GoHighLevel plan.

And even though you’ve likely read many GoHighLevel reviews, you might not be sure if it’s the best tool for you.

In this article, I’ll review the GoHighLevel pricing plans’ cost so you can make a more informed decision in case you purchase any of its plans.

What Is GoHighLevel?

Go highlevel all in one marketing platform

The GoHighLevel platform is a software solution built specifically with agencies in mind. Unlike other GoHighLevel alternatives, it delivers state-of-the-art marketing features to help you grow your brand and expand your business.

Included in all plans are the following GoHighLevel features:

  • CRM & Pipeline Management
  • Unlimited Sales Funnels
  • Website Builder
  • Surveys & Forms
  • Email Marketing
  • 2-Way SMS Marketing
  • Booking & Appointments
  • Workflow Automations
  • Courses/Products
  • Call Tracking
  • Reputation Management
  • Tracking & Analytics

As a truly all-in-one solution for digital marketers and digital marketing agencies, GoHighLevel provides the much-needed tools to grow any online business in this day and age.

The GoHighLevel CRM includes all these features in a single dashboard, making it easy to manage everything in one place, including the ability to schedule appointments and access agent reporting.

HighLevel features replace other tools

While this all-in-one sales platform is great for start-up agencies, many small business owners can benefit from it, also. The Agency Starter plan is best for managing only one account and includes all the abovementioned features.

Furthermore, if you subscribe to the Unlimited plan, you’ll be able to sell GoHighLevel to your clients and turn your agency into a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service). This reselling GoHighLevel feature is something unique you won’t find with other platforms.

Make sure you read my in-depth GoHighLevel review to learn more about it.

GoHighLevel Pricing Guide

GoHighLevel offers two simple pricing plans for its customers and an additional add-on for more advanced GoHighLevel users. These are:

  1. Agency Starter account.
  2. Unlimited account.
  3. White-label mobile app.

In this GoHighLevel pricing guide, I give an overview of all plans.

Tip: I've put together a comprehensive guide that outlines the best practices for logging in to HighLevel.

1. Agency Starter Account Pricing ($97/mo)

GoHighLevel pricing plan Agency Starter account

If you’re thinking of subscribing to one of GoHighLevel accounts, the Agency Starter account is the first that comes to mind. This is the perfect plan if you require only one account and don’t want to pay extra for unlimited accounts.

It’s recommended that you use the Agency Starter account for managing only one of the following:

  • Your own agency.
  • One client.

On the other hand, marketing agencies managing many clients’ accounts should opt for the Agency Unlimited account.

The Agency Starter account is also an excellent way of getting a grip on all the tools a marketing automation business needs. These tools include, and are not limited to, the following features:

  • Email marketing software.
  • Sales funnel.
  • Landing pages.
  • Funnel building software.
  • Sales platform.
  • Sending follow-up campaigns.
  • Pipeline management.
  • Affiliate program.
  • Course creation.
  • Social media publishing.
  • And more.

That’s why GoHighLevel is the complete marketing platform for any company looking to flourish in the modern digital era. You get unlimited access to all these features.

You also get API access to integrate Twilio (to enable two-way text sending) and Mailgun (for unlimited email sending).

The team at GoHighLevel charges $97 monthly for the Agency Starter account so that you can use all of the above features and more. Besides, you can manage all the features in a single account and dashboard, saving you time and money.

If you’d purchased all those tools individually, you’d end up paying hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars more!

Fortunately, they offer a 14-day free trial to help you try all the features and see if this marketing agency platform is the right choice for your online business.

2. Agency Unlimited Account Pricing ($297/mo)

GoHighLevel pricing plan Agency Unlimited account

Next in our GoHighLevel pricing plan review is the Agency Unlimited account. If you need to manage unlimited business accounts, the Agency unlimited plan is your best bet.

Not only do you get access to all features of the Agency Starter plan, but you also get the following:

  • Manage unlimited accounts – There are no limits to how many accounts you can create. The Agency unlimited account lets you manage as many accounts as you want for your business or clients.
  • Branded desktop app – It allows you to use the GoHighLevel software in your own domain and customize its look to match your brand.

The GoHighLevel cost for the Agency Unlimited account is $297 per month. While it may seem a lot, bear in mind that you’ll have the ability to manage unlimited accounts—and the numbers add pretty quickly as soon as you add your clients to the platform.

So if you’re just starting with your marketing agency and only have one client under your belt, it’s best to stick to the Agency Starter account. Use the GoHighLevel free trial to your advantage and test the platform to see if it fits your business.

3. White-Label Mobile App + Custom Zap Integration ($497/mo)

GoHighLevel pricing plan White Label Mobile App (Agency Pro)

Finally, this last HighLevel pricing plan is completely optional. It works out best for marketing agencies who already have a significant amount of experience and a large number of satisfied customers.

By adding the white-label mobile app add-on to your GoHighLevel account, you’ll enjoy the following:

  • A customized mobile app built specifically for your brand.
  • A custom zap exclusively for your business account.

In order to benefit from these perks, you must have an active subscription to the GoHighLevel Unlimited account. The white-label mobile app add-on costs an additional $497/mo on top of your GoHighLevel account. They will develop your custom mobile app and distribute it on app stores.

This GoHighLevel feature helps make your customers have your brand very present in their daily lives—within their smartphones.

As I said, this add-on is only suited to those companies with many clients that wish to expand their business through mobile. If that’s you, congratulations! You only have to contact the GoHighLevel support team to get started, and the sales team will get back to you.

GoHighLevel Upsell ($299 one-time)

When starting your GoHighLevel free trial, there will be an upsell with a done-for-you setup that costs $299.

This includes taking care of your technical setup, which comprises creating email campaigns and triggers, integrating your domain name, Google Calendar, Facebook lead form, Twilio, and Mailgun, and developing a sales pipeline while providing a 1-on-1 onboarding session.

Plus, you’ll get a free million-dollar funnel template to use in your campaigns.

How Much Does GoHighLevel Cost?

As we’ve seen, your GoHighLevel account includes all the marketing automation features any online business could want. In essence, the Go HighLevel pricing plan varies whether you need to manage a single account or unlimited accounts. Additionally, GoHighLevel offers an add-on to building a mobile app tailored to your brand.

Here’s a recap of the GoHighLevel pricing plans:

  • Agency Starter account ($97/mo)
  • Agency Unlimited account ($297/mo)
  • Mobile App Add-on ($497/mo)
  • GoHighLevel Upsell ($299 one-time)

The Agency Unlimited account also helps you make more money by allowing you to resell the Go HighLevel platform to your clients as if you were a SaaS. And you can even build your marketing funnel inside your account to resell it.

GoHighLevel Discounts

Instead of paying a monthly fee, GoHighLevel provides a yearly billing cycle, allowing you to get two months for free.

  • The Agency Starter plan will cost you $970 per year ($80.83/mo) if you decide to pay annually.
  • The Agency Unlimited plan will be $2970 yearly ($248/mo) if you decide on a yearly billing cycle.
  • Finally, the White-label Mobile App (Agency Pro) costs $4970 per year ($414.17/mo) if you decide to pay annually.

GoHighLevel Annual Discount

As you’ve seen above, you can get two months for free by committing to an annual billing cycle. For the Agency Starter account, that’s a saving of $194 every year. As for the Unlimited account, you’ll save $594 per year!

And if you decide on the custom mobile app, there’s a massive saving of $994 every year.

If you don’t want to pay monthly and wish to access these GoHighLevel discounts, you only need to sign up for their free 14-day trial, test the software, and make your upgrade.

How To Upgrade To HighLevel Pro?

If you’re already a GoHighLevel customer and wish to upgrade to the Agency Pro account, you can do so. By clicking on this link, you’ll be redirected to a page where you can sign up directly to HighLevel Pro, where the support team will gladly develop your mobile app and will get advanced API access and more features.

However, to upgrade your account to HighLevel Pro, you’ll need to input my affiliate link, which you can copy from the address bar of your browser as soon as you land on the website.

Upgrade to HighLevel Pro

GoHighLevel Pricing FAQs

Is GoHighLevel pricing worth it?

If you compare GoHighLevel with other tools on the market, most only offer a fraction of the features HighLevel provides, making you pay practically the same monthly amount. So if you’re a marketing agency serious about your online business, GoHighLevel pricing plans are totally worthwhile.

Where is GoHighLevel pricing page?

When you go to GoHighLevel’s website, you’ll notice there’s no menu. Their homepage is a landing page that includes features, testimonials, and pricing plans, all on a single page.

Is There a GoHighLevel Free Plan?

Unfortunately, there’s no HighLevel free plan. However, you can start their 14-day Free Trial to get a hold of all the available features.

What is the GoHighLevel Agency Pro plan?

The Agency Pro account is another name for the white-label app add-on that includes other advanced features, such as an AI conversational bot, advanced API access, and the SaaS mode. You can access it here.

Which GoHighLevel plan is best for me?

The best GoHighLevel plan will depend mainly on the size of your business and budget. The Agency Starter plan is ideal if you only need to manage one account (whether yours or a client’s). On the other hand, if you already have a myriad of clients and need to set up multiple accounts, then go for the Agency Unlimited account.

GoHighLevel Pricing Plans: Wrapping It Up!

GoHighLevel’s pricing plans are pretty straightforward. The Agency Starter account is $97, as opposed to the Unlimited account price of $297.

If you’re a brand new marketing agency needing an all-inclusive marketing platform, you can’t go wrong with the GoHighLevel free trial. It allows you to experiment with all GoHighLevel features for free for 14 days (of course, without the white-label mobile app).

You now have a better grasp of the various pricing tiers available on GoHighLevel plans and will be able to pull out your payment card with confidence.

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