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10 Best Marketing Agency Software For All Your Business Needs

the best marketing agency software

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The main goals of most marketing agencies revolve around improving customer experience, streamlining workflows, cutting costs, and boosting sales. Enlisting the help of the best marketing agency software makes it easy to attain these goals while managing client expectations.

With the right marketing software tools, your agency will appeal to a wider audience with minimal effort, attract higher ROI as well as get help with content creation. It is also a perfect way to capture insights into your customers’ needs to serve them better.

While you can always find thousands of tools and options for your marketing stack, selecting software that moves the needle for your agency is the biggest hurdle. This article dives deep into the best marketing agency software to help you make an informed decision.

What Is The Best Marketing Agency Software?

Below I review the best marketing agency software based on features, main capabilities, best use cases, and pricing.

1. HighLevel

Best all-in-one marketing agency software for capturing message leads.

Go highlevel all in one marketing platform

Founded in 2018, HighLevel is an all-inclusive marketing platform that leverages built-in artificial intelligence and machine learning to help you manage conversations.

Its full-featured page builder makes it easy to manage your client’s websites, leads, funnels, calendars, and other services. The platform also lets you capture message leads through SMS, voicemail, FB messenger, and emails.

In addition, HighLevel features drag & drop surveys and forms that directly integrate with its page builder and can even be embedded on your sites. This makes it possible to capture leads through surveys and forms.

Moreover, its intuitive dashboard lets you access all the analytics and reports in a single place. You get an overview of where the leads come from, the amount of money generated from each phase, and more.

HighLevel further integrates with Stripe to help collect payment on funnels, websites, and booked appointments. Unlike most HighLevel alternatives, its SaaS mode lets you white-label it and resell it to your clients.

The software is best for marketing agencies looking for White Label Agency Services, such as Google advertising, social media posting, and Facebook advertising.

You can read my HighLevel review to learn more about this all-inclusive marketing agency platform.

Key Features

  • Unlimited Usage – HighLevel provides unlimited offers, users, and products.
  • Built-in Campaign Builder – The feature allows you to customize your messaging fully.
  • Full-Featured Mobile App – You can communicate with leads using any device.
  • Multi-channel Follow-up Campaigns – It lets you automate follow-ups to generate dynamic responses from leads.
  • Built-in Pipeline Management Feature – You can use the feature to keep track of your leads and their stages in the sales funnel.
  • Intuitive Dashboard – It gives you an overview and reports about your leads and the money generated.
  • Integrations – HighLevel directly connects to Stripe, making collecting customer payments on funnels and websites easy.
  • Automated Nurture Conversations – You can generate text conversations without human interactions.
  • One-click Import – It makes switching from your previous marketing tools easy.
  • 24/7 Support – You can contact the HighLevel support team via email, live chat options, or phone.


HighLevel pricing plans are straightforward and offer packages for those wanting to build their businesses or manage unlimited clients.

GoHighLevel pricing plan Agency Starter account
GoHighLevel pricing plan Agency Unlimited account
GoHighLevel pricing plan White Label Mobile App (Agency Pro)
  • HighLevel offers a 14-day free trial for all its subscriptions.
  • Starter ($97/mo) – Manage a single account.
  • Unlimited ($297/mo) – Manage unlimited accounts plus branded desktop app.
  • White Label Mobile App ($497/mo) – Get a mobile app for your agency with your branding.

2. ClickFunnels

Best marketing agency software for managing sales funnels.


ClickFunnels allows you to do more within a single platform. With its robust CRM, you can strengthen your brand relationships while tracking customers’ growth in real time.

It further allows you to automate funnels depending on customer behavior as well as generate in-depth insights into what customers want. This enables you to produce more products to suit their needs.

Besides, this software features a FunnelHub to help you build and optimize your website. With that comes a fully customizable, drag-and-drop page builder and faster page load speeds. With a few clicks, you also gain access to many ready-made page templates to include in your content.

To add to it, you can take your email marketing to the next level with ClickFunnels’ split-test and build-out email automation. You can also use the platform to generate and share email broadcasts, new offers, and promotions with your audience to win them over.

ClickFunnels is best for digital marketing agencies, eCommerce owners, and other entrepreneurs looking for a fully featured platform.

My ClickFunnels review goes more in-depth into the platform’s top features.

Key Features

  • Instant Reporting – It gives you insights into your sales funnels to determine what’s working and what’s not.
  • Powerful Drag-and-drop Page Editor – The feature gives you a stress-free editing experience.
  • Premium Email Deliverability Support – This helps deliver emails right into the customers’ inboxes.
  • Detailed Insights – You obtain data about your customers to serve them better.
  • Membership Site – You can use the feature to grow a flourishing subscription-based business.
  • Split-test Email Automation – Helps save time depending on customer behavior.
  • Customizable 1-click Upsells and Downsells – The feature lets you maximize order value.
  • High-converting Landing Pages – These will propel your agency into profits with an increased audience.
  • Powerful Templates – You can use the templates to create online courses and launch them to the world.


ClickFunnels pricing
  • ClickFunnels allows you to start with a free 14-day trial for all its plans.
  • Basic (127/month) – 20 funnels and 10,000 contacts.
  • Pro ($157/month) – 100 funnels and 25,000 contacts.
  • Funnel Hacker ($208/month) – Unlimited funnels and 200,000 contacts.

3. HubSpot

Uniquely powerful CRM platform for marketing campaigns.


HubSpot brings together marketing, sales, content management, operations, and customer service features under a single platform. You can rely on this CRM platform to attract the right audience and grow your agency.

One feature that makes HubSpot stand out is its easy-to-use website builder, which allows you to customize your website with a few clicks. Another great feature is the meeting scheduler which will enable you to set more appointments by simply including a meeting scheduler link to your website and emails.

The best part is that you can interact with your audience in real-time via live chats, providing greater support, closing more deals, and converting more leads. HubSpot’s built-in dashboards, reports, and analytics give you insights into your marketing campaigns and measure their performance.

HubSpot is best for digital marketing agencies, small businesses, and eCommerce business owners seeking to undertake marketing, sales, and content management at scale.

Key Features

  • Lead Management and Tracking Tools – You can use the tools to organize lead records in a centralized database.
  • Marketing and Sales Automation – HubSpot allows you to automate lead scoring, email campaigns, follow-ups, and lead rotation to drive efficiency.
  • Mobile CRM App – Lets you handle your clients anytime, anywhere.
  • Automated Customer Service – Use service automation to quickly fix customer problems and reduce manual processes.
  • Standard SSL – It helps keep your lead data and content secure.
  • Ad Builder – You can use the feature to generate and manage ads on LinkedIn, Facebook, Google, and more.
  • Easy-to-follow Sales Pipelines – HubSpot features a sales pipeline management software you can use to generate sales pipelines with a single click.
  • Custom Programmable Automation – You can create programmable automation for every business process.
  • Email Templates Builder – The tool creates conversion-ready email templates.
  • Email Scheduling – You can schedule follow-ups and email deliveries.


HubSpot has separate pricing plans for all its products.

For example, individuals and small teams wanting to use HubSpot’s marketing features can start on their cheapest plan, the Starter CRM Suite.

HubSpot pricing plan Starter CRM Suite

On the other hand, big enterprises with an already established business may want to opt for the Marketing Hub plan.

HubSpot pricing plan Marketing Hub

Fortunately, HubSpot also offers free tools to help you start generating leads, including marketing, sales, service, CMS, and operation tools.

Additionally, don’t forget to check the top HubSpot alternatives.

4. Keap

Best marketing agency platform for small businesses.


Formerly Infusionsoft, Keap is one of the leading marketing platforms built exclusively to help small businesses grow. You can rely on this CRM software to organize customer records, collect new leads, and develop strategies to seamlessly get your customers through the sales process.

Its personalized automations go a long way in easing your busy schedules while driving much-needed conversions. Keap further features dozens of well-curated templates which you can include in your email and text marketing and share with a segmented list.

Unlike other growth marketing agencies, Keap offers you a free virtual business phone number to access texts and work calls on your smartphone. This helps you to keep business and personal communications separate.

Keap is ideal for small businesses that want a single, integrated platform for sales automation, marketing automation, CRM, and payments.

Key Features

  • Client Management – Keap has client management software to help you manage your daily activities and optimize customer experiences.
  • Custom Landing Pages and Lead Forms – The tools make it easy to capture and organize your contacts automatically.
  • Sales and Marketing Automation – You can automate follow-ups, appointment reminders, sales nurture, and more.
  • Drag-and-drop Sales Pipeline – The feature lets you move leads faster, closing more sales deals.
  • Marketing Analytics and Reporting – You can rely on this software to get data on marketing campaign performance, contact action, email click-through rates, conversions, and more.
  • Live Coaching and Support – You can interact with Keap’s customer support team via phone or chat.
  • Certified Integrations – Keap connects with your favorite tools like Zapier, Bigcommerce, Gmail, and more.
  • Automated Emails – You can trigger automated personalized nurture with segmentation.
  • Lead Tracking – Keap allows you to monitor your leads in real time.


Keap pricing
  • Pro ($149/month) – Starting at 1,500 contacts, you can use most Keap features.
  • Max ($199/month) – Starting at 2,500 contacts, you get access to all Keap features.

Fortunately, you can try the software for free for 14 days.

You might be interested in the top Keap alternatives.

5. Teamwork

Exceptional marketing software for project management.


No matter your marketing agency or business size, you can turn to Teamwork to manage your clients’ work. The platform gives you all the task management tools you need to break down your projects and work into tasks and subtasks for easy tracking.

You can assign tasks to teammates, set priorities, set due dates, attach milestones, set recurring tasks, and attach files. While at it, Teamwork allows you to collaborate with your remote team through integrated chat, increasing your productivity.

Its detailed reports give you a bird’s eye view into the overall team capacity, project performance, and profitability. Teamwork also connects with the tools you are already using, including HubSpot, Trello, Userback, and more, so you can still access them right within the platform.

Teamwork is the best software for agencies, marketing teams, creative teams, and professional services looking for a robust task management platform.

Key Features

  • Automated Workflows – You can automate repetitive tasks and use triggers to automate progress workflows.
  • Intake Forms – They make it easy to include client requests into the Teamwork software.
  • Pre-built Templates – Helps speed up the task creation process.
  • Project Health Reports – The reports help you identify areas to exert more effort.
  • Capacity Planning – You get a clear view of the resources and workload available to ensure you assign to team members projects they can deliver.
  • Instant Chat – It enhances team collaboration.
  • New Client Onboarding Checklist Template – This tool ensures that your new clients receive the VIP treatment they deserve.
  • Time Tracking – The time tracking software helps bill client projects within the stipulated time.
  • Unlimited Free Client Users – You can include as many clients in your projects as possible at no extra charge.
  • Files and Versioning – You can store updated file versions in one place for enhanced visibility of progress.


Teamwork pricing
  • Teamwork has a Free-forever plan ideal for small teams with unlimited tasks.
  • Starter ($5.99/month) – Includes all project management basics.
  • Deliver ($9.99/month) – More robust features, such as unlimited intake forms, 1,000 automations, team management, advanced reports, and more.
  • Grow ($17.99/month) – Best for managing complex client projects.

6. GetResponse

The number #1 marketing agency platform for advanced email marketing.


Getresponse is built to help you manage your online campaigns and email marketing with intuitive design tools, templates, and proven deliverability. Its AI-driven, code-free website builder can help you describe your business with visual preferences to develop a unique online presence.

Besides, you gain access to predesigned, customizable website templates tailored to suit your business needs. GetResponse further offers SEO-optimization tools to help improve your website’s online visibility.

In addition, this software features advanced search and segmentation tools to generate and keep your email list organized. This enables you to appeal to the right audience at the most appropriate time and with the right message.

GetResponse is best for entrepreneurs, online marketers, marketing managers, and large companies because of its numerous personalized tools.

Key Features

  • Email Autoresponders – You can generate automated email sequences for easy follow-ups and nurturing of subscribers.
  • Automated Blog Digest – It increases the blog’s reach by allowing you to share it on social platforms and through email.
  • Unlimited Landing Pages – You can design your own landing pages or choose from more than 200 templates.
  • Single Opt-in List Import – The platform allows you to upload contact lists and include data fields for easy grouping.
  • Free Image Library – It gives you access to thousands of Shutterstock images and GIFs from GIPHY at no extra charge.
  • Built-in Popups and Forms They are triggered automatically to boost website conversions.
  • Professionally Predesigned Website & Email Templates – GetResponse’s templates are device-optimized and mobile-friendly.
  • SEO-optimization Tools – These tools help build your website’s online presence to attract more organic traffic.


GetResponse pricing
  • You can get started with GetResponse for Free for up to 500 contacts.
  • Email Marketing ($13.30/month starting at 1,000 contacts) – Access autoresponders, unlimited landing pages, and basic segmentation.
  • Marketing Automation ($41.30/month starting at 1,000 contacts) – Get marketing automation, advanced segmentation, sales funnels, and more.
  • eCommerce Marketing ($83.30/month starting at 1,000 contacts) – Access eCommerce segmentation, transactional emails, promo codes, and more eCommerce features.

7. Semrush

Best marketing agency platform for content marketing.


Semrush is a content marketing and online visibility SaaS platform that allows marketers to be creative and experiment with its wide range of tools. Your marketing agency can rely on this software for SEO, PPC, competitor research, content marketing, social media marketing, and more, all under a single platform.

What is captivating about Semrush is that you can build, manage, and measure your marketing and campaigns across multiple channels to boost online visibility.

Its easy-to-use SEO tools empower you to uncover millions of keywords, track daily SERP positions, and conduct technical SEO audits.

With Semrush’s content marketing analytics tools, you can assess your content’s performance with just a few clicks. This enables you to uncover areas of improvement and new opportunities for driving much-better marketing results.

Furthermore, the software’s post-tracking allows you to gauge the performance of competitor articles or external publications. You can track backlink count, referral traffic, daily keyword rankings, and social engagement for greater insights.

Semrush is one of the top rank-tracking tools that are best for content marketers seeking to improve online visibility.

Key Features

  • SEO Writing Assistant – The tool improves your SEO score, readability, and originality.
  • Customizable Content Audit – You can customize content audit depending on Google Analytics, real-time metrics, and search console.
  • Marketing Calendar – This helps you plan editorial calendars, manage content strategies, and collaborate with teammates.
  • SERP Tracking Tools – You can track keyword rankings, domains, and competitors.
  • Link Building – Use the link-building tool to obtain reputable backlinks.
  • Topic Research Tools – You get to find tons of content ideas, including popular headlines, topics, and frequently asked questions.
  • Comprehensive Competitor SEO Analysis Tools – You can use the tools to keep an eye on your organic competitors to outperform them.
  • Website Monetization – You can use the on-page SEO checker to check and monetize your website.
  • Log File Analyzer – The feature gives you a glimpse into how search engines and visitors interact with your website.


Semrush pricing
  • Pro ($99.95/month) – Up to 5 projects.
  • Guru ($191.95/month) – Up to 15 projects.
  • Business ($374.95/month) – Up to 40 projects.

8. Planable

Best marketing agency software for social media collaboration.


If you need a central hub for managing people, content, and feedback, Planable got your back. This cloud-based social media collaboration platform is designed to bring at-par clients, team members, and social content for better brand storytelling.

Additionally, it allows you to create social campaigns and obtain valuable insights and feedback more visually. You can label your social posts by your favorite color and brand campaigns to stand out and outperform competitors.

The software also gives you multiple views, including grid, feed, calendar, and list views.

Planable is the best software for agencies, freelancers, communication teams, and social media managers seeking to keep their social content visually rich and well organized in one place.

Key Features

  • Flexible Publishing Options – Planable has a scheduling feature that lets you publish anytime.
  • Media Storage – You can store all your media in a single place to keep them organized.
  • Guest Sharing – Generate your post previews and share them with those close to you to get their feedback before making them public.
  • Notifications – You get notified when your posts are approved, reviewed, or published.
  • Version History – If your posts become deleted by mistake, you can restore their old versions with a single click.
  • Customer Support – You get the help you need to remain operational.


Planable pricing
  • Planable has a Free plan for all its users with a total of 50 posts.
  • Basic ($11/user) – Unlimited posts and 4 social media pages per workspace.
  • Pro ($22/user) – 10 social media pages per workspace, grid view, and more.
  • Enterprise – Multi-level approvals, advanced payment settings, and a dedicated account manager. You must contact the team to get a quote.

9. CoSchedule

The best marketing agency platform for work management.

CoSchedule best marketing agency software for marketing calendar

Trusted by thousands of global marketers, CoSchedule offers precisely what you need to manage your workflows effortlessly. One of its top products is the marketing calendar, which gives you maximum visibility of your campaigns in real time.

You can include projects, ideas, and social messages in your calendar as well as schedule and share your marketing. This gives you instant clarity into your work and projects and helps you to prioritize your work.

While at that, CoSchedule’s content organizer lets you optimize your editorial process and centralize your promotion and publishing to save time. You can obtain content ideation insights by reviewing popular audience searches to inspire your next project.

Through keyword trends, you can determine if your targeted keywords are trending and highly ranking based on your online audience. This enables you to highlight and rule out those whose popularity has decreased over previous years.

CoSchedule is best for SEO specialists, digital marketers, and content creators who need an all-inclusive platform for managing workflows and marketing campaigns.

Key features

  • Targeted Social Publishing – The feature enables you to target the right audience with strategic content promotions.
  • Custom, Shareable Intake Forms – You can use them to capture submitted project requirements to confirm their specifications for better work management.
  • Advanced Audience Targeting – This helps increase your social reach by considering the age, gender, language, location, and interest of your preferred audience.
  • Work Management Calendar – The cross-functional calendar gives your teammates a real-time breakdown of your daily, weekly, and monthly project timelines and progress.
  • Copywriting Tools – CoSchedule offers data-driven suggestions to help you create click-through optimized headlines.
  • SEO Suggestions – These suggestions can enable your headlines to rank higher for a more engaged audience.
  • Task Templates – Use the templates to update recurrent project tasks quickly.
  • Team Management Dashboard – This lets you effectively manage your team’s to-do lists.


CoSchedule pricing
  • CoSchedule has a Free-forever marketing calendar for personal projects.
  • Pro ($29/user/month) – Get advanced features such as managing unlimited social media accounts, customizable task workflow templates, priority support, and more.
  • Marketing Suite – You must contact sales for their most advanced plan.

10. Sprout Social

Best marketing agency solution for social media management.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is a fully featured marketing agency software for uncovering actionable insights and trends from social data to dictate your brand strategy. With its state-of-the-art listening tools, your agency can tap into the global social conversations to highlight industry gaps and obtain valuable data to improve business health.

You can effortlessly integrate your social media platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, into its user-friendly dashboard to track and analyze conversations easily.

Moreover, Sprout Social helps you to identify industry thought leaders and influencers based on post-impact and following to cultivate brand advocates. 

At the same time, you have all the tools at your disposal to capture key audience demographics, such as age, geographic location, gender, and device usage. You can use the information to understand your consumers more and extend your reach.

Sprout Social is best for marketing agencies seeking to grow audiences for their clients through social platforms.

Key Features

  • Audience Analysis – Sprout Social helps you assess target audience preferences to inform your marketing strategy and business planning.
  • Customer Feedback – You can track customers’ opinions about your brand to enhance their experience.
  • Consumer Research – You can capture valuable consumer data to share personalized social posts to reach a wider audience.
  • Campaign Analysis – The software captures audience reactions and generates concise reports to help measure your marketing campaign’s success.
  • Trend Identification – It keeps you up-to-date with specific trends and topics in the industry.
  • Sentiment Research – You can explore customer opinions and feelings to optimize positioning.
  • Competitor Comparison – You can spy on your competitors to highlight industry gaps and consumer attitudes toward them to uncover greater opportunities.


Sprout Social pricing
  • Standard ($249/month) – Includes 5 social media profiles.
  • Professional ($399/month) – Unlimited social profiles, advanced reports, custom workflows, scheduling, and more.
  • Advanced ($499/month) – Get access to digital asset and content library, chatbots with automation, and more advanced features.
  • Enterprise – Get personalized onboarding and implementation and priority support. You must contact the service provider for a customized Enterprise plan.

Sprout Social offers a 30-day free trial on each plan so you can make a better informed decision if you decide to purchase the software.

Best Marketing Agency Software: Conclusion

The best marketing agency software empowers you to manage client expectations and capture valuable insights to improve customer experience and sales. You also manage all your projects under a single platform, making tracking workflows and project timelines quick.

While all these platforms can yield notable results, they differ in various aspects. Thus, before settling for any marketing agency software, critically examine its capabilities, features, and pricing to settle for an option that matches your budget and business needs.

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