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11 Best Sales Funnel Builders and Software to Boost Your Marketing Efforts

Best sales funnel builder software

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Are you trying to find the best sales funnel builder and software for your business? If so, you’ve reached the right page.

It’s common knowledge that putting your business online leads to increased visibility, engagement, and revenue. However, without creating sales funnels, you won’t be able to utilize the power of digital marketing for your business fully.

And this also applies to different types of online businesses, like high-ticket affiliate marketing, which also uses sales funnels.

You may provide more value to your leads and nurture them throughout the process by guiding them through various pages, such as landing pages, bridge pages, checkout pages, upsell pages, and so on.

Converting your leads into paying customers should ultimately be your primary focus.

However, it takes a significant amount of time and effort to manually develop each of these numerous pages, arrange them in the correct order, and integrate them with lead generation, opt-in forms, email marketing software and automation tools, and other similar applications.

This is where the sales funnel software tools can come in handy. They provide a smooth and simple interface for building complicated sales funnels. Furthermore, they make the process of lead nurturing seamless, offering different integrations and, most importantly, amplifying sales.

These days, there is an abundance of sales funnel tools on the market that are loaded with all the functionality you need. Finding the right one out of all of them can be a difficult assignment for you.

For this reason, I put together this list of the best sales funnel builders software available right now.

What Is The Best Sales Funnel Software?

The best sales funnel tools are highlighted in the following list.

1. ClickFunnels


Russell Brunson, the co-founder of ClickFunnels and New York Times best-selling author, is credited with popularizing the notion of selling through a sales funnel. He’s also widely known for being an enthusiastic funnel builder, always launching new products to help you build better funnels and grow your business online.

ClickFunnels was created to eliminate all of the human labor involved in creating a successful funnel. The company has amassed a user base of 100,000+ users just due to its ease of use during the past year.

If you’re a business owner, eCommerce site owner, blogger, marketer, or online coach, ClickFunnels could be able to help you solve your funnel-building issues. In fact, Russell created the One Funnel Away Challenge, a 30-day training program, to help you craft your online business by creating a sales funnel from scratch.

Moreover, ClickFunnels is regarded as one of many businesses’ top all-in-one marketing solutions.

Learn more about ClickFunnels in my ClickFunnels 2.0 review.

Key Features making ClickFunnels the Top Sales Funnel Software

  • Readymade templates – ClickFunnels has a long history of developing effective sales funnels for lead generation, sales, and event management. It comes with several pre-built sales funnel templates to help you get started quickly.
  • Drag-and-drop editor – When it comes to editing funnels in the software, ClickFunnels has a drag-and-drop editor. Furthermore, the drag-and-drop functionality is utilized to create and customize landing pages.
  • Upsells – Not only are all of the funnels and pages designed for conversion, but one-click upsells are also included to boost overall revenue.
  • Email marketing automation – The native email marketing and automation module (formerly known as Actionetics) in ClickFunnels can send customized email campaigns. You don’t need to use third-party email marketing platforms because ClickFunnels already has an emailing suite.
  • Create your affiliate program – With ClickFunnels, you can create your own affiliate programs to help you expand your business’s reach and attract new customers. You also get access to FunnelFlix, a ClickFunnels training module where you can learn best practices for creating sales funnels.
  • ClickFunnels Academy – Russell Brunson has created many courses and training videos (some of them free) to help you build better sales funnels and grow your income. They include, but are not limited to, the One Funnel Away Challenge, the 5 Day Lead Challenge, DotCom Secrets, Expert Secrets, Traffic Secrets, the Affiliate Bootcamp, and more.


ClickFunnels pricing

ClickFunnels, like other sales funnel software, offers a 14-day free trial period to allow you to completely evaluate the product before subscribing.

The free trial includes nearly all of the features. To keep using the program after the trial period finishes, you must subscribe to one of its monthly subscriptions. ClickFunnels has three pricing options:

  • Basic ($127/mo) – Gather 10,000 contacts, build 20 funnels an 3 online courses, and create unlimited webpages, workflows, and email sequences.
  • Pro ($157/mo) – All Basic features, including 100 funnels, 15 courses, 25,000 contacts, ClickFunnels API, share funnels, and create your own affiliate program.
  • Funnel Hacker ($208/mo) – Create unlimited funnels, 200 courses, and gather 200,000 contacts.

These pricing plans apply only if you decide on a yearly billing cycle.

Start Your ClickFunnels 14-Day Free Trial.

2. Kartra


Kartra is one of the best sales funnel builders that was developed by the Genesis Digital team. In 2018, it was launched as an “all-in-one” eCommerce tool. That’s the same team that designed and released WebinarJam and EverWebinar, two of the top webinar platforms.

Karta has expanded to include some of the best marketing tools, including landing pages, checkout pages, lead generation, emails, a membership site builder, quizzes/surveys, forms, a marketplace builder, and, most crucially, a sales funnel builder. It is regarded as the most comprehensive and best funnel builder due to its array of marketing capabilities.

It comes with a drag-and-drop page builder with professionally designed templates, which requires no coding skills.

Key Features making Kartra the Top Sales Funnel Software

  • All-in-one sales funnel software platform This software lets you build complete sales funnels, email campaigns, membership sites, video sales pages, surveys, quizzes, forms, and much more.
  • Readymade templates – Kartra, like its competitors, provides plenty of pre-built sales funnel layouts. It is also unique because it allows you to import top-performing funnels from its clients.
  • Email marketing automation – The creation of an automated marketing sequence is another way in which you can automate your sales process. The sequence would run continuously and be tailored specifically to each new lead as they came in.
  • Video hosting – Kartra allows you to host videos on the platform, which allows you to present potential consumers with more value and information about your business. You won’t need to rely on online video platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, or DailyMotion.
  • Affiliate program – You can create your own affiliate program and take in affiliates to promote your products.
  • Helpdesk – Kartra includes a support system in the form of a helpdesk. With the use of this technology, you will be able to provide prompt support to your clients through the use of support ticketing and live chat.


Kartra pricing

When it comes to providing a test drive of their software, Kartra takes a novel approach. You will be charged $1 to test the application for 14 days.

After the trial period is up, you will be required to subscribe to either the monthly or annual plan depending on your preference. At the moment, there are four different subscription levels that are differentiated by the number of leads that may be imported, acquired, or captured.

Nevertheless, the most advantageous aspect of the Kartra cost is that it gives you access to all of the marketing tools, most notably the funnel builder.

  • Starter ($99/mo) – Kartra’s initial plan allows users to connect one custom domain, develop and host 100 pages and 50 videos, establish two membership sites, and send 15,000 emails in a given month. Additionally, users can generate 2,500 leads with this plan.
  • Silver ($199/mo) – The Silver plan allows you to connect three different domains, create and host an infinite number of pages, videos, and membership sites, as well as send an unlimited number of emails. However, there is a cap of 12,500 on leads.
  • Gold ($299/mo) – The Gold package provides you with 25,000 leads and five custom domains. Alternatively, it enables you to make an endless number of things, send an unlimited number of emails, and sell an unlimited number of products.
  • Platinum ($499/mo) – Kartra’s top-tier subscription is the most expensive and includes ten domains and 50,000 lead capture opportunities. It provides unrestricted access to all of the features, just like the plans that came before it.

It’s also important to notice that you’ll get a 25% discount if you choose an annual billing cycle.


Systeme io

What if I told you that a single piece of software could provide you with all the functionality you need to develop a sales funnel in addition to several additional marketing tools to help expand your online business? provides you with a sales funnel builder in addition to five other marketing tools, including marketing automation, an online course builder, email marketing, affiliate management, and a website builder.

This may come as a surprise to some people, but it is true. Freelancers, marketers, consultants, those who create online courses, small enterprises, and many other types of people will undoubtedly find it to be an invaluable tool.

You can put your marketing strategy into action from a single dashboard as a result of the availability of all the in-house modules. Because of this, using also frees you from the responsibility of managing the complex integrations required by third-party applications. is the “go-to” program that you should use if you are attempting to increase the success of your eCommerce business or are interested in selling your own online courses.

Learn more about by reading my full Review.

Key Features making the Top Sales Funnel Software

  • Single dashboard –’s sales funnel builder is directly integrated with all of its other modules, making it a powerful marketing tool. Therefore, it would be simpler for you to combine and carry out all of your sales and marketing efforts using a single dashboard to monitor everything.
  • Drag-and-drop editor – provides a slick editor that allows you to build your sales funnels in an effortless manner.
  • Proven sales funnels templates – You can accelerate the process of developing your funnel by utilizing one of its tested templates specifically designed for sales funnels. There are a variety of additional options accessible, like coupon codes, one-click upsells, order increases, and more.
  • Build your online course – provides a course-building module that may be accessed online. Launching a course that other people can access by paying for memberships or subscriptions is made possible with the assistance of this technology. In addition, you may improve the conversion rate of your leads and students by hosting evergreen webinars for them.
  • Email marketing software – provides you with an email marketing module so that you can keep your clients as well as your students interested. You will be able to stay informed about the most recent deals and information by utilizing this option to communicate with them.
  • Automation tools – The marketing automation tool collaborates with the email marketing module to ensure that your subscribers receive timely and relevant communications at regular intervals. Your leads can trigger an automation rule based on their action, and as a result, they will receive personalized email campaigns regarding your product or courses.
  • Website and blog – You will also have access to a website builder when you purchase this software. You can attract buyers in a natural way by starting a blog, which you can combine with the creation of a portfolio of your items.
  • Paypal and Stripe integrations – Integration with PayPal and Stripe is available through It is also feasible, in addition to receiving money for your products and online courses, to also send payouts to the affiliate partners who have promoted your business.
  • Affiliate management software – In addition to being a sales funnel generator, this software also includes a tool for managing affiliates. You will be able to build your very own affiliate program and significantly boost the number of sales that are generated by referrals by using this tool.

You can check out my detailed step-by-step tutorial to learn how to use each feature.


Systeme io pricing

When you take a look at the pricing structure offered by, you will see that it is the most effective free software for sales funnels. It offers a forever-free subscription that includes access to all of its features. The free plan does have some restrictions and limitations, but they shouldn’t prevent you from getting a good feel for the software and deciding whether or not to upgrade to a paid subscription. provides three pricing levels with monthly and yearly subscription options. You can save up to 30% on a yearly subscription if you choose it. If you don’t want to commit to a longer term, you can subscribe to its monthly options.

  • Free – A plan that is free forever that enables you to build three sales funnels, send unlimited emails to 2,000 contacts, publish one online course, obtain one custom domain, and do many other things.
  • Startup ($27/mo) – With this plan, you have the ability to launch five courses, send unlimited emails to 5,000 contacts, develop ten sales funnels, and have three custom domains. You would also be able to send unlimited emails to 5,000 contacts.
  • Webinar ($47/mo) – Evergreen webinars can be accessed after you subscribe to this plan. In addition, you will receive 20 blogs, 50 sales funnels, the ability to send an infinite number of emails to 10,000 contacts, the ability to develop 20 courses, and ten custom domains. This package provides access to a variety of additional features in addition to its core offerings.
  • Unlimited ($97/mo) – Last but not least, with this plan, you may build an unlimited number of sales funnels and have unrestricted access to all of the other capabilities.

4. Kajabi

Kajabi all in one platform

If you are a coach or an online tutor trying to commercialize your skills, Kajabi might be able to offer you all of the answers you need. In addition, the sales funnel, which is referred to as Pipelines in Kajabi, can be the solution that works best for you out of all of these alternatives.

Kajabi has established itself as the go-to option for online educators, trainers, and instructors ever since it was first introduced in the year 2010.

You may get a good idea of the potential of this platform by considering the fact that more than 40,000 instructors utilize it to instruct six million students. As a result, it unquestionably merits consideration as one of the best funnel builder software.

Key Features making Kajabi the Best Sales Funnel Software

  • Readymade funnels – If you are new to both online coaching for sales and building sales funnels, you can use the pre-made funnel templates that Kajabi provides. You will be able to launch funnels for the creation of leads, the sale of products or courses, or webinars with the assistance of these blueprints.
  • Create multiple pages – You have the option of creating numerous pages, giving you more freedom to manage different products or courses. You can also choose any of the pre-made frameworks if you do not have a clue what would work best for the courses that you teach.
  • Email marketing – In the same vein as some of the other applications for developing funnels that are described in this post, Kajabi comes with its own built-in emailing suite. You are able to build email templates and include components that promote conversions like videos, countdown timers, and other similar tools.
  • Analytics – In addition to that, Kajabi provides you with an analytics dashboard that you can use to evaluate how well your business is doing. You will have an easy time monitoring crucial indicators like total income, products sold, subscriptions, and the lifetime value of a customer, amongst others.
  • Paypal and Stripe integration – Kajabi gives you the ability to collect payments through the integration of PayPal and Stripe so that you can be sure that your efforts will be rewarded. For your online coaching services, you can easily configure either a one-time payment or a payment that is made on a recurring basis.


Kajabi pricing plans

Similar to its rivals, Kajabi provides users with an extensive free trial period of 14 days. You are allowed to create pipelines and course sales pages while utilizing the application for free during the trial time so that you may evaluate its functionality. You are also permitted to begin selling your courses, so don’t worry about that.

However, once the trial period is over, you will be required to subscribe to one of the three available pricing plans. You would have the option to subscribe to either its monthly or annual plans depending on your needs.

The cost is determined by the number of new leads that are added or acquired. Aside from this, upgrading to a higher plan will grant you access to a greater number of features and give you higher usage caps. Nevertheless, you are granted the ability to generate an unlimited number of landing pages and to send an unlimited number of marketing emails.

  • Basic ($119/mo) – Using this plan, you will be able to create three pipelines and three products, create unlimited landing pages, and send unlimited email marketing campaigns to up to 10,000 contacts and 1,000 members.
  • Growth ($159/mo) – With the Growth plan, you can create 15 pipelines and products. Your contacts increase to 25,000, and you can have 10,000 active members.
  • Pro ($319/mo) – This plan allows you to build 100 pipelines and 100 products, acquire up to 100,000 contacts, and have up to 20,000 active members.

5. GetResponse


GetResponse is one of the best options among all other software for sales funnels that I have ever seen. Although it is primarily known as software for email marketing, GetResponse has evolved into a prominent provider of inbound marketing tools throughout its history. And as a result of this, it is now able to provide a complete software solution for sales funnels.

In GetResponse, the sales funnel is referred to as the Conversion Funnel. It gives you the ability to design various funnels, such as a straightforward opt-in funnel, as well as sales, webinars, and lead magnet funnels.

GetResponse’s Conversion Funnel is a tool that can assist you in reaching your business objectives if you are a business owner, an online coach, the proprietor of an eCommerce store, or an affiliate marketer who wants to expand their affiliate marketing business.

Key Features making GetResponse the Best Sales Funnel Software

  • All-in-one funnel builder – When we refer to the “all-in-one” aspect of Conversion Funnel, we mean that it gives you the ability to do things such as collect leads, make landing pages, automate emails, and sell products from your eCommerce site, collect payments, and so on.
  • Pre-made templates – The software provides more than thirty ready-made funnel templates that focus on conversion and are built by experienced designers. You will be able to boost the number of leads you acquire, the number of things you sell, the amount of overall money you bring in, and the impression you leave on your consumers.
  • Create webinars – This sales funnel builder program gives you the ability to host webinars as well as to build webinar funnels, which is one of the product’s most advantageous features. You will be able to develop stronger ties with the people who might become your clients in this method.
  • Create ads – GetResponse, in contrast to other builders, gives you the ability to create and run social media advertising campaigns directly from within your dashboard. You are presently able to generate advertisements for Facebook, Instagram, and Google Search using this platform.
  • Payment gateway integration – GetResponse also enables you to connect your accounts with PayPal, Stripe, Square, BlueSnap, and PayU to ease the collection of payments in a simple and safe way.


GetResponse pricing

GetResponse offers a free trial period during which users can construct sales funnels using the platform’s tools at no cost.

They have just lately introduced a forever-free plan. However, it does not include the feature that allows users to create sales funnels.

Following this, GetResponse provides a sizable selection of pricing plans with a variety of adjustable subscription choices. The fee will be based on how big your mailing list is. That is to say, the more new leads you get, the more expensive your subscription will become in the long run.

The number of leads on the list can range anywhere from 1,000 to 100,000. In addition, you can subscribe to monthly, annual, or two-yearly programs depending on your needs. The following provides an overview of the pricing structure for GetResponse for a list size of 1,000 subscribers or leads.

  • Free – A lifelong free subscription that includes fundamental website builder, website editor, and email marketing services for up to 500 contacts. The funnel builder is not included in this free plan and cannot be accessed.
  • Email Marketing (starts at $13.3/mo) – This package lets you build lead funnels and lead magnet funnels.
  • Marketing Automation (starts at $41.3/mo) – This plan allows you to create sales funnels and webinar funnels.
  • eCommerce Marketing (starts at $83.3/mo) – With this plan, you have advanced eCommerce features.

For mid and large companies, GetResponse includes two pricing plans:

  • Max – A solution for users that have high expectations and are looking for sophisticated marketing features and dependable assistance. You will need to get in touch with the GetResponse sales team in order to receive tailored pricing for this plan.
  • Max² – A comprehensive solution that includes a dedicated Customer Experience Manager (CEM) as well as infrastructure. In order to acquire individualized pricing for this plan, you will need to get in touch with the GetResponse sales team.

6. GrooveFunnels


GrooveFunnels was established back in those dark days of the year 2020 when people all around the world were hiding in their homes. However, the eternally free-to-use plan is the feature that has captured the interest of new marketers, business owners, bloggers, and other online content creators.

In addition to this, GrooveFunnels comes with a large number of pre-installed modules that can manage things like emails, landing pages, affiliate management, webinars, membership sites, and more.

Therefore, if you are seeking the best free software that can help you create a sales funnel, you should begin using GrooveFunnels.

Key Features making GrooveFunnels the Best Sales Funnel Software

  • Create beautiful landing pages – You will have the ability to easily develop landing pages that are both eye-catching and focused on conversions. These pages can be used for upsells, downsells, sales, and even checkout pages all at the same time.
  • Membership sites – GrooveFunnels is particularly helpful for online instructors since it enables users to build fully functional membership websites. In this way, GrooveFunnels provides comprehensive support. In this approach, you will have the opportunity to develop a devoted following of customers for yourself.
  • Email marketing – The email marketing platform that GrooveFunnels provides is just another one of the company’s strengths. You are able to perform behavior-based email marketing and automation campaigns directly from within the program itself.
  • Build your own affiliate program – GrooveFunnels gives you the ability to develop your own affiliate campaigns, which you can do if you want to expand the customer base of your company and boost your sales. The affiliate management section also lets you to specify commission rules, JV arrangements, etc.
  • Webinar funnels – GrooveFunnels enables you to launch a webinar sales funnel if you feel comfortable enough to do so and if this is something you would like to accomplish.
  • Integrations – GrooveFunnels lets you integrate dozens of apps to further optimize and expand your business, including Zapier, Mautic, WebinarJam, Mailchimp, AWeber, and many more.


GrooveFunnels pricing

GrooveFunnels is one of the top free sales funnel tools since it offers a lifelong free plan that enables users to use all of the platform’s tools and features in their entirety.

You should be aware, however, that the free plan does come with some limitations on how much data you may transfer. In the free plan, for instance, you are only permitted to develop a total of three different sales funnels.

GrooveFunnels gives you the option to upgrade to its premium version so that you can get beyond constraints such as these.

  • Free – This is a free-forever plan that lets you collect up to 500 contacts, send up to 2,500 emails each month, add one domain name, host 25 pages, and create unlimited products and eCommerce stores.
  • Starter ($99/mo) – With this plan, you can acquire up to 5,000 contacts, send 50,000 emails per month, add five custom domains, host 250 pages, and more.
  • Pro ($299/mo) – The Pro plan lets you collect up to 30,000 contacts, send unlimited email campaigns, add unlimited domains and pages, and much more features.

You’ll save 20% on all plans by choosing an annual billing cycle.

7. Convertri


Convertri is an additional online sales funnel builder that is well-known for the innovative technology that it uses to load pages quickly.

Converti, in contrast to other typical sales funnel software, prioritizes the loading of your sales pages in under three seconds. Page load time is a critical factor in determining whether or not a website is successful in retaining the visitors’ interest and soliciting participation from them.

As soon as people saw how effective Converti is at generating sales pages and funnels, a large number of affiliate marketers and business owners began utilizing it for the purpose of launching new products.

And yes, it comes with a plethora of premade templates and is loaded with all of the fundamental elements necessary to improve your conversions further.

Key Features making Convertri the Best Sales Funnel Software

  • Powerful landing page editor – Convertri uses an innovative strategy when it comes to creating web pages. It provides a visual sales funnel builder that resembles Photoshop and enables you to move and position blocks wherever you want on the page rather than delivering a standard drag-and-drop builder as most other platforms do.
  • Elements – Convertri does not impact your page and funnel quality. As a result, it provides a wealth of elements that are geared toward conversion, such as countdown timers, movies, image carousels, and so on.
  • Dynamic ads – Convertri can assist you in the creation and launch of dynamic ads for each of your items if you sell more than one. Simply select a default template copy, and then add the dynamic content tags in order to make unique ad copies for each individual use.
  • Several types of funnels – One-click upsells, bump sales, and two-step checkout are all supported by Convertri to further raise the total value of the transaction. In addition to this, you can use this funnel software to both collect recurring payments and provide free trials to potential customers.
  • Integrations – Convertri does not come equipped with a built-in module for sending emails or hosting webinars. It provides a wide variety of integration choices so that users can get around this disadvantage.


Convertri pricing

Convertri is another one of the greatest sales funnel builders for WordPress. It includes a WordPress plugin that, if utilized properly, can be extremely beneficial for your website.

It also offers a free trial period of 14 days to get things rolling. You are able to gain access to the funnel software and evaluate whether or not it satisfies the requirements of your business.

Next, after the conclusion of your free trial time, Convertri will provide you with a single plan that may be paid for either monthly or annually.

  • Convertri unique plan ($99/mo or $75/mo billed annually) – You will get the ability to create up to 25 funnels and 250 pages, with a maximum of 250,000 monthly impressions. In addition to this, you will also receive split testing, 20 video hosting, 10 team members, and 400+ template designs to choose from.

8. OptimizePress


You probably either have or are in the process of creating a website using WordPress. In either case, the management of funnels using third-party software and the management of your website can frequently become laborious.

What you require is a solution that is both straightforward and effective, one that will enable you to build sales funnels right on your website that is powered by WordPress.

OptimizePress, which is regarded as the best sales funnel software for WordPress, will come to your aid at this point. The software comes with all of the necessary tools and features that will make it possible for you to increase both your number of leads and your number of sales. In addition to that, putting it to use is a breeze because of how simple the instructions are.

Key Features making OptimizePress the Top Sales Funnel Software

  • Create several types of pages – OptimizePress does not miss a single detail when it comes to the process of developing pages for your sales funnel. It gives you the ability to design all kinds of pages, including landing pages, sales pages, webinar registration pages, eCommerce sales pages, upsell pages, downsell pages, thank you pages, and more.
  • Pre-made templates – OptimizePress provides more than 250 landing page templates that are designed to increase conversion rates and are made for a variety of purposes, including but not limited to lead capture, sales, webinars, upsells, and checkouts.
  • Stripe integration – OptimizePress is effective enough to process payments through the Stripe payment gateway. In addition to this, you may also configure other aspects of the transaction, such as discounts, taxes, and so on, while using the checkout or payment pages.
  • Email marketing integration – Integrating OptimizePress with industry-leading email marketing platforms enables you to not only cultivate relationships with your prospects but also win the loyalty of your consumers. You may import all of the contacts into the emailing program, and after that is complete, you can start the marketing automation process.
  • Splits test your sales funnels – You are able to perform A/B split testing on your sales funnels using OptimizePress, which is not possible with some other sales funnel software. In addition, you will be provided with all of the essential statistics that are required to evaluate the effectiveness of your campaign.


OptimizePress Pricing

When compared to the other funnel builders, OptimizePress takes a unique approach to matters pertaining to both its free trial and its price options. To begin, there is no risk-free demo version of OptimizePress available for download.

In addition, if you sign up for the Essential plan offered by OptimizePress ($99/yr for one website), you won’t have access to the OptimizePress funnel builder (called OptimizeFunnels). You will, however, have access to an unlimited number of landing page templates and the ability to create pages as needed.

You will need to subscribe to one of OptimizePress’s more expensive services in order to set up a sales funnel.

  • Suite ($199/yr) – You’ll get the capability to create sales funnels on a total of 20 personal websites. In addition to that, you would obtain access to many features and tools for funnel building.
  • Agency Standard ($399/yr) – This plan would be perfect for you if you work for a marketing agency that provides services to its clients and wants to build sales funnels for those clients. It lets you build funnels for up to 20 client websites.

9. Cartflows


If you use your website on WordPress and sell your products with WooCommerce, then you should begin using CartFlows to further boost your cash stream. It will allow you to sell more products with less effort.

The same team responsible for developing the Astra WordPress theme has also developed another excellent WordPress sales funnel tool known as CartFlows.

To show you how popular it is, more than 220,000 WordPress users have integrated this funnel builder into their own websites using WordPress. It is also clear that the software is backed up by an experienced team, making sure that CartFlows contains all of the essential elements for creating sales funnels.

Key Features making CartFlows the Top Sales Funnel Software

  • Pre-built templates – CartFlows provides its users with a collection of prebuilt templates that may be used for landing pages, checkout pages, and other purposes. Each of these templates was designed specifically to increase the number of engagements and conversions that you receive.
  • Extended funnel features – CartFlows will also provide you with options such as one-click upsells, bump offers, and pre-checkout offers, all of which contribute to a rise in the average value of your sales funnel.
  • A/B testing – You may perform A/B testing on the pages of your funnels using CartFlows, just like you can do with other funnel software. You can test different headlines, buttons, and other elements to determine what your audience prefers.
  • Compatibility – CartFlows has been made compatible with all WordPress themes used with WooCommerce so that the development team can ensure that it is easy to use and that the vast majority of users will embrace it. In addition, CartFlows is compatible with the majority of the major page builders for WordPress, including Elementor, Beaver Builder, Divi, ThriveArchitect, and others.
  • Powerful analytics – When it comes to the quality of the analytics, CartFlows does not make any concessions. It provides a comprehensive insights module that will discover all of the crucial indicators, such as page views, conversion rate, revenue, average order value, and so on.


CartFlows pricing

CartFlows is not like other funnel-building software in that it does not come with a free trial option. Instead, it is an entirely paid sales funnel builder for WordPress. To be absolutely clear, you will not be eligible for a free trial of CartFlows.

However, you can get the free version of this WordPress plugin, but the number of functions you can use will be severely limited.

  • Free plugin – You’ll get access to limited templates and no access to order bumps, upsells, downsells, A/B testing, and more advanced funnel features.
  • Unique license ($239/yr or $999 lifetime) – CartFlows’ unique license allows you to build unlimited funnels on up to 30 websites. It also includes unlimited templates, conversion-optimized checkout pages, order bumps, upsells, downsells, dynamic offers, customer support, tutorials, an amazing user community, and many more features.

Their single license is backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee.

10. ConvertKit


ConvertKit is a powerful email automation platform designed for bloggers, podcasters, and online course creators who want to build a tribe of loyal fans. With just an email address, you can set up autoresponders to segment subscribers by interest and send personalized messages as well as one-click campaigns to get more shares on social media.

But email automation is not all that ConvertKit can offer. You may also market your most recent project and collect subscribers by creating stunning landing pages, sales funnels, sign-up forms, and link pages that stand out from the crowd and draw attention to your work.

Key Features making ConvertKit the Top Sales Funnel Software

  • Landing pages – ConvertKit’s fully customizable templates were designed by industry experts to catch people’s attention and grow their email audiences. Inexperienced or seasoned designers alike may benefit from these templates for landing page design.
  • Email marketing – For many creators, the writing and editing experience of email marketing can be a stumbling block. Their email designer takes care of the editing so you can focus on the most important aspect of email: creating the content.
  • Marketing automation – You can simply segment your audience depending on their customer journey, develop powerful, automated funnels, personalize a subscriber’s route based on their activities, distribute targeted content to the right people at the right time, and create powerful, automated funnels.
  • Integrations – ConvertKit allows you to integrate with several apps so your business can run smoothly.
  • Stripe integration – Stripe, the industry-leading platform for safe payment processing and fraud prevention, powers ConvertKit’s eCommerce feature.


ConvertKit pricing

ConvertKit offers a 14-day free trial with unrestricted use of all its features. However, if you start collecting emails and wish to continue using automation and funnels, you need to purchase a premium subscription.

Besides the Free plan, ConvertKit includes two premium plans. The price for each one depends on how many contacts you have. For this pricing list, I’ll consider a list of 1,000 emails.

  • Free – This is a forever-free plan that lets you collect up to 1,000 subscribers, create unlimited landing pages, send unlimited email broadcasts, and sell digital products.
  • Creator ($25/mo) – With this plan, you have access to automated funnels and sequences and live chat support.
  • Creator Pro ($50/mo) – ConvertKit’s most expensive plan offers you more advanced features such as Facebook custom audiences, a newsletter referral system, and advanced reporting.

The free trial features depend on the plan you choose. Also, these prices apply for a yearly subscription. The monthly subscription is more costly overall.

11. Leadpages


Leadpages requires no introduction because it is self-explanatory. It is widely considered to be among the most effective and well-liked landing page builders for use by a wide variety of small businesses and marketers.

However, were you aware that Leadpages may also be used to develop marketing and sales funnels?

Leadpages is extremely effective in the creation of tiny sales funnels. Simply having a landing page, a pop-up, and a thank you page is the three building pieces or steps that are necessary. Leadpages will undoubtedly be able to assist you in establishing easier sales funnels, even if you prefer more complex ones.

Key Features making Leadpages the Top Sales Funnel Software

  • Drag-and-drop editor – Leadpages is the only page builder available on the internet that can compete with the power and efficiency that Leadpages offers. Not only this, but it also helps simplify the process of building pages by providing a drag-and-drop page editor to facilitate the process.
  • Pre-built templates – Leadpages provides many pre-made page templates that may be used for a variety of purposes, including sales, lead collection, webinars, checkout, and more.
  • Pop-ups – Leadpages also enables users to generate pop-ups for their websites. It makes your pop-ups smart by triggering them based on certain criteria such as time, page scroll, exit intent, and other similar factors.
  • Alert bars – Leadpages take a further step to boost your conversions and engagement by using alert bars on their customers’ pages. In order to maximize the opportunities for users to interact with your page, you would have the choice of positioning these bars either at the top or the bottom of the page.
  • Integrations – This software for developing micro-funnels also provides you with access to a sizable integration library. You can link your pages with email marketing if you want to.


Leadpages pricing

Leadpages gives users the opportunity to test out their service risk-free for a period of 14 days. Be aware, however, that the free trial will provide access to a distinct set of features and that these may vary depending on the plan that you choose to subscribe to.

In addition to this, you will be pleased to learn that no matter whatever plan you select, you will have the ability to design and publish an unlimited number of landing pages, pop-ups, and alert bars. If you subscribe to a higher plan, you will be able to eliminate certain restrictions on the features that you can use.

  • Standard ($37/mo billed yearly or $49/mo billed monthly) – This plan is available for a single website. You can create unlimited landing pages, alert bars, and pop-ups and get unlimited traffic and leads. They also offer over 40 standard integrations and a free custom domain. However, if you choose a monthly billing cycle, the free custom domain won’t be available if you choose a monthly billing cycle.
  • Pro ($74/mo billed yearly or $99/mo billed monthly) – Available for three websites, you have the possibility to do A/B testing, make online sales, accept recurring payments, and integrate Stripe for checkouts. You also need to purchase a yearly subscription to be entitled to a free custom domain.
  • Advanced Plan – The Leadpages Advanced Plan provides you with a master account as well as five client accounts, each of which is filled with features from the Pro Plan, advanced integrations, and a 1-on-1 onboarding call. To get a custom quote, you have to contact their sales team.

What Is A Sales Funnel?

Put simply, a sales funnel is a marketing tool that helps businesses attract customers, convert them into leads, and close sales. It helps you track your customers’ online behavior and find out what kind of content they’re interested in. This information is essential for any business because it helps you determine which offers will work best for your target audience.

Sales funnels are a useful tool for visualizing the sales process of moving potential customers from one stage to another. This sequence is designed to guide people through a purchasing decision from beginning to end.

A sales funnel consists of three stages:

  1. The top of the funnel – This is where you have a broad audience who might or might not be interested in what you have to offer.
  2. The middle of the funnel: Here, you have people interested in what you have to offer but haven’t yet committed to buying anything.
  3. The bottom of the funnel: In this phase, your leads become customers and make their first purchase with you.
Sales funnel anatomy top middle bottom

A sales funnel is a process of moving a potential customer from one stage to the next, and it’s an important part of any business.

For example, if you’re selling products online, your sales funnel might look something like this:

Awareness -> Interest -> Desire -> Action

This is known as the AIDA framework and is widely used in the marketing world (in fact, many AI writing tools include the AIDA framework to help you craft better ads).

Sales Funnel Awareness Interest Desire Action

In this case, the awareness stage is where people first see your product or service. They might see an advertisement or read about you in a blog post. If they click on it and start reading more, they’re interested in what you have to offer. After that, they may want to buy it right away (desire). If they do, they take action and complete their purchase.

If they don’t take action yet, maybe they just need more time to decide or aren’t ready yet. So they can stay at the desire stage for a while until they are sure that they want to buy your product right away (action).

Keep in mind that the job isn’t finished yet. Customers should be offered upsells or product bumps through a value ladder after they enter your business environment in order to increase income. This can be done via email marketing campaigns or newsletters.

It’s also important to remember that acquiring new clients requires a lot more time and money than keeping old ones.

What Is A Sales Funnel Builder?

A sales funnel builder is a set of tools included in a piece of software that allows you to develop and manage sales funnels.

Your sales funnel will run smoothly if you choose software capable of aligning and integrating all of the components (landing pages, opt-in pages, email marketing, checkout pages, webinars, upsells, downsells, and more).

Given that a funnel builder incorporates all of the capabilities, there is no need for you to use any other tools. One dashboard is all that is required to perform any task or accomplish any goal.

What Features Should You Look For In The Best Sales Funnel Builder Software?

There are numerous variations of software for use in sales funnels. While some are designed specifically to create landing pages and web forms, some are more concentrated on email marketing than others.

The following is a rundown of some of the most common features found in the perfect sales funnel software. It contains aspects that any platform ought to have, regardless of whatever phase of the funnel the platform focuses on. Here are the best sales funnel features:

  • Lead generation – Using lead-generating software, you may collect leads, tag them, and allocate them. This is usually done by collecting emails on an opt-in page. You are able to move prospective consumers around your sales funnel in a timely and effective manner.
  • Readymade templates – The software should include a collection of pre-built high-converting sales funnel designs to save you time and effort. Furthermore, these templates have been tried and tested to increase conversions.
  • Automation – Automation tools take care of some of the most basic and time-consuming administrative duties that rob your team of valuable time. Automated sales funnel systems save time and effort that may be better focused on activities that generate income.
  • Email marketing – The top sales funnel building software should include email marketing tools so you can send customized email messages to potential customers to pique their interest in your product or service. You also should be able to create emails quickly using templates, then track click and open rates to see how effective your campaigns are.
  • All-in-one software – The chosen builder must provide all marketing capabilities from a single dashboard. Email marketing, webinars, lead acquisition, and payment pages are all examples of this. This feature prevents you from switching between numerous apps to complete a single job.
  • Integrations – For optimal convenience, the funnel builder must offer great third-party integrations. Data from your sales funnel software should be able to be shared and used across platforms. You won’t have to move between browsers or manually transfer data from one platform to another.
  • Custom support – You should also think about whether or not the software has customer support. It’s best to look at their support hours, response time, and how you can contact them (chat, email, tickets, etc.).
  • Pricing – The ideal sales funnel software should have reasonable pricing plans and a money-back guarantee. It’s also crucial that the software provides a free trial or plan so you can try it out.

Sales Funnel Builder’s FAQs

The following are some of the questions about sales funnel-building software that are asked the most frequently.

What is a sales funnel builder?

A sales funnel builder is a tool that allows you to build a sales funnel from scratch. It can be any type of process that you use to get your customers from the moment they find out about you down to the point where they take the action you want them to take.

For the most part, you would have to rely on many different tools to do a single activity without sales funnel builder software.

What does a sales funnel builder do?

A good sales funnel builder will allow you to create multiple steps in your process, set up triggers for each step, and track how many people move through each step. You’ll also be able to see which steps are the most effective at converting visitors into customers, as well as which parts of your customer journey need improvement.

What is a sales funnel?

A sales funnel is a visual representation of how leads progress through each stage of the buying cycle. When someone visits your website or opts in for more information about your product or service, they move from one funnel stage to another until they either buy or leave without making a purchase. The stages of this process are known as “funnel steps” or “funnel pages.”

What is a landing page?

A landing page is the very first thing that visitors see when they arrive at your site. The goal of every landing page is to encourage visitors to take action — whether it’s signing up for a free trial or making a purchase with their credit card information.

What is the distinction between a landing page builder and a sales funnel builder?

A landing page is a specific web page that is meant to accomplish one particular marketing objective. This is typically done in an effort to persuade the visitor to provide their email address or sign up for a demonstration. On the other hand, software designed to develop sales funnels is intended to walk the buyer through the entirety of the purchasing process, not just one page at a time.

The Best Sales Funnel Software: Which One Do You Choose?

The above sales funnel builders are the best tools for building automated sales funnels. They have all been designed to be very easy to use so that beginners can get started quickly.

Even if you haven’t arrived at a decision just yet, I strongly suggest that you sign up for one of their free trials. If you do this, you will be able to directly test out various funnels, which will help you make a more informed decision.

Meanwhile, if you are short on time, then I would advise you to try the ClickFunnels 14-Free Trial or the Free Plan. They are two of the most extensive funnel builders I have ever tried, and they bundle practically all of the critical elements into their products. Also, they both have an easy learning curve, making them perfect for beginners.

And if you want to master the science of funnel building to grow your company online with sales funnels, I’d recommend you get Russell Brunson’s free book DotCom secrets.

Leave a comment below telling me which funnel builder you find to be the most useful and why.

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