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Discover The 7 Best AI Ad Generators For Great Copy And Video Advertising

best AI ad generator tools

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You need the best AI ad generator to create persuasive ad copies that intrigue, inspire, and delight, putting you at the center and front for prospective customers.

Instead of spending hours drafting an ad manually, leave the job to AI-powered advertising tools, including AI social media post generators, and direct the budget and time toward expanding your customer base.

By using AI for advertising, you will not only target your ads more effectively with accurate data but also optimize your marketing campaigns for more enhanced results.

In this post, I will take you through the best AI ad generators to help you define your customer journey, improve customer experience, and use AI-powered ads to generate more qualified leads and customers.

What is the Best AI Ad Generator?

Below, I have reviewed and listed the best AI-powered ad generator tools to help you find an ideal one for your business.


Best AI ad generator for producing conversion-focused ad creatives.

AdCreative AI

AdCreative uses artificial intelligence to generate data-backed Ad creatives, texts and headlines, social posts, video ads, creative insights, and a complete ad package. The platform boasts higher conversion rates of up to 14x for ads and the ability to improve your CTR within the first month of using its AI creatives.

All you do is:

  1. Tell this AI tool your target audience and the platform on which you intend to use the ads.
  2. AdCreative gets to work by gathering creative content from numerous prominent social and display platforms.
  3. It then analyzes the gathered creatives to produce more than 80 data points per image.
  4. Finally, the platform uses the performance of the creatives and data points to train its unique machine-learning model to generate high-conversion ad creatives for your business.

AdCreative is scalable and designed to meet your growing ad creative, video ads, and banner needs. Besides, its unique AI model learns about your brand font and color to produce a seamless AI-driven ad design that blends well with your business branding.

Check out my comprehensive review for more details about this platform.

Key Features

  • Unlimited Generations – With your AdCreative subscription, you can create as many ad copies as you want, whether you have credits or not. You will only use credits when downloading your AI-generated creatives.
  • Seamless Integrations – The platform integrates with Facebook, ADYOUNEED, Google, Zapier, and more to help you get the most out of AdCreative.
  • Unlimited Free Stock Images – Every AdCreative package comes with more than 100 million free stock images to include in your ad creatives at no additional cost.
  • Text Generator AI Feature – This tool uses a variety of copywriting methodologies to create high-converting ad texts and headlines.
  • Creative Insights –  AdCreative’s AI sifts through your creatives to give you insights such as your top-performing creatives and colors, average CTR in your brand category, and much more.
  • Enhanced Collaborations – You can invite up to 25 teammates to this platform and allow them to make creatives simultaneously using one main account.


At AdCreative AI, they’ve designed their pricing plans with different types of businesses in mind. The Startup plan lets you handle one to two brands. On the other end of the spectrum, the Agency plan lets you handle from 50 brands all the way up to as many as you need.

AdCreative AI pricing

With just $21 per month, you can get access to unlimited AI assistance, text generation, free stock images, and multiple integrations for one brand. But, if you’re running a social media marketing agency, pricing begins at $499 per month for 50 brands.

You can take AdCreative AI for a spin with a 7-day free trial. Also, don’t forget to check the best AdCreative AI alternatives.


An effective AI ad generator for creating banners, logos, mockups, and videos.

Designs AI uses artificial intelligence in ad creation to simplify creative workflows. It features an intuitive user interface and a simple editor, making it easy for beginners to customize initial drafts and generate visually-appealing content.

This AI ad generator analyzes your data to provide the best content suggestions and auto-generates thousands of ad project variations. With this ad creation platform, you can use its auto-resizing and content replacement features to adjust your content variations further. All its AI-generated ads are full-licensed for commercial use.

With’s extensive content library, you access thousands of graphics, templates, and elements alongside millions of images and clips to boost your ad content engagement.  

Being an online-based software ( is also one of the best AI-presentation tools available) means that you can use multiple devices and browsers to access this platform with no download and installation required. organizes and saves all your brand collateral on its online storage. You can easily share your project links or buy multi-seat accounts if you are dealing with large teams.

Key Features

  • Automatic Generation – uses AI to cut manual work from your ad generation process.
  • Extensive Library – You access more than 20,000 templates.
  • Enhanced Team Collaboration – The platform supports quick asset sharing to boost productivity.
  • Branding Kit – The tool enables you to enhance consistency in branding across all your ad creations.
  • Easy Sharing – produces ad creations in social-media-compliant sizes.
  • Free Assistive Tools – They help you add the right fonts, colors, and graphics to your ad creations.
  • Unlimited Downloads – You can download anything you want.


You can begin using for as little as $19 per month, billed annually. They also offer a free trial to help you get a feel for the software before committing to a paid plan.

3. Jasper

A highly converting AI ad copy generator for Google and Facebook ads.

Jasper AI Starter Plan get high quality copy written fast with AI

You can use Jasper to create original ad copies for Google ads, Facebook ads, Ad headlines, CTAs, and LinkedIn ads, among others. All you do is open Jasper’s template library and select Google or Facebook-specific ad templates.

After that, give this software a prompt about your ad and target audience. Leave the job to Jasper to produce a compelling ad copy automatically and instantly.

This software uses concise and robust language to communicate directly with your target audience and compel them to take action. It also includes a clear call-to-action to your ad copy to inform the readers what to do next.

You can train Jasper’s brand voice feature on your brand identity, company facts, product catalogs, and style guide in seconds. Alternatively, you can allow Jasper to scan your website to study your brand and adapt to different tones and styles. This will give you one voice for all your ad creatives.

As mentioned in my Jasper AI review, you can write ad copies in 29+ languages for a broader reach. Besides, this platform has a Chrome extension, which means you can access it anytime using any device.

Key Features  

  • Team Collaboration – Jasper allows you to invite collaborators to make edits to your AI-generated ad copies.
  • 50+ Templates – Choose a Facebook or Google ads template to make your ad creations in minutes.
  • Advanced Admin Analytics – You obtain valuable data like ad copy usage for each campaign.
  • AI Image Generator – The AI art generator lets you generate creative, original images to include in your ad copies.
  • AI Text Generator – You can use this tool to write compelling texts for ads.


Jasper pricing goes as follows:

  • Creator ($39/mo) – Allows you to generate unlimited ads.
  • Teams ($99/mo) – Best for large businesses, as you can invite team members and add extra brand voices.

Get started with Jasper’s 7-day free trial.

4. Synthesia

Best AI ad generator for ad videos at scale.

Synthesia io

Synthesia is here to help you take your ad video content to a whole new level. With its AI avatars and voiceovers, you can quickly turn boring text into inclusive and diverse high-quality ad videos in more than 120 languages, accents, and voice tones.

This software further allows you to add micro gestures, such as eyebrows and head nods, to your avatars to make the videos more engaging and drive the message home. Its 60+ professionally designed and editable AI video templates help speed up ad creation, saving time.

You can use Synthesia’s AI-powered video editor to customize your video footage by adding ad text, royalty-free videos, background music, subtitles, animations, and more.

In addition, and as mentioned in my Synthesia review, this tool allows you to upload brand assets such as logos, slogans, songs, social media profiles, and the company name to include in your video clips and customize them to suit your brand voice. 

Key features

  • Multilingual Support – You can create ad videos in more than 120 languages and accents.
  • 140+ video avatars and 400+ voices – This allows you to settle for an avatar and voice that strongly reflects your brand and perfectly blends with your target audience.
  • 60+ Professional AI Video Templates – You can use the templates to create your advertising and marketing videos in minutes.
  • Upload Font Feature – With this feature, you can upload your preferred font to remain on brand.
  • Auto-generated Closed Captions – This platform allows you to include closed captions in your ad video to boost accessibility.
  • Media and Music Library – You can access millions of royalty-free icons, images, and videos, as well as hundreds of royalty-free soundtracks for the videos.
  • Built-in Screen Recorder – The feature captures short video clips of your screen to convert them into AI-powered ad videos.


  • Personal Plan ($30/mo) – Includes 10 min/mo with 10 slides per video. It features background music, stock assets and icons, and a vast collection of avatars and video templates.
  • Corporate Plan (custom quote) – Get more time per video with up to 50 slides.

5. Pencil

A revolutionary AI ad generator for automating ads with AI.

Pencil AI ad generator

Pencil combines the power of generative AI and creative humans to generate ads in minutes with real-time edits, insights, and predictions to yield better results. You not only generate unlimited ad creatives but also integrate the platform with your existing stack for a maximized output and greater reach.

You can rely on Pencil to get entirely new angles for pitching your products based on extensive data. This AI tool also looks for key moments in your existing videos and UGC assets and automatically cuts and remixes the videos into entirely new ad ideas.

With Pencil’s real-time editor, you can quickly adjust your AI-generated ads to boost performance. At the same time, you can leverage the editor’s library of prebuilt stickers and scenes to produce modern, channel-native social ads.

Pencil further gives you maximum control over your ad sizes and formats by automatically generating all the popular formats by default. You can individually edit each format to suit your business ads needs. 

Moreover, this platform features an AI ads library with thousands of ad creatives generated by leading brands and agencies to help you draw inspiration from them.

Key Features

  • Direct Channel Integration – Pencil integrates with Shopify, Dropbox, and Adobe.
  • Unlimited Ad Creatives – You can use them anywhere.
  • Predictions, Insights, and Benchmarks – Pencil uses data to predict new copy angles that can resonate with your target audience.
  • Free Stock Images, Music, and Videos – You can incorporate them in your ads to improve engagement.
  • Real-time Editor – The feature allows you to adjust your ads quickly.
  • Unlimited Exports – Pencil lets you export your AI-generated ads to use elsewhere.


  • Self-Serve ($79/mo) – You generate the ads, export up to 50 with only 1 brand, access free stock assets, and more features.
  • Hybrid ($179/mo) – You or a creative strategist generate the ads for you, exports 100 ads, and more.
  • Full-Service ($599+/mo) – Get a dedicated creative strategist with unlimited exports.

These prices reflect a yearly billing cycle, which entitles you to a 40% discount.


A distinguished AI ad generator for ad testing automation.


With ADYOUNEED, you get all the tools required for automating ads with AI. This AI ad software has a user-friendly experience and unmatched integrations, making it an ideal tool for any business.

Once you have signed into your ADYOUNEED account, you can create ads in four simple steps: first, you choose an objective, then set up your target audience. The platform then requires you to select an ad type, set your budget, and you are good to go.   

Besides that, ADYOUNEED features a vibrant, easy-to-use dashboard that gives you access to real-time insights, enabling you to manage and optimize your ads easily. Through the insights, you can identify what works and what doesn’t and direct your focus to where it is most needed, saving time.

You can automate your A/B ad testing in the background to deliver maximum impact while protecting your ads from bots and competitors.

The good thing about this platform is that you can advertise on multiple platforms at a go and keep track of your campaigns in a single place.

Key Features

  • Automatic Ad Generation – No manual work.
  • Real-time Insights – The platform has a vibrant dashboard that enables you to track the performance of your ads while managing and optimizing them accordingly.
  • Ad Testing Automation – You automatically test your ads to maximize efficiency and performance.
  • Daily AI Optimization – You receive daily AI updates to help improve user experience and drive better results.
  • Real-Time Budget Allocation – You set a budget for ad copies you generate in real-time.


Unlike other AI ad generators, ADYOUNEED offers a flexible fee based on your ad spend. This makes your costs scale naturally as your business grows.

  • Up to $1,000 Ad Spend – $3.99 per month.
  • $5,000 Ad Spend – $19.99 per month.
  • $100,000 Ad Spend – $399.99 per month.

Pricing increases with an increment of $1,000 of ad spend.

7. CreatorKit

Uniquely powerful AI ad platform for video ads.

CreatorKit AI Ads website to video ads

CreatorKit is a fully featured, open-source AI ad generator that only requires your store URL to generate winning video ads in minutes. The platform’s multimodal AI quickly converts text, voice, or image into AI-generated ad scripts that are read by human-sounding voiceovers and enhanced by AI-powered animations, soundtracks, and more.

You can generate unlimited ads, variations, and scripts with the same footage for a more comprehensive selection. CreatorKit allows you to access 1000+ free video templates designed for specific use cases to speed up your AI ad creation process.

CreatorKit also has tools for merging different videos for your social media ads, such as Facebook and Instagram ads. In addition, this AI ad generator features an AI photo tool that generates AI product images and thoroughly blends them into AI backgrounds to create static ads.

AI-generated video ads from this platform are best for sharing on social platforms like TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Key Features   

  • Unlimited Ads, Variations, and Scripts – You get numerous ads and variations with one footage.
  • Hundreds of Free Video Templates – You can get a template for nearly any use case.
  • Animated Text Styles – Unlike other tools that use static text on ads, CreatorKit features a unique, animated text style.
  • Free Video Effects and Filters – You can choose from dozens of filters and effects available on the platform.
  • Secure Processing – CreatorKit protects your data with industry-standard security measures. Your videos are deleted upon processing.


CreatorKit is a free AI ad generator that creates videos based on your URL. However, to be able to edit the video, you must sign up for a CreatorKit account. While they provide a free plan, you may upgrade to the Pro plan for $29/mo to access all features.

Best AI Ad Generators: Conclusion

Integrate the best AI ad generator into your business advertising and marketing campaigns to save time, lower costs, and attract quality leads and customers with your ads.

Go for a tool that gives you quality output with minimal input while maintaining brand consistency. Also, pay attention to factors such as your ad content needs, integrations, budget, customization, and support.

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